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Judaism vs. Creativity - A Comparison.....By Ben Klassen

Foundation of belief


 JUDAISM is founded on the story that the Jews are the racial and tribal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; that "God" (a fictitious concept derived from the Egyptians) chose them as a favored, special race above all others. It is this concept that they are "God's Chosen" that has done more to propel the Jews forward through history and persist than perhaps any other single fictitious concept in their religion.

  CREATIVITY is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature; on the experience of history, on logic and common sense. We believe that the White Race is Nature's finest and greatest achievement, and that Nature has endowed the White Race with a greater abundance of intelligence and creativity than any other people. The White Race also is unmatched in its ability to create culture and civilization; to organize and govern itself; it is unmatched in the faculties of science, technology, architecture, art, music and literature, and any number of other civilized and cultural pursuits. Whereas the Jews proclaim they are "God's Chosen," a fictitious concept, we believe we are Nature's Finest, for the good reason that the evidence is overwhelming.

Books that form the Basis of Religions Beliefs.

The Judaic religion is based on a number of basic books. Listing them in chronological order they are: 
(1) The Old Testament
 2) The Talmud
(3) Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital
(4) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Of all these, the Talmud is their holiest of all books. In nitpicking form it covers and circumscribes just about every aspect of Jewish life, including law, custom, religion, and every other detail. (See Chapter 9, Book I of NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION "Five Basic Books").

The Basic Books of Creativity are Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living.

These books not only give the White Race goals and direction for its own survival, expansion and advancement but a creed and philosophy to live by and prosper for the next million years. Since they have been amply described in all our previous literature, there is no need to do so here.

The Jews are inherently parasitic and their Judaic religion strives to enable the Jews to live off of the productive peoples of the world, mainly the White Race. The ultimate goal as set forth in The Talmud is to undermine all the goy, to downbreed them, to mongrelize them, and enslave them, with every Jew a king and every goyim their stupid servant.
Their further goal is for the Jews to accrue all the gold, money and wealth of the world unto themselves and have the stupid brown mongrels as their servants and slaves.
The goals of CREATIVITY are manifold:
(1) The survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race exclusively.

(2) To get the parasitic Jews and other freeloading mud peoples off our back and let them shift for themselves.

(3) Since the Jews and other mud peoples can neither feed themselves nor compete with an enlightened White Race, their numbers will shrivel and eventually wither on the vine.

(4) By practicing Eugenics, to upgrade the gene pool of the White Race.

(5) Rebuild the land and environment of the Planet Earth.

(6) For the White Race to finally inhabit this planet exclusively.

(7) And in general, to build a Whiter and Brighter World.


We will state up front that in structuring a racial religion for the White Race we have learned more from Judaism than all the other religions combined, and we make no bones about it. The reason is simple: If a racial religion such as Judaism can sustain a scurvy race of parasites for 50 centuries and propel them upward to gain control of the world, then just think what a similar racial religion can do for the great White Race. The potential is unbounded and the sky is the limit.

And that is exactly what we have done in Creativity deliberately, logically and thoroughly. We are finally doing at long last what the Egyptians should have done 5000 years ago structuring a racial religion for the White Race. Our basic Golden Rule in a way is the same as that of the Jews: Whatever is best for our race is the highest virtue; what is bad for our race is the ultimate sin.

But there the similarity ends. Whereas the Jews are the eternal parasite, condemned by Nature to forever live off the backs of another race or perish, we, of the White Race are just the opposite. We need no other race for our well-being or our welfare, and would, in fact, be a thousand times better off if this planet were completely devoid of all the inferior mud races, including the Jews.

But we have several other overwhelming advantages over the Jews. We are far more intelligent, creative, industrious and productive than are the Jews (or any of the other mud races). We greatly outnumber the parasites a dozen times over. Cleansed of racial pollution, left to our own devices and culture, what with our program of racial upgrading and eugenics, we could, in a short span of history, build a virtual paradise on earth. And this, in fact, is our ultimate goal.
Ben Klassen
Founder of The Church of the Creator

Article taken from... Racial Loyalty # 25    

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