Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Time has come for the White Race to Establish it's own Pole Star...By Ben Klassen

There is a fierce and as yet unresolved battle of ideas going on for the possession of men's minds. In order to survive the White Race must polarize its own goals. In studying the history of Navigation, we find that during and immediately after the Fifteenth Century the White Man's progress in navigation on the high seas took a quantum leap. It was during the latter half of the 15th century that he became capable of making long forays down the

west coast of Africa, discovering islands in the Atlantic formerly out of reach, and in 1492 Columbus was able to make his epic voyage across the Atlantic and discover the New World. From there on out there were no limits on this our Planet Earth. The White Man was motivated by a burst of energy as never had been witnessed before. The Era of Discovery and Colonization set in, and it was the White Man exclusively whose brilliant energy and genius was the center of it all. South America was soon discovered, explored and colonized by the Spaniards. Magellan circled the globe and Captain Cook "discovered" Australia, the Hawaiian Islands and many areas of the Pacific heretofore unknown. This was the White Man at his best.

What sparked this illustrious burst of discovery and colonization? There were several key factors and we might say that it was an idea whose time had come. There was a partial improvement in the size and durability of the sailing vessels, but whereas this was a factor, it was not major. The most important item was that the White Man was learning the art of navigation, a pursuit that was strongly upgraded by Henry the Navigator of Portugal. He started a school for navigation, and collected, studied and improved the known arts of navigation as they stood in the middle of the 15th century. This provided the needed impetus and soon the White Man's ideas about the world began to change in conformity

with reality. Once the White Man realized the world was round, not flat; that it spun about its axis; that that axis pointed to the Polar Star; discovered the magnetic compass; and that it pointed to magnetic north; discovered the sextant; Mercator drew his famous charts and

innovated numerous other aids. From there on out the White Man was off and running and soon reached and colonized all the worthwhile territories in the world.

In the meantime, although technology, colonization and navigation were burgeoning, the White Man made no progress whatsoever in the vital areas of RACE and RELIGION, the most important issues in his existence. These two paramount issues underlie the very survival of the White Race, but have been totally ignored since the dawn of civilization. In fact, it is one of the ironies of history that the Age of Discovery and Colonization also greatly accelerated the practice of race-mixing and mongrelization, especially among the Spaniards and the Portuguese in their newly discovered territories, especially Mexico and South America.

Five hundred years after Henry the Navigator, the White Man is not only as unaware and ignorant of these two vital issues, (Race and Religion) as he was then, he is, in fact more ignorant, more con- fused, and even more fragmented. He is still woefully unaware of the issues, racially confused, without goal or direction, without any meaningful charts, without a Pole Star to guide his path. The White Man is, in fact, hopelessly floundering without direction or meaning, not even aware that the Jew is rapidly committing genocide on Nature's Finest, the White Race.

During this same era, the Jew, who is not a builder, nor a navigator, nor an explorer, nor a farmer, nor a producer, but an eternal parasite, he too, was extremely busy. Whereas the White Man was honing his navigational techniques and innovating other new technology, the Jew was busily pursuing his racial plans, programs and blueprints, all of which he had established thousands of years ago. He knew exactly where he was going (racially), what his goals were, and how he was going to get there. He had fixated his racial Pole Star as far back as the time he was driven out of Egypt in the middle of the Second Millennium B. C. E. He had his Pole Star and never wavered from it. His Pole Star was his Judaic (or Mosaic) Religion, an intensely racial religion.

And just what were the goals of this inferior parasitic tribe? They were enormous, but also simple as hell. They were basically:
(a) To mongrelize and enslave all the peoples of the world, especially the White Race — the prime target of their hatred and revulsion.
(b) To garner unto themselves all the gold, silver, precious gems, money and properties of the world.
(c) To desecrate, down breed and degenerate all the goyim of the world, convert them into brainless brown zombies and hold then in eternal bondage.

In short their goal, set thousands of years ago was, and is today: every Jew a King, every goyim a slave, his face in the mud with the Jewish Jackboot firmly pressing down on the nape of his neck. If you don't believe me, read the letter (in Issue 19 of this book) from a kike on whose stationary was the name of Robert V. Rothman. If that doesn't convince you, read again what another Jew by the name of Marcus Eli Ravage says. He spells it out more succinctly, and we recapitulate his frank disclosure in Creative Credo No. 43 in the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE under the heading of "Confessions of a Jew", Page 286. If you need any further confirmation of what the Jews have in mind for us, read that comprehensive epistle of hate — the Jewish Talmud itself. Even mulattoes like Louis Farrakhan have enough intelligence to recognize the Jewish religion as that of a destructive parasite and calls it "a
gutter religion".

So much for what the Jews have in store for us if we don't come to our senses and promptly get on with the job. It is the awesome goal and program of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to arouse, unite, and organize the White Race into one powerful battering ram that has the WILL and the power to demolish the Jewish behemoth. This is what Creativity is all about and this is what we are trying to accomplish. Standing in our path are an endless number of roadblocks, most of which have surreptitiously been conceived by the Jews, but the actual placing of many of these roadblocks are being done by members of our own race, most of which should know better.

Visualize the following scenario: An old draft horse is pulling a heavy load up a long hill, heaving and straining at its traces. It is tired and sweaty and has had a long, hard day. Noisily yapping at its heels are a few mutts, and buzzing at its head are a small swarm of gnats. If this old draft horse could talk, it would probably be saying something like this to itself: "I don't mind pulling the load, because that is what I am best at. But who in the hell needs the extra aggravation of mutts and gnats when I am trying to get this load over the hill?"

I have a confession to make. There are times when I feel like that old draft horse.
I know what we are up against, and it is a heavy load. We are trying to accomplish something that has never been done by the White Race in the last six thousand years of its illustrious but con- fused and botched-up history. We are trying to give the White Race a racial religion of its own that will finally and comprehensively solve the problem of its degeneration and decline, and prevent its ignominious demise by drowning in a stinking sea of mud. I repeat, this has never before been done in all of the White Man's turbulent past, and whether or not it will come about in the future Christ only knows, and he won't tell because he is not around. I can't assure you that it will come about. I cannot give anyone a
guilt-edged Certificate of Guarantee for the future. But I can assure you of this much: It will either happen in the next 20 to 30 years or it won't happen at all. Why? Because if It doesn't happen now there won't be any White Race left to save.

I will also boldly make the second claim and that is in Creativity we now have the creed, program and religion with which to bring about the Salvation and Redemption of the White Race. We have, in fact, the whole ball of wax, and whereas it may not be perfect (nothing in life is) it is the best that is now available to the White Race in order to save its neck from the Jewish jackboot. Creativity is not a spectator sport. Whether or not we win this ultimate battle depends on how vigorously you and millions of other White Racial Comrades join into the fray and become militant activists. I repeat, this is not a spectator sport. We need White Racial Teamwork — all 500 million strong.

The White Race is now in the position of a pusillanimous old spinster who is nearing the end of the line. She could never quite make up her mind that she had found the "perfect" man and kept on looking and looking, little realizing that as the years went by her own charms to attract such a man, if he ever existed, were rapidly fading. Finally, in her declining years, as she becomes senile and is hustled off to a "convalescent home" the question of finding the "perfect" man that never existed becomes rather moot.

A similar situation exists regarding Creativity. We don't claim it is perfect, but it is powerful, dynamic, comprehensive, consistent and complete. Just as Hitler constructed the Nazi Party in Germany to demolish Jewish Marxism and lead the German people back to strength and unity, so also is Creativity designed to arouse, unite and organize all the White peoples of the world to demolish once and for all the Jewish monster that now threatens to devour us.

Most of our White Racial Comrades that want the Jewish monkey off our back believe that the main roadblock in accomplishing this awesome task are the Jews, the niggers and the exploding mass of mud races. I used to think along these lines also, but experience has taught me that the major problem resides within our own ranks - the unbelievable intransigence of those who profess to be on our side but because of hubris, jealousy, pettiness and plain stupidity are forever in the front and throwing roadblocks in the way of those who have the WILL, the MEANS and the PROGRAM to do something meaningful and effective.

Let me state categorically: We Creators mean business. We are determined to do something meaningful, constructive and effective rather than eternally yak, yak, yak, and fiddle around the fringes of the frivolous. We are not interested in either trying to impress you, nor are we here to entertain you. We want to arouse and motivate you to become a militant activist and enlist you into our army of racial teamwork.

This we are doing day by day, and although the process is accelerating, it is not fast enough to suit us. Time is of the essence, and, as in the case of the aging and pusillanimous spinster, time is running out for the White Race. If it won't grasp the opportunity now it will soon be too senile to ever pull itself out of the muddy mire.

Standing in the way of getting the job done are a number of buzzing gnats and yapping hounds in the ranks of the White Race itself, repeatedly throwing roadblocks in our way, roadblocks that were designed and fashioned by the Jews themselves. In this dissertation I want to make a file, a laundry list if you like, of the number of spurious and nit-picking charges, rumors and innuendos that have been thrown at us. Many of these people profess to be our friends and are "only trying to help us", for our own good.

1. Although we are located in a beautiful natural setting in North Carolina, we are also located in what is known as the Bible Belt, and the "devout" and confused Christians not only denounce us as "atheists", but some vociferously proclaim that we are "devil- worshippers". Since we don't believe in demons, or spooks of any kind, or, in fact, any other kind of spooky malarkey, this charge, is, of course rather silly on the face of it.

2. Then there are those, including some Mormons who claim that Ben Klassen is, in fact, the devil himself. This too, is pretty stupid, for the same reason as point No. 1.

3. There are some (White people) who claim I am a Jew, I must be a Jew, and perhaps both a Jew and a devil, and that Klassen is a Jewish name.

In answer to the above, I can categorically state that (a) I am not a devil, and (b) I am not a Jew. The devil part is, of course, so silly I need not spend further time on it. The Jewish accusation is equally stupid, but since it has such vicious implications I will spend further time on it. My ancestors both on my mother's side and on my father's side were Mennonites of unmixed White ancestry for at least the last four hundred years, originating out of Holland. In the 1700's a segment of Mennonites (due to religious persecution) migrated to what was then Prussia. Since the Mennonites were both industrious and also raised large families, they multiplied and took over more and more territory in that state.

The Mennonites also had (and still have) a strange little hang- up in their religion about being opposed to going to war and killing other people. They are dedicated PACIFISTS. This did not sit too well with the then militaristic minded Prussians, and new persecutions ensued. A major segment of my Prussian ancestors then decided to move to a fertile area of the Ukraine just north of the Black Sea. This they did in about the year 1804, and Katherine the Great, who was eager to settle these empty areas with industrious, hardworking farmers, invited them in, even signing a pact with them that gave them special compensations, waiving any obligations of having to serve in the military.

The colony my ancestors settled in was called the Molotschna Colony, located on the banks of a river of the same name. Here they prospered and multiplied, two areas in which they were amazingly adept. My paternal grandfather and grandmother had 14 children, of which twelve lived to adulthood, and all, I believe, raised families of their own.

This was the situation in 1914 when World War I broke out. The colony had prospered, the Mennonites in Molotschna numbered 30,000 souls in 50 towns or villages. When the communists took over in 1917, all hell broke loose and the Mennonites were completely unprepared to defend themselves from the marauding criminals that were let loose upon them. Many were killed, some died of starvation during the planned famine of 1921-22, some migrated to other countries.

The latter is what my father did in 1924. Without going into more detail about the Mennonites and my personal history which I have briefly covered in Chapter 22, Part II, Page 455 of NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION entitled "My Own Spiritual Awakening", suffice it to say that my ancestors were White, Protestant Mennonites, who carefully kept their genealogy clean, and there is not a Jew, a nigger or an Indian anywhere in my bloodlines, at least not for the last 400 years.

Now before some swine again rises up (I am using Herbert Hoover's words) and accuses me of being a Jew, I suggest that he, she or it first put up a $1000.00 security to cover a bet that I can prove otherwise, and I will put up my own $1000.00. A late uncle of mine, bless him, devoted a lot of time and researched and compiled an extensive genealogy of the Klassen family. I have a copy of it. I also have copies of numerous official documents, such as passports, (including my father's) church documents, family albums and a mass of other evidence, all of which confirms my White Protestant Mennonite ancestry. If that is not enough, I still have any number of living cousins, nieces, nephews and other relatives in Canada and the United States who can back up my statements, and would not take lightly to the inference that we might be Jews. So, to the next swine that makes the accusation I say — put your money where your mouth is, or shut up. Klassen is a good Dutch and Mennonite name and has been for many centuries.

4. There are some who spread the rumor that I am in this "business" to make money, and that is my only concern. This, too, is utterly stupid. I am 66 years old and have been concerned about the sinister Jewish menace since the age of 20 when I first read Hitler's MEIN KAMPF, in German.

Although my pursuit in trying to solve this problem was in the early stages confused, erratic and completely ineffective (since, like everyone else, I didn't know what to do about it) It has always been a simmering concern most of my adult life. I came to the United States in 1945 as a poor immigrant boy, although not without a good Engineering degree and some practical job experience. In 1947 I decided to go into real estate (in California), and by 1970 I was in a position where I could have retired comfortably. It was at this time that I began to see the light about the swindle that was Christianity and its ramifications regarding the whole racial problem. It was at this time that I began to formulate and put together NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Since that time I have not only published NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, but also written THE WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and published SALUBRIOUS LIVING, thereby completing our ideological creed and program. We now have a racial religion of which any White Man can not only be intensely proud, but to which he can actively dedicate his time, energy and loyalty for the rest of his natural life. He can now join in a White religious movement that can (and will!) lead us all out of the quagmire of Jewish slavery and eternal bondage TO A WHITER AND BRIGHTER FUTURE.

I have also inaugurated a conveyor belt to spread the word and disseminate the message by launching RACIAL LOYALTY 20 issues ago, and have built the Church itself as a World Center for our movement. We are now in the process of completing the SCHOOL FOR GIFTED BOYS, and I am happy to announce that sooner or later we plan to build a Health Center in which to teach and practice Salubrious Living for those seeking a more ideal and healthful lifestyle.

Publishing all these books, building all these buildings, publishing the paper, buying a host of typesetting equipment, computers, copying machines and other sophisticated technical equipment, all this has cost a ton of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. By and large, I have bankrolled it all out of my life's savings, and the response from supporters, as anyone in the White racial movement can well confirm, has been (at best) discouraging, but I expected as much.

The point is — how can some people (some of which profess to be on our side) accuse me of enduring all the abuse, hassle and headaches connected with promoting an unpopular cause in order that I make a buck?

I repeat — I could have retired comfortably in 1970, but if I live to be one hundred I can never expect to recuperate a cent of all the financial sacrifices I have made, and am making, and will continue to make in the future in order to get this movement off the ground. I repeat, I don't expect to recuperate a penny, and have made no provision to do so.

I repeat a similar challenge I made in Point No. 4. Anyone who thinks I am making a killing out of trying to do my part in this racial struggle can readily buy all the potential "profits" I might accrue for the rest of my life. A mere $10,000 will do it for you. Again, I challenge such purveyors of lies and slander to put their money where their mouth is. (I would gladly settle for $100.00 or even fifty cents, but ( set the figure at $10,000 to keep out the cheap gadflies).

5. There are those that still insist my motives must be evil, and if none of the above charges hold water they are DETERMINED to find somewhere, somehow, some sinister and evil motivation. They come up with the following charge: I must be doing what I am doing in order to sow dissention and destroy "the little that we have", evidently in order that I might help aid the Jewish cause. This charge is so asinine that it hardly needs an answer, but answer it I will, and briefly.

The "little that we have" is so damn little and so counterproductive that if I wanted to sec the Jews continue to successfully carry on their nefarious destruction of the White Race all I need do is comfortably sit back and do nothing, the same as the silly yokels who make such an outrageous charge. Why would I spend hundreds of thousands of my hard earned life's savings, when just sitting back and doing nothing would accomplish the same thing?
Why would I spend thousands of hours writing books, organizing a movement putting out a monthly publication, etc.? How ridiculous can you get?

6. Then there is that strange group that comes up with a CATCH 22 rationale and says that I must be phony, I must be a double agent, I must be a Jewish stooge, for if I was for real, and had said all the nasty things I have said about the Jews, openly and publicly published books against them, even had a large picture of myself on the back pages, even used my own real name, why, anybody that did all this would long ago have been killed by the Jews. Therefore, ipso facto, I must be a Jew, or a double agent, or a stooge, or something, being paid by the Jewish powerhouse.

In short, these idiots say that no matter what you do there is no way to win the battle against the Jews. If you try, you're dead. If you're not dead, you must be a double agent. And of course, if you're dead, there isn't much you can do.

With this kind of accusation, what in the hell can anybody do? It's heads I win, tails you lose, the perfect Catch 22 no-win box, undoubtedly promoted by the Jews themselves.
I bring up these ludicrous accusations because they are more prevalent than most people realize and I want to take this opportunity to answer all of them and get these kinds of people de-confused and decontaminated, if such is at all possible.

Let me say categorically the only kind of help I have ever gotten from the Jews is threats and hate letters such as the one printed in last months issue No. 19. I can reprint a number of others such as the uproar I caused in the Jewish community when the Miami Herald (South Florida is becoming a bedlam of Jews, Cubans, niggers and Haitians) published a two page article on me in 1981. How can I possibly benefit the Jews by inaugurating a White racial religion that when (not if, but when!) successful, will spell the death knell of Judaism, nobody has yet rationally explained.

But let us look at the statistics, and the probabilities. It is true that there is always the possibility that a Jew fighter out in the open might be assassinated in the United States, and there have been a few cases, such as George Lincoln Rockwell, Sec. of Defense James Forrestal, Congressman Louis T. McFadden, and probably John F. Kennedy, who started issuing U. S. notes, instead of allowing the Jew owned Federal Reserve to have a monopoly in counterfeiting. But most of these cases are rare, and outside of Rockwell, most of these victims did not even attack the Jews openly, although they were a threat to them.

Now compare these paltry numbers with the 30 million White Russians that were massacred when the Jews exercised their racial hate orgy, or the 50 million White people that were killed in W. W. II, or the more than a million White people that were killed in the Civil War, not to mention the overwhelming devastation of property. Or the 57,661 Americans who were killed outright in the recent Vietnam War, a senseless Jew instigated war that was perpetrated on the gullible American public for no other reason than to kill, maim and promote drug-addiction on the cream of American manhood in their finest young years.

The list is endless, but my point is this: NO ONE IS SAFE, whether fighting Jews or whether they try placating the Jews, or whether they are trying to play it safe as an innocent, uninvolved spectator. Like it or not YOU ARE INVOLVED, you are boxed in. If White, you are a target designated for destruction, and trying to play it safe will not make one little of difference. Ask the parents of the 57,661 young Americans that are now dead and buried if any of these slaughtered victims ever so much as raised a finger against the Jews, or even had the slightest inkling as to what the hell it was all about. The answer is zero, zero, zero. But the Jews managed to get to them, and in a treacherous round about way managed to get them killed anyway, did they not? And they will get to you, whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are White. You don't have to be militant or hostile towards the Yids, or even knowledgeable. Look at what happened to my pacifist Mennonite ancestors in Russia —
dispersed, dead, rooted out, and every last beautiful farm, village and community wiped out.

So wake up, my dear White Racial Comrade! As individuals, we all have to die sometime anyway, but our race lives on. The best defense against the Jews hastening our untimely demise is to inform and arouse the SLEEPING GIANT, OUR OWN GREAT WHITE RACE. It is our beholden duty to unify and organize our people into a massive fired-up RELIGIOUS WAR based on race. (The Arabs have a word for it. It is called Jihad). Therein lies our best defense and our only salvation. Some of us will be killed in the process no doubt, but believe me, it is much, much better to die fighting. How can a man die better than facing fearful odds (See Horatius at the Bridge, P. 485, NER) against the enemy and
taking a hundred or so of them with him. Such is a thousand times better than to die a sniveling coward on your knees, alone and in miserable anonymity. In any case, you are safer fighting than sniveling.

I repeat, the best way to die is a heroic death, or a martyr's death, in the cause of your race. Whereas we all die anyway, if we organize and fight, our glorious future progeny will have a chance to live in a beautiful. Whiter and Brighter World.

7. We now come to that group which is more sophisticated, more intellectual, but whose intelligence does not quite extend to the point where they know how to help save the White Race and subsequently don't realize that if the White Race goes down the drain, they and their progeny (present & future) will go down with it. Many of these are the heads of one of the fragmentary 20,000 or so "right-wing" movements, albeit some are no more than an organization comprising of one member — themselves.

Although there are undoubtedly many phonics in this group, many of them Jews parading as White racists, or parading as White Christians, these are probably the exception. Although it is hard to tell the players without cards attached, I presume most of them are White, sincere, but somehow have some hang-up or quirks they inherited from being slopped with too much Jewish propaganda most of their life and have not quite gotten their pieces put together.

This group effectively throws more roadblocks in the path of our movement than any other, for two reasons, (a) there are more of them, and (b) their argument is fairly persuasive to the average uninformed yokel. Their argument goes something like this: We need a large variety of polyglot organizations to do the job (whatever that "job" is, this polyglot group does not seem to be able to agree on). If we had one major organization, they argue, and if the Jews (or the U. S. government, or the IRS) quashed it, we would be through, whereas if we have thousands of little polyglot groups "they" can never get to us all, and we can keep
on going.

Therefore, the more polyglots the merrier and let us never make the mistake of uniting. When the "showdown" comes, they further argue, we will all unite and we will beat the hell out of "them". Well, this all sounds good, but experience teaches us that this kind of approach is a fatal mistake. We have been pursuing this line of thinking for the last 60 years and it has gotten us exactly nowhere. We have had at least 20,000 polyglot "organizations" that have come and gone since W. W. II and none of them have so much as made a dent. (Read again: "A Polyglot Mind & A Polyglot Society, Who Needs Them?" in Expanding Creativity, Issue No. 10).

Let us learn from history and let us learn from experience. The best historic era we can possibly draw from is the German phenomenon between W.W.I and W.W.II.
As we all know, there was great distress in Germany after W.W.I. The Jews had beaten down one of the finest, most progressive and productive people in the heart of Europe. The Jews were having a field day ravaging the nation and heaping humiliation on top of misery,
hunger and chaos. Desperation and confusion was rampant in the land, and the Jews, who created it all, made the most of it. However, they overplayed their hand (as they are doing in the U.S. today) and the resilient German people started to organize a counterforce.

Hundreds, then thousands, of small organizations of all shades and stripes sprang up, with the alleged purpose of solving the problem. There too, many were Jew instigated to divert, mislead and further confuse the German people. Many of them were sincere, but led by people who neither understood the problem, nor knew of a solution even if they had understood the problem.

As those of us know that have studied the Nazi movement, in 1919 Hitler joined a small, insignificant group called the German Worker's Party and became member No. 7. By sheer genius, drive and leadership ability he was soon in charge and started building the party Into a formidable political force. He also changed its name to National Socialist German Worker's Party.

He was opposed by just about every meaningful power group in the Reich. Not only was It deemed unpopular to be a Nazi, but it was also dangerous. A number of them were beaten, brutalized and/or killed. The opposition the Nazi party encountered came not only from the Jewish power structure, but also from the churches, the "German" government, the Masonic Lodges and various other indigenous groups, all of which was bad enough. But he was also fiercely opposed by rival racist German groups, who fought him and road blocked him as effectively as did the Jewish establishment.

Throughout it all Hitler did not compromise his goals nor his principals. He never "merged" with any other group and warned in MEIN KAMPF that to do so weakens and destroys both parties to the merger. Instead, he kept building the party, and by demonstrating the superiority of his movement, converted members of other groups to his movement, including thousands, yes, millions of former adherents of the Communist party.

But the individual leaders of the rival parties kept opposing him as long as they could, all the while professing the same goals. For example, even after Jan. 30, 1933, when Hitler was already Chancellor, Alfred Hugenberg did all he could to maintain his group, the Nationalist Front, and acted as a destructive roadblock until his group was dissolved by the more powerful Nazi party. Such are the eternal human foible* of maintaining their egotistical hubris.

Even after Hitler was supreme ruler of Germany, there were a number of dissidents in the ranks of the S.A. (Sturm Abteilung) who now, that they were on top, wanted to dump the Leader who had built it all and take charge. Again hubris coming to the surface. Egotists like Ernst Roehm thought they knew better than the Fuehrer as to what to do with that "success" now that they had it, and arrogantly wanted to run the show in their own direction. As we know, in July of 1934 there was a "purge" of the party and Roehm, and approximately 70 others, were executed. As Hitler said "the iron laws of history are eternal and unbending". Had he not done what he did, there would have again been division, dissention and chaos in the land, and the Jews, being masters of the "Divide and Conquer" technique, would soon have been back in the saddle.

I cite this as a most exemplary era in the White Man's fight in driving the Jews from power because we have a number of cogent lessons to learn from that experience which apply very directly to the dilemma we find ourselves in in the United States of America today. We have the same odious problem as did the Germans in the 1920's, namely, how to get the parasitic Jew off our back, and for the White Man again to take charge of his own destiny. Believe me, it is no child's game, and the iron laws of history are grim indeed if we fail.

The lessons we can (and must) learn are these:

(a) A powerful movement must be built around an ideology, a faith, a creed, a belief. Nothing fits this description better than a religion.

(b) If such a religion is built on the foundation of race, it is all the more powerful and meaningful, as the Jews have proven over the thousands of years of their existence.

(c) A "democratic", polyglot society is unstable, weak and chaotic, and a perfect tool for the deceitful Jews with which to manipulate a numerically superior, (potentially) more powerful enemy, such as the White Race. In a polyglot society the Jew can expertly exercise his
deceitful genius — the Divide and Conquer technique, at which he has no peers.

(d) The White Race is now nearing the end of its existence as a species on this planet. Whether it likes it or not, it has some urgent and hard decisions to make, and time is rapidly running out. If it does not change course, if it does not abandon the haphazard, polyglot, no-win approach that it has carelessly pursued in the past, it will soon be finished and there will be no second chance.

In order to survive, the White Race must choose the one creed, program and ideology under which to marshal its awesome powers. Playing mawkish, childish games, and being fragmented into thousands of babbling debating societies will no longer suffice. We must polarize around one movement, and soon make up our minds which is the best, the most powerful, complete and comprehensive creed and program to pursue.
(e) We must then close ranks and do the job that has to be done as quickly, and as thoroughly as possible, no matter what it takes, no matter what the sacrifice. As I have said a hundred times before, the survival of Nature's Finest is so important that the end justifies the means, any means. Only a fool or a traitor could deem otherwise.

We now come to the key issue, the 64 thousand dollar question. Which creed or program should the White Race choose, and having made its choice, close ranks behind it?

Alright, I will not be devious, or try to be coy. We don't have an unlimited shopping list to choose from, and the answer narrows down to Creativity, the only meaningful racial religion that has evolved from the ranks of the White Race in the last 6000 years of civilization. It is
complete, it is comprehensive, it is consistent, it is cohesive. It is designed to cope with a crumbling world situation as it exists today in the last quarter of the Twentieth Century, a time when the White Race is rapidly nearing its death gasp. It may not be perfect, but like the old maid that wasted the best years of her life looking for the perfect mate, the White Race had better get its act together now.

If in 6000 years no other meaningful White racial religion has appeared, it is not likely that in the next decade such will appear out of Aladdin's Lamp, nor that it will be able to match the dynamic and comprehensive creed inherent in Creativity. So let's not waste our time all the way to the Convalescent Home (or the slaughterhouse) eternally searching for perfection. In Creativity we have the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. Not perfect, but the best that has come along in 6000 years. So let's get with it, let's get going and promote the hell out of it and WIN.

The time has come to get down to serious business and wage meaningful warfare. The time has come to fix on a definite Pole Star and chart a specific course of action. We have got to freeze the dies and get into production. The time is long gone when each individual White Man can indulge in his own little game, playing with his pet spooks and massaging his own
hubris by indulging in silly daydreams. We have to unite, build an army under a unified command and fight like men. We have to have a clear dynamic and powerful plan of battle, and in Creativity we have it all.

The Church Of The Creator is going to pursue this course of uniting all the White peoples of the world into one powerful army, come hell or high water. We are going to pursue the same course as Hitler did — to build one massive movement, now, as quickly as possible. This might disturb some people, but that is unfortunate and cannot be helped. From here on out we arc no longer interested in quibbling about the finer points of creed or philosophy or pontificating endlessly and explaining for the hundredth  time that we don't care how it all started fifty billion years ago. We are now interested in only one thing — building and promoting the movement into one massive army, crushing the Jewish menace and
wresting control of our own destiny back into the hands of the White Race while we still have time.

We are determined to build a Whiter and Brighter World, or die in the attempt. JOIN WITH US.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of The Creator

Article taken from Racial Loyalty #20
January 12AC (1985)


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Comparative Religions-Part 1-Mohammedanism...By Ben Klassen

Objectives of Our Comparative Series

1. To illustrate by means of detailed comparison that in CREATIVITY we have finally achieved a genuine, bonafide, comprehensive racial religion for the White Race that is the equal of, or superior to, any religion in history.

2. That our religion makes more sense, is more logical, is more complete and better planned and organized; it is, in fact, more effectively constructed than any of the established old "great" religions of the world.

3. That in order to survive at all, the White Race must now polarize around its own racial religion.

4. To convince all the polyglot and diverse White racial groups and leaders that in CREATIVITY ties the salvation of the White Race and the

sooner we unite under the banner of Creativity, the sooner we will be on our way in waging an effective battle for the survival of the White Race.

Think about it. If not Creativity, what else is there?


When the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran in 1978 in triumph to wildly cheering multitudes, he again proved the power of a religious fervor and of the overriding importance of an ideology.

Let us consider the odds he faced. For 13 years he had been sitting in Paris, an exile. He had no army, no government, no police force, no legal status. Pitted against him was one of the most powerful potentates in the Moslem Middle East, The Shah of Iran. The Shah was in the true sense a ruthless dictator, with a cruel and efficient secret police at his command, a powerful army, equipped with the most modern of American weapons, all financed by an abundance of gushing oil wells. The Shah and his family were themselves, in fact, one of the most wealthy, affluent families in the world.

Yet before the year 1978 was over, the Shah himself was a hunted exile, in fear of his life and hard put to find a country that would even receive him as a refugee. The Ayatollah, in the mean- time, was now in supreme control of Iran, idolized and worshipped by the masses and the multitudes. His every word and wish was the law of the land.

To accomplish such an overwhelming victory against such tremendous odds, what was it the Ayatollah had over the Shah? What weapon, what advantage did he have? Was he a better administrator and ruler? No, he was not. Subsequent events have shown, that he is a humbler, is inefficient, is a fumbling idiot in the science of government. Did he have a superior economic program to offer the people in order to raise their standards of living? No, he did not. He hardly even talked about economics, and in this area too, he is an ignoramus. Was he more loving, democratic, compassionate and lenient with his people? Again, negative. He proved to be more cruel, ruthless and tyrannical than the Shah had ever been, as the thousands of executions and arbitrary pronouncements over the last seven years have also proved.

Then what did he have to offer to be able to not only overthrow the once powerfully entrenched Shah, but also maintain his grip on the people, and in fact, become a leader and a focal point of all the Moslems of the Middle East, the Far East, and in fact, of the world?

The major advantage the Ayatollah had over the Shah, and still has, is the powerful weapon of a RELIGIOUS CREED. It is a weapon as old as history, and the Mohammedans have now had it for over thirteen centuries, tailor-made for their scrawny, emotional and backward masses.

The Jews have one tailor- made for their parasitical nature and have found it has worked wonders for them over the last 3000 years. But that is another story.

The point I want to drive home to my White Racial Comrades is this: RELIGIONS are like fire: a powerful force in the human equation that can be useful to either energize the people that utilize it, or it can be need to destroy their whole social structure, as fire can bum down a home.

The White Man's religion has been used to burn down his house — it has been used by his enemies to confuse, destroy and disintegrate the White Race itself.

But let us get back to the Moslem religion, and examine its historic origins, its expansion and its widespread influence today.

As I have pointed out before, the relatively small desert area lying in Asia at the eastern end of the Mediterranean has been the hotbed, the spawning ground of mankind's three major religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism. Although many thousands of

religions have infested the landscape and infected the minds of men, these three religions have directed the course of history more significantly than all the other religions combined.

Mohammed, the founder of the Moslem religion, was born circa 571 C.E„ in what is today Saudi Arabia. His father died before he was born and his mother shortly thereafter. He was raised and brought up by his uncle and his grandfather and experienced hard- ship in his early life.

When he was 25, he married Khadijah, an older Jewish widow of considerable wealth, and his financial troubles were now over. He could now afford the leisure time to meditate and reflection the nature and destiny of man.

By his fortieth year this contemplation crystallized into an articulated religion, in which he proclaimed there was only one God, Allah, and that he, Mohammed, was his messenger and his prophet. His wife Khadijah was his first convert.

Fired up into a burst of energy and action he soon stirred up a storm of angry protest in his native city of Mecca, which worshipped a multitude of gods, idols and fetishes.

Despised and persecuted in his native city, Mohammed fled north to Medina. This flight, in the year 622 C.E. is known as the Hegira.

Here his proselytizing efforts prospered and soon he had a veritable army of followers. With his now powerful army he returned and conquered his native city of Mecca, and the Moslem religion soon spread like wildfire.

When he died at the age of 61 in the year 632 C.E„ he bequeathed upon his followers a religio-political heritage that has prospered and expanded to this very day, a heritage that provided the powerful fuel with which the Ayatollah Khomeini blasted the Shah of Iran from the Peacock throne of Persia.

Today 850 million Muslims, a fifth of the world's population, turn daily towards Mecca five times a day in prayer. It is the world's second largest religion, crowding Christianity and soon threatening to surpass it. It is growing faster numerically than any other religion on two counts: (a) new converts, and (b) the high birth rate of the mud peoples that embrace it. It is the dominant belief in some 40 nations, and even the U.S.S.R. has 40 million Moslems, 15.5 per cent of its population.

Let us now analyze and compare its merits and characteristics with our own religion, CREATIVITY.

Mohammedanism vs. Creativity — a Comparison

Basis of its belief: Mohammedanism is founded on the same old swindle as thousands of other religions — namely, the spooks- in-the-sky hocus-pocus, a blind conjecture for which neither the Jews, the Christians, the Mohammedans nor any other gullible yokel has ever produced one scintilla of evidence.

Creativity, on the other hand, is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, on the lessons of history, on logic and common sense.

In short, our religion is based on the reality of the world as it is, with a view of how we can best achieve a better world by the use of our intelligence, our diligence, and our creativity.

Sacred Book or Book: The Holy Book of the Mohammedan religion is the Koran.

Allegedly, it contains the reported utterances of Mohammed himself, as some unknown scribe or scribes supposedly remembered them. These suppositions are on a level with those of the New Testament followers, who assume Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, whoever they were, somehow, somewhere "remembered" the utterances of Jesus Christ, and wrote them down. There is not a shred of evidence to support any of these nebulous claims.

The historical facts about the Koran as can be pieced together are something like this: The first Koranic utterances were reportedly first memorized (by whom?) and written on palm leaves or stone. They were then tossed into a barrel and later written down in a book in a random sequence. The Third Caliph, Uthman, 644-656, several decades after Mohammed's death "compiled" them into the codex of Medina, at the same time destroying rival versions in order to avoid confusion. It was not until the 10th century (three centuries after Mohammed's death) that an "authorized" version was put together.

So how authentic is the Koran in conjunction with Mohammed's preaching's? Who knows? But considering the various manipulations, and considering the lapse in time, any resemblance would have to be sheer coincidence. Nevertheless, whatever emerged as the Koran has had tremendous influence in shaping the Arabic language as such, and in welding together the religious and political thinking of a loose and amorphous group of Arabs, Semites, Hindus, Orientals, niggers and other mud races.

CREATIVITY, in contrast, has Three Basic Books that were written by the Founder of the religion, reviewed, published, Copyrighted and authorized as such while the Founder was still alive. Also, supplementary books such as Expanding Creativity were written and published by the Founder while still alive, thereby eliminating any question of authenticity or subversion of content. These Three Basic Books are Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living.

The goals of Creativity are well defined, its program is clear and pragmatic. It is comprehensive and covers all the basic goals, problems and moral values significant for the survival, expansion and advancement for the White Race. Unlike the Christian Bible, or the Mohammedan Koran, these basic books were not the compilation of some elusive and unknown "reporters" who supposedly patched together unconfirmed rumors, myths or hearsay several centuries later.

Goals and Objectives. Some of the goals Mohammed evidently had in mind were:

(a) To unify various loose and scattered desert tribes into a powerful and polarized political and religious body.

(b) By ordaining several daily ablutions as part of their religious ritual to those primitive tribes (whose private habits at best were unsanitary, and at worst, downright dirty) he sought to improve their physical and personal habits of cleanliness.

(c) Give these primitive desert tribes inspiration, direction and some sense of moral responsibility.

(d) Build a powerful political empire with himself at the head. In all these goals Mohammed succeeded rather well.

Creativity's Goals have been spelled out in great detail in our basic books. They are clear, comprehensive, constructive and consistent. They encompass the entire Planet Earth as a unit, not merely a limited area of real estate.

Without reviewing our entire creed, the highlights of our goals and objectives can briefly be stated as follows:

1. The survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and the White Race exclusively.

2. To inform, arouse and unify the White Race into a solid battering ram so that it can break the Jewish stranglehold and take charge of its own destiny.

3. To get the Jews, the niggers, the mud races, and the freeloaders and other parasites off of the backs of the White Race.

4. To give the White Race a sense of awareness, of morality and direction.

5. To provide a meaningful plan and blueprint for the future of the White Race.

6. To create a strong sense of Racial Loyalty towards the White Race among all the White nations and peoples of the world.

7. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment, as spelled out in our program of SALUBRIOUS LIVING.

8. A universal language, namely Latin, for all the White peoples of the world.

9. Eugenics. To work in harmony with the Laws of Nature and to upgrade our White gene pool.

10. To build a Whiter and Brighter World, with the White Race ultimately and exclusively inhabiting all the worthwhile real estate of this Planet Earth.

More about Mohammedanism

The Koran, as we have pointed out is not only regarded as the sacred book of the Moslems, but is considered as holy in itself, written by God, and not to be questioned. I have tried to read many parts of it on several occasions and find it extremely boring, confusing and meaningless.

It places women in an extremely inferior status as a mere servant of the male gender, to bear children and to satisfy his sexual desires. It also condones polygamy, a practice that has been shunned by most White civilizations.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of The Creator

Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 24
May 12AC (1985)