Thursday, 18 July 2013

Love, Honor and Loyalty By Rev Logsdon

My Brothers and Sisters, one of the hardest things for our brethren to embrace is Love. Most of those in this cause are in it as you know for the wrong reasons. As I have stated many times before, they are social outcasts that never fit into and groups or social circles growing up. They were isolated and felt abanded. They find the white power movement so easily excepting so these people enter it only to fill that void they never recieved in life. Many join simply out of hatred and anger at a system that has betrayed them. Some join as a form of rebellion from that system, family and society. Others join simply out of boredom, as a hobby. These reasons are fleeting and do not last. As the person will abandon this cause as those emotions abandon his or her hearts and minds. Or they find a new outlet to fill those needs. The only true emotion that should drive you is that of Love.
    Love is not fleeting, it is emotion that when truly felt fills you with a sense of pride, of warmth and a deep sense of postivity. A feeling that can only be defeated by yourself. Love does not show resentment, it does not despise or cause loathing. Love can however cause hate and hostility for those that betray it and put it in danger. Hate without love is the most dangerous however, not only for others but for yourself. Love of ones race must be solidified with and I dislike using terms so commonly associated with christian values, but it must be filled with hope and faith. Hope that our people will realise their worth and importance. Faith that our actions will not be in vain, that we will carry on and see a better future. For without these love will only lead to depression from fear of our destruction. But when fully realised, understood and embraced you will find that true power to change the world. One of the strongest emotions attached to Love is Honor.

    It is a way of life, a code one lives his life behind. A code of conduct, of image and prestige. Ones honor will give him the courage to stand his ground, to defeat his foes and protect that which he loves. It is Honor that maintains our respectibility that seperates us from the animals without it. A man without honor is a man with nothing. Honor in the face of life and death have moved the wheels of time and have broke the bonds of fate. There is no more greater deed then that of Honor and no greater humiliation and loss then that of DisHonor. Honor is courage in the face of danger, honor is never betraying that which you love, honor is what seperates a man from a boy. It is also what causes the sometimes misguided but just as powerful emotion and action of Loyalty.
     It is what keeps one going even upon the edge of defeat. It is Loyalty that makes a man stand when others run. It is Loyalty that maintains the family unit by remaining true to ones spouse. It is Loyalty which keeps what one loves alive, when others would not maintain it. Loyalty is what seperates Hero's from cowards. Loyalty to ones friends, to his family, to his people is one of the greatest Honors. Loyalty is what keeps a man going when everythiong thing else says quit. It is Loyalty that defys all others who say give up. Loyalty is looked upon as foolish by those that do not have it! Loyalty can be given freely but rarely earned, but one only earns Loyalty by showing Loyalty
My Brothers and Sisters, Love, Honor and Loyalty are our keys to success. One without the other is a falsehood. Because one can never truly exist without the other. Love without honor and loyalty is pointless. Honor without love and loyalty is fruitless. Loyalty without honor and love is Lie. But once you fully understand, embrace and bond all together it becomes a driving force very few can challenge or sway. It is something that will carry you even past death and live on in hearts and minds of those who have effected. It is Immortal. Every great man or woman in history have had these things driving them as we need them if we will succeed. There is no threat, no weapon, no enemy we cannot defeat if with we have Love, Loyalty and Honor driving us.
Rev James Logsdon
July 40AC (2013)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hollier then thou by Rev Logsdon

I know most of us have experienced the attitude and arrogance from those that think they are better then us. Whether it is because they are wealthier, smarter, from a better family, etc.. Or it might come from patriotism and pride in your nationality. In the American skinhead scene you see a large sense of arrogance coming from those bigger then others, intimidating and alienating those smaller. I can personally tell you not all from that aspect comes from genetics as steroids have become a major issue with many. It may come from a shear misunderstandings and fallacy of the other as slander and lies that many so easily believe have twisted one person from the other. Having pride in something is perfectly fine, it is quite encouraged but when it turns into arrogance it only serves that persons selfish emotional need.

We Creators believe we are natures elite, but many take that the wrong way. Klassen refered to us as "natures elite" in regards to the White race as a whole and those who have awakened to the lies of christianity. His lessons were meant for us to open our eyes not to give us a sense of self entitlement. On the contrary it is our holy duty to do the opposite to bring that love and sense of pride to our people to awaken them, to aid them and to help them grow. If we walk around with the "holier then though" attitude we only will alienate those we seek to bring into the light.

I have personally experienced this attitude from those in the movement, even from those in our church. I have tattoos, many scars, my hands look like they been through a meat grinder, missing most of my teeth, so all in all I get this allot on the streets from upper class whites. Those that have lived a spoiled sheltered life, and as much as it may seem like it comes from them thinking they are better then me, if we are to get to the root of this alienation we must see the real reasons. It is the unkown that they fear, the intimidation, the insecuirty, the jealousy of one that doesnt bow to the conventions and expectations of what society says we should be. Many take this too far, giving society a big F U and seperating themselves from the outside world. This is very common and far more damaging then many believe. We must not avoid society, we can not crawl into our "white power" shell and stick to those like minded folk who except us and conform to isolation. We must dive head first into society, into the fire, into the looks of disgust from those who feel we are beneath them. Become social butterflys and reach those that do not know, that do not understand. If you see these looks smile back at them, say hello. Introduce yourself if the oppurtunity presents itself. Do not respond with anger and hostility, instead kill them with kindness. I dont know how many times I have done this and left those who feel they are better in shock and disbelief. It rocks the foundations of what they have taught themselves to believe and leaves them asking questions.
One of the other things we must never do is to do this to each other. I have seen a class type warfare amongst those in the white power movement. Alienating each other, I have done it myself many times. I have always had a personal dislike for those uppity suit and tie business types. Myself coming from a poor hard nose life, working construction and enjoying drinking and having a good time. It has made me look at those who come from money and put off that softer clean cut look and approach with contempt. Mainly, to be truthfull, it was something I didnt understand. The older I get the more i do understand and even though I still do not agree and can never adapt to that type I still will embrace that person as my brother. It is the difference of me and you avoiding and alienating that person for those differences that causes the problem. For treating that person bad just becuase we have a different approach and come from a different walk of life.

We Creators must realize it takes all types, we must reach all our White brothers and sisters with our message not just those who we can get along with. I am not telling you to be everyones friend, that would be contradictory to what I have taught in the past, and I am not telling a young skinhead to go recruit a business man, for that will not work. I am simply saying dont alienate those amongst our extended racial family simply for taking a different approach. Instead focus on perfecting your own.
Rev Logsdon
July 40AC (2013)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Interview #2 with Creator band INVICTUS

1. Greetings, you are well known to some of our readers, but for those who are new to your work, please introduce yourself.

INVICTUS is a metal/hatecore music band from Croatia/Europe. We are highly influenced by Creativity which can be seen through our songs and we propagate it through our music. We started with our work in 2009 and till now we released two full-length cd's.

2. You said you are influenced by Creativity. Was it Creativity that encouraged you to start playing music, and is it the sole theme in your songs? Would you compare yourself with bands like Rahowa or Centurion?

Of course not, we would play music wether we are Creators or not. And, no, we sing about a lot of things in our songs, but we can say that we would never sing about something that is not in line with our beliefs. About Rahowa, I wouldn't compare our music to theirs, it's a different style, and we never tried to copy them. The big difference is Rahowa had Resistance Records behind them and we are mostly independent, and big difference is Burdi became traitor as well as Arno from Centurion. We are still loyal to our cause and will remain so.

3. Have you heard the recent cd with rerecorded Rahowa songs, by some German band?

Yeah, I've heard it, some German-Swedish project called Men Against Time. I liked it, it was well done, especialy instrumental part. Regarding voice, I like original more, Burdi had a very specific voice which I like very much. Too bad he ended the way he did.

4. Recently you produced your second full length cd, what can you tell us about it and are you pleased with it?

Yes, our second cd is finally out. It's called ''Mors tua vita mea'', consists of eight great songs. We changed some things since the first cd, especially regarding vocals and drums. I am very pleased with our newer work and I think we finally found ourselves this time, this is what Invictus should sound like and what is most suitable for us. First cd was more like a testing phase (which went well, and I think we have good songs there), but now we tuned up and realized what kind of playing and singing bests suits us. In comparisson to first cd this one is more into hatecore and we dropped the growling type voice from before, now people can more easily understand what we sing about, LOL, which is very important for us.

5. As someone coming from Croatia, what is music scene there like?

Music scene? LOL There are 3 or 4 bands including us, with only Invictus and Wolfenhords (NSBM band) having their own cds produced. Not much to tell, basically there is no music scene here.

6. Recently a very famous WP band from USA, Bound For Glory, released a split cd with Japanese band Aggroknuckle, and they even announced live tour in Japan. What do you think of it?

Well, I don't really know what to think of it really. I would never do it, don't want anything to do with gooks. On one hand I understand the certain respect for the Japanese nation, but still.... As far as I've heard there is certain RAC scene in Japan (I know it sounds funny to us, yes), they are Japanese nationalists and Aggroknuckle is one of the most popular bands. They even rerecorded some Skrewdriver songs. Now, I don't know what BFG have in mind, you would have to ask them. It is a bit weird, I must say, LOL.

7. Do you plan cooperation with some other bands, for certain compilation or split cds?

We are open to it, of course, but don't have any plans at the moment. Some of our songs were to be published on Soundtrack for revolution, volume 2 compilation. Not sure what actually happened with it, I think it never got released.

8. Tell us about the general political situation in your country and nationalist/racialist scene over there.

Well, not much to say really, same mess like in every European country. We have just entered EU, not sure what will happen in near future, but from what I've seen, nothing good. Recently there is a great preassure to promote homosexuality and other types of sodomy as equal to heterosexual marriage. There are even some talks about new asyllum centres being built. This country is going down the drain and noone is revolting, it's sad. Government even forcefully changed the constitution last year to denny our citizens the opportunity to say NO to EU.

9. Any final words?

Thank you for this interview, hope those interested in our music will enjoy it, and to all of our readers, I wish they will be fruitfull and multiply, hahaha.

Interview by TCM Europe
Originally published in IMPERIUM
The Creativity Movement online Magazine
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