Friday, 21 February 2014

Craig Cobb on Canada and his Case/ Feb 2014


Our Religion is being severely defamed in Canada. Anyone who does not recognize the right of free association has ceded their Human-ness to morph into a robot of the system. Their intolerance for free association must be swept away as a force of Nature. That is all they are a mere force of Nature.  For to be Human pre-supposes non-intervention in the affairs of others when they are not harming.

The Canadian Consulate in Minneapolis has written me some letters, mostly about the possibility of doing my sentence in Canada. Then a supporter sent me extensive Xerox sheets about Brad Love's oppression and I felt depressed for his plight at the hands of the hateful Multi-Cultists.I am sure Canada would do the same or worse to me.

Indeed the omnipresence of the Multi-Cult, especially in the media is shocking and extreme. Homosexuals are the new princes of society; Blacks a seeming near-majority, judging by the air time they get. To cite a quote of Prof. Kevin MacDonald in a piece in the current "American Free Press" by our friend Paul Fromm:
"Not only are anti-White messages prestigious, they are also badges of moral rectitude. Displacement level non-White immigration has become a moral imperative. To dissent from such policies is to place oneself outside the moral universe of the contemporary west"  

 THE CASE......

The case is going so-so. There seem to have been some recent setbacks, though it can all change suddenly, as I have seen several times. One thing for sure, several levels of Government targeted us to impede and harass our free and legal purchase of property and our free and legal intent to live in proximity to one another while securing good oil jobs in the Bakken. Some people, some non-Racialists, can still even see that, that is morally and legally wrong. They daren't treat homosexuals, Somalis or any other Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Muslims etc. like that. Only Whitey gets that special treatment.

In Creativity
Craig Cobb
Feb 41AC (2014)

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