Saturday, 26 April 2014

Free Matt Hale flyer distribution April 26 2014

On the 26th of April a Free Matt Hale! flyer distribution and awareness campaign took place across North America. Hopefully this effort will get more people to sign the petition to allow Rev Hale to take a polygraph test.
Link to sign petition for polygraph test 
At the very least people will probably search Rev Hales name and if they have an open mind they will discover that the Zionist controlled American government set this man up to keep him quiet. While today was a concerted effort to get the word out about Rev Hale, activism to help free him can be done any day and everyday. Below is the flyer that was distributed across North America today. 


For ten years, Matt Hale has sat in a dark lonely cell. Longing for the day when the truth would set him free. The enemies of our people have isolated him, and silenced a great voice. They saw him, as a man who spoke out, when others did not dare!  Now in the midst of a decade behind bars, we ask who will let this continue. Who will demand that justice is done?
We ask you to rise and let our voices be heard. To proclaim that this day, this hour, we stand behind a cause, and we will not be silenced.


Join in the march to a better future for our culture, and help to Free Matt Hale.
Contact us today at get involved.



Thursday, 24 April 2014

TCM.. A club or family? ......By Brother Chappell

Many pro white organizations are basically clubs. We jokingly refer to this trend as "5 guys meeting in somebody's basement." They gather once or twice a one of their homes. They like their race and their various philosophies, and that's about the extent of it.

In the "club" model, they gather for a while. They really get nowhere. Their families aren't really involved. The guys sort of like each other, but really...racialism is the thing they most have in common. Their friends and coworkers may not even know they are racially aware. After a while, some of them wander off...or get pissed off about something, and the club stops meeting. The "club" model does not provide Creativity with a future.

A ministry should be a close knit. It should be families gathering together. Spouses, children, men, and women coming together as an extended family. Caring for each other, looking out for each other's interests, coming to each other's aid. Deep friendship/kinship should develop between the members. The children should come to see the other children as brothers and sisters they see each other so much.

Someone moves, everyone shows up and helps. A deck needs building, everyone shows up and helps. A parent is sick; another family should offer to take the kids for a bit. Someone needs a job, everyone keeps their eye out for one and actively helps them find one. Members of the local church should be talking almost every day. They should know what's going on in each other's lives. They should be the people we turn to when we want to laugh, or cry, or exciting news to tell.
And a ministry should have goals. They should be actively working to promote Creativity, both locally, and around the region. They should be pooling money, with a goal to buy land and physical church. They should be getting to know the Creators in neighboring communities, through modern communications and by visiting them face-to-face. The ministry should be working to leave their children with a more stable and developed movement, than we currently have.

A ministry should be a family...not a club. An extended family that we see and treat as family. Given a choice between "5 guys meeting in a basement," and a growing, involved, dedicated, goal-oriented ministry...there really is no choice. I'll take the family model.

Now some will say, but we don't have a ministry in our area. Or they'll say, there aren't enough interested Creators in my area. Well, there's no excuse for accepting that condition as the status quo. One should work for it, and never give up. Look for other racialist in every way possible. Offer Creator study groups. Talk to your friends and family about your beliefs. Accept nothing less, than working towards forming and growing a local ministry...and establishing a church in your area. It won't happen overnight, but nothing worthwhile happens overnight.

Brother Chappell
Feb 41AC (2014)

        Article originally published in IMPERIUM # 10
          The Creativity Movement online magazine


Monday, 21 April 2014

Is there a Hell?...... By Brother Chappell

As Creators we do not believe in places that we can’t see or go to so the belief in hell would seemingly fall into this category. No one has ever seen this pit of fire under the earth that burns our invisible souls for all eternity. This belief in such a dark and gloomy place has been a great tool for Christians to scare people into converting simply because the masses fear pain and torment as they always have and always will. But the question remains is there a hell?

I believe that there is in fact a hell right here on earth. This hell is real and can be seen and most likely has been seen by most White people living in these multi-racial nations the Jews have created for us. You go to downtown Los Angeles or Chicago and you will see people living homeless in the streets freezing at night. During the day these multi-racial hotspots all over the nation are crawling with non-white gangs that shoot and rape and steal from White people, because it is not enough that we are already being pillaged by a government that works to feed and house them at our expense.

These multi-racial hotspots are not only spread across the entire country with like hornets’ nest in which the Jews can cause to riot at any time but they are also over flowing into our very country side where White people fled during what is known was White flight. The armies of the mud races took once prosperous cities and chase us into the country side where we tried to escape the hell that we allowed to be created.

There is a solution, a way to close the gates of hell and Creativity has the solution. We must start with straightening out the White man’s thinking and then once White people begin to think right they will act right. We will no longer live in hell, because the White people of our nation will again be the warriors that their ancestors remember and slam the gates of hell so hard that the Jews will fall from their throne. It is our racial duty as Creators to spread our racial religion to the White people that are suffering in this eternal hell. The Christians used a make believe place for the last 2000 years to scare people, but here we can give them the facts in which no Man, Woman, or Child can deny.

Brother Chappell
April 41AC(2014)

               Article originally published in IMPERIUM # 11
                 The Creativity Movement online magazine


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Glenn Miller situation: Birds of a feather flock together.....By Rev Logsdon

There are many opinions and stories floating around the net over the recent shooting committed by Glenn Miller. Mostly I am glad to see people unsupportive of such a thing, but there are few who praise such actions or give theories of why it happened. Coming up with extremely far fetched scenarios and conspiracies. All of which are lacking in proof and substance. Instead of simply using our common sense.

The fact of the matter is Glenn Miller was a proven snitch who has been trying desperately for over the last two decades to be re-accepted into the pro-White cause. He was lashed out on by the majority of those who knew the truth and only found homes with those who he shared common themes with.

For years he was an active poster on websites like VNN, then migrated to new sites like and even made appearances on turdbowls like the Cambuels Alliance forum. All of which are home to a plethora of drama queens who have an extreme false sense of reality. Who's true goals, apparently by their actions, is to whine and complain there way to victory. These websites are nothing but oversaturations and desensitization's, simple regurgitation of information. Then when some lone nut makes a random act of violence, against his own people mind you, they praise and hail it. Pure madness or an inevitable outcome? When we look deeper at the situation the picture comes oh so clear.

As I stated others want to theorize and I am not going to fall into that trap. As a Creator we must always fight against such thoughts. Remember:

1. A Creator is not gullible and does not easily accept any statement, belief, assertion or assumption that to him is lacking in proof and/or is unreasonable in light of his own experiences.

 So with that let us simply look at the facts of the case. He drove half way across the state, away from his own community and shot three people. The media says he was targeting Jewish people by asking them whether they were Jewish or not. But the fact is the 3 people he shot were white Christians. (we can attest that to typical media bloating of the situation). He did not enter any building or try to make a bigger impact. When the police showed up he simply surrendered and did not fight against them at all. So that tells us his intention was to be caught. If a man was to truly target a group of people or the government that claims to be an intelligent person would plan, strategize and organize an attack, even if it was a lone attack. If he truly wanted to make an impact.

However this action was simply an image statement. Nothing more. As stated before, Glenn Miller desperately sought acceptance from the movement. A traitor who wanted to be praised as a hero. To him, in his mind, write his past wrongs. But not necessarily make any changes. A purely selfish act. So he can live the remainder of his twilight years as a living martyr. Being praised and bootlicked from his prison cell by morons who think such actions are commendable.

Now what does this action truly accomplish? There is simply nothing positive that comes out of this.

1. The 3 random people who died were of no consequence. They played no role in the genocidal campaign against our people. Their deaths will not hinder any future actions against our people.

Result: Their deaths will be used as a martyrdom, fear mongering campaign against the pro white cause.

2. The aftermath of the situation has already begun. The FBI and government agencies will use this to justify illegal surveillance, harassment and further funding to fight against "domestic terrorism".

Result: More unnecessary ZOG pressure, infiltration and intimidation. Which in turn leads to dissension, cowardice and paranoia.

3. After awhile it will be used as yet another example of the "evils" of racism in schools and institutions.

Result: Future generations discouraged from taking a stance against their own genocide or even having pride in their own people.

4. The trial, media and sentencing will be blown out of proportion. It will be used as yet another example of consequences of racism. They will sentence him to obviously death or more then likely life without parole in a high security prison (mainly for surveillance of who is talking to him and supporting him).

Result: Fear and negative imagery. Many will see the examples of what they do and be fearful of any actions. Others will see the morons who will make him a POW as an example as what we endorse as a movement.

I could go on but you get the gist of it. When one looks at all the negativity of a situation like this, they will over think it and as I said before try to theorise and create conspiracy theories with it. When in reality it is no more then the end result of an ignorant, selfish action by a foolish old man!

Now let us look at those who supported him before and those who will support him after. As the title of this article says "birds of a feather".... I do not mean that in the sense those who claimed friendship or association are going to commit the same kind of acts. In no way do I believe that to be so. But the same persona of the out casted, the unaccepted. Glenn Miller was unaccepted because he was a traitor, a snitch. Those who aligned with him were simply outcasted because they are net Nazis, provocateurs and/or snitches, informants themselves.

I wont go into detail of every person as it inconsequential to the point. But I will say this much, a man is judged by the company they keep. If your company or friends consist of Internet persona's, fake online names, people riddled with online controversy or cause it, people who try to justify past mistakes such as pedophilia or drug use, etc then perhaps you need to re-evaluate yourself. These people in a year will be praising Miller for his actions and calling him a POW. Which devalues true POW's, men like Rev Hale.

These people must be avoided which is difficult because they live on the internet. However, if we simply call it like it is their inherent purposes and true intentions become clear. I will close on the this subject for now, just wanted to put my two cents in. My personal note to those out there who support or commit such acts:

Birds of a feather flock together, so do pigs and swine, but if you are of this ilk, you are no friend of mine.

Rev James Logsdon


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Judaism vs. Creativity - A Comparison.....By Ben Klassen

Foundation of belief


 JUDAISM is founded on the story that the Jews are the racial and tribal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; that "God" (a fictitious concept derived from the Egyptians) chose them as a favored, special race above all others. It is this concept that they are "God's Chosen" that has done more to propel the Jews forward through history and persist than perhaps any other single fictitious concept in their religion.

  CREATIVITY is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature; on the experience of history, on logic and common sense. We believe that the White Race is Nature's finest and greatest achievement, and that Nature has endowed the White Race with a greater abundance of intelligence and creativity than any other people. The White Race also is unmatched in its ability to create culture and civilization; to organize and govern itself; it is unmatched in the faculties of science, technology, architecture, art, music and literature, and any number of other civilized and cultural pursuits. Whereas the Jews proclaim they are "God's Chosen," a fictitious concept, we believe we are Nature's Finest, for the good reason that the evidence is overwhelming.

Books that form the Basis of Religions Beliefs.

The Judaic religion is based on a number of basic books. Listing them in chronological order they are: 
(1) The Old Testament
 2) The Talmud
(3) Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital
(4) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Of all these, the Talmud is their holiest of all books. In nitpicking form it covers and circumscribes just about every aspect of Jewish life, including law, custom, religion, and every other detail. (See Chapter 9, Book I of NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION "Five Basic Books").

The Basic Books of Creativity are Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living.

These books not only give the White Race goals and direction for its own survival, expansion and advancement but a creed and philosophy to live by and prosper for the next million years. Since they have been amply described in all our previous literature, there is no need to do so here.

The Jews are inherently parasitic and their Judaic religion strives to enable the Jews to live off of the productive peoples of the world, mainly the White Race. The ultimate goal as set forth in The Talmud is to undermine all the goy, to downbreed them, to mongrelize them, and enslave them, with every Jew a king and every goyim their stupid servant.
Their further goal is for the Jews to accrue all the gold, money and wealth of the world unto themselves and have the stupid brown mongrels as their servants and slaves.
The goals of CREATIVITY are manifold:
(1) The survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race exclusively.

(2) To get the parasitic Jews and other freeloading mud peoples off our back and let them shift for themselves.

(3) Since the Jews and other mud peoples can neither feed themselves nor compete with an enlightened White Race, their numbers will shrivel and eventually wither on the vine.

(4) By practicing Eugenics, to upgrade the gene pool of the White Race.

(5) Rebuild the land and environment of the Planet Earth.

(6) For the White Race to finally inhabit this planet exclusively.

(7) And in general, to build a Whiter and Brighter World.


We will state up front that in structuring a racial religion for the White Race we have learned more from Judaism than all the other religions combined, and we make no bones about it. The reason is simple: If a racial religion such as Judaism can sustain a scurvy race of parasites for 50 centuries and propel them upward to gain control of the world, then just think what a similar racial religion can do for the great White Race. The potential is unbounded and the sky is the limit.

And that is exactly what we have done in Creativity deliberately, logically and thoroughly. We are finally doing at long last what the Egyptians should have done 5000 years ago structuring a racial religion for the White Race. Our basic Golden Rule in a way is the same as that of the Jews: Whatever is best for our race is the highest virtue; what is bad for our race is the ultimate sin.

But there the similarity ends. Whereas the Jews are the eternal parasite, condemned by Nature to forever live off the backs of another race or perish, we, of the White Race are just the opposite. We need no other race for our well-being or our welfare, and would, in fact, be a thousand times better off if this planet were completely devoid of all the inferior mud races, including the Jews.

But we have several other overwhelming advantages over the Jews. We are far more intelligent, creative, industrious and productive than are the Jews (or any of the other mud races). We greatly outnumber the parasites a dozen times over. Cleansed of racial pollution, left to our own devices and culture, what with our program of racial upgrading and eugenics, we could, in a short span of history, build a virtual paradise on earth. And this, in fact, is our ultimate goal.
Ben Klassen
Founder of The Church of the Creator

Article taken from... Racial Loyalty # 25    

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rev Hale fighting for Polygraph test / April 2014

Until my arrest in January 2003, I was the leader of the fastest growing pro-White organization in America, The World Church of the Creator. As your readers will recall, I am imprisoned for supposedly soliciting a government informant to murder a federal judge.

I would like to take this opportunity to summarize the facts of my innocence for the benefit of your readers.
 First, there is no evidence that I ever asked,told, or urged the government informant to murder anybody. Rather, it is incontestable that the informant, Tony Evola, urged me to join his own (fictitious) murder plot, which I refused. Thus, not only did I not solicit anybody's murder but I actually turned down the government's own overtures. And yet I am the one who finds himself behind bars while the person who actually urged that a crime be committed, Evola, remains free as a bird.
Second, there is no evidence that Evola was even talking about a federal judge on the key date in question. Instead, this was simply assumed throughout my trial and my lawyer failed to contest the matter even though he had ample evidence in his possession that Evola was actually talking about someone else. Hence, there was no federal crime in any event.
Third, my lawyer also failed to present evidence to the jury that I knew all along that Evola was indeed working for the government. Several witnesses would have testified that I had commented on Evola's FBI status long before my alleged crime took place. Since I knew that Evola was an FBI informant, I obviously did not solicit him to commit murder or intend that he do so.
My case has been called one of the most outrageous miscarriages of justice in the history of jurisprudence and that is an accurate characterization. My supporters and I are continuing to fight for that lie detector test that will confirm the innocence that I have maintained these eleven years.
Hale offers to take lie detector test

Allow Rev Matt Hale to take Polygraph test 
Rev Matt Hale
Florence, Colorado
April 41AC (2014)

Friday, 4 April 2014

The wedge and separation.....By Rev Logsdon


 Over the years I have went out of my way to work with all sorts of different Pro White groups and individuals. Early on even sacrificing my principles of Creativity for the "good" of White racial unity. Oh yes, I have fell victim and beat the hippie drum of unity with hopes that it was actually accomplishable. It was and is a futile endeavor, as I and others have seen it fail time and time again. I have broke it down in previous articles that it is not in our nature.

The Eternal struggle, our existence
 Our fratricidal conflicts are key to who we are. But only in the this modern age of de-evolution do we defy our natural instincts and wish to adopt the suicidal Hippie peace, love and unity debacle that only serves the purpose of our enemies. It has always been my purpose to focus on the enemy first.       

1.  A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something

Well, one can take that in many ways. Being a proud member of TCM quite a few fit this category. I have always been big on keeping things simple. If someone lies to you, betrays you, goes out of their way to slander and defame you, then they indeed fit that definition. Even if they at one time called you brother or claim to share common interests as you. If their actions speak against you accomplishing your goals in that common interest, then they do not truly share that interest. Many times I wanted to sit down, expose many for the what they are. But that would put them on my level or bring me down to theirs. I have fell victim to this many times. Engaging in their personal attacks on me and/or my religion. Falling into the trap and regretting it every time. I understand many of us including myself feel compelled to defend ourselves. I especially feel this as I am attacked more then anyone else in TCM. But if it wasn't me it would be someone else. Or something else.

Instead we can simply separate ourselves from the rest by our actions. REAL world actions. Let our actions speak louder then their actions of the clickity-clack of their keyboards!! One indisputable truth speaks louder then ten thousands of their lies. They will judge, criticize and slander but never show a better example. Simply claim and talk.

Brothers and Sisters I felt a need for this short note after recent slander and also over recent CI mailings I received. One of which had the headline "Christ Power not White Power". This nonsensical drivel went on about how there are no other options for White salvation but through Christ. Which speaks volumes to these peoples true goals. They do not serve our race but that of GOD. If GOD was their mission shouldn't they be out fighting and dying if necessary to gain eternal glory in heaven? No instead these people want others to agree with them and do the things they are to cowardly to do. Sounds allot like Jewish tactics to me. I could talk about the contradictions of those Christian folk all day long, point being they do not seek White salvation, they only seek acceptance from their self created idea of a fictional deity.

I will not consider these folk my ally nor enemy. Instead I pity their foolishness. I defy their false sense of friendship under THEIR conditions and will fight the fight to save my race through the one and only true salvation for the White Race, CREATIVITY!

Rev James Logsdon

March 41AC (2014)