Thursday, 28 November 2013

TCM press release.... Brother Craig Cobb

I have seen many things, claims, accusations and assumptions in concern to brother Cobb. Craig was a member of the WCOTC and as succecsion had the right to re apply to TCM. As we spoke, we TCM honored his membership and from my suggestion he founded his own church. To keep independence, plus to promote localization for his own actions,this remained a part of TCM as me and him talked frequently.
 His owngoings and actions in ND have been filled with mistakes undeniably,however he remained true to the cause of racial activism despite his mistakes and poor sense of judgement when it came to affiliations. It has caused both promotional and negative imagery aspects for Creativity,but let me make one thing abundently clear TCM stands with Brother Cobb. Our loyalty doesnt shutter or falter at the words of ZOG or supposed "pro whites". We stand with him as we have stood with Rev Hale and any of our kin who are victimized by the hands of our enemies.

 Many do not know the circumstances concerning what really happened in ND. The harrassment and ZOG influence is in great abundance in everything he did. There are many factual things I can present that would shock people and change their tone, however I am restrained due to Bro Cobb's ongoing case. However the day he was arrested, that morning an american Indian woman ran into his yard an ran down his dog. When he contacted the police they simply laughed and blew him off. The same response he got from the vandalism to his house and car days before. So when him and his roomate did their daily "patrols" of town (mind you this is about 3 blocks) they did so with weapons. Something completly legal in ND. They arrested them on simple "intent" and not an actual crime.


He stands a great chance in court, however if we have learned anything from Rev Hale's case we know there is no legalalty for white racialists. But one key thing to mention here is this is not a federal case. I took a great burden off Bro Cobb on the phone when I told him the realities of this case. For those unfamiliar with the legal system let me explain. They came at you hard, like in sales, say you are negotiating, they go high you go low. Hence why they come at you so hard, so they have negotiating power. Hoping we will go with the first offer. It is nothing more then a game that they play when in reality he is only looking at anything from 1 to 10 years. If anyone doubts this I can show them case comparisons. Irregardless, we have to support him in his time of need. He was going to sign over 12 lots to our religous foundation (for safe keeping) but is offering them to the city of Leith in exchange for dropping charges. We will see if they agree or not. Either way this is no time to abandon our religous brother. We must remain viligant in our defense of him. As stated before we do not agree with all actions and if history has shown we do not bend to popular opinion. We are Creators and we stand with ours! If you want to know how to help feel free to call...
 Rev James Logsdon


Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Bill Rhyes, host of the Might is right power hour does a series of interviews with Rev Logsdon of The Creativity Movement (TCM)  These very informative interviews are linked below for your listening pleasure.

PART ONE....................

Reverend James Logsdon is the leader of The Creativity Movement (TCM). He discusses the White racial religion known as Creativity, new approaches for creative activism, disinformation/legal covert activities, Matt Hale & hard core propaganda vs wimpy soft core propaganda.

PART TWO................

Reverend James Logsdon is the leader of The Creativity Movement (TCM). He will discuss Creativity, effective activism, the environment, animal "rights", Christianity, CI, the Talmudic Jew Tim Wise & his White genocide crusade.

PART THREE...........

Reverend James Logsdon is the leader of the Creativity Movement (TCM). He will discuss Creativity, Craig Cobb's arrest and his current state of mind, the FAR project and Yertle the Turtle!   

PART FOUR...........

Rev. Logsdon is the leader of The Creativity Movement (TCM). Topics = Craig Cobb, unity/competition or a bit of both, Christianity, Karma, Matt Hale, & Creativity. CORRECTION - The  Pax Romana period did NOT involve democratic politics. Rome was ruled by emperors during that period. 

PART FIVE............

Rev Logsdon Leader of the Creativity Movement (TCM) Topics include... Activism, White separation, Non political participation , Home schooling, CI, Racial Movement unity

The Might Is Right Power Half Hour

A Natural law Nietzschean/Darwinian podcast. Topics of discussion are Nationalism, racism, interracial hate crimes, lone wolves, leaderless resistance, environmental issues, religion, feminism, history, economics, politics, healthy living, Natural Hygiene, prepping, survival training, 9/11, conspiracies, the truth movements, esotericism, logical fallacies & Independent rational thought. Interesting individuals are interviewed. Important books & articles are discussed. I read from the book "Might Is Right" often. Christ Insanity is exposed. Controversial subjects are discussed. Hypothetical situations are explored. I don't advocate for violence or any illegal activities. Hardcore, hard hitting, brutal truth podcasts. Man up/woman up & be here! Live podcast days vary though the times are usually between 11am & noon eastern time & at 11pm eastern. Tom Metzger is on Thursdays at noon eastern.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Craig Cobb Leith ND.... LINKS

As soon as the controlled media discovered that Craig Cobb had purchased many properties in Leith North Dakota (12) with the intent of creating an all White township his every move has been monitored and written about. First the SPLC and the media got him fired from his job. They then tried to claim via a rigged evaluation of a DNA test for ancestry that Brother Cobb was not 100% White. He has now been arrested on "terrorism" charges for preforming an armed patrol of his town because he felt threatened, his house was vandalized and his puppy dog was viciously run down by a car driven by one the local " terrorized" natives. Below is a list of links of the welcome Brother Cobb has received from the Town of Leith ND. Links will continue to be added as events unfold.

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Craig Cobb fears repercussions after release (Bismark Tribune)

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North Dakota town says 'No deal' for white supremacist Craig Cobb (Rapid City Journal)

White Supremacist Craig Cobb Sells Leith, ND Home( US 103.3)

North Dakota white supremacist Craig Cobb headed for deal that could avert trial(Rapid City Journal)

Tom Metzger on Craig Cobb (Minot Daily News)

Cobb's bond reduced to 100,000 (Bismark Tribune)

Dutton pleads guilty to lesser charge (The Province)

Leith, N.D., mayor says city can’t condemn white supremacist’s house (GrandForks Herrald)

Judge sets million Dollar bond for Craig Cobb (Bismarck Tribune)

Craig Cobb's Attorney allowed to withdraw from terrorizing case (Bismarck Tribune)

Ed Schafer supporting benefit for Leith ( Bismarck Tribune)

Jailed white separatist taken to state hospital ( Bismarck Tribune)

TCM Press release.... Craig Cobb (TCM Toronto) 

ND investigates Craig Cobb's complaint against attorney general ( Bismarck Tribune)

White Supremacist Refusing Food In ND Jail ( CBS Minnesota)

Neo-Nazi group considers helping North Dakota separatist (Bismarck Tribune)

No Bond for Cobb & Dutton in Terrorizing Case (KX News)
Leith residents react to court appearance ( KMOT-TV)

Wanted in Canada, white supremacist from Vancouver charged after North Dakota town ‘terrorized’ (The Province)

Craig Cobb Charged: White Supremacist Accused Of Terrorism (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

White supremacists arrested in Leith, N.D., on suspicion of terrorizing (Grand Forks Herald)

White supremacist Craig Cobb arrested ( The Telegraph)

Neo-Nazi Craig Cobb charged after small town
'terrorised' ( Sydney Herald)

White supremacist Craig Cobb arrested after 'patrolling' North Dakota town with a shotgun ( The Independent)

Craig Cobb, White Supremacist, Arrested On 3 Counts Of Terrorizing (Huffington Post)

White Supremacist Craig Cobb Arrested for Terrorizing Neighbors (Color Lines)

White Supremacist Craig Cobb Targeted With Graffiti (TPM)

Craig Cobb losing support of fellow white supremacists (Wday 6)

Non-White Liberal Science Blogger Says Craig Cobb DNA Results are a Hoax ( The Daily Stormer)

Craig Cobb: White supremacist told he is 14% African in televised DNA test (The Independent)

Creator Craig Cobb fired for his Racial activism ( TCM Toronto)

White supremacist claims North Dakota town ruins his dream ( RT)

White-only town: Man buys up land in N.D. town with 'pure evil' intentions (Examiner)

Craig Cobb's big plans ( ARC)

White supremacist taking over North Dakota town? (MSN News)

White Supremacists Making Bid to Take Over North Dakota Town ( SPLC)

New Neighbor’s Agenda: White Power Takeover ( The New York Times)

White nationalists aim to take over tiny North Dakota town (CNN)

Tiny North Dakota town braces against neo-Nazi plans for all-white community ( The Guardian)

On Our Radar – Craig Cobb – Evil Comes To Leith, North Dakota ( The New Civil rights)

Commander Schoep: National Socialist Movement to visit Craig Cobb's "neo-Nazi Town" in North Dakota ( White Resister)

White supremacist commander to host town hall meeting (The Bismark Tribune)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Self-imposed handicap.....By Ben Klassen

The idiotic impossibility of being a Jew fighter and a Christian at the same time

Have you ever seen a championship boxer trying for the world title go into the ring with one hand tied behind his back? Would Jack Dempsey voluntarily have done so? Max Schmeling? Jack Sharkey? No, not even Joe Louis, a dumb mulatto, was ever that stupid. Have you ever seen a 100 meter sprinter enter the Olympic contests voluntarily strapping a 100 pound bag of flour on his back while trying to break new world records? No, I never have, and neither have you. No sprinter is that dumb, and if he were you can be sure he would be a sorry loser.

Have you ever seen a race car driver enter the Indy 500 with a voluntary, self-imposed brake lock on his wheels?

Have you ever seen a championship tennis player vying for the U.S. Open, or the Wimbledon crown, voluntarily cut a big hole in the face of his racquet? Can you imagine Jimmy Conners, or Chris Evert, or John McEnroe doing such a stupid thing just before the finals?

No, no champion would even consider such an idiotic self-imposed handicap. They did not become winners or champions by throwing obvious self-imposed roadblocks in their path to success As we can see from the foregoing, no winner is so dumb as to even consider such idiotic self-imposed handicaps. If they had such inclinations they would have been relegated to the position of small-time losers far down the line and never come near the winner's circle. You would think such self-imposed idiocy would be hard to find anywhere, especially in a contest where the stakes are extremely high, namely, a matter of life or death, a matter of survival or extinction.

Well, there are such individuals, believe it or not. In fact, there is not only a group of such people, but a large number of such groups, of such people. Strangely, most of them are White people. Before we go into identifying such groups and why they do what they do, let us reiterate a few basic truths derived from the Eternal Laws of Nature. In this respect it would be productive to again review the 24 points listed at the end of Chapter 1 in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION

Point No. 22 says, "Eternal struggle is the price of survival." This being so, let us add to this an obvious corollary, namely:
In the fight for survival, the winner takes all. There is no second prize.

As I have demonstrated in the first chapter of NER, nature equips each species with certain weapons and defenses and throws the species, or the individual, into the arena to struggle for its survival. Being adequately equipped. Nature then tells each species they are on their own as to how effectively they use, abuse, or ignore what advantages they have. Nature is completely indifferent as to who survives or which species bites the dust. It is an open contest, a ruthless struggle, no holds barred. Tigers have claws, sharp teeth and are powerful. Rattlesnakes have poisonous fangs. Rabbits have speed of locomotion and a high multiplication factor. Rats are tough, adaptable, and they, too, have a high reproductive capacity.

The tools, weapons and defensive mechanisms Nature has handed out to its millions of species are manifold and varied. The big point is that anything goes, deceit, cunning, trickery, power, flight, reproductive capacity, poisonous venom, or whatever. Nature does not ask what means did you use? It only has one bottom line: Can you survive in the ongoing struggle? If not, that species is ruthlessly punished with the ultimate penalty: EXTINCTION. It is relegated to the scrap heap of biological history.

As I have pointed out in Chapter I, practically every species has its natural enemy, and some are burdened with several natural enemies. In the latter category, for instance, is the poor rabbit who has hawks, eagles, coyotes, foxes, wolves and a number of other predators on its tail. But nevertheless it survives, because it uses its own natural defenses to its best advantage. Even a dumb bunny is not so dumb as to inflict a self-imposed handicap on its struggle for survival.

As I have also pointed out throughout both NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE, that in getting closer to home, the White Race has its natural enemies, although few are aware of it. The natural enemies of the White Race are the mud races of the world in general. Of these, there is one above all others that is far more treacherous and dangerous than all the rest put together. That implacable enemy of the White Race is the International Jew, and the main forte, the supreme weapon of the Jews, is cunning and deceit. They have used these weapons well and as a result the Jewish race is the oldest surviving entity among all the races of the world today. They not only have survived, but they now have the over-whelming majority of the human race, including (and especially) the White Race by the throat, pressing on its jugular vein at will, and in a position to commit genocide on any segment of the human race they so choose.

Not only has the Jewish menace survived over the thousands of years but has immensely sharpened its weapons of cunning and deceit.

One of the most treacherous and effective weapons they have developed in overcoming enemies (all people are their enemies) is mind manipulation. By manipulating the mind of its enemies that are naturally more numerous and powerful than themselves is to manipulate the minds of such people in a way where they will collaborate voluntarily in their own destruction. Simply stated, it is to effectively persuade their enemies to voluntarily be losers by voluntarily imposing needless, idiotic handicaps so that there is no way to win. The procedure is as idiotic and fantastic as asking Jack Dempsey to fight Jess Willard with one hand tied behind his back, or asking John McEnroe to cut a hole in his tennis racquet while battling Jimmy Connors for the Wimbledon crown.

Utterly fantastic isn't it? But they have done it successfully, effectively, to millions of our White Racial Comrades and their most effective weapon has been Christianity, a Jewish invention from the word, go!

It is a well known axiom of military strategy that one of the most effective ploys is to confuse the hell out of the enemy so that they become their own worst enemy and destroy themselves. In this treatise we want to examine how the Jews realized the effectiveness of this stratagem early in its history and latched on to it with a vengeance. We want to explore further how they used Jewish Christianity to effectively neutralize the White Race into non-resistance, then actively turn such victims into partisan destroyers of their own kind. This Jewish-Christian perversion not only violates all the laws Nature has laid down for the survival of a species, any species, but actually turns such law upside down and manipulates the victim, (the White Race) to help its enemies (the Jew) destroy it (the victim).

How would you go about persuading Jack Dempsey to tie his mighty right hand behind his back in a crucial championship bout? How would you persuade John McEnroe to cut a hole in his racquet in the finals at Wimbledon? How would you persuade a 100 meter sprinter to tie a 100 pound sack of flour on his back in the main event? I don't know how you could induce any of the above to do such stupid things and have never heard of them being done. But I can tell you how the Jew has manipulated the minds of our White Racial Comrades to commit even more heinous crimes against their own race and help destroy themselves.

How do the Jews use Christianity to accomplish such an astounding feat? The steps are simple and well enough recorded in history for anyone with eyes to see and a functioning mind to understand. The story goes far back into ancient history. It essentially revolves around the issue of religion.

The following is not theory, but a step-by-step account of how the Jews have accomplished their amazing feat.

1. They started out several thousand years ago with a racial religion. The crux of that religion was: What is good for the Jews is the highest virtue. What is bad for the Jews is the ultimate sin. The fact that they then concocted a fictitious history around the mythical characters of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is incidental, but it is interesting to note that their "heroes" are the basest of all characters, deceitful and cunning. The fact that they are also whoremongers, liars, murderers and thieves adds to the depravity of their story.

2. They then built up a whole superstructure of fictitious concepts as a base for their religion. Some of the basic fictitious concepts had much to do with superstition and the "spooks in the sky" approach. Some of these fictitious concepts were heaven and hell, god and the devil, angels, demons, magic, and in general, far fetched lies and tall stories.

3. Around these sleazy and deceitful concepts they built up the racial solidarity of their own bloodthirsty tribe, the basis of which was RACIAL LOYALTY.

4. Around the first century A.D. the tribe was, nevertheless, falling apart, and disintegrating into decay. The Romans and the Roman Empire, of which the Jews in Palestine were an insignificant part, ruled the world and threatened to wipe Judaism off the face of the earth.

5. It was then that Saul of Tarsus conceived the brilliant idea of feeding the suicidal religion of the Essenes to the Romans. It emerged as Christianity, and what followed was the most catastrophic series of episodes in the history of civilization. The Jews succeeded in perverting the Roman mind (and that of all the White Race) and turning it into those paths by which they would willfully collaborate in destroying themselves.

Jewish Christianity triumphed. The Jewish stratagem of war was successful beyond their fondest dreams. A thousand years of the Dark Ages followed. The destruction of the White Race was on its way. (Read again Creative Credo No. 43, in the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE, "Confessions of a Jew รณ the Devastating Ramifications of Paul of Tarsus and Christianity in Destroying Roman Civilization".)

To those apologists for Christianity who will still defend this Jewish mind scrambler as a "blessing to mankind", "the true word of God", and other fictitious concepts, we will spell it out point-by-point as to how Christianity programs a normal healthy mind to destroy itself and the race of which they are a part.


It is no coincidence that Christianity first took root among the renegade Jews, the slaves, the mix-breeds and the riff-raff of Rome. Like a sedative or a drug it was designed to appeal to the weak, the desperate and the incompetent as a crutch and an escape mechanism. In so doing, it first demands the acknowledgement of the worthlessness of its members, to debase and demean themselves, to break their spirit and bow before a vengeful, sadistic monster, namely an unseen, unheard, unfelt and un smelt spook in the sky.

In short, to pay humble obeisance to a fictitious concept. In the New Testament a fictitious Christ keeps pounding away how all people are worthless sinners, how we are all guilty, how we are born in sin. He keeps hammering away that there is nothing we can do about a hopeless situation except repent, ask for forgiveness and hope and pray for mercy from a relentless master. This is a no-win slave philosophy carried to its ultimate degenerate conclusion.


The Old Testament extols the virtues of these miserable reprobates in chapter after chapter, page after page, despite all the vulgar and pornographic episodes these pimps, whores, thieves, panderers and criminals engage in. "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee", quote the fictitious Jewish Yahweh and millions of gullible Goyim swallow this impossible tripe.

How any White man or woman in their right mind can swallow such garbage is beyond me. How in the hell these same people can voluntarily go to church on Sunday to have their brains manipulated to love the Jew and then be expected to go out and fight Jewry and its vicious network the rest of the week is one of the impossibilities I mentioned in the heading of the chapter. In short, a Christian has been programmed to be a Jew lover and can hardly be expected to be worth his salt in combating this worldwide pestilence.


This is one of the most destructive and idiotic of all its teachings. In the "Sermon on the Mount" a fictitious Christ extols the virtue of "love your enemies, bless them that curse you and do good to them that hate you", etc. (Matt 5:44) So much for that suicidal piece of advice.

But he goes on to offer just the opposite kind of treatment to your own kind. In Luke 14:26 he purportedly says, "If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother and wife, and children, and brethren, and sister, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."

There you have it. The sickest piece of advice ever compiled in writing. Love your enemies, hate those near and dear to you. And for this kind of lunatic garbage respectable White people will go to church every Sunday and ante Into the collection plate? Wake up. White Racial Comrade! This is a sick, sick, sick Jewish booby-trap. In contrast, CREATIVITY teaches just the opposite, to love your own kind, to practice racial loyalty and to hate and destroy your enemies. That makes one hell of a lot more sense than the Jewish clap-trap offered to the Christians or bad advice the Jews themselves wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.


As a result of this multitude of contradictions it leaves the individual "believer" in perpetual conflict. Any "believer" who wants to "do the right thing" is perpetually in doubt, torn between conflicting admonitions, impossible demands and continued feelings of guilt. In short, as we said at the beginning, confused as hell, a condition inflicted upon enemies you would want to destroy.
This situation of confusion is not limited to the individual but also extends to groups, denominations, countries and nations. Perpetual conflict, perpetual divisiveness, relentless confusion. "I came not to bring peace, but the sword" quoth the (fictitious) lord. No wonder the White Race is in a perpetual daze, in an unending no-win situation.


Would you seriously consider playing a "flip-the-coin" game for real money if your opponent imposed such impossible rules as "Heads I win tails you lose"? Well, you would be pretty silly to engage in such a no-win game for real stakes and even more so if the stakes were high enough to entail the entire future direction of your life. Yet. Christians voluntarily (and stupidly) enmesh themselves in just such a no-win situation. One example out of hundreds: We are continuously brow beaten to try to become more God-like. When God didn't like Jacob's sons, he arbitrarily slew them. When he didn't like mankind as a whole (which he himself had designed and created) he drowned them all like a pack of rats in the (fictitious) Great Flood. Now, if WE were to slay someone WE didn't like, WE would be accused of a most heinous crime, murder. WE would be executed for our crime, and according to the "Word of God", would burn, burn, burn forever. A no-win situation if there ever was one, don't you think?

For more of the same, see Chapter 15, Book I, of NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, "Getting to Heaven: Project Impossible; or Everybody is going to Hell."

When people are continuously threatened with a no-win situation it produces despair, depression, frustration, schizophrenia and in severe cases, mental breakdown. The number of Christians that have been driven to insanity by the fear of hell has never been recorded, but undoubtedly runs into the millions.

The list is endless of how Christianity cripples the mind and reduces its subjects to self-destructive, self-incriminating victims, standing naked and defenseless before the rapacious Jew, who wrote the script, but will have none of that nonsense himself.

I suggest you read again the "Mission Impossible" chapter in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, mentioned previously, as well as Creative Credos Numbers 45 to 57 in The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE, the latter namely Number 57, appropriately rounding it off with the heading, "Why we indict Christianity so strongly."

How much better to have a salubrious, optimistic attitude towards life such as Creativity offers. How much better to have done with the fear of hell, fear of the Jew and fear of the fictitious spook in the sky! How much better to follow a creed that is rooted in reality and the Eternal Laws of Nature.

Come White Racial Comrade, and Join with us in building the Creativity movement and with it a Whiter and Brighter World.

 Ben Klassen
 Founder Church of the Creator

Published in.......... RACIAL LOYALTY # 6

Founder Church of the Creator


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Brutality, the needed spark...... By Rev Logsdon


There is no ideology, philosophy, political aspect or organization that will be the cause of the coming race war. If history has shown us anything it is words are hollow to action. It is not our words that have been awakening our people. Sure on occasion we might find one or two here and there that are borderline anyway that awaken from our words. But in no way is it enough to bring about what we need and that is a complete revolution.  

    When you turn over an engine you first need a spark to get it going. We have not been nor will be that "spark". It is the pure brutality and savagery from the non white community that has enraged our people. From the growing numbers of racially motivated attacks on whites that the media cannot ignore, to the deterioration of major cities and of course the actions of the black Messiah himself Obama. I could post endless links but unless you have been living in a cave you already know. These are things that slowly spark the engine of our inevitable revolution. The more brutal the more outrage.

  I know you feel it as well as I. When we see these things on the news we cringe and feel the spark of hate. It effects us more as we are more enlightened and awakened. However the outrage your common white feels is one more of fear then hate. This is where we need to capitalize our efforts. To instill a sense of hope and urgency in these people. That they need to do something to protect themselves and their future. As I said before we cannot force a revolution, that will come from their brutality. What we can do is educate and prepare those that we can, while we can.

 While these issues are fresh in the hearts and minds of our people, make up flyer's that portray the same images and put a title like "think your safe in a multiracial society? So did these people!" be inventive with it but also give a sense of hope with THEIR actions.  

This will hopefully spark some action. This is simplistic and easy. If you do not want to promote an organization or ideology simply say at the end. "A victims only crime is being white and failing to act when needed. Don't be a victim and don't let anyone else." Something along those lines, point being if we see these things and do absolutely nothing but bitch about it to each other then we are a bigger part of the problem then those that perpetrate it!

  We also need to take great heed to what is coming and stop talking about a revolution but prepare for it, or else we will find ourselves among the lists of casualties. 

     Rev Logsdon
     Oct 40 AC (2013)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Arguing with a brick wall...... By Rev Logsdon

I have been asked several times what I think about recent activism. For one, any action is better then no action. If people hit the streets and confront our enemies its far better then sitting on the Internet and complaining. Unless of course they are designed specifically for distraction and negative imagery and/or control resistance, which I will get into and another time. However recent actions leave me pondering several things and asking questions.

As a Creator I stand strict to the teachings of "never again through a serpents eye". For those that are unfamiliar with these teachings, please look it up in the White Mans bible. But it essentially teaches us to never look at life through the eyes of our enemies. To never justify, sympathize, or relate to the standpoints of our enemies. These are tactics of our enemies to pacify us to the plight of those working for our destruction. To detract us into relating to them which leads to our wanting to "work" with them because "we are working for common goals". But yet these racial enemies do not know nor care for the "plight" of the white man. They simply will use you then stab you in the back. Same can be said for christian militants who simply want to use us then openly say they will "hunt us down and kill all none christians" after the race war. However, point being I cannot justify wasting time debating or arguing with those who are too stupid, or refuse to learn the truth. Many know the truth yet still engage in our destruction because that is their goal.

Which is the topic of this article. Arguing with communists, liberals or anti whites is nothing more then verbal masturbation. You are not going to convince them any different, because their goal is to destroy our people. If you beat them in an argument, which is easy to do, to what end. To quite the anti white crowd listening to you? Yea right, they are shouting and chanting constantly to drown out what you are saying for a reason, because they know what you are saying is right!!! They just don't care. Is it for the videos put on YouTube which 99% percent of viewers are already awakened whites! Yea that's real constructive. No matter how you view it, it does not aid our cause nor does it awaken our people.

We as a people need to get away from this thinking. Instead, I will present this solution. Fight fire with fire. No not protest their event like they do ours. I am talking about their true tactics of fear and intimidation. Example, this recent Tim Wise event, in which as i can applaud those that attended (simply because action is better then inaction. And it is their choice not mine so far for me to judge.) I essentially have to ask "to what end"? What did it accomplish and how did it aid our people? It might of made a few young already anti white students double think for a second, but then they get home turn on MTV or CNN and its gone. Wasting time on those with no hope or future is essentially futile. However, getting back to the point of fight fire with fire. Find out where these people like wise live. "And before any ZOG agent or informant takes that the wrong way I am, nor will never present or participate in any illegal violent actions."

But after you find out where he lives, go to his neighborhood, go door to door with his picture and address, present truth about who he is and what he represents. Put out flyer's about him in his own neighborhood along the same lines. Essentially turn his own community against him, the same way they do to us! Protest in front of his house, hell flyer his neighborhood with a flyer that has his picture and say under it "Wanted for criminal sexual assault to farm animals"! (make sure you put for entertainment purposes only. As to avoid libel) anything you can do to make his life hard and send him in the shadows like they do to us. Take the fight to them, instead of meeting them on THEIR battlefield. On THEIR conditions.

And before anyone says this is easier said then done, I have done it! In my home town we had a group called NIOT (not in our town). This was more of your political intimidation and extortion based group. They used a Jewish mayor by the name Markowitz to further their gains. They succeeded in putting Racism crossed out signs on every entrance into town. The straw that broke the camels back was when my mothers work received this letter. Now there was no ties to her with me or her work, it was simply random to all local businesses. The letter stated that they were doing a seminar on racism in the workplace, it was essentially anti white with the guise of anti racist.

They were inviting all employers to attend. My mothers boss was annoyed by it. My mom called me and I went down to her work to look at it. On the letter it states in order to attend said seminar/dinner you had to RSVP. So her boss called to refuse and tell them he was not interested. After saying they were not interested they told him "Sir we do not want to label your business a racist business but we will if we have to.". He told them to F* off and hung up. That is extortion and intimidation! We called the police and they told us they could not do anything unless they actively defamed or protested the business because of its refusal to attend. This is essentially mob style tactics. Pay us for protection or we will send people in to rob you. Instead pay us to say your not racist or we are going to tell everyone your racist. Granite this employer called their bluff but think of how many simply paid out of fear! So between me and some locals we did our homework. Without going into detail we found out dirt on these people and exposed them. This was in 05 and as they still claim to have an office here they have not held a public seminar nor gained any foothold. The mayor who backed them was not re-elected and they slipped into obscurity.

In closing, the Jew Einstein coined the term of insanity best. Insanity: repeating the same things over and over again expecting a different result. That has been this "movement" in a nutshell. We can blame its failure on many things but the outcome of every action will be the same if you do not evolve and adapt. My racial comrades, think outside the box, trial and error and evolution are our keys to success.

Rev James Logsdon
Oct 40AC (2013)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Interview with TCM Canada

What are your relations with other pro-White groups and activists in Canada? I've heard you have attended some demos and have good relations with people like Paul Fromm for example. 

Yes, I am very fortunate to have a man like Paul Fromm to listen to and learn from, he has a wealth of information and knowledge, I just try to soak up what I can. Mr. Fromm is the most active and longest serving Racial Loyalist in Canada,  I get to attend many of The Alternative Forum and Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) meetings and encourage Racial Loyalists across Canada to attend the meetings when they hit your town.
I am also very fortunate to be involved with the Southern Ontario Skinheads. Max Hynes created S.O.S  to bring together Racially Loyal Skins from Southern Ontario, since its early inception S.O.S has sponsored two White Pride marches, held meetings in several Ontario towns and continues its rapid expansion across Ontario. We also work with the Canadian branch of Right Wing Resistance and The White Nationalist Front and will work with any other White Racial Loyalist(s) I look forward to meeting more aware Brothers and Sisters in Canada and together hopefully we can awake many more.

You have frequently been corresponding with Rev Hale the past few years. As of last year he's been denied mail correspondence again. To your knowledge and information, how's he holding up in prison and what can you say about the influence your correspondence with him has had on you?

Well, the good news is that Rev Hale has had his writing "privileges" restored. After being turned down for his latest bid for freedom Rev Hales attorney has filed a petition for a writ of certiorari at the supreme court of the United States asking for a review of his denial for a re trial from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. On how he is doing in prison I will quote him........ " I  have spent about 3,650 days, my entire imprisonment, in solitary confinement. I say this because I want you to understand that if I can endure the extreme hardships of being an innocent man locked away within a dungeon for thousands of days, you can endure anything that you face as free men and women fighting for the salvation of our racial life."  I think that quote from Rev Hale answers both of the questions, he is holding strong and as he wrote, if he can endure being locked away in solitary for thousands of days I can endure anything they throw at me as a free man!  His influence on me is that of perseverance! 

Canada is known for it's "hate laws" or could we say "anti-White laws"  How hard is it to be an activist in Canada?

Anti -White laws would be a more accurate assessment of the Canadian "Hate laws" as virtually every case brought before the commission involves a White Racial Loyalist. Several Loyalists such as Brad Love, Marc Lemire, Author Topham and Terry Tremaine are still battling charges brought against them.



The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) is nothing but a kangaroo court where the facts and the truth are not a defense. Truth and facts are trumped by the hurt feelings of the complaining "victim"  The CHRC has an unprecedented conviction rate, close to 100%  This intimidation causes anyone who wants to be active and voice their opinion to remain anonymous or in most cases inactive and silenced. The Anti Racist Canada (ARC) organization also does its part in the intimidation process by publishing names and pictures of activists.

This harassment by the ARC also causes potential activists to re-consider any future involvement in the movement. There has been a recent victory against the CHRC, the unconstitutional section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act   (The communication of hate messages by telephone or on the internet) has been scrapped. This was accomplished because of the great efforts made Paul Fromm's CAFE organization. 

How big is the interest of Racially conscious people in Canada for Creativity? Are there many inquiries about TCM, especially considering some 20 years ago the Canadian branch of our Church was a successful one.

We get a few inquires almost every week about the Creativity Movement in Canada, most have no idea about our beliefs and usually find that their pre conceived notions about Creativity are false. About half the people interested become disinterested when they discover that we do not worship any spooks in the sky. We also receive a lot of fake inquires from the Anti-Whites trying to get information, or to provoke us to say something we are not allowed to say and drag us before the CHRC or just to cause mild disruption.

Twenty years ago the Church was very successful indeed. George Burdi  (aka Rev Eric Hawthorne) was the leader of the Canadian Church back then, had the largest membership numbers of any Creator Church in the world, formed the highly successful band RAHOWA, started Resistance records also a magazine by the same name with a circulation of 13,000. Burdi's Church worked very closely with Wolfgang Droege and the Heritage Front providing security for their events. In 1993 after a RAHOWA concert in Ottawa, Ontario members of the Church the Heritage Front and other White Racial activists marched to Parliament Hill encountering a large group of Anti-Racist Action (ARA) agitators, several fights ensued. Alicia Reckzin an ARA leader was allegedly kicked in the face by George Burdi, he was sentenced to a year in jail. Upon his release he renounced racism and married an Indian Women. Also that same year 2 Church members Elkar (Carl) Fisher and Drew Maynard were charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement and assault causing bodily harm for abducting a Heritage Front member suspected of stealing membership lists. The treacherous actions of Burdi and the arrests of other members would soon result in the demise of the Church in Canada. So even with the Church being highly successful twenty years ago the actions of Burdi erased all the good things they accomplished and does nothing to help us recruit today. 

Canada has a certain level of non-White immigration as well as the USA, but to some extent it is far easier for Europeans to migrate to Canada, looking for work etc, than to the USA, which on the other hand freely lets millions of Mexicans and other Latinos infiltrate US borders. Am I correct here, or just making false assumptions?

Canada has far more non-White immigration/refugee's than European migration. The rules for Europeans wanting to come to Canada to start a new life are much stricter than that applied to non-Whites. For example an Irish friend who came to Canada to live and work was given restrictions as to where he could live for the first year, he was not allowed to live in a major city such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, he had to have a skilled trade, had to have a certain amount of money in his bank account he also had to sign an agreement not to seek Government assistance in the future. These restrictions do not seem to apply to the non-White invaders, they are able to move to any major metropolis as soon as they get off the boat,  given free health care, a place to live, free food and do not have to speak either English or French. 

Is there any pro-White music scene in Canada these days?

No, there is not much of a pro-White music scene in Canada to speak of. There are a handful of bands such as Kremator in Ontario and some bands in Montreal, I'm sure more across the country that I am unaware of. I think the bands play almost exclusively at pro-White events. Maybe a band will come along that is as good as RAHOWA was and a scene will explode! 

Now, I know you describe yourself as a Skinhead, as well as many in our movement. These days political movements depict Skinheads as something "obsolete", unlike in the 80's and 90's when Skinheads were actually the moving force of street activism. Do you think they are losing potential recruits with that stance? And how do you generally look at the Skinhead scene during the past few decades?

There certainly are not as many Skins as there were in the 80's or 90's at least in the fashion sense, Skinheads have evolved and still have numbers just not as visible as in the past. A lot still wear the bomber jacket and even the boots, but braces and straps are a very rare sight. Skinheads "obsolete" I don't think so, I think everyone has a place in the movement and it would be beneficial to political movements to utilize every tool available to them. I think it is unfortunate that the political elite types feel that if they distance themselves from Skinheads that all of a sudden the everyday citizen is going to be receptive to their doctrines or that the media will start to help promote their organization. I have been to many politically based meetings as mentioned earlier and as the only Skinhead in the room, I have never been made to feel un-welcome or un-comfortable, in fact quite the opposite. Perhaps a lot of these political types sounding off over the internet about Skinheads have never even met one and have been duped by the media's contrived negative portrayal of Skinheads. 

What do you think of the recent actions and ambitions of our well known comrade Craig Cobb in North Dakota? 

I have a lot of respect for Craig Cobb he is one of the most active White Racial Loyalists on the planet! Brother Cobb is also a long time Creator who does our creed proud. I have been following the unfolding story in North Dakota like every other Racial Loyalist and of course support Brother Cobb's ambitious attempt to create an all White town. As soon as the media starting reporting about North Dakota Brother Cobb was fired from his job thanks to pressure applied by the SPLC.


I would really love to see Brother Cobb succeed and create an all White township but it seems to me that he just has too many obstacles in his path to fulfill his vision at least at this time, there are too many eyes on this project now that do not want this to happen and are plotting against it. It is so admirable that Brother Cobb has the balls to make such an attempt, maybe his actions will inspire other White Racialists around the world to do the same and all White towns will start to appear everywhere.       

Any final thoughts?

Yes, I would like to thank all my Brothers and Sisters from TCM for all the work they do spreading Creativity's message. I would also like to thank all the other WRL's that I am privileged to work with and learn from much love and respect to all. 
     For Natures Finest
  Brother Smith
Originally published in IMPERIUM

The Creativity Movement online Magazine



Sunday, 3 November 2013



 Hosted by CROSSTAR

One of this weeks guests will be REV COOK OF THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT ( TCM )

Rev Cook leads the Arizona branch of TCM but for this interview he will be on Racist America  radio in the capacity of acting Arizona coordinator for the Free America Rally, as a introduction/mini interview.

What the Free America Rally is all about.......................

The Free America Rally is an effort by a socially diverse collection of our people to stem the demographic transformation of our country. From our perspective, the American nation is an outpost of Western Civilization, the product not of geography but, rather, thousands of years of cultural and genetic continuity. America has always been defined by its European-derived population. We are America. There are no hyphens before our declared identity.
This nation we love, founded on the blood of our ancestors, is our identity. The short sighted establishment seeks to strip this from us, to hyphenate even our people, to make the legitimate sons and daughters of this country only one of many groups in a mixture of special interests, divided by everything but their hatred for each other. We seek to unify Americans by leading a charge to reclaim our heritage as the masters of our destiny.
The purpose of the Free America Rally is to encourage ordinary Americans to understand the political reality that we must begin thinking in terms of political unity, with united interests, much like other racial groups do. Our goal is to generate the momentum and support necessary to eventually compete with the establishment for the hearts and minds of our people by offering them a form of representation that has previously been unavailable.

Your fellow Patriot,
Michael Myers 

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