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It's Okay to hate Matt Hale........By Evelyn Hutcheson

It's okay to hate Matt Hale because he's a racist. Don't hate him for a crime he never committed.

It seems that nobody really cares to print the facts in this case. I know the facts, I was there for the entire trial, I am Matt Hales' mother.

Those of you that read the articles on the trial are not getting all the true information, much information is left out of the articles, and makes for better reading. So most of you form your opinions on a portion of the truth.

Here are the true facts in the case:

1. Matt was not enraged at Judge Lefkow, she had ruled in his favor in a Trademark case, later a higher court ordered her to reverse her decision.

2. In the trial transcript(please read the trial transcript), nowhere did Matt order the government informant to go and kill Judge Lefkow. In fact, several times Matt told the informant that he would not be a party to any such act.
3. The Prosecutor said in his closing statement that the government had evidence that Matt ordered a member of his organization to go out and kill and injure many people. There was not any such evidence and Matt's attorney failed to object.
4. Matt, by law had the legal right to be present for the entire jury selection,(he was only present for 48%) because his attorney decided Matt didn't need to be there. Because Matt wasn't there, selected as a juror was a man that worked at North Western University with Ricky Byrdsong, the man that Ben Smith, a former member of Matts' organization killed.

5. The jury was very prejudiced, just as many people that are reading this.

6. Lack of knowledge may cause readers to form their opinions on incorrect information supplied to them, as has happened in this case.

7. Matthews' attorney failed to call one witness from a long list of people waiting to testify on Matthews' behalf. Matthew wanted to testify, his attorney told Matt that he wasn't prepared to do that

8. The informant Evola, a mentally challenged man was paid $75,000 of your tax dollars to tape conversations with Matt and lie on the stand about a shaking of Matts' head in agreement to killing the judge because they didn't have Matt on tape telling Evola to kill anyone.

9. Matt wanted to take a polygraph at the time of his arrest, they declined that request. Recently, Matt has requested a polygraph which was refused. You ask why, because a polygraph would show Matts' innocence.

10. Judge Moody sentenced Matt 40 years, using the guidelines used to sentence a terrorist, which Matt is not.

11. Matts' attorney failed to properly defend Matt and wanted to get the trial over with. He had another big trial he had to work on. Matt wasn't important to him.

Matts' father died April, 2013. Matt could not go to his funeral. I have only seen Matt once in 10 years and that was through glass. This travesty has destroyed our family, especially me and Matt's father.

I am not asking you to like my son! It is okay to hate him for his beliefs! Don't hate him for asking a government informant to kill a judge. That never happened!!

Matt worked hard to go to college and law school, passed the bar and was refused his law license because of his beliefs. He went to law school because he wanted to practice law. He still believes in the law, even though all of his appeals in the 10 years that he has been incarcerated have been denied.

My opinion is that he won his appeals. Yes, I've read all of them! The government wants to keep him in solitary confinement for another 24 years. I believe the government knew Matt was not guilty of any crime, this case was a sham from the very beginning. Someone in power must stand tall and do the right thing. Let my son come home, he has suffered enough for a crime he didn't commit.

                          IT"S OKAY TO HATE MATT HALE
He is a racist that never committed any crime

Evelyn Hutcheson


Mom of white supremacist Matthew Hale laments his racist rants; Evelyn Hutcheson’s son serving 40-year prison term for ordering murder of judge

 Matthew Hale, leader of the Illinois-based World Church of the Creator, speaks during a rally of white supremacists in Wallingford, Conn., Saturday afternoon, April 21, 2001. (AP Photo/Steve Miller)
Matthew Hale, leader of the Illinois-based World Church of the Creator, speaks during a rally of white supremacists in Wallingford, Conn., Saturday afternoon, April 21, 2001.
January 15, 2014 (CHICAGO) — Nearly 10 years after self-proclaimed white supremacist Matthew Hale began serving a 40-year prison sentence for ordering the murder of a federal judge, his mother said Tuesday she wish he would have kept his mouth shut.
Evelyn Hutcheson says her son would not have attracted the attention of authorities if he hadn’t openly expressed his racist beliefs, which she thinks led to his battles in court over his law license.
She told the Chicago Sun-Times that Hale’s inability to practice law gave him too much time alone to talk, and had he kept quiet, “he would have been practicing law for 10 years,” instead of being behind bars since 2005.
“When he was young, he did a lot of reading,” she said of her son. “My opinion is, his father was a quiet racist. But I think that Matt knew.”
Hale headed a group called the World Church of the Creator, which preached racial holy war. The group was sued in federal court by an Oregon religious organization claiming it owned the copyright on the name.
Hale became enraged at U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow after she ordered his group to stop using the name. He was later convicted of urging an undercover FBI informant to murder her and sentenced in April 2005.
Hutcheson says Hale received the harsh sentence because it came months after the murder of Lefkow’s mother and husband.
Hale maintained recently in a letter to the newspaper he is not guilty of putting out a hit on Lefkow, the Sun-Times reported.
Hutcheson said her son will continue to appeal his sentence, and that she said she helps by typing out “press releases” for him.
“I’m 75 now, so I’ll be dead,” when he gets out of prison, she said. “It’s just a really sad thing.”
Article taken from Chicago Sun-Times 
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  1. Matt Hale is innocent, totally innocent. He's been railroaded by Thomas Durkin, Esq., David Weisman, Esq. and the federal government.

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