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We are not atheists, we are Creators...By Ben Klassen


For too long we Creators have been called atheists. For too long we have been smeared and slandered by Christian name callers, and we are getting damned sick and tired of it. It is not good enough for us to merely take a defensive posture and say, "No, we are not atheists." We do not accept the Christian's derogatory epithets and labels. We are Creators. It is time for us to go on the offensive and no longer tolerate such nonsense. We must attack - attack their insidious and deceitful name-calling and in turn call their bluff. We must expose their trickery and treachery for what it is.

The Jews, per se, and Christianity, (an off-shoot of Judaism) have one thing in common. They are both very clever with catch-words, epithets, trigger-words, labels, slogans, smear-words and character assassination. In short, they are today what they have always been — masters of deceit. The Jew's and Christian's main stock in trade is lying, and their supreme accomplishment is that they can do so convincingly. In order to destroy their enemies they have built up a whole
vocabulary of smear words, trigger-words, which they believe need only to be uttered in order to devastate their enemies. Among their arsenal of weapons the Jews have concocted such gems as anti-Semite, bigot, racist, fascist, Nazi and a host of others. The Christians under the tutelage of Judaism have built an odious collection of their own. Among their stable Of smear words are such choice epithets as atheist, heathen, pagan, anti-Christ and a flock of others, in the true tradition of Jewish name-calling.

The favorite epithet the Christians like to subdue us with is to call us atheists. We Creators do not accept that description, because it is phony.

It is a fictitious concept. All it really means is that you do not believe in the other fellow's spooks. What spooks? Whose version? It doesn't matter. Anybody's spooks. If you don't believe in the Jew spook, the Christian spook, the Moslem's spook, or the African voodoo spook, you are an atheist, and the connotation is that you are evil. Furthermore, the inference is that if you don't believe in some brand of spook, you don't believe in anything.

According to this inverted type of Christian "logic". even a dumb African bush nigger is "better" (for what?) than an "atheist" who uses his good sense. After all, the nigger has his voodoo and his witchdoctor and believes in some fuzzy set of undefined spooks. What's more, he believes in the supernatural, and therefore believes in "Something." So he is a pretty good fellow, isn't he, and therefore should escape the horrible fate of being categorized as an atheist. As long as you believe in "something", meaning in the spooky domain, you're alright, buddy.

Well, we Creators do not believe in anybody's spook, but we do not accept somebody else's smear word either, as being descriptive of us. If the Christians want to indulge in name-calling, well, two can play that game.

To a Mohammedan, a Christian is an infidel, or better still, an infidel dog. Does the Christian accept the Mohammedan label? To a Jew, a Christian is a goy or a goyim, which means cattle, or an animal. Does a Christian accept that? (Some Christians are such Jew-lovers they will accept any dirt handed out by the Jews.) To the Black Muslims, Christians are White devils. How do you like that?

There are, of course, any number of other smear-words in all kinds of categories other than religious. In the ethnic field we find Italians being called wops or dagos, Hispanics called spies or greasers, who in turn call Americans gringos. Germans have been called krauts or Nazis, and the English have on a number of occasions been labeled "limeys". Angles and even as "perfidious Albion".

We said two (or more) can play the game of name-calling. Let us do a few numbers on the Christians that readily come to mind. We could call them spook-chasers, Jesus freaks, Jew-lovers, superstitious, gullible, irrational, mind perverts, anti-Nature, no earthly good, childish, and accuse them of indulging in mass insanity. We have more on our list, but for starters let them try those on for size.

But let us get back to this "atheist" bit, and explain seriously why we do not accept it and why it is a deceptive fraud.

In the first place, it is a negative and meaningless description. It merely means you don't believe in the other fellow's spooks without saying anything positive about what we Creators do believe in, which is plenty. It is like asking Mr. Jones what his name is and he comes back and says it isn't Brown or Smith or Garfinkle. OK, it's none of those. In fact on the negative side, he could list most of a Manhattan telephone directory of what it isn't. Or if you were asked to describe a lion, but you indulged in playing games instead and said "it" isn't a bird, or a fish, or an eel, or a hippopotamus, without ever mentioning the word "lion". That would be pretty stupid, would it not, since you could make up a list as long as your arm of what a lion is not.

Or let's take another example. If someone asked you where you lived and you answered negatively, "Well, I don't live in London, or Timbuktu". Alright, that eliminates two areas you don't live in, but on the positive side that leaves a million other places and addresses you could live at, but have not positively specified.

For the same reason, we resent Christians calling us atheists, which is purely negative. All it says is we don't believe in their set of spooks. It further implies that since you don't believe in their pet version of spooks, that you are an "unbeliever", and don't have any beliefs at all. Now it so happens that their spooks at best are extremely vague, undefined and unsubstantiated by any meaningful evidence. In fact, so vague and undefined are these fictitious concepts of their spooks that the Christians can't agree amongst themselves as to what "it" is and have argued and fought wars over their "beliefs" amongst themselves for hundreds of years.

Not only is there rank confusion amongst the Christians about their concept of "god", but also amongst all the other spook swindlers. The Christians have a three-way "god" — father, son and holy ghost, of which the Jewish Jehovah is 331/3 percent. The Jews on the other hand claim he is their own exclusive tribal god Yahweh, not for export, and don't "believe" in the Christians other 66 2/3 percent of the pottage. The niggers say god is black, and the women's libbers movement says god is a she, not a he. So take your choice, but if you don't believe in any of the above mess the Christians will call you an atheist and what can be worse than being of sound mind and body?

We Creators throw all this mess of garbage overboard and take the position as expressed by a little jingle (courtesy Angeline Bennett) loud and clear,          

"For Thou shalt have no other gods"

Came forth the jealous call.
I'll go a little further yet.
I'll have no gods at all.

We Creators think it is a little ridiculous for superstitious, gullible yokels to try to intimidate us with name-calling because we don't believe in their imaginary spooks, spirits, ghosts, demons, gremlins, fairies and what have you. We have no desire to be called a non-Christian any more than a lion wants to be called a non-mouse, or a non-insect, or a non-worm. In fact we are proud to be non-Christians for the same reason that a lion is proud to be a non-worm. But why not call a lion a lion? We consider Christians to be unfortunate victims of Jewish mind altering, whose mind has been neutered in an operation similar to what a vet does to a dog or cat. But that hardly qualifies them to hang labels on us.

We are proud not to believe in the Jews', the Christians' or anybody else's spooks, for the same reason we are proud of not believing in Santa Claus, Mother Goose, leprechauns or the tooth fairy; and for similar reasons. We do not believe in any of that silly nonsense because there is not a scintilla of meaningful evidence to substantiate any of it.

There are a lot of other things we don't believe in because they aren't true. We don't believe the earth is flat because the overwhelming evidence indicates it is round. We don't believe 2 x 2 makes 17 because the evidence is substantial that it makes 4. We could make a whole catalogue of other nonsense we don't believe in but it would be childish and a silly waste of time.

So our point is this: Why should the Christians pick one item from said catalogue of nonsense we don't believe in and hang a label on us for not being gullible and superstitious, not to mention stupid. Isn't it much more rational to categorize an individual for what he positively does believe in, same as it makes more sense to give your proper name rather than list fifty others as not being your name? And we Creators do have plenty on the positive side that we do believe in. It is all positively spelled out in our three basic books, NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and SALUBRIOUS LIVING, and we are proud of our comprehensive creed and program. Some of the highlights of these beliefs are:

1. We believe in the Eternal Laws of Nature (which has nothing to do with vague and abstract concepts of artificial spooks, ghosts, etc.)

2. We believe that the White Race is Nature's highest and finest creation, that we are Nature's Elite, Nature's aristocracy.

3. We believe in the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

4. We believe in looking at all issues first and foremost through the eyes of the White Race — not the Jews', niggers', or spooks'.

5. Our Golden Rule is "What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin."

6. We believe that the White Race has been programmed by its Jewish enemies to pursue an idiotic and suicidal course of self destruction and unless the White Man's mind is soon brought back to reality, the White Race will be wiped out by the exploding mud peoples of the world.

7. We believe The Church of the Creator has the TOTAL PROGRAM, the ULTIMATE CREED and the FINAL SOLUTION to overcome the horrible catastrophe that is facing us today. We are determined to pursue that program or die in the attempt.

These are a few of the basic beliefs we Creators share, but by no means is this the end of the list. On the positive side we also believe in the Sixteen Commandments as spelled out in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. We believe in the Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny as spelled out on p. 410 of The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. We believe in SALUBRIOUS LIVING and especially the 14 points as a program towards a healthier life and better living. We believe in the 13 Articles for the Defense of the White Race as spelled out in The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE starting on p. 404.

For the first time in its history the White Race now has a racial religion of its own. We call it a four dimensional religion because it takes in all aspects of living — A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. It is comprehensive, consistent, concise and complete. We are proud of having a system of tenets and beliefs that is constructive, is based on reality and does not insult the intelligence of Nature's Finest. Furthermore, we are in harmony with the Laws of Nature and the universe we live in and we are willing to believe anything that is logical, substantiated by meaningful evidence, and will serve the best interests of the White Race. It is all spelled out in our three sacred books, clearly, logically and positively.

So get off our backs, you Jesus freaks and spook-chasers. If you will stop calling us names for what nonsense we DON'T believe in, we will stop calling you names for the nonsense that you claim you DO believe in.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

                 Article taken from Racial Loyalty #4
                               Sep 10AC (1983)




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Phoenix TCM Reverend proudly displays Creativity Flag

Once again any display of pride from a White man is viewed as "racist" and the controlled media crank up the propaganda for their anti-White agenda.

Reverend Cook proudly displayed the flag of his religion Creativity at his own house in his quiet neighbourhood, the media then uses quotes from selected agenda friendly neighbours who feign outrage or fear at the prospect of any visual display of White pride in their diversity friendly neighbourhood. These are probably the same people who would remove their nations flag from display because it may offend the new comers.    

Sensational words used in the article....

"It's called The Creativity flag. They view it as a flag of white supremacy, symbolizing hate, racism and division."

They view it? No that's the media's choice of words, this is the way Creativity views our flag...

The "W" of our Emblem stands, of course, for the WHITE RACE, which we regard as the most precious treasure on the face of the earth. The Crown signifies our Aristocratic position in Nature's scheme of things, indicating that we are the ELITE. The Halo indicates that we regard our race as being UNIQUE and SACRED above all other values.
To watch the vid and read the article.................

Friday, 15 May 2015

Let us make haste while the sun still shines... By Ben Klassen





Let Us Learn Our Lesson

There will never be a better time than now for us to get our act together. In the last chapter (C.C. No. 73) of THE WHITE MAN'S BIBLE I list a number of alibis our White Racial Comrades repeatedly put forth in order to avoid, evade, or procrastinate coming to grips with the dire dilemma in which the White Race is now unwittingly embroiled. That the White

Race is in a horrible mess and will soon be liquidated as a biological species, of that there is hardly any doubt by any thinking White Man who has studied the situation.
That the Jewish establishment is now in a powerful position to destroy the White Race, is fanatically bent on doing so, and is escalating its fury into an ever increasing crescendo, that, too, can hardly be argued.

That in Creativity we already have the vehicle, the creed and the program with which to solve the problem conclusively and with crashing finally, that, too is accepted by most of our supporters. Then what is the problem?

The biggest problem we have encountered is the apathy and the alibis people will come up with in lieu of taking militant, meaningful action. In C.C. No. 73 I have listed a number of them and also drawn a picture of the consequences if we don't soon get our act together. Since I wrote that chapter there is one additional alibi of considerable consequence that I did not list, and I have been hearing with considerable frequency.

That specific argument is this: The American people need a dire disaster to strike them before they will wake up. They still have it too good. Everybody Is eating well, nobody is starving, and if they can't or won't work, they can always go on welfare and the government will feed them.

As long as they have their beer and TV they are beyond reach and won't listen to any warnings of the impending collapse and disaster. It is after the system has collapsed, when there is hunger and famine, when there is a major race war sweeping the country and blood flowing in the streets, Then, yes then, and only then, will the American people wake up, see the light and take drastic action to purge the enemy. So the argument goes.

There is a part of this argument with which I wholly agree, and that is that there will be blood flowing in the streets of America, and in large quantities. There will be a racial war, and the prime target will be the White Race. I believe this because every evidence indicates that the Jews have planned such a bloodbath for America, as they have ruthlessly unleashed in many countries over the many centuries. I am convinced that it will happen before 1990 and I say so in the first chapter of the White Man's Bible. I am convinced they will unleash it as soon as they have flooded this country with enough hostile mud races, a process that is accelerating with all the deliberate speed the Jews can muster. When the White Race is weak, confused and vulnerable enough, the Jews will unleash their fury and attempt to wipe out Nature's Finest - the White Race. However, the rest of the argument is totally false, By the time the scenario of blood flowing in the streets comes to pass it will be much too late. In fact, it recalls to me a vivid picture of the sad fate of the roosters when I was still a kid on the farm in Saskatchewan.

Often on Sundays we would enjoy a chicken dinner. Since we raised our own chickens, all we had to do was catch one of them, usually a rooster, lay its head on a chopping block, take an ax and chop its head off. That was when the action started. Whoever did the chopping would quickly toss the bird to the ground and quickly get away from it, since blood would spurt out of its neck profusely and the bird would flap into a
violent convulsive reaction, aimlessly flopping and  floundering about, flailing its wings until In a minute or two it had bled to death, and it was all over.

Now this is not a pretty picture, but I warn you, it represents fairly accurately a picture of the kind of fate the White Race can expect if it is passively going to sit on its big fat apathy and wait "until there is blood flowing in the streets", before the American people will wake up and take action, When I say this I am not just postulating a theory, I am speaking from the experience of history, from my own personal experience in Russia, and from that of my family.

My father was born Into a peaceful, thriving Mennonite colony, as was his father and as were his grandparents. It was located in a fertile area on the Molotechna River In the southern Ukraine. It was pioneered by my Mennonite ancestors starting at about 1804. Since the Mennonites
were industrious, hard working and frugal, the colony prospered beautifully and by the beginning of World War I it consisted of about 30,000 happy and prosperous members sequestered In approximately 50 towns and villages.

There were at the beginning of the 20th century approximately six million Jews in Russia, seething with hate, rebellion and conspiracy to overthrow the Russian government and the Romanov dynasty. For centuries they had been plotting, organizing and conspiring to bring down
the whole social structure, institute a massive blood bath, kill off the best, especially the White Russians, and enslave the entire population.

Vengeance! They wanted to wreak vengeance on their enemies! And who were their enemies? Why, the whole world that stood in their path of world conquest.

When the Russian armies collapsed in 1917 while W.W.I was still in progress, the Jews in Russia were ready. With the help of their racial kinsmen in the United States and throughout the world, They unleashed revolution, anarchy, famine and the greatest blood bath (up to that time) in history. Thirty million White Russians, all of Russia's finest, the aristocracy, the intellectuals, the pillars of society, they all fell in a hail of
Jewish bullets, in one massive bloodletting operation. Did this violent convulsion "wake up the people"? Well, it did not wake up the Mennonites in the Molotechna colony, nor did it wake up the White people of Russia, as to who their real enemy was.

Whereas it alarmed them into frightening despair, it did not alarm them to any constructive action. They did not organize an effective defense, nor did they find a meaningful solution.

When the vicious holocaust was over (if it ever is over) the net result was 30 million White Russians dead, and the Jews with their Communist apparatus were firmly in power. Today, 67 years later, the Jews are still firmly in power and have spread their deadly tentacles to every country in the world, in some, openly communist, in others, like the United States, deceitfully covert, but nevertheless fully and ruthlessly in power.

So let us analyze this business of stupidly waiting "until there is blood flowing in the streets" before we wake up and organize the White people of America, and of the World.

Did the White people of Russia understand the holocaust that had painstakingly been planned and unleashed upon them? Did my ancestors, the Mennonites understand it? No, they did not. Neither the Russians, nor the Mennonites, nor my living relatives understand it to this day.

Instead, the "White" Russians fought the "Red" Russians. (Does this remind you of the "North" and the "South" in America during the Civil War? Well, it should.) The Jews were in control of both factions while both sides slaughtered each other mercilessly. The Jews mere masterfully manipulating their age old strategy of DIVIDE AND CONQUER. And conquer they did. The Russian people and my Mennonite ancestors reacted just like the rooster with its head cut off. They flopped and flailed in all directions pointlessly, aimlessly and ineffectively, until they bled to death. The beautiful, prosperous Mennonite colonies were totally wiped out and their formerly thriving and happy inhabitants were either killed, shipped off to Siberia or scattered all over the face of the earth. I am one of the "scattered" who survived.

When I was born in the small Mennonite village of Rudnerweide in February of 1918, things looked extremely dismal, not only for Russia, but also for my immediate family. And they were. The "Red" Army and the "White" Army were engaged in fighting a bitter civil war, and part of it was being fought right in the backyard of our little settlement in the Southern Ukraine. Part of it was also fought right in the backyard of our home and several shells rocked our house. When I was nine months old, my mother said I came down with diphtheria or scarlet fever (I've forgotten which) and I nearly died.

At this time the warring factions were still shelling our area and wreaking havoc, anarchy and destruction. The military actions were followed by looting, chaos and famine. During the two year famine of 1921 and 1922 five million people in the Ukraine alone died of starvation, among them many Mennonites. Today, 67 years later, Russia is still under the vicious heel of the Jewish tyrant. I ask you a serious question -- how could you go about starting a Freedom from Jewish Tyranny Movement under conditions such as existed today?

We are not quite that far along in the United States -- yet, and where there is life there is hope. We (our family) did extricate ourselves from that horrible dilemma, and emigrated to Mexico in 1924, then to Canada in 1926. Nineteen years later I myself emigrated to the United States and prospered. I repeat, where there is life there is hope, provided you take due advantage of "the tide in the affairs of men", to quote Shakespeare, and take direct, meaningful action.

There is a powerful (if highly painful) lesson to be learned from the experience of history in even as short a period as my own lifetime. I have learned that lesson well and I have learned it the hard way. That lesson is damn simple, and it is this: Prepare to demolish your implacable enemy, the Jewish conspiracy, BEFORE your head is on the chopping block.

By the time the axe comes down it is too late, Like the rooster with his head cut off, once blood is flowing In the streets the White Race will be aimlessly flailing, flopping and floundering, killing each other as they painfully bleed to death. That is not the best time to wake up and start organizing for the survival of the White Race. The best time to do so is NOW. We should of course, have done it a long time ago. In recapitulating our sins of omission of what the White Race should, should, should have done, the list is endless. We could go back as far as 6000 years and say the Egyptians should have had a racial religion, which I have already said repeatedly. But all that is now water over the dam and past history, and we cannot change it. What we can and must change is the present in order to mold the future. And there Is plenty we can do and must do, and there will never be a better time to do it than now.

The idea that anarchy is the ideal time to wake up, organize and rally the White Race, is not borne out by history. I have already cited Russia. I can also cite Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslovakia. I can cite Angola, the Congo, Rhodesia. I can cite Lebanon. Terror, anarchy, bloodletting. Each time the Jew picked up the chips.

History's most illustrious example of a vigorous people organizing and beating the Jewish terror is Hitler's Germany during the 1920's and 30's. It was not accomplished with a bloody revolution as happened in Russia In 1917. It was done by deliberate planning, by building, and by Intensive organization, mostly by peaceful means. True, Germany in the 1920's was desperate; true, conditions were somewhat chaotic; but the powerhouse Hitler built was done under conditions that were still civilized and organized. The mails were still functioning. The railroads were still running. Coal was still being systematically mined and factories were still producing goods, although lethargically, and under Jewish
tutelage. But still, there was not blood flowing in the streets and there was not total anarchy. It was under at least civilized conditions that Hitler was able to build a power structure. When the Russians were sacking Berlin and the Allies were firebombing Dresden, It was no longer possible to do so.

That lesson must become painfully clear to us here in America, and to the White Race all over the world. Despite all our neglect and all our stupidities of the past, there will never be a better time to get organized -- to get our act together than now. (Read again C.C. No. 73 in the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE).

Let me reiterate -- there is no magic pill, no magic formula to pull us out of our dilemma. The answer is building a power- full racial movement that will be determined to, and can smash the Jewish power. We have the means. We have the resources and we have the power to do so.

We have to make up our cotton-picking minds that we are going to do so, come hell or high water. We also have to make up our mind and decide on one exclusive vehicle that we are going to polarize around. We can no longer flop and flounder around in a hundred different directions like a chicken with its head cut off. (Read again "A Polyglot Mind" Issue No. 10 of Expanding Creativity) We have to act. We have to polarize around a racial religion and whip our own people into action -- to not only avenge history's most abominable outrage, but to organize our race into a beautiful, prosperous and healthy social structure that can thrive and prosper for the next million years.

CREATIVITY is the answer. We have the creed, the program and the base. But without your help and determined, militant support it means nothing. We must have the activist support for our World Headquarters and we must have activist church groups springing up in your area. We most have both -- dispersion and polarization.

This is not a contradiction. This is survival strategy at its best, and the Jews have successfully practiced it for thousands of years.

One of these days I am going to write a full-fledged article on this very subject. It means this: We (you) must build local church groups in your area (See Issue No. 10 of Expanding Creativity again) and grow and expand.

The more such groups all over the United States, all over the world, the better. We must also polarize around one creed, one program, one loyalty, just as the Jews have done. We must polarize around our own White Racial Loyalty.

In CREATIVITY we have it all - the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED, We have the whole ball of wax.

Let us now dedicate ourselves to the task and get our act together. There will never, never be a better time than now. Eternal struggle is the price of survival and we had better get with it. When the axe is coming down on our necks it will be rather late.

Let the Russian bloodletting experience be a lesson to us that chaos, anarchy and turmoil are not the best of times to rally the forces of the White Race, Ditto for the Jewish take over in Poland, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Rhodesia, Angola and dozens of other ironclad Communist countries held in the throes of Jewish tyranny, How many times do we have to be hit over the head with a telephone pole before we learn our lesson?

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of The Creator





             Article taken from .....Racial Loyalty # 13
                                 July 11AC (1984)


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Who's Trying to Save What and Whom - Precisely... By Ben Klassen




A comprehensive and realistic survey of the situation as it exists to date by carefully sorting out the pretenders, the friends and the enemies of the White Race.



Throughout history — Individuals, groups, organizations, religions — have been trying to "save" others of like categories from the dire consequences of something they deem Inherently evil. Some of these crusades have been sensible and urgent, some have been fanatically unreal, and Borne have been plain idiotic, depending an the viewpoint of the observer. Some of these campaigns to save somebody from something have been of long duration thousands of years, some of only recent origin, some of temporary and frivolous nature.

Since we ourselves are engaged in a holy war to save the White Race from mongrelization and extinction, it behooves us to take a clearer look at what some other groups and Individuals are doing, have been doing, and will be doing. We want to more clearly delineate those who might be our allies. We also want to expose more clearly those who are obviously our out-and-out enemies, but have not been recognized as such by most of our White Racial Comrades.

One other matter I want to clarify. Since we of the Church of the Creator have been so carelessly classified and categorized with several previously existing organizations, we again want to make it abundantly clear that we are a comprehensive and far-reaching racial religion that Is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and the White Race alone. As such we are unique and none other exists today, and as far as we know, in all previous history none has ever existed before.

So let us look at history and examine precisely WHO has been trying to save WHOM and WHAT precisely, and let us start with the Egyptians, who in their own way were eager beavers and fanatically engaged In trying to save something, and what they did has grossly affected us to this day.


As I have reviewed in the articles on Egypt in RACIAL LOYALTY Nos. 11 and 12, the entire Egyptian civilization, the first really great White civilization, was overwhelmingly dominated by religion. Furthermore, their religious beliefs were wholly based on FICTITIOUS CONCEPTS, rooted in superstition, gullibility and hocus-pocus. Intelligent and advanced as the Egyptians were, they nevertheless were as superstitious and gullible as any primitive barbarian.

But they were much more than that. They were highly ingenious and inventive, especially in the realm of the supernatural. In fact it is the Ancient Egyptians who deserve credit for mostly all the fictitious concepts on whose sleazy foundations later were built the so-called major religions of today. These religions include primarily Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism, Buddhism, Mormonism, and what have you.

What were these major innovations and concepts of the spook world that were invented by these ancient religionists? They were numerous ,major, and far reaching.

They Include:
(a) The idea of the human "soul" as being separate and apart from the mind as such.
(b) The idea of immortality of the human soul, and a life in the "hereafter"
(c)  The idea of reward and punishment for acts committed in this life, to be meted out in the "next" life.
(d) The idea of heaven and hell. Although vague in Egyptian times, they laid the foundations for the monsters the Christians developed in later times.

(c) The idea that "gods" with supernatural powers could, and did. control our lives and mete out punishment and rewards, not only In the "hereafter", but also in the earthly life of each person.
(f) The idea of placating, appeasing, pleasing, praying and kowtowing to these imaginary
gods. (Not necessarily original with the Egyptians, but they expanded it into a major production).

(g) The idea of building huge temples in honor of these imaginary gods in order to please, placate and honor them.

(h) The idea of tombs, sarcophagi, etc. for the soul. This led to gross excesses, such as building huge pyramids.

(I) Complex rituals of worship. Again, this too was not exactly original with the Egyptians, but the dimensions to which they pushed this idea became the framework for the later and present-day religions.

(j) The widespread practice of circumcision. The Egyptians were the first major civilization to practice this barbaric mutilation of the human body as part of their religious ritual.

(k) The idea of tithing, that is extracting goods and money from religious victims for the benefit of the priesthood, a practice that has been greatly improved upon by modern religions, especially the sophisticated electronic evangelists of today, the super con artists of all time.
(l) The idea of religious hymns was already spawned by the Egyptians.
(m) The idea of baptism, cleansing the "soul" by ablution with water.
(n) The idea of one god (Akhnaton).
(o) Six of the highly touted "Ten Commandments" that the Jews brag they gave to the world were really plagiarized directly from the Egyptians.
(p) There are a number of other hocus-pocus religious ideas, customs and terms for which we are indebted to the Egyptians, not the least of which is the oft repeated, but meaningless word, "Amen", deriving from praise of their god Amen-Ra.

Perhaps I am spending a little more time on the Egyptians than I should, but when we contemplate the tremendous burden of religious debris they have dumped on succeeding generations, and especially those living today, I believe it is highly important to understand where much of it originated.

Now let us answer the question: WHAT were the Egyptians trying to save?

The answer is they were trying to save their "souls" and provide for a comfortable immortality - a fanaticism pursued even more fervently by the Christians thousands of years later. They also had a few lesser goals on the side. One was to overcome "time", and in the building of their huge pyramids they have at least partly been more successful than any other people. But they also wanted to extend and glorify their "earthly" name (ego), and in this, too, they succeeded better than most.



It is one of the most fateful accidents of history that the parasitic Jews were spawned out of the religious milieu of the Egyptian culture.

Certainly this accidental development has proved to be one of the most catastrophic events in the development of the White Race and one which in the present era may well prove to be the death knell of Nature's Finest. It is the holy vow of the Church Of The Creator to see to it that this will not happen.

In any case, the Jews being a parasitic race, were also an egocentric race. Everything they learned they utilized for their own advantage - and they learned plenty from the Egyptians. They learned:
(a) that religious hocus-pocus is a powerful means of controlling and directing people's
(b) That people's actions follow their innermost motivations, and once you have control of their minds their actions can be controlled to follow any direction their manipulators wish.
They then set about turning these ideas into reality and went to work converting religion per se into a powerful racial tool - A RACIAL RELIGION. They further copied from the Egyptians;

(c.) The idea of monotheism (Akhnaton).

(d) Building temples for their gods.

(e) The idea of immortality.

(f) The idea of the soul.

(g) Life in the hereafter,.

(h) Rituals of worship

(i) Circumcision for members of their tribe

(I) Six of their "Ten Commandments"

(k) Religious fanaticism, this however, always in the direction of loyalty towards their tribe.

What is it the Jews are trying to save? They have one of the clearest and most sensible goals of any existing religion in history - the survival and expansion of their race to the point where all other races have been mongrelized, lost their identity and utterly destroyed, only to be enslaved into the toils of their Jewish master. They fanatically pursue their goals with a zeal as no other race ever has - to enslave and dominate the rest of mankind and to accrue unto themselves all the gold, silver and other assets on the face of the earth. Their goals are clear, they are vicious, and they make a lot of sense - for the Jews.

What do we Creators have in common with the Jews? Absolutely nothing, and everything. The Jews are our most vicious and bitter foes. It is our desire to wipe Judaism from the face of the earth. DELENDA EST JUDAICA is our battle cry! But we have learned just about everything from the Jews about how to build a racial religion for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

One major difference between us and the Jews is this: Whereas the Jews have throughout their history been a parasitic minority living on the backs of productive White civilizations, we Creators are just the opposite. We White Creators are the most productive, creative species on the face of the earth. We need no Jews, no mud races, no slaves, for our welfare and the sooner we get all the parasites off of our back, the sooner every White Man can live like a king. Nor do we plan to stay a minority. Whereas we have no desire to dominate or enslave anybody, we want to expand the White Race until we crowd out the mud races and inherit the earth - all of it - for the White Race.


The inherent characteristic of the Greeks was their love of beauty, culture, and their innate intelligence. Their limited goals were to save their own city states from neighboring city states, and because of such limited political and racial vision they warred on each other endlessly in such fratricidal bloodletting as the Peloponnesian wars, and thereby destroyed themselves. It was this fratricidal infighting and their failure to realize the Divine Seed they possessed, that led to their political downfall and the mongrelization of their excellent gene pool.

What do we Creators share with the Greeks? Well, we also pursue the goals of culture, beauty, art and intelligence, but that is all. We are aware of one great bonus the Greeks were not — how to protect our gene pool and advance it ever higher and onward to levels the Greeks never even dreamed of.



Like the Greeks, the Romans started with excellent racial stock, but oriented in a somewhat different direction. Whereas the Greeks were highly innovative, and gifted in the arts and in culture, the Romans were more pragmatic. They were great warriors, organizers and law givers, and as a result they not only conquered the Greeks but all of the then known and worthwhile world around the Mediterranean. Because they were such excellent conquerors they soon had slaves by the millions to do their menial labor for them and this proved to be their downfall.

Because they took in all the conquered peoples of the era, they also took in a lot of mud genes and bastardized their once noble race. What was their main passion? To save Rome - the Empire. This they did for a thousand years but they lost their precious genes in the
meantime because they lacked a racial religion. As a result, the collapse of Rome was one of the greatest tragedies in history.

What do we Creators have in common with the Romans? A great deal, really. Our love for law and order, the desire to build, and the desire for empire building, as well as many other noble traits. Had the Romans only realized the preciousness of their inherent genes and the value of a racial religion!



Whereas the Judaic religion was spawned out of the hocus-pocus welter of Egyptian religions, Christianity in turn was a planned deliberate outgrowth of Judaism. Without the Jews the White Race would never have had the scourge of Christianity inflicted upon it. I have already elaborated on this subject in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION (Christ's Existence Not Substantiated By Historical Evidence) and several other places in my writings.

Briefly the story as It can be pieced together is this: When Rome dominated the world in the first century C.E., (Common Era) they assimilated, among many other territories, the minor Judaic kingdom in Palestine, whose Capitol was Jerusalem. As always, although militarily conquered, the Jews were rebellious against authority. In order to subdue them and lay waste to their cities, Emperor Vespasian sent General Titus to Judea to quell the rebellion. With a few legions he laid siege to Jerusalem and in less than two years he conquered and leveled Jerusalem to the ground.

That should have been the end of the Jews as the destruction of Carthage was the end of the Carthaginians. But it was not. The Jews were a tenacious tribe, thanks to the virulence and cohesiveness of their racial religion, Judaism. They planned revenge, and the destruction of the Romans (See Credo No 43 "Confessions of a Jew", in the WHITE MANS BIBLE)

The Jews took a deadly course of action for which the Romans were completely defenseless and unprepared, and which even while the poison was being administered to them, they never understood. Even to this day the overwhelming majority of the White Race falls to understand it, although the evidence is laid out before them, loud and clear.

The Jews now put into play the tenaciousness of their Judaic religion — they put into full practice their trump cards — polarization and dispersion. (See Issue No. 13).

The Jews utilized their tremendous accumulation of religious knowledge and psychological expertise. They went to work on the brains of the Romans. They transformed the dauntless world conquering Roman warriors into whimpering, peace-loving wimps. The tool they used was Christianity.

Instrumental in this brilliant idea was a Jew by the name of Saul of Tarsus, who later became the Christians' St. Paul. In order to put this piece of chicanery together he dredged up the teachings of a little known and dying religious sect around the Dead Sea. They were known as the Essenes, and they were a Jewish sect, completely out of the mainstream of Judaism.

From their suicidal teachings "sell all thou hast", "love your enemies", "turn the other cheek"), he concocted a deadly religion to feed to the Romans. The whole Jewish network soon threw themselves into the battle with a frenzy seldom before witnessed in history. What they accomplished next through the power of their religious zeal is, and remains, one of the most outstanding events in history.

The peoples of the Roman Empire (who by now were a mere shadow of the original Roman stock) became obsessed with this new religion. As their minds became more and more drugged with this anti-nature, anti-life doctrine, the Empire slowly sank, civilization disintegrated, and an ominous dark pall settled over Europe for the next thousand years. The Dark Ages set in.

The Jews had triumphed with their B-bomb (brain-bomb). Their triumph over the White Race prevails to this day, more ominously than ever. The B-bomb is still ticking. What is it the Christians are trying to save? Why, souls! All kinds of souls! All kinds of souls - White, brown and black, from the fiery pit of hell. And who concocted this horrible booby-trap? Why, the sweet loving (Jewish) god who at the same time is supposedly making a big to-do that he is trying to save us all from that same fiery pit.

What a crock of nonsense! Nobody has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt a god, or spook, or a soul. Talk about fictitious concepts! The Egyptians invented them, the Jews capitalized on them, and the stupid Christians swallowed the poisoned bait. (Read again "Fictitious Concepts" in R.L., Issue No. 7. of Expanding Creativity.)
The World is run by means of fictitious concepts.. By Ben Klassen

What do we Creators have in common with the Christians? Not much, except that about half of the Christians of the world are White, and most White people, unfortunately, are still quasi-Christians.



When we speak of the Nazis, I think it is extremely important that we differentiate between the Nazi era of Adolf Hitler in Germany, and the neo- Nazi groups that have spawned here in America. They are not the same.

First the Hitler era. Since I reviewed fairly thoroughly "Germany, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism" in Chapter 5, Book II of Nature's Eternal Religion (p. 290), it is not necessary for me to do so again. ! will simply state what their goals were. Basically the thrust of Hitler's movement was to

(a) save Germany from Jewish communism

(b) tear up the Versailles Treaty and recover territories lost by Germany to surrounding
countries (France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc.)

(c) break the back of Jewish money manipulators

(d) expand German hegemony and territory eastward into the fertile lands of Russia and Eastern Europe. There is more, but basically this sums it up. The main Idea was pan-Germanism (Deutschland uber Alles) and vigorous German expansion, at the expense of many other White nations such as the French, Poles, Czechs, Slavs, Rumanians, Russians and others.

We have now come to the helter-skelter of neo-Nazi groups in America that have sprung up since George Lincoln Rockwell revived the neo- Nazi movement in 1958. We could also cite the Silver Shirts of the 1930's, but they were actually a different breed, spawned and supported directly out of Germany, and died out when Germany lost the war.

What is it the neo-Nazis in America are trying to save?

Well, there is no one clear answer. They are at best a mixed breed, with motives as diverse and confused as are their members. Some are out and-out plants organized by the Jews themselves so that the ADL can point with alarm to their own dues paying members about the horrible threat of nascent neo-Nazism. This drives the Jews wild and they will quickly cough up millions to help swell the war chest of the ADL, it works beautifully.

Then there are the Hollywood type of Nails, who, like the Civil War buffs, love to parade in Nazi uniforms, arm bands and all, and throw the stiff arm salute repeatedly. Basically they are shallow individuals indulging themselves on an ego trip. I have met quite a few of them and find most of them are as confused as a little boy who has just lost his chewing gum on the floor of a chicken pen.

Then there are the more serious type that want to emulate the brilliant success of Hitler in the 1930s and believe they can transpose those same procedures onto the American scene of the 1980's. Their main success seems to pigeonhole itself into glorifying Adolf Hitler, (nothing wrong with that) but not in really having a ghost of a chance of actually building a meaningful movement in America to do the job that needs to be done. Why? Because they don't have a grasp on reality and only a superficial understanding of the situation. Among other things, they don't seem to understand at all

(a) that Hitler was a phenomena, a genius of unbounded energy, and the success of the movement was more due to the personality of this great unusual man than the philosophy he espoused, and

(b) his program was tailor-made for the situation in Germany during the 1920's, but not geared to the America of the 1980's, and

(c) were a young, vibrant Hitler alive in America today he would, I am sure, take an altogether different approach

(d) None of the personalities on the scene in America today are even comparable to the genius of Hitler

(e) That because 13 millions Americans fought against the Nazis in WWII, the Nazi image is anathema to the average American, many of whose relatives were killed in that war. Not only is the Nazi image of no help, but thanks to the massive Jewish propaganda barrage over the past 50 years it is a tremendous barrier towards a feasible solution to the Jewish scourge.

So what are the Nazi groups trying to save? It is a confused picture. Most of them are merely on an ego trip, hoping they will become a MODERN DAY INCARNATION OF ADOLF HITLER.

Most of the various splinter groups are feuding amongst themselves and are as hostile to each other as they are to the Jews. Most of them have no clear philosophy of any kind, no goals, take a wimpy stand on Christianity, and no program whatsoever on how to achieve the goals they don't have.

Some advance specious arguments such as "when the race war starts and there is blood flowing in the streets, then all these groups will unite!" Really? How are they going to do that? (Read again "Make Haste While The Sun Shines" in Racial Loyalty Issue No. 13).
Let us make haste while the sun still shines... By Ben Klassen

Their vague answer to that: "Hitler did it." That just isn't so. Hitler did not unite with, or merge, the thousands of political groups that were spawned in Germany after WWI. In fact, in his book Hitler definitely denounces the merging of organizations as weakening and/or destroying the original organizations. What Hitler did was convert and absorb the individual members of other groups into one solid Nazi Party. In short, he polarized the individuals into one mighty movement under his leadership, and he did not do it while anarchy ran rampant and blood flowed in the streets. He did it under fairly civilized and orderly conditions. I repeat — let us do likewise and unite under the banner of a racial religion — the most powerful idea we have to work with, now or ever. So what are the neo-Nazis trying to save? It varies from group to group. But the main thing they have in common is they are trying to save their
own hubris. (Webster defines hubris as overwhelming personal ego.)


Like the Civil War buffs and the Hollywood Nazis, the Odinists in a way are playing games with an era that has slipped away into the distant past and can never be revived again, any more than you can revive a dead horse, though you may try to awaken it with a massive blast of dynamite.

Though small, the members of the revised Odinist movement are intellectually a cut above the neo-Nazis, and their racial goals are sensible, although they have little or nothing to do with Odin, Thor or Wodin. Basically they use these Norse mythologies as a sort of backdrop, a Mythos, as Alfred Rosenberg would describe, to cling to as a point of departure.

But why must they use such cluttered window dressing as a necessary prop? True, the Vikings were great fighters and excellent physical specimens, but intellectually they were on a level with Hagar the Horrible in the Comic Strips. Mostly they were highly Illiterate and most of what we know about their mythologies were conveyed to us by the more literate Christians of a later date. In any case, the Vikings understood nothing of the more powerful mind-bending tactics of the more cunning Jews, and were no match for them at any time. In consequence they succumbed to the more sinister and seductive Christian lure and today their descendants — the Danes, Swedes and Norwegians, are the most submissive Jew-loving wimps on the face of the earth. Christianity and other Jewish propaganda has done its job well.

So what would convince anyone that an insipid set of Mother Goose myths could and will reverse a situation from an era that has passed on and is now as dead as a doornail? The answer is — nothing. We believe that the Odinists good people that they are, should dump this unnecessary garbage and join with us in a full fledged racial religion that covers the complete spectrum, but is not bogged down with a mass of ballast that can only be an insult to any White Man's Intelligence.

What are the Odinists trying to save? Here we have to differentiate between the Odinist of the ancient Vikings and that of the small modern group with their revived version. The original Odinists were plainly indulging in unadulterated superstition playing religious games with their own concocted gods and myths, as had so many other peoples before them — the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and even hundreds of mud races. Even in that category the quality of the Viking myths were several cuts below that of the more erudite and civilized Greeks and Romans.

The revived and revamped modern day Odinists have somewhat different goals that can be delineated into two incompatible and unrelated categories. One, to vicariously relive the trappings of a bygone era, which, if it were to be really duplicated would be pretty miserable, and secondly, to revive a "mythos" upon which to build an "aryan" religion and be able to point to it with pride and say "this is a White Man's religion, not a Judeo-Christian religion". Although even in this category their modern day version has many gaps and is incomplete, we Creators share these goals with Odinists. In rejecting Jewish Christianity the Odinists have already gone a long way towards our position. We therefore suggest that they stop playing games, join with us all the way in a real White Man's religion that has the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed.



We now come to the group in America that is probably the largest, the most amorphous, and also the most disorganized and the most confused.

Since this category includes so many groups that it is impossible to list, I will go straight to the common denominator and ask this rhetorical question: What are they trying to save? And the noble sounding answer is "We are trying to save the country".

When asked: From whom? Their answers become extremely fuzzy. From the bureaucrats, from the Democrats, from the Republicans, from Carter, from Reagan, from the politicians, from the C.F.R., from the Bildebergers, from the Trilateralists, from the "internationalists", from the "insiders", from the communists, from the Zionists, from the Dual Loyalists, from the U. N., from special interests, from the bankers, from ourselves (even!). Depending on whom you ask, you can come up with a whole plethora of different answers — but strangely they all have one other thing in common — they will never put their finger on the real culprit — the Jewish powerhouse.

When asked a second meaningful question, namely for whom are they trying to save the country, they act as if they had never given that a thought. Why the people, of course, is their bland answer. When this line of questioning is pursued further — Would yon fight and lay down your life to save the country as it could be populated with wall-to-wall niggers and other mud peoples, and run by the Jews? Would you try to "save the country" although its government, press and whole power establishment was intensely hostile to the White Race, and had, in fact, a series of aggressive programs in force aimed at mongrelizing and/or committing genocide on the White Race? Would you fight for a government and country whose loyalty was overwhelmingly for the bandit state of Israel and everything Jewish, but extremely hostile to the White Race?

Would you again fight a war for a government and country that joined hands with the Russian communists in 1941, and fought a war that killed millions of our best White men, only to save the necks of the Jewish monsters?

At this point the Patriot becomes extremely alarmed, agitated, confused, and even hostile. They start mumbling incoherent phrases programmed into their unthinking minds by the Jewish propaganda mill. Automatically they mumble something about racists, Nazis, bigots, and they don't want to get into "it".

Well, nuff said. I have covered this subject more fully in Chapter 2 (Part II) of NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION. "Your Loyalty - a Sacred Trust", and also several chapters in the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE, namely Creative Credo Nos. 17, 18, 21, 29, 32 and several others.

What do we Creators have in common with the Patriots? Well, quite a lot — mostly in the fact that the majority of our good White friends belong to this confused and helpless lot. It is also in this group that most of our potential members now lie dormant, in great need of both awakening and education.

However, I must make clear the distinction between "patriot" individuals and "patriotic" organizations, and post a warning. Most of the organizations that appeal to the average American's patriotism are Jew spawned, are designed to distract, confuse and relieve the average White American of his money — especially his money. In short, most of them are Jewish rackets, surprisingly many based in the Jew capital of the world
 — Washington, D. C. Most such come in well sounding appeals such as "Help save the Panama Canal". (Now who but a rogue wouldn't want to help save the Panama Canal for America?) They come equipped with neatly printer, self- addressed, postage paid envelopes, and of course the standard fare, the card which says "I enclose $5.00, $25.00, $100.00, $500.00, $1000.00." They have it down to a science and it works beautifully.



Closely allied to the patriots, but better read, and intellectually a few cuts above the average American Patriot are the Constitutionalists, although they have much the same attitude. They are for saving the Constitution, for God, flag and country. The main difference is they want to do it in a specific way, by "enforcing" the Constitution.

When asked the rhetorical question — Who do you expect will enforce the Constitution as you want it enforced? The answer is: the government?

It is a useless hassle to paint out the obvious to them: The government is Public Enemy No. 1, hostile as hell to the White Race and hell-bent on the total destruction of the White Race and every value we hold dear. Our American government is totally in the hands of our mortal enemy the Jews, who are using the Constitution to rob, loot and destroy the best and most productive element of the polyglot American melting pot —the White worker.

To try to reason with the Jewish powerhouse, to explain constitutional niceties, to "convince" them they should change their ways, to pure Insanity. The Jews are fully aware of what they are doing, although the White Man is not, and nothing, but nothing, is going to "persuade" them to change their course — except raw, massive power.

In order to generate such a power base the White Man has to build his own massive movement and brutally smash the Jewish establishment to smithereens. Only a massive White steamroller movement can do this, and before we can do so we have to get our priorities straight. This, of course, is what Creativity is all about and I will have more to say about this in the conclusion of this article.



This group is really a breed apart and needs special mention from that of the Patriots and the Christians. In this category we can list The Christian Vanguard, The Thunderbolt, The National States Rights Party (which claim they are now un-connected from each other). The various Klans also fit into this category, although loosely. There are a few dozen other small groups that also espouse the cause of Christianity and White racism.

This whole siring of groups, too. Is highly amorphous and a completely mixed bag of tricks. Without examining each one in detail the common characteristic or goal of all these groups to they are presumably trying to save your soul from the fiery pit and the White Race at the same time. This, of course, is a highly contradictory goal and self-defeating. It is like trying to win the Indy 500, but you make sure that every time you push down on the accelerator with one foot, you push down even harder on the brakes with the other. (Read again "Self-imposed Handicaps" in Racial Loyalty Issue No. 6 of Expanding Creativity).
Self Imposed Handicap...By Ben Klassen  That is one hell of a way to win a race, and, of course, you never do.

The biggest harm these groups do is confuse the hell out of the average White racist by pounding away at the term "White Christian" over and over and over, until like the Pavlovian dog, the victim begins to think that the two terms are synonymous, when, in fact, we have shown throughout this and dozens of other articles that Christianity is poison to the White Race, was a major cause of the disintegration of the Roman race and the fell of Its Empire, and was spawned by the Jews for that very purpose In the first place.

One other immense value these Pro-White anti-Jewish Christians have to the Jewish cause is this: It provides a feasible argument against clarifying the Jewish-Christian-White Race dilemma. Protagonists for Christianity can point to the fact that Christianity can't be a Jewish hoax because Christians like (the above mentioned) are strongly anti-Jewish. Sounds reasonable.

But the dominant fact is the overwhelming majority of Christians like the National Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, the Moral Majority and the Jerry Falwell Crowd, Billy Graham, the Catholic Church, are all strongly PRO-Jewish. PRO-Israel, PRO-race-mixing and ANTI-White. These groups represent more than 99 per cent of the White Christians of the world, and the comparative handful of ANTI-Jewish Christians do nothing more than confuse the issue by providing a credible argument for not exposing the Jewish nature and origins of Christianity.

The end result most of these groups accomplish is similar to that of the Birch Society and that is as its members see one defeat after another, the enticements of throwing in the towel and thinking more and more of the blandishments of the next world in heaven become stronger and stronger. In this way one good White Racial fighter after another is neutralized and finally becomes a total victim of that Jewish mind scrambler. He becomes a "devoted", "dedicated" Christian and lets the real world (and his race) go to hell — into the hell of the Jews.



Recently, especially under the auspices of The Spotlight out of Washington, the Populist Party has received some mediocre prominence and publicity (nothing in comparison to, for example, what that little talentless mongrel, Michael Jackson has been showered with). Since The Spotlight has a relatively large circulation for a paper that (overtly) professes to be ANTI-Jewish (Well, at least ANTI-Israel) this phenomena deserves some attention.

What does the Populist Party stand for?

Well, basically it is supposed to be the People's Party and represent the will of the people (aren't all Political Parties made up out of people, and stand for, by, of, behind, and in front of the people? It Is supposed to represent Americanism — to go back to the good old times, and plethora of old time goodies, including stick candy with red, white and blue stripes on It.

Let us go back a little into the history of the Populist Party.

The Populist Party was founded as an agrarian political party in February, 1892, in St. Louis, MO. It represented in general three groups:

(a)Western farmers

(b) Southern farmers who through the Farmers Alliance had sought to, but failed, to capture the Democratic Party, and

(c) Representatives of several labor and reform groups. At their first convention on July 4, 1892, in Omaha. they adopted a platform of the graduated income tax (we have it now, do we ever!), direct election of U.S. Senators (we have that now also), free coinage of gold and silver in a ratio of 16 to 1, and other reforms relating to land, currency and transportation.

By 1896 the party was captured by William Jennings Bryan and it soon committed suicide, hobbling along until 1908, when it became defunct. A revival of the same party today is as archaic as trying to revive the Odinist gods, or the Klan of the 1800s or the Nazi Party of the 1930's. They do not fit the massive job at hand. They do not address the overwhelming issue staring us in the face — the racial issue. They only fiddle around the fringes, but never come to grips with the nitty gritty — Christianity, the Jews, the explosion of the mud races.

Besides the obviously blatant inadequacy of the Populist Party and its platform to do the massive job that needs to be done, it has inherent in it that basic weakness characteristic of all democracies — it is based on mob psychology. History has taught us — or should have by now — that no great heroic thought or act ever emerges from the mob. On the contrary, only the lowest, basest demands come out of any mob. It always sinks to the lowest denominator, namely — how can I get a free ride at the public trough. As Hitler has pointed out — all great ideas emerge out of the minds of great individual personalities - great leaders.

The Populist Party runs exactly counter to the Leadership Principle and instead seeks to cater to the wishes of the mob for its direction. Since the mob, collectively, never really knows what it wants and at best has a multi-polyglot mind that is usually confused beyond belief, you can be sure the Jews will quickly take control. If they didn't instigate the whole scam In the first place.

I predict that the Populist Party will go the way of its earlier counterpart around the turn of the century, and as did George Wallace's American Independent Party, namely, belly up.

So what is the Populist Party trying to save? Well, presumably the country, for the people. But which of the polyglot mess of people that inhabit this country, they don't say. Basically, the Populist Party is only the Spotlight, and the Spotlight is Willis Carto. So what is Willis Carto trying to save? Well, looking at his record and that of the Spotlight, it seems to me that Willis Carto is trying to save his own hubris and his own little empire at any cost — for Willis Carto.

The Spotlight is riding a tricky little tightrope and has tried to play both aides, whichever pays best, and sells the most hooks and papers. Willis Carto has written a glowing endorsement as the FOREWORD to Nietzche's "Anti-Christ" which his publishing house, Noontide Press, puts out. At the same time he will publish equally glowing reports about what a great Christian is the movie actor, Ty Harden, and isn't it wonderful, when a fairly innocuous article about the Odinists and the Creativity movement brought down the wrath of the Christians on his neck with numerous cancellations, he again hastily retreated to publishing long installments by Christian pastors about the wonderful complexities of Christianity.

He admitted frankly that the Christians are the mainstay of his paper and he cannot afford to offend them, no matter how deluded they may be. Is Carto going to help save the White Race? For years I thought he might. He claims to print what the "controlled press" is afraid to print and will suppress. But when it comes to Jews directly, or the Christian hoax, he evidently is as cowardly as the rest of them, and if he "must" cater to the Christians, then, The Spotlight is as controlled as is the Jewish press. They never attack the Jews as such, but fritter around the edges with such terms as the Dual Loyalists, the Zionists, and other silly terms.

Can we look to the Populist Party and Willis Carto for guidance? I don't think so. After being snookered by experts, I am beginning to have an intuitive sixth sense about such people, and my sixth sense tells me that The Spotlight and Willis Carto will go the way of William Buckley and his National Review, Robert Welch and his Birch Society, George Wallace and the American Independent Party. (Since I was chairman of the American Independent Party for Florida in its heyday I believe I am speaking from experience about that betrayal)

That route is to raise the hopes of the victims, to take the people's money, sell them down the river, thoroughly neutralize them, and continue to play ball with the Jews. Business as usual. In the meantime a lot of good White people will pour a lot of their time, money and energy down the rathole, emerge sadder but wiser, and probably be permanently neutralized. We Creators want no part of it. Personally I learned my lesson from the Wallace fracas. Never again.


There is one other group, minor in impact, that are ideologically on our side, but do little to further our movement. These are the armchair strategists, the intellectuals, who write all kinds of erudite books, booklets and articles, but really do little if anything to help the cause.

I will take only one case in point because this fine old gentleman, who is now in his 90's, illustrates what many others do less brilliantly than he has.

William Gayley Simpson, over a period of forty years wrote the material for his masterpiece: "Which Way Western Man?" I read the book several years ago and think it is great, but also have several criticisms regarding its content, such as the long drawn out dissertation about his infatuation with Christianity and his gradual disillusionment. Also I believe the obsession with Nietzche is far longer than serves any purpose.

Nevertheless, and be that as it may, my main point is this: After the wealth of information he brilliantly displays about the Jews, money, the White Race, and other vital subjects that concern the survival of the White Race, he comes to the dour conclusion that there really isn't much hope that we will be able to pull out of our dilemma before it's too late, and anyway he knows of no solution. He admits he has no answer.

The book ends just the way the title begins, saying namely, I don't have the answer, only the question. This kind of approach always aggravates the hell out of me. If you are an expert and you give me a long drawn out diagnosis, but have no solution, why did you waste a lot of my time telling me (again) about the problem? (Read again "The Flat Tire Syndrome" in Racial Loyalty Issue No. 1 of Expanding Creativity).

We Creators are not interested in hearing a rehash of the problem for the hundredth time no matter how intellectual, how cleverly it might be rephrased. Nor are we Interested In witnessing a brilliant display of some writer's intricate knowledge of past details, if in all of this there is no answer toward solving the problem that overwhelms all other issues, and that is — the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

In one way such intellectual armchair strategists do a great deal of harm, other than taking the White Man's money and wasting his time in rehashing the same old problem, and that damage is this: The average yokel, who does not consider himself an expert by any means, upon reading such "expert" analysis, to greatly depressed and discouraged. He comes to the logical conclusion that If such a knowledgeable expert has no answer, has no solution, and thinks there is no hope, how can he be expected to know what to do? He concludes that it is hopeless and throws in the towel.


There are, of course, thousands of other groups that I have not mentioned that are organized to save something. There is the Greenpeace group that are fanatically and actively out to save baby seals. There is the Audubon Society that has tens of thousands of members that are concerned about the environment in general and birds to particular. There are even more specialized groups that are spending real money and energy trying to save the remaining 50 Whooping Cranes. There is the NAACP and dozens of similar organizations that are trying to save niggers.

The list is endless. The bottom line on mostly all of them, in one way or another, is—it is the White Man's time and money that goes into practically all these endeavors. This spans the entire spectrum, all the way from saving ephemeral "souls" to saving Whooping Cranes. We say this: The birds are for the birds, the niggers are for the niggers, the Jews are for the Jews, and are they ever! What about the White Race?

Who is for them?

The question that screams to high heaven is that if the White Man can become so involved and concerned about saving every meaningless trifle on the face of the earth, why is he so lethargic, dead on his feet, yes, even ashamed, to save the most precious value on the face of the earth that is dying out (actually being murdered), namely the White Race itself?

Doesn't the White Race know about the Jew? He should. Henry Ford spelled out the Jewish problem back in 1921-22 when he published the "International Jew". He was not the first and by no means the last. But that was 60 some years ago — spanning three generations — and writers about the Jewish problem have repeatedly been doing just that — endlessly rehashing the problem, but never spelling out a meaningful solution. I ask all these intellectuals (and I am not now referring to Mr. Wm. G. Simpson), how long do you want to keep rehashing the problem without a solution to the problem? How long do you want to pontificate without doing something meaningful to solve the problem? Three generations? Five? Until the problem has liquidated itself with the extinction of Nature's Finest?

There is an overwhelming answer to the problem and the Church Of The Creator has it. We have spelled out the solution loud and clear, One of the biggest roadblocks to the intellectuals in helping to put into action a meaningful solution that already exists is the hubris of these intellectual experts in themselves. They are extremely obtuse and intransigent in accepting what is obvious : Implementing a White racial religion. Yes, hubris. They didn't think of it first, therefore, ignore It, torpedo it, even If it means the death of the White Race Itself.

History speaks loud and clear, especially the history of the Jews, and the message is this: The White Race needs, the White Race must have a racial religion of its own, and the most massive roadblock standing in the way of Jewish Christianity. It is there. It was placed there to obstruct, confuse and fragment the mind of the White race so that it could never realize its own great potential.

It is therefore obvious we must dump this Jewish mind-scrambler and replace it with Creativity — a comprehensive, meaningful, racial religion of our own.

After we have reviewed a number of flimsy and trifling causes the White Man has been chasing and on which he has been wasting his time, money and energy, we pose the rhetorical question: What is the Church of the Creator trying to save?

The answer Is loud, clear and unequivocal. We are striving for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

In so saying, I am only too welt aware that enemies of our Church and of the White Race are going to drag out their well-rehearsed bag of tricks to destroy us. Especially I expect them to dump on us the old Jewish and Christian ploy of ACCUSE THE ACCUSER, and accuse me of a hubris of my own.

To them I say this: you can dredge up all the slanderous names in your lexicon and do so twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week — it will not deter our movement one bit, Yes, we are determined to see it through — whatever it takes. Yes, we are proud of our religion, the first real racial religion the White Race has ever had. And yes, we are mighty proud to be White, and we have the most valid reasons in the world for all the above as to why we should.

But personal hubris, if any, on my part is a minor item in the whole determination. I am not a public person. I have no desire to be In the limelight, and I don't care about publicity. The fact is, I am a loner and enjoy my privacy. I would just as soon some dynamic young promoter half my age took over the leadership, the publicity, the glory, if any, and the awesome burden. I have said so publicly and repeatedly. (See the "Search for the Great Promoter" in Issue No. 10 of Expanding Creativity on P. 165). And as soon as we find him that is what will be done.

(Fortunately, we are already in contact with some encouraging prospects).

Be that as it may, slander or no slander, I am determined that the Creativity movement will go on and expound until it embraces all of the White world. We are going to see to it that it does, whatever it takes, whatever the costs. I am doing it not because of any hubris on my part, but because the ramifications of the success or failure of the movement are awesome, and the job has to be done.

Never in history has a more real, more meaningful, more important, more portentous cause been set forth than that to which we the Church of the Creator have committed our lives, our liberty, our honor and our fortunes. In so doing, I must remind every White Racial Comrade, not only our own lives and fortunes are at stake, but those of our children, our grandchildren and hundreds, yes, thousands of future generations of the White Race yet unborn.

The stakes are high, and we have the answer. Yes, you're damn right, we have the answer, hubris or no hubris. Never in the history of the White Race has a full-blown racial (or any other kind of) religion appeared on the scene that is as complete, as comprehensive, that has the solutions to practically every major problem that today confronts an angry, seething world in utter chaos. We have the complete framework of solutions to the racial problems, the economic problems, the health problems, the farm problems, the educational problems, the religious problems, the environmental problems — all of them are inherent in our creed. We have the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED. Whatever bits and pieces need to be supplemented within that framework are minor, but the program itself encompasses all aspects of life on this planet earth — our only home now and forever.

If CREATIVITY succeeds - and it will - it will be a universal blessing not only for the White Race but for that whole entity we now call humanity.

If we fail, this Planet Earth will become a living hell for all "humanity", if we can then still call it that.

So we ask all good White Racial Comrades to join with us. After three generations of fiddling, it is time we quit rehashing the problem and get to work implementing the solution. We say to the Intellectuals, to the pseudo-experts, quit spinning your wheels and wet nursing your little hubris. You can stop searching. Save the White Race. The answer is staring you in the face. There is a hell of a lot more than your individual little hubris at stake. Our own great race — Nature's Finest — is now on the chopping block and we need action, not endless pontification.

So join with us. Build your own Church Of The Creator organization in your area, but let's get our act together, Remember — the bottom line as to whether or not we save our own race is this: How much do you really care? Only you can answer that question.

Unfortunately, at this time the average White Man's mind is too cluttered with superficial trash to be able to grasp the full ramifications and magnitude of the idea we Creators are expounding. But we will get to them all, sooner or later.

ZEALOUSNESS in the promotion of the White Race is no vice; APATHY in its defense is no virtue.

A logical mind is in close touch with reality. Insanity is characterized by living in a world of fantasy,

There are no two issues so wide apart a politician can't straddle them.

Once we get the Jews, muds and other parasites off our backs, every White Man can live like a king and every White Woman like a queen.
Help build a mighty White Racial Movement. Help build CREATIVITY.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

                                   Article taken from.... RACIAL LOYALITY # 15
                                                             Aug 11AC (1984)