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A Planet Devoid of Mud Races....By Ben Klassen

A Cherished Goal

Today it may seem like a Dream, but the White Race has the wherewithal to convert it into Reality. Have you ever wondered what this world could be like under ideal conditions?

Well, let us imagine and speculate into a world of the future, a Planet Earth devoid of mud races, a goal that has long been cherished and is diligently being pursued by the Church of the Creator. Let us project ourselves three or four generations into the future and assume this highly desirable objective is now a task completed, and let us
take a fond look at the new Whiter and Brighter world about us.

First of all, we would find that our Planet Earth would be much less crowded. Our White Race would have burgeoned to perhaps one billion people in a few generations and then stabilized and leveled off at that point. This one billion people, however, would now be spread out over a land mass four times larger than the now crowded quarters of the White Race. Not only would we be occupying space left open by the now departed mud races in our own territories, but the White Race would be spread out over Asia, Africa, South America and other territories in which there are now none, or few White residents.

Most of the thinning out would come about in the now over- crowded metropolitan centers. The big cities would be smaller, less crowded, with much more elbow room and breathing space. The slum areas formerly infested with niggers, Puerto Ricans and other undesirables, would now have been bulldozed away, cleaned up and converted into beautiful public parks and green areas, where decent men and women could stroll about without fear of attack from the criminals, where children could romp and play in safety, and families could picnic at their leisure. The cities
would be clean, orderly and uncrowded, as they still are in some parts of Switzerland and a few other parts of the White world that have not yet been infested with black criminals.

Speaking of slums, the Jewish media have repeatedly tried to deceive us that our cities have slums because those sections of the city have become old and therefore, naturally, they become rundown. This is, of course, a blatant lie. Slums come about because of riffraff that will neglect and destroy any kind of building or environment you put them in. Notably this shiftless and irresponsible type consists of one type of
mud race or another, with the niggers leading the way. I have visited some of the most beautiful little cities in the world, like the beautiful city of Rothenburg, in Germany, or Zermatt, in Switzerland, at the foot of the Matterhorn, whose finest and most interesting buildings are more than six hundred years old. The cities are clean, interesting, well kept and inhabited by White people.

On the other hand, you can put niggers into brand new apartments, as the United States government has done innumerable times at the taxpayer's expense, and in six to twenty-four months the windows are broken, the plumbing has been ripped out, the elevators have stopped working because they have been used for urinals and garbage dumps. In short, you can take the nigger out of a slum, but you can't take the
slum out of the nigger, or to put the same idea another way, you can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.

But to resume our dream of the future. A much higher percentage of our people would now be living out in the country, either on large family sized farms, or on small plots of a few acres where they would cultivate their own garden, and perhaps have a nice little or- chard of fruit trees. Prior to World War I, my people, the Mennonites in Russia, although living in communities of perhaps one thousand, did just that. They had the best part of both worlds, a real farm perhaps a mile or so from their house and barn, and an orchard and garden plot with the house. No crowding, lots of fresh air, lots of room for the children to play.

We Creators regard trees as the most essential and important plants in our natural environment, and we regard fruit trees as the best of all. One of the first steps our ingenious and energetic White Race of the future will have tackled is the saving of our natural forests. Today we find this precious resource slowly dying in many, if not most, parts of the world. The lovely Black Forest of Germany is dying due to acid rain and atmospheric pollution, forests in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada are dying, forests in Russia are dying, forests in the Rocky Mountain regions are dying. The huge rain forests of the Amazon River region, which are regarded as one of the most important "lungs" of our atmosphere in restoring oxygen, are being wantonly destroyed and decimated at the rate of thousands of square miles a year.

All this must and will be reversed. We cannot and do not want to exist in a bleak and barren planet. This wanton deterioration must be stopped, and then reversed and let Nature do the rest in rebuilding it. Speaking of fruit trees, since the White Race of the future will also be inhabiting the tropical and subtropical areas of the world that it does not now inhabit, we will plant millions of acres of fruit trees. This will include not only the newly acquired tropical and subtropical areas but also the temperate regions. Since our population will be consuming much more fruit, our choice of fruits will also be greatly widened.

Whereas most of us are now familiar with such choice sub- tropical fruits as: bananas, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, dates, figs, papayas, mangos and others, there are numerous other tasty and nutritious fruits that we can and will grow and transport. Among these are such choice goodies as: cashew-apples, sugar-apples, star- apples, rose-apples, imbus, ambarellas, red mombins, yellow morn- bins, cherirnoyas, soursops, ilarnas, soncoyas, sweet granadillas, pur- ple granadillas, giant granadillas, capulfns, loquats, manzanillas, icacos, pineapple guavas, strawberry guavas, pitangas, feijoas, grumichamas, litchis, longans, rambutans, sopsdillas, sapotes, canistels, kakis, mangosteens, jackfruits, durians, tunas, carrissas and carambolas. Being man's most palatable and nutritious foods, their culture and expansion will be extensive and well advanced in the future environment of our race.

Along with restoring the forests of our planet, we will have gone a long way in also increasing the natural habitat of our wildlife - animals, birds and fishes. We will seriously pursue the survival and perpetuation of the wildlife species that are now still with us, and do what we can to ensure they will remain part of our heritage and environment in the future. This includes cleaning up our rivers, lakes and oceans, and protecting our whales, seals, fishes and other marine creatures for our future generations to enjoy.

The health of our people would, for several reasons, be excellent, since the overwhelming majority of our people would now be following the dietary program of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, getting plenty of fresh uncontaminated air and being much more physically active. They would, in short, be following the natural life style of Salubrious Living. There would now be little need for Temples of Doom (hospitals) or even doctors, people having discovered the toxic effect of drugs, all drugs, and shunning them as they would the plague and niggers. People in general would be more exuberant, vibrant, happy and healthy, because they were faithful in following the Laws of Nature, and a natural life style.

Our people would also be emotionally and mentally far more healthy than they are today. For one thing, being physically sound and healthy is already a psychological lift in itself. Secondly, most of the depressing burdens the White Race is saddled with today, would have been solved and eliminated. No longer would we have to worry about being mugged, robbed or shot in our homes, or in a park, or walking down a city street at night. There would be no niggers or other lecherous animals lurking about to commit crimes. White criminals, as such, would be as rare as polar bears in Florida. Law and order could and would be maintained with a minimum staff of law enforcement agencies.

Nor would our future progeny have to worry about going to hell and burn forever and a day. By now CREATIVITY would have abolished from their minds all the superstitious clutter and debris left over from our long departed Stone Age ancestors. One of the freedoms future generations will be able to enjoy is Freedom from Fear of Hell.

Not only would they no longer be harried and harassed by their preacher, perpetually threatening hellfire and damnation with his damnable Jewish Christianity, but the fortunate White progeny of the future would not have the Jewish IRS continually breathing down his or her neck, robbing them of the major part of their life's earnings. Taxes would be an insignificant minimum and the Jewish IRS would be dead and gone.

With no more internecine wars to fight, no military burdens to carry, no freeloading and shiftless mud races to support, governmental expenses would be a small, minute fraction of what they are now. Practically all expenditures would be for constructive purposes, such as building roads, bridges, harbors, parks, playgrounds, etc.

The White Race would no longer shoulder the tremendous guilt burden that the Jew has now foisted upon us, about the poor, hungry, starving niggers in Africa, or Hindus in India, or Indonesians in Indonesia, or Indians on the reservations, or Eskimos in Eskimo land. We would not have to worry about them by this time. Having had the good sense to stop feeding and subsidizing all these incompetent mud races, they would by now have withered on the vine, be dead and gone and only part of a long past nightmare. No longer would we feel guilty about their plight and incompetence, but we would by then have embraced the good sense not to feel guilty about anything, because there would not then be anything we should feel guilty about. Not even about living the good life and enjoying every minute of it.

This guilt-free feeling would further have been reinforced by the sound psychological teachings of our religion: that no one need feel guilty about following his or her good sense, the natural instincts we were born with, and living the good life. (See "The Guilt Complex and the Fairness Neurosis"- C. C. No. 61, in the White Man's Bible.)

Our people would be much more gregarious and communally minded, enjoying sports, concerts, plays, art, literature and music. Every area would have a church center within close reach, which would have recreational grounds and facilities for team sports, tennis courts, bowling alleys, swimming pools, concert halls, libraries and many of the other cherished amenities and activities that are inherently part of a White Man's brilliant culture and civilization. Our people's minds would no longer be confused and cluttered with filthy Jewish pornography, nor Jewish religious claptrap. The White Race would then indulge itself in that at which it is best - creative activities, cultural enhancement and salubrious living.

Not only would our future generations be able to express their natural creative instincts in healthy channels at home, but a far greater percentage would be able to travel. This they would do, both within the borders of their own countries, to view the parks and wonders of nature, and also abroad, throughout the then beautiful, safe and shining world, to view all the foreign wonders. Practically all of our good White Racial Comrades would be solvent, debt free and affluent. Why not travel? Properly oriented, trained and given ample opportunity, everyone could afford those things, things we now regard as luxuries for only "the rich." Travel and transportation would be amazingly efficient and safe, and relatively inexpensive. But there are further bonuses.

By that time the White Race would have adopted and learned a universal language of its own, namely a revised and streamlined Latin, the greatest of all the languages in the civilization of mankind. Any of our White Racial Comrades from any part of the world could now travel freely in New Zealand, or France, or Sweden, or Germany, the now rebuilt areas of Africa or Asia, and converse with the White natives in his or her

mother tongue - Latin. Everybody would be fluently speaking Latin, and soon Latin only. Nor would the polyglot welter of foreign currencies any longer be a problem. Instead of having to go to a Jewish bank to exchange monies every time a traveler crossed a border, the White world community would by now have established not only a common language, but also a common currency, which would be as valid in any other country as it was at home.

Furthermore, the hassle of having to pass through immigration and customs every time they crossed a border would no longer exist. Our people would be able to cross national borders (if there still were any) just as freely as they now cross state borders in the United States. Why not? No country would have the fear, or the burden of keeping out the undesirables. There would be no mud peoples or other undesirables,
only healthy, affluent, intelligent White people, free and welcome to travel the world over.

With the blood-sucking Jewish twins, namely the Federal Reserve Board and the Internal Revenue Service gone, with the free- loading mud races no longer on our back, the White people could now concentrate on producing food, clothing and shelter, as well as all the finer amenities of life for its own best interests. So productive is the White Race that once its hands are untied, every White family, and I mean every family, could now own and pay for a beautiful spacious home with adequate breathing space around it, and live like a king. There would be no drones;
there would be no unemployment; there would be no national debt; there would be no interest to pay to the Jewish counterfeiters. Everyone would be competent, everyone would be solvent, everyone would have ample time for leisure and the enjoyment of the finer things in life.

With our Eugenics program in full operation, as well as practicing the best of Salubrious Living, as in Nature, the overwhelming majority of our White Racial Comrades would be remarkably healthy, both physically and mentally. Mental hospitals, as such, would soon be a thing of the past and snake-pits of today would only be an ugly memory of bygone times. Instead of pushing technology to its utmost dangerous boundaries where it could (and can now!) destroy all mankind, the future White Race will stress not more technology, but concentrate on improving our gene pool - more intelligent people, more healthy people, more athletic people, more beautiful people.

We will not waste our time, energy and resources pursuing "outer-space", or space travel. There is nothing out there for us but more space - bleak, endless, space - billions of trillions of miles. Our habitat, our home, our living space, is here, on this Planet Earth, and will be so forevermore. To waste endless time, energy and resources flying into unlimited space is as unproductive as was Egyptian pyramid building.

We will have better use for our energies, in first, cleaning up our Planet Earth, then building productively for our own best interests - here on Planet Earth. Nor will we pursue that life destroying insanity called atomic energy. We will instead stop it cold, and clean up the immense pollution and damage that we are already engulfed in. We will find new and cleaner sources of energy, such as the development of gravitational forces. In fact, I am convinced that we already have the technology now. I believe the oil companies and other Jewish interests are suppressing and stifling the technology so it will not upset their present financial applecart, at least until such time as they can get THEIR hands on it, and again have a monopoly in energy.

Speaking of technology, we will long ago have scrapped the clumsy British foot-pound system of weight and measures. Like universal Latin, we will have adopted the much more sensible and practical Metric System. We are almost there now, except for Britain and the United States, and that impediment is there only because the Jew wishes to prolong confusion and divisiveness as long as possible. Anyway, good sense will prevail and we will have both - a universal language for our White Race, and a universal system of weights and measures that makes good sense.

We will stress and pursue new horizons in the field of the arts - literature, painting, sculpture, music and other fields of the White Man's culture. The most beautiful poems still remain to be written, the most beautiful music remains yet to be composed, the most beautiful paintings still remain to be rendered. We will encourage it profusely, genuine art, great art, not the kind of Jewish slop now being extolled and eulogized by a decadent and degenerate Jewish society.

There is more, much more, some of which I can already foresee, some benefits which now are not too evident. But in any case, it will be a much more beautiful, happy, prosperous and stable society, environment and world, than the degenerate catastrophe that now seems to be staring us in the face.
Does this sound too much like we are asking for a Utopia? Does it merely sound like an empty pipe dream? If so, think again. The foregoing is as real as the fact that time marches on, whether we like it or not. It is all within our grasp. We, the White
Race, have the wherewithal to do it. We can make our dreams come true. So why not save ourselves, why not save our future generations, and build the brave, beautiful new world we are capable of?
Lest any of our enemies and critics gather the wrong conclusions from this idyllic picture that we Creators envisage of the idealistic world of the future, let me make one thing clear - and I have spelled this out many times in my previous writings. Yes, we do envisage a Whiter and Brighter world for the future, populated only by members of Nature's Finest - the White Race. Only with more intelligent and competent people can we, or anyone else, build a better world. It cannot be done with the scum of society - the idiots, incompetents, the lazy and the shiftless; such as the
Jim Jones cult of a few years ago, gathered together and ended up in mass suicide in Guyana. I repeat, it can only be done with highly competent, intelligent people of responsibility, such as only the White Race can produce.

However, this does not mean we are going to wage bloody war- fare against the mud races, or that we have any mass designs of slaughtering them wholesale. On the contrary, we mean to exercise our religious and constitutional rights as spelled out in the First Amendment and other clauses of the Bill of Rights. We mean to build our religious organization and our membership, our churches, our influence, until we embrace most of the intelligent membership of the White Race throughout the world. We mean to inculcate RACIAL LOYALTY between our kinsmen and help each other financially, politically, legally and morally. We mean to cut the mud races adrift and let them fend for themselves. No longer, as in the past, will we feed them, educate them, subsidize them, or wet nurse them, as has "our" Jewish government of the past and present.

We will go further than that. We will boycott the Jews, both in business and in politics. We will expose their nefarious conspiracy and financial counterfeiting racket. We will drive them from power, politically, financially, spiritually and socially. We, the White Race, will grasp the power and the direction of our own destiny back into our own hands. All this we can do legally and constitutionally. We are not only entitled to do so morally, but it is our highest moral duty to do so. Both the Eternal Laws of Nature and our own good sense compel us to do so, if our race is to survive, and we mean to see to it that it does just that.

Once the White Race has control of its own good senses and its own destiny again, the mud races and its billions of incompetent freeloaders, of their own incompetence will wither on the vine and fall of their own impetus, like the autumn leaves from the trees. They will shrink and shrivel away, as did the savage Indians before the advancing White Man of our early American republic and the "Winning of the West." We will do it the American way, the legal way, the constitutional way, and not according to the suicidal "morals" of Jewish Christianity, but according to the morals of Creativity and the Eternal Laws of Nature.

What alternative do we have?

We are now at a very crucial crossroads in the evolution of our great White Race. We can toss in the towel and let the Jews and mud races take charge and mongrelize our future progeny into the filthy hell of oblivion. If you want to take a good look at what that hell is like, take a trip to India, and view the filthy, clawing, starving masses. Or if you want to take a shorter course and a shorter trip, go to Haiti and take a good
look at those miserable starving wretches. They are a prime example of integration and race-mixing. Do you want your children and grandchildren to be absorbed in such bleak filth and misery? If not, do something meaningful.

What can you do?

Plenty, and I have spelled it out repeatedly before.

Promote CREATIVITY. Distribute the Basic Bibles, become an ordained

minister of our church, organize a church group of your own. Remember, we are now at the crossroads. We need every one of our White Racial Comrades to pitch in, and that means YOU, especially YOU. Again, consider the alternative.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of The Creator

Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 30
Dec 12AC (1985)


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