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Natures Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen

 Dedicated to MY PEOPLE, the Noble White Race, the finest Creation in Nature's realm. May this book be an inspiration to unite the White Race, to find its racial soul and propel it forward to the manifest destiny decreed by Nature herself. In so doing, may it expand, advance and populate all the good lands of this planet Earth.

    The principles and creed set forth in this book constitute the Articles of Faith of the Church of the Creator
(now named The Creativity Movement)

Our beliefs are strongly reinforced by an overwhelming mass of substantiated evidence. They are based on the eternal Laws of Nature; they are based on the lessons and experience of history; furthermore; they are based on logic, common sense and reality, not myth and fantasy. No other religion can honestly make this claim.
We furthermore believe that in 6000 years of recorded history, Nature's Eternal Religion is the most profound and meaningful religious book ever written for the survival of the White Race. It is a fundamental creed, based on the eternal Laws of Nature for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, the noblest creation in Nature's realm. We are confident that the White Race will soon return to reality, embrace our powerful new Religion, regain control of its own destiny, and advance forward to new heights never before dreamed of.
It is towards this noble objective, the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, that Nature's Eternal Religion is dedicated. It is for this reason our dynamic religion was founded. We call our religion Creativity, and members thereof, Creators, because, we believe these words, in essence, best describe the characteristic soul of the White Race.
We completely reject the Judeo-democratic-Marxist values of today, and supplant them with new and basic values, of which race is the foundation. We take a new, revolutionary and dynamic approach to the problems that face the White Race today in its desperate struggle for survival.
Although our religion is new, the laws embodied in our religion are not new, nor are they something we have invented. On the contrary, we have only observed and put into words that which Nature in her eternal wisdom has decreed for the survival of all her creatures from the beginning of time.
Nor is it at all remarkable that we should have observed these laws and based our religion on them. What is most strange is that the creative White Race has not done so centuries ago. In fact, it is amazing that the Romans and the Greeks failed to do so in their time. Going back even further, it is hard to understand why the highly gifted Egyptians failed to do so in their great White civilization 5000 years ago. Had the White Race done so in its earlier history, it would not now be trapped in the idiotic and precarious struggle for survival in which it now finds itself ensnared.
We believe that reality is more important than "believing" in the unsubstantiated ramblings of a wild and over-stimulated imagination. We believe that facts substantiated by massive evidence are a thousand times more valid and meaningful than supernatural claims that not only are unsubstantiated, but fly in the face of reason. We refuse to accept on "faith" ludicrous claims that repudiate historical evidence, geological evidence, scientific evidence; and fallacious claims that repudiate every other kind of evidence. We believe that evidence and judgement are basic in forming conclusions and decisions in all the vital matters pertaining to our lives.
We believe a religion that is detrimental to the survival of a race is a bad religion. A religion that helps a race to survive, expand and advance is a good religion for that race. Our creed is such a religion, and will have the most profound and far-reaching implications for the benefit and welfare of the White Race.
It is not our intention to make the White Race less religious. On the contrary, it is our intention to have the White Race become much more strongly devoted to religion than it is today, and above all, it is our objective to give the White Race a far superior religion than the self-destructive, suicidal religion with which it is now burdened.
We believe that the highest Law of Nature is the right of any species to survival, expansion and advancement of its own kind. We deem that for the White Race, the right to survival, expansion and advancement of its own people is not only the highest Law of Nature, but also the foundation of our religious creed.
It is overwhelmingly clear that unless the White Race in this generation changes the suicidal course on which it is now embarked it will miserably perish from the face of the earth, overrun and inundated by a flood-tide of colored mongrels.
We are confident that in the near future the White Race will rally, unite, and embrace the Creativity program for its own survival.
Furthermore, we are convinced that if only one-tenth of the time, energy, and money, were spent on propagating our dynamic religion as is spent on keeping alive the sick and morbid religions now undermining our race, that Creativity would spread like wildfire. We mean to organize all our good people and expend that energy - and more. United and organized the White Race is ten times more powerful than the rest of the world put together. We predict that our religion, Creativity, will be the supreme religion of the future. We predict that it will not only spread to all the corners of the earth, but will eventually supplant all other religions, barring none. We believe that such is inevitable.

Ben Klassen PM                            


Natures Eternal Religion and the White Mans Bible can be read here.....

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


The Church: Its ORGANIZATIONS AND CONGREGATIONS”by Reverend Matt Hale, Pontifex Maximus Emeritus

Fellow Creator Brothers and Sisters! Confusions, misunderstandings, and ensuing tumult have occurred concerning the true structure of our Church and its adherents that I need to put to rest. I hope that I may succeed in doing so with this article.

It must first be understood that all Creators, simply all Creators, are part of the same church that was founded by our great Founder Ben Klassen in 1973 as The Church of the Creator. In other words, there is no such thing as churches of the Creator; rather there is only one Church as I have always said. All Creators, everywhere are part of the same Church; There is only one Church as I have always said. Yes, there may be Creators who are not in good standing and yes there may be people who were Creators but cannot be considered Creators any longer. However, if a Brother or Sister is indeed a Creator, he or she is part of our Church as founded by Ben Klassen.

Likewise, just as there is only one church, there can only be one Pontifex Maximus. This is because the Pontifex Maximus is the leader of all Creators. (If there were more than one, that could not be true.) We currently do not have an acting Pontifex Maximus of our Church but I am the Pontifex Maximus Emeritus, having led as Pontifex Maximus in the free world from 1996-2003 with my term ending in 2006. Anyone else who calls himself “Pontifex Maximus” today is quite simply misrepresenting his position, as the Pontifex Maximus is the leader of all Creators, not a mere portion of them. It is my hope that an election for the next Pontifex Maximus may be held in the relatively near future as filling that vacancy is very important and long overdue.

Everything else follows from the above. This, for example though there are, yes, different Church organizations such as “The Creativity Movement”, “Ecclesia Creatoris”, “The Creativity Alliance”, and undoubtedly others, these are all organizations of the same church. This, likewise, though there are numerous ministers of our Church and who have their own congregations, these are all ministers and congregations of the same Church. As our Founder makes clear in Expanding Creativity in The Manual for Ordained Minister, there are and can be different organizations within our Church and there are and can be different congregations as well. Ministers have the power over their own organizations and congregations but do not have the power to cast anyone out of the Church altogether. This is a power that only the Pontifex Maximus can exercise and that is the case because only the Pontifex Maximus is the leader of all Creators. In other words, no minister can expel anyone from the church, only his particular organization or congregation. Only the P.M. can do that because he leads all Creators. No organization or congregation of Creators speaks for all Creators likewise because not all Creators are part of the organization or congregation in question.

You may ask, what is the difference between and organization of the Church and a congregation of the Church? The answer is that 1) the creating of different organizations of the Church is a matter of choice while the creating of congregations is a matter of duty of each minister and 2) the organizations of our church tend to encompass many congregations and adherents while, on the other hand, congregations and adherents are part of the particular organizations in question. Thus the organizations are larger than congregations. Furthermore, congregations tend to be local while the organizations do not have any such geographic limitation. In sum, adherents may be a part of a local congregation maintained by their local minister and that the congregation may be part of a larger church organization, all being part of the Church itself. However, there are Creators who are part of neither an organization nor congregation and yet are also a part of the church itself.

There is, in sum, the Church with its various organizations, its various congregations, and its various adherents. All of its adherents, congregations, and organizations are of course part of it (the Church) but are not necessarily part of each other. Creators can choose to organize and congregate themselves in different way but that does not cause them somehow to cast one another out of the Church for such is impossible. Creators who do not get along with one another need not; they can simply join different organizations and congregations.

In this vein, I welcome all Creators who previously labored under a misunderstanding of the above matters to reassert their membership in our great Church and go forth in the Church organization and congregation of their choice. Our Church and our religion are one and this if you believe our religion, you are a part of the Church. We cannot afford to lose adherents; instead we must be constantly gaining them. There is no time to be ensnared in personality conflicts or allow any kind of difference of opinion stymie our task of winning every White man, woman, and child for Creativity. If you were a member of our church twenty years ago, you are a member today. Again, only the Pontifex Maximus can ever say otherwise in the particular case at hand. We need thousands and millions of members and we need them without any delay. The purpose of our Church is the salvation of our Race and that cannot be achieved without millions of our Race wanting it. All of us need to keep that in mind.

The last matter I wish to discuss is my usage and encouragement of the usage of the Latin translation Ecclesia Creatoris for our Church as a whole because this too has been unfortunately misunderstood in conjunction with the above matters. The simple fact of the matter is that we are not allowed to use our real name in English due to a court order and yet as a matter of religious doctrine, it does of course remain our religiously-required name. So, the solution to the problem is to simply use our religiously-required name in a different language that isn’t banned. This, since Ecclesia Creatoris means that which we cannot say—in the Latin language that we mean one day to be the universal White language as it almost once was—I am using and encouraging other Creators to refer to our church in that manner. That way we follow both our Creed and the court order as we must. This does not mean that any organization of the Church needs to change its name. Of course not! It simply means that we maintain our religious beliefs in another language as we must. By the same token for example, our German Creators can refer to the Church as Kirche des Schoepfers (which is the German translation, likewise, of our religiously-required name and the same goes for all of the other languages of course. I have never asked and I will never ask any organization of our church to subordinate itself or name itself out of existence to another organization. Rather, all I desire is that all Creators keep in mind that our name in the Latin language is indeed Ecclesia Creatoris so that our great Founder’s doctrine may be followed fully. Since we are banned from using our name in English, there is no question but that he would want us to use it in Latin so that the same meaning may be conveyed.

May whatever misunderstandings and confusions on these very important matters now be as dust and may all other obstacles on our path to victory likewise follow suit.

Rev. Matt Hale. P.M.E.               
February 39AC (2012)

Creators working with other Racial Loyalists by Rev Matt Hale

Creators should not alienate themselves from their fellow Racial Loyalists. I myself used to regularly bring together hundreds of Racial Loyalists when I gave my speeches all over the country. I invited National Socialists, The Aryan Nations, The Ku Klux Klan, The National Alliance, and indeed all who believed in Racial Loyalty. In Wellingford, Connecticut and York, Pennsylvania, Creators and non-Creators literally fought shoulder to shoulder against the assaults of the "Anarchists" and other riffraff. I'm proud of those days. That doesn't mean we should ever compromise our faith. Nor does it mean we should ever pretend to be things we are not. What it does mean is that we should have enough confidence in the uniqueness of Creativity that we do not fear mingling with those who do not (presently) embrace it and come together for rallies, speeches, et cetera.

When you think about it, what is Creativity at its root? Racial Loyalty! Therefore, when other people practice Racial Loyalty, they are in a sense already practicing Creativity. We just have to show them what they are missing! Let me say further that true Racial Loyalists should never, ever bash other True Racial Loyalists in public and Creators, especially, should never, ever bash fellow Creators. Doing so is foolish, idiotic, and counterproductive and only makes our foes smile. I and we, must therefore oppose all such infighting. No matter what differences we may have, we have a hell of a lot more in common and how are we going to climb the mountain to victory if we keep shootings ourselves in the foot?      

Rev Matt Hale April 38AC (2011)    

Saturday, 2 June 2012

CREATIVITY IS NOT A CULT! by Rev Matt Hale 38 AC (2011)

CREATIVITY IS NOT A CULT!                                   

One thing I have realised over the years is that people tend to call a "cult" anything having to do with religion that they have little knowledge of or understanding of. Thus our Church has indeed been called a "cult" by ignorant people, usually people totally immersed in the Christian viewpoint and perspective isolated from other forms of religion. For a lot of people, in fact, a "cult" is any religious group they don't like! In reality our Church is anti-cult for several reasons.
First, we keep no one in it against their will. Second, while we do believe in the leadership principle, we do not believe in a cult of personality. Yes, we salute the leader but we do not consider him some kind of prophet or messiah. Third, we in no way try to isolate our believers from the rest of society as cults do. On the contrary, we try to be a part of society as much as we can. Fourth, unlike cults, we make no claim whatever that the world is coming to an end or other such twaddle . For example, a lot of cults say that the world is coming to an end in "2012" Yeah right!       
Rev Matt Hale
April  38AC (2011)