Thursday, 24 November 2016

Matt Harrigan gets a slap on the wrist...Matt Hale gets 40 years!

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected to be the next President of the United States, Matt Harrigan the CEO of a Cybersecurity firm, threatened to kill him! Harrigan posted his threats on his facebook page or some F/B group page. Some of his threats...

" I'm going to kill the president. Elect." . " Bring it Secret Service".. " Nope, getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you motherfucker I'll find you."
Screen shot of threats 
Harrigan has since apologised. “My humble apologies that a flawed joke has become public/out of context." Harrigan also resigned as the CEO of the company he worked for. He claimed to be surprised that his posts had become viral public consumption as they were only intended for his circle of friends, he was the CEO of a cybersecurity firm yet was surprised when his threats became viral?, he also played the drunk card. Harrigan was interviewed by the Secret Service and said he does not anticipate any charges. 

BREITBART......CEO Who threatened to kill Trump now blames Drunkenness 

Rev Matt Hale was convicted of soliciting an FBI informant (Tony Evola) to kill Federal Judge Joan Lefkow and was subsequently sentenced to 40 years in prison. Rev Hale was set up by the government, I will not go into the details of his abduction by the government here as most of our readers are quite aware them. For those unaware of the details.....

I will play devils advocate and say the "evidence" used to convict Rev Matt Hale was valid, all the prosecutor had was hearsay from a government informant that Hale wanted a judge killed. There was no written pronouncement of his supposed intentions. Even if he was guilty of what he was accused of the sentence was extreme. I'm sure a president elect Trumps a Judge? Harrigan posted clearly for all to see that he himself was going to kill the President elect! All he had to do was resign from his job and apologise for his inappropriate conduct .If Rev Hale were to apologise for his supposed misdeed and claim that it evolved from a drunken state, would he be afforded the same leniency given to Harrigan? The answer of course is no, the government entrapped Hale to get him to shut up, he was awakening far too many people, he needed to be silenced for the Zionist narrative(s) to remain intact. The Harrigan incident just further solidifies the fact that the unjust and harsh punishment that Rev Hale received was undeserved and contrived.

I do not want Matt Harrigan to be held to the same standard as Matt Hale, I want Matt Hale to be held to the same standard as Matt Harrigan.

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
Nov 43AC (2016)

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  1. he needs an ex-pat US attorney with extensive exp. of the US criminal justice system.....most US-based attorneys are nuthin' more than ZOG-bots..... :(