Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Feminization of the modern White Man... By Brother McMillian

Jewish propaganda is overwhelmingly to blame for the feminization of todays generation of men. We see the woman of today swapping her role of house wife and mother and adopting the feminist brain pollution that perverts her natural motherly instincts.

This brain pollution encourages her to strive for and obsess over corporate positions (many of which don’t exist) and sacrifice the best years that she could be using to nurture a beautiful White family. 
When you look at this degenerate generation of men in comparison to our ancestral stock, or even looking back two or three generations, things have changed drastically for the worse. It is obvious that the intention of the Jew is to undermine and pervert the masculinity of the White male and reduce him to a cowardly weakling, only worthy of contempt.

The result of this is to disable his ability to fight and corrupts his willingness to stand up for what he believes in.
When the White female view this pathetic weakness, is it any wonder that so many turn to non-white invaders, who are immune to such suicidal idiocy?

We can find many examples of the feminization of White males. If we look at modern day fashion, we can immediately see the feminine traits being promoted in men's clothing.
Compare modern day men's fashion to what it was in the 1950’s, for example, and it is as if you were comparing two separate genders. 
Another great example is modern day male role models.
If we look back to some of the previous roles models, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, we immediately see them as masculine figures. When it comes to the role models of today, what are we left with? Weak, metrosexual pretty-boy wimps like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles.

As well as this feminization, many White people of today postpone having children until they reach their middle to late thirties. And even then they only have one or two children.
Or, worse, instead of raising children, so many White couples are choosing to fill their houses with pets, such as dogs, cats, budgies, reptiles, rodents, and you name it.

To add insult to injury, so many couples think nothing of slaughtering their unborn children through the abortion process, worsening the already devastated White birth rates.
Only recently I was in contact with a Serbian comrade who informed me that the annual death toll is 30,000 higher than the annual birth rate of White people in his country.

This madness is not just confined to Serbia. It is a global disaster for White people that cannot go on. If it does, we will be wiped out by our racial enemies in short order.

What is the solution?

We must encourage our people to embrace their genders - White men must be masculine and our women must be feminine.

We must stress to our fellow White people, especially those that are Racially Loyal, that they must have larger than average families.

In line with the Second Commandment of Creativity, we must do our part - be fruitful and multiply, and have as many White children as we possibly can.

Total White Victory

Brother McMillan
Sep 42AC (2015)
Creativity Scotland

Friday, 25 September 2015

I talked with God....By Ben Klassen



Undoubtedly, you might think that I would be the last person in the world with whom God would have an in-depth, heart to heart talk, or even a tete a tete. But not so. There is every reason why he should, and the fact is, he did. The time was October 25, 1986, and we spent a cozy six hours, from 2:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. of that day, reviewing and discussing the overwhelming problems of the world, a world that is now in utter chaos and rapidly coming apart at the seams.

Talking with God is not really a new phenomenon in my family, My dear departed mother, bless her kind, loving soul, used to talk to God on an almost daily basis. Brought up along the strictly orthodox Mennonite creed, her religion was as vital to her as her dally bread and butter, if not more so.

Then there is my youngest sister, who is four years my senior. Although a sixth grade drop out, she suddenly got bitten by the Christ insanity bug some 45 or 50 years ago. She too, talked to God and claimed that God told her she should become a missionary in South America, which is overrun with those sinful, deranged Catholics. She promptly enrolled in a Bible school in Alberta and after a year or two of further intensive indoctrination she went to Colombia., South America, to "convert" these misguided Catholics, who, she was told, worshipped the "Church of the Devil". In Colombia she met another bible-thumping Christian missionary and they were soon married. Eighteen years and eight children later they returned to Canada, after having confused a relatively small number of Catholics with their own brand of Christianity. She may not have drastically changed the course of Christianity in South America, but she did do something very constructive. She contributed eight beautiful,
healthy children to the White Race, and who could ask for more than that?

But going back to talking with God, and who can and who can not talk to him. We have the story of Job in the Old Testament in which it says that one day "the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them." Now we should remember that this was written long before there was a New Testament telling about the supposed birth of Jesus Christ. At this time God evidently already had a number of motherless sons, of which Jesus Christ was not one, but Satan was. Not only was he a son of God, but evidently the most favored of them all, since the rest of the chapter chortles about how he and God had themselves a Jolly good sport tormenting the hell out of poor old
Job over a period of years. Who the other motherless sons were, it doesn't say, and we can assume that they got less than their share of fatherly attention.

Be that as it may, surely, if he can have a friendly chat with Beelzebub himself, he should certainly be willing to talk to a fine upstanding fellow like myself, whom he created in his own image. In any case, I want to state at the outset here that my credentials for talking to God are as good as those of any man in history. I challenge any doubting Thomas to produce meaningful proof to the contrary.

Then there is the story of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion. Although he had all the morals of an alley cat, and "sealed" at least 50 women officially (and at least another 100 unofficially, and had a lot of fun doing it) he, too, claimed he talked to God. Well, if not God directly, at least his somewhat camouflaged surrogates. Anyway, and be that as it may, his deified and edified successors claim they have a direct hot pipeline to God, and get ongoing, (although strangely contradictory) messages from him repeatedly, and five million Mormons believe both Joseph Smith and his subsequent purveyors of this weird and confusing story. The most recent message from God to the head honcho was in 1978, when President Spencer W. Kimball claimed God told him to forget all previous directives to the contrary and invoke race-mixing in the Mormon church with all deliberate speed.

I could add here, that according to the Old Testament, God also communicated repeatedly and incessantly to the point of nausea with such pimps, murderers, whoremongers and swindlers as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but since in no way do I want to be in the same pen with such swine, we will blot them out summarily and flush them down the memory hole.

Now I'll admit, God and I have not been on the best of terms for the last fifty years of my life, and many is the time I have thanked God for not believing in him, and I still do so today. But no matter. I am as well qualified to talk to God as anybody. If Pat Robertson can talk to God, and have him tell Pat not only to run for president, but also how to run the country, why, so can I. If Oral Roberts can stand there and see a nine hundred foot high Christ looming up in front of him, telling him to build a half billion dollar medical center, then I too, have such prerogatives. If Jimmy and Tammy Bakker, Billy Graham, Rex Humbard, and a host of other electronic con-artists can talk to God, and have God talk back to them, well, so can I. I am here to tell these bible-thumping escapees from Cloud Nine that they may be far more adept at scrounging for the big bucks, but they have no monopoly on talking to God. After all, we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord and we poor sinners too can establish a pipeline even a hotline to God. After all. If God can have habitual cozy chats with Satan himself as he has done for the last six thousand years, why shouldn't he talk to Ben Klassen? After all, I am the founder of a highly constructive religion, a religion designed to save from extinction God's finest handiwork, the White Man, whom he created in his own image. Surely he also would be interested in saving his most precious creation from pollution, contamination and devastation. The fact is he is very much interested, and he told me so.

The occasion was on a Thursday on the date I mentioned earlier and I was sitting at a big table in the empty meeting room of our Church, mulling over the miserable fate of the White Race unless there was soon some powerful intervention that at present had not yet materialized.Suddenly, as I looked across the big table, there was God, smiling at me.

Before I go into detail about our heavy conversation, let me first of all describe a clear picture of him as he appeared to me. Now we have all been burdened for centuries with this ancient image of God as was portrayed by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, namely that of an ancient Patriarch with blue eyes, white hair, and a long, flowing white beard. In fact, we have always pictured him as a wise old sage, but so old and gray that he is well over the hill and practically senile. Nothing can be further from the truth. Although he had been around from time immemorial, he appeared to me as a vibrant young man about 35 years of age and in the prime of his life. He was handsome in a manly sort
of way average in height but athletic of build. He had wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. He seemed in fact the epitome of the ideal Nordic. His voice was vibrant, resonant and mellifluous.

So there we were, sitting across the table from each other, eyeball to eyeball. He was smiling (he had gloaming white teeth) and he started the conversation.

"Ben, this may come as a surprise to you, but you and I have a lot to discuss and I want your undivided attention." His smile set me at ease. I admitted I was surprised, but I quickly assured him that I was all ears, and had been wanting to discuss some extremely crucial matters with him for some time. I further assured him that he was most welcome to make his appearance here in our church, and did he mind if I turned on the tape recorder so that I could record our meeting for future generations. He declined the latter request on the basis that some pecuniary Yid would undoubtedly get hold of the tape sooner or later, botch it up to suit the Jewish storyline and further confuse an already too mixed-up world. He also said he had some secret directives to relay on to me as to how to deal summarily with the Jews, a matter that was for my ears only. I quickly realized the gravity of the situation, and that this was no incidental happenstance meeting, and therefore quickly withdrew my request about the tape recorder. Since he was not the type to waste a lot of time with meaningless chit-chat (he is a busy spirit, having a whole universe to run) he immediately got down to the nitty-gritty.

"Ben," he said, (I was pleased we were on such intimate terms) "I am here to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the course the Church of the Creator has taken. When I created this Planet Earth, I had in mind that mankind, whom I had created in my own image, would have at least the sense of a bird-brain and would follow my Natural laws. If you look at the world around you, you will find millions of species animals, birds, reptiles and insects. In each creature I have implanted the natural instinct to propagate and perpetuate its own kind, to multiply its own kind, in short, to take excellent care of its own. Not only to preserve and take care of its own kind in the face of all opposition, but to cull out its defects and to upgrade its own species for a more secure and compatible existence on this Planet Earth. One of the basic natural laws I have promulgated in order to achieve this perpetuity and continual improvement is the segregation of not only each species, but even each subspecies  to its most intricate hair-splitting difference. There may be 250 sub-species of hummingbirds, but each sub-species mates only and exclusively with its own."
"Then you are strictly in favor of racial segregation for the human race?" I asked.

"Absolutely!" he thundered, as he smashed his powerful fist down upon the table. "What is now happening to this once beautiful and pristine human race is the most disgusting spectacle that has occurred in the course of the living species over the last several billion years. It is an utter abomination in mine eyes. When I created the human race it was a beautiful intelligent creature. I proudly created it in my own image, as you see me today. I also created monkeys, gorillas, niggers and other inferior sub-species, such as you call the mud races, but that is another chapter. In no way were they representative of the human race, nor did they have any remote relationship to my own image. That there is now a total bastardization of all those inferior creatures with the human race I created in my own image, is a flagrant violation of my natural laws.

What is now left of a muddled and contaminated 'human race' is going to pay dearly for that transgression." Then you don't consider the niggers and mud races as part of the human race?" I queried. The color was rapidly rising in his florid cheeks and I could seethe wrath of God erupting like a volcano before my eyes.

"Do I look like a goddamned stinking Hottentot?

Do I look like a filthy New Guinea head hunter?" he thundered back at me with fire in his eyes. The whole room was beginning to vibrate and I shook in my cowboy boots for having asked such a stupid question. "No," I admitted meekly, "you sure don't, and I retract the question. But what about the Mexicans?"

"I loathe and detest the Mexicans. I hate all mongrels whether they categorize themselves as humans, or whether they are in the bird, animal, insect or reptile groups. In fact, if you will open your eyes you will learn from the laws of Nature, which I instituted and arc MY laws. You will learn that nowhere else outside of the degenerating human race will you see such bastardization taking place. Only in that species to which I have allocated the most precious treasure  intelligence, creativity, even genius, do I now regretfully find those precious gifts being trampled in the dirt and cast before swine."

"But what about the Jews? They claim that they are God's Chosen, and that you made a special covenant, an exclusive promise to them that they could have the world as their oyster. Even most Christians believe that. Is there any truth to that claim?"

I could see the color rising in his face once more and again there was fire in his expressive eyes.

"It is a damnable lie! The Jews are the excrement of humanity doomed forever to be miserable parasites until such time as the White Race again regains its senses, its pride, and its fighting courage. It is this very issue that I came down to talk to you about, and we will get back to the Jews later. First of all let me put the picture in proper context for you.

"When I created this beautiful Planet Earth with its majestic mountains, with its clean lakes and rivers, its pristine forests replete with green meadows and beautiful flowers, I did not have In mind the despoliation and contamination to which the air, the water and the land has now been subjected. My beautiful Planet Earth, which is distinctly unique with life and which I created as the apple of my eye, has now been polluted, ravaged and raped! This must stop!

"Basically at fault is that greedy, grasping parasite, the avaricious Jew. He has first of all bastardized and contaminated the supreme pinnacle of my creation, the human race, and when I say that, I do mean the White Race, which I created in my image. Having despoiled my pride and joy, he then rapidly proceeded to exploit the intelligence of the White Race and despoil, pollute and contaminate my beautiful Planet Earth as well. Whereas the parasitic Jews are the prime cause, I blame the White Race secondarily for allowing this abomination to be foisted on them and on the planet. The time has come for a drastic accounting and a ruthless correction."

"This brings me to an extremely important question I have been wanting to ask," I Interjected. "The Sermon on the Mount repeatedly preaches the idea of perpetual subsidization of the misfits. 'Blessed are the meek, the halt, the lame, the idiots. Sell all thou hast and give it to the poor. Love your enemies,' etc. Yet this is completely contrary to all the laws of Nature followed by every other creature. What is your position on that issue?" I asked the great Creator.

"Of course It is completely contrary to my eternal laws and contrary to common sense. It is another treacherous and destructive idea spread by the parasitic Jew in order to sap the vitality of the human species, drag it down into helpless degradation and feed on its carcass. In their blind fury to do so they are too dumb to realize that when the parasite destroys the host, the parasite will die with it.

"Anyone observing the healthy propagation and perpetuation of the species, any species, will note that in order to stay healthy and viable, the culling process is absolutely essential. Cull out the misfits, the weak, the sick, the deformed. Do not allow them to reproduce. Put a premium on the reproduction and expansion on the strong, the healthy, the virile, the competent. Every species in Nature does so, except the White Race.

This is an abomination in mine eyes, and it must change, and change immediately."

"But," I said, "all this runs counter to all the claims of the Jewish Christian bible, which they say was written strictly under your direction. Then obviously you disavow writing it?"

"Most definitely! It is another abominable Jewish lie! Think about it! Would I write such garbage as having the Jews, that despicable parasite, as my 'Chosen People?' Would I care to have my image desecrated as that of a parasite? The very idea is enough to make a sane person throw up. The Jews, I am telling you right now, are going to have to pay, and pay dearly for such an insult to me. I will wipe this miserable pestilence from the face of the earth!"

"What about Christianity, the Catholic church and the popes?" I queried further. "What about the story that you fathered a son called Jesus Christ...?  Again, I saw that fire in the eye and a volcanic eruption of fury. I was sorry I had raised such a sensitive question.

"The story that I would stoop so low as to fornicate with a mere earthling, that I would commit adultery with a married woman and a Jewish hag at that, is one of the most repulsive rumors ever promoted by the dregs of mankind. Think of it, Ben! Here I am busy running a universe, so vast your little minds cannot even begin to encompass it. The galaxy in which your sun is placed and which you call the Milky Way, alone consists of 200 billion stars more or less equal to the sun. But the Milky Way is only one of billions of other galaxies that stretch out in endless space and into infinity. I created all that and manage all that. This little planet you call Earth, is only a speck of dust in that vast and endless firmament. Do you think for a moment that I would indulge in such stupid peccadilloes as humping a married Jewish broad?"

I admitted that I never did believe that stupid story, and apologized for even bringing it up.
"This idiotic rumor was recycled by the Jews from previous myths. It was then sold to the popes, who then peddled it with gusto. Damn the scurvy Jews! Damn the lying popes! If there really ever was a hell, I would gladly relegate all the Jews and all the popes to stew in It endlessly.
"You say If there was a hell'. That, too, is a myth, is it not?"

"Of course it is a myth, in fact, another contemptible slur on my character. Anyone who would create people by the billions and then build a huge fiery hot furnace in which to burn and torture them, would have to be a monster  a despicable sadist of the worst kind. Why in the hell would I want to commit such a horrible monstrosity?"

I admitted that no one in their right mind would, and that I never really believed that stupid story either. But why had this story reached such widespread publicity and acceptance?

"The cunning and treacherous Jews realized early in their conspiracy that by creating a horrible monster, a bogey-man so horrendous to contemplate that the average gullible yokel would panic at the very thought of it, that they would then have a weapon in their hands with which to cudgel and enslave their superstitious and gullible victims. This they contrived to do. They then sold it to their mouthpiece, the Catholic church from which the thousands of other Christian religions have spawned. As you can see, through this perfidious apparatus the Jews now control the wealth and the people of the world. But more than that, they are now destroying the very people that I created in my image, they are contaminating and polluting my beautiful Planet Earth, to which I devoted so much special care and attention."

"You say there is no hell. I presume then that it follows that the story about devils and demons is also a myth?" I queried further. "Yes, of course. Even a fool should be able to see that Nature's laws are MY laws. Who else could and would institute such a vast complex of harmonious laws but I? Who else could get them to function and mesh perfectly? Now would I then louse it all up by creating a hostile adversary to continually throw a monkey wrench into the works and aggravate the hell out of me? Only an idiot would do that, and believe me.

I'm no idiot. I never make mistakes, but if I had blundered into creating a hostile, aggravating troublemaker I would remedy the situation in the flash of an eye. I would smash such abomination to smithereens and waste him in the outer fringes of the universe. The story about the devil, as the one about hell, and the rumor about my affair with the non-virgin Mary is a despicable lie, invented and spread by that perfidious parasite, the Jew."

"What is the solution?" I asked.

'That is the very reason I came down to see you. I am deter- mined that this lovely Planet shall not be desecrated and polluted into a pigsty. I am determined that Nature's Finest, created in my own image, shall not be bastardized into a shameful mess of mongrelized zombies, to be ruled by the excrement of humanity.

"No! I will smash the goddamned Jew and wipe him from off the face of this beautiful green earth! I have chosen Creativity to be the instrument with which it shall be done. It is up to your movement to remind your racial comrades that the Laws of Nature are MY laws. If you want the truth and if you seek wisdom, do not waste your time reading and re-reading the idiotic, contradictory and slanderous shibboleths contained in that nefarious collection of nonsense known as the Jewish Christian bible. It is the most insidious pack of lies ever assembled between two covers.

"No, indeed! If you want truth and wisdom, look to the Eternal Laws of Nature. They are MY laws. Who but I could create such a well coordinated and functioning system of laws that dove-tail beautifully in eternal harmony, that have functioned from time eternal and will forever continue to do so in the eternal future. These are MY laws, and mankind would do well to observe, to reason and to learn."





Having given me this intensive background briefing, the Master planner then got down to the essence of our prolonged meeting, namely his secret directives to me as how to deal summarily with the world's foremost parasite and its most persistent plague. He swore me to secrecy and then set forth the detailed plan and program. Whereas we, the White Race, needed much further preparation and build-up in the fields of organization and propaganda, he reminded me emphatically that we already had the means and the muscle to institute it now If we would get our act together. He would, however, give me a clear signal when he deemed us ready to strike and resolve the issue once and for all. At such time I should go public with the directives he had given me and broadcast them to the world at large.

He went further, "I hereby make a solemn promise and a bin ding covenant with the White Race, whom I created in my own image and love above all others. If your people, who are also my people, will obey the Laws of Nature - MY laws, rouse up your courage, and your will power, unite and fight, not only for your survival, but also for your expansion and advancement, I will bless them to become super-beings, a true human race, in fact, demigods, faithfully created in my own image, a creation of whom I can truly be proud."

"In Creativity, you have made the first stumbling attempt to steer the best of mankind in my direction, to obey the Eternal Laws of Nature. I am here to tell you that you have my blessing and that you will succeed, I promise you. It is my will. God is on your side."

I was thrilled. I was exhilarated! I blushed and looked down on the floor. When I looked up he had vanished. But his message was indelibly etched in my mind. Now I didn't have to depend on the garbled and confusing reports of such con-artists as Billy Graham or Pat Robertson or all the rest of that money grubbing ilk. Nor would I ever again waste my time trying to unravel all that confusing and contradictory claptrap attributed to Moses, or Jesus Christ, or all the rest of that Jewish passel, whoever they were. Now, I had it directly from the highest authority, ex cathedra, straight from the horse's mouth! I heard it with my own ears. We were on the right track! It was God's will! We were going to win! God was on our side!

RAHOWA ! All the way!

My credentials for talking to God are as good as those of any man in history. I challenge any doubting Thomas to produce meaningful proof to the contrary. Its is Gods will that the White race prosper, expand and inherit all of this beautiful planet earth. The culling process is absolutely essential for the survival and health of any and every species.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator



           Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 38

                          Feb 14AC (1987)


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Natures Finest... By Brother McMillan

There is over 3000 documented gods and goddesses! If current trends continue, there shall be more superstitious spooks in the sky than there will be White people populating this earth!

Rather that arguing amongst ourselves which god and goddess we should kneel before and worship, we should turn our attention to the survival of the White race!

3000 documented superstitious spooks and not one has been documented building the architectural wonders of the world, creating musical masterpieces that will be remembered for generations, nor have they fought wars or produced our civilizations. Every worthwhile accomplishment on this planet has been accomplished by the White race exclusively!

So what superstitious spook should you worship? The answer is simple, none! There is no solid evidence that even one out of 3000 exists! The White race exists but its numbers are declining rapidly! So White man, focus your efforts on saving your race and building a better future!

Racial loyalty should be measured by ones ability to take the long road and not only endure the hardships thrown in the way of victory but to overcome them and manipulate them to their advantage rather than succumb to Jewish founded multiculturalism! No war in history has been won by taking the easy road!
How a White man can turn his nose up at Creativity is beyond me, a religion made for White people by White people, a religion that simply has no comparison, Creativity cuts out the superstitious spiritual nonsense and brings reality, logic and common sense to the discussion!
Rather than focussing our efforts on what happens to us after death or who may be watching us from the sky, we turn our efforts to what's laid bare in front of us, this life! We have wrote in black and white, that as a religion we primarily strive for the Survival, Expansion and the Advancement of the White race!
Brother McMillan
Sep 42AC (2015)

Monday, 21 September 2015

Rev Hale's Mother Eveyln Hutcheson on Patriotic Front Radio.. (Sep 20 2015)

Listen to Rev Hales Mother Evelyn Hutcheson interviewed on Patriotic Front Radio (Sep 20 2015)
Evelyn updates the listeners on Rev Hale's civil suit, ending White Slavery, Rev Hale's new book, religious rights denied and the current need for donations. 
Ending White Slavery By Matthew Hale..Purchase via Amazon  

PATRIOTIC FRONT RADIO.. Interview with Evelyn Hutcheson (Sep 20 2015)

                                     Interview starts at ..... ( 00 28 30 )

Write Rev Hale........
Matthew F. Hale
US Penitentiary Max
PO BOX 8500
Florence, CO


Friday, 11 September 2015

Diversity = White Genocide banner removed by Cops in Mississauga...By Paul Fromm

Twitter Reports "Diversity = White Genocide" Banner Removed By Cops in Mississauga
The following story appears on Twitter. It seems that on the morning of September 10 the Peel Regional Police removed a banner suspended from an overpass over the Queen Elizabeth Way that read "Diversity = White Genocide" on suspicion of "hate". So, now protesting the genocide of our own people is seen by the thought police as "hate".

The constipated reaction of some Tweeters shows that some Canadians have little appreciation of free speech. Someone with the handle Sabocat reported: " Banner saying - "diversity" = white genocide -hanging over QEW this morning Police on the scene removing. ...  I was driving so I couldn't take photos. Called OPP they said Peel was already on it." So, this cankered soul actually called the cops about a banner. And, he continued, "There was a Union Jack flying beside the banner. I don't know but OPP dispatch said it was being treated as a hate crime. So its being taken seriously."
Another Tweeter, one equally ignorant of the importance of free speech, a Norman Wilson piled in: "And they're right too. Glad to hear."

Later, others who do get free speech got in on the conversation. Red Pill Rabbit noted sarcastically: "Its good we have thought police, to prevent crime think. I love Big Brother."
Another calling himself the Right Voice added: "White genocide should be considered a hate crime!"

And J.P. Alan noted: "Why did they take it down? Are they anti-white?"
Good point.

Paul Fromm
Sep 2015
Canadian Association for Free Expression