Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Brief and required short appendix of Petitoner-Appellant Matthew Hale

Case No. 11-3868







Appeal from the United States District Court
For the Northern District of Illinois
Civil Case No. 08-cv-00094-JTM
The Honorable Judge James T. Moody



Clifford J. Barnard
Attorney at Law
Attorney for Appellant Matthew Hale

Anyone wanting to read the brief send email to

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How you can help Rev Matt Hale PME Aug 39AC (2012)

Aside from our dedication, loyality, and total activism for Creativity, is there anything else you need?

Yes, there is. I am always in need of donations so as to be able to eat at least remotely salubriously, keep up my correspondence with Creators around the world, and to at least partially cover the extensive legal costs that have been incurred in the fight for my vindication so that all of you may be able to one day see and hear my voice again. I need all of you to send whatever you can spare to the following address :

Matt Hale
C/O Evelyn Hutcheson
P.O Box 2002
East Peoria, IL 61611

Yes ,that is the old post office box address of World Headquarters of our Church as many of you will recall! That box used to be full of mail whenever I checked itand it needs to be full again. Cash, or a money order is fine (payable to Evelyn Hucheson)
Thank you for your help.

Something else I need is someone with the time and abilty and the expertise to serve as my personal typist, someone who can type up imediately whatever I send him or her. This will enable me to contribute more to our great cause as well as be more Creative , laborious, and productive. Write me immediately at :

Matthew F. Hale
# 15177-424
U.S Penitentiary Max
P.O Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226

It will take some of the burden off of Rev Logsdon which he has presently. I also need someone who can search the internet for any news articles that I may happen to need or want. For example, right now I would like to see a few articles from the Chicago Sun-Times that could possibly be of help to my case.

In short, the more I am helped, the more I can help us in our great cause. And please, tell me how I can help each one of you. Much of my correspondence involves helping out our brethren better understand our Creed and the world around us. True I am compelled to "tone down" what I write to a degree but my Racial Love and Loyalty remains a flag unfurled.

Of special note I mention that I respond to all mail that I receive so if you ever write to me and dont receive a response within say, one month, be sure to write me again because it means that I have never received your letter. Feel free to save your letters to me on your computer so that you can remail the same letter that you did not receive a response to. No Brother or Sister should ever think that I have ignored his or her correspondence because that has never and never will happen.

That said, I know that there are Creators and other Racial Loyalists who, understandably, do not want JOG to know who they are and thus that is why they do not and have not written me. Well, the good news is that I am allowed to receive anonymous letters and that is quite fine. So, you can write me and not divulge your identity at the same time. Just dont expect a response if you dont provide an address!

All of you are with me always as we together seek the salvation of our people.

Rev Matt Hale PME Aug 39AC (2012)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Never again thur the serpants eye by Rev Logsdon Aug 39AC (2012)

Brothers and sisters I have noticed many fail to truly accept and understand the teachings of creativity. One in particular important lesson and that is "never again thru the serpents eye"
We as creators do not whine or indulge in depression of the actions of non whites. We must simply understand that it is nothing more then the actions of our natural enemies, of an animal. To not try to justify or understand why they do it but to simply focus on what we can do to prevent it from happening again or to change what OUR people do. When we see or hear these things happening it should be an inspiration to spread the truth of our creed and to straighten out our peoples thinking. Not to regurgitate a report of the problem to others. Unless one is blind def or dumb and living under a rock they are aware of the problems continuing to rise in our society. Instead adapt and learn the lesson of never again thru a serpents eye, by not focusing on the problem but the solution and that is Creativity.. My Creator bretheren if you fill your mind and spirit with the constant negativity of non white crime, white betrayal or goverment treachery we will find ourselves spiraling down a pit of depression that will lead to a pessimistic outlook on life. Instead we must remain positive at all times. It is fine to feel anger and hate towards what is happening as these are natural emotions. But not animosity or regret as these are destructive.
I would like to see more studying, discussions about our creed and more discussions on ideas of activism. Better yet examples of activism. We have had many positive things going on lately and need to put our behinds in gear. If you want to plan an upcoming event and would like my participation please contact me and we can plan and work on it. That is what i am here for people. Let us turn our focus towards the future in a positive way and soar to greatly hieghts, not drag ourselves into the future with a bleak outlook. Thank you.

     Rev James Logsdon MP 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Extinction: spiritually or physically? by Rev Logsdon Aug 39AC (2012)

Extinction: spiritually or physically?

Over the years I have heard from numerous people about the threat of extinction that our people face. I have crunched the numbers and yes our people are in quite a dangerous situation. We comprise 8% of the world’s population, with catastrophic numbers of mixed raced children born from white women every day. But does this mean white people will go completely extinct? This minister says NO. Our numbers will dwindle like they have been. Almost to the point of what some might think we will suffer extinction. But it is a well-known fact that we will live and strive in places non-whites simply will not and cannot. Take Iceland, Russia, Sweden, etc... As liberal as these white nations are and have suffered their own non-white migration still maintains a strong racial majority in our favor. It is my opinion we will never suffer a complete physical extinction but a far worse one, a spiritual one.
Our people have become obsessed with financial problems and situations. We as a people have become materialistic. We avoid physical confrontations at all costs, in some cases giving away our property, money and in some cases our lives to non-white criminals with not so much as a fight. Ok, sum that up. A physical coward, obsessed with money and materialism. What does that sound like to you? A Jew! We are becoming what we should be rejecting. How? Why? One might ask themselves. Very simple thru centuries of indoctrination into Jewish Christianity and liberal philosophy. Not to mention the basic crucifixion of white heritage and culture by the media and educational system. Theses our actions of the most deceitful and cunning parasites this world has ever seen. The Jew. But we as a people have allowed it to go on and it is up to us to put an end to this spiral of decay of our racial soul!!!
Yes we do have a soul. But not in the Christian or godly fashion. In a creators fashion. Our racial soul is the tie and connection to our heritage, culture and ancestral history. For years our people have been warriors, builders, explorers, pioneers, etc… Now we are slowly becoming what they want, ants, sheep, mere puppets only to serve blindly as they see fit. I for one would rather see our physical extinction then see us become that. But all hope is not lost. We must propound the necessity to keep our heritage alive by promoting positive white culture, while rejecting their doglike manner to animalize our great history. Get in touch with your peoples history build a sense of spiritual bond between you and your ancestors. Honor them and what they laid down so that we may live and prosper. Take this to heart my brothers and sisters for if we are not going to preserve who we are then what are we truly fighting for?

     Rev James Logsdon    

Friday, 3 August 2012

Rev Hale/Loeb on Creators associating with Harold Covington

 "I was horrified to learn that Harold Covington was on the White Voice because no, there is no forgiving that scum for the horrible lies that he told about our great founder. No Creator under any circumstances, should have anything to do with that man, to do otherwise is an insult to Ben Klassen's, memory. I am, frankly stunned that Covington is still considered part of the Racial Loyalist Movement at all. He should be exposed all over the internet by now. I know that Tom Metzger did his part but maybe has ceased by now?"
"Not only did "weird Harold" or "the Rabbi of the Nazi Party"(Covington himself 1/4 Jew), as Covington has been nicknamed, tell a lie that Ben Klassen was a Jew but his lies about Ben Klassen where even more grotesque then that: he also claimed our founder homosexually raped men and boys! He used to call him "Benny bugger boy" and the like. Furthermore, Covington is a long time FBI informant. All of this information should be common knowlege but apparently it is not, at least anymore! There is a book called CODEBOOK GREENKILL which reports how Covington informed on the five White men who defended themselves in the Greensboro shootout in 1979."
"Please spread the word on this : We cannot have Creators of all people rubbing elbows with such an individual for obvious reasons. I remember when I was 18 getting his lies in the mail. It is because of his lies that Ben Klassen wrote his autobiography providing his family tree, that's how bad it got at the time. Covington is an excellent, persuasive writer but he is on the wrong side."

Rev Matt Hale Nov 2011

  "I find it amazing that he was on any "Creator based" program or any program for that matter. Harold Covington is an agent provocateur (note that I didn't say " I think he is" or qualify what I said in any way). This guy has shown outrageous disrespect for Ben Klassen, calling him a "pederast" among other things. Called me a "butt fing bologna bandit". Insulted my Brother Tom Metzger and many others I'd really like to meet that fat myopic little yellow journalist one time.
"How is it that guys like that can gain or regain trust and credibility? This is exactly what results from our own shameful lack of continuity".

Rev George Loeb Jr Nov 2011

" Surely though many of the so-called racialists in America are infiltrators, agents, informants or agent provocateurs such as Covington. Did I mention in my last letter that he called Ben Klassen a "pederast". Give the devil his due however, Covington has a great vocabulary. If the various racialists are using only legal means the presence of agents is of no importance. On second thought maybe not, Matt Hale had a rat with him and didn't know and literally said to use only legal means and still went to prison!"

"I note that we are now less than a year from another US Presidential election, Obama vs one of the many uninspiring Republicans, its a sad, sad, situation. I keep hoping for total economic and social disorder. Maybe then someone will get on to actual activism, logging onto web sites is not activism by the way."

George Loeb Jr Jan 2012