Monday, 17 March 2014

Southern Ontario Skinheads Kingston Ont. March 15th 2014

As I walked into the brisk Kingston air to participate in an awareness event pertaining to the survival of the White European race, I gazed past the monument to which we congregated and noticed an icy lake with a distant sun rise. I don't see myself as an overly metaphoric man, but in retrospect I couldn't help but see the significance.

Our race is in a state of peril and engulfed in a seemingly endless maze of hardship and struggle. As a Creator I see many parallels between Nature and the everyday bustle we call society; though we try so hard to pervert her values, none being more grave than the destruction of natures greatest feat, the White race and the creativity, culture, science technology and art that derived from it.


But today wasn't just about stone structures, no it was about the literature being handed out by a dozen dedicated White Nationalists predominately comprised of Southern Ontario Skinhead (SOS) members. Though not TCM members its impossible to ignore the heart in many of these men, many under 30. The street hardened patriots marched through the entire down town core handing out literature and voicing support for the White race as only a Skinhead can so unpromisingly do.


This event was sponsored by SOS Kingston division, its newest branch, me and fellow Creators felt nothing but brotherhood and comradery from our comrades in the SOS (even after the local police dept disrupted our path but were unsuccessful in stamping on our spirits). As the beer flowed and our experiences shared in discussion one must see the glimpse of light and hope for our races eternal survival just like the light that beamed down on that celtic cross monument.





  2. With all due respect Mr.Beattie, the SOS did not infringe on anyone else's "march". There was no planed event in Kingston by a Kyle Hunt endorsed group or any group for that matter. Second, SOS did not label this event as the "White man march" or claim to be a part of it, read the headline of the article it just states the date, the white man march was not mentioned in the article.This was a recruitment and literature drop and to welcome the new Kingston chapter. PS... Where you not the leader of the Canadian NAZI Party?

  3. My first youtube Feb.2013 exposes how the now dead Canadian jew congress surrounded me with agents . There never was a Canadian Nazi party. Just the CBC Toronto Star and news media in conjunction with the Canadian jew congress . THEY were the Nazi party headlines to scare the public into a Hate Law. I had a beer problem and not a clue I was being used like an idiot. Hopefully others can learn from my bad lesson.. The good outcome is that the Jerusalem Post exposed the truth of it all about three years ago: result expose when other jews found out that their own tribe CREATED the nutzi party: the Canadian jewish congress had to fold and quit ! Why else did the cjc die ? I killed the cjc and proud of it !! The Nazi party was pure figmentation of national headlines.


  4. David Lawson

    I feel bad that he is trying to be political but I think most have tried that for the last 30 years of this multicultural propaganda war against us I would say it the opposite if your not willing to fight for what you believe in you'll find your enemies will.We don't need any more cop out types we need two types people with money and people willing to fight the war. If we go around acting like Gentleman all the time thats all we are going to get thats why this old man failed ^Look at david duke tell me he isn't taking money from Muslims now stomp and couple jews and the funds starting rolling in for him lol.

    Max Heinz
    Does anyone really care what this old man has to say? What authority is he to tell us anything, but I will say this, I like how he sucks and blows pertaining to skinheads. On one hand he throws under the bus with the other he tries to position us to protect his ilk.

    Frederick Fromm
    I wish Beattie would follow the New Orleans Protocol -- no enemy on the right. If you have differences with another patriot, speak to him, not the public. If you feel his tactics are wrong and you have a better idea, by all means implement your idea. Don't waste time trashing his approach. Show the world your stuff. You may be right. White Man March was an example of leaderless resistance. It was a franchise. Any WN anywhere in the world was encourage to participate and organize an event. To my knowledge, two were organized in Canada -- one by myself in the Okanagan and one by the Southern Ontario Skins in Kingston, Ontario. Beattie was at neither event and really shouldn't comment. Instead of preaching at the lads who DID something, perhaps he could have shown us all how it's done by organizing something in Minden. If I have issues with the Kingston event, I'll talk to the organizers privately, not make it a public drama to give aid and comfort to the thought police of the brain dead anti-Whites, who called themselves "anti-racists."

  5. The British Peoples League heavily promoted the 15th on several youtubes prior to the Day.

  6. The "New Orleans Protocol" was set up as a security shield, to cover up corruption amongst many of its major promoters.

  7. David Lawson

    Can't say I Know much about the NOP protocol but I agree that is important belittling our brothers and sisters to the public isn't going to help our cause that is for sure my ears always remain open to all our people on the right I just think instead of trying to win over the average east end worker as he calls it we need to win over the people who are serious and want to know there contributions will mean something!!

  8. Max hynes is a rat goof who got boot partied out of B&H it's even a news article on it and SOS are a bunch of wiggers who sell drugs there not people that the CMT should associate themselves with.

    1. Wrong. It was proven who the rat was and it was not Max. "Boot partied" Wrong again, Max was set up and attacked in an incredibly cowardly fashion by a couple of cowards, hardly a "party" I somehow doubt your sincerity when it comes to the welfare of CMT.