Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Brutality, the needed spark...... By Rev Logsdon


There is no ideology, philosophy, political aspect or organization that will be the cause of the coming race war. If history has shown us anything it is words are hollow to action. It is not our words that have been awakening our people. Sure on occasion we might find one or two here and there that are borderline anyway that awaken from our words. But in no way is it enough to bring about what we need and that is a complete revolution.  

    When you turn over an engine you first need a spark to get it going. We have not been nor will be that "spark". It is the pure brutality and savagery from the non white community that has enraged our people. From the growing numbers of racially motivated attacks on whites that the media cannot ignore, to the deterioration of major cities and of course the actions of the black Messiah himself Obama. I could post endless links but unless you have been living in a cave you already know. These are things that slowly spark the engine of our inevitable revolution. The more brutal the more outrage.

  I know you feel it as well as I. When we see these things on the news we cringe and feel the spark of hate. It effects us more as we are more enlightened and awakened. However the outrage your common white feels is one more of fear then hate. This is where we need to capitalize our efforts. To instill a sense of hope and urgency in these people. That they need to do something to protect themselves and their future. As I said before we cannot force a revolution, that will come from their brutality. What we can do is educate and prepare those that we can, while we can.

 While these issues are fresh in the hearts and minds of our people, make up flyer's that portray the same images and put a title like "think your safe in a multiracial society? So did these people!" be inventive with it but also give a sense of hope with THEIR actions.  

This will hopefully spark some action. This is simplistic and easy. If you do not want to promote an organization or ideology simply say at the end. "A victims only crime is being white and failing to act when needed. Don't be a victim and don't let anyone else." Something along those lines, point being if we see these things and do absolutely nothing but bitch about it to each other then we are a bigger part of the problem then those that perpetrate it!

  We also need to take great heed to what is coming and stop talking about a revolution but prepare for it, or else we will find ourselves among the lists of casualties. 

     Rev Logsdon
     Oct 40 AC (2013)

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