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Law and Order......By Brother Jesse Orton

RAHOWA! White Racial Comrades,


I would like to address my thinking and concept that I express within Creativity. My article is not meant to change or distort our religion, that Ben Klassen has enlightened the White Race with. I am only trying to advance the spirit of Creativity, by explaining words that Ben Klassen used and probably found it of no concern to further explain, being that they are self-evident. I believe that these words and terms must be revaluated in order to completely understand or express the spirit of Creativity. I would like to talk about law(s) and Order as it pertains to J.O.G, Nature and Creativity the one and only Natural Religion for the White Race.

The Word LAW is a term which does not have a universally accepted definition, but one definition is that law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior. Laws can be made by legislatures through legislation, the executive through decrees and regulations, or judges through binding precedents (normally in common law jurisdictions)".

LAW according to this definition, is that of man in a man-made institution displaying dominance over man, by laws. Laws are made by legislatures (man) through legislation (more men). (Based on their affiliations, wither it be religious, ideology, or political.) We have laws that contradict laws, and or are made to violate rights, etc. It is basically organized chaos.
Man Made Laws Enforced by man: (Order) You have judges whom know the law but can distort it to fit their personal means, via religious, ideology, and political affiliations or practices. Therefore, if any judge based decision is in a direct violation to rights or laws, they can do so. They are the executive whom executes the final decision. You can appeal, but in most cases, the appeal is either shot down or when the final verdict from the appeal, is usually on the side of the original judge’s decision. After all, judges stick together, like a gang, like the FBI, CIA, even the local Police departments. All of which, these men, in these positions, enforce these unnatural man made laws to fit their own means. We can find
many excellent example of men using man made laws in their own best interest, more correctly, the best interest of their affiliations. This Affiliations being the JEWISH OCCUPATIAL GOVERNMENT.

The Laws of Nature: are the rules and guidelines of everything that exist in the natural world. Simply, the Laws of Nature, are the Laws of life. Look at Nature's Eternal Religion Chapter 1, The 24 points of the LAWS OF NATURE. These Laws are not man made, they are not made up by a so called spook in the sky. They are the conclusion, we have after studying every living creature in Nature. They are proven over, and over again, since time immemorial. Of which are fixed, and unalterable. We cannot bend or reshape the laws of Nature. We can only fulfill the law of life (Survival of our species). It is our avowed Duty and Holy responsibility to lead our life by the law. The law: Survival of our species by all means at all costs.

Order: 1) an authoritative direction or instruction; command; mandate.
 2) a condition in which each thing is properly disposed with reference to other things and to its purpose; methodical or harmonious arrangement: You must try to give order to your life. These are the Two definitions of ORDER we are concerned with in this article. The other two definitions fit the man made laws. Those definitions are:

1) Command of a court or judge.
2)  A command or notice issued by a
military organization or a military commander to troops, sailors, etc.

By this definition we the White Race are directed, instructed, and or commanded by the Laws of Nature. In doing so, we are in harmony with Nature herself, toward the survival, expansion, and advancement of our species. We believe in living in accord with our human biological heritage and in harmony with the laws of Nature. (LWB chapter 6 #1 principle of S.L.)

Creativity is the one and only true religion for the White Race. It is the only religion that truly is in harmony with Nature and her Laws. Creativity is the full creed and program for the preservation of life, the life of a species: our sacred White Race.
Creators understand the Laws of Nature, and are more in tune with their Natural Instincts of which nature herself has ingrained within our very consciousness. This is why, we are Creators, and why our religion is Creativity. We want to lead our life, to the fulfillment of the Law. And why we must keep the Order within the life of our race. In doing so, we must strive to work toward our most Noble Duty, by changing and instilling the highest Law of Nature within the minds of our people.
Our noble duty is to straighten out the polluted and scrambled thinking of our precious White Race. To awaken them, to inspire them, and to galvanize them. This is our struggle. The struggle in the fight for survival. We must have the Will to overcome that which challenges us from within our Struggle. We must be the soldiers of the Front, ready to charge unknown territory, to continue to march forward to a whiter and brighter world. There are many road blocks on the battlefield within preserving Natures Order, and the life's blood of our future generations. Without the love and joy that we have for our White Racial family, our noble duty in our struggle, will never be fulfilled. These struggles are the true test of your heart, only the strong, brave and courageous fulfill the law of life.
We should never
be afraid of our deeds, in reclaiming the eternal soul of our people, Creativity. But be afraid of stagnation, as a lost day, is a lost Deed. We want to be worthy of the blood of our fathers, whom struggled before us for the meaning of their life. Love living within the struggle, it is the recognition of our Will to power. (another Law of Nature) This reflects on the honor of our race and our family of which we must uphold, as a matter of life (fulfillment of law) or death (stagnation). Remember, that the divine Law of Nature emerges out of the Nature of the White race within itself. The living Blood of our people commands the fulfillment of the Law and Order. Comrades as a matter of life or death, do your Duty for our Blood, Soil, and Honor for our future generations. By Straightening out the White Man’s thinking. This is the most Honorable deed that can ever be accomplished. By awakening our people to Creativity, is the one major, long lasting contribution you can make for your race.
To end this article, I hope this concept of Law and Order reaches the deepest depth of your heart and your Creative soul. We have to struggle to advance, and out of each advancement (moving forward) is one step closer to a Whiter and Brighter world, under our Victorious Flag, RAHOWA! We must have the Will to overcome our struggles, in the fulfillment of the law, to regain Order to our people. The living blood demands duty. For Blood, Soil and Honor is the heart of our faith. It’s just the beginning of our great struggle.

Aut Vincere Aut Mori!
Delenda Est Judaica!
Brother Jesse Orton
Jan 41AC (2014)


          Originally published in ..... IMPERIUM #9
          The Creativity Movement Online Magazine 


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Interview with Max Hynes of The Southern Ontario Skinheads

1. When was the Southern Ontario Skinheads
organization founded? And why was S.O.S founded?

SOS was first formed in the early 2000s and later re formed in 2012 to combat the rampant anti white agenda on a intellectual basis and some times a very much physical basis in opposition to anti white hate groups like the ARA/ ANTIFA. We have our boots in the streets and we are here to protect our community!

2. How many chapters of the S.O.S are there? And do you have any plans for future expansion?

Membership is an honour and not given lightly, and neither is membership information.

3. How would your describe the political and religious doctrine of S.O.S? 
 We are a white nationalist and pan European organization first and foremost, we believe in re-cultivating the warrior spirit that once existed in our people. To us the duty we feel to folk and nation is almost a spiritual one.
4. The Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) know who many of the S.O.S members are and regularly features them on their site,  yourself being particularly centered out. Do you see this attention from the ARC as a negative for yourself and organization or are you from the school that any publicity is good publicity?
To us we respect the anonymity of some our members and don't seek the over exposure (in our opinion) some have garnered in the past, ARC is just a tool for anti white groups to oppress our people so to answer your question, NO! I don't look at arc as a valid medium to promote the message of white civil rights as they are inherently opposed to the preservation of the white race and see absolutely no shame in forever losing the beauty possessed in our women and children. I don't live my life through the eyes of those that hate us.

5. I have heard you speak at a few meetings and listened to you being interviewed on White Pride Radio last year and found you to be very well spoken.  Could you see yourself in the future as a spokesman for the movement, giving speeches to Racialists, being interviewed by the controlled media?

Thanks for the compliment though I don't consider myself like Matt Hale or Paul Fromm, I see opportunity to educate those around me and instil pride in our generation's disaffected youth. Our youth no longer have the same opportunities their parents did, our labour jobs are being outsourced to the third world, the family values that once were so strong barely exist today.Its a new age, almost a nihilistic age with little importance placed on honour and loyalty. We would like these values to exist and have no problem informing a white person of any age that there is no shame in being White.

6. Skinheads are not as visible as they were in the 80's and 90's and some say not as relevant, with many of the political types in the movement distancing themselves from Skins, do you still see a place in the movement for Skinheads to do their part?

Absolutely I would even go so far as to say the Skinhead movement is essential to the progress of the white nationalist cause, true support is action not talk and this is exemplified by the warrior spirit of a Skinhead not the flabby keyboard commando that anonymously slanders us from his arm chair. Politics that voice the nations true concerns happen organically on the street until they are ever expressed in the House of Commons, Washington etc. By definition politics represent the people and more so than ever the Skinheads voice the working classes concerns, forced to grow up in lower income areas, we are not insulated from the problems of multi racialism like our politicians are.

7. What would you be looking for in a recruit for the Southern Ontario Skinheads? 

We are looking for Nationalists who want to be ACTIVE that don't want to be confined to only a social club due to cowardice and apathy. We want those who wish to make positive change in their local communities and are not afraid to show their pride.

8. Anything else you would like to add?

Yeah, keep your heads up Brothers, no matter what this fucked up life throws at you remember one thing, you are a White man and a Skin. Throughout history great men of our race have faced adversity and challenges, those that are remembered weren't always the strongest smartest or biggest but the ones that got knocked down and got back up. Don't give up stay true to not only your race but yourself, there is hope no matter how bleak things look. Remember one thing, there are countless going through the same challenges, you are not alone! In the battle to retain the pride and heritage that's being stripped from us you have an ally here wherever you may be!

                  Southern Ontario Skinheads contact....


Saturday, 18 January 2014

What is the Matter with being a Racist?....By Ben Klassen

In their long and depraved history, the Jews have launched and promoted any number of evil and destructive movements and ideas. To name a few – Judaism, Christianity, Communism, the United Nations, race mixing and the program of the White Race feeding and subsidizing all the scum and mud races of the world. There are dozens more, such as the French Revolution, but we will not pursue the list of evils that were conceived and promoted by the Jewish network over the last 5000 years.

In promoting any and all of these movements their key weapons always have been, and still are, propaganda, lies and deception. The main trick is to hold up false images – make the evil seem good, and make the healthy and salubrious seem evil. An example of the former could be communism, and an example of the latter would well be exemplified of the evil image they have built up about the genius of the greatest leader the White Race has ever had, namely Adolf Hitler.


They have used this same technique in selling communism to the Russians and the world, in selling Christianity to the Romans, and race-mixing to the Americans of today. All these ideas and movements were (and are) built on lies being repeated over and over again until the unthinking yokel finally accepts them as being a self-evident truth (such as all men are created equal). They hammer away at the same goddamn set of lies endlessly and relentlessly until they have enough believers to build their evil movements.
The technique consists mostly of building up a stable of epithets, which, when once established firmly enough, all the Yids need to do is hurl them at their enemies and no substantiation or argument is further needed. The Christians used this technique, it was used by the Communists, it is used by the race-mixers of today. The Christians built up such epithets as “pagan,” “anti-Christ,” “sinner” and a host of others. Communism’s main target was the word “capitalist” (which would describe any competent man of intelligence and achievement). The source of most of these convoluted ideas originated out of the Jewish New Testament, first conceived by Pharisee Jew Saul of Tarsus. Remember the Sermon on the Mount? Or the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man?

Today we want to more closely examine the word “racist,” a description the Jewish press and network considers as one of the most evil and despicable words in the English language. To be a racist is to be evil per se, and since we Creators openly declare that our race is our religion and we are proud to be racists, according to the Jewish mind-set we are all evil, just as Jewish Christianity deems all people are sinners and automatically evil from the day they were born. “Racist” and “racism” is indeed the Jew’s favorite epithet and they will throw it at anybody and everybody who doesn’t love the niggers and the Jews. In fact, it is also used as a cudgel against any one who is proud to be White.

There are a number of flaws in most of the deceptive epithets the Jews have built up to fire mortar shells at their enemies, but none of the flaws are as glaring as their invention of the racist epithet.

The most glaring flaw in this whole racist hocus-pocus is the fraudulent and two-faced nature of this hoax. It is great to be racist if the niggers practice it. For Instance, Martin Lucifer Koon was a great man (according to the Jewish press) because he was so vociferously pro-nigger. Hitler was the most evil creature that ever lived because he was for his people, the White Race. The Jews are just wonderful people, God’s Chosen, and in fact, because they claim they are pro-Jew and pro-Israel, even though they may be American citizens and never have set foot in Israel, they are, in fact, the most fanatic racists of all. The Arabs are evil racists if they are pro-Arab, but the dumb American Indians are heroes if they are pro-Indian and anti-American, anti-White or anti everything else. And so it goes. Pro-nigger, pro-Jew, pro-mud racism is good racism. Pro-White racism is evil, evil, evil.

Why the double standard? It is so obvious, so inconsistent and contradictory that any simple child can see through it, and unlike most of their clever deceptions, this “racism” epithet, although millions and billions are being spent by the Jewish establishment to promote it, nevertheless, it isn’t selling too well. Although the Jews are using every means at their disposal, television ads, commercial newspaper ads (there is always a nigger in the middle of every clothing ad) and even government enforcement (housing laws. affirmative action and a dozen others), the White people are not buying the race-mixing garbage. Not only is it not selling, it is beginning to backfire and being used as an ever more powerful weapon by the White Race. Even the politicians (horrors!) are getting into the act, (mildly) as witness the recent David Duke foray in Louisiana.

The fact is Race is the most prominent and powerful issue in the world today. Never have so many millions of people become as race conscious as they are today, and this is what scares the hell out of the Jews in their present world predicament. The reason the Jews have spent so much time, money and energy (even long before Hitler was ever heard from) to denounce racism” is because they themselves are the most fanatically race conscious people in history and they have long realized what a powerful, cohesive force it can be if properly organized. In fact, Judaism is nothing more or nothing less than a pro-Jew racial religion, and it has been and is today the Jews’ religious loyalty to their race that has enabled them to become the world-masters and super-tyrants of mankind that they are today.

They also realize and have realized for centuries that racism inherent in and combined with religion is the most powerful motivator and world-mover of all. That is why they are scared spit less of Creativity.

They realize full well (much more so than the White people) what a powerful and world embracing force is inherent in the White Man’s first totally racial religion, a religion that is clear, consistent, coherent and comprehensive, a religion that is specially designed for the survival, expansion and advancement of Nature’s Finest, Nature’s most intelligent and creative creature In all history. Yes, the Jews have excellent reason to shiver in their boots.

Creativity is thoroughly racist, a characteristic of which any man or woman can be intensely proud. I am proud to be a racist. The opposite of a racist is a traitor to their race. A racial traitor in our lexicon is the most despicable and repugnant miscreant in Nature’s realm.

Yes. I am proud to be a racist. Anyone who is not, is a racial traitor. So let us march forward under the banner of Creativity, expand and advance the potentials of Nature’s Finest until we have built that Whiter and Brighter World in totality for which mankind has been striving not only for centuries, but for millenniums.

In order that we achieve this noble goal we must first expose all the deceptive Jewish shibboleths and epithets and replace them with our own great creative and powerful ideas.

It is a war for the minds of men, and especially for the mind of the White Man. It is a war we are winning, a war that will expose and destroy the most vicious and deceptive parasite the world has ever known.
 Delenda est Judaica!
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator
Article taken from...
RACIAL LOYALTY # 78.....19AC(1992)


Thursday, 16 January 2014

It's Okay to hate Matt Hale........By Evelyn Hutcheson

It's okay to hate Matt Hale because he's a racist. Don't hate him for a crime he never committed.

It seems that nobody really cares to print the facts in this case. I know the facts, I was there for the entire trial, I am Matt Hales' mother.

Those of you that read the articles on the trial are not getting all the true information, much information is left out of the articles, and makes for better reading. So most of you form your opinions on a portion of the truth.

Here are the true facts in the case:

1. Matt was not enraged at Judge Lefkow, she had ruled in his favor in a Trademark case, later a higher court ordered her to reverse her decision.

2. In the trial transcript(please read the trial transcript), nowhere did Matt order the government informant to go and kill Judge Lefkow. In fact, several times Matt told the informant that he would not be a party to any such act.
3. The Prosecutor said in his closing statement that the government had evidence that Matt ordered a member of his organization to go out and kill and injure many people. There was not any such evidence and Matt's attorney failed to object.
4. Matt, by law had the legal right to be present for the entire jury selection,(he was only present for 48%) because his attorney decided Matt didn't need to be there. Because Matt wasn't there, selected as a juror was a man that worked at North Western University with Ricky Byrdsong, the man that Ben Smith, a former member of Matts' organization killed.

5. The jury was very prejudiced, just as many people that are reading this.

6. Lack of knowledge may cause readers to form their opinions on incorrect information supplied to them, as has happened in this case.

7. Matthews' attorney failed to call one witness from a long list of people waiting to testify on Matthews' behalf. Matthew wanted to testify, his attorney told Matt that he wasn't prepared to do that

8. The informant Evola, a mentally challenged man was paid $75,000 of your tax dollars to tape conversations with Matt and lie on the stand about a shaking of Matts' head in agreement to killing the judge because they didn't have Matt on tape telling Evola to kill anyone.

9. Matt wanted to take a polygraph at the time of his arrest, they declined that request. Recently, Matt has requested a polygraph which was refused. You ask why, because a polygraph would show Matts' innocence.

10. Judge Moody sentenced Matt 40 years, using the guidelines used to sentence a terrorist, which Matt is not.

11. Matts' attorney failed to properly defend Matt and wanted to get the trial over with. He had another big trial he had to work on. Matt wasn't important to him.

Matts' father died April, 2013. Matt could not go to his funeral. I have only seen Matt once in 10 years and that was through glass. This travesty has destroyed our family, especially me and Matt's father.

I am not asking you to like my son! It is okay to hate him for his beliefs! Don't hate him for asking a government informant to kill a judge. That never happened!!

Matt worked hard to go to college and law school, passed the bar and was refused his law license because of his beliefs. He went to law school because he wanted to practice law. He still believes in the law, even though all of his appeals in the 10 years that he has been incarcerated have been denied.

My opinion is that he won his appeals. Yes, I've read all of them! The government wants to keep him in solitary confinement for another 24 years. I believe the government knew Matt was not guilty of any crime, this case was a sham from the very beginning. Someone in power must stand tall and do the right thing. Let my son come home, he has suffered enough for a crime he didn't commit.

                          IT"S OKAY TO HATE MATT HALE
He is a racist that never committed any crime

Evelyn Hutcheson


Mom of white supremacist Matthew Hale laments his racist rants; Evelyn Hutcheson’s son serving 40-year prison term for ordering murder of judge

 Matthew Hale, leader of the Illinois-based World Church of the Creator, speaks during a rally of white supremacists in Wallingford, Conn., Saturday afternoon, April 21, 2001. (AP Photo/Steve Miller)
Matthew Hale, leader of the Illinois-based World Church of the Creator, speaks during a rally of white supremacists in Wallingford, Conn., Saturday afternoon, April 21, 2001.
January 15, 2014 (CHICAGO) — Nearly 10 years after self-proclaimed white supremacist Matthew Hale began serving a 40-year prison sentence for ordering the murder of a federal judge, his mother said Tuesday she wish he would have kept his mouth shut.
Evelyn Hutcheson says her son would not have attracted the attention of authorities if he hadn’t openly expressed his racist beliefs, which she thinks led to his battles in court over his law license.
She told the Chicago Sun-Times that Hale’s inability to practice law gave him too much time alone to talk, and had he kept quiet, “he would have been practicing law for 10 years,” instead of being behind bars since 2005.
“When he was young, he did a lot of reading,” she said of her son. “My opinion is, his father was a quiet racist. But I think that Matt knew.”
Hale headed a group called the World Church of the Creator, which preached racial holy war. The group was sued in federal court by an Oregon religious organization claiming it owned the copyright on the name.
Hale became enraged at U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow after she ordered his group to stop using the name. He was later convicted of urging an undercover FBI informant to murder her and sentenced in April 2005.
Hutcheson says Hale received the harsh sentence because it came months after the murder of Lefkow’s mother and husband.
Hale maintained recently in a letter to the newspaper he is not guilty of putting out a hit on Lefkow, the Sun-Times reported.
Hutcheson said her son will continue to appeal his sentence, and that she said she helps by typing out “press releases” for him.
“I’m 75 now, so I’ll be dead,” when he gets out of prison, she said. “It’s just a really sad thing.”
Article taken from Chicago Sun-Times 
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The chilling rise of White Supremacy in Canada......By Andrew Livingstone THIS Magazine


The chilling rise of white supremacy in Canada:
How the Conservative government’s immigration
rhetoric, the internet, and an anti-violence rebranding give the movement new power

By Andrew Livingstone
For This Magazine




When Brother Smith

sees a white woman  holding a black man’s hand, disappointment boils up inside him.White women, he thinks, shouldn’t even allow the opportunity to have a mixed race child. Its the race mixing he worries about the most. The declining number of pure white race people in the world- eight percent by his account- is the result of such unions, and its a problem.






“We’re disappearing,” he says, “and we can’t be crossbreeding,it goes against nature.” It raises other races, he says, but de-elevates the white race. The rightful race.
The only race


Sitting inside the West Toronto Shopping mall food
court last July, Brother Smith tells me he is not the
Hollywood, American History X uber-violent version of
a white supremacist. If there were a casting call today,
however, he could make it based on looks: Tattoos cover
Brother Smith’s forearms, disappearing underneath
the rolled-up sleeves of his white dress shirt. His head
is shaved to BIC razor length, but there is a slight stubble.

In other ways, though, he looks exactly like every
other forty-something blue-collar worker who has spent
decades of his life in a factory: callused hands nurse a cup
of coffee and muscular arms look like they’d lifted hundreds,
even thousands, of boxes over the years.

Brother Smith (he won’t tell me his first name because he fears retaliation) lost his job about two years ago. Before that,
though, he had non-white colleagues. He didn’t like  it
but would “stomach it” in order to survive. He certainly didn't make friends with them.






Like many racists in Canada, Brother Smith is a member
of the Creativity Movement. He joined about four
years ago. The Creativity Movement, founded in 1973
by one-time Florida state legislator Ben Klassen, was
originally called the Church of the Creator, before changing
monikers in 2004. Smith wouldn’t reveal membership
numbers in Canada; there is no headquarters here either, just a blog run by Smith. According to its website, the movement is a “professional, non-violent, progressive pro-white religion" That promotes white civil rights, white self-determination, and white liberation via 100 percent legal activism.


To Smith and his fellow Brothers and Sisters following the precepts of Nature’s Eternal Religion are the only actions that make sense; all others lead to the extinction of the white race, and that is unthinkable.
The movement does not believe in, or condone, violence to reach its goal of white domination. Those with
criminal records aren’t allowed to join the organization.

To achieve the rise and domination of the white race
without violence, The Creativity Movement’s guiding
book, Nature’s Eternal Religion counsels its members to:
populate the world with more white people; show preferential
treatment to white in business dealings; and embrace “good grooming” to attract the highest caliber of the opposite sex—white, of course.

This seemingly measured attitude is what drew Smith
in: he doesn’t want to hurt people, but he does want
everybody to think about what it means to be white. The
Creativity Movement’s ability to separate itself from that
American History X stereotype is what attracts people
like Smith: the non-radical who just happens to believe
white people should be the only ones in Canada. “We feel
we are better than them,” says Smith. “It sounds crass,
but that’s just the facts. Calling me a racist isn’t going to
silence me.”

Or thousands of others like him. While diversity is

largely accepted as an ingrained part of Canadian society

today—with a large educational emphasis on cultural

and racial acceptance—it is, in many ways, a surface sentiment.

Organizations such as the Creativity Movement
and other groups like Blood and Honour and its parent
group the Aryan Guard, continue to capture new members
in their webs of hatred every day. Even the most
remote corners of the country have racist, organized
pockets. “They come from all walks of life,” says Det.
Const. Terry Wilson, a member of the New Westminster
police who was assigned to the B.C. hate crimes unit. And
they are able to exist under many radars: Recruitment,
adds Wilson, no longer happens through pamphlets on
car windows or street corners, but it does happen.
The internet, with social media and technology, has
significantly upped organizations’ ability to spread the
pro-white rhetoric—and connect like-minded individuals and groups globally. There is endless free advertisement
on the web, says Wilson. There are also dozens of  pro-white
focused chatrooms, such as and
forums belonging to specific groups, such as Blood and
Honour, and the Hammerskin Nation, a forum whose
membership included Wade Michael Page, who shot
and killed six Sikhs in a Wisconsin temple last year. “One
person who might be on the fringe or might be sort of
leaning [their] way,” says Wilson. “[They] can groom that
person into the beliefs.”
It is getting easier and easier to find people who lean
toward ideologies of race supremacy, as well. The pro-white
message has almost become mainstream, says
Barbara Perry, a professor at the University of Ontario
Institute of Technology and one of Canada’s leading hate
crime experts. Organizations now vocalize around hot button
issues, such as immigration, the unemployment rates, rising health care costs, social funding cuts, and an unstable economic future. What they say finds echoes in the federal Conservative government’s more insidious messaging around immigration—what exists beyond the photo ops and token gestures, much of which has largely gone unchallenged. Take, for instance, Citizenship and
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who fielded questions
in Burnaby B.C. this past November about changes
to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. Immigrants,
he said, were taking advantage of “the problems we all
know exist in our system ... Why?


Because we Canadians
are so polite!
"We don’t like saying no to anyone.”
“That’s the frightening thing,” says Perry. “It lends
credibility to them and to the crazies on the street.”
That’s exactly what leaders of the pro-white movement
want, too: to blend into the national debate, a drip line
of white supremacist ideology stuck in the larger vein. In
this way, the movement can recruit and grow their numbers,
making white supremacists out of everyday, white
Canadians—without them even realizing.

White supremacy is not a new concept in Canada.


In 1914, the Komagata Maru, a steamship en route from
Hong Kong, dropped anchor in Vancouver carrying
hundreds of East Indians. After two months docked on
Canadian shores, the federal government sent it back
to India with all but about 20 (who already had resident
status) still on board. At the time, Canada didn’t carry
an immigration policy against immigration from India—
only an order-in-council from 1908 called the Continuous
Passage Act, stating that East Indians could only immigrate
on straight passage by steamship from India; such
passage wasn’t even available at the time. Once sent back
to the then British colony all 20 Sikhs, upon disembarkation,
were shot dead. That same decade, Canadian border
agents and medical staff turned away every single
African-American attempting to enter Canada at the
Alberta border for “medical reasons,” whether they were
healthy or not.

Before WWII, white supremacist organizations could
be counted on one hand. The White Canada Association,
established in Vancouver in 1929 to prevent further
immigration from all of Asia into B.C., was one of the first
anti-non-European immigration organizations formed
in Canada. Outside of that, there was, of course, the Ku
Klux Klan. In the mid-1910s, the Klan had thousands of
members across the country. Klaverns were established
in Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Oakville, Ont., and
Toronto, plus a dozens of other cities and towns across
Ontario. At its peak in the ’20s, the Toronto Klan numbered
more than 8,000 members. It was common for
cross burnings to take place, especially in Hamilton.
There were also plenty of undertones of anti-Semitism.
The Klan was especially popular in Saskatchewan. By the
’20s, its membership grew to between 15,000–40,000 in
Saskatchewan (estimates vary).

The Klan was able to significantly influence provincial
politics there. While Klan perspectives were
reflected in both the ruling Liberal party supporters and
the Conservative party, ideology was more popular with
the Conservatives. With Klan support, the Conservative
government toppled the Liberals in 1929 election. The
success of the Klan was short-lived, though, and by the
early ’30s, the onset of the Great Depression and changing
political climate caused membership to dwindle. By
the mid–’30s, the party had disappeared from the prairies
and much of Canada. (The Klan, though, would return to

Canadian soil in the ’80s in southern Ontario, only to be uncovered by a Toronto Star reporter who infiltrated the now secretive, mainly underground organization)





In the meantime, fervent anti-Jewish rhetoric would
take the Klan’s place. In the ’30s, Quebec had one of the
biggest and oldest Jewish communities in Canada. With that came Adrien Arcand’s anti-Jewish political party,
the Parti National Social Chretien. Arcand was the editor
of three Montreal weekly newspapers, all of which
spread anti-Semitic messages to show Arcand’s support
of Hitler. In 1934, Arcand worked as a publicist for Prime
Minister R.B. Bennett’s Conservative Party in Quebec.
In fact, during the ’30s, dozens of pro-Nazi clubs existed in

Infamously, the friction between Nazi supporters
and Toronto’s Jewish population cumulated in the 1933
Christie Pits riot, during which a baseball game between
Jewish and non-Jewish teams resulted in six hours of
violence, including on Bloor Street, where a number of
Jewish shops existed. As a leader in the fascist movement,
then, Arcand was well-respected by many; his organization
is said to have had thousands of members—until
the tide of Western sentiment turned against Hitler. Even
so, he later ran for federal Parliament in 1949 and captured
a second-place finish (5,590 votes) in his Richelieu–
Verchères riding; he finished second in the 1953 federal
election in the riding of Berthier–Maskinongé–delanaudière
with 39 percent of the vote (7,496 votes).
Fascism’s continued popularity was, perhaps, a sign
of things to come. Of the approximately 130 radical right wing
groups that have existed in Canada since 1945, 25
percent were formed between 1945 and 1970. The rest
were formed from 1971 onward. The point is: Organized
groups continued to persist, and in bigger numbers, even
as “racist” and “fascist” became dirty words. “Collectively
we’re above every other country [in terms of immigration
and multiculturalism],” says Perry, “I hate to admit it, but
I think [racism and white supremacy is] simmering, it’s
part of our colonial past and it’s going to be hard to get
rid of it.”

Today’s pro-white movement


has moved on line and it is flourishing, at least in terms of chatter. People from all
walks of life —rich, poor, factory worker, college student,
lawyer, doctor, teacher, young, and old—gather in online
forums to discuss their thoughts and feelings about non whites and the current state of the country. Stormfront.
org, a website that connects thousands of white supremacists in one forum to discuss all things white power,
is particularly popular. Here, they seek re-affirmation
and support from others who think like them. When
they want to vent about how Brampton is overrun by
“browns,” there are dozens of people there to empathize
with them, sharing their own experiences from Muskoka,
Ont., Manitoba, Surrey, B.C.—even Australia. Long-time
members, some with thousands of posts, latch onto newbies,
first-timers who have taken that crucial first step
toward turning pro-white thoughts into action by revealing
how they really feel on the forum.
“We want to build a movement rather than guys
trying to outdo each other with macho boasting,” says
Paul Fromm, one of Canada’s most well-known pro-white
leaders—not affiliated to any one organization,
but a mentor to all for the past 40 years. Sitting next
to Smith at the food court table, Fromm looks exactly
like the everyday white supremacist he’s trying to create.
He’s a former English teacher in Peel Region. You
couldn’t pick him out of a crowd and say, “There is a
white supremacist.” The movement, says Fromm, needs
serious people, not those who’d rather do a lot of drinking
and fighting. It is actively trying to put more emphasis
on being educated, he adds. Ignorant, uneducated
comments on are mostly struck down for
more educated responses. Some chat board members
even try to re-program certain forum-goers to be more
intelligent. They tell them to read books and the news; to
strengthen their arguments to be more than just off-the cuff,
emotional outbursts.

Indeed, white supremacy is more connected than
ever. The movement, if you can call it that, says Wilson, is
stronger because of the fibreoptic cables that connect the
world through the internet. “Now, you can have a white
supremacist in any small town who is alone in his own
regional community but is supported by all the activities
internationally,” he says. The growing support in Greece
and other European nations, including long-established
groups in Russia and the U.K., feeds the person in small
town Canada. It’s globalization of the white supremacy
movement; distance bears no restriction. “The internet
has given them the ability to find just about anything that
will justify their argument,” Wilson says. “If you look for
positive things to your argument, you’re going to find it
and you focus on that and you’re supported more and
more by your belief.”

Still, as scary as this connectedness is, white supremacists
are still very disorganized, and this makes them
weak, says Perry. But maybe not for long, she adds. The
Conservative government’s mounting attack on immigration
and the image such attacks form for Canadians—not
to mention recent and future changes to how immigration
occurs—could be the catalyst for white supremacy
to dig its nails into the mainstream opinion.

The Conservative government 

has taken a hardline approach to immigration since getting a majority in parliament in the last election. Just in 2012, the changes the government has made to how immigration works in Canada are some of the most sweeping changes Canada has experienced in years: reduction in refugee health care availability, a scrapped skilled workers program in favour of a new program that allows employers to pic and choose from a pool of potential immigrants; plus
tightened rules and procedures around conditional immigration status and spousal sponsorship. The government will now fingerprint all refugee claimants and immigrants and cross-reference them with criminal databases, essentially pinning criminality on all  immigrants and refugees attempting to establish life in Canada
The most glaring change is the ability Kenney now
has—which he gave himself power to do in the passing
of Bill C-43—to personally reject the entrance of anyone
based on “public policy considerations.” What this
means is still unclear—and these are only a few in a long
list of changes spearheaded by Kenney and the current
government.Kenney and the feds are making a case in the media and with the public that immigrants are duping the system, says Perry, and taking advantage of loopholes and
lax regulations to make it into Canada—all rhetoric that
sounds very similar to that of many white supremacists.

In March 2012, for instance, Kenney said the government
wants to crack down on “passport babies,” a phrase
he uses for children born while couples are traveling in
Canada. “With today’s inexpensive and rapid modern
travel, someone can fly in for a couple of weeks, have
a child and fly out, and otherwise never actually live in
the country and have no intention of doing so,” Kenney
said. “It strikes me that times have changed and perhaps
we should modernize our approach to reflect the international
norm and the vulnerability we have to people who want to cut the corners.”

Between 1975 and 2005, Gallup conducted annual
surveys on whether Canada should raise or lower immigration numbers; a third option was to stay the course.
Viewed over time, the surveys reveal a rollercoaster of
attitudes toward immigration. Outside of 1982 (a recession
year) Canadians polled said numbers should stay
the same or be increased. However, between 1991 and
1997 the country was split, just under half wanted immigration numbers to decrease In 2005, 80 percent were
happy with the current immigration numbers. In 2010,
more than 80 percent of Canadians polled for the study
believed immigration was good for the economy, while
25 percent had Fromm’s sentiment that immigration
would take jobs from Canadians. “We’re wedded to the

"We're wedded to the ideology," Perry says of Canada’s image on the international stage, “but at the local level we’re wedded to it until it affects us, whether it’s a loss of jobs or a confrontation with someone from another community.”
In some cases the political climate toward immigration
has even caused a break from the movement’s overarching
goal to shed its violent reputation. In Alberta,
the influx of immigration to the province’s major cities,
Calgary and Edmonton, in the last decade has led
to more public white power displays.

Take, for example,
Blood and Honour in Alberta, a violently-inclined group
that has a string of its members up on assault charges
for several incidents over the last few years. Its unofficial
leader, Kyle McKee, along with two other members,
attacked two Sikh men in Edmonton this past March,
hours after being confronted by anti-racist protesters
during a pro-white march led by McKee in the streets
of the Alberta city. Edmonton was also target of expansion
for the Calgary-based group and McKee was making
regular trips to the city since 2011 on recruiting missions.
Police found shotguns, rifles, a stockpile of ammunition
and a collection of knives when they searched the brazen
man’s home in Calgary—not much of a surprise considering
his interest in posing for photos with guns and Nazi

Such pro-white sentiment has always been present in
the province, Perry says, but now it has a reaffirmation—
from the federal government in particular. The strength
of the Wildrose party in particular, she adds, caused the
Conservatives to go much farther right than they might
have wanted to in order to win the most recent election
there. “This political rhetoric is lending credence to this
kind of argument by how far right we’re moving in this
country,” adds Perry. “It’s terrifying to me.”

Sitting in the mall,


Fromm does not lower his voice as he talks—loudly—about “how the country is overrun with non-white immigrants.” He peers out from under his black, wire-rimmed glasses as two dark-skinned teenage girls—15-, maybe 16-years-old—who walk by. Both stare. Arms crossed tightly and resting on his belly, Fromm shrugs his shoulders as they pass in abrupt silence.

Fromm cocks his head back and chuckles. “Immigration
built this country,” he says. Fromm is not, of course, being
sincere: He’s mimicking a comment Mississauga Mayor
Hazel McCallion made during the mayoral campaign in
2010. Fromm ran against McCallion on an anti-immigration
platform with the hope of encouraging whites to be
“proud of their European heritage.” He finished eighth,
far behind McCallion. “I wanted to raise the banner,” he
says, “and encourage people to speak their minds.”

The Mississauga race may not have been close, but
small towns and more “rural, blue-collared cities” facing
outward immigration from the major centres in Canada
are ripe for the pro-white movement’s growing strength
and numbers, says Perry. In 2010, a number of smaller
Canadian cities were above the 4.1 national average of
hate crimes per 100,000 people. The cities well-above
the average were Guelph, Ont. (15.3), Ottawa (13.9),
Kitchener-Waterloo (10.5), Peterborough, Ont. (9.9), and
London, Ont. (7.9), while nine other cities spread out
across the country exceeded the national average.

Facing new immigration and cultural diversity seemingly
“foreign” to them, Perry says its these types of cities
where we will see growth and some strength in the pro-white
movement. Not only because of the anti-immigration
sentiment brewing there, but also due to the easy
access to the hateful message on the internet, Wilson
says. And with small towns and cities feeling the heat
from a sluggish economy and people of all races moving
into once-predominately white communities, it’s ripe for
the message to seem logical. “When the economy flourishes
they [white Canadians] don’t see it,” says Wilson,

“but when it hurts them they are looking for a reason why

and extremism has the ability to say this is the reason"
And Smith and Fromm know that. “I talk to so many
people on a regular basis who make off the cuff remarks,
but they aren’t involved,” says Smith, adding “the comments on the Toronto Sun, they're saying the same thing I feel"
Both Fromm and Smith believe, in order to make
the pro-white rhetoric acceptable—even popular, commonplace— in the political and social conversations in

Canada, they need more people to be comfortable with what they believe ( or at least what Smith and Fromm

think they believe). They must, in other words remove
the taboo feeling of talking about immigration and white
pride—and they must do it in today’s opportune climate for the movement to truly gain steam " The challenge is to get these people who are angry and concerned and get them active" says Fromm. "Its nice to let off steam in an anonymous setting( on the internet), but you have to mobilize them to act.

These are the people Fromm wants, young people worried
 about a job, young families worried about their
children and older people worried about how the country
has been hijacked. However, they’ll take anyone. Escaping
the stereotype—or as Fromm calls it, the misinterpretation
of being a racist—is all part of the movement’s next
big step. It’s nonsense that today’s white supremacist is
compared to the Klan, he adds. Everything the media and
education system is doing, Fromm continues, is making
white people feel guilty: they don’t have a positive image
or self-concept.

Instead of this, Fromm wants to make the
white race proud of who they are—proud like Brother
Smith. “It’s wanting my race to survive and continue to
advance and grow and that’s not happening,” says Smith.
“The white race is dying. You look around, there aren’t a
lot of white people. If people point to me and they say I’m
a racist. I don’t care.

"I am a racist.”

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March/April edition 2013
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