Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rev Hale fighting for Polygraph test / April 2014

Until my arrest in January 2003, I was the leader of the fastest growing pro-White organization in America, The World Church of the Creator. As your readers will recall, I am imprisoned for supposedly soliciting a government informant to murder a federal judge.

I would like to take this opportunity to summarize the facts of my innocence for the benefit of your readers.
 First, there is no evidence that I ever asked,told, or urged the government informant to murder anybody. Rather, it is incontestable that the informant, Tony Evola, urged me to join his own (fictitious) murder plot, which I refused. Thus, not only did I not solicit anybody's murder but I actually turned down the government's own overtures. And yet I am the one who finds himself behind bars while the person who actually urged that a crime be committed, Evola, remains free as a bird.
Second, there is no evidence that Evola was even talking about a federal judge on the key date in question. Instead, this was simply assumed throughout my trial and my lawyer failed to contest the matter even though he had ample evidence in his possession that Evola was actually talking about someone else. Hence, there was no federal crime in any event.
Third, my lawyer also failed to present evidence to the jury that I knew all along that Evola was indeed working for the government. Several witnesses would have testified that I had commented on Evola's FBI status long before my alleged crime took place. Since I knew that Evola was an FBI informant, I obviously did not solicit him to commit murder or intend that he do so.
My case has been called one of the most outrageous miscarriages of justice in the history of jurisprudence and that is an accurate characterization. My supporters and I are continuing to fight for that lie detector test that will confirm the innocence that I have maintained these eleven years.
Hale offers to take lie detector test

Allow Rev Matt Hale to take Polygraph test 
Rev Matt Hale
Florence, Colorado
April 41AC (2014)

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