Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Evocation #1 and #2...By Rev Matt Hale

Much suffering has come my way in life
More suffering will come my way still
And yet it will not break my love
The world may array itself against me
Treachery may close in upon me from every corner
And yet in Nature's Truth I will never be vanquished 
I am but the shadow of a moment
I know my time shall pass
and yet Nature's Rule shall last forever

Evocation #2
My own words gird me and make me stronger
I need clutch at the myths born of weakness
There is no "God" to which I would pay homage
Other than the natural world which is Truth
Struggles come my way and threaten to choke me
I am grabbed by forces mean and dark
And yet prevail I will through the human spirit
Which rises above the depths of brutal men
Ignorance abounds within my racial kinsmen
And a malice born of an alien spirit
And yet I must endure the privations they would bestow
For the sake of our kind which is better than they

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