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Expanding and Proliferating the Misery... By Ben Klassen



The Church Of The Creator has repeatedly stated one underlying premise as the basis of its entire creed and philosophy: The Eternal Laws of Nature.

We have also pointed out repeatedly that in Nature's Laws lie all the wisdom, logic and good sense by which we can and must use as a guideline to leading full, productive, creative lives. On the other hand, those who are too intransigent to heed Nature's Laws and are
determined to flout them, will pay the penalty. That penalty is sickness, misery and death. This applies equally to (a) whether the individual goes contrary to Nature in the treatment and/or abuse of his own body, or (b) whether a whole species, or a race, becomes so perverted that it can no longer follow its natural instincts and refuses to abide by Nature's Eternal Laws. Either way, the penalty is extinction. Nature will not be mocked.

Of all the millions of different creatures that have inhabited the face of the earth over the several billions of years that life has existed, undoubtedly, one species, the White Race of the present era, is unique. Never has there been any species, any creature, that has developed such a high level of intelligence, such as an advanced civilization, such an intricate language and means of communication, such a high state of technology, culture, music, literature, art, travel and dozens of other astounding categories of civilization. Surely, we are unique. We are Nature's elite. We are the aristocrats of her creation, the apple of her eye.

And yet, just maybe, we are both too smart and too dumb for our own good. Perhaps Nature has also implanted in our make-up the seeds of our own destruction, to extinction, to oblivion, in the very, very near future, unless we alter course. And nobody is working harder to help along the destruction of the White Race than the White Race itself.

I stated briefly that such flouting of Nature's Laws apply equally to (a) the individual and (b) to a whole race.

Let us briefly review the unnatural life-style pursued by the average White individual, male or female, of today. I review this briefly as an example of what the consequences are of violating Nature's Laws so that we can bring it to bear on the consequences to our race, since that is what this article is all about.

Modern man (and he is rapidly being aped by the more backward mud races) lives an extremely unnatural life. He eats junk foods, substances that have been cooked, shredded, pulverized, pasteurized, homogenized and beaten to death to the point where it would not and could not sustain the life of an insect or a dog. White bread is only one typical example among thousands of other beautifully packaged and displayed plastic foods you can find on your favorite supermarket shelf. But the desecration does not stop there. Deliberately added to these foods are all kinds of artificial chemicals (all of which are poisonous and incompatible to the body system) such as sugar, preservatives, artificial coloring, salts of dozens of varieties, and thousands (yes thousands!) of other artificial chemical compounds that our ancestors were never subjected to, poisonous substances our systems can't cope with.

Add to that such further irritants and poisons as a polluted atmosphere; polluted rivers, lakes, oceans and acid rain coming down from above; bombarded by radiation from dozens of sources, and finally our lazy, sedentary way of life, including the deliberate poisoning by ingesting tobacco, alcohol and other drugs in Increasing doses. In short we are, at an alarmingly accelerating rate — poisoning our bodies, our atmosphere, our environment, our Planet Earth, and above all, our precious gene pool. And it is this latter that we of the Church Of The Creator are particularly concerned about.

Now the question is: How did much an intelligent creature as the White Race, Nature's Elite, Nature's Finest, the aristocracy of her creation, get into such a hell of a mess?
It is a good question, and I believe I have the answer, or at least a plausible cause, one that we can reverse and correct and again set our path on the course of redemption and resurrection. Two thousand years ago the Romans, a fine, handsome, virile specimen of the White Race, were on top of the world. The mud races of the world were of no particular consequence, except that they were considered as booty of war, suitable for slave labor. But certainly they were no military threat, or any other threat. And yet there were dark clouds on the horizon. There was one essential piece missing in the ongoing puzzle. That ominous portent was the fact that the slaves were multiplying on the Roman territory itself, while the elite Romans and their seed were dying out. What the Roman* badly needed but did not have was a racial religion.

Into this religious vacuum crawled Nature's foremost parasite, the wily and cunning Jew. He supplied the degenerate descendants of the former slave population a pious new religion that was commensurate with their mongrelized and hybrid origin. The Jew introduced this mixed bag of misfits to a treacherous new religion, and they went for the bait as a cat goes for catnip. They bought for themselves Jewish Christianity, and then spread the cancer into the rest of Europe. The Dark Ages, as we all know, followed.

Designed primarily to humble and destroy the Roman Empire and the noble Roman race, the cunning and treacherous Jew missed few tricks, very few. Built into this fiendish new religion was every aspect of self destruction only the treacherous mind of a Jew could devise. Sell all thou hast and give it to the parasites and free loaders; love your enemies; turn the other cheek; judge not; resist not evil; cut off thine hand; pluck out thine eyes; and in Matt. 5: 42 we are told "Give to him that asketh of thee and from him that would borrow of thee turn thou not away." Read again Chapter 13 "The New Testament" in Nature's Eternal Religion).

It is this latter directive of give, give, give and loan loan, loan that the White Race of the United States has been especially subjected to since WWII. It is this that we want to take a closer look at and see what it is doing to "our" country, to the world, and especially to the White Race.

We want to talk about CHARITY to all the freeloaders and scum of the world, and about subsidizing them to where we, the White Race, are drowning in a flood tide of mud races.

Now I have told this story before but I am going to tell it again, because it is salient to the whole issue of charity and subsidization, and is the first step in my own faltering education on this issue. Back in about 1930 when I was a 12 year old kid, I remember a Mennonite missionary returning from India with alarming stories of dire need from that most unfortunate and starving country. I recall that as I sat in the upstairs balcony of our Mennonite Church near Herschel, Saskatchewan, this most eloquent Christian preacher held us all spellbound as he regaled us with stories of horror and misery. Imagine! There were 300 million hungry, starving Hindus there, poverty-ridden, miserable and diseased. They needed help! They were hungry for food and they were hungry for the salvation of Jesus Christ (he said). We believed him and shelled out the few nickels we ourselves had left since the farmers there were in the midst of a severe Jew-instigated depression, and in dire straits themselves.

Today, 55 years later, we take another look at India and what do we find? Thanks to our White Christian charity we now have 800 million Hindus (at least, maybe more like one billion, counting the now separated Pakistanis and other miserable scum) on our hands. They are still hungry, poor, miserable, diseased, without decent shelter, food or clothes.

So what has our so-called Christian Charity achieved? Are the Hindus and Pakis better off than they were 55 years ago? No, they are not.They are Just as hungry, sick, poverty-ridden and miserable (if not more so) than they ever were. The only difference is that like a spreading cancer there are now 800 or 900 million, or a billion of them, sick miserable, hungry, decrepit, and all breeding to the limit of their subsidized food supply. All this goddamned Christian ethic has achieved is to spread and proliferate more misery to the muds at the expense of the compassionate and snookered White Race. It has done much more harm than that, but we will get to those aspects later.

Let us now look at some other parts of the world.

As we all know, these days and weeks we are being deluged by an avalanche of propaganda by means of the Jewish boob-tube about the "dire needs" of the niggers in Africa, especially Ethiopia, and they are now phasing us in to nearby Eritria, Mali and other black countries, one at a time. Anyone who watches the nighttime news will see revolting pictures of emaciated, starving black children, flies and insects crawling over their bodies, their mouths, their filthy running noses, and their faces. It is enough to make anyone throw up, but the Jews keep pouring it on, night after night. You would think that this was a one time, isolated tragedy, caused by an unusual drought, a freak of Nature, and if we would only pour out our hearts and our purses this one time, all would be well again.

What a treacherous farce! What an unadulterated swindle!
Let us take a look at a small, meaningless country in Africa, called Mali. It is located off the south edge of the Sahel Desert. Last night on the Jewish "60 Minutes" program one of the commentators gave a report on the present status of the affairs in that country. It seems that over the last 10 years we have been trying to salvage that miserable country and its worthless scavengers to the tune of 2 billion dollars of the American taxpayers' money. We have sent "experts" down there to teach these savages how to farm, we have sent Peace Corps people down there to hold their hands and wipe their running noses, we have built a hydro electric power plant, we have supplied them with grain, with machinery, and money, money, money.

So after 10 years and two billion dollars, what do we have to show for It? Nothing, absolutely nothing, less than nothing. The stupid savages still don't know how to farm, the countryside is destitute and desolate. The people are still starving, only there are more of them. The power plant has deteriorated and gone to pot. There was no one to sell electricity to, and finally no one left to run it. Breeding of more miserables goes on unabated and unchecked, because that is about all the natives are adept at, and besides, the more children the more field hands (they reason) to help grub for roots, nuts and fruits that may be found in a countryside that is rapidly turning into a desert. (Read again Creative
Credo No. 15 "On a Worldwide Scale: the Encroaching Desert" in the White Man's Bible).

Some of the White people interviewed on "60 Minutes" when asked what do yon experts think will happen in the next 10 years? were not sure. Yes, "they" had made "mistakes" but they would now try "a different approach", and "hopefully" they would solve the problem. How encouraging!

But they know better. They are lying. They are alibiing for the useless savages who will never hack it beyond the fringes of hunger and poverty. So why is "our" government wasting billions on a nonentity like Mali, and hundreds of other similar bottomless rat holes? Won't they learn? Don't they know or understand? Yes, they know better, alright. It is we, the White Race who doesn't understand. The facts of life are brutal and cruel and the White Race is one of the most snookered, gullible, deceived, looted and plundered groups of people in the world.

"Our" Jewish occupational government knows very well what it is doing, and it is doing "it" very well, as per plan. It is we who must understand just what their plan is — and basically it is simple and it is brutal,
(a) The Jews couldn't care less about the starving niggers,
(b) They want to flood the world with an overwhelming sea of mud races, all hostile to the White Race.
(c) This is all to be done at the expense of the White Race, the White American taxpayer in particular,
(d) This will help bankrupt America in the process, and finally bring the White American
worker down into despair and dependency on the Jewish government, to where he too will settle for a living standard the equivalent of the coolies he formerly helped to feed, subsidize and proliferate,
(e) The end result is wealth and power to the Jewish bankers and government of
occupation, and despair, misery, slavery and bondage to the White people of America and the world.

So much for the aims of Jewish-Christian Charity and the whole goddamned miserable stinking program. Let us further project what this "charitable" program will lead to in the next several decades.

 In the August 1984, edition of National Geographic this illustrious magazine draws us a graphic picture of what we can expect the "new" world of 2025 C. E. to look like. Here is what it says: Starting in 1950 there were only seven urban centers in the world that held more than five million: New York, London, Paris, Germany's Rhein- Rhur complex, Tokyo-Yokohama, Shanghai and Buenos Aires. In 1984 there were more than 34 such cities boasting more than 5 million. By 2025 (only 40 years away) the UN projects there will be 93 such cities, and 80 of these will be in "emerging" nations. (Read mud peoples for "emerging". These savages are not emerging from anything other than poking their heads from out of the bush.)

On page 181 of that magazine it shows a graphic map with red and green lines vaulting heavenward in proportion to the size of the projected populations of each city by 2025 with red lines showing the cities of the "emerging" nations and the green lines showing that of the industrialized nations.

It is interesting to behold as a horror show. Here are a few of the highlights of the red lines that vault heavenward for 2025 C. E.: Sao Paulo, 20-30 million; Rio de Janeiro. 15-20 million; Lagos, 20-30 million; Cairo, 20-30 million; Baghdad, 15-20 million; Nairobi, 15-20
million; Lahore, 15-20 million; Karachi, 20-30 million; Delhi, 20-30 million; Calcutta, 20-30 million; Bombay, 20-30 million; Dhaka, 20-30 million; (how many people even know what country Dhaka is in?) Shanghai, 20-30 million; Beijing, 15-20 million; Jakarta, 20-30 million; Tokyo, 15-20 million; and with Mexico City, the line goes right off the page — it is projected to hit 30 million by the end of the century, only 15 years away.
Tokyo, which is designated with a green line, is projected at 15-20 million, but even that city, industrialized or not, certainly is not one of ours. So how many White giants do we find among all these, especially in the United States? Well, take comfort. There are two in the United States: Jew-infested New York, at 15-20 million and Jew-infested Los Angeles at 10-15 million. Does that make you feel better?

Well, if it doesn't, let's take another look at one of our closest neighbors, Mexico City, and see what the future holds in store for this exploding collection of fecund mud sitting on our very own back doorstep. On the chart shown on Page 181 of National Geographic the red line for Mexico City goes off the page. Whereas most of the mud cities that have a projected 20-30 million population for 2025, Mexico City is already projected to exceed that top figure of 30 million by the year 2000.

We, the White people of the United States indeed have a ticking time bomb sitting on our doorstep. (Read again "The Mud Flood from Mexico becoming a Torrent" in Issue No. 5 of Expanding Creativity or C.C. No. 33 in the White Man's Bible).

In 1984 Mexico City had a population of 16 million mud people, with the aboriginal Indian genes having by now almost completely obliterated what smattering of Spanish infusion there was a hundred or two hundred years ago. Half of the present population is under the age of 18. What with one of the highest fertility rates in the world, these two factors combined assure a continuing and expanding future birthrate. Four hundred thousand rural immigrants swell the ranks of the city annually. As far as city planning is concerned, it is a total basket case. One frustrated but optimistic planner, however, found something good to say about the situation in Mexico City: "At least we can be a huge warning to the world."

Perhaps. I hope so, but I doubt it, because the power brokers that are in charge of the world are not ignorant of the situation. In fact, they planned it that way. They want this canker to grow and grow and grow on a worldwide basis. They want to obliterate the White Race and force it to drown in a flood tide of their own making. Their own Christian charity is killing the White Race, their civilization, and their own future progeny. All will drown ignominously in a flood of mud.

The chickens are coming home to roost. It all started when the Romans threw their brains out the window about 19 centuries ago and adopted Jewish-Christianity and its damnable charity. Is there a solution to this growing worldwide cancer, or are we hopelessly lost? Are we going to drown in a sea of pollution, filth, disease and mud races? Time is rapidly running out for the White Race.

There is an answer to this awesome problem and CREATIVITY has It. It is relatively simple.

1. The White Race must try to save itself. We must look at every issue, especially demographics, through the White Man's eyes, from the White Man's point of view, as spelled out in Creative Credo No. 2 of the White Man's Bible.

2. We must stop subsidizing the scum, the freeloaders and the parasites of the world. This applies to the mud races, including Israel and the Jews.

3. We, the White Race must band together in one militant core of racial loyalty and polarize around our own racial religion.

4. We must proclaim a "Holy War" a Jihad, if you will, to stop any further looting, plundering, exploitation of the White Race by the Jews, or any of the mud races.

5. Let us have done once and for all with this Jew-induced madness of feeding the mud races. It is completely contrary to the Laws of Nature. (No creature subsidizes its enemies.) What should we do with the mud races? There is only one thing we can do and I have spelled it our in Creative Credo No. 63 "The Self-destructive Relationship between Helper and Recipient" in the White Man's Bible.

In conclusion, the only thing we can do with the mud races is to stop subsidizing them before the monster devours us, the White Race. We Creators say flatly: Let the bastards starve! There is nothing we can do for them, no matter how charitable, how muddle-headed we might try to be. No amount of mushy sentimentality will save them — it will only increase the numbers, the agony, the suffering, the poverty, the misery. And why should we even want to feed them? They sure as hell wouldn't feed us if the situation were reversed. Even their own government of Ethiopia, a Marxist-Communist bunch of criminals, is not interested in feeding its own people. It is, in fact, selling even what little food and grain it can lay its hands on to outsiders and feathering its own nest, increasing its stranglehold.


Furthermore, most of the money that is being collected from the gullible and the bleeding hearts (mostly White Americans) is not going to where it is going to feed anybody. For example, one of the largest "charitable" organizations in the field, the International Christian Aid Society with their tear-jerking television ads (insects crawling all over filthy scrawny bodies and faces) collects about 2 million dollars a month from the gullible do-gooders. However, investigation shows that very little of that money goes for food to Ethiopia or anywhere else. Mostly it goes to buy plush buildings, offices, salaries, carpets, television time, and sweet benefits for the collectors.

Even what food is sent over to Ethiopia, Mali, the Sudan, etc., when it gets there, very little is ever distributed to the so-called needy, but for lack of transportation and distribution it rots at the docks, or on its way to nowhere. The article in National Geographic goes on to project a world population of six billion by the end of the century, eight billion by 2025. The way
the explosion is gaining momentum, it looks like even those figures are too conservative, at least the six billion projection for the end of the century.

What will happen by 2025, Christ only knows and he won't tell. But in any case, long before that there will be a major racial, social, economic and political explosion that will blow the existing predictions all to hell. A major casualty of such an explosion will be the White Race itself, unless it soon gets its goals clearly defined and its forces well organized. This planet cannot support eight billion people, nor six billion people without becoming an ugly, filthy slop pail. We Creators, when we get control of our own destiny, contemplate a world population of only about one billion people, all White, and keeping this planet as a clean, comfortable, beautiful and interesting place in which to live.

So let us get our act together. By means of all this insane Christian Charity we are not only feeding and building a monster that will destroy the White Race, but we are piling up garbage and pollution on a worldwide scale that will eventually end up turning this planet into a global cesspool, a filthy pigsty, unfit for anybody to live in, least of all Nature's Finest.

In CREATIVITY we have the Total Program, the Ultimate Creed. Help spread the word.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator



                Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 22
                                March 12AC (1985)
                    THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT





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Hinduism vs Creativity - A Comparison .... By Ben Klassen





A. Basis of Belief.

Hinduism is based on primitive customs, superstitions, taboos and hangovers that originated as far back as the Stone Age.

They believe in Karma, the transmigration of "souls" (reincarnation) into animals, snakes, humans, or whatever. They believe that the form they transmigrate into in the "next" life depends on how well they performed in the previous life. This supposedly goes on endlessly until the soul is finally liberated into an indescribable state called NIRVANA. Life on earth is considered as a transient migration of the soul and at best, a burden to bear, not to enjoy.

Although Hinduism is complex, confused and contradictory in most of its aspects, it became more formulated as its religious scriptures, written in Sanskrit, were handed down beginning approximately 1500 B.C.E. These scriptures. The Vedas and the Upanishads, have already been described in greater detail in our accompanying text.

Of prime significance, also, is the Dharma, religious law, which details the caste system, dietary laws, religious law and even civil law. These are neither consistent, nor well organized, and are at best a confused hodgepodge of contradictions.

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is in dire contrast to the superstitions and confusions of Hinduism. Creativity is based on an intelligent assessment of the universe in which we find ourselves, and seeks to solve the realities of life for the betterment and advancement of our own kind - the White Race. In so doing, we shun all the superstitious mind clutter that has been dumped upon us by an ignorant and superstitious past, and instead pursue reality, logic and common sense, as detailed in our THREE BASIC BOOKS, Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible, and Salubrious Living.

B. Goals and Objectives.

Hinduism has no particular goals or objectives that have any earthly purpose or meaning. When the (White) Aryans from the north invaded the Hindu Kush and finally conquered all of India, they set about organizing and governing their new homeland. This occurred circa 2000 B.C.E. In so doing, they absorbed many of the indigenous religious customs and traditions of the black mud people they had subjugated, and were now organizing. But that is not all they absorbed. They soon found to their horror that through miscegenation, they were being absorbed and mongrelized into the bloodstream of the more fecund and more numerous aborigines. They desperately tried to prevent this catastrophe from happening as best they could. They formulated harsh civil laws, proclaimed religious taboo against it and instituted the caste system of separation. As history plainly shows, as long as there was geographic mixing of races, none of this worked, and the exemplary Aryan race that
conquered India four thousand years ago was completely mongrelized into the stupid negroid masses within approximately six centuries.

The present day objectives of Hinduism, if any, are for the soul to migrate from creature to creature, until finally it ends up in some dim and distant Nirvana and is no more. Life is considered a burden and the objective (if any) is to end it all in some dim and distant future. At the same time, they want to be fertile on this earth and produce as many offspring as they can. This is, of course, a stupid contradiction that results in nothing more than endlessly proliferating the misery in an overcrowded, filthy, diseased and hunger-ridden world.

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, will have no truck with all this superstitious hocus-pocus, nor with the incompetent mud races. In- stead, we seek to organize the tremendous potential of the White Race and the White Race alone, and build a Whiter and Brighter world for our future generations.

C. Racial Attitude.

The caste system, formulated and implemented by the Aryan conquerors, was not only highly racial, but was primarily based on color of the skin, and therefore indirectly on race. After six centuries the original Aryans were drowned in an overwhelming sea of negroids and the caste system no longer had any useful purpose. It then more or less classified the classes by profession and status rather than race, although the upper castes had and still have to this day, more White genes, less negroid, than do the lower castes.

However, outside of being an archaic relic of a dead past, it has little or no racial meaning anymore in today's mongrelized masses, and Hinduism embraces and welcomes any and all mud races. There arc even a number of White Americans that have embraced it and stupidly find it "different" and "fascinating".

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is highly racial and the whole religious creed is based on race - the White Race. We have learned our lesson well from the fatal mistakes made by the Aryan conquerors of India several thousand years ago, the mistakes made by the White Egyptians three to five thousand years ago, and every other White nation that has gone down the sump hole of history via mongrelization with its "cheap" negroid labor. We are determined not to make the same mistake.

We want to "conquer" no mud races, we do not want to enslave anybody, we do not want to exploit any race, nor are we looking for "cheap" yellow, black, or brown labor. We want to advance and expand our own kind, do our own work and build a Whiter and Brighter World for ourselves. This, we are determined to do until we inhabit every square mile of good territory available. The whole world is our oyster and we will not rest until this beautiful Planet is all ours.

D. Organizational Structure.

Hinduism is one of the most disorganized of all the major religions and has no central head, only a loose scattering of temples, holy men and groups, sects, etc. No one knows exactly what the real creed of Hinduism is, as I have already outlined. The only structural organized tenets, if any, are inherent in its caste system, but it too, is loose and vaguely defined, and varies from area to area, and from village to village.



CREATIVITY is based on the Leadership Principal. Its fundamental creed and program are clearly delineated in our Basic Books. As it grows, we will continue to build our organizational structure according to the basics of the Leadership Principle, as did Adolf Hitler, and as has the Roman Catholic church for the last 18 centuries.

As far as the White Race is concerned the Jew controlled United States government is a powerful tyrant and can be rated as Public Enemy Number One. The overwhelming issue is and remains: Either the White Race takes charge of this world in total, or it will shortly be drowned in a sea of mud.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator





                                     Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 30
                                                        Dec 12AC (1985)

                                                THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT

Comparative Religions - Part VII - Hinduism .... By Ben Klassen



Among the world's handful of so-called "great" religions, Hinduism is the most ancient of them all. Its very beginnings are lost in antiquity. The origins of superstitions, beliefs, customs and traditions date back to prehistoric times. Whereas the world's religious establishments rate it as one of the "great" religions (along with Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism) we Creators see nothing very great in this morbid collection of 

fungus on the brain. In our opinion, it is a hodgepodge collection of stupidities and superstitions at its worst. It points up what we have been saying repeatedly - the so-called "great" religions are an archaic hangover from our Stone Age ancestors, debris and clutter of the mind that is based on superstition, gullibility and ignorance - an impervious roadblock to enlightenment, advancement and logical thinking.

Be that as it may, the number of adherents to Hinduism embrace nearly half a billion of the world's population, mostly mud peoples, and ranks third only after the Roman Catholic faith and the Moslem religion. In India alone there are 300 million faithful. Hinduism is unique in many ways. For one thing, it has no one founder. It evolved over the millenniums as a strange and confused intermingling of many peoples' cultures and outside influences. Its beliefs and customs are therefore hard to define, and there is no one common creed, no one doctrine, that binds all Hindus together.

Basically, Hinduism is not just a religion. It is more of a vast complex of theological, metaphysical, philosophical, ethical, cultural and social institutions, whose predominant breeding ground was the subcontinent of India. It comprises of four main elements: religion, race, country and social organization. Each is bound up and is an integral factor in the life of the others, and cannot be separated. So loose and diverse is the complex nature of Hinduism that there is room for every contradictory belief and custom imaginable to be embraced within its discordant creed.

In fact, Hindus have followed almost every conceivable variety of theism, atheism, polytheism and pantheism. They have maintained conflicting standards of morality; their worship has been both idolatrous and iconoclastic, all are tolerated as long as the rules of caste are not violated.

I have stated in some previous writings that some enterprising soul has compiled a catalogue of 30 thousand different gods that superstitious and gullible fools have invented and worshipped over the ages. But I now learn that this only scratches the surface. The Hindu religion alone has a pantheon of 33 million gods, most of which in addition to the standard list of deities, embrace local, village or even individual gods. Spooks, spirits, gods — 33 million of them ,count them at leisure.

All Hindus recognize the domain of DHARMA (religious law) as the supreme agency of destiny. It is the important link between all the complexities of their belief.

One of the most important tenets of Dharma is the rigid caste system that has been imbedded in the Hindu religion for thousands of years. The four main castes all belong to early Aryan society, and are based mainly on birth and color of skin. They are, in descending order:

(a) Brahman, the priestly and cultured elite.

(b) Kshatriyas, the ruling aristocracy.

(c) Vaisyas, the farmers and professional artisans.

(d) Sudras, the lowest caste, of the early Aryan society, who provided the needed menial labor.

As south India was Brahmanized, there was also an outcaste category, a fifth caste, which was non-Aryan and called the Panchamas. It consisted of the Pariahs and Harijans (God's people, the untouchables) and other destitute creatures who number around 80 million in India alone.

As far as birth, residence, heredity, occupation, and the regulation of food, drink, and marriage are concerned, each Hindu, even of the depressed classes, knows exactly where, according to custom, he or she belongs. But the above five castes are by no means the end of the complexities of the caste system. Just as the Hindus have a total of 33 million gods,
national, local, etc., so too, do the local villages have a further subdivision of their own sub-castes. Here is a typical example...

The village of Chandrauti's four thousand people are housed in six hundred dwellings. In 22 of these dwell the Brahmans, members of the priestly caste, and one belongs to the household of the Kshatriyans, the warrior caste. Others are identified by sub-caste: 16 dwellings of Banias, merchants and businessmen; 40 of Mallas, fishermen and boatmen; 20 of Lohars, blacksmiths; 10 of Khatiks, who deal in fruit and raise pigs; 15 of Ahers, cowherds; 10 of Dhobis, washer men; 5 of Gawals, sheepherders; 3 of Bhats, singers and dancers, who perform at weddings and go out into the fields at harvest; 2 of Nars, barbers; 2 of Doms, the cremation attendants; and 1 of Gonds, who fry and sell peanuts and other snacks.

There are also 50 Moslem households in this village, weavers and tailors, and 200 untouchables, the Harijans, who now may own land but still must dwell outside the village in their own compound. In almost every household, the young men follow the trade of their fathers.

Although Hinduism evolved in prehistoric times, it began to take shape at about 1500 B.C.E. and we can follow its development by reviewing the sacred books that molded its development. There are six distinguished classes of literary works, all written in Sanskrit.

1. The Vedas (books of knowledge) emerging around 1500 B.C.E.

There are four books

(a) the Rig-Veda (psalms);
(b) the Yajur- Veda (formulas);
(c) the Sama-Veda (charms);
(d) and the Atharva- Veda (chants).

Of them all, the first is the most significant, and the oldest  religious document in history.

2. The Brahmans (priestly writings) dating circa 1000-800 B.C.E. They, too, occupy a singular position in world literature and are rated as the earliest extant prose writings in the Indo-European tradition.

3. The Upanishads (seances) circa 800-600 B.C.E., are speculative treatises concerning man and the origins of the universe.

4. The Law Book of Mann, dated at about 250 B.C.E. Its twelve chapters are an impressive code of Hindu Law.

5. The Bhagavad-Gita, composed about 1 C.E., is the most highly esteemed document of all the Hindu literature. This dramatic poem suggests the possibility of universal salvation.

6. Epics and Puranas (ancient tales), produced 1250 C.E., lay the foundations of folk Hinduism ("Career of God Ramma"). The Puranas, 18 in number, are a collection of religious stories. So much for their "Sacred Books." Most, if not all, rate highly in the annals of ancient world literature.

That Hinduism is unique and a distinguished religion in a class by itself, of that there is no doubt. However, that it is "great", we Creators do not accept. There are a large number of idiosyncrasies and characteristics that if looked at from an enlightened White Man's point, are both bizarre and repugnant.

Hindus hold that all animals are sacred. Since they believe in transmigration of "souls" (reincarnation) even a rat or a snake might house their grandmother's or Aunt Minnie's soul, therefore, they dare not kill it or harm it in any way. The net result is that in a land of poverty and hunger, the country is overrun with rats, snakes, and other pests, completely out of control.

The most sacred animal of all is the cow, and woe unto any alien who would strike a cow and drive her away from a fruit stand at which she might choose to be lunching . Of course, it is no more bizarre to worship a cow than a "spirit", as do the Christians. At least you can hear, see, feel and smell a cow, which is more than you can say for a spirit. No preacher has ever given me an intelligent definition as to what a spirit really is.

India's 200 million cattle can do no wrong, and national fiat forbids their slaughter. Hindu literature decrees that anyone who eats flesh or causes a cow to be slaughtered will rot in hell for as many years as there are hairs on the cow. Many Hindus believe that a concoction of a cow's five products - milk, urine, curd, butter, and dung - will cleanse the body inside and out. Even prominent "world leaders" like the late Mohandas Gandhi, and the late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, indulged in such repulsive and filthy practices.

Hindus regard the Ganges as a sacred river and its water holy. This 1,560 mile long river, winding through the heart of India, is fondly referred to as Mother Ganges. Though befouled with endless sewage, the Hindus believe it cannot be sullied, and despite the fact it is one of the dirtiest and most polluted rivers in the world, millions of Hindus bath in it annually as a religious ritual to cleanse their bodies and their soul, and the water is bottled and drunk as a purification agent all over the country.


Though it may be the oldest and one of the most prestigious of the "great" religions, we CREATORS do not find anything very great about either the Hindus or Hinduism. It may have been around for more than three and a half millenniums, and it may even have produced some great literature (mostly under the aegis of the Aryans and their descendants who invaded India from the north about four thousand years ago).

Nevertheless, despite their caste system, it did not prevent the mongrelization of the White invaders who conquered, took charge and created an outstanding civilization four thousand years ago. Today, India is one of the densest, sickest, most over- populated, filthy, poverty-stricken of all the large nations in the world. Its hungry, superstition-ridden 750 million are one of the most desperate and miserable population masses in the world, completely out of control and completely unable to solve any of their vast multitude of problems. They are unable to feed their masses, nor are they able to control their population bomb. Stupidly, the White Man, (particularly, the taxpayers of the United States) is annually sending millions of tons of grain and other foods to them, gratis, thereby expanding and proliferating the misery. (See Racial Loyalty, No. 22 on the subject.)
Expanding and Proliferating the Misery By Ben Klassen

Sooner or later, this will have to end and Nature will solve the problem by ruthless means — mass starvation.

Hinduism has 477,991,300 followers throughout the world, of which there are 88,500 In North America and 475,073,000 in Asia. Such is the final drama of superstition, incompetence and stupidity. Such are the historic consequences of the White Man trying to conquer, govern and exploit an inferior mass of mud races while tolerating geographic mixing with the conquered. Let us learn once and for all Nature's eternal lesson. India and Hinduism say it all.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


            Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 30
                           Dec 12AC (1985)

                   THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Rev Logsdon Hosts Black and Silver Solution # 5 ..April 2016

Listen to Rev Logsdon Host Black and Silver Solution Radio on April 14th 2016. On this show Rev Logsdon shares his thoughts on the corrupt Pharmaceutical industry, the flesh eating drug Krokodil, Activism or lack of it, Anonymous, Mormons, Matt Hale, Media manipulation, KKK, Trump and MORE! 


Rev Logsdon Hosts Black and Silver Solution Radio # 5 April 2016

Black and Silver Solution Radio


Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC

The United Klans of America

Monday, 11 April 2016

Rev Matt Hale (Civil Case)... Defendant's first interrogatories and requests for production of documents to Plantiff

                                    IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
                                          FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO

           Civil Action No. 14-ov-00245-MSK-MJW







Pursuant to Rules 33 and 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Defendant, through counsel, hereby serves the following interrogatories, to be answered separately and fully in writing and under oath within 30 days of service, and requests for production of documents, to be produced within 30 days of service.


         As used in these requests, the following terms include the meanings set forth below:

1. "Plaintiff' shall mean Matt Hale. "You" or Your" is meant to include Plaintiff, and each of Plaintiffs past. present. or future agents. attorneys, and representatives, and where appropriate, all other persons acting for or on behalf of Plaintiff.

2. The "First Amended Complaint" shall mean the First Amended Complaint that is docketed at Docket No. 10.

3. "Document" or "documents" means any record of any kind contemplated within the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, whether written, graphic, pictorial, photographic, phonographic, mechanical, taped, electronic, or otherwise, and every non-identical copy, now or formerly in your possession, custody or control. Different versions of the same documents, such as different copies of a written record bearing different handwritten notations, are different documents within the meaning of the term as used. In case originals or original non-identical copies are not available, "document" includes copies of originals or copies of non-identical copies, as the case may be.

4. "Creativity" shall mean the entity variously referred to as "The Church of the Creator," "The Church," "The Creativity Movement," and or 'Creativity" in Plaintiff s First Amended Complaint (Doc. 10).

5. The "BOP" means the Federal Bureau of Prisons.


Interrogatory No. 1: Please identify by name, address, telephone number, and email address, the persons who have held positions of leadership in Creativity at any point during the past ten years (since March 1,2006), whether those persons are free or currently incarcerated. The term "leadership" includes all persons who have a leadership role in the organization, including, but not limited to,"Pontifex Maximus," "Pontifex Secundus," "Pontifex Tertius," or "Maximus Praetorian," or who otherwise organize events, or operate websites or web pages, for the group on a local, state, national or international level. If you are not in possession of this information, please identify by name. address, telephone number, and email address the person or persons who are or may be in possession of this information, or who have connections to Creativity that may allow them to obtain this information.

Interrogatory No.2: Please identify by name, address, telephone number and email address, the persons who are or have been "ministers" or "Reverends" in Creativity at any point during the past ten years (since March 1,2006), whether those persons are free or currently incarcerated. The terms "ministers" or "Reverends" here has the same meaning as that term is used in the First Amended Complaint. This request includes "ministers" and "Reverends" in both the United States and in other countries. If you are not in possession of this information, please identify by name, address, telephone number, and email address the person or persons who are or may be in possession of this information or who have connections to Creativity that may allow them to obtain this information.

Interrogatory No.3: Please describe with specificity a one-week sample menu that would satisfy your "Creativity religious dietary requirements" referenced in Claim Eight and Claim Nine of the Amended Complaint. Include in this sample menu 21 meals (i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner for seven days), and provide specific quantities of the foods listed for each meal (e.g., " two bananas," "three cups of spinach," 'four ounces of raw almonds"), such that a BOP food services provider could ascertain the exact type and quantity of food to provide for each of the 2l meals.

Interrogatory No. 4: Please describe with specificity all attempts you have made to communicate your dietary needs to BOP Religious Services and/or BOP Food Services personnel, including the dates on which those communications occurred, the form or type of communication utilized (written communication, verbal communication, administrative remedy, etc.), the content of your communication, and the response you received from BOP personnel.

Interrogatory No. 5: Please identify all published writings authored by you, including, but not limited to, books, newsletters, "sermons" (as that term is used in the First Amended Complaint), newspaper articles, pamphlets, tracts, and any articles published on any website, including but not limited to the public and restricted portions of the websites freematthale.net, creativity alliance.com, and creativitymovement.net. "Identify" here means to identify the writing by date, edition, ISBN, or any other identifying information that may assist Defendant in locating the writing you have identified. If you are not in possession of some of this information, please provide the location where your writings can be found, or provide the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the person or persons who are or may be in possession of these writings.

Interrogatory No. 6: For the period of time that you have been incarcerated in the BOP, please identify by name, address, telephone number, and email address, all persons who have assisted you with publishing your writings and/or disseminating your writings and messages to others. Include in your response those persons who have assisted you in posting your writings and  or messages on websites and all forms of social media (blogs, Twitter, etc.).

Interrogatory No. 7: Please provide the name, address, telephone number, and email address of each individual likely to have discoverable information that you may use to support your claims in this case, along with the subjects of that information. If you are not currently in possession of the contact information for these individuals, please identify by name, address, telephone number, and email address the person or persons who are or may be in possession of this contact information.

Interrogatory No. 8: Please identify all documents, electronically stored information and tangible things that you may use to support your claims in this case. "Identify" here means to identify the author, date, edition, ISBN, or any other identifying information that may assist Defendant in locating the documents you have identified. If you are not in possession of some of these items, please provide the location where these items can be found, or provide the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the person or persons who are or may be in possession of these items.

Interrogatory No. 9: Please provide the name, address, telephone number, and email address of each individual who maintains records for Creativity. "Records" here include, but are not limited to, membership lists or rosters, email lists, records of the "child pledging" and "marriage ceremonies" referenced in paragraph 6 of the First Amended Complaint, property ownership records, and tax records. If you cannot identify these individuals, or are not in possession of the contact information for such individuals, please identify by name, address, telephone number, and email address the person or persons who are or may be in possession of this information, or who have connections to Creativity that may allow them to obtain this information.

Interrogatory No. 10: Please identify the date since you have had the following publications in your cell at the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum ("ADX"):
(a) Nature's Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen, and (b) The White Man's Bibleby Ben Klassen. If you cannot identify the exact date, please identify the approximate date on which these books were provided to you at the ADX.

Interrogatory No. 11: If you are not in possession of or do not have custody or control over any documents, electronically stored information and/or tangible things that are responsive to Defendant's First Requests for Production to Plaintiff, below, please identify by name, address, telephone number, and email address the person or persons who are or may be in possession of these materials, or who may have information as to where the responsive materials might be found.


Request No. 1: Please provide a copy of all documents identified in your responses to
Defendant's First Set of Interrogatories, above, including, but not limited to all documents, electronically stored information, and tangible things that you may use to support your claims in this case. If you require assistance in obtaining or copying any responsive materials, please state that in your response.

Request No. 2: Please produce copies of any correspondence predating your incarceration in the BOP between you and any persons associated with Creativity, including, but not limited to, Ben Klassen; Richard Lane McCarty, a.k.a. Rick McCarty; Rudy "Butch" Stanko; and James Logsdon. If you require assistance in obtaining or copying any responsive materials, please state that in your response.

Request No.3: Please produce any and all calendars, diaries, correspondence, journals, drawings, or other notes or writings of any kind made by you which pertain to any of the allegations, events or happenings set forth in the First Amended complaint. If you require assistance in obtaining or copying any responsive materials, please state that in your response.

Request No. 4: Please produce all statements, in any form, of any person having knowledge of the allegations, events or happenings set forth in the First Amended Complaint. If you require assistance in obtaining or copying any responsive materials, please state that in your response.

DATED March 1, 2016.
United States Attorney

Susan Prose
Assistant United States Attorney
1225 Seventeenth Street Suite 700
Denver, Colorado 80202
Telephone: (303) 454-01 00
Fax: (303) 454-0407
E-mail : susan.prose@usdoj.
gov Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Prisons


I hereby certify that on March 1,2016,I delivered the foregoing document to Federal Bureau of Prisons' personnel for hand-delivery to the following:

Matthew Hale
Reg. No. 15177-424 ADX - Florence
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226
I further certify that on March 01, 2016, I directed that the forgoing document be placed
in the United States mail addressed to Mr. Hale at the above-referenced address.

s/ Susan Prose
Susan Prose
United States Attorney's Office