Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Modern Liberalism and its dangerous metamorphasis...By Rev Logsdon

In this day and age we see the constant D.C. reality show of politics. I sat down and wrote a huge article post election results, concerning the outcome and and what is to follow. I however sat on it and now am in a different mindset. I see many positives with the election results I also see the same negatives I knew would come with it. Allot of the status quo kosher conservatism we have grown to see. The anger and hatred that fueled Trump's campaign has died down very quickly, all the while the venom from the left has only picked up speed.

I know I may be jumping the gun here as he is not in office yet, however if this is a sign to come it is not a good thing. What we have come to see from Republicans in America is allot of puffed up talk. The left accuses them of being "warmongers" and "racists". Yes they have been more quick to conflict, that has only led to a greater funding to further their side projects and end up being more of a failed international policing attempts. The latter, "racists" well those of us that are pro White and right leaning know that is not true. The constant Israeli  butt kissing has been a rather constant proof of their control. A control the left has but not as controlled as we see from the right. But I'll get into that soon enough.

No, your typical Republican conservative politician fits the deragratory label "cuckservative" to a T. I normally hate the title because it is such a vulgar thought, but yes. They are like a puffed up beta male posing as an alpha, espousing all sorts of tough talk, a few tough actions all the while someone else is banging his wife right in front of him!!! While he does nothing but piss and moan. His tough talk is his political stances that rarely result in any long lasting positive changes. All the while watching while degenerate leftists destroy everything around him he holds dear without any real actions.

For example if this were the 1800's Hillary Clinton would of been hung in a public square and any politician that failed to act on the demands of the public to do so would find himself ousted and turned into a public pariah. No, these right wing politicians are sitting back watching while this liberal social experiment bangs the crap out of America. Our ideals, our morals, our history, our pride, etc... All flushed down the toliet. There isnt much left brothers and sisters of what we know as "America" other then the sentiment in our hearts that was passed down to us through generations by our forefathers. Nothing in our policies or standpoints that resonant with the idea of what we believe it to be.

Did I support Trump? Absolutely. Still do in spirit, just waiting on some actual actions. However early on in the campaign I told people that Trump was no more then a bone to a hunrgy dog. The dog being White America obviously. They saw the anger and hatred building as their social policies rape our culture. They fear the mighty White giant may actually awaken before its dead. Like a release valve, I fear the Trump presidency may be nothing more then a sedative, to appease us and keep us docile a little longer until there is absolutly nothing we can do about it. But I guess it is us that are being forced to be the cuckold, to wait and see if something REAL will happen or if we are going to watch while politicians bang our culture a little more.

But that isnt anything new, we have accepted this mediocrity and fraud of establishment change for decades. When in reality it is the same status quo. What we have seen happen with the left is far more interesting and much more dangerous. Now many on the right and even more so in the pro White movement, has always refered to the modern left as "communist" as much of their tactics, policies and social constructs are mirror image to that of Marxism. However in America it has mutated into something far different then what is applicable Communism. It serves allot of the purposes of Zionism as well but it has even blown past their expectations and control.

Now we know, especially Creators, that the Jew treats our society, our reality as nothing more then his pet social projects. To see how he can twist, mold and manipulate everything to serve his purpose in some way. Those of us in the Pro White cause have always had the cartoon type of idea of some stereotypical big nose Jew rubbing his hands together, smiling and making some maniaical laugh. That is because we have fed ourselves too much "truth" and let our minds be overloaded with conspiracy theories. These things, as true as they may be, lead to a state of paranoia and desensitization. We naturally overcomplicate things and over think things. Instead of looking at things from a simpler stand point. As I have said in the past, that some will remember "see a cockroach, step on it". But as I want people to view things simpler, it isnt simple. The idea of some "master" plan in comparison to what is actually going on is far more easier to understand. I know I may be confusing some here, so let me clarify a few things. The Jew in is absolute genius of manipulation is entirely ignorant to its own impact. Once again going back to the whole "social experiment".

He has simply planted the idea's of these things, helped push them along and then watch as the domino effect takes hold. I know many of my Christian friends won't like this truth, but as Christianity did. They put it togther and pushed it out. The Jews sacrificed quite a bit to give us this gem. Many of them sacrificed themselves in the name of this cause in order to get it to take a foothold into Roman culture. To manipulate the mindset of the people. Here you have a war like people which were very aware of Jewish degeneracy and treated it as such. Feeding them to lions in coliseums for their entertainment! So the Jew devised a plan to change their general mentality. By using our own gullibility, imagination and paranoia against us. And gave us a turn the other cheek, pacifist ideal that praises THEM as "GODS" chosen!? Our people ran with it. Destroyed their own pagan religions, their culture, their history and replaced it with something that completly took over their thoughts and sent our people plummeting into the abyss of de-evolution for 1,000 plus years. This isnt some "theory", whether you choose to believe what your sold or not, that is a pure undebatable FACT.
As we as a people started to refocus and repurpose our priorities to progress civilization their started to pop up new "ideas" hitting our reality. The "humanities" and social justices. We started to see new forms of political policies and ideas enter our cultures. Many leading to revolutions. For years, tyranical monarchies dictated life for many but then we see the enevitable rebellion. Now I am not going to go into a whole history lesson here, so let us skip ahead. Around the birth of the 20th century we seen the birth of Communism. A pure Talmudic, Zionist philosophy. Full of "social" change and forced acceptance. It introduced forced mental and psychological change to the people. And at the same time on the other side of the world we seen the birth of capitalism. A system designed to change the hearts and minds of people through emotional manipulations. Giving false comfort and "freedoms", if you accept multicultarism as a "better" future. The Jew does not put all his eggs in one basket and as I said above it is no more then a social experiment.

But that is what we know already. Now what is this new beast of whiny, bitchy mellenials? What is their end game? Well, you and I know what it will be but I dont think they actually know, or do they. Up to this point we have seen subconcious suicidal ideals that serve no other purpose but our own destruction. This new age, what we are univerasally calling Liberalism or Progressive, has mutated into a unbelievable beast. Unlike past philosophies and ideas of subconcious emotional manipulations, they have went a big step past. In this new age, there is no thin veil, there is no hidden agenda. It is right in our face and right in their hearts. A society that openly seeks its own destruction.

They may claim ideas for a magical rainbow future of everyone holding hands, singing kumbaya and castrated White men working and paying for everything while accepting their new role in life. But even they cant get past their own genocidal ideals of destruction. This is where it crosses the boundary of marxism and zionism. The Jew, at least some, realize the death of the White man, means the death of modern civilization. Which means the end of their control. Without their historic pittbull on a leash, as we have been in so many occasions, that leaves a physical cowardice parasite to fend for itself. As non-whites spiral back into their natural state through their chaos, and as nature will take its course, the Jews social experiment ends in failure.

So where does this leave us? I know this may seem like a pessimistic view of the future however it is a reality. If we dont seperate ourselves from this and form our own secure state in the long run we will be swept up in it all. I wont sit there like some and sell you on the idea we can "take back our country". Your oaths, your ideas of what this country was, is all a glimmer of a dream WE continue to watch go down the toliet. It is beyond salvation. Take what we can now and be oppurtunistic, but never fool yourself that this is anything more then a fleeting procrastination. "Blood alone moves the wheel of time" and only through blood and great sacrifice can we regain our safety and future away from this whirlpool of death. But dont doubt for one second that that their wont be someone bleeding and sacrificing next to you.

That isnt a call for unity. We cannot stand together, we have proven this. It is in our nature to be fratricidal, but if we have the same goal, same idea, same purpose we can get there. As long as we focus on it and not each other. Start preparing. Way too many people say, "I am ready for war". That is a statement of a FOOL. And someone who clearly doesnt know what comes with it. The sacrifice isnt losing your internet or smart phones. It isnt losing the conveneince of Walmart. It isnt losing your job or even your freedom. The sacrifice is weighing losing everything you love and knowing that isnt a possibility but more of a certainty and still choosing to go forward. To deal with the pain of losing a wife, a child. The fact you may fail or the fact you may have to do things that you never thought possible. Things that will keep you from sleeping at night. Things some of us already know. That is the sacrifice and realities some dont understand. But that takes courage, the same courage these same people dont have but is in their blood and many will be forced to find.

Nietszche said "It is not a great cause which hollowith war, but a great war that hollowith every cause." As a fervent dire hard believer of the greatest religion to every grace our people, Creativity, I understand in the greater scheme of what is to come, many things will be swept up in chaos. I as a believer in Creativity have to have faith that it will see its way through. I know a Creator having faith seems like an oxymoron, someone that looks at things in black and white, cold hearted facts, but as we look into this abyss we all find our own way to see the light at the other side. But we must still face the dark, in order to get to the light.

Only then can we together win this racial holy war.

Rev Logsdon.
Nov 43AC (2016)


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