Monday, 20 January 2014

Interview with Max Hynes of The Southern Ontario Skinheads

1. When was the Southern Ontario Skinheads
organization founded? And why was S.O.S founded?

SOS was first formed in the early 2000s and later re formed in 2012 to combat the rampant anti white agenda on a intellectual basis and some times a very much physical basis in opposition to anti white hate groups like the ARA/ ANTIFA. We have our boots in the streets and we are here to protect our community!

2. How many chapters of the S.O.S are there? And do you have any plans for future expansion?

Membership is an honour and not given lightly, and neither is membership information.

3. How would your describe the political and religious doctrine of S.O.S? 
 We are a white nationalist and pan European organization first and foremost, we believe in re-cultivating the warrior spirit that once existed in our people. To us the duty we feel to folk and nation is almost a spiritual one.
4. The Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) know who many of the S.O.S members are and regularly features them on their site,  yourself being particularly centered out. Do you see this attention from the ARC as a negative for yourself and organization or are you from the school that any publicity is good publicity?
To us we respect the anonymity of some our members and don't seek the over exposure (in our opinion) some have garnered in the past, ARC is just a tool for anti white groups to oppress our people so to answer your question, NO! I don't look at arc as a valid medium to promote the message of white civil rights as they are inherently opposed to the preservation of the white race and see absolutely no shame in forever losing the beauty possessed in our women and children. I don't live my life through the eyes of those that hate us.

5. I have heard you speak at a few meetings and listened to you being interviewed on White Pride Radio last year and found you to be very well spoken.  Could you see yourself in the future as a spokesman for the movement, giving speeches to Racialists, being interviewed by the controlled media?

Thanks for the compliment though I don't consider myself like Matt Hale or Paul Fromm, I see opportunity to educate those around me and instil pride in our generation's disaffected youth. Our youth no longer have the same opportunities their parents did, our labour jobs are being outsourced to the third world, the family values that once were so strong barely exist today.Its a new age, almost a nihilistic age with little importance placed on honour and loyalty. We would like these values to exist and have no problem informing a white person of any age that there is no shame in being White.

6. Skinheads are not as visible as they were in the 80's and 90's and some say not as relevant, with many of the political types in the movement distancing themselves from Skins, do you still see a place in the movement for Skinheads to do their part?

Absolutely I would even go so far as to say the Skinhead movement is essential to the progress of the white nationalist cause, true support is action not talk and this is exemplified by the warrior spirit of a Skinhead not the flabby keyboard commando that anonymously slanders us from his arm chair. Politics that voice the nations true concerns happen organically on the street until they are ever expressed in the House of Commons, Washington etc. By definition politics represent the people and more so than ever the Skinheads voice the working classes concerns, forced to grow up in lower income areas, we are not insulated from the problems of multi racialism like our politicians are.

7. What would you be looking for in a recruit for the Southern Ontario Skinheads? 

We are looking for Nationalists who want to be ACTIVE that don't want to be confined to only a social club due to cowardice and apathy. We want those who wish to make positive change in their local communities and are not afraid to show their pride.

8. Anything else you would like to add?

Yeah, keep your heads up Brothers, no matter what this fucked up life throws at you remember one thing, you are a White man and a Skin. Throughout history great men of our race have faced adversity and challenges, those that are remembered weren't always the strongest smartest or biggest but the ones that got knocked down and got back up. Don't give up stay true to not only your race but yourself, there is hope no matter how bleak things look. Remember one thing, there are countless going through the same challenges, you are not alone! In the battle to retain the pride and heritage that's being stripped from us you have an ally here wherever you may be!

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  1. I want to see about membership checking rally's white pride all the way! White pride all the FUCKING way. SOS sos SO FUCKING S

  2. I assume you are being sarcastic as you have that Negro vid on your page.

  3. are there rally's anywhere close to welland Ontario my small, low income town ? By all means a city or two away could be done to support my skin. I would like to meet someone more involved , possibly with some information on recruiting?

  4. Where can I get in a rally and meet someone with information, I understand what you look for, I'm sure I could be more of use in person rather than this fucking keyboard .

  5. Send an email to