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Rev Hales Mother Evelyn Hutcheson on Racist America Radio (Oct 19th 2014)

Listen to Rev Matt Hales Mother being interviewed by Brother Ken on Racist America Radio. Evelyn Hutcheson is a very well spoken Women who's love for her son is very evident. Mrs. Hutcheson has been working tirelessly to wake the world up to harsh injustice that has been imposed on her son.


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White Revolution #37/38/45/46.....Hosted by Rev Matt Hale


                                                      WHITE REVOLUTION # 45  


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The Death of Natures Finest, or the Rebirth of a New Era?.......By Ben Klassen

The Death of Nature's Finest, or the Rebirth of a New Era?

Mankind at the Crossroads

The Jews and the Christians are pushing the White race into chaos, degeneration and extinction, while the Church of the Creator is struggling to build a Whiter and Brighter World. The outcome depends on: HOW MUCH DO YOU CARE?

Let us look at the dark side of the picture first. Let us suppose the forces of evil, that unholy alliance of Jews, communists, Christians, and the mud races have their way. Let us suppose the fondest dream of all these enemies of the White Race comes true and those evil forces triumph.

Let us picture a planet in which the White race has already been slaughtered, massacred, wiped out and/or mongrelized in a scenario not unlike that which befell the island of San Domingo less than two hundred years ago. (Sec C.C. No. 30 of the WMB).

Would this be indulging in the macabre, or would this only be facing the reality of today's world — a world that has gone stark, raving mad? A cool, sober reflection of the world as it is, a world thundering into a racial cataclysm, would overwhelmingly indicate that the demise of the White Race is almost a mathematical certainty. It is a foregone conclusion unless a new power, a new force, evolves to reverse the trend.

Let us look at the facts as they are today, not as we would wishfully hope (and pray) they were. In the previous issue (No. 22) we showed how this planet earth is enmeshed in a runaway population explosion. We showed the demographics
of the future indicated the world population by the year 2000 would reach six billion, by the year 2025, eight billion; that whereas in 1950 only five urban centers of the world held more than 5 million, by the year 2025 there will be 93 such urban centers and 80 of these will be in so called "emerging" countries, i.e., mud countries.

That does not mean the other 13 will be in countries now White. According to the August 1984 issue of National Geographic Magazine, of those 13 that are in supposedly "industrialized" nations, we find only two in the United States, four in Europe. The other 7 of the 13 are in Japan, or South America, or other mud countries and continents.

But even that doesn't tell the whole story. Whereas Jew-infested New York and Los Angeles will balloon into the 10-15 and 15-20 million figure, cities like Karachi will explode into the 20-30 million category, as will Delhi, Calcutta, Shanghai, Dhaka, Jakarta, Cairo, Lagos, Sao Paulo, and last but not least, Mexico City, which will surpass 30 million in just another 15 years. For anyone who is concerned with the survival of the White race (as is the Church of the Creator) these portents are alarming, in fact, frightening.
The conclusion is obvious for anyone with an ounce of deduction: The White Race is rapidly on a downhill slide to oblivion, to extinction. The mud races are taking over the world, as the Jewish- Christian Bible so gleefully says they will: 'The meek (meaning stupid) shall inherit the earth." What the Jewish-Christian Bible does not say is the next obvious step: When the White race is no longer there to subsidize and feed these freeloaders, this crowded lot of sorry, mongrelized bastards are going to starve to death — en masse. We will see the sorriest mess of starving, rotting carcasses stinking up this planet that history has ever witnessed.

Not a beautiful picture is it? For a White baby being born today, 40 years is not that far away. What parent of today would like their child to live in such a monstrous world — where the Whites will be outnumbered 50 to I, at least. At worst (and most probably), there will not be a single White man, woman or child left alive. (Read again Creative Credo No. 30, "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo — A Forerunner for White America," in The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE).

Now let us get our thinking straight on three major issues that bear directly on the case:

A. This overwhelming catastrophe did not just happen accidentally. The Jews planned it that way.

B. Unless we, the White Race, move heaven and earth to reverse the trend, the catastrophe is certain to come about. The White Race will be wiped out, and the mud races will take over. After that, there will be mass starvation on a scale never dreamed of, or dared to be enunciated by any bleeding heart or demographer.

C. Only a ruthless, determined White racial movement emblazoned into a fanatic religious zeal can save the White Race from such a fate worse than death — mongrelization and extinction.
Let us examine each of these three facets in more detail.

First of all Issue A,
this did not happen accidentally, or over night. The Jews planned it that way. They have been planning it for centuries. (In Creative Credo No. 41 of the White Man's Bible we spell out "The Jewish Program for the Mongrelization of the White Race. ") We list 14 major points or means by which the Jews are doing just that, without the White Man so much as lifting a finger to stop this vicious parasite. Without reviewing the whole chapter, I believe it would be productive to list the 13 weapons they have used. Briefly, they are as follows:

1. Legal maneuvering - using the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Executive of our government.

2. Busing our school children.

3. Forcing the so-called "Open-housing" laws upon the White population.

4. Welfare Programs — both domestically and on a worldwide basis.

5. Taxing the productive White workers to the breaking point and subsidizing the mud races at home and abroad over the entire world.

6. Fostering the White guilt complex over the Population Explosion. Although the White Race is shrinking, the White Man seems totally unaware of this basic fact. Instead, he feels guilty about the "population explosion," of which he is no part, and seems to want to compensate in some way by having no offspring of his own. The population explosion is only among the mud races, which the White Man actually and unwittingly is subsidizing and promoting. But, stupidly the White Race seems unaware of this fact also.

7. Churches and religion. The Jew has now inveigled every religion, whether they be Catholic, Mormon, Hare Krishna, or Baptist into his unholy cause. Each and every White religion (except CREATIVITY) is now promoting race mixing between the White Race and the mud races with a vengeance. In dire contrast, the Jews (Judaism) fervently promote just the opposite among their own. They fanatically promote racial exclusion among the Jews.

8. A Vicious, outright program by the Federal Government (read Jews) of Importing Alien Mud Races. The Federal Government promotes, subsidizes and even uses strong-arm measures (such as our navy) to import Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, niggers from every African country, Pakistanis and what have you. But the biggest hemorrhage of all is from Mexico. There, all "our" government needs to do is look the
other way and millions of Mexican illegals flood across the border to darken the racial Complexion of a once White America.

9. Aggressively organizing the nigger vote. The niggers are too stupid to do it on their own, so the Jews gladly do it for them. As a result one major city after another now has a nigger (or Jew) mayor. We will soon also have a nigger president, manipulated by his Jewish sponsors in the background. All you have to do, Whitey, is nothing.

10. Racial discrimination against Whites in jobs, loans, civil service and every other category, by official government coercion.

11. Discrimination against Whites in Immigration. Whereas the niggers. Southeast Asians, Hindus and other scum are not only invited in, but almost dragged into the United States, Whites stringently have to toe the legal line and the very limited quotas. In fact, if they can find a German who was distantly associated with the Nazi Party 40 years ago, the Jews will concoct some set of trumped up charges and have him deported back to Germany. In the meantime, all Jews arc "refugees" and can enter the United States at will. Not only that, they are entitled to dual citizen- ship with Israel, a status our immigration laws strictly forbid to any other nationality.

12. Special Favoritism in appointing niggers and advancing their rank in the Courts, in Law Enforcement and in the Armed Services. The idea is to give the niggers legal and lethal arms in order to be able to hold it over the Whites, and at the same time to disarm and knock the guns out of the hands of the White Race, thus leaving us defenseless and at the mercy of the Jews and the black savages.

13. Increasing Black Crime and outright warfare (Jew organized) groups to go out and kill Whitey (especially young White Women). These racial crimes usually remain "un- solved." However, if a Jew or a nigger is killed by a White, all hell breaks loose and an army of FBI officials swarm all over the scene to bring the culprit to heel.

These, in brief resume, are the 13 points I list in Creative Credo No. 41. But the list is far from complete. There are an endless number of other effective killer methods the Jews use against the White Race. I will briefly mention a few.

14. No-win wars such as Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Lebanon and other useless, pointless, costly wars of meddling in the affairs of every nation in the world, all at the expense of the White working taxpayer and young White manhood. I can think of a dozen different ways the Vietnam war alone helped the Jews to decimate and weaken the White Race and plunge it deeper into debt. Here are a few:

(a) It killed 57,000 young Americans in the prime of their manhood, mostly White.

(b) It mentally, physically or genetically crippled another 300,000.

(c) It cost the American taxpayers at least 100 billion dollars and the pensions and other continuing expenses will be with us for generations.

(d) It greatly increased the drug addiction of hundreds of thousands.

(e) It gave the American citizen a sense of no-win frustration that will make it difficult to muster any real defensive action against any real enemy of the future.

(f) It increased crime, rebellion and a distrust of law and order that will also be with us for a long time.

15. Polluting our air, land and water. This, too, weakens and destroys White America and is fairly well covered in C. C. No. 13 and 14 of the White Man's Bible.

16. Undermining our Educational Structure. Making liberals and illiterates out of our young children and causing them to hate their own race.

17. Destroying our currency and increasing our indebtedness to the gigantic Jewish Counterfeiting Ring known as the Federal Reserve. (See C.C. No. 40 in the White Man's Bible.)

There are more effective and deceptive weapons the Jews use to weaken, decimate, mongrelize and destroy the White Race. We will stop here for now and go on to the next phase.

B. Let us now envision a future world, a world which is now overrun with niggers, mongrels and mud races, tightly enslaved by Jews, a world in which there is no longer a single living White man, woman or child. This, incidentally, is the JEWISH DREAM: to vanquish and to destroy
Nature's Finest, the Noble White Race, to humble it as they did the Romans and finally to pollute it heavily, irretrievably
with the black blood of
Africa. The Jewish vision is to finally push the face of the mongrelized bastards into the muck and mire, with the Jewish jackboot pressing down firmly on the nape of the neck of the hapless victim.
A horrible fantasy? Horrible, yes. A fantasy, no. It is a planned certainty, and from a White Man's point of view, a veritable hell to come. Do you really want your children and grandchildren to be thrown to the wolves in such a ghastly world, a nightmare that would drive even a brave man insane? How would you yourself like to live in such a world?
What would you be willing to do to reverse the trend? What would you be willing to sacrifice? What would you give? I believe any rational and honorable White parent would give almost anything, make any sacrifice not to leave such a horrible legacy of terror, hopelessness and misery to their future offspring.
C. Let us now look at the solution. There is hope, there IS a solution, if we are willing to pay the price. And the bright side of the picture is that the price is the biggest bargain you ever bought for yourself, for your race, and for your future progeny, if you get busy NOW. If you procrastinate, the price is going up rapidly. It will soon reach a point of no return.
In a nutshell, the solution is building a mighty battering ram with which to smash the Jewish monster to smithereens, once and for all. Nothing else will do. The world is now in one hell of a mess as far as the White Man is concerned and no other force can solve the multitude of problems that now engulf us. No one, that is other than the White Man himself. Aroused, informed and organized the White Race is ten times more powerful than all the Jews, niggers and mud races combined.
We have in our midst a slumbering giant, a mighty powerful force the likes of which the world has never seen before. WE ARE NOT HELPLESS. (Read again Issue No. 9 in Expanding Creativity). We have the resources. We have the technical knowledge. We have the organizational ability to a degree no other race has ever even remotely approached.
We, the White Race, at this stage of history even still have the numbers with which to do a complete job on our parasitical enemy. We have it all, but so far we have failed to organize and to use it.
For too long the White race, through its own stupidity (in the field of race and religion) and with the help of the cunning Jew, has allowed itself to be snookered into dissipating its energies, resources and creative abilities down a number of bottomless rat holes. Some of the most prominent are these:
(a) Jewish-Christianity. If we could calculate and sum up the amount of wasted resources and energies the White Man has dissipated down this particularly useless rat hole of chasing imaginary spooks the sum total would stagger the imagination. The Church of the Creator is determined to expose and put an end to this insanity.
(b) Trying to Christianize the mud races. A useless pursuit, if there ever was one.
(c) Trying to feed and "uplift" the un-uplift-able mud races of the world.
(d) Indulging in junk foods, drugs and chemicals.
(e) The White people of the United States financially subsidizing all the countries of the world.
(f) Being enslaved by a worldwide Jewish monetary counterfeiting ring, of which the Federal Reserve is the core and the nexus.
(g) Allowing itself to be inveigled in innumerable fratricidal wars of self-destruction.
There are more stupid, idiotic ways in which the White race is wasting and dissipating its vast energies, resources and strength, not to mention its precious gene pool.
But let us now look at the brighter side of the picture, the Rebirth of a new, a Whiter and Brighter World as is envisioned by the Church of the Creator. It is a beautiful world in- deed, and I hardly know where to start.
One of the best ways to start, perhaps, is by pointing to the positive letter written by one of our ministers. Rev. John Westphal, which we published on Page 4 of Racial Loyalty, Issue No. 23. Here is a young man, 21 years of age, of excellent physique, 6'3 tall, who is in charge of his own destiny. He has just gotten married and plans to raise a family of six. He has already looked into the future and realized what profound ramifications and implications the act of founding a creative White family can have on the world and the generations to come.
But he has not just looked into the future. He has taken positive action. He has joined the Church of the Creator. He has become a minister of the Church. He has generously contributed to the Church and has volunteered to take on the job of Headmaster at our School for Gifted Boys this summer. We commend you, John, and hope for a million more like you to march to our banner. A mere million would put the White Race over the top and well on the road to victory and a new rebirth.
The encouraging part of the picture is there are not only a million, but millions of John Westphals out there to rally to the ranks. It is our duty to reach them, orient them and enlist their talents and energies to the cause of the White Race. We need you to help do the job. We mean YOU, who are reading this. We mentioned the need of a powerful battering ram powerful enough to smash the Jewish menace to smithereens. History has proven the most powerful and enduring force or forces that have ever been organized have always been under the aegis of a racial religion. The Jews
have Judaism, the Arabs have Mohammedanism, and even the lowly, degenerate niggers of America have the Muslim religion, which has done wonders for them. Strangely, Nature's Finest, since the dawn of civilization, has never had a meaningful White racial religion.

It is our awesome task to now convince the doubting Thomas' that CREATIVITY has it all — The Total Program, The Final Solution and The Ultimate Creed. We repeat, it is more thoroughgoing, more complete, more logical and has more productive, constructive and creative goals than any other religion ever spawned in history.

To help convince our White Racial Comrades, especially for the benefit of those White leaders
who have nothing more to offer than DEPLORE AND LAMENT, and who themselves are floundering with some vague and fragmented concept, we are going to inaugurate a series of articles called " Comparative Religions."

In it we lay it out, piece by piece, for all the world to see and all the world to judge — the comparative merits of CREATIVITY versus Mohammedanism, Judaism, Christianity, the Mormon Religion, Christian Science, Odinism, Mooneyism, Hare Krishna and a slew of other myths and fantasies that infest and infect the minds of gullible and superstitious human beings.

Why are we doing this? Because it is vital to the survival and resurgence of the White Race. We want to lay out the facts overwhelmingly that CREATIVITY has it — has it all — compared to any movement — bar none, that even the most simplistic yokel can not help but come to a conclusion, for or against us.
The solution is shouting at us loud and clear: The White race must coalesce, unite and polarize around its own racial religion, now, or perish miserably in a chaotic world of clawing mud races manipulated by the eternal enemies of mankind — the perfidious Jew. When the White Race does what it must, it, not the mud races will inherit this great Planet Earth. It will be a beautiful, uncrowded world of perhaps no more than one billion beautiful people, making the best use of our planet without desecrating any part of it. We Creators see a world in which poverty, despair and sickness will be a thing of the past. Crime will be practically unknown and every White man, woman and child can live like a king (even better). The White Race will be in charge of its own destiny and fratricidal wars (any wars) will only be a memory. Our land, air and waters will be restored to its natural wholesomeness and cleanliness, and every White family can look forward to a bright, beautiful future, secure in the worthiness of its own race.

Only the White Race can restore this sick and degenerate world, and under the aegis of CREATIVITY we are determined that nothing but nothing will stand in our way.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator
Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 23
April 12AC (1985)