Thursday, 5 October 2017

Fishing the ANTIFA...By Paul Fromm

Fishing the Antifa: Nationalists Draw Out the Violent Nature of Many Protesting Immigration Restrictions
On September 30, many different groups hosted demonstrations across Canada against Canada├Ęs failed immigration policy Protests occurred in Fredericton, Ottawa, Windsor, London , Edmonton, Regina, and the Peace Arch Border Crossing near Vancouver.and other cities.

Kevin Goudreau is a long-time White Nationalist activist. He cut his teeth in the early 1990s as one of Wolfgang Droege's key organizers in Kingston, Ontario. Kevin obtained a permit from the City of Peterborough on behalf of the Canadian Nationalist Front to hold an anti-Trudeau, anti-immigration rally at Confederation Square in that city. Various Antifa and anti-free speech groups rose to the bait like piranha to a bleeding cow.

A city councillor whose grasp of freedom of speech and political freedom is decidedly feeble blasted city staff for granting the permit: "Peterborough councillor Diane Therrien says a Neo-Nazi should never have gotten permission to hold a rally on city property at Confederation Square, on Saturday." (National Post, September 2, 2017) "At City Hall on Monday, Therrien said city staff gave the group permission to hold its rally in the park because it’s expected to be a peaceful protest. But she wasn’t accepting that idea. “Staff’s position is that it’s a peaceful protest – but he (Goudreau) is not a peaceful person,” Therrien said. Meanwhile, Therrien asked fellow councillors to support local activists who are planning counter-protests."

Well, there would be plenty of violence on Saturday, but none of it would be Mr. Goudreau's doing. The "peaceful'" anti-racist protest turned decidedly violent with masked thugs assaulting a young man they thought was a "fascist", spitting and screaming, and then surrounding a police car containing one of the violent peaceful protesters and screaming at and menacing the police. There were two arrests for assault. Some masked thugs attacked an elderly man whom they accused of being a "fascist" and broke his cane.


Earlier in the week, Mr., Goudreau's group infiltrated an Antifa organizing meeting a recorded the proceedings including organizing for violence. They shared this information with the police and media. 

Mr. Goudreau's ploy worked admirably. Antifa were encouraged to be the violent Red Guards they are and demonstrate that ANTI-RACISM IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE. It also allowed nationalists to get many pictures of Antifa BEFORE they donned their masks.

The National Post asserted there were 1,000 anti-racist protesters. My estimate was closer to 200. They were a motley crew of masked thuggish antifa, leftist crazies and some more establishment virtue signallers coming out as the street troops for The Fund Kid, Justin Trudeau, who, when receiving a Global Citizen Award from the globalist Atlantic Union in New York earlier in the month proclaimed a globalist jihad against nationalists and those with traditional views on human sexuality:  'We need to be every bit as strong, ever bit as vigilant in opposing the scourges of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ethnic and religious bigotry, neo-fascism, neo-Nazis and the violent extremism of Daesh (ISIS) that confront us in 2017." (National Post, September 21, 2017)

Prominent among this gaggle of White haters, self haters and useful idiots was Peterborough MP Maryam Monsef, who was swept into the cabinet at age 31 of the strength of her sex and Third World status. Her publicity claimed she had come to Canada as a refugee from Afghanistan at age 11. It turned out this was a bit of a fib. She'd hailed from Iran. Coming from lands that know little about democracy, she had been tasked with delivering democratic reform and moving toward proportional representation. She flopped miserably and has been shifted to being Minister on the Status of Women.

Violence Erupts at Anti-Racism-Rally in Peterborough Ont..( NATIONAL POST)

Members of Peterborough Against Fascism march during a white supremacy demonstration on Saturday September 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK


           Police arrest a protester on Saturday Sept. 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK


 City police escort a man who was punched during the protests on Saturday Sept. 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK     

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Rev Matt Hale (Civil Case)...Declaration and Response to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment

To read the document in it's entirety........

Declaration and Response to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment ( FREE MATT HALE SITE)

Quotes by Rev Hale from The Declaration and Response to the Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment..........

" It is untrue that I am a leader of a group known as the Creativity Movement and the Defendant knows it. I have not been the leader of the Church of the Creator - The actual name of the Church embodying the Creativity religion -  since 2006 when my term of office as Pontifex Maximus expired, and even then I had not actually "led" the church since the occasion of my arrest on January 8th 2003 made that impossible"

" The facts of this case show that Creativity overwhelmingly meets the test for a religion as set forth in the United States v. Meyers 95 f. 3d 1475 ( 10th Cir. 1996) "

" I am not a "White Supremacist" and in fact oppose White supremacy. The fact that the defendant has labelled Creativity and me as "White Supremacist" throughout its' motion and declaration, shows in my judgment as a Creator for the past 27 years, how little the Defendant understands the Creativity religion. "

" The Jews think that "God" chose them as his favorites. We Creators think that Nature chose us as her favorites. If one is a religious concept, so must the other be. "

" It is an outright lie that " Delenda Est Judaica" means "Jews must be destroyed"
" Delenda Est Judaica actually means "Judaism must be destroyed"

" Day by day and hour by hour my Creativity religion guides my life. It informs me as to what I should eat, what I should think, what I should value, how I should treat others, what is good, what is bad, it gives purpose and meaning to my life, it reveals to me the purpose and meaning of life in general" 

" Most Creator's do not in fact celebrate " Benjamin Smith Memorial Day" and I myself had never even heard of it until I brought this lawsuit. Nor had I ever heard of "Matt Hale Day" "

" My religion and Church are not "violent" and never have been. If adherents of my faith have committed crimes over the years, that is no different than what occurs with Christian's , Muslim's, Jew's and others on a daily basis. I dispute that the Defendant has the legal right to hold my religion and church to a different draconian standard from what it holds these other religions. "

"  As I have already declared, I am not the "leader" of my church or religion and haven't been for a long time "

" I have demonstrated above that Creativity overwhelmingly satisfies four out of five factors for determining whether a particular belief system is a religion. 1. It encompasses ultimate ideas, 2. It is comprehensive, 3. It constitutes a moral or ethical system, and 4 It's beliefs are accompanied by the accoutrement's of religion. " .