Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Glenn Miller situation: Birds of a feather flock together.....By Rev Logsdon

There are many opinions and stories floating around the net over the recent shooting committed by Glenn Miller. Mostly I am glad to see people unsupportive of such a thing, but there are few who praise such actions or give theories of why it happened. Coming up with extremely far fetched scenarios and conspiracies. All of which are lacking in proof and substance. Instead of simply using our common sense.

The fact of the matter is Glenn Miller was a proven snitch who has been trying desperately for over the last two decades to be re-accepted into the pro-White cause. He was lashed out on by the majority of those who knew the truth and only found homes with those who he shared common themes with.

For years he was an active poster on websites like VNN, then migrated to new sites like whitenations.com and even made appearances on turdbowls like the Cambuels Alliance forum. All of which are home to a plethora of drama queens who have an extreme false sense of reality. Who's true goals, apparently by their actions, is to whine and complain there way to victory. These websites are nothing but oversaturations and desensitization's, simple regurgitation of information. Then when some lone nut makes a random act of violence, against his own people mind you, they praise and hail it. Pure madness or an inevitable outcome? When we look deeper at the situation the picture comes oh so clear.

As I stated others want to theorize and I am not going to fall into that trap. As a Creator we must always fight against such thoughts. Remember:

1. A Creator is not gullible and does not easily accept any statement, belief, assertion or assumption that to him is lacking in proof and/or is unreasonable in light of his own experiences.

 So with that let us simply look at the facts of the case. He drove half way across the state, away from his own community and shot three people. The media says he was targeting Jewish people by asking them whether they were Jewish or not. But the fact is the 3 people he shot were white Christians. (we can attest that to typical media bloating of the situation). He did not enter any building or try to make a bigger impact. When the police showed up he simply surrendered and did not fight against them at all. So that tells us his intention was to be caught. If a man was to truly target a group of people or the government that claims to be an intelligent person would plan, strategize and organize an attack, even if it was a lone attack. If he truly wanted to make an impact.

However this action was simply an image statement. Nothing more. As stated before, Glenn Miller desperately sought acceptance from the movement. A traitor who wanted to be praised as a hero. To him, in his mind, write his past wrongs. But not necessarily make any changes. A purely selfish act. So he can live the remainder of his twilight years as a living martyr. Being praised and bootlicked from his prison cell by morons who think such actions are commendable.

Now what does this action truly accomplish? There is simply nothing positive that comes out of this.

1. The 3 random people who died were of no consequence. They played no role in the genocidal campaign against our people. Their deaths will not hinder any future actions against our people.

Result: Their deaths will be used as a martyrdom, fear mongering campaign against the pro white cause.

2. The aftermath of the situation has already begun. The FBI and government agencies will use this to justify illegal surveillance, harassment and further funding to fight against "domestic terrorism".

Result: More unnecessary ZOG pressure, infiltration and intimidation. Which in turn leads to dissension, cowardice and paranoia.

3. After awhile it will be used as yet another example of the "evils" of racism in schools and institutions.

Result: Future generations discouraged from taking a stance against their own genocide or even having pride in their own people.

4. The trial, media and sentencing will be blown out of proportion. It will be used as yet another example of consequences of racism. They will sentence him to obviously death or more then likely life without parole in a high security prison (mainly for surveillance of who is talking to him and supporting him).

Result: Fear and negative imagery. Many will see the examples of what they do and be fearful of any actions. Others will see the morons who will make him a POW as an example as what we endorse as a movement.

I could go on but you get the gist of it. When one looks at all the negativity of a situation like this, they will over think it and as I said before try to theorise and create conspiracy theories with it. When in reality it is no more then the end result of an ignorant, selfish action by a foolish old man!

Now let us look at those who supported him before and those who will support him after. As the title of this article says "birds of a feather".... I do not mean that in the sense those who claimed friendship or association are going to commit the same kind of acts. In no way do I believe that to be so. But the same persona of the out casted, the unaccepted. Glenn Miller was unaccepted because he was a traitor, a snitch. Those who aligned with him were simply outcasted because they are net Nazis, provocateurs and/or snitches, informants themselves.

I wont go into detail of every person as it inconsequential to the point. But I will say this much, a man is judged by the company they keep. If your company or friends consist of Internet persona's, fake online names, people riddled with online controversy or cause it, people who try to justify past mistakes such as pedophilia or drug use, etc then perhaps you need to re-evaluate yourself. These people in a year will be praising Miller for his actions and calling him a POW. Which devalues true POW's, men like Rev Hale.

These people must be avoided which is difficult because they live on the internet. However, if we simply call it like it is their inherent purposes and true intentions become clear. I will close on the this subject for now, just wanted to put my two cents in. My personal note to those out there who support or commit such acts:

Birds of a feather flock together, so do pigs and swine, but if you are of this ilk, you are no friend of mine.

Rev James Logsdon




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