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Law and Order......By Brother Jesse Orton

RAHOWA! White Racial Comrades,


I would like to address my thinking and concept that I express within Creativity. My article is not meant to change or distort our religion, that Ben Klassen has enlightened the White Race with. I am only trying to advance the spirit of Creativity, by explaining words that Ben Klassen used and probably found it of no concern to further explain, being that they are self-evident. I believe that these words and terms must be revaluated in order to completely understand or express the spirit of Creativity. I would like to talk about law(s) and Order as it pertains to J.O.G, Nature and Creativity the one and only Natural Religion for the White Race.

The Word LAW is a term which does not have a universally accepted definition, but one definition is that law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior. Laws can be made by legislatures through legislation, the executive through decrees and regulations, or judges through binding precedents (normally in common law jurisdictions)".

LAW according to this definition, is that of man in a man-made institution displaying dominance over man, by laws. Laws are made by legislatures (man) through legislation (more men). (Based on their affiliations, wither it be religious, ideology, or political.) We have laws that contradict laws, and or are made to violate rights, etc. It is basically organized chaos.
Man Made Laws Enforced by man: (Order) You have judges whom know the law but can distort it to fit their personal means, via religious, ideology, and political affiliations or practices. Therefore, if any judge based decision is in a direct violation to rights or laws, they can do so. They are the executive whom executes the final decision. You can appeal, but in most cases, the appeal is either shot down or when the final verdict from the appeal, is usually on the side of the original judge’s decision. After all, judges stick together, like a gang, like the FBI, CIA, even the local Police departments. All of which, these men, in these positions, enforce these unnatural man made laws to fit their own means. We can find
many excellent example of men using man made laws in their own best interest, more correctly, the best interest of their affiliations. This Affiliations being the JEWISH OCCUPATIAL GOVERNMENT.

The Laws of Nature: are the rules and guidelines of everything that exist in the natural world. Simply, the Laws of Nature, are the Laws of life. Look at Nature's Eternal Religion Chapter 1, The 24 points of the LAWS OF NATURE. These Laws are not man made, they are not made up by a so called spook in the sky. They are the conclusion, we have after studying every living creature in Nature. They are proven over, and over again, since time immemorial. Of which are fixed, and unalterable. We cannot bend or reshape the laws of Nature. We can only fulfill the law of life (Survival of our species). It is our avowed Duty and Holy responsibility to lead our life by the law. The law: Survival of our species by all means at all costs.

Order: 1) an authoritative direction or instruction; command; mandate.
 2) a condition in which each thing is properly disposed with reference to other things and to its purpose; methodical or harmonious arrangement: You must try to give order to your life. These are the Two definitions of ORDER we are concerned with in this article. The other two definitions fit the man made laws. Those definitions are:

1) Command of a court or judge.
2)  A command or notice issued by a
military organization or a military commander to troops, sailors, etc.

By this definition we the White Race are directed, instructed, and or commanded by the Laws of Nature. In doing so, we are in harmony with Nature herself, toward the survival, expansion, and advancement of our species. We believe in living in accord with our human biological heritage and in harmony with the laws of Nature. (LWB chapter 6 #1 principle of S.L.)

Creativity is the one and only true religion for the White Race. It is the only religion that truly is in harmony with Nature and her Laws. Creativity is the full creed and program for the preservation of life, the life of a species: our sacred White Race.
Creators understand the Laws of Nature, and are more in tune with their Natural Instincts of which nature herself has ingrained within our very consciousness. This is why, we are Creators, and why our religion is Creativity. We want to lead our life, to the fulfillment of the Law. And why we must keep the Order within the life of our race. In doing so, we must strive to work toward our most Noble Duty, by changing and instilling the highest Law of Nature within the minds of our people.
Our noble duty is to straighten out the polluted and scrambled thinking of our precious White Race. To awaken them, to inspire them, and to galvanize them. This is our struggle. The struggle in the fight for survival. We must have the Will to overcome that which challenges us from within our Struggle. We must be the soldiers of the Front, ready to charge unknown territory, to continue to march forward to a whiter and brighter world. There are many road blocks on the battlefield within preserving Natures Order, and the life's blood of our future generations. Without the love and joy that we have for our White Racial family, our noble duty in our struggle, will never be fulfilled. These struggles are the true test of your heart, only the strong, brave and courageous fulfill the law of life.
We should never
be afraid of our deeds, in reclaiming the eternal soul of our people, Creativity. But be afraid of stagnation, as a lost day, is a lost Deed. We want to be worthy of the blood of our fathers, whom struggled before us for the meaning of their life. Love living within the struggle, it is the recognition of our Will to power. (another Law of Nature) This reflects on the honor of our race and our family of which we must uphold, as a matter of life (fulfillment of law) or death (stagnation). Remember, that the divine Law of Nature emerges out of the Nature of the White race within itself. The living Blood of our people commands the fulfillment of the Law and Order. Comrades as a matter of life or death, do your Duty for our Blood, Soil, and Honor for our future generations. By Straightening out the White Man’s thinking. This is the most Honorable deed that can ever be accomplished. By awakening our people to Creativity, is the one major, long lasting contribution you can make for your race.
To end this article, I hope this concept of Law and Order reaches the deepest depth of your heart and your Creative soul. We have to struggle to advance, and out of each advancement (moving forward) is one step closer to a Whiter and Brighter world, under our Victorious Flag, RAHOWA! We must have the Will to overcome our struggles, in the fulfillment of the law, to regain Order to our people. The living blood demands duty. For Blood, Soil and Honor is the heart of our faith. It’s just the beginning of our great struggle.

Aut Vincere Aut Mori!
Delenda Est Judaica!
Brother Jesse Orton
Jan 41AC (2014)


          Originally published in ..... IMPERIUM #9
          The Creativity Movement Online Magazine 


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