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What Are They Afraid Of ? ....... Press release/ Rev Hale

An Open Letter to the U.S. Dept. of Justice concerning the Imprisonment of Reverend Matt Hale, An Innocent Man 
Rev. Matt Hale,
 America's foremost religious prisoner of conscience, sent the
following letter to Asst. U.S. Attorney Bindi on December 10th of last year but has still not received a response. He has offered to take a lie detector test, or any test approved by the government, that would prove to the government's own satisfaction that he is innocent of having solicited the murder of Chicago judge Joan Lefkow in 2002.

 Mr. Bindi has thus far refused this sensible attempt to achieve long overdue justice in the Hale case, a case where even Hale's ideological opponents concede that there is no actual evidence of Hale's guilt. However, public pressure is mounting that the Dept. of Justice should at least be willing to provide Hale with the test that he seeks and that its refusal to do so is indicative of a desire that a clearly innocent man remain imprisoned. After all, if the federal government really believes that Hale is guilty, what are they afraid of? If the test shows that Hale is lying about his innocence, the government would no doubt crow that from the rooftops. On the other hand, what if the test shows that he is indeed innocent as he has always claimed?

Letter to U.S. Attorney Bindi........

 Dear Mr. Bindi

I am in receipt of a copy of your letter to Clifford Barnard, dated November 21, 2013, in which you refuse to assist me in ending my wrongful imprisonment.
I appreciate the clarity of your letter. However, as an innocent man, I naturally must refuse to accept your refusal. I refuse to accept the idea that it is perfectly fine with you and the U.S. Justice Department that an innocent man remain imprisoned for another 24 years for a crime he did not commit. I refuse to believe that the Justice Department of a country as great as the United States has no care at all as to whether the people it is imprisoning are actually guilty or not. I refuse to believe that it is "justice" for innocent people to remain imprisoned when the fact of their innocence can be established so easily to the government's satisfaction.

A few days ago, Nelson Mandela died. I can't help but note the irony of the fact that the federal government campaigned for many years that he be released from prison even though he was actually guilty of committing numerous crimes of violent terrorism against the South African government. And yet the federal government won't help to right the wrong that itself has committed against me, an actually innocent man? Is violence committed against a foreign government more worthy of your exoneration than the innocence of your own citizens? How can this possibly be?

I ask you to take a few moments to look at the government exhibits that were offered at my trial, specifically the transcript for the 12/17/02 recording, the 12/9/02 email, and the 12/17/02 recording transcript. The evidence proves my innocence. No solicitation by me occurred and I turned Evola down on 12/17/02. Why then am I imprisoned? Why can't I be reunited with my loved ones, minus my father who died last year? How would you feel if you yourself were suddenly arrested and then convicted for something you didn't do? Wouldn't you ask that someone, somewhere, be interested in righting the horrible wrong that had been done to you? Wouldn't you be writing the letter that I am writing now?

The fact that I have "been convicted by a jury , and that conviction has been fully reviewed" means little to nothing because juries make mistakes and the hurdle an appeal for a convicted criminal defendent is terribly high no matter the merits of his case as you know. Hundreds of innocent people have in fact been freed from prison in recent yeas when it was realized that a wrong had been done. How many innocent people though remain?

I believe that you are a conscientious man. How can it comport with your conscience though knowing that a man who is likely innocent may remain imprisoned for another 24 years because of your refusal to take action that would stop such an injustice? What exactly does the government lose if my innocence is established to its satisfaction? It loses nothing but that an injustice that has been done in its name.

I ask, therefore, that you reconsider your decision. I am going to be writing letters like this for as long as it takes to right this wrong. I have devoted my life to legal and peaceful change and can never accept this atrociously false stain on my character.

Merry Christmas.  Sincerely Yours,

Matthew F. Hale

To contact Asst. U.S. Attorney Mr. Bindi with your concerns about the imprisonment of an innocent man.................  

David E. Bindi
Asst. U.S. Attorney
219 S. Dearborn St. 5th Floor
Chicago, IL

David Bindi (312) 886-7643
FAX (312) 886-0657


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