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Interview with Craig Cobb

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your past and present forms of activism, your origins and life in general?

I was born the oldest in my family 1951; father a land developer and architect; mother an elementary school teacher. I am descended from German, English, Irish, and Scottish forbears. My 5th great grandfather Henry S. Cobb came to Plymouth from Kent England in 1632 on the ship Anne. My third great uncle was Howell Cobb who was president of the Montgomery Convention in 1861--so, it could be said, one of the founders of the Confederacy. At about 11 and 12 I began to often read newspapers, many magazines (the large photographic mags Look and Life), and specialty publications too. At 13, science fiction fascinated me. This was of course pre-internet.. I think a bit hard for the young to even imagine. George Lincoln Rockwell was often carried by the Associated Press--frequently in front page stories. In 1964 and 1965 when I was 12-14, there were major and violent racial riots.
So these events had a big impact on me. I recall looking for many hours at photos of Rudolf Hess in Spandau. It did not make sense to me. No adult gave me satisfactory (to me) answers as to why one old
and frail man was being held in a huge prison when he had merely been in war as had millions through the ages. One time, too, at about age 11, in coming home from a large influential Methodist church we attended very infrequently, they had played what I am sure was Bach. No one could explain to me what that was. And I asked my mother why people used to live to more than 600 years and now we go away so soon. (Reference: http://bit.ly/ZV4T9R) I was worried that my loved ones would leave too soon. She just said "shssss" and finally I offered that maybe we had been not good enough for God and so he did this to us. I wanted my Mom to feel OK about the problem. The usual nonsense we are inculcated with by our controllers, but I think I was even then more edgy and unconvinced than almost all.

You are well known, among other things, as a founder of Podblanc, a pro-white version of youtube. You also had a lot of troubles because of it, even incarcerated for a while, and the site has been shut down. As of recently Podblanc is up again, what are you plans for it?

 Now androids and iOS constitute Web 3.0 I believe approx 60% of web hits for all sites are mobiles. That seems high to me, though it's a tech stat i recently read. Reading tech sites gives me pleasure. I have PhoneGap, a program to make mobile apps and I am trying to learn Javascript.

Agis (of Goyfire, with Alex Linder) and I had originally hoped that with phone cameras in early 2007, when we got online, that, for example, the Whites in Paris would film niggers and Muslims rioting or beating Whites and upload those. We had hoped for breaking news vids from all major European and US capitols. It didn't quite work out like that, though we got online just 2 years after You Tube and had Tom Metzger and myself broadcasting live (not via recordings only). The Economist mag covered Podblanc.com too. Agis used to say that, because of our ability to drop breaking news story vids into the top 10 or 20 of Google within minutes, we are read by the top 1% of government, lawmakers, money, military--the leaders of society. This was/is true. Google assigns an unusually high algorithm to video sites.

As I've already mentioned you had a great deal of trouble with authorities because of Podblanc in last few years, and before that you were also harassed because of Matt Hale's case. Despite all that, you are still here. What can you tell us about those experiences, especially because you had to move frequently because of it.

Alex Linder has one of the most succinct quotes about what we all do: "Things are so bad, that in some countries they don't even put you in jail for criticizing Jews!" He also says something like what we do takes only a modicum of intelligence and the willingness to openly address reality. It's dismaying more do not. To tell you exactly, even from a young age, I was frightened by so many Christians pretending that what they said was true...to know that so many who were around me as a child, in control of my fate--it is like scary-faced zombies, which is what the Jesus who never existed was, lol--a Michael Jackson-like Thriller zombie! Jewish tall tales controlled masses then, even as Hollywood, a Global counterfeit Rothschild money system and religious/corporate fraud does now.

In Finland asylum, the niggers--they love the black equatorial niggers the most--many get to stay in Finland. One time pretty girls came and played board games  with asylum seekers. One girl was playing stack blocks till they fall game with a burr-headed nigger. Then she said goodbye. So she came back to him after parting a few feet and hugged his head to her breast as he sat in a chair and she stood saying goodbye in girly baby talk like the jigabunny was a darling little White baby! I said to the Belarus guys with me seeking asylum: "Where's our hug and cootchy-coo goodbye!?" They all laughed and got the joke.
The Finland cops who took me on the ferry to Tallinn looked ominously at each other when they saw my paperwork. "What's wrong?", I asked. "It says here you can't come back to EU Europe for ten years." "Yes, so?", said I. "We have never seen that before for something like this. We only see that for murderers or bank robbers and rapists." Then later we all became friends and they told me stories how groids start fistfights with them on the airplanes right before they land in Africa on escorted deportations. Good stuff.

The Helsinki commandant of jail asked me if I knew why I was there after the surfer-looking cop and man and woman picked me from asylum hotel. I said "probably internet" and he shook my hand and welcomed me to his big city jail! lol In Estonia, when I was in the basement for a couple of weeks, the 6'5" giant guard Sven would open the huge steel door and make a bow, saying in a cheery voice "Good morning Dr Lector! Did you sleep well, Sir?" (From the Hannibal the Cannibal movie series) Ha ha--he was a racist and making fun of the whole EU Jew-controlled system that landed me there. He was a Podblanc fan too. He used to say in his British-English high-toned accent (talking about the Podblanc Angry Aryans song he'd hit) "Nigger Loving Whore! Very good song!" ...as he made an uplifted fist next to his chest and a twinkly smile!

I walked 60 miles over the Rocky mountains at 4,000 feet from British Columbia, Canada into Montana, USA to escape the RCMP federal warrant. The Von Trapp family hike in reverse, I like to call it. But in 2010 most of the winter, I had to live in a dugout hole in the ground in the Montana forest with pine boughs on floor and walls and longs and tarp and boughs on the roof. That was a harder time, but I proved to myself I could do it.

You were involved with WCOTC at the time when Matt Hale was arrested and when all hell broke loose. How do you view those times now after all these years, do you think the outcome of it all could have been different?

I had only been in WCOTC about 7 months when Matt was arrested. Though I am quite a bit older than he, I felt it wasn't my place to say too much about his strident bother about the Lefkow copyright case. You could tell, by his writings in our newsletter, The Struggle, that PM Hale was not pleased with WCOTC being manipulated by the system. I wish in hindsight that I had tried more in emails we exchanged to talk to him as an older man, to urge him to not give them any opening to take him down. But I tried to be too respectful. It was wrong choice. Never again I will make mistake like that. The Christian church which sued was a front for Jews. In prior cases, entities which had had a logo for that many years were allowed to keep it, even without legal registration.

I think I first saw Matt on US talk shows--usually with large female audiences as were popular in the 70's and 80's...gosh, I bet he wasn't much older than 17 or maybe even 16 the first time I saw him. He was young. I was impressed and glad he was saying those things even then. There should have been more news on him in a fair society. He probably mentioned reading Mein Kampf at 11 or 12--this resonated, as I read that and other works at 12 or 13. Matt of course is a graduated lawyer and plays violin. I knew blonde April Patterson (don't confuse with Gaede)--she was his acting secretary/assistant for a
few months. She was there with Jeff Schoep when Matt was arrested. She said he is very focused on the tasks at hand--and might be perceived by most as not particularly social and this I can understand well. I was and still am very proud to have joined the church. Before that we had members in 49 states and I think almost 20 countries. I was the only member in the last state, lol.

About things being different: they will try and take down charismatic leaders. That is always as it has been in human history. We have been fighting Jews for more than 2,000 years and things will go on a long, long time. So resolve to stay the course and pass on your valuable knowledge and energy for the war to your decedents--both those you know and those you never will. You get eternal life through your and their DNA continuum.

I like to think that if the USA break up as the USSR did that Matt has a good chance to be freed in such scenario.

You have been working a lot on video activism recent years. Do you think that we should focus more on it, considering that majority of new generations simply don't like to read books much?

Videos are like dreams. Mechanical replications of dreams you see in your brain at night. Dreams are of course not caused by "God" as the women and controllers would have us believe, but by psychotropic chemicals within the human brain and gland released during sleep. So all humans are "psychedelic trippers". Anyway, videos are visual approximations of those psychedelic trips, in the sense of their basic quality or frame of reference. If moving holograms become the norm--if an entire Roman Colosseum spectacle can be made with "robotic light images"--that will be a new frontier. By then, surely we will have long been using the best aspects of gene engineering, and I doubt folks will be shopping for morbidly obese Hottentot DNA either, ha! Till then, videos affect the limbic brain which is reptilian...there is a "wait and see" aspect to absorbing a vid's info. Even though it is the method Jews used to great extent to bring us to this reduced level via Jewellyhood movies and TV. We have to control TV. At least have a satellite and some TV reach. Yes, vids are good--very useful still for a long, long time. I have a lot of admiration for European nationalist parties--Golden Dawn (who used to donate regularly when Podblanc was based in Estonia) to the Belgium, Hungarian, French, UK--so many of them! We don't have those in the US. We need orbs. Europeans are generally more humanly-relational and serious in this aspect of organization. We need full blown moviemakers too.

You traveled a lot, had the opportunity to meet people from many white countries, you even lived in Europe for a few years if I am correct. What are the differences between nationalists in US and Europe, from what you could see?

Europeans are not anti-information or anti-intellectual as Americans vastly tend to be. Sure, major exceptions in either case. People probably smile and laugh easier here--at least till the fall of 2008, he he. I do think it is important that we all, no matter where we spend our lives or have the most of our ancestors, understand that we are a large common extended family of DNA; that we are truly the Precious minority on
The Teeming Dark Planet, vastly outnumbered and destined to fall more soon numerically before we reverse that trend. Non-Whites will become--are now--extremely aggressive in trying to hasten our plight.

You are also known as a Creator, when did you first got in touch with works of Ben Klassen, and how did you decide that ''it is the right way''?

Back to newspapers, the early-mid 70's. Ben Klassen got some coverage way back then and that's how one, to great degree, got info data then--via the newspapers. I'd been a campaign worker for George Wallace in 1968. I gave speeches at my high school. The remnant of Youth for Wallace became Dr William L Pierce's mailing list. Alex Linder states that negroes are nature's biological walking early warning systems--they look bad, they sound bad and loud and they often smell--sensory overload to warn you (and especially White females) away. So I think I noticed this from a young age--the result of IQ and a natural tendency to speak frankly without much social polish or soothing veneer. That was my way; still is.

You have been rather vocal in criticizing current US president, Obama, I also remember an anecdote that you met Obama when you were young and he said he wasn't born in US.... Anyway, many people in pro-white community were saying back then when Obama was elected in his first term, that it could even be a good thing, that it would help white Americans to awake from their dream, especially considering all the changes in health care, taxation, gun control.... Do you think that ordinary white people are starting to wake up because of it? Situation before Obama and now, what do you see?

Yes I did drive Obama in my taxi about 1981. I am now 61; 9 years older than he. I was 29 I think (my birthday is in Oct.) when I drove him. I was a world traveller then and he enjoyed our conversation. We talked about a half hour at 1617 South Beretania, the high-rise where his White bank VP grandma and he lived. Just "taxi passenger to driver"--such incidents are common in the trade. I will tell you the mnemonic tricks which branded my brain with the event:

1. He was with 2 local men on Kuhio Ave, when he himself hailed me--I believe at Seaside and Kuhio, quite near by far the largest homosexual bar in Honolulu called "Hamburger Mary's" Reference his "gay" life in Chicago years later with Jew Rahm Emanuel, a trained and graduated tiny ballet dancer http://bit.ly/QN1whb).

2. We had to exit Waikiki via McCully bridge and drive through the bungalows and apt. buildings with many one way streets. I was always careful not to make mistake and accidentally run up meters on my customers and I'd only been a cabbie there a just over 2 years. so I asked him to show me the best turns, which he did.

3. His name was "Barry". A black man with a common Jewish first name and he is that verbally adept? I remember thinking that even though he is basketball tall (scholarship?) he was not an ordinary black--I thought maybe his dad was a Jewish lawyer in town.

4. We both went to private school--he to Punahou just a couple or three blocks over the H1 freeway; me to a boarding school in Boston MA. When you are young, as we were, you think that is a big deal and that you are a "blue blood aristocrat".

5. Hawaii is a very corrupt place where Communism/Socialism was big with young Japanese at one time--they started (revived) the Democratic party there, basically. There was much corruption in getting a permit to just drive taxi. They would tell you you failed the verbal when you nailed it perfectly. I imagine there were not more than 30 or 60 Whites out of maybe 650 or so in those days.

So I asked Barry about this. I said, "they seem very racist to me". He responded "Of course they are". He was the first local who had ever openly admitted this to me and it felt quite liberating to hear it. So this was the subject of much of our talk.

 6. I clearly remember saying, basically: "Well, you kamaaina (note: Hawaiian word means "born in Hawaii"), so it's easy for you to understand all these subtle nuances of culture; I don't think I ever will". Here he corrected me with very proper English, saying "No no! As I told you before" (he meant a few minutes before in our conversation) "...I wasn't born here, i came here as a baby!" "Oh that's right, you did say that, but you know what I mean--you have been here mostly all of your life which has conscious memory".

So there are people in National Security Agency and other high governmental people who know the truth. America is at a terribly correct phase in its (I hope) soon fall.

Do you prefer the idea of white migrations to areas that are still dominantly white, or do you think we should ''stand our ground'' where we live whatever it takes?

Serbia just lost 1/4 of their land. Some Kosovars are maybe White though I think the majority are Albanian non-Whites. We often call California "Calikosovo". In this country, I can't imagine-NYC, Miami, L.A., Philadelphia, Memphis--even Atlanta and Chicago ever again being majority White. Let them live amongst themselves in their shit governmental and DNA-mess systems if they think those systems are so wonderful. We have to get away from them and separate into small, strong, united White nations. We will blend out--as the Western Satraps, the Kushei, Tocharians, Scythian, Kushans etc if we do not. If we do not separate and do so willfully with high consciousness of why and what we are doing, then we cannot succeed. So we must. Sure, some of them will try to follow us into our orderliness, our White places. They may not any longer. This is goal.

What is your point of view about Islam and Christianity? Also, why do you think Jews attack Christianity, if we are presuming that Jews invented it in the first place, as Creativity teaches us? Is it maybe because they attack Christians, and not Christianity itself?

I look on the triumvirate of Judaism, Christianity and Islamism as all Abrahamic jewish lie variants from the same weed. Jews attack Christianity and then hold enclaves singing hosannas about the common weed roots. In the state they are most contemptuous of their biggest supporters--evangelical Christians. Depends on whether Haredim, Hasidic or what garden variety. They do what they do to maintain control and money/psyops dominances over our governments and societies whether in North America, the EU--wherever. They certainly consider themselves far superior in all respects. Around 3/5ths of Israel are descended from Polish Jews. In Poland, in villages, Jews used to have weeks-long Talmudic debates. The winners would be sent to the most advanced schools they could gain entry to--all the Jews of the village chipped in. Then the matriculated scholar might be wed to a successful merchant's daughter (a family with proven business skills). The kings and princes of Poland came to have Jew tax collectors who had vast powers bestowed in/upon them; they'd travel with the royal leaders or alone and took up the practice of frequently picking the most beautiful of the Aryan women in a town or village to have sex with, not infrequently before her new husband in betrothals. This led to great and valid resentment and hatred from Whites in Poland. So I tell the story so that you see--this is eugenics they were practicing. Just as a farmer would with his livestock and as we must in future.

I'd just like to add that the Chinese and Koreans are not nearly as restrictive on genetic/eugenic law as anti-White Western nations. Even today, we could begin "farming" White women--they are in demand by all Whites worldwide. USA is the fattest country on Earth. It is shocking to see the "air swimming" land manatees at Walmart super centers--they are everywhere and you are the extreme minority. So the idea of literally harvesting and raising White girls to adulthood may seem repugnant or morally wrong to you. But it can be done now. It is the way out of our limitations to reproduce ourselves. We can get the best DNA from women and men. I have researched this a lot--joined these businesses in the states and talked to female geniuses with IQs above 150 who have sold their eggs many times over. You can currently hire a women to carry a child to term for as little as $12,000. The great WN genius scientist James Bowery convinced me of this; all he had to do was tell me and I "got it". I hope you do too.

For me, Creativity is like an ancient Bushido code of honor, except now, for us-- for Whites. Because there are no spooks in the sky. It is moral honor of Our Race we must uphold to impel us into future immortality via constantly replicating/improving DNA. You are the result of eons of beings who sacrificed and died and had marvelous, dangerous, tragic, heroic, lives and moments. And then were forgotten for all time. Desolated by this mystery of consciousness and existence. Lost in time except for their cells in as you! On it goes.

Work hard if you are young. Be logical. Read about great White men in history. Copy them. Pattern yourself to emulate their accomplishments. Teach those younger or less experienced than you. Be willful.

Thanks to all of you in Europe who have advanced Creativity so much and will continue to do so now that are countries are filled with White-hating, White-envying and worst of all--White-women (sex) seeking vast global majority non-Whites. They will never help us; only fight us. Where is a single of their solely funded international orgs to promote White survival or even well-being? Even one does not exist!

Craig Cobb
North Dakota, USA April 14, 2013

Interview by TCM Europe
Originally published in
IMPERIUM  The Creativity Movement online Magazine



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