Monday, 21 October 2013

White Mans Bible Banned in Canada?

A recent article found in The Daily Mail UK titled....

 Amazon has now been revealed to sell Holocaust denial and white supremacist literature.

In this article Creativity's Holy books are discussed as well as the assertion that the White Mans Bible is banned in Canada.


"MailOnline’s own investigation also uncovered several white supremacist-promoting materials with the following titles.
Building a Whiter and Brighter World, The White Man’s Bible, and Expanding Creativity, which – despite its innocuous title – is actually the latest in a series of writing to which the two books named just before it belong.

The WMB’s description boasts that is banned in Canada and is ‘considered as most dangerous literature for modern liberal values.’
The description further states that some ‘areas of concern are extremely important to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race' are detailed in its pages"

"Part of a series: These two books, along with Expanding Creativity promote an all-white religion with the goal of an all-white world population"


It is good to see Creativity's Holy books available for all to read and at cheap prices. I bought Natures Eternal Religion for 3.99  last year. The White Mans Bible, Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World were not available at the time. We can only hope that Amazon does not bend to the censorship demands coming from the usual cast of Anti-White/ Anti-Free Speech organizations. Banning books such as Creativity's White Man's Bible or William Pierce's Turner Diaries in my opinion just helps promote the "offensive" book(s) When we are told we are not allowed to read something it just piques the curiosity, it's Human Nature.

 Perhaps the distributors of WMB at Amazon added the " banned in Canada" to its description to do exactly that, pique the interest of the prospective buying public. I have searched for a list of banned books in Canada and am having trouble finding it, there are cases of books being banned by Schools and Libraries but only a short list of books "once" banned by various levels of government, this short list includes the Turner Diaries.  I have heard first hand about books being confiscated/held at the Canadian border, the border guard being the judge as to what books he/she feels should be allowed into the country, without a government issued list of banned books. So is the White Mans Bible banned in Canada? It does not seem to be "officially" banned but on any given day it could be confiscated at the border by a guard who doesn't like the name, the White Mans Bible. Had your copy of the White Mans Bible confiscated at the border? You can read on line here...........
For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Supernatural Experience...... By Brother Ivan

I never had a "supernatural" experience so I don’t bother with such thoughts. But still, if and when something like that happens, I would try to find some logical explanation for it. If there would be no explanation, we can assume it’s coincidence. If it starts repeating, then we could say there’s something more to it.

 There is also one very important thing to say - there are no supernatural things, there are only natural things that people yet can’t explain because of our current level of knowledge. Pure example, few hundred years ago (or maybe more) people were unable to explain thunder and lightning because of their inadequate knowledge, so they let imagination take it’s course.

 Today we can. Same is with everything else. We as Creators, are not like Christians who defy science and intellectual progress. On the contrary, we encourage scientific research and elevating our level of knowledge, about both the known and unknown. What is unknown will become known. What we defy is when people in lack of reasonable and scientific explanation try to explain some "phenomenon" as they please, inventing things that have no real basis what so ever.

Supernatural experience - bull crap. And this is why I say that,let me tell you my story that finally came to a conclusion today. Since I was 20 or something, or maybe even adolescent, I frequently started experiencing strange phenomenon while going to bed. Few minutes after I would fall asleep in my bed, I would find myself paralyzed, but aware of myself, something between awake and asleep.

 I couldn’t move my body and I was hearing some terrible unidentifiable noise in my ears, and feeling like something is coming for me or pulling me away. All this time I was terrified and tried to move myself to break free. This would last shortly and finally I would manage to move my body and instantly awake myself. First I though it was just a nightmare, but it started repeating itself every few nights. And because of body paralysis and awaking myself after body moved, I realized it is not just a dream.

Soon I noticed that it occurs only when I sleep on my back, in supine position, so I started to avoid sleeping that way. I was never superstitious, but again I was never able to explain it to myself, maybe it was some energy like underground water or something, so I just let it be. Years have passed and it occurred not so often any more, but it still was happening occasionally.

A few years later I moved to another room in same house, and it was still happening. Few more years later I moved to another city and it happened there few times also. Once I realized that I am really awake when this happens because I left light on and was able to see my room during whole experience. Freaky, right? People started telling me it’s astral projection, out-body experience, etc, etc. I mostly ignored it. I even tried to confront that "demon" that I was so afraid of when I was in that stage with noise and feeling it is coming for me - naturally, nothing came for me, there was just noise and an unpleasant feeling. Anyway, it happens rarely last few years.

Now,what is my point? This is my point

Today I accidentally stumbled upon an article about Sleep paralysis, and everything became clear to me after all these years.


My point is, I had a perfect example of a phenomenon that could be seen as supernatural experience by someone who is superstitial, but could also be scientifically explained. Just as I never looked for an answer all these 10 or 15 years, but I always knew there is something medical to it, and it turns out it is. There are no spooks or demons, no other realms or anything, there is only human mind and its ability to comprehend reality, and there are still many things that science will yet have to discover. For example I am sure that 100 years ago there was no scientific term or explanation for Sleep paralysis either.

There is also a question of afterlife. I really hope there isn’t one. What am I supposed to do when I die? Have toasts every day? And really, no one is asking such a question, but I will ask it now - what would be the purpose of afterlife? Really, why does anyone think there might be an afterlife, and why does anyone think it would be a good thing at all?


 Some people ask, although I can’t comprehend why they ask that, "what is the purpose of life if there is nothing after death"? I must say it is a stupid question and I don’t think I need to answer it at all here. But in fact, the real question is, why did anyone ever think of the idea that there may be an afterlife, and why did anyone ever think of it as a good idea to think that way. I really do not hope there is an afterlife, because what would be the purpose of this life if there is an afterlife? Really, there would be no purpose. Christians think of this life as a testing phase, but testing phase for what? Be good in this life to get bored in afterlife?
The beauty of life is in its transience, in living through your one time experiences from birth till death, knowing that those same experiences will never repeat as they were, so you cherrish those memories, the more unique memories are, the more you cherrish them. There is a beauty of being a playfull child because it will go away when you grow up, beauty of first kiss because it will always be the "first", the beauty of caring of your little baby because he will never be that little anymore, the beauty of carrying for your parents because some day they will pass away before you. The beauty of life is in its moments, moments are what fullfils us and what makes us happy. Eternal life would be the death of life.

                 Brother Ivan
                  Originally published in IMPERIUM          
The Creativity Movement online Magazine