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The above is the fate of Matthew Hale. But Matthew’s case is not all that unusual. Much the same thing happened to Randall Weaver known for his face-off with federal authorities at his home on Ruby Ridge. Weaver was approached by a federal agent to alter a shotgun for money—a criminal act. Later, it was found that this constituted the crime of entrapment, whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that they would otherwise have been unlikely or unwilling to commit. 

In Matthew’s case, an agent in the pay of the FBI tried to get Matthew to agree to commit a murder but he steadfastly refused to be a party to any such act. So, whereas Weaver did alter the shotgun, Matthew did not become part of a fictional murder plot. In other words, there was no crime at all involved in Matthew Hale’s “trial,” and thus, no conviction should have obtained.

Nonetheless, Matthew was “convicted” of this non-crime but why did he receive such an egregious sentence? Because of a misplaced apostrophe in the trial transcript of Matthew’s conversation with the paid federal stooge. That clerical error allowed the government to claim that the fictional “victim” of this fictional “crime” was a federal judge. And as a federal officer was the supposed victim, Matthew could be sentenced under our “supra-constitutional” anti-terrorism acts. These acts destroy the concept of “equal justice under the law” and make some crimes worse than others depending upon the victim. So if Matthew had not agreed to take part in the murder of an ordinary American but was convicted anyway, his sentence would have been far less than had he not agreed to murder a federal judge!

I know it is difficult for decent Americans to acknowledge the corruption within our government’s “justice system,” but day by day that corruption becomes more evident as the Deep State intensifies its efforts to remove America’s duly elected President, Donald Trump. Now its media minions are suggesting that Trump will be sent to prison, a fate already unjustly suffered by Matthew Hale! 

There is no such thing as a “trivial” miscarriage of justice. Every time the “justice” system is misused, a little bit of America dies. Worse, with each passing iniquity, it becomes easier and easier to commit the next and harder and harder to prevent.

February 20, 2019


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The Impending Pro-Jewish War in the Middle East...By Ben Klassen


JOG Treachery: There’s more than meets the eye
The Impending Pro-Jewish War in the Middle East

Iraq, Bush-whacked and Booby-trapped, is only a pretext for the treacherous JOG to move U.S. armed forces into the Middle East for protection of Israel.

The overwhelming majority of Americans have been grossly misled and misinformed about the war that is now Impending in the Middle East. The Jew-dominated media has seen to that, along with some massive help from our Bush-whacker president. To hear the Jewsmedia tell it, everything was going just fine out there in the Arabian desert, Iraq and Saddam Hussein were the best of our buddies, until suddenly Saddam had this strange Impulse to invade Kuwait. Then in a matter of minutes the whole situation turned topsy-turvy and the dictator of Iraq Instantly became the world’s most sinister and dangerous villain. Suddenly our "vital Interests" were at stake, our way of life was threatened, Saddam was a dangerous threat to all of mankind, and not only must he be destroyed but also the total Iraqi military machine along with him. Surprise! Surprise!

There is much deception in this posture, as we shall see, and it is the American public who is most deceived, snookered and bamboozled, of all the parties involved. Like in a Hollywood movie script, through conspiracy, deceit and deliberately planned machinations, our JOG, in collaboration with the Jews in Israel, has set in motion a military operation to fight Israel’s wars with American soldiers. Let us try to put the Individual pieces together.

Piece No. 1 Planning the Destruction of Iraq

In the first place, Bush-whacker George, manipulated by his Jewish mentors, was not surprised at all, but was treacherously laying plans for the event to happen at least 18 months before the August 2, 1990, invasion of Kuwait. In an article dated October 25, 1990, in The Atlanta Constitution, there is a detailed story about how the strategy was hatched with the objective of destroying Iraq. I quote: "Starting in March 1989, Army Lt. General John Yeosock and his 500 war-garners, fuel-estimators and other planners sat at a Georgia military base and thought about how they could move 200,000 troops to Saudi Arabia."

The story goes on. "The top-secret work in Building 363 of Atlanta’s Fort McPherson spelled out the Army’s part of the enterprise. By July 1990, the cigar smoking General Yeosock and his three-star and four-star counterparts in the Navy, Marines and Air Force were ready for the test run." Test run indeed. It is more than a coincidence that by July the military was ready to roll, and by August they did roll.

Piece No. 2 Enter Dr. Gerald V. Bull

For some 25 years Dr. Bull, a Canadian born space and ballistics genius who has been compared to Dr. Werner von Braun, has been designing super artillery, cannons/rockets. His Canadian-American High Altitude Research Program (HARP) has broken all records for long-range artillery. For 15 years the Pentagon has turned down Dr. Bull’s offers and strenuous efforts to equip U.S. armed forces with the advanced 155 mm and other long ranged projectiles. That was ten years ago. In the meantime, Dr. Bull’s Space Research Corp., rebuffed by the United States, turned its attention and its production of long range artillery to Iraq, who snapped up the opportunity with gusto. Iraq now has the capability of delivering poison gas and biological warfare missiles into the camps of our boys, who are set up like sitting ducks in the Arabian desert. What with using rocket boosters equipped with homing devices, Saddam Hussein can also deliver such projectiles directly into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, hence the extensive distribution of gas masks in Israel.

Why did the United States turn down Dr. Bull and allow him to turn his efforts and genius to the benefit of Iraq instead? Since this didn’t happen overnight but over a period of decades, it must have been a planned and deliberate action on the part of our military establishment. It is a strange puzzle, but this piece, too, fits into the overall picture. Evidently JOG wanted Iraq and Saddam Hussein to have enough destructive military power to make him seem a credible threat to world peace, and also probably to be able to kill a significant number of American boys. The situation is not unlike Pearl Harbor in 1941 when Roosevelt and the Jews acted dumb and silent and allowed the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor, destroy our Pacific fleet, kill more than 3,000 of our men in one day. All the while the traitors in the White House and the Pentagon knew months in advance that the attack was coming. In fact, they were shadowing the Japanese fleet and knew the day and the hour when the Japs would strike. The Dr. Bull episode suspiciously appears to be a similar case.

There is one difference. When the imminent danger to Israel became all too real, on March 22 of this year, Dr. Gerald V. Bull was assassinated by the Mossad at his Space Research Center in Brussels, Belgium.

Piece No. 3 Creating a Pretext

We now come to the recent train of events, July, 1990. By this time the planners in Atlanta were ready and now needed a dramatic pretext to send all those troops and heavy machinery over there into that hot, godforsaken Arabian desert. How convenient then that on August 2, 1990, Saddam invaded postage-stamp sized Kuwait. Was this most propitious timing accidental? Did it just happen? Hardly.

Just days before the Invasion, Jewish stooge Bushwhacker George took Saddam by the hand, led him by the nose and told him to go ahead and realize his long-standing ambition of grabbing that most cherished prize – oil rich Kuwait.

The American spoon-fed encouragement could hardly have been more explicit, as shown by the train of events that immediately preceded the August 2 invasion. On July 25, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, met with Saddam. A transcript of that meeting shows that ambassador Gillespie told Saddam that "We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts like your border dispute with Kuwait." This, obviously, with the blessing of President Bush and Secretary of State James Baker. In fact, Bush followed this up further with a personal message underlining ambassador Gillespie’s message, with only a gentle hint that it was not ‘nice" to use force against a neighbor. This position was further waffled by the White House spokeswoman Margaret Tutwiler, a few days later, stating during a press conference that the U.S. had no commitment to defend Kuwait from invasion.

Piece No. 4 Premeditated Reaction

No sooner had Saddam taken the bait when all hell broke loose. "Kinder, gentler" chabez-goy George Bush now Immediately became a roaring lion, and he immediately began screaming war and moving troops. Now there was no waffling. The Jews had written the script for his speeches a long time ago, and the movement of the troops had been meticulously planned for the last 18 months, as previously described. It all went according to the script.

It was a monumental decision to launch a major war in the midst of the Arab nations, the consequences and ramifications of which were far-reaching and unpredictable. The American economy was already tottering and on the brink of disaster, but Bush-whacker George seemed completely indifferent about the tremendous cost such a war would inflict upon the American people in terms of money and American lives. And where was Congress all this time? Quiet as a mouse. That, too, was all in the prearranged script. It seemed that Jewish stooge Bush alone was now the grand commander-in-chief, making the decisions and calling all the shots, while Congress, which alone by the Constitution is empowered to declare war, stood supinely by, presumably supporting a bellicose president whose rhetoric was now screaming for an all out war.

Piece No. 5   Huge New Oil Reserves Discovered in Saudi Arabia

There is one more element that has been tacitly ignored by the Jewsmedia. According to the October 29 Issue of Spotlight, a gigantic new and untapped oil field has recently been discovered in a remote area of the Saudi desert. It is claimed to be the largest accumulation of oil anywhere on the face of the earth discovered in the last 20 years, and enough to keep the Saudis pumping oil well into the 22nd century. Although its discovery has been known for some time, its existence has been discreetly kept quiet so as not to raise undue suspicions about the coming war in the Middle East. The question is: who will control the future of this huge, strategic asset – the Jews or the Arabs? With the massive military might of the United States firmly in the hands of the Jews, only the unraveling of history will tell the tale.

Piece No. 6  The Winners and the Losers

Despite the tremendous stakes of who will control the oil of the Middle East, the real and paramount issue of the impending war in the Arabian desert is the protection of Israel and maintaining the Jewish control of the world. If this now becomes a shooting war, the destruction on both sides will be catastrophic. As in the American Civil War, as In Worlds I and II, and most other wars, the numbers of people killed, wounded and maimed are always much larger and the wars last much longer than the trigger happy instigators initially led us to believe. Tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of American boys will be killed. But the Jews couldn’t care less.

The Jews would like to see the neighboring Arab countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan and even Egypt destroyed, pulverized and pounded to a pulp, as has already happened to neighboring Lebanon, once a prosperous and peaceful Christian country.

The Jews plan to have American forces in the Middle East and on Arab soil permanently to protect them from 150 million hostile Arabs. The cost to the White Americans will be crushing and overwhelming, it will further escalate the ruination of a rapidly disintegrating America, but it will tighten the Jewish grip on America and the rest of the world.

Saudi Arabia will lose control of its oil and its sovereignty as well, as will Kuwait, Iraq, the Emirates and the rest of the Arabs. It will all fall into Jewish hands, at least that is the aim of the Jewish vampire.


There is only one way out of this bloody mess and only the White Race can mobilize the powerhouse to expunge and destroy the Jewish plague. We must take the bull by the horns and confront the goddamned Jewish menace head-on. In order to do so, we must organize and mobilize the total resources of the 500 million White Minority that still remains on this planet. We must polarize into one mighty movement, one battering ram. We must smash Judaism and its auxiliary tentacle, Christianity, and replace it with a vital, meaningful, no holds barred White Racial Religion – Creativity. Only Creativity has the answer, the creed and program to do that job. Join with us, White Racial Comrades, and help build a Whiter and Brighter World for yourself, your family and your future progeny. Delenda Est Judaica! RAHOWA!

Ben Klassen
Founder Church Of The Creator


                                   ARTICLE TAKEN FROM RACIAL LOYALTY #66
                                                        DECEMBER 17AC(1990)

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CHILDREN OF THE REICH...Somethin's Gotta Give (Video)

                                 Banned on YouTube#16
        CHILDREN OF THE REICH...Somethin's Gotta Give


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GRINDED NIG...Hatred In My Heart (Video)

                                Banned on YouTube #15
                       GRINDED NIG...Hatred In My Heart

GRINDED NIG....Hatred In My Heart (Lyrics)
National Socialism is what is in my heart
Now we have an anti-White commie state

Hatred in my Heart
Catering to spics and niggers, this has gotta stop
As far as the eye can see, violence is condoned
What the fuck does the world think
I've reach my tolerance end
Hatred in my Heart

The banks are run by the Jews
Gas stations owned by the gooks
Arabs own more than they should
niggers ruined it all

In America, English is secondary
fuck all these muddy mother fuckers
Television is filled with Zionism
It teaches that we are equal
Forces your daughter to fuck a nigger
We the world can have another half breed

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Volunteer Request for Matt Hale...By Augustus Invictus

My name is Augustus Invictus, and I represent Reverend Matthew Hale as his attorney. In furtherance of assisting with Rev. Hale’s legal matters, I am issuing this call for volunteers to the right-wing community.

Rev. Hale was trained as an attorney himself, having attended law school in Illinois. His licensure was denied, however, on the basis of his political and religious beliefs in 1998, when the Illinois Bar rejected his application due to his position as Pontifex Maximus of the World Church of the Creator. Twenty years ago, many in the legal profession were up in arms about this decision. Even the ACLU filed a brief in support of Rev. Hale’s petition. But because of his religious beliefs, the Bar decided that he did not have the requisite moral character to practice law in the State of Illinois.
As an Illinois attorney myself, this case hits close to home. As a law student in Chicago, Rev. Hale’s licensure case was part of the textbook on professional ethics; and as I have noted elsewhere, my professor in this course was a Rabbi. He impressed upon us that white nationalist or anti-Semitic beliefs would not be tolerated in the legal profession; and that you can absolutely be denied a license to practice law if you espouse anything of the sort. As the ACLU spokesman said at the time of Rev. Hale’s case, “[I]t is a very dangerous precedent to use someone's speech as a vehicle to prohibit him from the practice of law." At this point, that precedent is well-established.
But this case was only the beginning of the martyrdom of Rev. Hale by the System. The year after the final denial of his licensure, certain interested parties backed some unknown Christian church, also called the Church of the Creator, in filing a trademark dispute. In the course of those proceedings, the federal courts ruled in favor of the unknown Christian church from a town in rural Oregon, declaring that the true Church of the Creator, founded by Ben Klassen in 1973, could no longer use its own name – or any name similar to it. The Church has been forced ever since to refer to itself as “The Creativity Movement.”
Not satisfied with the court-mandated destruction of the Church, the FBI targeted Rev. Hale individually, sending a paid informant to manufacture evidence against him to justify a charge of solicitation of murder of the federal judge who had ruled against the Church in the trademark dispute. While awaiting sentencing, the mother and husband of that judge were murdered – by someone completely unrelated to Rev. Hale or the Church. While this charge – even if true – would have carried a maximum sentence of twenty years, he was sentenced to forty years in the ADMAX prison in Florence, Colorado because of the terrorism enhancement under the PATRIOT Act.
Rev. Hale has now served 16 years of that sentence. As the years have passed, America has continued its decline, and the story of Matthew Hale has been largely relegated to the dark history of the early years of the PATRIOT Act being turned against American citizens. Regardless of whether one agrees with Rev. Hale or his politics or his religion, every man can and must understand that he fought against the System – and that the System attacked and crucified him unjustly because he posed a threat to their power. Rev. Hale’s political persecution is a classic case of corruption, both at the State and federal levels.
Many in the right-wing understand the martyrdom of Rev. Hale, its causes and its meaning. But many understand it as something historical, as a cause that ended years ago upon his sentencing. As a matter of fact, Rev. Hale has been fighting from behind bars this entire time. While prohibited from any participation in the Church or from even speaking with his religious brethren about his religion, Rev. Hale has been writing books and filing lawsuits, fighting as best he can under the severe restrictions imposed upon him by the Federal Government.
I have been working with Rev. Hale on certain legal matters, and as part of that effort I am issuing this call for assistance. For all concerned with the plight of Rev. Hale, for all who recognize the injustice wrought upon him by the System, for all who have wished over the years that there is something you could do to assist Rev. Hale, the opportunity now presents itself.
If you are an attorney, law student, or paralegal interested in working on Rev. Hale’s cases, please let me know.
If you are an organizer or other political operative interested in assisting with ancillary matters pertaining to Rev. Hale’s legal cases, please let me know.

I can be reached at   



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"Desert Sheild" and The Brutal Israeli Massacre of Arabs on Islam's Holy Grounds...By Ben Klassen

Israeli arrogance and American stupidity

We are all familiar with the expression of a case where the tail is wagging the dog, although we have never seen it happen to a dog. However, it would be difficult to find a more exemplary situation to which this epigram can be applied than were we to take a good look at the now impending war that is about to explode on the hot sands of the Arabian desert. If there was ever a case of a tail-like appendage wagging the much larger body of the dog, a prime example is being demonstrated by what is happening in the Middle East, where the louse-infested Israeli tail is wagging the larger American dog.

Never in the history of the world has such a miserably small parasitic state as Israel manipulated, exploited and controlled so completely the world’s most powerful economic and military nation, namely the United States of America. The situation is so stupid and so bizarre the average hoodwinked and gullible American doesn’t seem to be able to believe and comprehend the obvious facts unraveling before his or her very eyes. They seem to remain blindfolded even after the facts are clearly and meticulously laid out to them.
In this article it is our objective to review recent events, to review the facts and lay them out in logical order with the hope that we can educate the best elements of the White Race, bring them to their senses and arouse them to lead the entire White Race to active struggle against the Jewish Conspiracy.
Jewish Massacre of Arabs
George Bush, our chabez-goy president, had been, oh, so careful In putting together what would seem like an international coalition against that bogeyman of the hour, Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Much treachery, deceit and bribery had gone into this operation. Egypt and her Jewish lackey, Hosni Mubarak, had been bribed with a seven billion dollar "Forgiveness’ of her debts to the United States, at the expense of the White American taxpayers, of course. Syrian President Hafez al-Assad had been bribed with a monumental sum of eight hundred million dollars, to go to him personally. For this huge amount Assad could pretend to love a lot of Jews and betray the masses of his own people. Half of this amount would come from the Saudis and the Kuwaitis, and the other half from, guess who?, that perpetual patsy – the White American taxpayer. The way this last 400 million is to be paid is in itself a masterpiece in camouflage. Half of it will be funneled through the CIA and the other half through Israel, and the American taxpayer will never know the difference. The other non-Arab collaborators, such as France, Britain and others, have their own chabez-goy traitors, such as Margaret Thatcher, and the Jews can turn them on and off at will.

There is one other little dirty trick Shabby George had up his sleeve. Just before the Iraqi invasion on August 2, 1990, he had our state department and their mouthpieces make it clear to Saddam Hussein that the United States would look the other way and not interfere, should he decide to take over Kuwait. In fact, only two days before the August 2 invasion White House spokeswoman Margaret Tutwiler openly declared at a news conference that the U.S. had no commitment to defend Kuwait from invasion.

Shabby George had put together a real slick deal (such a deal!) and had good reason to gloat in his craftiness. Why, he had Bush-whacked Saddam into invading Kuwait, giving the U.S. JOG a pretext to move a massive aggregation of American troops into the Middle East to defend Israel. In addition, now the whole world was against Saddam, even the Arabs, he crowed.
Through coercion, through bribery, by means of dirty tricks and treachery George Bush-whacker had put together an extremely precarious coalition, which perhaps could stay together for a short time, provided no one rocked the boat, and provided the attack against Iraq is launched before the shaky allies might take a second look at what they had gotten into. Also, providing Israel stood aside and was not implicated in the phoney war that Bush was conniving at the instigation of Israel.

But on Monday, October 8, 1990, Israel pulled a major snafu that put her right In the middle of this carefully staged but precarious exercise in hypocrisy and deceit. On that day, while some 3,000 Jews pretended to be "wailing" at the Wailing Wall, all hell broke loose. This Wailing Wall is actually the wall of a Moslem shrine that encloses some 35 acres of Holy ground which the Arabs call Haram al-Sharif, their term for Noble Enclosure. In it is the gold topped Dome of the Rock Mosque, and also the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third most holy shrine, after Mecca and Medina. The Arabs have owned this ground for more than a thousand years. The Jews in the last two decades have tried to steal this "holy ground" from the Arabs, and claim this is the site of their biblical Second Temple. They vow to pull down and demolish the Moslem Temples and rebuild their Jewish Temple on this same ground, which they call The Temple Mount.

In fact, on this same Jewish Holy Day, a rabbi-led Jewish mob tried to sneak the first cornerstone of their to be rebuilt temple on to the site. This set off a riot, with the Arabs throwing rocks at the Jewish mob, the only weapons the Arabs had. The Jewish police, heavily armed with American-financed Uzi automatic machine guns responded with premeditated brutality firing live ammunition at the unarmed Arabs, on the holy ground legitimately belonging to the Arabs. In a matter of minutes 21 Arabs lay dead, and more than 150 wounded, a massacre of major proportions by any standards.

Now Shabby George’s precarious and artificial coalition against Iraq is rapidly unraveling due to Israel’s "indiscretions," but George the Jew-lover Bush is reluctant to criticize Israel and her hot-head Prime Minister Shitsack Shamir. After all, the only true purpose of that "coalition and the entire "Desert Shield" operation is to protect Israel against Arabs in general, and Iraq in particular. "Desert Shield" for Israel  
As a Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) in most deceptive Jewish campaigns (and all Jewish campaigns are deceptive) the focus or target of their campaign is usually ad hominem, that is, concentrated on a person. Select a given person as the target and then go all out to vilify, denounce, slander, lie, attack and finally destroy that person. In World War I, it was the Kaiser, in World War II, it was Adolf Hitler. Since that tragic Jewish debacle, we have had any number of lesser targets of Jewish hate. At one time it was Ayatolla Khomeini, another time it was Muamar Khaddafi, at another time it was Daniel Ortega, and at another – Manuel Noriega. Today all guns of Jewish propaganda are firing at Saddam Hussein, although only two years ago he was the American buddy and we were supporting him in the cruel and destructive war against our then enemy Iran.
Let us again review the meaningless twaddle and idiotic charges that the Jew-manipulated George Bush is hurling at Saddam Hussein as pretexts to drag our young manhood half way around the world to suffer, sweat and die on the hot 120 degree sands of Saudi Arabia. All this at tremendous expense to our chaotic and floundering economy. All this to fight a war that Israel wants and manipulates, but is completely useless and meaningless to the White American taxpayers and our boys sent to Saudi Arabian deserts to die for Israel.

Saddam Hussein is a big bully, an aggressor pouncing on a weaker neighbor.
Well, George, old boy, this is the pot calling the kettle black. If you will jog your memory a bit and recall as recently as last December, you, the biggest bully in the world, pounced on your once partner in drugs, and beat the hell out of Panama. The inequality of the big bully and the little victim was much greater than between Iraq and Kuwait. What sayest thou about that? And then, George, if you will recall, in the not too distant past there was Grenada.

We, the U.S., cannot tolerate aggression anywhere in the world. What a goddamn laugh! The United States of America has hundreds of thousands of troops stationed in dozens of foreign countries where they are hated and unwanted, especially the nigger troops. The largest number of bases and contingents of troops are in Germany supposedly to defend the German people, another big belly laugh. So, we will not tolerate aggression anywhere in the world? Well, how come we tolerated the Soviet aggression against the Baltic States and other Eastern European countries? How come we not only tolerate but actively support and bankroll the continued Israeli aggression against the Arabs?

 We, the U.S., are determined to restore the legitimate government of Kuwait. Having deposed and imposed any number of legitimate and illegitimate governments all over the world (e.g., Vietnam, Nicaragua, Palestine, Panama, Philippines, Germany, etc.,) who in the hell are we to say whose governments are legal or illegal? The American people couldn’t care less whether some pompous fat billionaire "emir" governs Kuwait, or whether it becomes a province of Iraq. Certainly they are not willing to spend 20 billion a year and have their sons sweat, suffer and be killed on the hot desert sands of Saudi Arabia just to put some greasy "emir" and his coterie back on the throne.

 We must protect our vital interests in this oil rich territory. What vital interests? What possible "vital" difference does it make to us whether one Arab or another sells us the oil from Kuwait? If we had not dragged our vast military forces halfway around the world into the land of the Arabs, Saddam Hussein would still be selling us and other countries oil as usual, and it would still be around $20 a barrel, instead of $40. There never was any threat that Kuwait oil would cease flowing, and furthermore, only a minor 1.5% of our oil supply formerly came from Kuwait. Why does George Bush keep lying to us? Now that we have thrown a blockade around both Iraq and Kuwait, we have cut off our nose to spite our face, and cut off the oil supply to the world of not only one country but two.

 Saddam Hussein was surely going to invade Saudi Arabia next. The fact is we have no evidence of what Saddam Hussein’s intentions were or are at present, unless we claim to be mind readers, which we are not. His statements and actions after the occupation of Kuwait Indicate that he had no aggressive plans against Saudi Arabia. Our Jewish propaganda machinery, otherwise known as "mass communication media," is just plain lying to us as it did 25 years earlier about Vietnam and the domino effect and all that nonsense for which 57,000 young American lives were sacrificed in the jungles of Vietnam.  And even if Iraq were to invade Saudi Arabia, we again come to the basic question, what damn difference does it make to the average American whether we buy our oil from one Arab or another?  

In studying all the above highly touted charges against Iraq, we can come to only one conclusion: they are all a passel of lies and phoney as hell. There is only one basic and meaningful reason why the Bush administration has dragged hundreds of thousands of our boys halfway around the world to suffer and sweat and die on the hot sands of Arabia, and that is – Israel. It Is Israel and the domestic Jewish network in America that has given the orders and is calling the shots. They want us to go to war to smash the military potential of Iraq and other Arab countries which might pose a threat to Israel.

All Arab countries are Intently hostile towards Israel and for good reason. The Jewish intrusion into Palestine and what it has done to the native Arab population was a brutal act of aggression that raised havoc not only with the Palestinians, but because of the mighty backing of the world’s foremost power, the United States, has created chaos and hostility in all of the Middle East. It has wrecked once prosperous Lebanon, it has set the United States against Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and many other countries. Since the Jews control world affairs and especially the United States, they have managed to either bribe these countries, such as Egypt, or destroy them by military force, such as Lebanon, all at the expense of the White American taxpayers. Evidently today Israel considers Iraq as its most serious threat and has managed to manipulate the stooges that head the American government to use our vast military resources to smash Iraq.

But evidently the Jewish Kehilla is thinking beyond Iraq. George "Read-My-Lips" Bush keeps talking about THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and about the LONG-TERM commitment of the U.S. forces to the Desert Shield Operation. It seems to me I have read about the New Order somewhere in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, how the word will go out from Jerusalem and from Zion, and how the Jews will rule the world. Evidently the U.S. military forces are to remain In the Arabian desert permanently In order to protect Israel not only from Iraq, but also from all other Arab countries. Just as we have had anywhere from 250,000 to 350,000 American troops in Germany for the last 45 years to protect the Jews from the Germans, so now we are evidently settling in permanently in the Middle East to protect the Jews in Israel from the Arabs.
Holy War against Jewish Tyranny

However, I am confident that the Jewish tyranny throughout the world might soon be coming to an end. What the U.S. JOG is doing in Saudi Arabia today is the beginning of the end. The American presence in the Arab Holy Land, home of Mecca and Medina, is stirring up a hornet’s nest that cannot and will not be contained.
The so-called "alliances" Bush is trying to put together are extremely precarious and none of them, including the non-Arab allies, have any stomach to do the dirty work for the Jews. They all hate Israel with a passion, and America, the chief bankroller of Israel, is included as the principal accomplice in Israel’s crimes. It is only through vast amounts of bribery and/or threats that we have these so-called "allies" consenting to rendering token aid. The fact is our blatant, biased and slavish defense of Israel is stirring up a Jihad, an Islamic Holy War that is uniting 150 million Arabs in the area to vent their wrath against both Israel and the United States.  At the same time, this transparent pro-Jewish treachery, deceit and hypocrisy of the U.S. JOG is stirring the White people in America and the world to join us in the RAcial HOly WAr (RAHOWA) against the Jewish tyranny.

Israel and the Jews have over-reached themselves and they will soon find themselves between a rock and a hard place, between the wrath of a holy war waged by the Islamic forces and a Racial Holy War waged by the most powerful force on the face of the earth – a united White Race. It is our sacred duty to see to it that this comes about, and soon. Already the fires of rebellion and opposition against this stupid war are springing up in the streets in many parts of the United States, and in foreign countries as well. The familiar Vietnam slogans of yesterday are now being revised to read:
Hell no, we won’t go!
We won’t fight for Texaco!
Perhaps it doesn’t rhyme, but it would be more on the mark to proclaim:
Hell no, we won’t go!
We won’t fight for Israel!

All of the known White Racialist publications have strongly condemned the Jew-orchestrated U.S. military moves in the Middle East. Some of the pro-White activists, such as Matt Hale in Chicago, have publicly burned the Israeli flag and organized demonstrations against the Jewish conspiracy to fight Israeli wars with American soldiers. It seems that the anti-Israeli protest is not limited only to the White Racialists. According to the October 21st Sunday edition of The Atlanta Journal, thousands of protesters against "the pro-war hysteria" took to the streets in various U.S. cities, as well as a number of foreign countries, including Australia, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Spain and even Panama. Let us hope this is the beginning of a broad rebellion to break the tyrannical stranglehold of the Jewish serpent.

The duty to rebel against tyrants and traitors

That greatest of all leaders, Adolf Hitler, admonished us with these words of wisdom in Mein Kampf:  "If, by the instrument of governmental authority, a people Is being driven to its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right but the duty of every member of that people." The government of the United States, led by such racial traitors as President Bush, flanked by mulatto nigger Chief of Staff Powell, and Jewish Secretary of Defense Cheney, is indeed leading the White people of the United States and the world to disaster and destruction.

The traitors and tyrants have the (Jewish) law, but we have the right! It is our right and duty to mobilize Nature’s Finest, the White Race, the most powerful force on the face of the earth, and wage a White Racial Holy War, and do it now.

Only Creativity has the religious zeal, the creed and program to do a complete and final job. In Creativity we have the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION and the ULTIMATE CREED for White racial survival, expansion and advancement. Join with us in our sacred cause and do your part in building a powerful steamroller to smash the Jewish tyranny and get the Jewish parasites off our back, once and for all.

Delenda est Judaica! RAHOWA!

Ben Klassen
Founder Church Of The Creator

                                ARTICLE TAKEN FROM RACIAL LOYALTY #66
                                                      DECEMBER 17AC (1990)