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Interview with Craig Cobb

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your past and present forms of activism, your origins and life in general?

I was born the oldest in my family 1951; father a land developer and architect; mother an elementary school teacher. I am descended from German, English, Irish, and Scottish forbears. My 5th great grandfather Henry S. Cobb came to Plymouth from Kent England in 1632 on the ship Anne. My third great uncle was Howell Cobb who was president of the Montgomery Convention in 1861--so, it could be said, one of the founders of the Confederacy. At about 11 and 12 I began to often read newspapers, many magazines (the large photographic mags Look and Life), and specialty publications too. At 13, science fiction fascinated me. This was of course pre-internet.. I think a bit hard for the young to even imagine. George Lincoln Rockwell was often carried by the Associated Press--frequently in front page stories. In 1964 and 1965 when I was 12-14, there were major and violent racial riots.
So these events had a big impact on me. I recall looking for many hours at photos of Rudolf Hess in Spandau. It did not make sense to me. No adult gave me satisfactory (to me) answers as to why one old
and frail man was being held in a huge prison when he had merely been in war as had millions through the ages. One time, too, at about age 11, in coming home from a large influential Methodist church we attended very infrequently, they had played what I am sure was Bach. No one could explain to me what that was. And I asked my mother why people used to live to more than 600 years and now we go away so soon. (Reference: http://bit.ly/ZV4T9R) I was worried that my loved ones would leave too soon. She just said "shssss" and finally I offered that maybe we had been not good enough for God and so he did this to us. I wanted my Mom to feel OK about the problem. The usual nonsense we are inculcated with by our controllers, but I think I was even then more edgy and unconvinced than almost all.

You are well known, among other things, as a founder of Podblanc, a pro-white version of youtube. You also had a lot of troubles because of it, even incarcerated for a while, and the site has been shut down. As of recently Podblanc is up again, what are you plans for it?

 Now androids and iOS constitute Web 3.0 I believe approx 60% of web hits for all sites are mobiles. That seems high to me, though it's a tech stat i recently read. Reading tech sites gives me pleasure. I have PhoneGap, a program to make mobile apps and I am trying to learn Javascript.

Agis (of Goyfire, with Alex Linder) and I had originally hoped that with phone cameras in early 2007, when we got online, that, for example, the Whites in Paris would film niggers and Muslims rioting or beating Whites and upload those. We had hoped for breaking news vids from all major European and US capitols. It didn't quite work out like that, though we got online just 2 years after You Tube and had Tom Metzger and myself broadcasting live (not via recordings only). The Economist mag covered Podblanc.com too. Agis used to say that, because of our ability to drop breaking news story vids into the top 10 or 20 of Google within minutes, we are read by the top 1% of government, lawmakers, money, military--the leaders of society. This was/is true. Google assigns an unusually high algorithm to video sites.

As I've already mentioned you had a great deal of trouble with authorities because of Podblanc in last few years, and before that you were also harassed because of Matt Hale's case. Despite all that, you are still here. What can you tell us about those experiences, especially because you had to move frequently because of it.

Alex Linder has one of the most succinct quotes about what we all do: "Things are so bad, that in some countries they don't even put you in jail for criticizing Jews!" He also says something like what we do takes only a modicum of intelligence and the willingness to openly address reality. It's dismaying more do not. To tell you exactly, even from a young age, I was frightened by so many Christians pretending that what they said was true...to know that so many who were around me as a child, in control of my fate--it is like scary-faced zombies, which is what the Jesus who never existed was, lol--a Michael Jackson-like Thriller zombie! Jewish tall tales controlled masses then, even as Hollywood, a Global counterfeit Rothschild money system and religious/corporate fraud does now.

In Finland asylum, the niggers--they love the black equatorial niggers the most--many get to stay in Finland. One time pretty girls came and played board games  with asylum seekers. One girl was playing stack blocks till they fall game with a burr-headed nigger. Then she said goodbye. So she came back to him after parting a few feet and hugged his head to her breast as he sat in a chair and she stood saying goodbye in girly baby talk like the jigabunny was a darling little White baby! I said to the Belarus guys with me seeking asylum: "Where's our hug and cootchy-coo goodbye!?" They all laughed and got the joke.
The Finland cops who took me on the ferry to Tallinn looked ominously at each other when they saw my paperwork. "What's wrong?", I asked. "It says here you can't come back to EU Europe for ten years." "Yes, so?", said I. "We have never seen that before for something like this. We only see that for murderers or bank robbers and rapists." Then later we all became friends and they told me stories how groids start fistfights with them on the airplanes right before they land in Africa on escorted deportations. Good stuff.

The Helsinki commandant of jail asked me if I knew why I was there after the surfer-looking cop and man and woman picked me from asylum hotel. I said "probably internet" and he shook my hand and welcomed me to his big city jail! lol In Estonia, when I was in the basement for a couple of weeks, the 6'5" giant guard Sven would open the huge steel door and make a bow, saying in a cheery voice "Good morning Dr Lector! Did you sleep well, Sir?" (From the Hannibal the Cannibal movie series) Ha ha--he was a racist and making fun of the whole EU Jew-controlled system that landed me there. He was a Podblanc fan too. He used to say in his British-English high-toned accent (talking about the Podblanc Angry Aryans song he'd hit) "Nigger Loving Whore! Very good song!" ...as he made an uplifted fist next to his chest and a twinkly smile!

I walked 60 miles over the Rocky mountains at 4,000 feet from British Columbia, Canada into Montana, USA to escape the RCMP federal warrant. The Von Trapp family hike in reverse, I like to call it. But in 2010 most of the winter, I had to live in a dugout hole in the ground in the Montana forest with pine boughs on floor and walls and longs and tarp and boughs on the roof. That was a harder time, but I proved to myself I could do it.

You were involved with WCOTC at the time when Matt Hale was arrested and when all hell broke loose. How do you view those times now after all these years, do you think the outcome of it all could have been different?

I had only been in WCOTC about 7 months when Matt was arrested. Though I am quite a bit older than he, I felt it wasn't my place to say too much about his strident bother about the Lefkow copyright case. You could tell, by his writings in our newsletter, The Struggle, that PM Hale was not pleased with WCOTC being manipulated by the system. I wish in hindsight that I had tried more in emails we exchanged to talk to him as an older man, to urge him to not give them any opening to take him down. But I tried to be too respectful. It was wrong choice. Never again I will make mistake like that. The Christian church which sued was a front for Jews. In prior cases, entities which had had a logo for that many years were allowed to keep it, even without legal registration.

I think I first saw Matt on US talk shows--usually with large female audiences as were popular in the 70's and 80's...gosh, I bet he wasn't much older than 17 or maybe even 16 the first time I saw him. He was young. I was impressed and glad he was saying those things even then. There should have been more news on him in a fair society. He probably mentioned reading Mein Kampf at 11 or 12--this resonated, as I read that and other works at 12 or 13. Matt of course is a graduated lawyer and plays violin. I knew blonde April Patterson (don't confuse with Gaede)--she was his acting secretary/assistant for a
few months. She was there with Jeff Schoep when Matt was arrested. She said he is very focused on the tasks at hand--and might be perceived by most as not particularly social and this I can understand well. I was and still am very proud to have joined the church. Before that we had members in 49 states and I think almost 20 countries. I was the only member in the last state, lol.

About things being different: they will try and take down charismatic leaders. That is always as it has been in human history. We have been fighting Jews for more than 2,000 years and things will go on a long, long time. So resolve to stay the course and pass on your valuable knowledge and energy for the war to your decedents--both those you know and those you never will. You get eternal life through your and their DNA continuum.

I like to think that if the USA break up as the USSR did that Matt has a good chance to be freed in such scenario.

You have been working a lot on video activism recent years. Do you think that we should focus more on it, considering that majority of new generations simply don't like to read books much?

Videos are like dreams. Mechanical replications of dreams you see in your brain at night. Dreams are of course not caused by "God" as the women and controllers would have us believe, but by psychotropic chemicals within the human brain and gland released during sleep. So all humans are "psychedelic trippers". Anyway, videos are visual approximations of those psychedelic trips, in the sense of their basic quality or frame of reference. If moving holograms become the norm--if an entire Roman Colosseum spectacle can be made with "robotic light images"--that will be a new frontier. By then, surely we will have long been using the best aspects of gene engineering, and I doubt folks will be shopping for morbidly obese Hottentot DNA either, ha! Till then, videos affect the limbic brain which is reptilian...there is a "wait and see" aspect to absorbing a vid's info. Even though it is the method Jews used to great extent to bring us to this reduced level via Jewellyhood movies and TV. We have to control TV. At least have a satellite and some TV reach. Yes, vids are good--very useful still for a long, long time. I have a lot of admiration for European nationalist parties--Golden Dawn (who used to donate regularly when Podblanc was based in Estonia) to the Belgium, Hungarian, French, UK--so many of them! We don't have those in the US. We need orbs. Europeans are generally more humanly-relational and serious in this aspect of organization. We need full blown moviemakers too.

You traveled a lot, had the opportunity to meet people from many white countries, you even lived in Europe for a few years if I am correct. What are the differences between nationalists in US and Europe, from what you could see?

Europeans are not anti-information or anti-intellectual as Americans vastly tend to be. Sure, major exceptions in either case. People probably smile and laugh easier here--at least till the fall of 2008, he he. I do think it is important that we all, no matter where we spend our lives or have the most of our ancestors, understand that we are a large common extended family of DNA; that we are truly the Precious minority on
The Teeming Dark Planet, vastly outnumbered and destined to fall more soon numerically before we reverse that trend. Non-Whites will become--are now--extremely aggressive in trying to hasten our plight.

You are also known as a Creator, when did you first got in touch with works of Ben Klassen, and how did you decide that ''it is the right way''?

Back to newspapers, the early-mid 70's. Ben Klassen got some coverage way back then and that's how one, to great degree, got info data then--via the newspapers. I'd been a campaign worker for George Wallace in 1968. I gave speeches at my high school. The remnant of Youth for Wallace became Dr William L Pierce's mailing list. Alex Linder states that negroes are nature's biological walking early warning systems--they look bad, they sound bad and loud and they often smell--sensory overload to warn you (and especially White females) away. So I think I noticed this from a young age--the result of IQ and a natural tendency to speak frankly without much social polish or soothing veneer. That was my way; still is.

You have been rather vocal in criticizing current US president, Obama, I also remember an anecdote that you met Obama when you were young and he said he wasn't born in US.... Anyway, many people in pro-white community were saying back then when Obama was elected in his first term, that it could even be a good thing, that it would help white Americans to awake from their dream, especially considering all the changes in health care, taxation, gun control.... Do you think that ordinary white people are starting to wake up because of it? Situation before Obama and now, what do you see?

Yes I did drive Obama in my taxi about 1981. I am now 61; 9 years older than he. I was 29 I think (my birthday is in Oct.) when I drove him. I was a world traveller then and he enjoyed our conversation. We talked about a half hour at 1617 South Beretania, the high-rise where his White bank VP grandma and he lived. Just "taxi passenger to driver"--such incidents are common in the trade. I will tell you the mnemonic tricks which branded my brain with the event:

1. He was with 2 local men on Kuhio Ave, when he himself hailed me--I believe at Seaside and Kuhio, quite near by far the largest homosexual bar in Honolulu called "Hamburger Mary's" Reference his "gay" life in Chicago years later with Jew Rahm Emanuel, a trained and graduated tiny ballet dancer http://bit.ly/QN1whb).

2. We had to exit Waikiki via McCully bridge and drive through the bungalows and apt. buildings with many one way streets. I was always careful not to make mistake and accidentally run up meters on my customers and I'd only been a cabbie there a just over 2 years. so I asked him to show me the best turns, which he did.

3. His name was "Barry". A black man with a common Jewish first name and he is that verbally adept? I remember thinking that even though he is basketball tall (scholarship?) he was not an ordinary black--I thought maybe his dad was a Jewish lawyer in town.

4. We both went to private school--he to Punahou just a couple or three blocks over the H1 freeway; me to a boarding school in Boston MA. When you are young, as we were, you think that is a big deal and that you are a "blue blood aristocrat".

5. Hawaii is a very corrupt place where Communism/Socialism was big with young Japanese at one time--they started (revived) the Democratic party there, basically. There was much corruption in getting a permit to just drive taxi. They would tell you you failed the verbal when you nailed it perfectly. I imagine there were not more than 30 or 60 Whites out of maybe 650 or so in those days.

So I asked Barry about this. I said, "they seem very racist to me". He responded "Of course they are". He was the first local who had ever openly admitted this to me and it felt quite liberating to hear it. So this was the subject of much of our talk.

 6. I clearly remember saying, basically: "Well, you kamaaina (note: Hawaiian word means "born in Hawaii"), so it's easy for you to understand all these subtle nuances of culture; I don't think I ever will". Here he corrected me with very proper English, saying "No no! As I told you before" (he meant a few minutes before in our conversation) "...I wasn't born here, i came here as a baby!" "Oh that's right, you did say that, but you know what I mean--you have been here mostly all of your life which has conscious memory".

So there are people in National Security Agency and other high governmental people who know the truth. America is at a terribly correct phase in its (I hope) soon fall.

Do you prefer the idea of white migrations to areas that are still dominantly white, or do you think we should ''stand our ground'' where we live whatever it takes?

Serbia just lost 1/4 of their land. Some Kosovars are maybe White though I think the majority are Albanian non-Whites. We often call California "Calikosovo". In this country, I can't imagine-NYC, Miami, L.A., Philadelphia, Memphis--even Atlanta and Chicago ever again being majority White. Let them live amongst themselves in their shit governmental and DNA-mess systems if they think those systems are so wonderful. We have to get away from them and separate into small, strong, united White nations. We will blend out--as the Western Satraps, the Kushei, Tocharians, Scythian, Kushans etc if we do not. If we do not separate and do so willfully with high consciousness of why and what we are doing, then we cannot succeed. So we must. Sure, some of them will try to follow us into our orderliness, our White places. They may not any longer. This is goal.

What is your point of view about Islam and Christianity? Also, why do you think Jews attack Christianity, if we are presuming that Jews invented it in the first place, as Creativity teaches us? Is it maybe because they attack Christians, and not Christianity itself?

I look on the triumvirate of Judaism, Christianity and Islamism as all Abrahamic jewish lie variants from the same weed. Jews attack Christianity and then hold enclaves singing hosannas about the common weed roots. In the state they are most contemptuous of their biggest supporters--evangelical Christians. Depends on whether Haredim, Hasidic or what garden variety. They do what they do to maintain control and money/psyops dominances over our governments and societies whether in North America, the EU--wherever. They certainly consider themselves far superior in all respects. Around 3/5ths of Israel are descended from Polish Jews. In Poland, in villages, Jews used to have weeks-long Talmudic debates. The winners would be sent to the most advanced schools they could gain entry to--all the Jews of the village chipped in. Then the matriculated scholar might be wed to a successful merchant's daughter (a family with proven business skills). The kings and princes of Poland came to have Jew tax collectors who had vast powers bestowed in/upon them; they'd travel with the royal leaders or alone and took up the practice of frequently picking the most beautiful of the Aryan women in a town or village to have sex with, not infrequently before her new husband in betrothals. This led to great and valid resentment and hatred from Whites in Poland. So I tell the story so that you see--this is eugenics they were practicing. Just as a farmer would with his livestock and as we must in future.

I'd just like to add that the Chinese and Koreans are not nearly as restrictive on genetic/eugenic law as anti-White Western nations. Even today, we could begin "farming" White women--they are in demand by all Whites worldwide. USA is the fattest country on Earth. It is shocking to see the "air swimming" land manatees at Walmart super centers--they are everywhere and you are the extreme minority. So the idea of literally harvesting and raising White girls to adulthood may seem repugnant or morally wrong to you. But it can be done now. It is the way out of our limitations to reproduce ourselves. We can get the best DNA from women and men. I have researched this a lot--joined these businesses in the states and talked to female geniuses with IQs above 150 who have sold their eggs many times over. You can currently hire a women to carry a child to term for as little as $12,000. The great WN genius scientist James Bowery convinced me of this; all he had to do was tell me and I "got it". I hope you do too.

For me, Creativity is like an ancient Bushido code of honor, except now, for us-- for Whites. Because there are no spooks in the sky. It is moral honor of Our Race we must uphold to impel us into future immortality via constantly replicating/improving DNA. You are the result of eons of beings who sacrificed and died and had marvelous, dangerous, tragic, heroic, lives and moments. And then were forgotten for all time. Desolated by this mystery of consciousness and existence. Lost in time except for their cells in as you! On it goes.

Work hard if you are young. Be logical. Read about great White men in history. Copy them. Pattern yourself to emulate their accomplishments. Teach those younger or less experienced than you. Be willful.

Thanks to all of you in Europe who have advanced Creativity so much and will continue to do so now that are countries are filled with White-hating, White-envying and worst of all--White-women (sex) seeking vast global majority non-Whites. They will never help us; only fight us. Where is a single of their solely funded international orgs to promote White survival or even well-being? Even one does not exist!

Craig Cobb
North Dakota, USA April 14, 2013

Interview by TCM Europe
Originally published in
IMPERIUM  The Creativity Movement online Magazine



Friday, 24 May 2013

Blinded....... By Brother Dennis

I was driving to work recently when I got stopped in traffic. The traffic was nothing new – pretty much same thing different day – except on this particular day I observed something that made me think about our society and why our people (Whites) are the way we are. (When I say "we", I am meaning "Whites")

While I was sitting in traffic, I watched a car coming the opposite direction pull in to a turn lane and wanted to cross traffic. The people in the two lanes to my right had left openings so that someone could turn if needed. However the person in the car in front of me proceeded to pull right up and block this car from turning. He sat there oblivious to the fact that there was a car wanting to turn. He was oblivious to the fact that the cars next to him had actually left spaces. I watched him just stare into space, not looking around, not acknowledging his surroundings, not realizing anything that was happening around him. The only thing this person was aware of was himself - his little circle. A pink elephant could have walked by him and he would not have noticed.

Why are we blind? Why have we as Whites become so oblivious to our surroundings and events that are occurring around us?

This attitude seems to start when we are teenagers (or maybe sooner). Society has generated many false ideas that are thrust upon us - we must fit it and not be outspoken, we me get along with everyone (even though the same isn’t true for non-whites), we must not start trouble, we must accept things for what we are told (i.e. be gullible), we must not say or do anything that is contrary to the societal norms. These ideas are pushed by every facet of our lives – from school, church, television, news media, government, etc…and even our employment. And of course, most fall into line because they think if all these organizations and groups are saying the same thing – it must be correct. When we look at these facets and dig deep we see that the Jewish influence is controlling all aspects of this coercion…they are ingrained in our governments, our schools, the media, they have created and pushed religions to weaken us, and are directly involved and support most "pro-diversity" organizations.

Whites, in particular, have been pushed and pushed with the ideals to be successful, be highly educated, have a prosperous job, and be a materialistic in this social image. As a result, a majority of Whites now have chosen to do nothing but focus of themselves and making sure they are better than the next person…just trying to "keep up with the Jones’" or better yet just out do our fellow neighbor. We are so focused on our own individual successes that we have stopped concerning ourselves with welling being of our race and the well-being of our culture. We have lost sight of our peoples’ history and heritage focusing on just creating a new heritage of the individuals. We have become the race horses or driving horses with blinders (or winkers) on – keep our eyes focused on what is directly in front of us and not allowing us to be distracted by what is happening to our sides or behind. As a result, we are focused as individual on what "they" what us to believe is important. We as Whites have lost sight of the bigger picture…our RACIAL SURVIVAL. Our White people have become the sheeple....mindlessly following the person ahead in a glazy-eyed beast-like state! How do we change this? How do we remove the blinders and break them from this brain-washed state? … this is the hurdles we face.

I look back at my childhood and my children today and remember how innocent and free thinking we were. Children have a natural curiosity and their mind is going full throttle until society tries to hamper it. Children are always looking around; their head is on a swivel; always observant to objects and events
around them. What is this? What is that? Why, why, why? Look at that plane. I see a dog, …everything is curious to a child and they are always learning and growing… again until society tries to stops them and redirects their thinking. When children learn a bad habit we have to correct them, tell them what is right, emphasize and reiterate this lesson again and again until they understand the right path. Similarly, we must start treating White people like children who have learned this bad habit. We must tell them what is true and right; explain what is wrong and the falsehoods they have been told, emphasize and reiterate this information. Most importantly we must expose our White people to the biggest negative influence that is against our Racial Survival…the Jews! We must tell our lost White people about the Jewish influence in the media, government, schools, and the banks. The Jews run this systems…they are the owners of the news – allowing mainstream media to report only what they want reported…look how much we see Israel reported on the news and how you never hear about the struggle of White people around the world (in South Africa for instance); look at how the government is focusing on supporting Israel providing them with an almost unlimited check book, how the government is always looking out for the banking systems and making sure they don’t fail – while in the mean time they continue to tax and take away the hard earned money of the White people only to give it freely to every minority with an open hand; our schools are pushing diversity, acceptance of gays, minority, requiring the teaching of the Spanish language, forced to teach about the holohoax…and the list goes on. This is what we as a White Race struggles to overcome! Always remember…"what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin."

Overcoming these hurdles is not easy but it must be done if we intend on ensuring our Racial Survival; if we intend on setting out peoples’ mind straight; if we intend to expose all these falsehoods and lies. At first it is difficult and people are resistant and many times offended. Our minds have been brainwashed for over 2000 years and the task of straightening White Peoples’ thinking won’t happen overnight. Sometime we must start small and get a person to buy into one idea to start and from there the ideas will begin to grow just as the leaves on a tree blossom in the spring. We can’t get discouraged no matter how much resistance we encounter because if we stop – WE FAIL!

White people must remember the bigger picture - our Racial Survival. White people must remove the blinders that have been placed on our eyes. We as Creators must rip these blinders off our fellow White brothers and sisters in order for them to see the truth, to see our future, to see our survival! "It is the avowed duty and holy responsibility of each generation to assure and secure for all time the existence of the White Race up the face of this planet." We as a White Race cannot wait…it is our responsibility to act now!


Brother Dennis

Monday, 20 May 2013

Selection of Racial terms Deliberate......By Ben Klassen


In the held of propaganda, programming, education and enlightenment, certain key rules come into play. The battle in which the White Race is now Involved and in fact, is fighting for its very survival, is basically a battle for the mind. Overwhelmingly, it is a battle for the White mind, a mind that is now sorely polluted not only with chemical drugs but psychological mind benders as well.

We are sorely besieged not only with drugs but even more so by a poisonous onslaught of ideas.

We are at the mercy of a deadly siege of psychological warfare, yet, the White Race is hardly aware of it. Call it propaganda, mind warping, mind scrambling, programming or whatever you like, the White Race is mostly on the receiving end, practically defenseless and not returning so much as a volley.

It is the psychological warfare I want to zero in on in this treatise, and the fact that the main issue of this warfare is racial. In short, we are at the losing end of a psychological war that is being waged against us, the White Race, by our deadly enemies, the mud races in general led by the cunning Jew. In this field, these master sneaks of all time are the unchallenged experts and have been such from time immemorial. No other race has even come close. They have been overwhelmingly successful and although inferior in numbers and creativity, they now control the human and material resources of the world.

As in every other endeavor there are a number of key ground rules that must be followed that spell success, and certain boo-boos that are lust plain dumb that must be avoided. This applies to tennis, to business, to education, to politics, or to our subject at hand , propaganda and enlightenment. You have to follow certain ground rules to be effective; you have to avoid known pitfalls or else fail.

All this brings us back to our main subject at hand: effective psychological tactics in the racial warfare being aggressively pushed upon us by the Jews and the mud races -- a war we are losing.

I am now going to list some of these basic ground rules that apply to this particular warfare, though some of these apply equally to any type of warfare.

1. Clearly identify your enemy. You can't fight an abstraction or a ghost (such as a devil).

2. War against enemies can only be successfully waged if it is first preceded by a successful propaganda campaign of hatred for the enemy, implicating them of all the sins and transgressions that can be brought against them. The Jews spent thirty years aggressively conditioning the British people to hate and loathe the Germans before they were ready to fight World War I. After World War I was over they feverishly continued that program of hate and vilification, changing their theme only slightly, from the Kaiser to Hitler as being the villain of the peace. (This is only one example of hundreds pursued by the Jews.)

3. All is "fair" in warfare. Only survival matters. This is stated in a different manner by General Douglas MacArthur who said: "There is no substitute for victory". But we Creators have even stronger justification for our position, and we go back to fundamentals: THE ETERNAL LAWS OF NATURE. And Nature says loud and clear: Take care of your own, no holds barred. The bottom line is survival of your own species and Nature ruthlessly punishes those too stupid or too laggard to obey that law with the ultimate
punishment: extinction. (For further details on this subject see Creative Credo No. 61, "The Guilt Complex and the "Fairness Neurosis - Two Fatal Foibles in the White Man's Makeup" In The White Man's Bible.)

4. Organize and polarize your own forces to prepare them for the oncoming (or on going) battle. In order to do so you have to have an entity, a treasure that you love and cherish that you want and must protect from a vicious and loathsome enemy. This entity, too, must be identified and we of The Creativity Movement clearly do so. To us the most precious treasure on the face of the earth is the White Race, and the White Race alone. To it we give our total allegiance, our total loyalty, our total love. We state further that protecting our White gene pool is our highest obligation, and failure to do so is the ultimate crime. This means protecting it not only from threat of extinction, but also, and perhaps even more so, from pollution and contamination. Under no circumstances can we any longer tolerate the Jews sitting arrogantly at the master switch and pumping the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America, or any other White peoples, for that matter.

That the above is now becoming a flagrant reality and that the White racial gene pool is being polluted and contaminated, of that there is no doubt. That the White Race is idly sitting by and indifferent about this calamity unfolding before its very eyes, is the unmitigated horror of our times.

The Creativity Movement is in the forefront of battling this treacherous catastrophe, is committed to exposing it and reversing the tide. In listing the above four points of warfare we have, of course, only listed a few basics but these basics apply directly to the racial and psychological warfare with which we are now counter attacking and intend to wage in the future.

We see the main problem in this fight is not so much the strength of the enemy -- The Jews, niggers and mud races -- but the needless and self-imposed weakness of our own White Racial Comrades in the willingness (or unwillingness) in defending themselves.

So badly has the White Man's brain become polluted and scrambled by the enemy's propaganda, that it seems he can't, or he won't think straight. This is our main problem and it is the target of our campaign.

We are therefore giving the White Man a creed, a program, a religion he can polarize around. It is a highly aggressive racial religion based on honor, on pride, and confidence in our own race. It is a creed that advocates hostility, derision and contempt towards, and for, our enemies. And we do this for good psychological reasons. When we call niggers what they are, we do so not because we are uncouth and uneducated, but exactly for the opposite reasons. We are neither uncouth nor are we uneducated. On the contrary, we take this approach because on the racial issue especially we are far, far better educated than the average yokel, who doesn't know the difference between Nature's Finest, and a nigger or an orangutan. We want to hammer home to the White Race a few facts that all Nature is fairly screaming at us -- and they are these:

1. All men are not equal. On the contrary, there is no equality in Nature.

2. We, the White Race are at the very top of the Racial spectrum and the niggers at the very bottom. A huge chasm separates us -- a chasm wider than that separating the niggers from the apes.

3. The White Race is unwittingly involved in a racial war of extinction, a war that the enemy is waging savagely and relentlessly, yet the White Race is almost totally unaware of it.

4. In order to save the White Race from uncontested extinction we must rally and polarize the White Race, we must clearly delineate the issues, and clearly identify the enemy. This we have done, over and over.
5. We also want to emphasize that it is not enough to just identify the enemy, but we must also attack, heap accusations and charges against the enemy (all of which are true) and condemn, vilify and heap contempt and derision upon our enemy, just as they are doing to us. We must arouse the emotions on our side and bring forth all the racial instincts with which Nature has endowed us if we are to survive. And we mean for the White Race to survive, at all costs. No price is too high, no road too long.

6. We realize this war involves all aspects, all resources -- racial, psychological, economic, physical, mental and above all, a war of semantics. It is the psychological and semantic war that we are particularly focusing on in this examination, and in this respect cliches, slogans and catch-words are of particular importance, as the Jews have amply demonstrated over the centuries.

Just as in George Orwell's 1984 the Establishment was surreptitiously phasing out certain words, memories and events "down the memory hole", so, too, the Jewish powerhouse is now turning our language and our thinking around and phasing out all that which would preserve the White Man's heritage and identity. To illustrate how well he has succeeded in the short period of less than one generation let us look at the Big Webster's Dictionary. I have three books around. One Webster's Third New International Dictionary (Unabridged) 1961. The other two are New Webster's Dictionary of the English Language 1981.

In the last two (1981) the word "nigger" does not even appear. In the 1961 Edition there are seventeen different entries of which the word nigger is either the basic word or the stem of a word or a phrase. They are as follows: nigger, nigger baby (either of two herbs: a sanicle (Sanicula bipinnatipda) with purple flowers: a blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium bellum with purplish blue flowers.), nigger bug (Negro bug.), niggerchaser (a small firework that shoots about on the ground.), nigger daisy (a black-eyed Susan.), niggerfish, niggerhead cactus, nigger heaven (the highest balcony or row of seats in a theatre.), niggergoose, nigger in the woodpile something (as a concealed or obscure factor) contrary to appearances In a situation.), nigger pine, nigger shooter (slingshot.), niggertoe (Brazil nut.), niggerweed, niggerwool

This demonstrates how in a short period of 20 years they have phased out "down the memory hole" of our language a major racial distinction that is vital to the survival of the White Race.

Just think of it! If our White ancestors had not had racial pride, recognized racial identity and practiced racial loyalty and racial segregation you and I would now be a miserable mulatto as the Jew is viciously determined our future progeny shall be.

For the above reasons it behooves us to use such terms of derision as niggers and mud races to distinguish them from Nature's Finest. Just to bring these words back into common usage by our White Racial Comrades is already a big step forward in fortifying our own ranks, polarizing the White Race and identifying the enemy. We recommend that this consistently be done among our own members and all White Racial Comrades in general.

In this respect we find that although at this time our own membership is still relatively small (but growing) we are having widespread ripple effects, and much of our verbiage, such as the usage of the words "niggers", "mud races" are beginning to creep into general usage in papers, magazines and literature of other White Racial groups. So are such phrases as "spooks-in-the-sky", the "cut, burn and poison" reference In cancer treatments, and several other distinctive words and phrases brought into play by The Creativity Movement.

So take heart. What we are doing is not happenstance. It is planned, it is deliberate, and It is effective. Not only are we growing but we are influencing and setting the pace of the whole White racial movement. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and neither was the Jewish-Christian movement. Remember, we are planning for eternity, not just the day after tomorrow, and the foundations you are helping to lay are both short term and long term.

So get with it. Join our racial religious movement and get involved. Distribute 100 copies of this periodical each month. Remember the future -- your own and that of your progeny depends on the success of what we are now doing -- the success of the Creativity movement. To say that this success will mean so much to so many Is a gross understatement. Help build a Whiter and Brighter World -- a world in which the mud races can no longer be a threat, any more than the Indians of today are in the state of Oregon.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

Published in ...............  RACIAL LOYLTY # 18




Thursday, 16 May 2013

Delusional Pipe Dreams of a White POLITICAL Revolution

  Gun control, immigration, and Obamaboo’s proposed federal budget are the three current hot topics of "debate" on Capitol Hill. "Our" elected government officials are yet again set to enact more destructive policies aimed at further advancing the Jewish agenda of White genocide. I’m sure most of you reading this are already fully aware of each bill’s objective; nevertheless I will briefly reiterate the intention of each piece of legislation.

Gun Control:                     

At the moment politicians seek to pass strict gun-control laws that will demand back ground checks for all gun purchases (specifically those sales made at gun shows, also including all private transactions), and also require all American citizens that own a firearm to register it with the Federal government, just so JOG knows whose doors to kick in when it’s confiscation time.

Immigration Reform:

These same traitorous politicians wish to grant citizenship to the 20 million (estimated statistic, most likely much higher than) non-White mestizo aliens that broke the law by entering the country illegally to begin with. These new, potential "U.S." citizens stubbornly refuse to properly assimilate into American society, and many are disease-ridden felons whose only ambitions in life consist of rape, murder and drug-dealing. Aside from the obvious consequential anarchy and destruction that will accompany mass amnesty (as if it wasn’t bad enough already), there will also be severe political repercussions, at least for White people. By importing millions of spics, the Jewish elite hope to politically disenfranchise Whites, leaving our racial values and interests irrelevant. This demographic shift is an essential part of Jewish strategy to undermine the political sentiments of White voters. The left has already begun its campaign to mobilize the mud races in my home state of Texas.

Obangos Budget: The U.S. is over $16 trillion in debt to the Jew-owned and controlled Federal Reserve (Yes, $16 trillion! $16,000,000,000,000! That’s a 14 figure deficit!), and is nearing $17 trillion. Instead of making serious budget cuts and trying to reduce spending, or simply just abolishing the Fed, "our" mulatto president wants to increase funding for welfare entitlement programs, and foreign aid. The plan is to cut spending to federal programs that will have a profoundly negative impact on White families, while making sure the niggers and all the other lazy, shiftless muds are well fed and subsidized. And welfare expenses are expected to continually increase at a rapid rate, especially once the treasonous politicians in D.C. grant amnesty to the millions of illegal wetback invaders, who come to America not to work and earn an honest living, but to take advantage of the numerous benefits generously offered up by JOG in the form of local, state, and federal "assistance" programs so they can continue to pop out more state-dependent mud babies. Also, let’s not forget JOG’s charitable foreign aid policy, which obviously Obama has no intentions of decreasing. Au contraire! Thanks to zealous lobbying efforts on behalf of AIPAC, Obango plans to INCREASE the flow of tax payer dollars to Israel from $8 million a day to $11 million.

It’s fairly evident that all three legislative proposals are strategic maneuvers that the Jews intend to deploy against Whites. The fact that all three of these issues have the support of not only the "minority" population, but a good portion of the White population, is troubling. So, we as a race must respond accordingly to the tidal wave of anti-White aggression that threatens to drown us. But many of our racial brethren are confused and belief the salvation of our people lies within the political spectrum. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Can we ever expect a pro-White candidate running for any major political office to receive the required number of votes necessary to win an election? Fat chance. Not in today’s multicultural democracy, where the combined population of non-Whites greatly exceeds that of Whites. Any pro-White politician would certainly have a hard time convincing the mud races to vote for any platform that advocates White interests, much less any platform that seeks to end their free handouts and that calls for their deportation. Whites will not regain control of their nations by pleading for the votes of non-Whites. NO, the solution is not a political one, but a religious one. And the rotten disease of christ-insanity must be replaced by the dynamic creed of Creativity. Once our people are united under the common banner of the Church, we will retake our lands either by peaceful means or by means of force.


Bro. Kyle
May 40AC (2013)



Monday, 13 May 2013

Little India: The new American dream

I have spoken to many of our people about the on goings here in my town just like they tell me what is happening there. So I feel compelled to go more in depth of what I have experienced here and what is happening across the country.

I live in central Illinois, Bloomington/ Normal (or BloNo as local media has dubbed). It is a well known town to some. To most in the Racial Cause it is known to be the birthplace of George Lincoln Rockwell. It is home to two large universities such as Illinois State and Illinois Wesleyan. Side note these two universities are home to a very homosexual population. One is the largest performing arts school (ISU) and IWU is a large acting school that have produced many actors, such as the fudge packers
and jewess from the commie drivel of "will and grace". It is home to one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Mitsubishi. When Mitsubishi moved here in the late 80's many of their "country men" came with. I remember the positive and negative reactions they received. Positive for the employment opportunity it brought, but negative for the Japanese immigrants that followed. The Japanese youth tried adapting to nigger culture and becoming a niggerized yakuza started fighting in the streets with other gang bangers. This did not end well. I remember having run in with the police in my youth over this.

My grandfather, William Knuth and the company he worked for, built a Soldiers memorial after they returned from serving in WW1, in the 1920's. When I was a teenager, these Jap's and niggers, in order to send messages of gang defiance and dominance, they would spray paint money buildings. One of these buildings they chose was this memorial. Wrong choice! I and many of my friends grabbed baseball bats and patrolled the park that was home to this memorial (Miller Park ). Of course the cowardice of the Jap's and Blacks would not allow confrontation with half a dozen angry white youths with baseball bats, so of course the police were called. The PD at the time were racially conscious whites they played it off as we were playing baseball as the memorial was indeed next to a baseball diamond. Course we had no ball of gloves! But they turned a blind eye and the vandalism and gang activity ceased. Shortly thereafter a major lawsuit against Mitsubishi, in regards to sexual harassment led to a major immigration of the Japanese population leaving by the thousands. To date they have stayed away and our Jap population remains under a thousand in a town of close to 150,000. A quick story before I get into the real story of a bigger much more dense and more dangerous Asian threat.

This threat is one of Indian nature. A lesser intelligent but far greater-in-numbers threat. First let me tell you, as I told you this town is home to many things, the biggest of all is State Farm insurance. One of the largest insurance conglomerates in the world. They employ close to 40,000 people in this town alone. The US, state and global HQ is located here. Until the break of the 21st century it was over 99% American worker based. It is now close to half that now. It is now dominated by Indian immigrants. State Farm and multiple companies now INSOURCE. In popular television and radio they make comical references to people calling customer service, and have to deal with Indians that barely speak English. The key component here is that they portray them in India. This is not the case. They are here and they are killing our economy!

Let me break this down. To in-source, they bring in employees legally, they apply for work visa's under an experienced or educated workers, with approval of the company they can get tax free status for the first 7 years of their residence in the U.S., meaning they do not pay taxes for their first 7 years. Now before I move into multiple other problems with this (like that isn’t enough) let me first say there is no stipulation saying they must stay on the contrary, they can work for 6 years and 11 months, leave the us for 6 months and come back on a new 7 year plan. Meaning they could live here their whole life without paying taxes as long as they vacation away for 6 months every seven years. Think the system is flawed yet? Just wait! On top of not paying taxes, according to the IRS as long as they make under $95,500 they not only are immune from taxes but get earned income credit. Meaning the government matches $.5 of every $2.00 they make and they get that back at the end of tax season. So, say an Indian migrant worker makes $40,000 dollars in a year, according to earned income credit he gets back $10,000 from the government! So we are paying them for taking our jobs! What madness is this? It was specifically called a H2B-J for whatever specific field their job covers. Unlike Mexicans who actually come here legally go under the H2A agricultural visa. Yet, surprisingly, it still gets worse.

I was a carpenter for many years & I owned a framing company and built over 150 homes in this town. I built a lot in a subdivision here in town that was bought by state farm. This sub-division had over 300 homes in it.
 When they started "insourcing" these third world parasites many of the first were given these homes and charged 1$ a month rent! Now seeing these "people" had to take a 6 month break every 7 years they passed these homes off and between others from India and vice versa. They would share houses from there as well as here. How do I know some of this? First off, I posed as a reporter (from the American Liberal Press, lol.) and asked them about their international employment opportunity. The answers I got did not shock me, they validated everything with a very chipper PC attitude. As like they were happy to destroy traditional American ideals. Also, with great personal reserve, my sister has told me more horror stories. She has worked for State Farm for 29 years and is an executive in the training department. Basically, she supervises the trainers teaching new employees. So she see's all new employees who come in before they go to whatever department after orientation. Last hiring blitz they did was a few months ago and she said out of 5,000 new employees, ALL were from India! One other story she told me is from an experience her friend had. This woman that has been there a long time as well and as she was entering the elevator, she was joined by 3 Indian men and while in the elevators they were speaking to each other in their own language. She ignored them then felt one of the men grab her behind she turned around and yelled at him, they started laughing and then the other two grabbed her. After exiting the elevator in tears she immediately went to security. They directed her to file a complaint as the assault was not on camera. She did so, a week later she is called into human resources, they commenced on scolding her telling her she needs to be more understanding as that behavior is acceptable in their country. The nerve!

This is just a prelude to the "curry invasion". As their countries population skyrockets, jobs and poverty grow scarce, they will flood here as they have been doing for the past decade. Most people do not consider them to be as much as a threat, as they do not commit crimes as blacks and Mexicans. But that also is not the case, as one of them, just a few months ago here in BloNo, was arrested for possession of 45,000 lbs of bath salts (synthetic cocaine). They just don’t act like the everyday nigger gang banger so people turn a blind eye, not realizing they are just an equal a threat. Probably worse, as their numbers are much higher. Now we as Creators know that all non-whites present problems and threaten our existence but how they able to do this?

If it wasn’t for the traitorous, liberal actions of our people, they would not be able to do these things. The enemy is all around but the biggest enemy is ourselves. We must realize that these type of issues are going to come and go, they will get worse. If we focus all our efforts on one enemy, another will rise in its wake. Like our founder said, ‘our number one goal is to straighten out the White mans thinking’. We do that all other problems will fade. That is why we must get out there and talk to OUR people. Not dance like a monkey in front of the Jewish media whining about what non-whites are doing. Or expect the Zionist Occupied Government to work in our favor in any way. We must be able to reach our people without these interferences. After 16 years in this movement, I have accomplished more in reaching people one-on-one compared to the large stage. But we must do it every day, every hour and every day we have the opportunity to do so.

In closing, you can also boycott companies such as State Farm and when you do, let them know why. If we want to send our message we must first open our mouths because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. RAHOWA!

MP Rev Logsdon
May 40AC (2013


Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Creativity Movement Newsletter.... May 40AC (2013)

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Little India: The new American dream.
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