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Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)..Reply in Support of Motion for Relief from Judgement (Doc 229)

To read the document in it's entirety... FREE MATT HALE Site....
Reply in Support of Motion for Relief from Judgement (Doc 229)  

Some quotes from Rev Hale contained in this document...….

" Rev Hale finally received the Defendant's response to his Motion for Relief from judgement docket entries 233 and 234 on June 19- 2018, 15 days after they were filed. "

"  Further more, the reason why Hale "chose" Natures Eternal Religion as the only Creativity book among the eight is because he expected and expects to prevail on this motion or on the appeal of this case, with all the Creativity books being returned to him as a consequence." 

" Indeed, Hale has been above board with what he believes in his entire life, unlike the subterfuge and furtiveness which is exhibited by the Defendant's employees as a matter of course. " 

" Rather, for the sake of rhetorical argument in what is, after all, a work of philosophy, he said that he, personally, wanted to machine gun the boats of the invaders of our country- which one would think every patriot would want to do- and beat the bride and groom of interracial marriages upon their heads with the Christian Cross which is wrongly being used today to sanctify these marriages. So what? That's what you call freedom of speech. "

" If Hale were to write a novel in which violence occurs as part of the plot, would the Defendant try and ban it too? " 

" In any event, if we are going to talk about books that which supposedly incite violence or cause harm to others, why don't we talk about the book which has incited more violence and caused more harm to others on this planet than probably all of the other books put together, the Christian bible? " 




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Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)..Plaintiff's Motion of Non-Service Docket 233-235, Motion to Strike, and Initial Response to Defendant's Motion of Order to Restrict Access

To read the document in it's entirety see the FREE MATT HALE site....Plaintiff's Motion of Non Service Docket 233-235 Motion to Strike and Initial Response to Defendant's Motion of Order to access

Some quotes from Rev Hale contained in this document...….

" Plaintiff Reverend Hale is obliged to notify the court whereas he duly (and speedily) received Defendant's Motion for order to restrict access (Doc 236.) today. June 18th, he did not receive docket entries 233 or 234, to which the Defendant's motion refers, nor has he received Doc 235 for that matter, whatever it is."

" Hale has never and will never submit to the destruction of his precious First Amendment rights by the B.O.P, a criminal organization which routinely lies and twists the truth and perjures itself in this court and which viciously defames Hale and his "followers" on a continued basis in an effort to bring about the very violence that it claims to oppose. Hale is quite frankly sick of the Defendant's attack upon his character and the character of those fine supporters of his in the free world, men and women whose shoes the Defendant and it's employee's do not deserve to lick, let alone attack. "

" If a party fails to serve the other side with it's irrelevant fillings, those fillings should not be considered by the court. Rather they should be stricken on relevance and non-service grounds. "


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)..Amicus Commentary to Filed Document 236..By Russell F.Walker



Filed... DENVER, COLORADO JUNE 18 2018
Matt Hale,



COMES NOW Russell F. Walker, a 75 year-old'.·adult who has read document 236 via the internet. Frankly I am astounded that the US Attorney would file such an outrageous document. Document 236 is more attuned to the middle ages rather than to the 21st century. Is the government so scared of an individual who is locked up in solitary confinement in the most allegedly secure facility in the United States. Well someone said that the "pen is mightier than the sword" and apparently Hale's must be so.

I am not an adherent, just an observer, of the Creativity religion. I
really do not know what the religion entails. Why does not the government just cut off Hale's fingers and cut out his tongue if he is so dangerous and preyent him from writing things which are claimed to be· dangerous to public order. Maybe the government should order a brain lobotomy so that Hale cannot even think of certain things or actions, now that would be justice at its best i.e. ad eius optime justice as Cicero would say. I have sent letters to Hale in prison and some jackass clown censor who never has produced any wealth in his life has claimed that my comments were "gang related". I am 75 years old and a candidate for House District 48 in North Carolina.

See my website...  and determine if you: think I am a gang member or have the proclivity to be that way.

I don't care what Hale writes. I am not nor do I know of anyone who is going to commit any crime or conspire in any criminal activity due to Hale's writings or beliefs.

Frankly I would love to see what Hale has written that is so
dangerous. Orwell and Kafka would not believe the surreal world that the US Attorney is supporting in 2018. I just have to speak out and cannot remain quiet.

"I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Respectfully submitted,
Russell F. Walker
1 7 6 Quewhiffle Road
Aberdeen, NC 28315
June 14, 2018


I certify that I have placed a copy of this Amicus commentary the U.S. mail, postage prepaid on 14 June 2018 to:

Susan Prose
Assistant United States Attorney
1801 California Street, Suite 1 600
Denver, Colorado 80202

Russell F. Walker


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

We Won! .....By Ben Klassen

The Establishment’s Tax Assessor did not win this round

We might not chalk up too many victories against the Jewish power establishment, but the recent decision of the North Carolina Tax Commission in our favor is a welcome exception.
Terrorist Tactics Against Us in the Past

As everyone who has been reading Racial Loyalty for the past several years knows only too well, the Jewish ADL in collaboration with the Christian churches has been hounding and harassing us from the time we poured the foundation for our church building back in 1982. In June of 1983 we were shot at (our logo on the front of the building still shows a number of bullet holes from a double-O pellets shotgun blast). In the same sneak attack in early hours (2:30 a.m.) of the morning of June 15, 1983, our church was also firebombed and only the timely arrival of the local fire department saved it from destruction.

Since we did not run and fold up shop, a number of scare and harassment tactics were continued to be aimed against us. For example, in June of 1986 Hasta Primus Rev. Carl Messick heard voices on the grounds near our church, laughing and loudly proclaiming that they were going to shoot out our yard lights, burn down the church and shoot the "dude" (Rev. Messick) when he came running out. In anticipation of impending trouble, we immediately called the Sheriff’s department to inform them of the threats. In the meantime, while the Sheriff’s department dragged their feet in arriving, sure enough, a car drove up our road (at about 3:30 a.m.) up to my house, turned around and stopped in front of the church. I jumped into my car (rifle in hand) to pursue. As they fled out of our domain, Rev. Messick was waiting for them at the end of our private road trying to stop the attackers. When they would not stop and in fact tried to run him down, he unleashed a fusillade of a dozen or more rounds from his M-1, aiming low. It riddled the car with a number of bullet holes, flattened their tires, but nevertheless they escaped. This dramatic incident evidently scared the hell out of any further vandals, and we have not had any such assaults since, although you never know when some fool may try again.

"Legal" Strong-arm Tactics Now Being Employed Against Us
In the last year the ADL and the power establishment switched their tactics from physical terrorism and intimidation to using "legal" strong-arm tactics instead in their attempt to break us. After having applied for real estate tax exemption, the same as any other church, and having such granted for 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988, a new tax assessor, one Richard Lightner, evidently volunteered to front as the tool of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to do the dirty job.

On February 14, 1989 we received a first notice that arbitrarily and capriciously the tax assessor was summarily revoking our tax-exempt status. This started a whole chain of hearings, appeals and legal maneuvering that cost us (so far) at least $7000 in legal and other expenses, not to mention the time, aggravation and energy expended. It probably cost the county (meaning the taxpayers) another $30,000 in legal fees and other expenses. All this for a $800 a year tax revenue, something that cannot be justified by the county other than it is the vindictive and malicious strong-arm abuse of the power to tax in order to destroy someone whose beliefs they hate with a vengeance. And what is that belief that the Jewish power establishment hates so vehemently? It is the right of the White Race to assert its Constitutional rights for its own survival, expansion and advancement.

On our part we would be better off financially to throw in the towel and pay the taxes. But only temporarily. It would only be the opening gun of further legal maneuvering to close us down. They know it and we know it. As Gen. MacArthur said "there is no substitute for victory," and we have just won the first round.
All this maneuvering ended in the state capital, namely Raleigh, North Carolina, when a hearing on our appeal was held on September 21, 1989 before the North Carolina Property Tax Commission. On December 22, 1989 the Commission came out with their eleven page Report and Decision. It was decidedly in our favor. Without quoting the Report in its entirety, this is what the Decision states:
Conclusions of Law

Based on our review of the applicable law, the evidence, and our findings of fact, the North Carolina Property Tax Commission makes the following conclusions of law:
1. The County’s motion to dismiss is denied. In the Commission’s view, the Appellant made a timely appeal from an adverse decision of the local board. The Commission has subject matter jurisdiction over such appeals, and the Taxpayer’s notice of appeal stated a claim upon which the Commission could give relief, namely, that the Appellant protested the removal of a previously granted exemption from ad valorem taxation.

2. The Commission does not address the Taxpayer’s motions to quash certain subpoenas issued in connection with the appeal. In view of the Commission’s disposition of this appeal, these motions are now moot.

3. The Commission denies the County’s motion for sanctions against the Appellant, The Commission has no lawful authority to impose such sanctions.
4. The Commission concludes as a matter of law that the Macon County Assessor did not employ a lawful procedure in removing, for the tax year 1989, the exemption previously granted.
5. The Commission concludes as a matter of law that the Macon County Board of Equalization and Review for 1989 had no authority to remove the previously granted exemption from the subject property for the tax year 1989 under the circumstances presented in this appeal. But for the Assessor’s letter of February 14, 1989, the Appellant would not have appealed to the local board.

6. The Commission concludes that the Macon County Assessor, in his letter dated February 14, 1989, exceeded the authority granted to county assessors under the law. Wherefore, it is ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the decision of the Macon County Board of Equalization and Review for 1989, removing the exemption from ad valorem taxation of the subject property for the tax year 1989, is REVERSED. 12/22/89.  

The ADL Continues Its Attacks Against Us

The matter should end there, but it will not. The ADL is apparently goading the Macon County Commissioners to pursue this matter viciously and maliciously no matter what the cost, no matter what the financial consequences. (The County undoubtedly has already spent more in legal fees than they would collect in taxes from us in the next forty years!) At a special meeting on January 8, 1990, in a split vote they decided to appeal, and drag this matter on indefinitely.

We on our part are determined to defend our rights of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and defend the rights of the White Race to the limits of our ability for the next hundred years if necessary.
We are damn well determined that if the Jewish synagogues, the Black Muslims and thousands of other religious cult groups and institutions are allowed tax exemption, then we will demand, yes, demand, equal rights. Furthermore, we intend to sue the County summarily, and each individual member of the County Commission, for punitive damages running into the upper six figures for their arbitrary, capricious, deliberate and malicious abuse of tyrannical power to violate our civil and religious rights. Before we are through, we hope to teach these Jew-manipulated tyrants and race traitors that they cannot willy-nilly play fast and loose with the constitutional rights of the White Race. It will be a lesson they won’t soon forget!

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


FEB 17AC (1990)

Help! A Plea for Support...By Ben Klassen (1989)


The Establishment is Trying to Use "Legal’ Strong Arm Tactics to Destroy Our Church
The Church of the Creator is a well-founded, well-established, non-profit religious organization. Its North Carolina corporate charter clearly defines it as such, and when we built our headquarters here In North Carolina in 1983, the Macon County Tax Assessor recognized it as such, and in line with our First Amendment rights granted us tax exemption, the same as they had granted to all the one hundred or so other churches in the county. The Tax Assessor that then succeeded the former assessor also concurred and left our tax-exempt status undisturbed.

Along now comes the third tax assessor, one Richard Lightner, who either hates our defense of the White Race, or perhaps the White Race itself. Arbitrarily and capriciously, on his own volition he decided to revoke our tax exemption. Whether he has been paid by the ADL or is a Jew himself, we have not yet determined, but it could be either, or both. We mean to find out. Evidently the Jewish establishment is beginning to run scared, feeling that our increasing growth could soon mushroom into a major awakening of the White people and is a dire threat to their all-embracing tyranny. Earlier in the game they tried to scare us out of existence by using a number of sneaky physical assaults during the middle of the night, such as a shotgun blast at our eight foot logo on the face of the church (the holes are still there for anybody to see), throwing phosphorous fire bombs at our building and various other malicious attacks. When we refused to be frightened or intimidated, they evidently decided to change tactics and are now trying "legal" harassment and assault. We have the news for you goddamned Jewish stooges: It won’t work either. We are staying!

Last February we received our initial letter from Jewish-stooge Richard Lightner, said tax assessor. The reason (or pretext) they said was that they had been snooping around the fringes of our property (without so much as coming in and talking to us) and that they had determined we were "not active enough," whatever that means. We replied to the County Commission in writing that we had never been more active in our existence, and also restated such at a formal meeting with the Commissioners. We told them that we were performing marriages, had published eight major books, eleven policy booklets, published 54 issues of Racial Loyalty, had ordained dozens of Ministers in half a dozen countries of the world, started a Leadership School for Gifted Boys, and actually held a two week session at the school. In the face of all this evidence, they still turned us down, but they now changed their tactics. Their new pretext was that our by-laws were not complete, whatever in the hell that meant. We pointed out that the by-laws were written by the same attorney, Richard Jones, who was now, and had been for years, the legal counsel for their own County Commission, and just what was it that was deficient? Furthermore, completeness or incompleteness of by-laws, or no by-laws at all, had absolutely nothing to do with our credentials as a church or our tax-exemption as a religious organization.

My wife, our loyal and hard working Rev. A.W. Reynolds and myself were served subpoenas to appear in Raleigh, NC, the state capital, at 9:00 a.m. September 21, 1989. With it came a Duces Tecum, an order to bring with us all our records, lists of members, lists of ministers, our corporate books, our by-laws, minutes of our meetings, records of expenditures, everything but the kitchen sink, in fact, 13 separate Items. To make sure we would be ambushed and unable to comply with the Subpoena and Duces Tecum, we were served only on September 19th, two days prior to the 21st, although it was deceitfully dated September 8th.

Nothing convinced us more that this was a Jewish setup for harassment than the fact that in the face of all this evidence and common sense the local officials still decided to rule against us and force us to go to the North Carolina Tax Commission hundreds of miles away and go through a formal hearing in order to retain our rights that had already been acknowledged earlier, several times and several years. This now also meant we had to hire a lawyer licensed by the state, since a corporation must have a licensed lawyer to represent it before a state board.

This is where the squeeze comes in. Practically every lawyer in the state is pro-Jewish, pro-nigger, anti-White and gung-ho for race-mixing, everything we are against. Furthermore, they are extremely reluctant to even take on our case, since they are scared spitless it will tarnish their pro-Jewish image before the powerful, all-dominant Jewish control of the courts and the Bar Association (and everything else, we might add).

After several attorneys turned us down and some backed out and left us in the lurch at the last moment, we finally found a paralegal from Oklahoma, who with a legal attorney from Wyoming were willing to go to battle for our case, both of whom were well versed in the First Amendment rights of churches and Constitutional law. However, we still had to also hire a licensed North Carolina lawyer as well, a man from Raleigh, NC, who had been selected by our paralegal. The total bill for all this came to $6000 (so far), a sum we can ill afford. On top of that we had travel expenses, motel bills, etc., to cover.

We finally had a meeting and confrontation with the North Carolina Tax Commission in Raleigh, NC on September 21st. It lasted all day. No decision was arrived at, and we still have to submit briefs and await their deliberations. At the hearing we have successfully asserted the privacy of our subscriber/membership/minister lists and other sensitive documents, but our religious beliefs were bandied about without any First Amendment considerations, whereas when the tax assessor on cross-examination was so much as asked what was his religious faith, immediately had his attorney shout Objection!’ which was quickly "sustained!" by the chairman. That is what is called double standards.

In conclusion, I want to make three cogent points:

The First Point is that our credentials as a church and as a religion are impeccable.

They are as good as, if not in fact much better than, any religion on the face of the earth, past or present. Our religious beliefs are not based on silly and untenable myths or fairy tales that have no basis in fact, nor are such myths even logical. Our beliefs are well founded and well grounded in the Eternal Laws of Nature. Does anybody care to argue about the truth and validity of the Laws of Nature?

Only a fool would. Furthermore, our beliefs are based on the experience of history. What history? All history – Egyptian history, Greek history, Roman history, and especially more recent history, such as World Wars I and II, and what has happened here in crime and nigger infested America and what is happening in Palestine, to quote a few examples. We have set our views and beliefs down in writing in eight comprehensive books that anyone is free to read and study. Our creed and program takes in history, religion, politics, bodily health (Salubrious Living), eugenics and the uplifting of our race, as well as the preservation of a viable environment; in other words, we aim to achieve a SOUND MIND in a SOUND BODY in a SOUND SOCIETY in a SOUND ENVIRONMENT. Our creed and program also considers many other facets of our life, such as anthropology, archeology, astronomy and every other scientific study. Compare this with the concepts of the Old and New Testaments written by primitive, ignorant and superstitious Middle Eastern desert tribesmen.

The Second Point I want to make is that our goals are real and compelling: the survival of the White Race – Nature’s Finest.

I ask any responsible White Man or Woman, what is more important? Saving the gorillas? or niggers? or some species of endangered clams? Can you and your family survive in a drug and crime infested America with wall-to-wall niggers?

The Third Point is: we need financial help - much help!

Saving the White Race is taking an increasing amount of our dwindling resources, the largest portion of which to date I have been supplying personally. But these resources are now coming to an end and will have to be borne by the living members of the White Race, too few of whom seem to realize the tremendous issues that are at stake. So confused is the average White Man now by Jewish propaganda that only a small percentage can see through the blather of Jewish garbage slopped on them daily to understand that their very life, their property, their culture and their civilization are at stake. Moreover, and what is more important, the future of their children and grandchildren is non-existent if we don’t win this fight NOW – IN THE NEXT DECADE.

Despite all the challenges, difficulties and enemy attacks, our commitment to the sacred cause of Creativity and our belief in its final victory is undiminished. But we need better grassroots organization through the COTC Primary Groups and increased support from the field activists to the Church Headquarters in the form of renewed subscriptions, membership fees, donations and volunteer services at the Church Headquarters. We would especially appreciate volunteer services of Creators with secretarial, typing and editing skills. Also, please send us office supplies, books, and don’t forget to remember us in your will.

Let each one of us Creators examine our skills and resources and contribute regularly and generously to the Sacred Cause of the One and Only White Racial Religion – Creativity. Remember, If Creativity does not win, the White Race will be exterminated by the rising tide of the mud races, and then all your resources and all your skills will be worth nothing. Please use them for the best interests of the White Race while it is still not too late. Let us make hay while the sun shines.

So ante up! It is now or never! We need all the help we can get. You need all the help we can give you. Act now! Send us all you can spare and a little extra. The time has come for the showdown! Act now!

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

OCTOBER 16AC (1989)


We Won! ..By Ben Klassen


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)..Federal BOP Motion for Order to Restrict access to Docket entry 234


Civil Action No. 14-cv-00245-MSK-MJW







The Federal Bureau of Prisons ("BOP") respectfully requests that the Court retain a Level 1 restriction on access to the unredacted version of a declaration submitted by Amy Kelley, a Lieutenant detailed to the Special investigative Services ("SIS") Department at the Federal Correctional Complex in Florence, Colorado. Doc. 234. Lieutenant Kelley’s declaration was also publicly filed, with minimal redactions, on June 4, 2018. See Doc. 233-1. Because Mr. Hale is an inmate in federal custody who is representing himself, the BOP did not consult with him before filing this motion. See D.C.COLO.LCivR 7.1(b)(1).

There is good cause for the Court to retain a Level 1 restriction on the unredacted version of Lieutenant Kelley’s declaration. The minimal information redacted from the publicly filed version of the declaration consists of specific quotes from recent writings by Mr. Hale. The redactions covered extremely inflammatory statements by Mr. Hale denigrating non-white persons and adherents of Christianity. Based on their knowledge of Mr. Hale’s influence outside the prison, SIS personnel who monitor Mr. Hale’s communications have great concern that these statements could be read by Mr. Hale’s followers as advocating or encouraging criminal actions. Kelley Decl. (redacted version), Doc. 233-1 ¶¶ 9-11 & n.2. For that reason, the document from which this material was taken was rejected when Mr. Hale tried to send it out of the ADX. Id. ¶ 11.

To guard against any unnecessary risks to the safety and security of innocent persons, the BOP now requests that the unredacted version of Lieutenant Kelley’s declaration continue to be subject to a Level 1 restriction on access. In accordance with the requirements of D.C.COLO.LCivR 7.2(c), the BOP states:
(1) The BOP seeks a restriction on access to docket entry 234. See Local Rule 7.2(c)(1) ("identify the document or the proceeding for which restriction is sought");

(2) The BOP’s interest in protecting innocent persons from any violence that Mr. Hale’s words might incite outweighs the presumption of public access. See Local Rule 7.2(c)(2) ("address the interest to be protected and why such interest outweighs the presumption of public access").

(3) In the correctional judgment of BOP investigative personnel, there is a risk that Mr. Hale’s words could incite violence among his followers. Persons of certain racial and religious groups could be particular targets. In addition, the BOP will be injured if information that was not allowed to leave the prison for security reasons is allowed to enter the public domain simply because the BOP needed to reference that information to respond to a motion filed by Mr. Hale. If the information is not restricted, Mr. Hale will have effectively circumvented BOP mail-monitoring procedures. See Local Rule 7.2(c)(3) ("identify a clearly defined and serious injury that would result if access is not restricted");
(4) The BOP does not seek total exclusion, but has presented Lieutenant Kelley’s declaration to the public in minimally redacted form, see Doc. 233-1, thereby maximizing public access to the information in a manner that is consistent with important security interests. See Local Rule 7.2(c)(4) ("explain why no alternative to restriction is practicable or why only restriction will adequately protect the interest in question (e.g., redaction, summarization, restricted access to exhibits or portions of exhibits")); and

(5) The BOP seeks a Level 1 restriction on access. See Local Rule 7.2(c)(5) ("identify the level of restriction sought").

The BOP’s request for a restriction on access satisfies the requirements set forth in Local Rule 7.2. The BOP respectfully requests that the Court retain the Level 1 restriction on docket entry 234.

Respectfully submitted on June 13, 2018.

United States Attorney
s/ Susan Prose
Susan Prose
Assistant United States Attorney
1801 California Street, Suite 1600
Denver, Colorado 80202
Tel: (303) 454-0100; Fax: (303) 454-0404
Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Prisons


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)...Appellee's Motion for Extension of Time to File Response Brief


Case No. 18-1141



Appellees move for an additional 30 days to file their response brief, which the Court has directed be filed on or before June 18, 2018. Appellees request a new filing date of July 18, 2018.

In support of this motion:

1. This is Appellees’ first request for an extension.

2. Appellant is in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the United States Penitentiary – Administrative Maximum, in Florence, Colorado. However, counsel has conferred with Appellant, who is proceeding pro se, who stated that he opposes the motion. 
3. Undersigned counsel, who is responsible for writing the response brief, cannot finish the brief by June 18 with the exercise of due diligence:

 a. Since the filing of Appellant’s opening brief, which undersigned counsel did not receive until it was docketed on the CM/ECF system on May 25, 2018, counsel has been responsible for preparing and filing summary judgment briefing on dispositive motions in three cases: Prison Legal News v. Federal Bureau of Prisons, No. 15-cv-02184-RM-STV (D. Colo. 2015), on June 4, 2018, with another brief due on June 18, 2018; Ajaj v. Federal Bureau of Prisons, No. 15-cv-00992-RBJ-KLM (D. Colo. 2015), on May 30, 2018; and Barnes v. Federal Bureau of Prisons, No. 18-cv-00245-MSK-STV (D. Colo. 2018), on June 6, 2018.

b. Undersigned counsel is also responsible for managing and handling the numerous daily litigation tasks in these and a number of other cases pending in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.

DATED this 11th day of June, 2018. Respectfully submitted,
United States Attorney
/s/ Susan Prose
Assistant United States Attorney
1801 California Street
Suite 1600
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 454-0100
Attorneys for Defendants-Appellees

Monday, 11 June 2018

The Spirit of the Early Texas Rangers...By Ben Klassen

Cleansing the Territory

The Spirit of the Early Texas Rangers
It Lives Again in the Ranks of the C.O.T.C.

We, of the Church of the Creator, are proud of the yeoman service rendered by the early Texas Rangers in the expansion and advancement of the White Race in America. They were a camaraderie of brave and heroic men at a time when the White Race in America was building the world’s finest empire – an empire that was soon to reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

They were lawmen and they were pioneers. They were gunmen and they were Indian fighters and they were racists. They were the protectors of the pioneering White settlers from the marauding Indians and also the encroaching Mexicans. Their motto in the mid-nineteenth century was: "The only good Indian is a dead Indian!", a policy which, if it had been continued by the Federal government, would have saved today’s overburdened White taxpayers from having hordes of these pathetic and useless semi-savages on the public welfare rolls.

But the early Texas Rangers were not only protecting the fledgling White settlers from the Indians. They did much more. It was their avowed goal to drive every Mexican and Indian from out of the then Republic of Texas. And drive them out they did, with a zeal that we would do well to emulate today.

* * * * *

It was Stephen F. Austin who pioneered the colonization of Texas by the White Man. His father, Moses Austin, had visions of bringing White settlers into the then Mexican held territory of Texas, and started the initial negotiations with the Mexican government in 1820. His early death the next year left the unfulfilled plans and obligations squarely on the shoulders of his son, Stephen Fuller Austin, who at that time was 28.

By 1824 Austin had almost fulfilled his contractual obligations with the Mexican government of bringing in a total of 300 settlers, each of which received a grant of 4605 acres, and who in turn had certain contractual obligations to Austin and to the colony.

One of the problems the struggling new colony had to provide for was that of maintaining law and order in a wild and wide open territory of considerable dimensions. Though the settlers themselves were mostly good solid citizens (their character references had been carefully checked before acceptance), there was still the problem of outlaws, desperados and marauding bands of Indians.

When Stephen Austin put forth the call for volunteers, the men quickly replied to the need, and formed local defense groups that Austin organized to repel Indian attacks. These militia companies soon switched from stationary defense to wide-ranging horse patrols, and concluded that the best defense was to go on the offensive. Thus these patrols came to be known as "ranging companies" and became the forerunners of the legendary (and notorious) Texas Rangers.

Initially, the chief targets were the Indian tribes that Infested their territory and settlements, and any Indian was fair game. Attacks on Indians were not only a practical necessity for the survival of the settlers, but a  contractual duty that Austin owed to the Mexican government, who at that time still had sovereignty over the territory, and in some instances such Indian raids were carried out with the collaboration of, and on direct orders from, the Mexican military.
By the year 1836 when the fledgling colony had expanded its numbers of White Americans, the Indians were not the only menace. The Mexican government itself became a thorn in the side of the White settlers. As it watched the Incoming Americans increase, the Mexican government became apprehensive of their growing numbers and became more hostile and oppressive to the settlers over which it nevertheless still considered itself as the sovereign lord and master. The White settlers, on the other hand, were chafing under the taxes, the customs and the Catholic regimen of what they now considered as a culture and a government alien to their own.

The massacre of the 176 brave men at the Alamo in February of 1836 both panicked and also galvanized the spirit and determination of the freewheeling White American settlers.

On March 16, the Texans promulgated their own Declaration of Independence and elected David Burnet as provisional President of their newly formed Republic. When Sam Houston and his rag-tag band of 800 volunteers trapped and then annihilated Santa Anna’s army of 4000 at San Jacinto on April 21 of the same year, they sealed their independence in blood.

Houston’s heroic battle at San Jacinto was one of the more important victories In American history. Although small in comparison, it was the battle that decided that Texas was to become the White Man’s domain and not that of the mongrelized mestizo Mexicans. The decisive San Jacinto victory rightfully earned Sam Houston a glorious place as an outstanding hero not only in Texas and American history, but also in the history of the entire White Race. We of the C.O.T.C. recognize him as such and are hanging an oil portrait of him in our gallery of "White Men of Whom we are Proud" in our World Headquarters.

Sam Houston became the first elected president of the fledgling Republic of Texas in October of 1836, his first term of office being limited to two years by the Texas constitution. When he came into the presidency the newly created Republic was in shambles. The land area claimed by Texas after the revolution was 242,594,560 acres, stretching from the Sabine and Red Rivers on the east, to the Rio Grande on the West. There were now 30,000 Texans who had settled 62,594,560 acres, but nearly half of this had been ravaged and devastated by Santa Anna’s marauding forces. The economy of Texas was in ruins, food was scarce and prices were sky high. Flour was selling at an unprecedented price of $18 per barrel, corn at $1.50 per bushel. The Republic was saddled with a public debt of $1,250,000 incurred during the revolution.

Furthermore, a seething and resentful Mexico refused to recognize the boundaries established by the newly formed Republic of Texas, and an invasion of 25,000 Mexican troops was feared by the spring of 1837. Not only did the Republic have the threat of the Mexican invasion hanging over their heads, but Indian depredations, too, were taking their toll. The Republic was bankrupt and could not afford to finance a standing army.

At Houston’s urging, the Texas congress turned its attention to the Texas Rangers. Veterans of San Jacinto and young brawlers from all over Texas came to join in answer to Houston’s call. Such outstanding and notorious fighters as Deaf Smith, Ben McCulloch, Edward Burleson, Noah Smithwick, W.A.A. "Bigfoot" Wallace, Jack C. Hayes, Samuel H. Walker and George Thomas Howard were all destined to become enshrined in the hearts of Texans, and, might I say, in the present era of the White Man’s struggle for survival, in the hearts of all Creators. Houston quickly organized 600 men into three divisions as a border patrol to guard against either Mexican or Indian attack.
For ten years the Republic of Texas walked a lonely road, constantly under threat of the more powerful Mexican Republic to the south, and the ever marauding Indian tribes in its own territory and on its extended borders. When Houston’s two year term as president was up, he was succeeded by his former vice-president, Mirabeau Bounaparte Lamar, a one-time Georgia newspaper publisher and poet. Lamar stated the racial conflict succinctly: "The White Man and the red man cannot live in harmony together. Nature forbids it!" He saw the conflict clearly, as a three-cornered racial war between the mestizo Mexicans, the Indians, and the White Man, It was such in 1840, it remains as such today.

During Its ten year tenure as an independent republic, the Texas government and its strong-arm Texas Rangers were well on their way to cleaning up the Texas territory for the White Man. Upon annexation of Texas as a state into the Union In 1845, the Federal government took control of Indian affairs. Much to the consternation of the Texans, the Washington government now took a paternal attitude towards the savage Indians. Whereas the Texans had from their very inception as an independent Republic sought out, pursued and destroyed the Indian villages and encampments within their territory, the Federal government now reversed this policy and set up Indian reservations on Texas soil. It made a number of meaningless treaties with these lawless savages and actually protected and fed them. Instead of solving the Indian problem, it now aggravated and promoted it, much to the chagrin of the Texans. The White Texans wondered just whose side the Federal government was on.

Finally in 1859, the Texans had had enough and took matters Into their own hands. They abolished every reservation, and drove every Indian out of Texas territory. It was a superb task, ably carried out by the Texas Rangers. Any Indian found on Texas soil after that was there at his own risk.

* * * * *

We now want to highlight a few of the colorful characters of this noble and heroic band of racial warriors. There is a rich lore and there are a considerable number to whom we could refer, but we will pick only a few at random.
Captain Jack Coffee Hayes. It was Capt. Hayes who revolutionized mounted warfare in the 1840’s by adopting Samuel Colt’s newfangled handgun as a primary cavalry weapon. Invented in 1836, the early Colt five-shot revolver was fragile and prone to misfire. The U.S. Army had rejected the weapon as a mere novelty. But Hays thought differently. The Comanche Indians he was fighting could shoot a dozen arrows in the time it took his men to dismount, muzzle load their cumbersome rifles and fire a round. Captain Hays dispatched Ranger Samuel H. Walker to help Colt modify the revolver, and the result was a durable, quick firing, easy to load six-shooter, known as the Walker Colt. During the Mexican War when it was the Texas Rangers who were usually at the forefront leading the U.S. Army Into Mexico, the Walker Colt proved its mettle. The revolver wielding Texans proved so effective that this weapon was finally adopted as the official sidearm for all U.S. cavalry men.

Ranger Captain Ben McCulloch led 40 men through Texas lines to find a route from Matamoros west to Monterey for the Invading U.S. Army. In ten days, he and his men traversed 250 miles and raided several villages and rancheros without being once sighted by the Mexicans.

So fierce and elusive were the Rangers that the Mexicans called them Los Tejanos Diablos – the Texas Devils. After the capture of Mexico City, with much credit due the Rangers, the Texans earned another name: Los Tejanos Sanguinarios – the Bloodthirsty Texans. Quick-triggered at best, the Rangers were enraged when one of their men was murdered in a villainous part of the City, and went on a shooting spree that left 80 dead Mexicans lying in the streets.

Captain John S. (Rip) Ford. The Comanches came to regard the Texas Rangers with ever greater fear and terror. In the 1850’s, the seek-and-destroy missions staged in the 1820’s were refined to a bloody art by the latter-day Rangers. In 1858 Ranger Captain Ford was given command of all Texas state forces – militia as well as Rangers, and ordered to use whatever means necessary to end Comanche pillaging in northern Texas. Ford gathered a force of 215 men, mostly Rangers, and tracked a band of Comanches all the way to the Canadian River in Oklahoma. The trail led to a large Comanche village, defended by 300 warriors. They were, however, no match for the well armed Texans, who lost only two killed and two wounded. In the encounter they killed 76 Indians, including the chief, took 18 prisoners, captured 300 horses and destroyed the village’s food stores.

In the years to come, the Rangers used their effective mobile assault forces to drive the Comanches and the Cherokees out of Texas. After the Civil War, the U.S. Cavalry adopted the Ranger’s tactics to crush Indian resistance in the West.

* * * * *

Today the White Race faces a very similar racial dilemma which is crowding in on us and threatening to destroy our White civilization, our race and our gene pool, as did the early Texans from the depredations of the Indians and the Mexicans.
In the latter part of the twentieth century the White Race is besieged not only by a scattering of Indians, but by millions of Mexicans, millions of niggers, millions of Asiatics, and in fact all the scum and freeloaders of the world, not the least of which is the tribe of Judah. The racial war may be much more complex today than it was in the early days of Texas, but the issue is basically the same. It boils down to one eternal law of history and of Nature, that was enunciated by President Mirabeau Lamar in 1840. That law still stands today: "The White Race and the mud races cannot live in the same territory. Nature forbids it!" We will either cleanse our territory of the mud races as did the Texas Rangers a century and a half ago, or we – the White Race – will be utterly destroyed. If we, the White Race, do not take a firm hand in changing the course of racial flooding of the mud races that are being dumped upon once White America, we will In the course of the next generation be deluged into extinction.

White people awake! In our creed and program we have stated again and again what the grim lessons of history have repeatedly taught us – namely, that a polyglot nation or a polyglot society can neither be governed nor can it endure. By sheer breeding alone the mud races will crowd us out of our own territory and off the face of the earth. As I have pointed out in any number of chapters and articles, a fate similar to that which befell San Domingo awaits us here in America. (See the White Man’s Bible, "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo – A Forerunner for White America.")

Whether we like it or not, grim and appalling disaster is staring us in the face. Nature’s Finest – the White Race – is doomed to rapid extinction unless we take determined and, yes, ruthless action, as did the Texas Rangers in the early history of that state. We must again realize our racial values and guard and protect them with our very lives, as did the valiant heroes at the Alamo, and as did Sam Houston and his rag-tag army at San Jacinto in 1836, as did the heroic Texas Rangers. We must drive the alien scum from out of our midst as did the Texas Rangers in the middle of the nineteenth century. Furthermore, we must make it clear that we are determined to hang those racial traitors who are now selling us out to the enemy, as did Gen. Winfleld Scott to the San Patricio traitors in 1848 at the end of the War with Mexico.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


DEC 16AC (1989)