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Crossing the Line...By Ben Klassen

Remember the Alamo!

Above all, REMEMBER DRESDEN! Let us make sure we avenge this horrendous outrage against the White Race as well as thousands of other unavenged Jewish atrocities.

In this year of 1986 of the Common Era the Great State of Texas is celebrating its Sesquicentennial Year with a true Texas flair. Whereas the whole year is dedicated to the celebration, the sacred day is March 6th, and the sacred place is the Alamo. It was on this date and place that marked the fall of the Alamo, when General Santa Anna's hordes of six thousand hate-crazed Mexican mongrels overran and massacred the 182 White American heroes who made their stand to fight or die for Texas. It was this heroic event that enraged and inspired the White settlers of Texas with a smoldering fury that culminated in their freedom and independence from alien tyranny. It laid the foundation for the birth of the
Republic of Texas 150 years ago.
The year was 1836. For 12 days this little band of American volunteers held off Santa Anna and his hordes. Santa Anna had sworn to clear Texas of the rebellious "Angles," and teach them a lesson they would never forget. While the siege at the Alamo was going on, the American frontiersmen, superior sharpshooters that they were, exacted a heavy toll from the Mexican attackers, inflicting hundreds of casualties, without suffering a single casualty themselves. Among these heroic frontiersmen were such legendary figures as Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and leader of this gallant band, 27 year old Col. William B. Travis, the latter being a G.T.T. (Gone To Texas, usually to escape domestic problems at home) from Alabama.

While inflicting heavy casualties on the besieging Mexicans, nevertheless, the defenders inside the walls were racked by shot and shell, by cannonading and steady encroachment of Santa Anna's far superior forces. Food and ammunition were running out. Col. Travis' repeated appeals for outside help had failed, except for a small but brave contingent of 32 men from Gonzales, who arrived on the 9th day of the siege. Their small numbers could mean little in the final outcome, and the incoming volunteers knew it. With the 32, it only brought the total number of defenders to 183. The men in the Alamo knew they were doomed and that there was no alternative.

On the evening of March 3rd during a lull in Mexican cannonading, Col. Travis assembled his men for a conference. In an impassioned speech he told them what they already knew - they were doomed. It was now a matter of HOW they died. Dramatically and filled with emotional fervor he took his sword and drew a long line across the dirt floor of the fort. He gave the men a choice. They could cross the line and die fighting, die a hero's death, or they could surrender, or they could try to escape under the cover of the coming night and take their chances.

One hundred and eighty-two men did cross the line and vowed to fight unto death. Only one, a certain Moses Rose, did not cross the line. He did make good his escape that night. He made his way to Nacogdoches and lived to later tell the story.

Meanwhile, 140 miles east of the Alamo, at a little collection of a dozen or so log houses called Washington-on-the-Brazos, another significant drama was unfolding. On March 2nd, the day before Col. Travis asked his men to cross the line, a group of fledgling politicians after much confusion and divisiveness, had drawn up a Declaration of Independence for the now declared Republic of Texas, and had affixed their signatures thereto. It said in part "We therefore, the now constitute a free, sovereign and In dependent republic..." Texas was born, and March 2nd constitutes the second most revered date in the history of Texas.

Among the delegates at Washington-on-the-Brazos was Sam Houston. The first of Col. Travis' messages for help had arrived on February 29th. the same day Houston had arrived at the now assembling convention. Travis' second courier arrived on March 3rd., and the plea was urgent and bugle-clear, send reinforcements now or we will be slaughtered. Panic ensued at the convention and delegate Robert Potter took the floor. He impetuously called for all of his colleagues to rush to their horses and speed at once for the Alamo. A dozen men leaped to their feet and cheered.

Sam Houston kept his calm. He let the storm beat about him for awhile then calmly explained that until Texas had a legally constituted government they all were no more than the pirates the Mexican government claimed they were. Being the astute politician and general that he was, he realized that until and unless the Texans got their own act together, organized, and conserved their strength to be applied at a time and place of their own choosing, they were lost. It was an unpopular and one of the most painful decisions he had to make. Like many another general, he had to declare men he loved expendable. But as we shall see a few weeks later, it was one of his most brilliant and most courageous decisions, and saved the Republic of Texas.

Meanwhile, no further help was sent to save the gallant band of defenders of at the Alamo.


Col. William B. Travis, having made the emotional appeal to his men and having been given their overwhelming confidence and support, was now a calm and serene leader. Gone was the emotional turmoil, the indecisiveness of the previous days. The decision he and his men had made was not one of despair, but one of action, of clarity and of heroism.

Travis exhorted his men further. "Let us resolve to withstand our adversaries to the last, and at each advance to kill as many of them as possible. And when at last they shall storm our fortress, let us kill them as they come! Kill them as they scale our wall! Kill them as they leap
within! Kill them as they raise their weapons and as they use them! Kill them as they kill our companions! And continue to kill them as long as one of us shall remain alive!..."

The men of the Alamo had made their choice and they were content with it. They had crossed the line.
Three days later, on the morning of March 6th, Santa Anna had decided he would storm the fort, scale the walls with ladders and quickly end the stalemate by killing all the gringos inside. His buglers played the "Deguello" a primitive and ancient Moorish march signaling that no quarter would be given, no prisoners taken alive. It was the musical equivalent of the red flag of no mercy Santa Anna had hoisted atop the bell tower of the nearby San Fernando Church.

There was no misunderstanding of its meaning by either side.

The assault began at approximately four o'clock in the morning. By nine o'clock it was all over. But the heroes of the Alamo did not die cheaply. They extracted a heavy toll from their enemy. For the 182 dead there lay on the grounds of the fort and surrounding battlefield another 1,600 dead Mexicans, a price of nearly nine to one.

Nor did they die in vain. The massacre at the Alamo struck the settlers of Texas like a thunderclap. It aroused in them a deep, seething anger an unquenchable desire for revenge. It united them as nothing else could. Their day would come approximately six weeks later. Their battlecry:

Remember the Alamo!

The slaughter at San Antonio aroused fear and panic among the White settlers of Texas as they deserted their farms and fled eastward before the sweep of Santa Anna's three armies. Sam Houston had been designated as "General" of a non-existent army by the convention and managed to gather a rag-tag group of eight hundred undisciplined volunteers. As they, too, fled eastward, confidence in his leadership waned.

As they fled towards the Louisiana border his men began to wonder out loud whether he would ever fight, or whether he was too cowardly to do so. But Houston calmly bided his time and did not even bother to explain himself. On the afternoon of April 21st on a swampy coastal plain known as San Jacinto, he decided to strike.

General Santa Anna's army of 1,250 regulars were encamped about a mile away and were enjoying their drowsy mid-afternoon siesta, when the Texans emerged from their hidden position behind trees opposite the Mexican camp. The enraged Texans charged into the Mexicans as if they were a band of sheep. In the next 18 minutes more than six hundred Mexicans were killed and every one of the enemy captured, including Santa Anna himself. The revenge-bent Texans continued to kill long after all organized resistance ceased.

Compared to the Mexicans, the Texan's losses were light: nine men dead, 26 wounded.

They did beautifully what every White Man must learn to do - exact a heavy price for every sacrifice on our side. They exacted a toll of approximately 33 dead Mexicans for every one of theirs They not only had avenged the Alamo, but they had decisively won their independence from the Mexicans. The infant Republic of Texas was saved.

These historic events occurred 150 years ago. Last week my wife and I were coming back from Arizona and during that first week in March we drove through Texas. On March 2nd, I picked up a copy of the Dallas Times Herald, their Sunday edition. It was largely devoted to celebrating the Texas Sesquicentennial and referred to many of these historic events of 1836 I have related in the previous paragraphs. However, the spirit was missing. In fact, on reviewing the many pages I found much of the paper was filled with advertising of Jewish department stores, of motels, of Texas boots and other commercial paraphernalia. But it was the article about Texas itself, however, and its past and present history, that was most depressing. I got the feeling that present-day Texas, affluent, powerful and overpopulated, is sick, very sick, as is the rest of this formerly great United States of America.

The stories about the Alamo, about the Declaration of Independence, about Houston, about the Battle of San Jacinto, all were slanted in such a way as to emasculate the heroism of the White Texans and denigrate them more or less into commonplace louts. Instead of extolling and glorifying their acts of heroism, the stories detailed the "Mexican version" of these battles, and how they perceived the Anglos as thieving gringos and villains.

Whereas the whole paper was devoted to celebrating the Texas Sesquicentennial, it also had a big Sunday Supplement entitled "A TEXAS PORTRAIT - In Celebration of the Sesquicentennial." Looking more closely into the inside pages it would be hard to tell just what the paper was celebrating ,whether the successful fight for Independence from Mexico 150 years ago, or the successful conquest of Texas by Mexicans

in 1986. Any discerning reader could not help but conclude that the good news the paper was applauding was the present day take-over of Texas by Mexicans, a direct reversal of what happened during the heroic events of 1836. But it did much more. It repeatedly kept talking of the "coming changes"; of how the Hispanics (the good guys) were preparing for leadership of the coming change, for, of course, they were the wave of the future, and wasn't it all wonderful?

One article said, "New Leaders say they're ready." Then it listed Hispanic groups in Dallas. Here is a sampling:

'Chicanes Actively United For Social Advancement.

* DISD Hispanic Advisory Committee.

* Coalition of Hispanic Organizations, an umbrella group comprising 17 Hispanic organizations in Dallas.

* Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a member organization of Hispanic-owned Businesses.

* League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).
* Association of Mexican-American Professionals (AMAP).

* Ledbetter Neighborhood Association.

* Maple Avenue Redevelopment Association.

* Dallas Hispanic Issues Forum.

* Mexican-American Professional and Business Women (MAPBW).

Another article was headed "Project MALDEF aims to put Hispanics in Leadership Roles." It referred to Jose Gonzales, who remembered how he was once discriminated against in a swimming pool controversy at Dallas Pike Park, "once an all-AngIo playground." But today, our hero, now 51, directs the Leadership Development and Advocacy Program of MALDEF (Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) most of whose "funds" are undoubtedly funded by White American taxpayers, pipelined to the Mexicans through our treacherous JOG government.

The program is scheduling a six month's class of 20 sessions that covers a variety of topics, all slanted toward helping the take over of an American city by Mexicans. The topics include:

'Hispanic issues: education, housing and health, employment, hunger in Dallas, political participation; 'Health systems in Dallas county and how those systems relate to the Hispanic community;

'The structure of city, county and state governments (a trip to the state capital to learn about state boards is slated for April); 'The responsibility and role of being a board member on a city or county commission;
'Political and grass-roots advocacy;
'Minority perspectives in urban growth;
'Management and time-planning skills;
'How to be an effective-public speaker;
'Fund raising and effective use of the media.

This is a thumbnail sketch of what is happening in just the one City of Dallas. But the same thing is happening even more aggressively in El Paso, Houston, Austin and all over the state. In fact, San Antonio where the Alamo is located and the action that gave birth to the Republic of Texas took place, now has a Hispanic mayor.

The fact is Texas is being taken over in toto by the mongrel Indian-Mexicans, who hate the White people (not just Anglos) just as fiercely as did Santa Anna's cutthroats of 150 years ago. Yes, poor Texas. It has the longest border in common with Mexico of any state, and it is suffering and suffering badly from a festering ulcer along its soft underbelly. (Read again Racial Loyalty No. 27.)

But Texas is not the exception. The Mexicans are taking over California, Arizona, New Mexico and the whole Southwest. They are even establishing major colonies in many other parts of the country, such as Chicago. But whereas the Mexicans are now allowed to run wild and freely across our borders, they are not the only hordes that are coming into our
once White United States and polluting our land into a racial quagmire. The Vietnamese are coming in, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Hindus, the mongrels from South and Central America, the Pakis, and a slew of other degenerate and hungry mud races are flooding into the United States. (Read again, "THE TICKING TIME BOMB" Racial Loyalty No. 31.)

Internally, our JOG establishment is promoting the hell out of the expansion of the hordes of existing niggers, Indians and other indigent scum. Through welfare, food stamps, affirmative action and a passel of other government subsidies it is explosively expanding the mud races and crowding out the White Man, who built it all and whose tax dollars are now paying for his own demise.

Behind it all is the international Jewish network that is in charge of the whole treacherous program of exterminating the White Race. When we survey the worldwide picture there are many other atrocities that the White Race has suffered other than the Alamo, most of which,
unlike the Alamo, have never been avenged. There is for instance the Civil War, a horrible disaster, engineered by the Jewish House of Rothschild. It was perpetrated not to free the niggers (whom the Jews detest) but to begin the destruction of the White Race in America. There is the Crimean War. There is the Boer War in Africa. There is World War 1. There is World War II. There is the Korean War. There is the Vietnam War.

The list is incomplete and endless, but I believe we can safely conclude that behind each was the Jewish network conniving, engineering, conspiring to bring about a vast and deadly conflict, to bleed the White Race to death, to reduce its numbers and hopelessly enmesh it in endless financial bondage. (Read again. Creative Credo No. 40 in the White Man's Bible. "The Brutal Truth about Inflation and Financial Enslavement - The Federal Reserve Board".)
Whereas the list of Jewish atrocities perpetrated on the White Race is endless, I believe in more than "Remember the Alamo." The battle cry of the White Race should be "Remember Dresden." It is an atrocity that is a thousand times more heinous than what happened at the Alamo.

There in Dresden the Allies (Allies of whom?) in two days of February 1945, rained down fire bombs and phosphorus bombs that incinerated 350 thousand White men, women and children, not as a tactic of "winning the war," but out of sheer vicious bestiality and brutality. It was the ultimate in the Jewish exercise of vicious hatred of all mankind, of their religious exercise of Purim. (Read again, "The Murder of Dresden" Page 93 of Nature's Eternal Religion.) Our battle cry must be a double-edged sword. Not only "Remember Dresden!" but also "Avenge Dresden!"

RAHOWA! We must wage a religious war in the name of the White Race, for the survival of the White Race.

Cross over the Line!

My dear White Racial Comrades! How much clearer can I make it as to what is happening to the White Race? (Total extinction, if you still aren't clear.) How much clearer can I make it as to what the game plan of our JOG (Jewish Occupational Government) is?

What is the answer? That, too, I have made abundantly clear. It is building a White Racial Religion (Creativity) a massive aroused and enraged White racial steamroller with which to smash the Jewish \ monster. We at the Church of the Creator have already written our Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny: You will find on page 401 of the
White Man's Bible. Why not read it again an sec where WE stand? Make up your mind where YOU stand.

Some pantywaist wimps will alibi and say, "But, Sirs, if I take a stand against the Jews, my whole life will change. I will lose many of my friends. I must change my church affiliation. I will have to give up my Jewie Yahweh! I would be taking an irreversible step!" True, true, true my friend. It's too damn bad the world is the way it is, but you had better wake up and face reality. The time has come to fish or cut bait. If your present friends and associates are helping to drag you down into the quagmire of a Jewish hell, then they are not friends at all
and you had better get a new set of friends and contacts and a new religion. The time for decision has come. Those who are too cowardly to come to grips with the problem today will have to pay a much heavier price later when their options will be strictly limited, or, like the slaves of the communist countries, will have no options at all. Like the heroes of the Alamo, we are surrounded, we are engulfed by the mud races skillfully orchestrated by the Jewish network. The time for decision is now! Cross over the line!

The rugged frontiersmen of the Old West may not have had much book learning, but apparently they saw certain basics mud more clearly than their present day confused and befuddled progeny They had one thing that all too many White people of today lack - they had commitment. They also had guts and the ability to take decisive action. They also practiced Racial Loyalty, and knew the difference between a White Man and a Mexican, or a nigger, or an Indian. The second president of the Republic of Texas, Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar (1838-1840), stated the case for Texas at that time, and his observation is as valid today as it was then. He said, "The White Man and the Red Man cannot live in harmony together. Nature forbids it."

The Mexicans, who were originally a polyglot mixture of Spanish and aborigine Indian, have by now practically extinguished all traces of their Spanish genes and for all practical purposes are Indians, with a Spanish language and veneer, but genetically Indian. They have in fact, a fierce hatred for their Spanish heritage, as they do for the White Race and are moving rapidly (with Jewish tutelage) to expunge all traces of it.

We of the Church of the Creator say this: If the stupid mud races can organize, can build political muscle, can project a plan and program for taking over a country conquered and built by the White Man why in the hell can't we do the same and do it better? In the do just that. We are girding to fight an all out White RAcial HOly WAr - RAHOWA!

Join with us! Cross over the Line! Do it now while you still have the means and the option.
Depending on what decision you make now will also decide as to whether your children or grandchildren will be eternally proud and grateful, or whether they will curse you in your grave for the mess in which you left their world, their heritage and their gene pool.

Let us never forget Dresden! But more important, let us make damn sure we avenge Dresden.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of The Creator
                                            Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 34
                                                             April 13AC (1986)

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Polarization and Confrontation... By Ben Klassen



The Sooner the Better

The Jew contrives to delay it until the White Race is too weak and degenerate to fight back before closing in on the kill. From the earliest dawn of history, it has been the White Race that has written it, and achieved all the major accomplishments that were worth writing about. For thousands of years, the White Race and the White Race alone has built civilizations, built empires and reigned supreme. Not until as recently as 40 years ago, after WWII, has the White Race seriously been threatened of being overtaken and massacred by the exploding mud races.

Today that threat is very real, in fact, ominously so, and only a major and drastic turnabout by the initiative of the White Race itself can save it from almost certain annihilation.

How did we get into such a mess, such a horrible dilemma?

It is the objective of this analysis to trace the course of this awesome development to isolate the hand of the Jew in the degeneration of our race, and come up with a solution. We want to docket, step by step, how the Jew from earliest history has deliberately, in an assiduous and planned conspiracy, chipped away at the White Race, confused it repeatedly, mongrelized it at every opportunity, inveigled it in religious insanity, and torpedoed its numbers, power and influence at every turn. This they have done without the White Race hardly ever even daring to admit that it was being assaulted.

Let us go back to the earliest of all great White civilizations and start with Egypt, where history, and even the Jewish bible, records the earliest presence of this pestilent parasite on the back of civilization.

The Jews in their concocted history of themselves (that we charitably call the Old Testament, and even more foolishly have made a major portion of "our" Bible) claim that they were slaves in a proud and powerful Egypt, and that they wanted out. As usual in their renditions, they claim they were poor, downtrodden victims and the wicked Pharaoh would not "let their people go." It was only by the perspicacity and heroic leadership of their Moses, coached by their tribal god Yahweh, that they were able to extricate themselves from the clutches of the evil Egyptians.

What authentic history we can gather confirms the presence of the Jews in early Egypt, when Egypt was still White. However, there is no historical evidence of any Moses and it is doubtful that he was anything more than another fictitious character, as undoubtedly were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What history does record, is that the Jews were then already a well established breed of parasites when a small segment of starved and miserable Jews appealed to the sympathy of an unwary Pharaoh and allowed them to enter his domain. Little did he suspect the virulence and destructive nature of the tribe to which he so foolishly offered hospitality.

The Jews soon rose to high positions in the land of the Pharaohs and simultaneously the Empire began to disintegrate as this race of vampires began to show their true colors. They soon indulged in their favorite historical commerce — the trading of slaves derived from the black Nubians to the south. With slave-trading, mongrelization of the fine Egyptian gene pool was soon underway.

Gangs of bandits sprang up and began to harass and plunder the ancient trade routes. They became bolder in the outposts of the Empire. With their well developed system of communication (as always) the Jews knew exactly when to strike and which towns were most poorly guarded.

As time went on the population became darker, more mongrelized, and more alien. Its leadership became more disoriented and sluggish, and the nation began to disintegrate.

An ancient papyrus in Leiden, Germany, translated by Alan H. Gardner, states:

"Egypt was in distress; the social system became disorganized; violence filled the land. Invaders preyed upon the defenseless population; the rich were stripped of everything and slept in the open, and the poor took their possessions. It is no mere local disturbance that is here
described, but a great and overwhelming national disaster. The Pharaoh was strangely inactive."

Does this sound similar to what is happening in America today? It does. But let us proceed to a stage America has not yet come to, but soon must, if the White Race is to survive.

By 2100 B.C.E. a demoralized and divided Egypt was easy prey to the Hyksos invaders. As the Jews were to do later for the Moslem invaders of Spain, the Jews paved the way for the Hyksos.

After 511 years, the Egyptians had had enough and finally got their act together. They ran out the Hyksos and the Jews along with them.

Contrary to the Jews' claim that the Pharaoh wouldn't let them out, the Egyptians couldn't get rid of them fast enough and ran them the hell out of their domain.

Just as the Jews have inverted and perverted the story of the fictitious "holocaust" so even then did they concoct their treacherous history and claim they were held in bondage and we have been stuck with that story ever since.

But the damage in Egypt had been done and it was irreversible. A partially mongrelized and fractured Egypt continued downhill to the abject picture as I have described in Racial Loyalty No. 11 and 12. Poverty, overpopulation and helplessness is the lot of a once proud and
resourceful White Race.

At every opportunity at every turn in history the Jew was on the side of our enemies, and helped to betray, confuse and sabotage the White Race. One of the finest of all genetic examples of the White Race that we can point to existed in Ancient Greece during the Golden Age of Pericles. In their Protocols, the Jews delineate the course of the Symbolic Snake. Its first stage in Europe was at the time of Pericles in 429 B.C.E. when the snake first began gnawing at the vitals of that great and hapless civilization. Today Greece is one of the most mongrelized of all European countries, and barely on the fringe of what can be legitimately called the White Race.

We move on to Rome, that greatest of all Ancient Civilizations from which today we inherit so many of our laws, so much of our language and culture. This civilization, too, the Symbolic Snake thoroughly disemboweled. The Jews were again in the forefront as slave traders and did their utmost to drag into the Empire all the scum and derelicts of the East and from Africa. But the biggest blow of all was heaped upon the Roman Empire and its rapidly degenerating gene pool when the Jews slopped that racial melting pot with a poisonous new creed - Jewish Christianity.

This brought on a total breakdown of law, order, society and the whole previous culture. The Dark Ages ensued. When Europe was assaulted by the fiery sword of the aggressive new Moslem religion in the 8th century, the White Race had reached its most vulnerable and lowest ebb.

When the Mohammedans crossed the Mediterranean and the Straits of Gibraltar to invade Spain in 711 C.E. the Jews betrayed and paved the way on the Spanish side. The Semitic Arabs rushed in, conquered Spain and drove all the way into the middle of France, where they were finally stopped by Kari Martel at the Battle of Tours in 732.

During their next 750 years of Moslem occupation, the White Race again suffered debilitating mongrelization. When the Moors were finally driven out in 1492 by Queen Isabella, the Jews were again very much in the midst of the fray, aiding, abetting and financing the Moors, and betraying the White Race at every opportunity.

The Mohammedans made two more major attempts to assault White Europe, one, extremely successful and highly damaging, and another almost successful.

This time it was the Mohammedan Turks, a Mongol race originating out of Asia. For one thousand years Constantinople had been the cultural and religious diadem of the eastern Roman Empire. Again, through racial miscegenation, a mixture of polyglot cultures and language, Constantinople degenerated into the hodge-podge of a racial Babylon. It was ripe for the plucking and in 1453, Sultan Mehmet II, then only 21, invaded and conquered the greatest of all White bastions in Eastern Europe.

When he rode his horse up on the steps of the Hagia Sophia basilica, it was one of the worst defeats and the greatest setbacks the White Race had suffered in a thousand years.

What did the Jews have to do with it? Quite a bit. Again, they had confused and demoralized the Orthodox culture of this Eastern capitol for centuries in advance, bringing about its degeneracy and collapse. When the final battle was joined, they were again in the forefront aiding and abetting the enemy and betraying the city from within.

Having secured this most strategic of all major bastions in Eastern Europe, the Mohammedan Turks continued to press onward and upward into the heart of Europe, seeking to conquer that whole continent. In this they were aided and abetted by the White Nations themselves, when the White Nations of Europe indulged themselves in a suicidal orgy and self-inflicted bloodbath. The Thirty Years War (1618-48) greatly decimated and weakened all of the White Race. It set them up for further Mohammedan invasion. This vicious and insane war, fought over Jewish Christianity, pitted Catholic Christians against Protestant Christians. All of Europe suffered greatly and the effect on the German states was especially, was devastating.

The Turks saw their best chance when their leader Kara Mustafa, encouraged by an alliance with France, made a major assault on Vienna in 1683. They were defeated by an alliance of John Sobieski of Poland, and Charles of Lorraine of the Habsburgs. This ended for all time the threat of the Moslem invasion of Europe. Had the Turks succeeded, as they nearly did, much, if not all, of Europe would have fallen under the sway of the Mongol Turks.

Before we leave Europe let me add other fratricidal and suicidal wars and events which decimated the cream of White manhood in Europe and bled her dry. There is hardly a one in which the hidden hand of the Jew did not participate, instigate, enter and manipulate.

(1) The Hundred Year War between France and England.

(2) The French Revolution in which the Jews decapitated the French nobility, and with it, their most capable leaders.

(3) The Napoleonic wars, which lasted twenty four years and bled France dry.

(4) The wars between Russia and Austria.

(5) The war between France and Germany, 1870-71.

There are many more, but let us now leave the continent of Europe for the time being and turn our attention to the Western Hemisphere. Let us see how, after three centuries of vigorous colonization by the White Race, those two continents, both North and South America, too, were
undermined, mongrelized and taken over by the Jews.

One of the most crippling moves that the White settlers practiced from their earliest beginnings was the importation of black slaves from Africa. This was practiced by the Spanish colonizers in Cuba, Mexico and South America. It was practiced by the French in San Domingo, to their
subsequent annihilation. It was practiced by the White Anglo-Saxons in the British North American colonies, especially in Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina. It was vigorously pursued by the White colonizers in the Caribbean Islands, which today are nearly completely Negroid and Mulatto.

In all these, the Jewish slave trader was the key mover, and through their historic experience in this ancient and nefarious trade going as far back as Ancient Egypt, the Jew knew exactly what he was doing. What he was programming was the future mongrelization and destruction of the White Race, which today is becoming overwhelmingly apparent.

To help speed up the process the Jews instigated the fratricidal Civil War (1861-65), which severely decimated the cream of White American manhood, especially in the South. It also promoted the jungle animals into a position of "equality" with their former White masters, and, in fact,
disenfranchised the White population of the South for two decades.

Having dismantled both the economy and the social framework of the South, the Jewish carpetbaggers from the North rushed in and grabbed the physical possessions of the now destitute White Southerners for a mere pittance. After more than a century, the South has not even today recovered from that devastating blow.

To further decimate and enslave the White race the Jews next embroiled both America and most of the White Europeans in two devastating wars. World War I and World War II in a short period of thirty years.

The result has been overwhelming in the deliberate crippling of the White Race. Not only did the Jews thereby destroy one of the key nations in Europe, (Germany) but they have now successfully placed in financial bondage every nation in the world, be they White, brown, yellow or black. At the heart of this conspiracy is the Jewish House of Rothschild. The Federal Reserve Board, and the whole Jewish cabal. This band of gangsters is successfully running a worldwide counterfeiting ring, a financial seam, by which they have stolen the wealth of the world by merely manipulating worthless paper.

But their financial manipulations are only part of the game. Since World War II they have seriously undermined the White race and boosted the power of the mud races by various treacheries and devious political tricks.

One of these was turning the Suez Canal, one of the two most strategic waterways in the world, over to an inferior mud race, the Egyptians. A second treacherous move paralleling the Suez Canal caper was to turn the Panama Canal, owned by the United States, over to a tinhorn communist dictator, and paying this banana republic large sums of money to take it. This was not only a treacherous slap in the face to the
American voters and taxpayers, who vigorously opposed it, but a devastating blow to the future security of the United States and the White Race itself. Treachery, lies, deceit and the strong arm of the Jewish political and financial power achieved this betrayal that 20 years ago would have been unbelievable, and even today reeks to the high heavens.

Now let us turn to the continent of Africa. We find that after World War II nearly every territory in Africa was settled, controlled and /or governed by a White European power. Through chicanery, treachery and deceit, every White power has now either evacuated those colonies, or been driven out. The only exception is the Republic of South Africa, and it too, will soon, through deceit and treachery, be delivered over to the savage black animals. (See Racial Loyalty No. 28, "South Africa — The Last To Go", P. 256 BWBW.)

And so with worldwide Jew power in the crescendo, the White Man is now on the run, whether in Africa, or Europe, or America. Through stupidity, through cowardice, through lack of foresight and understanding on the part of the White Race, it is now reaching the end of the line.

As we can see from a review of history the Jew has assiduously whittled away at the White Man's culture, his morale, his political and financial power. Through repeated bloodletting and mongrelization of the White gene pool, he has reduced the White Race to a cowering hulk of
simpering wimps. The White Man is now denouncing and denigrating his own race, shamefully caterwauling and kowtowing to the blandishments of the filthy Jews and niggers. But it won't save his neck from the final reckoning for his abject cowardice and criminal idiocy.

The sinister Jew is skillfully biding his time, all the while proceeding with his planned and deliberate program of weakening, decimating, demoralizing and mongrelizing the White Race, as he has for thousands of years, going all the way back to the White Egyptians. He does not want a pitched battle, or open confrontation between the White Race and the mud races, not quite yet. At this time such open conflagration would still result in an overwhelming victory for the White Race and wipe the mud races and the Jew along with them, from the face of the earth.

The time is not yet quite ripe. But give it another ten years, perhaps fifteen, and the White Race will be so weak, confused and decimated, it will have neither the will, nor the power to defend itself. When that time comes (and the Jew will recognize that perfect time) he will unleash the fury of the mud races, joined by the renegade White traitors, in the biggest bloodbath in history to massacre the White Race en masse. (Read again Creative Credo No. 30 in the White Man's Bible "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo".)

That is the goal and the dream of the Jewish power establishment, no more White babies, to destroy forever the power of the White Race from ever again threatening the stranglehold of the world's foremost parasite.

We of the Church of the Creator are struggling to avert this major tragedy from coming about. We say rally the White Race now and polarize around the only major idea that can still arouse and save the White Race, a powerful racial religion, Creativity. Arouse and organize the mighty force that is inherent in the White Race before it is too late. We still have the numbers, the means, the wherewithal. Let us awake, let us now make hay While the sun shines, organize and utilize our awesome might and save ourselves and the future generations of our progeny.

There's no other way out.

The name of the game is to polarize and build a White Racial power structure to smash the Jewish monster. Time is running out for the White Race. Confrontation now is preferable to being wiped out later.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator





                 Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 29                  
                           Nov 12AC (1985)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Take Down the American Flag...By Rev Matt Hale

In the wake of the hysterical and cowardly renunciation of the Confederate Battle flag that is going on in the South and elsewhere following the murders at the black church in Charleston, South Carolina, Reverend Matt Hale, America's foremost political prisoner and author of Ending White Slavery, today spoke against the American flag as a flag of tyranny, race mixing, and Jewish supremacy and called for his supporters and others across the country to take it down.

It will be recalled that Reverend Hale led the pro-White and anti-Jewish Church of the Creator from 1996 until his arrest by federal agents in January 2003 on phony charges of having "solicited" the murder of a federal judge in Chicago during an ongoing trademark case. He remains dedicated to that church and the Creativity religion that it practices to this day as he continues to fight to regain his rightful freedom. His case is in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals right now, case number 14-1294.

From his cell in solitary confinement at the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, here is what Reverend Hale had to say about the ongoing Confederate flag controversy:

"I have been absolutely disgusted by the latest attack upon our White heritage by black cultural terrorists and the White traitor politicians who are helping them. For make no mistake, the attack upon the Confederate flag is an attack upon our White people themselves.These scoundrels want to destroy every feeling of pride and self-respect in our people. Indeed, their aim is to turn the White man into the slave of the nigger! Today they want to take down the Confederate flag. Tomorrow, however, they'll want to take down the Confederate war memorials, take down street signs bearing the names of Confederate leaders, and expunge the heroism of the Confederacy from our children's history books altogether. They are seeking the cultural genocide of the White Southern people the same way they are trying to erase our White race from this country as a whole. I therefore stand against this latest sick attack on our people and urge others to do so as well."

"What the traitor politicians do not seem to understand is this: it doesn't matter whether the blacks like the Confederate flag. What matters is that we like the Confederate flag. We don't have to care whether the arrogant blacks like the symbols of our White heritage. Instead, we should defend those symbols. Many, many thousands of men died for the flag that is currently being torn off of flagpoles around the country, men who fought against the same federal tyranny that holds our White Race in political bondage today. The memory of those many thousands of White men matters far more than the memory of the mere nine blacks who died at the hands of a lone gunman in a church. Indeed, the idea that a flag should be torn down everywhere because of an isolated street crime is preposterous."

"There has been a lot of talk about what the Confederate flag stands for. Well, I'll tell you what it stands for: it stands for resistance to tyranny and yes, it stands for White people doing the resisting. It does not stand for "white supremacy" but rather for the supposedly "extreme" proposition that White people should be allowed to determine their own destiny in their own country. The so-called "American" flag, on the other hand, has become the symbol of tyranny, of race-mixing, and Jewish supremacy. The Founder of my church said this decades ago and he was right. It stands for everything that we who love our White Race and want to preserve it hate! Thus, as long as White traitors, blacks, Jews, and other mud people wave the "American" flag, we should want no part of it. Instead, let the enemies of our White Race fly the so-called "American" flag and let those of us who care about the future of our White Race fly the Confederate one. Let there be this chasm between us for all to see. To those who seek the genocide of our White Race in this society, your country is not our country and we want no part of the "one nation under one flag" that you have in store for us, a "nation" where our White people are destroyed in every way. Rather, we will go our own way."

"So, I call upon all of my racially loyal Brothers and Sisters of our White American people to embrace the Confederate flag that is currently under attack today and take down the "American" flag that no longer represents or defends our White people in any way, and is instead presiding over the cultural, genetic, and biological annihilation of our White Race in this country. Take down the so-called "American" flag from your flagpoles, don't use "American" flag postage stamps, and quit using it otherwise in any respect. I myself am furthermore adding a nice Confederate flag to my website as a protest against the attacks upon the Confederate flag by the controlled news media and other scoundrels. We only have one American flag left in this country and it is the stars and bars, not the stars and stripes. Indeed, as far as I'm concerned, the Confederate Battle Flag is the true American flag and I thus urge all White Americans to fly it instead of the flag of the Jewish Occupational Government that is currently leading our people to disaster."
Rev Matt Hale
July 42AC (2015)

For further comment from Reverend Hale.........


Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Wildest stories ever told.. Part Three... By Ben Klassen




The Story of ABIE, IKIE and JAKIE

Once upon a time there (supposedly) lived three Yids. Their names were Abie, lkie and Jakie, and they were father, son and grandson, respectively, but it cannot be said, respectfully. They were swarthy yellow Asiatics, and in their Gypsy-like travels they roamed in the areas of Mesopotamia, Egypt and that pesthole in the desert that has been in perpetual turmoil since Ancient Times. It was called Palestine.

These three Yids were strictly from hunger and abhorred doing an honest day's work. So they specialized in becoming con men and swindlers. For this they had an inborn proclivity and soon became experts in their field. Over the years they also became the most celebrated and notorious liars and swindlers in history.

Their special gimmick that really propelled them into the BIG TIME was to invent themselves a tribal god, for whom they had a number of names. At one time or another it was Yahweh, Jahweh, Jehovah, Immanuel, Emmanuel, and a whole passel of other Jewish names.

Now, they claimed this tribal god considered their nefarious antics as something sacred and beyond reproach, and had edified them and their descendants as a very special people. They further claimed that because they had this special privilege they now also had a license to indulge in any kind of criminal activity they pleased. So they soon became experts in pimping, thieving, whore mongering and in murder. They also developed an infamous reputation for being the world's most prolific liars. They skillfully plied their trades on Gentiles, whom they termed as "goy", their derogatory term for cattle. They were, it must be said, notoriously successful.

Abie and lkie got their start in a remarkably similar way. When they got hungry they peddled their wives as prostitutes to a rich king or Pharaoh. By the time they got through confusing their victim with the proclaimed powers of their tribal god and blackmailing them with the dire consequences their tribal god would wreak on them, they usually walked off with loads of gold, silver, oxen, and asses.

Strangely, old Abie's wife Sarah was barren, but somehow they managed to come up with lkie when he was ninety-nine and she was ninety. They attributed it to the miracles their tribal god could perform. But then they used the same ruse for every other fantastic lie they conjured, so who knows?

Anyway, the favorite target of both Abie and lkie was this same King Abimelech who must have lived a long time. He evidently didn't learn much over all those years, because Abie peddled Sarah as prostitute when Abie was seventy-five and she was an old hag of sixty-six. (These Semites get to be pretty haggy out there in the desert by the age of sixty-six.) It is extremely hard to understand why an affluent King such as Abimelech would fall for an old Jewish prostitute of that age when he undoubtedly had a choice of dozens of young beauties in his own realm.

Be that as it may (and we must remember these Yids were notorious liars) it is even more strange that this same King some sixty years later felt for the same gimmick again when lkie came around and peddled his wife, Rebekah, off on him. As had his father, Abie, so lkie too walked off with a ton of loot. This he soon squandered, because in the third generation, Jakie was again hurting, strictly from hunger.

However, their miracle worker Yahweh produced another one of his slight of hands for his pet conniving Yids. Jakie had twelve sons by two wives, and one of these sons was called Joe.

Joe was an astute hustler in his own right after his brothers sold him into slavery. (These Yids would do anything for a little loot. Such a deal!) He managed to lie himself into the confidence of the Pharaoh of Egypt. Soon he had the Pharaoh so bamboozled he didn't know which end was up and Joe was soon running the Kingdom.

This opened the door wide to all the other Yids and their kidlings and they soon multiplied, overran the kingdom and looted it dry. All with the blessing of their own private Yahweh, of course this fairy tale goes on and on, and ends happily for the Yids but not the rest of the world. As told in the Yiddish Old Testament the descendants of these original con men multiplied until they numbered as many as sands on the ocean beach, or at least so their private Yahweh promised they would. (Most of his promises weren't worth the paper they were written on.) Anyway, this robber band of Yids soon overran Egypt and were shortly in control of all the food in the land, as well as other goodies. They got so obnoxious the Egyptians finally ran them out. (The Yids
claimed they left on their own free will, under the leadership of their hero by the name of Moses.)

After wandering in the desert for forty years and being fed intermittently by their private Yahweh with manna from heaven, the unruly band of cutthroats invaded the lands of the Canaanites, and the Philistines. These Canaanites and Philistines had been doing real well in their vineyards and the invading pirates looked upon their properties as a land of milk and honey. Since their Yahweh had promised the Yids that the world was their oyster and that any other peoples' properties were theirs for the taking, the Yids after much conniving and treachery and an occasional boost from their Yahweh finally managed to steal these lands.

We will now skip the next three thousand years in this fairy tale and come to the happy ending I promised earlier. These crafty Yids, spread all over the world, and over the centuries they developed their skills in lying, deceit, piracy and thievery to a fine edge. As a result of their cunning and treachery, their cohesiveness and racial loyalty, the world now is indeed their oyster.

There is one other aspect of this deceitful story the Jews have concocted about themselves that needs to be brought out at this point. The historical fact is that 90 to 95 percent of all the Jews who roam the world today are not descendants of any Palestinian Hebrews, but are the descendants of a fierce swarthy tribe known as Khazars, inhabitants of a small kingdom that some twelve centuries ago existed in the area
between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in present day Russia.

In the year 800 C.E., or thereabouts, the then ruling King decided it was incumbent upon him to make up his mind and choose a religion for his subjects.
He had Christian missionaries brought in, also Jewish rabbis, and even Mohammedan representatives. He patiently listened to the sales pitch of each, and finally decided Judaism was his best choice.

He and his emissaries then promoted it to the lower peasants with a gusto, and history can vouch for their success. These Khazars were a swarthy rebellious tribe of Mongol stock. They were later conquered by the Russians, much to the latter's misfortune. As they spread westward into the rest of Russia, Poland, the Ukraine and Europe as a whole, they became the money bags, the traders and manipulators, not only of business, but governments as well. There was continual subversive warfare between the Jews on the one hand and the Russian Czars and their government on the other. This was brought to a climax in 1917 when the Jews turned Russia upside down, shot the Czar, and clamped the Russian people into ironclad slavery under Jewish Communism.

So when the Zionist Jews profess that they have a religious claim to Palestine, they are, as usual, lying through their teeth. Ninety to ninety-five percent of their ancestors are Khazars and never set foot in Palestine. (See again RAHOWA! )

The Jews now manipulate and control practically all the governments of the world, and its tax-paying slaves as well. They also own most of the gold, silver, real estates and Federal Reserve notes (IOU's) as well. How lucky can you get? And It all started with the fiction of Abie, lkie and Jakie and their private tribal god named Yahweh. Such is the power of a RACIAL RELIGION.

Does the above sound like a ridiculous fairy tale to you? Well, it sounds like a pretty stupid story to me, and all but the happy ending (for the Yids) is probably pure fiction. It is extremely doubtful there ever was an Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, and authentic history has no record of such.

The strangest part of the whole story is that the hundreds of millions of Christians, past and present, believe the fictional part of the story about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their shenanigans with the double-dealing Yahweh, but can't for the life of them see the tyrannical control the Jews exercise over the world.

Since I have already explored and documented the latter premise repeatedly and exhaustively, it is not my intention to review that aspect here. Instead, I will go straight to the source and briefly review the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as set forth in the Old Testament, which constitutes approximately 73 percent of the (Jewish) Christian Bible.

The story of the Israelites begins quite early in the Old Testament. After devoting only ten pages to the creation of the universe, to the story of Noah and the Great Flood, to the Tower of Babel and the confusion of languages, it then gets down to business in Chapter II of Genesis and gives a genealogy of Noah's descendants (a concocted melange, of no historical value). In Genesis 11:27 it comes up with the claim that "Terah begot Abram, Nohor and Haran." It then goes on and says in Verse 29 and 30 that "Abram and Nahor took them wives: the name of Abram's wife was Sarat; but Sarai was barren..." So now we have laid the foundation for the progenitors of a people that was to be "as numerous as the stars in the sky". But no problem. With a little hocus-pocus Yahweh can do anything, as we shall see in the next chapter of this thriller.

In Genesis 12 the Lord really dishes it out, gratis, blank check, no limits. He tells Abram to get out of this country he is in and away from his father's house, because, man, oh man! have I got goodies in store for you. "And I will make thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: ..." How blessed can you get! And all this from his private tribal god of whom Abe at this time knew absolutely nothing. He had just run in to him, and he wasn't going to turn down any favors or ask too many questions. It was just an everyday occurrence. Doesn't everybody run into a Super spook who has magnanimous goodies to offer?

But the Super spook wasn't through with Abie yet. There is more much more. In Genesis 12:3 it says "And I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed."

Wow! That is quite a mouthful, especially coming from a Super spook who has unlimited clout. How lucky can you get? What had Abram done to deserve all this good fortune? Well, here he was seventy-five years old, and we know absolutely nothing about his past except that he had a daddy by the name of Terah, brothers by the names of Nahor and Haran, and a wife by the name of Sarai, who was also his half-sister. Does that qualify him at the age of seventy-five to be picked from the multitude of millions and be showered with a profusion of blessings? Hardly.

Considering that we know nothing of his past but plenty about his next hundred years (according to this crazy story) we can presume that he indulged in the same activities in the first seventy-five years as he did in the last hundred. And what did flood old lucky Abie indulge in after he inadvertently ran into this super-generous, super-accommodating Super spook at the age of seventy-five years?

Well, since the next nine hundred pages of the Old Testament are concerned with the shenanigans of good old Abie and his multitudinous progeny, we have plenty of material to work with.

At the age of seventy-five and after the magnanimous promises the Lord had gratuitously given him, it says that "Abram took Sarai, his wife and Lot, his brother's son ... and went forth into the land of Canaan." After building a couple of altars to the Lord on the way (the Lord just loved the savor of burning flesh!) Abram kept pressing south. "And there was a famine in the land (Genesis 13:10) and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there."

So here he and his cabal were finally in Egypt, strictly from hunger. What to do?

Being a resourceful pimp he decided his wife was fair game and he successfully peddled her to the Pharaoh, it says. (Can you believe — a sixty six year old Jewish hag?) Having at first pawned her off as his sister, he then used blackmail and apprises the Pharaoh that, hey! you have been messing around with my wife, and I have a spook out there that will make mincemeat out of you if you don't pay me off and let us go.

It was no idle threat. It says in Genesis 12:17 "And the Lord plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai, Abram's wife." Such a deal! Abram pimps his own wife and sells her to the Pharaoh and the Super spook doesn't even admonish him for it. Instead he drops a plethora of plagues on the Pharaoh, poor deluded victim that he was. Anyway, it scared the hell out of the Pharaoh, and the ruse worked beautifully. (Abe had good scriptwriters). The Pharaoh sent Abie and Lot and Sarai and their whole kit and caboodle on their way, but not without first rewarding all of them, including Lot, with a slew of goodies. Would any Pharaoh in his right mind ever do a stupid thing like that?
(As I said, Abie had good scriptwriters.)

Anyway, they left, and in Genesis 13:2 it says "And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold." After getting into a fight with Lot about dividing the loot, they parted company and Abe went back to the land of Canaan, Lot to the land of Jordan.

Let us just stop the scenario right here and again ask the obvious questions: Just what kind of a man was Abie, and what had he been doing in his first seventy-five years before the Super spook singled him out and went berserk over him?

Well, it can reasonably be presumed that he had been doing the same thing before as he continued to do in the next one hundred years, namely pimping, whore mongering, pirating, stealing, lying and cheating, even committing murder, as we can see if we care to continue his story further, which I do not.

Yet for some crazy reason, according to this stupid Jewish yarn, the Lord God picked this degenerate, scurrilous scoundrel out of millions and promised to shower him with untold blessings. Does that sound reasonable or does it sound insane? It sounds pretty insane to me, and it doesn't say very much for the integrity of the Lord, nor much for his sanity either.

If we follow the droll inanities of his offspring Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Judah and all the rest of that Jewish passel, we find more of the same, as the Jews are carrying on today on a grand scale. Why not? They wrote the book and it has served them well.

Since I have already capsulized the shenanigans of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, as well as the other stalwart heroes of the Jewish cabal in Nature's Eternal Religion, I need not repeat them here. Let me just say I find them extremely disgusting and repugnant.
(See Nature's Eternal Religion"The Old Testament" P. 106.)

Whereas the antics of these Yiddish progenitors are disgusting, despicable and repugnant, there are two aspects that are extremely strange about this concocted story.

1. The first is, why would the Jews concoct a fictitious story about their ancestry and then depict such obviously sleazy characters as their role models?

2. Even more strange is the fact that hundreds of millions of White men and women who call themselves Christians should first of all believe these stupid and degenerate stories; and then secondly, seemingly break their necks to want to have these unsavory criminals as the heroes of their religion, even to the point of where they will claim that these despicable bastards are the Lord's chosen and are their own forefathers.

Are there some people really that crazy? Yes, there are. There are hundreds of millions of them. As I have said before, Christianity is MASS INSANITY. Once you accept the claim "the Lord wrote it", well, that is the trap door that will lead to any aberration, no matter how insane.

Going even further we have such White people as the British Israelites, and the Identity crowd who will chuck their brains overboard and vociferously proclaim that we White Europeans are the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Frankly, I would much prefer to have an honest-to-goodness old-fashioned horse thief as one of my ancestors than these degenerate Jewish bastards. (See "Identity" and "British Israelism", Issue No. 32 in this book.)

We Creators have a great and powerful job to perform, and the first step, as I have said innumerable times before, is to straighten out the White Man's thinking. Once we have done that much, the rest will be relatively easy.

Let us bend our energies to that noble and sublime task.

Promoting the idea that the White Race is the seed of pimps, murderers and whoremongers like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not only an insult to any man's intelligence, but also a direct insult to the White Man's genealogy.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator







                     Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 39
                                    June 14AC (1987)