Monday, 13 May 2013

Little India: The new American dream

I have spoken to many of our people about the on goings here in my town just like they tell me what is happening there. So I feel compelled to go more in depth of what I have experienced here and what is happening across the country.

I live in central Illinois, Bloomington/ Normal (or BloNo as local media has dubbed). It is a well known town to some. To most in the Racial Cause it is known to be the birthplace of George Lincoln Rockwell. It is home to two large universities such as Illinois State and Illinois Wesleyan. Side note these two universities are home to a very homosexual population. One is the largest performing arts school (ISU) and IWU is a large acting school that have produced many actors, such as the fudge packers
and jewess from the commie drivel of "will and grace". It is home to one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Mitsubishi. When Mitsubishi moved here in the late 80's many of their "country men" came with. I remember the positive and negative reactions they received. Positive for the employment opportunity it brought, but negative for the Japanese immigrants that followed. The Japanese youth tried adapting to nigger culture and becoming a niggerized yakuza started fighting in the streets with other gang bangers. This did not end well. I remember having run in with the police in my youth over this.

My grandfather, William Knuth and the company he worked for, built a Soldiers memorial after they returned from serving in WW1, in the 1920's. When I was a teenager, these Jap's and niggers, in order to send messages of gang defiance and dominance, they would spray paint money buildings. One of these buildings they chose was this memorial. Wrong choice! I and many of my friends grabbed baseball bats and patrolled the park that was home to this memorial (Miller Park ). Of course the cowardice of the Jap's and Blacks would not allow confrontation with half a dozen angry white youths with baseball bats, so of course the police were called. The PD at the time were racially conscious whites they played it off as we were playing baseball as the memorial was indeed next to a baseball diamond. Course we had no ball of gloves! But they turned a blind eye and the vandalism and gang activity ceased. Shortly thereafter a major lawsuit against Mitsubishi, in regards to sexual harassment led to a major immigration of the Japanese population leaving by the thousands. To date they have stayed away and our Jap population remains under a thousand in a town of close to 150,000. A quick story before I get into the real story of a bigger much more dense and more dangerous Asian threat.

This threat is one of Indian nature. A lesser intelligent but far greater-in-numbers threat. First let me tell you, as I told you this town is home to many things, the biggest of all is State Farm insurance. One of the largest insurance conglomerates in the world. They employ close to 40,000 people in this town alone. The US, state and global HQ is located here. Until the break of the 21st century it was over 99% American worker based. It is now close to half that now. It is now dominated by Indian immigrants. State Farm and multiple companies now INSOURCE. In popular television and radio they make comical references to people calling customer service, and have to deal with Indians that barely speak English. The key component here is that they portray them in India. This is not the case. They are here and they are killing our economy!

Let me break this down. To in-source, they bring in employees legally, they apply for work visa's under an experienced or educated workers, with approval of the company they can get tax free status for the first 7 years of their residence in the U.S., meaning they do not pay taxes for their first 7 years. Now before I move into multiple other problems with this (like that isn’t enough) let me first say there is no stipulation saying they must stay on the contrary, they can work for 6 years and 11 months, leave the us for 6 months and come back on a new 7 year plan. Meaning they could live here their whole life without paying taxes as long as they vacation away for 6 months every seven years. Think the system is flawed yet? Just wait! On top of not paying taxes, according to the IRS as long as they make under $95,500 they not only are immune from taxes but get earned income credit. Meaning the government matches $.5 of every $2.00 they make and they get that back at the end of tax season. So, say an Indian migrant worker makes $40,000 dollars in a year, according to earned income credit he gets back $10,000 from the government! So we are paying them for taking our jobs! What madness is this? It was specifically called a H2B-J for whatever specific field their job covers. Unlike Mexicans who actually come here legally go under the H2A agricultural visa. Yet, surprisingly, it still gets worse.

I was a carpenter for many years & I owned a framing company and built over 150 homes in this town. I built a lot in a subdivision here in town that was bought by state farm. This sub-division had over 300 homes in it.
 When they started "insourcing" these third world parasites many of the first were given these homes and charged 1$ a month rent! Now seeing these "people" had to take a 6 month break every 7 years they passed these homes off and between others from India and vice versa. They would share houses from there as well as here. How do I know some of this? First off, I posed as a reporter (from the American Liberal Press, lol.) and asked them about their international employment opportunity. The answers I got did not shock me, they validated everything with a very chipper PC attitude. As like they were happy to destroy traditional American ideals. Also, with great personal reserve, my sister has told me more horror stories. She has worked for State Farm for 29 years and is an executive in the training department. Basically, she supervises the trainers teaching new employees. So she see's all new employees who come in before they go to whatever department after orientation. Last hiring blitz they did was a few months ago and she said out of 5,000 new employees, ALL were from India! One other story she told me is from an experience her friend had. This woman that has been there a long time as well and as she was entering the elevator, she was joined by 3 Indian men and while in the elevators they were speaking to each other in their own language. She ignored them then felt one of the men grab her behind she turned around and yelled at him, they started laughing and then the other two grabbed her. After exiting the elevator in tears she immediately went to security. They directed her to file a complaint as the assault was not on camera. She did so, a week later she is called into human resources, they commenced on scolding her telling her she needs to be more understanding as that behavior is acceptable in their country. The nerve!

This is just a prelude to the "curry invasion". As their countries population skyrockets, jobs and poverty grow scarce, they will flood here as they have been doing for the past decade. Most people do not consider them to be as much as a threat, as they do not commit crimes as blacks and Mexicans. But that also is not the case, as one of them, just a few months ago here in BloNo, was arrested for possession of 45,000 lbs of bath salts (synthetic cocaine). They just don’t act like the everyday nigger gang banger so people turn a blind eye, not realizing they are just an equal a threat. Probably worse, as their numbers are much higher. Now we as Creators know that all non-whites present problems and threaten our existence but how they able to do this?

If it wasn’t for the traitorous, liberal actions of our people, they would not be able to do these things. The enemy is all around but the biggest enemy is ourselves. We must realize that these type of issues are going to come and go, they will get worse. If we focus all our efforts on one enemy, another will rise in its wake. Like our founder said, ‘our number one goal is to straighten out the White mans thinking’. We do that all other problems will fade. That is why we must get out there and talk to OUR people. Not dance like a monkey in front of the Jewish media whining about what non-whites are doing. Or expect the Zionist Occupied Government to work in our favor in any way. We must be able to reach our people without these interferences. After 16 years in this movement, I have accomplished more in reaching people one-on-one compared to the large stage. But we must do it every day, every hour and every day we have the opportunity to do so.

In closing, you can also boycott companies such as State Farm and when you do, let them know why. If we want to send our message we must first open our mouths because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. RAHOWA!

MP Rev Logsdon
May 40AC (2013


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