Monday, 21 April 2014

Is there a Hell?...... By Brother Chappell

As Creators we do not believe in places that we can’t see or go to so the belief in hell would seemingly fall into this category. No one has ever seen this pit of fire under the earth that burns our invisible souls for all eternity. This belief in such a dark and gloomy place has been a great tool for Christians to scare people into converting simply because the masses fear pain and torment as they always have and always will. But the question remains is there a hell?

I believe that there is in fact a hell right here on earth. This hell is real and can be seen and most likely has been seen by most White people living in these multi-racial nations the Jews have created for us. You go to downtown Los Angeles or Chicago and you will see people living homeless in the streets freezing at night. During the day these multi-racial hotspots all over the nation are crawling with non-white gangs that shoot and rape and steal from White people, because it is not enough that we are already being pillaged by a government that works to feed and house them at our expense.

These multi-racial hotspots are not only spread across the entire country with like hornets’ nest in which the Jews can cause to riot at any time but they are also over flowing into our very country side where White people fled during what is known was White flight. The armies of the mud races took once prosperous cities and chase us into the country side where we tried to escape the hell that we allowed to be created.

There is a solution, a way to close the gates of hell and Creativity has the solution. We must start with straightening out the White man’s thinking and then once White people begin to think right they will act right. We will no longer live in hell, because the White people of our nation will again be the warriors that their ancestors remember and slam the gates of hell so hard that the Jews will fall from their throne. It is our racial duty as Creators to spread our racial religion to the White people that are suffering in this eternal hell. The Christians used a make believe place for the last 2000 years to scare people, but here we can give them the facts in which no Man, Woman, or Child can deny.

Brother Chappell
April 41AC(2014)

               Article originally published in IMPERIUM # 11
                 The Creativity Movement online magazine


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