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The Wildest stories ever told.. Part Two...By Ben Klassen



The Story of Noah and the Great Flood

Some years ago someone gave me a thick, heavy bible that was published around the turn of the century. A novel feature about this particular book, a King James Version edition, was that it captioned every page in the Old Testament not only with titles, but also with a precise date, as if to emphasize that each of the events and stories chronicled was an historical fact, whose year In history was well known. Apparently 80 or 90 years ago, they could get away with indulging in the risky art of lying with pretended precision. Today no publisher would dare to emulate such effrontery.

In this particular edition the date attached to the Great Flood story was the year 2348 B.C.E. Now let us examine just what the King James Version says about that Great Flood that supposedly covered this Planet Earth to the top of its highest mountains and beyond. It is a droll story.

In Genesis, the first book of the Jewish bible, is unraveled the story of how a lonesome spirit floating aimlessly in the dark void for the last zillion years, suddenly, only six thousand years ago, got the brilliant idea of creating "heaven and earth" out of nothing. He wrapped up the whole job in six days, and more or less as an afterthought created man on the sixth and final day. He then told man to go to it, be fruitful and multiply and populate the earth with people. (See "The Story of Adam and Eve" in Racial Loyalty No. 37.)

This apparently they did with gusto, according to Genesis, but they had this damn nagging flaw in them — they were "sinful", and each generation continued to be as sinful as the previous, if not more so. Finally this began to get under the Creator's skin and he got mad - real mad.

He decided something drastic had to be done and he had just the ticket for these nasty sinners: he would drown them all, like a bunch of rats. That should not only solve the problem, but also teach them a lesson they would never forget.

In Genesis 6:12 it says: "And God looked upon the earth, and behold it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth."

Nowhere does it say that perhaps the Creator had somehow botched his prize creation, man, and done a sleazy job. After all, he knew what he was doing, knew the precise consequences forwards and backwards, and everything was under his control. Why did he inject this sinful characteristic into mankind if he didn't like it?

The bible doesn't answer this question, but pretends it was totally the fault of the product rather than the designer, because "He gave man a freewill". Freewill in what direction?

Be that as it may, he decided to take precipitate action and get rid of his masterpiece,all of them, all except a fellow by the name of Noah and his immediate family.

Now this fellow, Noah, by this time was six hundred years old, and we would think that after having been under close observation for all that time a shrewd judge of character would have selected a paragon of virtue to be the lone surviving progenitor of the future race. Strangely enough the lonesome ghost made a poor choice, a boo-boo, in selecting Noah, as we shall see later.

Anyway, God told Noah what was coming up and he had better get ready for it. In Genesis 6:17 he says to Noah: "And behold, I, even I, do bring flood waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and everything that is in the earth shall die."

Poor animals; poor birds; even all the creepy-crawlies were to die. In fact, all flesh. However, it does not mention that all the fish — who also were flesh — would have a field day.

So the Lord told Noah to get ready for the greatest deluge in history. He told him to build an "ark", a sort of floating motel for people, animals, snakes, insects and birds. He told him to build it out of gopher wood and to build it in three stories. It was to be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high. Since a cubit is about 18 inches, this would make it about 450 feet long, by 75 feet wide, by 45 feet high, three stories yet no small project to hammer together by the stick method, especially since nails had yet to be invented.

The Lord gave this six hundred year old man and his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, seven days in which to do the job. Not only were they to hammer together out of gopher wood this huge monstrosity in seven days and seal it watertight with pitch, but there is more, much more, they had to cram together in seven days.

The Lord instructed Noah to gather into this floating motel at least one pair of every kind of creature on the face of the earth, since he was going to drown all the rest along with his sinful people. Poor animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. What had they done to deserve this? Such a waste.

When you analyze the immensity of the job Noah had to perform in seven days, it staggers the imagination. Poor fellow, and him being six hundred years old. In Genesis 6:19 the Lord commands Noah: "And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female." Now, "every living thing" of course, also includes insects, not to mention animals, birds, reptiles and other categories. Since approximately six thousand years later scientists claim there are at least 10 million species of insects of which they have, after all these years, gotten around to identifying and cataloguing only about 10 percent, you can form some idea
of the immensity of the job that Noah had on his hands.

According to a Pullicologist,  Professor Robert Lewis, there are 2,381 species of fleas in this world. (A Pullicologist is a flea specialist, of which there exist only about a dozen)

Now, did Noah realize there were 2,381 species of fleas to round up and did he faithfully catch two of each, male and female, and put them in the ark? Or did the poor jerk know a flea from a louse? On having put 4,762 fleas into the ark, how did he keep them from spreading to all those cooped up animals and multiplying into the billions? The Jewish scriptwriters neglect to shed any light on this problem, as well as hundreds of other problems.

He only had seven days to do it in, which included building the ark itself. Would you believe your own daddy if he told you a tail tale like that?

But the Jewish scribbler's who wrote that story complicate it further by saying in the next chapter. Genesis 7:2: "Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and the female: and beasts that are not clean by two, the male and the female."

So, Noah had a further problem: deciding which beasts are clean and which are unclean. Are elephants, rhinoceroses, hippos, and giraffes clean? I presume they are as clean as any animal, at least in their own habitat. So evidently, he would have to round up 14 of each of these, as well as horses, zebras, deer and antelope, not to mention lions and tigers and monkeys and gorillas. The task is endless, and even Frank "Bring 'em back alive" Buck, could not have accomplished this little feat in a lifetime. Then there are all those birds to catch, and all those snakes, pythons and cobras, and alligators. (I wonder how he got to Australia and back to catch the kangaroos and wallabies?) What a

fantastic job, all in what was left over of the seven days after he got through building the ark.

But the job doesn't end there. They were to be cooped up in this watertight box for a whole year. It only had one small window at the top, one cubit square, and it was closed because it was raining. There was no light from any source, no electricity, no ventilation, no air conditioning. All these animals had to be provided with at least a year's forage of whatever food they preferred. How would you like to gather enough hay to feed 14 elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes and thousands of other animals? Also, the lions, tigers and other meat eating animals, they, too, had to be fed and there was no cold storage refrigeration on board. On top of this was the messy job of cleaning out all the manure and offal from all these thousands of animals. Who was in charge of that stinky job? Fourteen elephants alone can do quite a job in short order. If all these animals were really in there and properly fed, they would have sunk that stinking ark within a week from the sheer weight of the refuse alone.

Anyway, according to this wild story the Lord himself sealed the door of this watertight box after they were all in, hay or no hay. A trainload of hay would not have fed all those browsing animals, and a million rabbits would not have fed all the meat eating animals for a year. If all these "creatures of the flesh" could have been crammed into that dark and unventilated box (which they could not) they would all have suffocated
from the stench and lack of oxygen within 24 hours. Whoever wrote that dumb story certainly didn't take logistics, or even the slightest modicum of common sense into their calculations.

So, what with Noah having built the ark, rounded up all the millions of "creatures of the flesh", presumably provided them with ample provender, and also for his own family, all in seven days the Lord sealed the door and let her rip.

In Genesis 7:11, 12 it says: "In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the foundations of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights."

Evidently all you had to do was open the windows in heaven and the water will gush out by the ocean full. Now that is real news. I had always been told that heaven was a wide airy place inhabited by harp playing angels. But evidently I was misinformed. It is filled with billions and billions of tons of water. Since that huge fiery pit called hell is right next door to it, I would presume that they would have a rough time containing all that water and getting a good hot fire going at the same time. Or having done so, why doesn't the good Lord have mercy on all those poor sinners cooped up in that fiery pit, open the windows on the hell side and douse that excruciatingly painful fire? I'm sure the victims therein would appreciate it, even if he had to drown them all along with it. It would be a lot better than eternal torture.

Good point. Why doesn't he open the windows on the hell side, deluge it with all that water, douse the fire and drown the inmates. They would greatly prefer that. I'm sure. It would be a tremendous "relief from that burning sensation."

Getting back to poor Noah and his family cooped up in the ark with all those millions of "creatures of the flesh," and all that stench. According to this wild story as it rained for forty days and nights, the waters rose and rose until it covered all the land of this fair planet, over and above the highest mountain tops. Now considering Mount Everest is more than 29 thousand feet high, that is one hell of a lot of water, more than our atmosphere could ever hold, or again re- absorb. But no problem for the scriptwriters. Within a year it had all subsided, and dried up. Noah and his family all survived beautifully and not a single "creature of the flesh" had starved or was lost in the stench and the darkness.

After one year, the land was dry, the forests and the flowers were all intact after having been submerged under six miles of water for a year, and all the animals, birds, in- sects and reptiles traipsed out the door, happy as a lark and healthy as all get-out. Not a single mouse, mosquito or louse got sick or died during that year they were boxed up. Wasn't that nice.

So every creature resumed mating and multiplying (with gusto!) to make up for lost time. They now had a brand new world to fill! After building an altar to the Lord, Noah, "took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl and offered burnt offerings on the altar."

Since there are thousands of beasts and foul in this world, one as clean as the next, it must have been some bang-up barbecue. But the Jewish God, being a bloodthirsty monster, relished it greatly. After drowning millions of people, and billions of "creatures of the flesh" it says:

"And the Lord smelled a sweet savour." Nothing like burning flesh to get his Juices flowing. He must really get his kicks sniffing the burning flesh of billions in hell. The Jewish Bible is full of offerings of burning flesh. Anyway, that smell of burning flesh mellowed him and he promised Noah that he would never again do what he had just done, that is drown everybody, no matter how rotten they were. Just to remind himself not to pull this nasty trick again, he set a rainbow in the cloud. Just to make sure he would remember to cease and desist and not go overboard again.

But to get on with the show. Apparently a layer of water six miles high for a year had not noticeably affected the forests, the trees, the grasses and the meadows, nor the vineyards, for it says...

Genesis 9:20,21: "And Noah began to be a husbandman and he planted a vineyard:

And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered in his tent."

Poor Noah. Back to his old tricks of nipping at the kickapoo joy juice. He not only nipped, he was stinking drunk and naked in his tent, dead to the world. While in this shameful condition, his three sons. Ham, Shem and Japheth saw him. The latter two were embarrassed and covered him up. But apparently Ham was a fag, a homo, and he went back and committed an obscene act with his drunken father.

It says in Genesis 9:24: "And Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his younger son had done unto him."

He roundly cursed Ham and doomed him to be a "servant of servants to his brethren", in other words, a slave. Not only did he doom Ham to a slave, but, all his descendants as well. All the dark skinned, niggers and muds are considered by theologians to be the descendants of Ham.

And so, we have another episode in the family of the Noah's as they set out to become the progenitors of all future mankind. The Lord had goofed again, and made a lousy choice in picking such a drunken lout as Noah to be the father of future mankind. (See C.C. No. 54 in the White Man's Bible, "The Lonesome Ghost Blunders from Blooper to Blooper all at the Expense of Suffering Humanity".)

Drunk or sober, the now 601 year old Noah lived on for another 350 years after the flood, if you care to believe such a wild story.

Evidently there are intelligent men and women, people who should know better, who will strip gears, throw their brains out of gear, and profess that such a wild story is the "gospel truth". This despite all the accumulated knowledge of history, geology, astronomy, anthropology and paleontology that overwhelmingly indicates: that the world has been around for approximately 5 billion years; that there has been life on earth for more than two billion years; that man's ancestors can be spasmodically traced for more than a million years; that civilized peoples, such as the Egyptians, existed long before the supposed "Great Flood" of 2348 B.C.E.; that their dynasties were recorded in considerable detail long before that date; and that the deserts on either side of the Nile were as dry before that date as after. Also, their Pharaohs lived normal life spans and none reached the ridiculous age of 951.

On the other hand, all that supports (if you can call it support) such a wild story is the lying claims of Jewish scriptwriters whose veracity at best is notoriously the worst in history.

Yet intelligent and well-educated people, and I use these descriptions loosely, will go and organize expeditions at great expense to their donors, to find traces of a lost ark, an ark that never existed. They will go to Mount Ararat in Turkey, where the non-existent ark is supposed to have made landfall. There is not the slightest connection between Mount Ararat in Turkey and the Jewish account, except for coincidence that some yokel during the Byzantine ruler ship of Asia Minor chose the name Ararat for an inconsequential mountain, just as hundreds of other names were picked out of the bible by Christian zealots.

When these modern day "explorers" then find some old decrepit piece of wood on the slopes of Mount Ararat, they will scream to the world that they have found a relic from Noah's ark and a cooperative Jewish press, with tongue in cheek, will gladly spread the story for them. The Christian zealots of today, as in past centuries, will vociferously gobble it up and point with certainty that here is concrete evidence of Noah's ark and that the Great Flood did in deed cover all of the earth.

How crazy can you get?

We Creators take the position that: It is not only morally justified, but our beholden duty to ridicule that which is ridiculous when such garbage is deceitfully being disseminated as the "Gospel Truth".

It is not only morally justified, but our beholden duty to ridicule that which is ridiculous when such garbage is deceitfully being disseminated as the "Gospel Truth".

The Christian con-artists in two thousand years have never even bothered to define the basic product they have been so vociferously peddling. Pray tell me, Preacher, what is a "spirit"?

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator



                    Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 38
                                     Feb 14AC (1987)

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The Wildest stories ever told..Part One..By Ben Klassen



The Story of Adam and Eve

From time immemorial mankind has pondered some of the philosophical mysteries of the universe. These mysteries are endless and most of them will not only never be solved, but for many the questions have not even been framed. Some of the common questions that the inquisitive mind of the White Man has been asking during historical times are such as these: How did it all start? When did it all start? Who made it all? Where did we come from? What is our purpose in life?

Whereas the Church of the Creator does not have the answers to all, or any of these questions, it has at least set these questions in their proper perspective and looked at them squarely in the face, in an open common sense approach. For instance, in answer to the first three questions posed, the article "Not Likely a Who" in Booklet No. 101 examines these questions and delineates the areas we don't know, and those we do know, without engaging in endless hocus pocus, superstition and double talk. The last two questions are covered in a similar manner in Nature's Eternal Religion under the chapter "Our Purpose in Life" page 263, and many other supplementary chapters in both Nature's Eternal Religion and the White Man's Bible.
All our conclusions are based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, on the Experience of History, on Logic and Common Sense. Nobody, I believe, has ever come up with a more reasonable approach, nor a more solid foundation on which to base a comprehensive and cohesive philosophy.

We now come to the other side of the coin, the kind of conclusions, lies and fairy tales our religious enemies, the Jews, have concocted for us, the White Race, in answer to some of these basic philosophical questions. Let us see what they have come up with, using superstition, hocus pocus,
ignorance and exploiting the gullibility of the masses. Let us see what kind of a story they have concocted.

Let us start at THEIR beginning, which is Chapter 1 of Genesis, the Old Testament, all of which was written by Jews.

According to their story everything that exists in this universe started only as recently as six thousand years ago. To be more exact, at 9:30 in the morning, on a Tuesday in the year 4004 B.C.E. That is the big watershed. Before that there was nothing. Then suddenly all hell broke loose.

Before that time there was no universe. There was nothing but darkness and void, and a lone, idle spook floating around in that darkness with nothing to do, nothing to see, nobody to talk to, leading an extremely useless and boring existence. Then, suddenly in that point in time, 4004 B.C.E., he got the brilliant idea of creating "heaven and earth" out of nothing. (It was a he, the Bible says so. Without any female counterpart,
how could you tell, and what difference would it make?)

This he did on the first "day." What this spooky story fails to mention is that at the same time he also must have created that ghastly fiery pit in which he intended to torture people — millions and billions of them — people he had not even then "created."

How do we know he created the fiery pit the same day? Well, he laid the basic foundations of the firmament that day and hell was, and is, more basic in his plan than anything, because, the good Jewish book says, "heaven and earth shall pass away," but not hell. Besides, since hell is evidently where most people' souls are destined to go, (something like 99 percent, a conservative figure) it is, undoubtedly, the biggest project of all, the most important and the most permanent.

Let us not forget this key item in the Christian religion: HELL. It is the threat of hell, it is this diabolical brow-beating, to stampede the gullible yokel into obeying and pretending to believe anything the priesthood dictates that is the central driving force of Christianity.

We now come to the story of Adam and Eve. After all the creating this lonesome spook had done for five days, finally, after smugly surveying his handiwork and almost as an afterthought, he created man. How did he do it? Simple. He took a piece of clod, blew into it, and presto! there was instant Adam, full-grown and full-blown. The first thing Adam did after he was full-blown was take a snooze (there was little else to do). As the great Creator was still in a creative mood, he viewed Adam while he dozed, and suddenly he was seized by another brainstorm! He decided Adam needed a helpmeet, a female helpmeet, something the super spook, although a male himself, had never had the privilege of having. So he created Eve.

How did he do that? Well, to make the story more interesting, instead of taking another clod and blowing a whiff into it, he did a strange thing. He took a rib out of Adam instead, and presto again! in no time at all he had a female helpmeet for Adam.

And that, my dear friend, if you're willing to believe this droll episode, is how our first ancestors got their bearings, and this less than six thousand years ago.
Never mind that there are fossil finds that show our human ancestors, such as the homo sapiens, were already present 300 thousand years ago, or the genus Australopithecus boisei  already appeared 1.8 million years ago and A. afarensis  more than three million  years ago.


Just act dumb, pretend you can't read, and just believe! believe! believe! the Jewish scribblers. If you don't, they've got that terrible weapon, HELL, hanging over your head.

Anyway, so there they were, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Where was that lovely garden? Well, again, the scriptwriters are sort of vague about that, but presumably, it was somewhere on the face of the earth.

Things were going great at the beginning of the first day. Although Adam and Eve were naked as jaybirds, no problem. Christianity hadn't been invented yet, telling them that sex was evil. That was still another four thousand years down the road.

But soon there was trouble in paradise. In fact, it appeared in the middle of that very first day In the form of that evil
serpent, called Satan (another spooky spook). Where he came from, the script- writers seem to have deleted from the script, but if we piece the pieces together, we must presume that the all-powerful, all-wise Creator created him too. (Satan, too, is a he, with no female counterpart, poor devil. It was strictly a man's world up there.)

Now at this point there is a queer quirk in this story, and it doesn't make much sense. For some reason God pointed out to Adam and Eve that there was one tree in the middle of the garden whose fruit was a no no, they mustn't touch, they mustn't eat. If they did.. horrors! They would have their eyes opened and know the difference between good and evil. So! They had been warned.

Along comes this slippery evil villain, the talking snake. (Everybody in this little party could already converse fluently with each other, although Adam and Eve were not even a day old. Evidently they conversed in perfect Hebrew, which hadn't been invented yet. But no matter. Adam and Eve didn't know that, so they had no problem talking with the snake.)

Now this snake was a real con-artist, and for reasons not too well explained he wanted to buck the establishment. In fact, he wanted to torpedo this nice, cozy little set-up and aggravate the hell out of the head honcho, the Lord himself. So he conned Adam and Eve into eating this forbidden fruit. First Eve took a bite, then gave the apple to Adam, who also took a chomp out of it. (We presume it was an apple, because I have seen a picture of an apple that Eve had taken a bite out of. The picture was used as a reinforcement to advertise Eve Real Estate.)

That did it. All hell broke loose. The super spook was mad, really mad. They had disobeyed HIS command! He would punish them for that, and severely, too.

Suddenly Adam and Eve were up on the carpet before the super spook. Their eyes were opened and suddenly they had become wise.

(Evidently prior to eating the fruit their eyes were closed and they were dumb.) In their new wisdom they suddenly realized they were naked and they were ashamed.

A little later, as the Lord was nonchalantly walking the garden in the cool of the evening, he did not see Adam and Eve anywhere around. (It was a big place!) They had hidden themselves, because now that they knew they were naked they were ashamed, and they also had the first tinges of a guilty conscience.

So the Lord called out, "Adam, where art thou?" He knew very well where Adam was, since he knew everything, but he was playing games with them. Also he figured if Adam showed up his helpmeet would be there too.

Adam responded from behind the bushes and said, "I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself." Brilliant dialogue.

And the Lord said, "Who told thee thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldst not eat?"

The super spook had him there. But Adam took it like a man and blamed his wife. (Husbands have been doing the same thing ever since.) 'The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat."

Well, the fat was in the fire. The Lord was a vengeful fellow, and he was mad as hell. He cursed the serpent, told him he would have to crawl on his belly as long as he lived and eat dirt all the days of his life. There is a little bit of befuddlement here, since supposedly he was speaking to Satan, and all the pictures of Satan I have seen in Sunday school show him deftly dancing around on his two cloven feet, with horns on his head and fire in his eyes as he waves his red hot poker.

But poor Adam and Eve. He drove them out of the Garden (the very first day yet!) He cursed Eve and vowed to greatly multiply her sorrows and in sorrow shall she bring forth her children. (Did she already know about children that very first day?)

As for Adam, because he had harkened to the voice of his wife and eaten of that damned apple, he, too, was to have a sudden, drastic, shameful fall. The Lord cursed the ground that Adam would have to farm and decreed that it bring forth thorns and thistles Just to aggravate Adam. Not only that, but he would have to work like a mule and eat his bread by the sweat of his brow.

So there you have the story, according to the Jewish scrip- writers, as to how your first human ancestors got their start in homesteading among the thorns and thistles. Looking at it from the long dispassionate distance of six thousand years, I would say Adam and Eve got a raw deal. After all, why did the super spook put that goddamned tree in the middle of the garden unless he wanted to booby-trap them. Was that fair? Why did he send that slippery snake of a Satan over to con them? After all, they were less than a day old and as innocent and naive as a new born babe. How would they know whom to believe? And while all this conning was going on where in the hell was the super spook who hears all, sees all, knows everything forwards and backwards? Why didn't he rush to their defense, unless he deliberately wanted an excuse to drive them out of the garden as he had planned to do all along.

Not only were Adam and Eve severely punished for having walked into the booby-trap set by the super spook himself, but on top of that all of us millions and billions who are supposedly their progeny, we too are now guilty of their little faux-pas, which now has been full-blown into the "original sin."

So there you have the story of Adam and Eve as concocted and recycled from earlier pagan religions. This was done by the ignorant superstitious Jewish scribblers a few thousand years ago, and it has absolutely no relevancy to reality, nor is there any shred of historical evidence to substantiate this fantasy. Considering the importance that billions of gullible yokels have attached to this cock-and-bull tale, it is in fact, one of the silliest stories ever written.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

              Article taken from Racial Loyalty# 37 
                                  Nov 13AC (1986)




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Ending White Slavery temporarily pulled from sale

Friends and Supporters:

Matt asked that you do not order his book Ending White Slavery now  because the book has been pulled.  We had to do this because the only one making money on this book is George Hook.  We thought George was helping Matt self-publish his book and instead he is taking most of the royalties.  I paid George $416.00 out of my living expenses and I thought that money was for the book cover and editing the book. I feel so betrayed by George.  Don't worry!  The book is being republished by a supporter and Matt will receive the proper royalties.
Evelyn Hutcheson
June 41AC (2015)

 UPDATE ********************************************

Ending White Slavery now available to purchase via Amazon here.........

Ending White Slavery By Matthew Hale.. Amazon


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Atheism VS Creativity - A Comparison...By Ben Klassen



A. Common Grounds.

Both Atheism and Creativity deplore and denounce any and all supernatural beliefs, claims and superstitions. We do not believe in gods, devils, spooks, spirits, heaven or hell. We denounce all such hocus-pocus as being invented by men, largely for the purpose of controlling their minds and worldly affairs and extracting the utmost financial gain from them.

B. Major Differences.

Whereas Atheism is a negative approach to a positive evil, unfortunately it lacks a positive creed and program of its own to replace the superstitions it seeks to destroy. The Atheist movements are mostly small, some take on some weird hang-ups of their own, and by and large, have done little to either help destroy Christianity or any of the other religions based on fear, superstition and gullibility. As a result they have accomplished little that is constructive. The Jewish influence is heavy.

Creativity, on the other hand, has a comprehensive creed and program that embraces the whole spectrum of living: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. We seek to build a Whiter and Brighter World for the future progeny of the White Race, all of which is encompassed In our Three Basic Books, Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living, supplemented further by our most recent additions. Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World.

We have the "gegengift" that Hitler suggested was necessary to do the job and we are determined to do it. We are certain that we are the Wave of the Future. Christianity is Mass Insanity built on a foundation of superstition, gullibility and ignorance fortified by an intensive campaign of mind manipulation.
Without a successful Creativity movement the White Race is dead. Our every thought and action must be... Will it help promote CREATIVITY? The White Race will either inhabit Planet Earth in totality, or it will not survive at all. There will be no in between in our future.
For the White Race, Creativity is the most meaningful and beneficial idea in its entire history. The Ultimate Horror is the Mongrelization of the White Race.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator




                       Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 34
                                      April 13AC (1986)

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Comparative Religions Part 11... Atheism....By Ben Klassen




Atheism is commonly not recognized as a religion, but rather as a non-religion. Be that as it may, the fact is that anyone, or any group, can claim that their philosophy, belief or non-belief, weltanschauung, or whatever, is a religion, and justifiably so. We of the Church of the Creator defend this position as vigorously as we do the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, and/or Freedom of Religion. We fully agree with Voltaire when he said, "I may disagree violently with what you say, but I will defend unto death your right to say it." Similarly, we may disagree with many religious faiths which we consider pure hokum, but we will defend their right to espouse their beliefs, no matter how silly we might think
they are.

In the same context, we will also defend unto death our right to criticize and articulate how ridiculous we may find some religions to be and we have done so repeatedly in the last 10 segments of "Comparative Religions."

Within this framework, we accept that Atheism is a religion in its own right. There are now officially incorporated religions that have received tax exemption and official governmental recognition as such under the aegis of Atheism.

Most Christian churches are quick to hang the label of Atheism on the Church of the Creator and our members. It is the objective of this article to again, for the umpteenth time clarify this issue to these muddle-headed spook chasers. (See page 68 of Expanding Creativity, "We are not Atheists, We are Creators".)
I want to draw a clear line of distinction between Atheism and Creativity, so that there can be no doubt, no misunderstanding about the difference, a difference that is fundamental and as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Basically, that difference is this: whereas an atheist says I do not believe in the other fellow's spooks, he makes no claim to what, if anything, he docs believe in. We Creators have common ground with the atheists in that we also do not believe in the other fellow's spooks of whatever stripe, but we do state clearly and at length what all we do believe in on the positive side. And what we do believe in is plenty. It is positive and it is comprehensive and we spell it out clearly in our several Basic Books.

Having laid this initial groundwork, let us briefly review the history of Atheism, which has been around for thousands of years before even Jewish-Christianity raised its ugly head.

Webster's big dictionary (Third New International) defines atheism (small "a") as "a disbelief in the existence of God or any other deity", and an atheist as "one who subscribes to atheism." This is a rather brief and vague definition, and until we look up the word "God" we really have no idea what the poor fellow doesn't believe in. So we look up the word "God", and we find a whole passel of definitions under "god" spelled with a small "g" and another set, under "God" with the big "G". They vary all the way from "one who wields great and despotic power" to one that says "Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; all substance; intelligence."
There are so many other diverse, vague and conflicting definitions in between that by the time you get through reading them all, you become as confused as the little boy who had just accidentally dropped his gum on the floor of a chicken pen. No wonder the poor atheist finds it hard to swallow all that garbage. (Read again, "What is a Spirit?" in Racial Loyalty No. 29, in this book.)

Since Atheism, by definition, is purely negative and the Atheist himself may, or may not, have any number of positive beliefs or philosophies, it is really a loose and meaningless term, and would be completely useless, had not the Christians made it such a widely utilized and derogatory
term. Because it is so loose and vague, it would be hard to find literature on "atheism" before Christianity. However, one could probably classify Socrates (469-399 B.C.E.) as an atheist, since he went around telling the youth that the Greek gods of the times were most probably spurious and nonexistent. For this crime of honesty and freethinking Socrates was hauled into court, condemned to death and given the hemlock cup.

He was by no means the last. When the Christians finally grabbed the reigns of temporal and ecclesiastical power, things really began to heat up for the poor atheist. By the Middle Ages (better known as the Dark Ages) heads really began to roll. By the time the Inquisition was instituted, and later the Reformation cut deep into the once supreme power of the Catholic Church, running down heretics and confiscating their physical assets became one of the more lucrative pursuits of the times.
A "heretic" need not even be an atheist. He could believe in spooks in the sky until hell froze over, but if he did not toe the official line, (and there were any number of official lines, depending upon whose jurisdiction you were under) well, it was curtains for him or her. Such gentle persuasive means of retribution as the Spanish Gag, the Iron Band, Breaking on the Wheel, Burning at the Stake, or dozens of other refined means of death and torture were employed. (Read again, "Thumbscrew and \ Rack" Page 326 of the White Man's Bible.)

As the Renaissance began to dawn in the 13th Century and victims of the all-powerful Catholic Church began to slowly extricate their minds from its clutches, and, as the Reformation further cracked and split the power of the church, the people of Europe slowly began to become more aware of Nature and the real world around them. Writers and philosophers, guardedly at first, writing in parables and couched phrases began to voice their doubts about the supernatural, the world of spirits and the hereafter.
Like Thomas Paine, they first hedged their positions by calling themselves Deists, a vague term, but inferring they believed in a Supreme Being. Webster (same volume) defines "deism" as "a rational movement of the 17th and 18th centuries whose adherents generally subscribe to a natural religion based on human reason and morality, on the belief in one God, who, after creating the world and the laws governing it, refrained from interfering with the operation of those laws, and on the rejection of every kind of supernatural intervention in human affairs." These fellows were beginning to come over our way and were almost there, had they not thrown in a few unnecessary disclaimers and non sequiturs to protect themselves. That this God (about whom no one really has the slightest information that he, she, or it really exists, or any other information) "created it all" and then sat back and let it run by itself, is pretty ridiculous. After such a busy session creating it all, what would he do with his time? Play with himself?

During the 19th century, writers, especially in Germany, began to come out more openly. In America, Col. Robert G. Ingersoll (1833-1899) was a most brilliant advocate of the atheist point of view and in both oratory and writing was most effective in marshalling arguments and logic in tearing to shreds the spooks-in-the-sky swindle. He has left a volume of 12 books that recapitulate his speeches and philosophy. (We have all of them in our library except Volume 1.
We would be most grateful to anyone who could supply us with the missing volume.)


In my opinion there are, however, several flaws in his advocacy. For one thing, there is no positive replacement for Christianity, which he denounces so effectively. Secondly, he is not racially conscious. Thirdly, he seems to have not the slightest awareness of the part historically played by the Jews, both in perpetrating Christianity on the goyim, and also in their tyrannical control of world finance and power.

When I first began to promote Creativity, I presumed that the existing atheist groups would be one of the most fertile areas which would be attracted to our superior creed and program. After all, we were as militant and aggressive in denouncing Christianity, the spooks-in-the-sky swindle, and the whole bag of paraphernalia as they were, but, we had so much additional creed and program to offer on the positive side.

Surely, I thought, here was a natural. The first thing I did was to get a list of all the atheist groups in America and send them a copy of Nature's Eternal Religion. I was wrong. The response was negative - absolutely dismal. Some of their return literature was astounding. Some were devil worshippers, some were espousing witchcraft. Many denounced me for my racist position. An astounding number were Jews, and therefore, of course, openly hostile. That was 12 years ago.

One of the best known, most effective, most articulate and most intelligent organization among the atheists groups is Madalyn Murray O'Hair's American Atheists, Inc., out of Austin, Texas. They have officially proclaimed themselves as a religion and have been so recognized by legal authorities. They have been most effective in instituting legal suits for the separation of church and state, taking prayers out of schools and other measures that have attenuated the special privileges usurped by churches and religions. We have no quarrel with them on any of these issues.

However, the experience of history has shown that attacking religion per se without having a positive and more powerful replacement for it has repeatedly failed to influence its onward march in the slightest. Hitler has made the same observation about movements, any movement, in general. It was his observation after World War I that communism could not be thwarted by merely exposing it. What was needed, he said. was "cingegengift," (literally translated, "a counter poison") an antidote, to replace it. This he did when he founded the Nazi Party, and it did, indeed, triumph over and expunge communism in Germany.

American Atheists, articulate and logical though they are, lack this very thing. They do not have a positive belief, a positive creed or program as a replacement for Christianity (or any other spooky religion). For this reason, their future success will be minimal, and at best, non-productive.

There are two other flaws on which we fault American Atheists, and they are similar to those of Col. Ingersoll.
(a) They do not expose the Jewish peril. In fact, their membership is too heavily infested with Jews to even allow them to take such a stand, and it is not to be expected that they ever will.
(b) They take no racial stand, and are not interested in the survival of the White Race.

Nevertheless, a few of our most intelligent converts come from their ranks. There is a much smaller but laudable group that I should mention. That is The Truth Seeker, Inc., of P. 0. Box 1832, San Diego, CA 92112. It is headed by a venerable octogenarian, James Harvey Johnson, who is the successor to the Rationalist Movement, the latter dating back to 1875. Mr. Johnson is one of those rare gentlemen who is dedicated, takes salubrious care of his health and is aware of the racial and Jewish problem. His greatest contribution is the excellent collection of old and rare books he has for sale, all of which either expose religion or promote salubrious living in one way or another.

Our assessment of the whole atheist movement or movements can be briefly summed up in two points:

(a) It is heavily dominated by Jews and will not lift a finger in aiding the survival of the White Race.

(b) It has no positive program with which to replace militant intolerant Christianity. It has not in the past, and, we predict will not in the future curtail Christianity in the slightest.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator



                  Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 34
                                April 13AC (1986)