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Interview with Kevin Goudreau...Chairman, Canadian Nationalist Front

When and why did you first become awake and want to do something to help ensure the survival and expansion of the White Race?

I first became awake in the 1980s, always had an affinity for what's right and racial loyalty, I was anti-third world immigration etc. In 1990 is when I became active. I was always racially and politically aware but this new wigger fad of rap music and baggy pants, then watching Headbangers and friends join this fad because it was cool is what got me active. I decided to put a stop to it and show people what they were doing is wrong. At age 15, I watched a documentary about European Skinheads and the next day got Doc Martens and decided I would create a revolution by myself in Sudbury Ontario. Not knowing there were others like me I was on my own for a year until I met other Skinheads and then got introduced to organisations and philosophies like the Heritage Front and Church of The Creator. Then I was reborn with a mission to save my country and people. It was then ON! and I took command of the local Skinheads older than I was by 5 years and became their leader.
Toronto in the early 90's was a very interesting time with a large presence of White Racial Loyalists organizations active. Can you share with our readers some of your memories of the different groups active at the time and the WRL leaders you have met   
I was involved with WAR (White Aryan Resistance) and then the Heritage Front, that was all I stood for in Canada, then Church Of The Creator my religion of race that had not been put into words or context until I heard and read their doctrine, a calling, others that believed in science and nature summed up perfectly to my beliefs. I thought I was alone in the world but with Creativity and the Heritage Front it was almost like they were created specifically for me and my beliefs, no longer the lone wolf.  
I handed out flyers, recruited, got into confrontations to debate and explain my beliefs to the masses of Sheeple. Heritage Front, Church of The Creator, National Alliance and White Aryan Resistance I recruited for and participated in protests, rallies and meetings all across the country. Became fiends and had acquaintance with Wolfgang Droege, George Burdi, Dr. William Pierce and Tom Metzger.
You attended the 1993 RAHOWA  show in Ottawa and the riot that ensued after, what are  your memories of that night?    
Yes, I attended the Rahowa and Aryan concert in Ottawa, May 29 1993 at the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, that moment rocked the nation, the movement and my life. Was 17, on my way to my first racialist rock show, got there, met George Burdi one of the first to greet me, they had a liquor licence so me and my crew bought beer, enjoyed the music, was in the mosh pit, there was a 60 year old couple there which I thought was odd but they were with us, then it all hit the fan.
A few years later I found out we had an informant Stuart Porteus who gave Anti-Racist Action the location of our show. 700 ARA were outside protesting we were not concerned until they climbed the poll and cut our power. Then with the power and show over, which all bands played and only a few of last songs got cut off, but now you got 60 skinheads and white nationalists geared up for war. We did not care that 700 hundred people were out there out to mess with us, 1 of us equals 10 and we proved it that night.
First we told the women and older people to go out the back door, we would face the enemy. They went, we went out the back door and went through an alley out to the street to meet our opposition. Riot squad and police were there to keep us separate so both sidewalks on either side marched up to parliament Hill and along the way I tried to charge across the street myself but was stopped by a police dog on my arm that was the front cover of Le Droit newspaper the next day. We got to the Hill, Wolfgang and Burdi gave a speech and I was front and centre on the steps in front of them. 
After the speech on Parliament Hill we then proceeded down the street in front of Chateaux Laurier standing in front of the building standing amongst pillars while ARA was across the street throwing, rocks, bottles, eggs and pieces of cement from construction in the area at us. Wolfgang whom id known a few years was adamant about not retaliating... Well I was 17, impetuous and decided to disobey orders after I saw Wolfgang get hit with cement and said screw it and was first to charge across the street to meet the enemy and everyone followed me, chaos ensued and the 700 ARA vanished into thin air as we mounted a counter attack, they ran so fast we only caught the slow runners and people foolish enough to stand their ground. I became George Burdi's bodyguard after he got pepper sprayed and held on to him since he was blinded and took some police batons to defend him and guided him around until he got his sight back and also at same time stopping our people from getting into it with innocent passers by because we were frustrated most of the enemy had vanished so quickly, later on in years I found out the ARA hid behind a building we didn't see them retreat behind, and were cornered with no escape, they quaked in fear but the surreal brawl on the streets and the police basically stood out of the way for us to get at the ones in the open that attacked us first distracted us from their hiding spot only meters away.
WE declared victory, we won, defeated the enemy. Some fallout and minor assault charges in the aftermath but at the end of the day the left attacked us, they looked like idiots and we destroyed them being ridiculously outnumbered. A victory day for us.

You have become somewhat ostracized within the White Racial Loyalist community in Canada, when and why do you feel this occurred? 

I stayed active for years with HF, COTC, WAR and NA for over a decade, recruiting, travelling from coast to coast part of crews and chapters from New Brunswick to BC and Alberta. The movement quiets down and re surges as the political climate changes in waves up and down. On a political upswing in the movement on the advent of Facebook I once again returned to recruit and enlighten the masses.

One day I decided to go into Sharp (skinheads against racial prejudice) and ARA (anti-racist Action) Facebook pages to shut them down, denounce them, debate and convert some as I have done in the streets in the past.

Then I noticed my arch Nemesis, enemy number 1. Alicia Reckzin, I won't repeat my first words to her but they were not nice. She was the leader and founder of Sharp and ARA in Ottawa that led the attack against us, whom George Burdi kicked in the face in the Ottawa riot. I had waited for years to confront her and verbally rip her apart as I did that day. Next thing I know, private chat started with debate and somehow turned to flirting as a joke then it became real. She came to me on a Greyhound Bus after she ripped her Sharp and ARA patches off and swore I had converted her, I'm quite intelligent and persuasive, I have converted half a dozen ex ARA in the past and they have now been White Nationalists for decades.

I knew my reputation was at steak and what people would think because I thought the same but saw opportunity, For years re-watching Hearts Of Hate the documentary we were on from the Ottawa riot I hated her with every fibre of my being but part of me always thought, "what a waste, she's intelligent and wish we had her on our side and tried to analyse what would turn her in such a direction".

Once I took the plunge with Alicia I saw a big picture of what she could become and mean to the movement, robbing the anti-whites of their queen and her becoming the new spokeswoman of the movement was my vision, risking my own life and reputation for the big picture and the greater good of the movement knowing I would be marked as a traitor by some as I would have.

First I discovered Alicia Reckzin (Reckzin being her stepfather's last name which is Polish and her real fathers last name being Kempster (Scottish) and mother's side Welsh) to clear up her heritage as I met her whole family. She was already part of the white nationalist movement prior to her founding and being at the forefront of 2 anti-racist groups as Sharp and ARA .

She had been hurt and had her heart broken by two skinheads when she was younger and hence being a woman scorned turned against the movement and created a whole movement to destroy us all over a broken heart.

Some of her family quite right wing and even her children admitting to me she has always been right wing but only hated skinheads for being hurt and heartbroken as a young skinhead girl had convinced me to accept her as genuine and risking my life and limb to gain her acceptance in the movement and bring her to meetings my dreams for her came true... For awhile, people turned on me, I understood and accepted that but once they saw the effect of what id done and tried to do I thought they would see I was right to do what I did.

Then came ARC Anti-racist Canada the antifa website, I was under the radar to people online even though I was well known for years until I stole Alicia from them they started their campaign against me, it was a blow to them.

I had divided the movement into two factions for or against Alicia and that's when attacks and interference came from the against faction, specifically one woman who was the darling of the movement at the time was jealous and befriended both of us, moved to Ottawa then proceeded to destroy both of us and then started feeding info and pictures to ARC hence my public image going down hill. Recordings of phone conversations that were just joking around and taken out of context fed to the right, my reputation was tarnished forever because of jealousy, kind of a love triangle drama, public posts of me on Facebook being drunk and foolish and cloned profiles of me making outrageous statements by the same woman, made me look bad.
Before that my reputation was solid but since Alicia some 2 or 3 women I had spurned, refused to date or broke their heart decided it was a good opportunity to get back at me and hurt me by spreading false rumour and outright lies about me then some former brothers that I had bad blood with in the past or I had turned them away not wanting to hang out with them jumped on the bandwagon and started doing the same without so much as to confront me or ask me questions if anything was true or not and they just choose to gossip like a bunch of hens about things they know nothing about and half are not even stories about me but other people just with my name in their story. Of course I got angry and lashed out at everyone publicly, my relationship with Alicia disintegrated due to the fact I could not reconcile the fact I was sleeping with the enemy or former enemy was just too much for both of us and it all blew up in my face. The end of Kevin Goudreau? I may fall but I will always arise again!  
 The ARC still features you on their site on a regular basis, do you feel this press helps or hurts your efforts?  
I licked my wounds, still had lots of support, still recruited, moved back to southern Ontario, connected with over a dozen White Nationalists that knew me and started to rebuild. ARC articles did not stop me, any publicity is good publicity, any actual screenshots that were not of hacked or cloned accounts but from my private posts were to my comrades, not for public consumption, just made me a real person even though just an online persona that is not quite accurate and not some attempt to be a fake politician, shown as kind of like a Rob Ford of the movement, yeah I drink, I make mistakes, I sometimes swear and get emotional and do stupid things like everybody else, I'm not invincible, I'm just an average joe, a joker and well, a political White nationalist revolutionary.
When did you start the Canadian Nationalist Front and what is its doctrine?

I started the White Nationalist Front 10 years ago. My race is my religion and I'm a Creator but religion has no place in the now Canadian Nationalist Front, we have enough divisive issues. We are against third world immigration, for deporting non-whites not born here at the very least, tough on crime, pro bringing back the death penalty for heinous murders and pedophiles involving pre-teen rape of children. I'm a lefty when it comes to environmental issues but CNF policy is simply, take care of our planet, our economic policy, buy Canadian and made in Canada. Foreign policy, none. Canada First. No UN interference unless whites are victims like the South African White Genocide.

The CNF recently held a rally in Peterborough Ontario, how did it go?
Had a White pride rally in Peterborough on Sunday march 18th downtown Peterborough at the mall Peterborough Square. Small numbers that day because of the anti-blasphemy law M-103 protests in 22 cities across Canada that day. We were having lunch and down the street Muslims were at the corner at the mall approaching people about Islam.
Been told by veterans not to alert the media unless we had 10 to 15 people because it would make us look bad and realised it held me back from rallies I tried to hold in the past. Well we had people there that came up from Toronto and down from northern Ontario and we didn't get dressed up for nothing so we voted to go to the mall beside the Muslims. By the time we showed up with our flags they were across the street and moved out of sight. We waved our flags shouting "White Pride Worldwide!" I didn't alert the media but a couple commies walked by and took pictures. We left, made our stand and didn't think much of it until the next day, it was all over the news and went viral online.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
My online persona Isn't really who I am, if you met me or chatted on the phone most people are holy fuck your nothing like your Facebook, of course! its the internet! I project what I want even if its for a laugh. People take the internet too seriously and its not me taking it too seriously, people need to relax, get together, have a pint to see who people really are. My internet persona or posts are not who I necessarily am for real and people need to realize that about us all, in the old days we would have an argument or a fight and the next day shake hands and have pint and all is well again, downside of the internet side of organizing is face to face contact and letting foolish things build up or not get resolved because its not one on one.  
I'm not actually arrogant or get involved in divisive issues, believe in all groups working together for the greater good and the big picture, I have made peace and am friends with former opponents, put petty differences aside for the greater good, focus on our common goals and not differing methodology, minor ideological differences or old bad blood or drama, gossip etc, but what we could do together united recognizing who the real dedicated people are and not let our egos get in the way as we all sometimes do, in the grand scheme of things we can all be petty but I have moved passed that and hope we all can, to achieve our goals.
Kevin Goudreau
Chairman, Canadian Nationalist Front
 A Hater Among us..(National Post),,Interview with Kevin Goudreau (2011)







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Rev Matt Hale (Civil Case) Order on Motions to Join and Objections




Chief Judge Marcia S. Krieger

Civil Action No. 14-cv-00245-MSK-MJW







THIS MATTER comes before the Court pursuant to a number of pending motions. The first group consists of Motions to Join filed by various nonparties (#s 115-121, 122, 123, 127-132, and 136).1 The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) filed two Responses (#s 134 and 145) addressing all the Motions to Join, and the nonparties filed Replies (# 135, 138, 140-143, 148, and 149).2 The Plaintiff, Matt Hale, filed a Motion (# 139) for Leave to file a Reply. Also before the Court are Mr. Hale’s Objections (# 137) to the Magistrate Judge’s Minute Order (#126) denying his Renewed Motion to be removed from solitary confinement (# 106). The BOP filed a Response to these Objections (# 145) and Mr. Hale filed a Reply (# 150). Lastly, the Parties filed a Joint Motion for Extension of time to Complete Discovery (# 152).

1 Throughout this Order the Court will refer to the Motions to Join collectively as "the Motions." When discussing individual motions the Court will identify them by Docket Number.

2 A number of these Replies are labeled as "letters" or "declarations."


Only a summary of certain facts is relevant for resolution of the pending motions. Mr. Hale is an inmate at the Administrative Maximum facility in Florence, Colorado (ADX) .3 While there, Mr. Hale was the leader of "Creativity," purportedly a religious group with a goal of "total racial segregation so as to stop the mixture, and hence destruction, of White culture and genetic stock."

3 Mr. Hale was convicted of one count of solicitation of the murder of a federal judge. See Hale v. United States, No. 08-cv-94, 2010 WL 2921634, *1, (N.D. Ill., July 22, 2010).

4 There is no pending claim nor are there allegations that Mr. Hale’s mail has since been restricted, is currently being restricted, or is imminently likely to be restricted in the future.

In this action, Mr. Hale has asserted multiple claims against the BOP. Four claims are pending: 1) the BOP violated Mr. Hale’s right to freely practice his religion by imposing two bans on Mr. Hale’s mail (from July 2010 – January 2011, and from January 2013 – August 2013)4 and by refusing to provide him a special diet; 2) the BOP imposed the mail bans in retaliation for Mr. Hale’s exercise of his First Amendment rights; 3) the BOP violated Mr. Hale’s First Amendment right to free speech when it prohibited from having a copy of a book, Nature’s Eternal Religion; and 4) the mail bans and the refusal to provide a special diet violated Mr. religious freedom rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

This case was filed in January of 2014. Discovery deadlines have been extended a number of times, with a final extension setting the discovery cut-off for April 17, 2017.

The non-party movants contend that their First Amendment rights will be affected by any future restrictions on Mr. Hale’s ability to communicate with them. Because Mr. Hale and the movants appear pro se
, the Court reads their submissions liberally, and holds them to a less stringent standard than it would filings submitted by attorneys. Haines v. Kerner, 404 U.S. 519, 520-21 (1972).

A. Legal Standards

Joinder of parties in an action is governed by Rules 19 and 20 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 19 addresses compulsory joinder, and Rule 20 addresses permissive joinder. In addition, a person can move to intervene in an action pursuant to Rule 24.
1. Compulsory Joinder

Joinder of parties is compulsory under Rule 19 if a person’s participation is required to afford complete relief among the existing parties, or the person claims an interest relating to the subject of the action and is so situated that disposing of the action in the person’s absence may impair or impede the person’s ability to protect his or her interest or leave an existing party subject to substantial risk of incurring double, multiple or otherwise inconsistent obligations. Fed. R. Civ. P. 19(a); State Farm Mut. Auto Ins. Co. v Mid-Continent Cas. Co., 518 F.2d 292, 294 (10th Cir. 1975). Rule 19(a) requires the Court to determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether a party is "indispensible" or necessary. Symes v. Harris, 472 F.3d 754, 760 (10th Cir. 2006). To do so, the Court asks whether complete relief is possible without joinder of the party and if the absent party has a legally protected interest in the outcome of the action. Confederated Tribes of Chehalis Indian Reservation v. Lujan, 928 F.2d 1496, 1498 (9th Cir. 1991). If the party is necessary, the Court considers whether the person can be made a party to the action and, if not, whether the action should still proceed. Symes, 472 F.3d at 760.

2. Permissive Joinder

Permissive joinder allows a person to join an action if he or she asserts a right to relief with respect to, or arising out of the same transaction or occurrence as, that raised in the action,

Permissive joinder allows a person to join an action if he or she asserts a right to relief with respect to, or arising out of the same transaction or occurrence as, that raised in the action,

and the person’s asserted right to relief will involve a question of law or fact that is common to claim(s) of the named parties. Fed. R. Civ. P. 20(a); Mississippi ex rel. Hood v. AU Optronics Corp., 134 S.Ct. 736, 742 (2014). To determine whether there is a single transaction, occurrence, or series of transactions or occurrences, courts apply a "logical-relationship" test. See Charles Alan Wright, Arthur R. Miller, Mary Kay Kane, Richard L. Marcus, Federal Practice & Procedure, § 1653 (3d ed. 2017). All logically related events entitling a person to institute a legal action against another are regarded as a single transaction or occurrence. Revilla v. Glanz, 7 F.Supp.3d 1207, 1212-12 (N.D. Okla. 2014). If there is a high likelihood that separate actions will result in overlapping proof and duplicative testimony, there may be a single same transaction or occurrence. Sprint Commc’ns Co., L.P. v., Inc., 233 F.R.D. 615, 616 (D. Kan. 2006). However, if claims arise out of differing factual circumstances, permissive joinder is not appropriate. By way of example, in Birdwell v. Glanz, 314 F.R.D. 521 (N.D. Okla. 2015), the district court examined whether two prisoners could assert claims against defendants (jail staff) in a single action. The first plaintiff claimed that the jail’s medical staff exhibited deliberate indifference to his medical needs, while the second claimed that staff used excessive force. The alleged violations occurred several months apart. The court found that joinder under Rule 20(a) was not permissible.

As to whether there is a common question of law or fact, the claims asserted by the parties seeking to join need not share all of the same questions of law and fact; a single overlap is sufficient. Lee v. Cook Cnty, Ill., 635 F.3d 969 (7th Cir. 2011); Montgomery v. STG Intern., Inc., 532 F.Supp.2d 29 (D.D.C. 2008).

If these two requirements are met, the Court nevertheless has discretion in deciding whether to allow joinder under Rule 20. The Court may decline to permit joinder where doing so
is necessary to protect a party from "embarrassment, delay, expense, or other prejudice that arises from including a person against whom the party asserts no claim and who asserts no claim against the party." Fed. R. Civ. P. 20(b). The Court may also disallow joinder where it would not serve the purpose of Rule 20 – promoting trial convenience and expediting the resolution of disputes. See Wright & Miller, Federal Practice & Procedure, § 1652; see also Coleman v. Quaker Oats Co., 232 F.3d 1271, 1296 (9th Cir 2000); Premier Group, Inc. v. Bolingbroke, No. 15-cv-01469-PAB-CBS, 2015 WL 4512313, *9 (D. Colo. July 27, 2015) (citing Basile v. Walt Disney Co., 717 F.Supp.2d 381, 387 (S.D. N.Y. 2010); Patrick Collins, Inc. v. John Does 1-2, No. 12-cv-01641-WYD-MEH, 2013 WL 3759942, *3 (D. Colo. July 15, 2013) (citing Voltage Pictures, LLC v. Does 1-5,000, 818 F.Supp.2d 28, 38 (D. D.C. 2011).

3. Intervention under Rule 24

Rule 24 provides a third mechanism for a nonparty to join an action, both as a matter of right and on permission of the court. Fed. R. Civ. P. 24(a), (b). The standards provided by Rule 24 closely align with those of Rule 20. As relevant here, intervention as a matter of right is available if a party can "claim an interest relating to the property or transaction that is the subject of the action, and is so situated that disposing of the action may as a practical matter impair or impede the movant’s ability to protect its interest. . ." Fed. R. Civ. P. 24(a)(2). On the other hand, the Court may permit a party to intervene if the party "has a claim or defense that shares with the main action a common question of law or fact." Fed. R. Civ. P. 24(b)(1)(B); Tri-State Generation & Transmission Ass’n, Inc. v. New Mexico Public Regulation Com’n., 787 F.3d 1068, 1071 (10th Cir. 2015). The Court must also consider if permitting intervention will cause undue delay or prejudice. Fed. R. Civ. P. 24(b)(3); Tri-State Generation, 787 F.3d at 1074.

B. Discussion

The movants here (both "adherents of Creativity" and non-followers) assert a right to communicate with Mr. Hale. Each seeks prospective relief, stating a "wish to protect [his or her] own First Amendment right to correspond with Reverend Hale without the Defendant interfering with or oppressing same." See Docket Nos. 116-121, 127-132, 136.

Reading the Motions liberally, as the Court is obligated to do, it appears that the Movants seek to protect their First Amendment right to free speech or free exercise of religion. As for free speech, the First Amendment provides that "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech . . . government has no power to restrict expression because of its message, its ideas, its subject matter, or its content." United States v. Stevens, 559 U.S. 460, 468 (2010). It is difficult to discern how the BOP’s restriction of Mr. Hale’s outgoing mail impairs the Movants’ expression, and even how a restriction on Mr. Hale’s incoming mail might impair the Movants’ right of expression, as there is no constitutional guarantee of an audience for permissible expression. But the Court will assume, without deciding, that there is some constitutional right that the Movants assert that is impaired by mail bans imposed against Mr. Hale.

As for free exercise of religion, the First Amendment Free Exercise Clause prohibits the government from penalizing persons based on their religious ideologies. Sherbert v. Verner, 374 U.S. 398, 402 (1963). Those Movants who are adherents of Creativity5 suggest that their inability to communicate with Mr. Hale interferes with their religious practice. Again the Court

5 The majority of the Motions state that the movants are not Creativity followers, thus the Court has some difficulty, even reading those pleadings liberally, determining how these movants claim that their rights to freely practice a religion are violated. Of those motions filed by Creativity followers, none allege that their freedom to freely practice Creativity is being curtailed, however, interpreting them broadly, the Court will presume that those motions reference to protecting their "First Amendment rights" includes their right to freely exercise Creativity as well as their right to free speech.

assumes without deciding that the Movants have a constitutional right that may be impaired by the mail bans imposed by BOP.
None of the Rules allowing for joinder or intervention support the requests of the Movants. Compulsory joinder under Rule 20 is appropriate only if complete relief in this action cannot be accomplished in its absence. The claims brought in this action all pertain to alleged violations of Mr. Hale’s individual rights that occurred in the past. In contrast, the Movants seek prospective relief to prevent violation of their individual rights in the future. 6 Mr. Hale’s claims can be resolved without consideration of the claims of the Movants. If there is a future violation of the Movant’s individual rights – each Movant will be able to bring an action for relief. Thus, compulsory joinder is not appropriate.

6 The Court is substantial doubt that the joinder Motions actually assert any right to relief against the BOP for restrictions imposed against Mr. Hale. First, the BOP has no power to restrain or curtain the movants’ speech or ability to exercise their religion. Second, there is no showing that prior mail bans against Mr. Hale have impacted Movants, and the supposition that there will be future mail bans or that such would impact the Movants is purely speculative. At this juncture, the Movants have not shown any injury for which relief can be provided.

Similarly, permissive joinder is inappropriate. While there is a logical relationship between the two mail bans imposed from July 2010-January 2011 and from January 2013-August 2013 and the Movants’ ability to communicate in the future, the Movants’ concerns have not ripened into claims that can be pursued. They are purely speculative.

Finally, turning to whether the Movants’ could intervene to assert a claim, the Court asks whether the movants have a claim or defense that shares a common question of law or fact with the main action. The answer is no – Mr. Hale asserts his own rights, as would each Movant. However, Mr. Hale’s claims are for alleged past violations. The Movants allege no violations; they simply fear that their rights may be violated in the future. What the nature of such claims could be and what factual and legal questions will arise is unknown. Because the Movants’

claims are not yet ripe (nor likely to become ripe), they cannot share a common issue of law or fact with Mr. Hale’s individual claims for past violations.
Accordingly, the Court denies the Motions to Join (#s 115-121, 122, 123, 127-132, 136, and 139). The Court also denies Mr. Hale’s Motion for Leave to File a Reply (# 139), as moot. The Court has before it all facts necessary to conduct an analysis under established law for both joinder and intervention. Therefore, it does not find that any motion filed by Mr. Hale would assist the Court in resolving these Motions.


Also before the Court are Mr. Hale’s Objections (# 137) to the Magistrate Judge’s Order (# 126), denying Mr. Hale’s Renewed Motion to be Removed from Solitary Confinement (# 106).

Mr. Hale’s original Motion to be Removed (# 95) and Renewed Motion, sought an order directing the BOP to remove Mr. Hale from the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at Terre Haute, Indiana. Mr. Hale’s Objections now ask this Court to find that the Magistrate Judge erred in denying his request, and to order the BOP to remove him from confinement in the SHU.

After Mr. Hale’s Objections were filed, the Parties submitted a Joint Motion to Extend Discovery (# 152). In that Motion, the parties represent that Mr. Hale is no longer in the SHU at Terre Haute, Indiana, but has since been returned to the Administrative Maximum Facility at Florence, Colorado (ADX). Because Mr. Hale is no longer confined in SHU, Mr. Hale’s Objections now appear to be moot.

Accordingly, the Objections (# 137) are denied as moot.


The parties seek a joint motion to amend the discovery and dispositive motion deadline.

The Court may modify its scheduling orders upon a showing of good cause. See Fed.R.Civ.P. 16(b)(4); D.C.COLO.LCivR 16.1. Whether to "extend or reopen discovery is committed to the sound discretion" of the Court. Smith v. United States, 834 F.2d 166, 169 (10th Cir.1987). In exercising its discretion, the Court considers the following factors: (1) whether trial is imminent; (2) whether the request to reopen or extend discovery is opposed; (3) whether the non-moving party would be prejudiced; (4) whether the moving party was diligent in obtaining discovery within the guidelines established by the Court; (5) the foreseeability of the need for additional discovery in light of the time allowed for discovery by the Court; and (6) the likelihood that the discovery will lead to relevant evidence. Id. (citations omitted). As for the fourth factor, good cause requires the moving party to show that it has been diligent in attempting to meet the deadlines, which means it must provide an adequate explanation for the delay. Strope v. Collins, 315 F. App'x 57, 61 (10th Cir.2009).

This is the parties’ fourth motion for an extension of discovery deadlines. See Docket #s 86, 97, and 110. The parties’ motion contains the following justifications for the delay. First, they contend that because Mr. Hale was – until recently – confined in the SHU at Terre Haute, Indiana, discovery was delayed. Particularly, the BOP represents that while it initially believed that the current discovery deadlines allowed sufficient time for Mr. Hale to be returned to ADX in Colorado and for depositions and discovery to occur, Mr. Hale was returned to ADX later than expected. In addition, while Mr. Hale has been returned to Colorado, his legal materials apparently have not yet been sent from Terre Haute. As a result, he has not been able to take depositions.

As for the first factor for the Court to consider, trial has not yet been set in this matter. The second and third factors – whether the motion is opposed and whether a party would be
prejudiced – the motion is not opposed and it appears that, were the Court to deny the motion to extend, Mr. Hale would incur prejudice. Regarding the fourth factor (whether the moving party has been diligent in its efforts to obtain discovery) the Court has some doubt that the BOP has, however, any harm that might occur if the Court denied the motion to extend would impact Mr. Hale more so than the BOP. In addition, whether Mr. Hale is able to obtain discovery regardless of his diligence is largely out of his control given his incarcerated status. Lastly, the motion does not address the foreseeability of the need for additional discovery (though it represents that the parties will work diligently to complete the depositions in the additional time allotted) nor the likelihood that the discovery will lead to relevant evidence.

In light of the fact that Mr. Hale has not had the opportunity to take depositions, the Court sees no choice but to grant the Joint Motion to extend. However, the parties asked for, but not shown a need for, an additional 75 days. Mr. Hale is now back in Colorado, and the parties, who have known that these depositions will need to occur for quite some time, should be able to complete them promptly. The Court shall allow an additional 60 days for Mr. Hale to complete discovery and for both parties to file dispositive motions. The BOP is directed to fully cooperate and assist in facilitating depositions.
The Court hereby GRANTS in PART the Joint Motion to Extend (# 152). The parties shall have until June 2, 2017 to complete discovery and until June 30 to file dispositive motions.


The Court DENIES the Motions to Join (#s 115-121, 122, 123, 127-132, and 136). Mr. Hale’s Motion for Leave to file a Reply (# 139) is denied as moot. Mr. Hale’s Objections (# 137) are overruled, and the Court adopts the Magistrate Judge’s Order (# 126). The Joint Motion to Extend (# 152) is GRANTED in PART.

Dated this 26th day of April, 2017.

Marcia S. Krieger

Chief United States District Judge



Rev Hale's response... FREE MATT HALE site.....

Motion to Enjoin the Defendant, pursuant to rule 26CC, from blocking Plaintiff from raising funds to pay for court allotted depositions










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Hubris, Hubris...By Ben Klassen




The Major Roadblock

We have the means to smash the Jewish network now in 1986. All we need to do is sort out the important from the trivial, separate fact from nonsense.

Right at the outset, up front, I want to make three cogent claims:

1. The White Race has enough informed militant activists to smash the Jewish powerhouse and grasp control of its own destiny now, in the year 1986.

2. In implementing Creativity, we have the blueprint, the creed, the motivation, the religious zeal to make the historic breakthrough that is within reach, not some distant future, but NOW.

3. Blocking such a glorious victory is a common defect of human nature that the White Race in particular is heir to. It is called HUBRIS.

What is hubris? Webster has several definitions, but let me coalesce them into my own version. Simply speaking, hubris is a combination of overwhelming personal egotism mixed with over whelming jealousy. It is as old as the human race itself, a pernicious defect of human nature, a flaw that has been a major force in the shaping of history, and also in the wrecking of its constructive progress. The Jew has been particularly skillful in capitalizing on this fatal defect of character, and the White Race has throughout history been a willing and cooperative dupe in allowing the Jews to expertly manipulate us in their odious "Divide and Conquer" technique.

Why do I say that the White Race is particularly prone to this stupid flaw in their make-up? I say it because it is true. Why it is so, that I will not even attempt to explain, but let me cite a few examples.

A prime example of hubris are my own ancestors, the Mennonites. When I say this I do not intend to disparage this intelligent and industrious group of people, who, although relatively small in numbers, are dispersed all over the face of the earth. No, not at all. In fact, I am proud of my ancestors. They have many redeeming qualities. Besides being intelligent, hardworking and industrious, they have proven to be tenacious, honorable, relatively honest (compared to the average bear) and they have shunned race-mixing. They are clannish, and for this I am thankful, otherwise, I might not have been White. They have kept their blood lines pure for the last several hundred years, with nary a nigger, an Indian
or a Jew intruding into their social or genetic structure. In Russia, where my progenitors lived for a century and a quarter, they would even shun marriage with a Russian, such being absolutely taboo.

But they did suffer from hubris, probably even more so than the average White kinsman. It is my observation that the Mennonites were highly motivated, competitive, ambitious to get ahead and were extremely conscious of what their neighbors and/or their relatives were doing. As a result they were also petty, jealous and back-biting about someone getting ahead of them. They had this compulsive habit of gossiping about everyone else's business and affairs that I found extremely distasteful, and some of them, (not all) including some of my relatives, would categorize other people into two groups.

(a) If someone got ahead of them and did better in the field of achievement they would be labeled as "stuck-up."

(b) If someone did worse than they did, they would poke fun at him as a ne'er-do-well, or as a village clown. Either way, it was a no-win situation, a Catch-22.

Because I disliked this prudish, petty attitude I never did join the Mennonite Church, nor in my younger years was I ever attracted into the Mennonite circle of society. In fact, I did not appreciate some of the finer qualities of the Mennonite people until later in life when I began to study the make-up, the characteristics and the histories of the White Race. Today, I am thankful for both their faults and their virtues, for had they been otherwise, I would probably not be White.

Another example of hubris that I want to cite is the relationship between two outstanding inventors, namely Thomas A. Edison and Nikola Tesla, who lived in approximately the same era, shortly before, and after, the turn of the century. Now we have all heard of the great Thomas Edison and his life has been well chronicled and eulogized in books, newspapers and even in the Jewish movie industry, which has seen fit to glorify him in at least two movies, one when a boy and one in his adult years. Edison lived a long, productive and flamboyant life of 84 years, from 1847 to 1931, and since his story has been so well publicized there is no need for me to review it here.

Not so well known to the average public is the life of Tesla, one of the most brilliant and creative scientists and inventors in the history of the White Race, if not the most brilliant. His life spanned a period of 87 years, from 1856 to 1943, being born only nine years later than the world's most celebrated inventor.

Whereas Tesla and Edison lived in more or less the same era, and were both inventors principally in the field of electricity, there is, however, a remarkable difference in their make-up. Whereas Edison was primarily slow, plodding, and uneducated, (one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration, according to his own dictum) Tesla, on the other hand, had an extremely brilliant and creative mind, was well educated in science and math and understood the complex principles of physics more intricately than it has been the privilege of only a select few. He was, in short, a genius of the first caliber, far outshining anything Thomas Edison could ever envisage, and his achievements in the field of electricity,
alternating current, generators, transformers, power transmission, A.C. motors, is so vast and extensive that it boggles the mind. Having studied engineering myself and having earned a degree in electrical engineering, I believe I can have some understanding of the magnitude of this great man's genius.
It is my conclusion that most of the vast systems of electrical power generation and distribution as we know them today are based on theories, inventions and designs produced by the great mind of Nikola Tesla.


Yet, whereas Edison is eulogized and lauded to the skies, and has been for a century, few people have even heard of Nikola Tesla. Whereas Edison rates much space and usually a picture in most encyclopedia's I find only a short four inch column for Tesla in the 1929 edition of the BRITANNICA, a six inch column in Funk & Wagnall's 1970 edition and nothing at all in Collier's (1952) Encyclopedia.

In the fall of 1983 I attended a Symposium for the Development of Unconventional Energy in Atlanta, more as an interested spectator than a contributing participant. Convened at the three day meeting was an assemblage of approximately three hundred of the most brilliant scientists that it had ever been my privilege to witness. They came from all over the world, Canada, U.S.A., France, and especially Germany. Dozens of lectures, papers, replete
with slides, graphs, and sometimes even models of their inventions or ideas were presented. These ranged over a wide variety of technical and scientific subjects, but most predominant was the search for a clear, safe and endless source of energy. Among these was the goal of converting gravitational energy into practical use.

Anyone observing these scientists would have been amazed (as I was) that it was Nikola Tesla who was looked upon as the hero and the giant of all those scientists that had passed through history. Not Edison, not Einstein, but Nikola Tesla, and his scientific papers, especially on gravitational energy, were studied and reviewed with the greatest of intensity and interest. Edison was hardly even mentioned, and when he was, it was not in a favorable light.

Anyone studying the development of our electrical power plants and the transmission of electric energy into our homes will find that back at the beginning, in the 1880's, Edison installed some of the first central power plants and transmission lines to carry electricity to streetlights and homes. His system was based on direct current (D.C.) instead of alternating current (A.C.), and as a result, had severe limitations. For one thing, because D.C. cannot be used with transformers to step up, or step down, the voltage, he had to limit his voltage (in the transmission lines) in the range of two hundred volts, otherwise it would be too dangerous for public use at the receiving end. This limited the transmission to approximately no more than half a mile from the central power plant, and furthermore (a) because of the low voltage in the transmission lines, the voltage dropped lower and lower the further down the line any hook-ups were made, and (b) much of the power was lost in the transmission lines themselves due to the low voltage used, and (c) it would take hundreds of small central plants to service cities like Chicago or New York.

It was not until Nikola Tesla came along a few years later and demonstrated the obviously superior advantages of alternating cur rent. He invented transformers to step the voltage up or down as required. He invented several types of A.C. motors. In fact, he more than anyone else conceived most of the technical inventions that made possible the whole system of power transmission as we know it today. With high voltage (500 thousand volts are common) transmission lines it is now possible to economically carry power for hundreds of miles, and deliver it to the consumer at any voltage specified.

Since this genius came out with so many brilliant inventions that it is impossible to list them here, I nevertheless want to point out one strange controversy that developed between Edison and Tesla, and the electrical industry as a whole. Tesla's brilliant, fully structured electrical system with alternating current, transformers, high voltage transmission lines, and other accoutrements made Edison's direct current system as obsolete as a buggy whip almost overnight. But because he had a vested interest in the few already established plants, and because of his hubris (he didn't think of the A.C. system first) he viciously fought Tesla tooth and nail. He used every dirty tactic in the book to calumniate and discredit Tesla.

One dirty trick he used was a deceptive scare tactic. Since in some states the electric chair (using two thousand volts) had been introduced to execute those guilty of capital crimes, Edison quickly latched on to this incident and called alternating current the "death current," that it was highly dangerous to human beings and should not be used in the home.

Now the fact of the matter is (and Edison was well aware of it) that A.C. or D.C. are equally lethal or safe depending on the voltage used, the connections made, etc. But with the press largely with him he used this argument exhaustively to prevent Tesla's superior A.C. generating and distribution system from being accepted by the public, and for some time he succeeded in delaying its acceptance.

It's a long story, but the lesson to be learned are these: (a) Because of his hubris and insufferable egotism Edison tried, and was able, to long delay the acceptance of a fully structured system that was far superior to his own makeshift set-up, (b) In the end Tesla's system prevailed because it was highly superior, (c) Propaganda and misconceptions can be highly destructive to progress and a rational solution to a problem.

We now come to the overwhelming problems that beset the world today. The foremost of all these is the omnipresent Jewish parasite that has fastened itself to the back of the White Race and is inexorably implementing our death and destruction. Strangely, no one seems to know what to do about it, least of all the White Race itself, most of whose members through the aegis of Jewish Christianity are actually subsidizing, eulogizing and aiding and abetting the parasite.

The brutal fact of our times is that the White Race is dying, it is being murdered by the Jews, and the White Race, instead of taking up arms against this vicious parasite, is too drugged with that Jewish mind-scrambler (Christianity) to even realize that it is being murdered.
Not every one is unaware, however. Since World War II we have had at least 20 thousand fractured and fragmented "patriotic", "nationalist", "racist" groups, some phony, some sincere, that have tried to sound the alarm in some fragmented and disjointed manner. Some are alarmed about the communist threat, some are alarmed about our financial chaos, some are alarmed about the IRS, some about encroachment on our right to bear arms, some that our Constitution is being undermined, some about the flood of illegal immigrants across our borders; and a dozen other worthy causes.

We Creators too, are concerned about all of these vital problems, and more. The difference between us and the 20 thousand past failures is this: Whereas the "Deplore and Lament" crowd does nothing but cry "alarm," none of them has ever come up with a meaningful solution to the vast array of problems that now besets the White Race and must now be confronted and solved. Deplore and Lament! Deplore and Lament!  
Alarm! Alarm! But never a meaningful solution. At best their "solutions" were either nonexistent, or they are frivolously frittering around the fringes of the problem. Few dared to get to the heart of the problem and confront Jewish Christianity. We are sick and tired of hearing from the deplore and lament crowd. If you don't have a solution, don't bug me with your problems.

Professor Revilo P. Oliver, one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable men I have had the honor of meeting, has said categorically that 'The Church of the Creator represents the only rational religion of which I know." Hitler has said that in order win the masses and build a powerful movement that we must focus on one central idea, and keep pounding away on it.

So what central idea can we, the White Race, effectively focus on, and polarize around? If we can't rally around a dynamic racial religion like Creativity that covers all the bases, what can we rally around? What are the alternatives? Should we rally around the Identity movement that has one foot in the racial camp and the other in the enemy camp? An idea that is based on superstition, gullibility and historical nonsense? I think not.

Should we try to revive the Nazi approach? Hitler was, in my opinion, the greatest man the White Race has ever produced. Were he young and alive in America today (I wish he were!) I am sure I would take an altogether different approach than he did to save Germany in the 1920's, and I have a feeling that it would be amazing similar to Creativity. Like the Klan, the Nazi party served a useful purpose in its time and place to solve the problems of their day, but for today, both are as dead as the dodo and about as useful in solving the multitude of urgent problems that now confront us.

Should we embrace the "we love 'em all!" approach? No battle, no war has ever been won — no meaningful movement has ever been built with a polyglot collection of diverse goals, loyalties or beliefs. It invariably dies of its own deadweight in a mass of confusion and dissention. (Read again Issue No. 10 in EXPANDING CREATIVITY, "A Polyglot Mind and a Polyglot Society — Who Needs Them?")
Again, we go back to experience in Germany during the 1920's and 30's. Until one monolithic, well structured, well organized movement emerged, nothing happened. When such unified movement consolidated all into one ideology, it smashed the Jews. Should we revive the ancient Norse religions? Hardly. Odin, Woden and Thor are not going to get off their rumps and save the White Race, anymore than is the Jewish YAHWEH. We have a deadly war on our hands and have more important things to do than waste our time playing
childish games that should have been relegated to a kindergarten class in the first place. A spooky religion that couldn't hold its own a thousand years ago when it was at the height of its power cannot now be revived any more than trying to breathe new life into a long dead
horse. Furthermore, its basic precepts really with which we are now confronted.

Should we rally around a revived Populist party? It, too, is ancient history and failed miserably many decades ago. It, too, does not really address and confront the real enemy, the Jewish parasite and its offspring, Jewish Christianity. In fact, it trips all over itself to tell the world it is not racist nor anti-Jewish. To embrace a wimpish program of that caliber is to live in a fool's paradise, and tantamount to joining the enemy.

If the above should "offend some delicate sensibilities", that is just too damn bad. We have a serious battle on our hands and can't be endlessly genuflecting to wet-nurse all the little bruised egos. No, time is running out and the Jews, Mexicans and niggers are closing in on us. Before this war is over there will be more than delicate little hubris' bruised. There will be blood flowing in the streets and millions of White Racial Comrades slaughtered. So let us forget all this nonsense about whose little "sensibilities" (read hang-ups) we might offend, and get on with the battle. Those who insist on hanging onto their little hang-ups and nurturing their little hubris aren't going to be any help in that battle anyway, so we haven't lost anything.

There is an alternative, and we have it — an idea to which any rational, militant White man or woman can give their total loyalty and dedication. We Creators have a real, lasting solution. We have a racial religion to offer to the White Race, the first meaningful, genuine White racial religion in six thousand years of civilized history.

It is comprehensive, complete, clear, consistent, coordinated, constructive, conclusive, cohesive and cogent. It covers the whole spectrum, the whole ball of wax. It is not makeshift, not a temporary stopgap solution, nor is it a patchwork of haywire and chewing gum. It was tailor-made to not only solve the dilemma the White Race finds itself in today, but also to give our race a sane and sound philosophy to live by and prosper for the next million years.

There is only one movement in recent history that has challenged the odious Jewish power structure and overcome it, if only on a regional basis, and that is the National Socialist movement of Adolf Hitler when it came to power in Germany in 1933. True, it was later smashed by the combined forces of all the other White nations under the aegis of the Jewish monster, but that is another story. The fact is, it did successfully wrest power away from the Jewish parasite in Germany and we should learn some powerful lessons from it.

1. After Germany's defeat in 1918, some two thousand "nationalistic" (and otherwise) groups sprang up to try to solve the terrible dilemma in which the German people found themselves.

2. There was much bickering, jealousy and infighting amongst them.

3. The numerous fractured and fragmented parties or groups were powerless to stem the Jewish juggernaut until Hitler's Nazi party became the one and only powerful battering ram and took over the German government.

4. There were no "mergers". Hitler's movement absorbed former members of the various splinter groups, including thousands of converted former members of the Communist Party. A few leaders of the former splinter parties joined him (such as Julius Streicher) but most of them did not. Had the leaders sublimated their hubris and had the foresight to join with Hitler, the Jews could have been over come in 1924 perhaps, instead of 1933. How this might have changed the course of history we can only speculate.

In any case, the main, the most cogent lesson is this: Until the overwhelming majority of the German activists consolidated and polarized into one powerful movement, nothing was achieved. Once they did, they took over the power of the state, drove out the Jews, and constructive solutions were rapidly implemented.

Sixty years later, we here in America are faced with a similar situation in overcoming the Jews, although the racial problems facing us are much different and really encompass the whole White Race on a global basis. Whereas Hitler's movement was tailor-made to solve the political and racial problems for the Germans of 60 years ago, the Creativity movement in a completely different milieu is tailor-made to solve the racial problems of the White Race on a global scale, the only way it can now be approached. Whereas Hitler was highly successful in uniting the Germans in the 1930's, it is our goal to consolidate, unite, arouse and polarize the White Race on a global scale. We are dedicated to this goal, not because it is easy, but because it must be done, and we have the creed and program with which to achieve it, but only with your help and zeal.

It is a tall order. But it is that, or nothing. In this respect we emulate the fearless philosophy of the indomitable Texas Rangers of the 19th century, "Know you're right and just keep coming." We vow to "keep coming" until we have cither achieved total victory, or until we are dead. We know we are right.

In pursuing this lofty and urgent goal, and in hastening the day of victory, we appeal to all White Racial Comrades to submerge and sublimate your own insignificant and fleeting hubris to the major goal - the survival, expansion and advancement of your race. We have now forged the tools and weapons to do the job, and they are formidable. We are not helpless. (Read again EXPANDING CREATIVITY in Issue No. 6 "The Self-imposed Handicap" and Issue No. 9 "We are not Helpless".) 
Self-imposed Handicap...By Ben Klassen  But fragmented and divided, we are not only helpless, we are doomed. Whether we like it or not, the Jews have us enmeshed in a highly dangerous and deadly game, in which there can be only total victory, either for their side or ours. We are not playing ping-pong, nor are we playing marbles. Nature's basic laws are now coming into full play on a massive scale, and it is now an issue of whether the White Race will be murdered (remember Dresden!) or whether we demolish the Jewish monster
and survive. This issue will be resolved one way or another, in the lifetime of many of those living today, and believe me, there will be no compromise.

I want to reiterate the initial premise stated in the beginning of this article, namely, we have the means to do it now. Standing in the way, mainly, is the hubris of many of the leaders of the numerous small splinter groups, who, because it is not THEIR brain child, would rather fight

Creativity than spread the word, not realistically thinking of the consequences that will ensue if we don't settle upon one major movement and consolidate. These short sighted individuals would indeed cut off their nose to spite their face. In so saying, I am sure that there are many who will take the easy alibi and accuse me of a hubris of my own, therefore the problem is answered and by-passed. No, my friend, it is neither answered nor by-passed. The over whelming problems remain — stark and real, urgent and overwhelming. If we don't
get our act together, and soon, it will be all over, and the White Race will be finished. That includes you and any stub- born little hubris you may nurture. It includes your immediate family, your relatives, your race and your civilization. This will be a world overrun with screaming, clawing, starving mud peoples, billions of them. It will be a hellhole of the worst kind, one in which the White Race cannot survive, or in which it would even want to live.

So this is hardly a silly little game of "who's got the hubris?" If you want to play a cute little trick on personalities and turn tables on me, go ahead, indulge yourself. I couldn't care less. If it makes you feel any better, be my guest. I am neither concerned about my hubris, or the lack of it. Frankly, I never wanted to be in the public eye, and I don't care to be now. Christ knows I have examined every possible organization which I hoped might be able to help do the job and solve the problem. I was a member of the John Birch Society, of the Citizens Council, of the Republican Party, the Presbyterian Church, I even formed my own Nationalist White Party. When I came to the conclusion that none of these were even remotely fitted to do the job, I sought ways and means that would be meaningful and cogent, and Creativity was the answer.

Having finally found the answer, we are determined to do whatever it takes to get the job done — only total victory will suffice. Like the Texas Rangers,, we will push on, come hell or high water. I will be only too happy to relinquish the leadership and pass it on to younger, more capable hands, and fade into the mists. In fact, I have been searching for such an outstanding promoter for years and we will find him. We have several excellent young prospects right now. I can hardly wait to go into retirement, write a few more books, (I have six in mind right now) and let younger, more capable, more energetic hands carry the torch and reap the glory, if any. It is hard to understand the intransigence of some of our racial leaders who secretly take the position "If I didn't think of it myself, I would rather torpedo it than give someone else the credit." Why anyone should take this self-defeating stance is neither rational nor constructive. After all, 200 thousand Christian preachers in America who are also White, do not take such an absurd position. They don't claim to have invented
Christianity nor written the Christian Bible, yet they have no reservations in breaking their necks to spread an idea and a book that they had no hand in either inventing or writing. (Actually, the Jews planted the whole mess.) So why should a White racial leader be so obtuse and irrational about helping promote an idea that will save his race from extinction?

So it is not a personal issue. Not with me, nor is it with you. Indeed, it is not a matter of personalities. It's not a matter of nitpicking trivialities. It is a matter of life and death. At stake is your life, your future, that of your family, your country, your race, and even more important, your future progeny.

What can you do? If you are not in the racial movement as yet, join with us, become a member of the Church of the Creator. If you are already in a racial group, join with us, and persuade your leader to convert to a C.O.T.C. group. Become an ordained minister of our church. Stop fighting with slingshots when you are being offered the best machine guns available to use as your weapons. Also, you must remember no program, no creed, no matter how dynamic, is self- implementing. We need good people like you to get behind the movement and give it muscle — give it all you've got.

Remember, we are not playing marbles. This is a deadly game. There is no substitute for victory and you will have little hubris to crow about if you end up a slave, your face down in the mud with a Jewish jackboot pressing down on the nape of your neck
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator