Friday, 28 September 2012

White apathy or White criminal negligence‏

  This article is based around Creative Credo No. 23 The White Man's Criminal Negligence in protecting the survival of his own kind.

 I find it incredible that any White person can be apathetic when it comes to ensuring the survival of our great race. I find it incomprehensible that any White person would not be concerned about the rapid decline of the White race (1920 aprox 33% now 7-10% aprox world pop.) even when it is happening right in front of them in their own Countries, Cities,Towns, Work places, Schools! The danger would appear to be obvious to any who care to take notice.

"The evidence around us is so abundant, so clear, so convincing, that only a mesmerized moron could ignore it"

"Even Canadian cities like Toronto are experiencing a heavy influx of black niggers from the United States itself, the last bastion of White Power, the last hope for the salvation of the White Race. Haitians, Porto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, Chinese- all are flooding into formerly White countries."
(Ben Klassen PM Founder)

Ben Klassen wrote those words more than 30 years ago, and Toronto is still experiencing a heavy influx of undesirable muds that are not even listed on Ben Klassen's rather lengthy list of non White invaders. As the growth of the mud races and decline of the White race continues on a global scale and right here in Toronto, White people still remain mute or worse, they encourage, promote and enable this genocide of our race to take place. Who are these White people that are apathetic or actually aid in the genocide of their own race? The Christians of course as their Religion was scripted by the Jews.

"If there is one erroneous idea that set in motion all the other suicidal ideas the White Man now nurtures, it is the "spooks in the sky" swindle that the Jew foisted on the White Man nearly 2000 years ago" (Ben Klassen PM Founder)

There are also White people that have been brainwashed by the popular media or those that are just ignorant, all of the above White people need to WAKE UP NOW! before it is too late. Already awake/aware? then help WAKE UP your fellow White Brother or Sisters, always remember we are fighting for the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of our race.

"We must make it clear that anyone who refuses to participate in the crucial fight for our survival will be regarded as a traitor to his or her race. By doing absolutely nothing they are an accomplice and an accessory to the crime the Jews are perpetrating on the White Race" (Ben Klassen PM Founder)

If all the facts and obvious observations are right there in front of you and you do not speak up, and do nothing, is it apathy or criminal negligence? From Ben Klassen's quote above, by doing absolutely nothing you are an "accomplice and an accessory" and are guilty of criminal negligence. So do your part Brothers and Sisters and always remember to think of what is best for the White Race when making everyday choices such as the purchasing of goods to voting. Share your concern for the future of our Race with your Friends, Family or any White person you come in contact with. Read Natures Eternal Religion and The White Mans Bible.

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
Creativity Movement Toronto   Sep 39AC (2012)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sermon from solitary....The White Superman July 39AC (2012)

                                                   The White Superman

     My Brother and Sisters! The task before us is not simply to straighten out the thinking of our White people but also to become superior men and women possessing the power to do so. You must become better then you currently are. You must strive for continual self-improvement and raze within you the weeds of mediocrity and inferiority that are ever busy trying to choke your greatness. Then and only then will the masses obey your will. Then and only then will you deserve their doing so! No one is going to hand victory to you on a plate. You must rather become great enough to seize it! The victory of the Racial Loyalist cause will not come thru begging and through pity. It will rather come when the best of humanity finds itself within it, when we, specifically, have forged ourselves into the superman that we must be. You must banish from your hearts the excuses of the past. You must destroy within yourselves the vestiges of the Christian virus that remain with you to this day. Instead of being “humble” you must be haughty. Instead of being anemic you must be assertive. Instead of being bashful you must be brazen. Destroy the old tablets of your servitude to the Jewish god, Jewish guilt, and Jewish morality! You are White men and women! You have no apologies to make for your natural selves, only for your failure to allow your natural selves free reign on this earth! Rather than a symbol of death, yours is the symbol of life!
Our Creativity religion is the new dawn and it is high time we act like it. We are not interchangeable with anything else and pfui on anyone who makes the mistake of thinking so! Our religion says to hell with the straightjackets of the past that have bound our limbs and with the muzzles that have stilled our tongues. Our religion says to hell with accommodating the present society when instead that society must make its exit from this world! Ours is the creed that must forge the hammer of the future; ours is the creed upon which the hands of the future must move! There can be no such thing as a Creator without enthusiasm, a Creator with a divided will: the path before us is instead clear and without weeds. Our view is unencumbered and the goal is our for the taking provided that we be supermen preaching the word of creativity, provided that we be men and women resolved to be our best—NATURES FINEST—that the world has to offer. So go forth now into the world and do your duty. Win the hearts and minds of your White Race that is presently sadly at war with itself. Persuade, persuade, persuade which is the only tactic of the rational mind. You know you are in the right and now you must make it a mere matter of time before your whole White race does too. And when you do, the glory and victory laurels will be yours.

Reverend Matt Hale
July 39ac (2012)

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Torment of Terry Tremaine

 Former Political Prisoner Terry Tremaine spoke in Toronto yesterday (Sep 9th 2012)
on the heels of his criminal case for spreading "hate" being stayed by Saskatchewan Court.  Mr Tremaine has spent the last 7 years of his life fighting an unjust, unconstitutional, politically motivated attack to successfully rob him of his freedom of speech rights and his livelihood.  Political dissidents in China are not treated to such heavy handed and un democractic tactics!  People convicted of violent crimes are not denied their constitutional rights like Mr Tremaine has! 

 The Canadian Justice system has become more corrupt then red China. The problem is the average Canadian doesnt read about the likes of Mr Tremaine's case and how his and many others constitutional rights have been violated by the Human rights Commission.

 Human rights in Canada sadly does not seem to include those of European descent any longer. The media does its part by ignoring Mr Tremaine's case and the many like him that are happening right here in Canada, instead they report on the mistreatment and "Human rights" violations of those in Communist or 3rd world countries.

 When it comes right down to it, its Mr Tremaine's belief in Darwinism vs the "Human rights" commissions doctrine of equality.

Brother Smith
TCM Toronto
Criminal Case against Terry Tremaine for Spreading "Hate" - STAYED by Sask Court

Hate charge stayed against former university lecturer because of delays

Mr. Tremaine’s website is which Warman and the Canadian Human Rights Commission want taken down in its entirety.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sermon from Solitary... Against violence and for white life Aug 39AC (2012)

Sermon from solitary

     Against violence and for white life
Fellow Creators, Racial Loyalists, and all white people in general, my brothers and sisters. It has happened again: according to news reports, Brother Wade Page, white man, racial loyalist, opponent of white genocide, on august 5th murdered six non-whites near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, losing his own life in the process. It is because we must oppose such violence and horrible waste of lives of our people that feel obliged to speak out against it. However, I will do so in terms not of our foes and of the ignorant but rather in in terms that are just, logical, and within the worldview that we Racial Loyalists share. I will not, in other words, join the chorus of the true haters who in reality know not of that which they speak. Rather, I speak to you as a lover of our white people and in particular of all Racial Loyalists and as someone who wants such violence never to be repeated for our sake. This is the attitude that I have always possessed and always will. In the midst of our sorrow at the recent tragedy, we must never forget who we are, that our cause is just, and that such violence is not part of our Cause at all when our Cause is properly understood. For us Creators in particular, we have to recall that violence is absolutely prohibited by the religion that we hold dear. That in itself should discourage and prevent all true Creators from pursuing such a murderous path. What, though, of everyone else? And what arguments are there in general that I can offer against violence to all of my Racial Loyalist Brothers and Sisters regardless of their religion? It behooves me to say what I must.
Yes, I know, I find myself in the bizarre and downright idiotic predicament that I myself am in prison for supposedly soliciting violence but we all know that that is absolute nonsense and if someone doesn’t know it, let him or her know it now. I committed no crime and I do not want anyone else to commit a crime either, regardless of anything having to do with me. In other words, do not, my Brothers and Sisters, make the error that I am delivering this sermon out of some kind of personal duress because that is not so. I receive no benefit, expect none, nor seek none. What is true is true whether I am in a cell or in a cellar. I do not speak out against murder because of anything having to do with my own unjust imprisonment but rather because I simply do not wish ever again to hear that a White Racial Loyalist has wasted his life by killing mud people and because I believe that such violence is totally counterproductive, hurting out cause and hurting ourselves. I furthermore have condemned such violence all my life and so nothing has changed with what I say today.
I did not know Wade Page. I do not know whether he was good, bad, or indifferent as a person. What I do know, if the media is to be believed in this particular instance, is that he was a white man and loyal to his race and that such life is especially precious. Whether our foes like it or not, we must furthermore have the attitude that murdering non-whites, no matter how many of them, is simply not worth the loss of a single white life. Our foes may hate our belief that not all life is equal all they want but they and we must surely admit that such an attitude on our part will prevent future murder. So let me state it again: murdering non-whites is not worth it! You will either wind up dead yourself too or in a prison cell for life. There are billions of them now and killing them is simply is not worth the loss of a single white man who loves his race and wants to preserve it. There is simply no trade of a white life for non-white lives that could possibly be worthwhile because our lives are worth so much more - - to us. We need our Racial Loyalist brethren to be free and alive in the fight for our Cause, not dead or imprisoned. There are too few of us to expend in such a fashion. We could never win such a battle of attrition when we are outnumbered so badly.
So, I am sad that Brother Page took such a path. He was worth so much more than that and we don’t know why he did. The six non-whites he killed were probably reproduced in as many seconds. Not so for our dwindling White Race and for we few Racial Loyalists in particular. We are a vanishing race and we want it to live, not die.
And look now at how the controlled media is using Brother Page’s actions to attack the Racial Loyalist Cause! They are having a field day. Yes, we know that there are thousands of dedicated Racial Loyalist and that the vast majority commit no violence whatsoever. However, the masses don’t know that and the media is busy hoodwinking them into believing that our Cause is about violence when it isn’t. Nor is the violence a consequence of our beliefs in any respect. Thus we are being slandered left and right and this will necessarily drive people away from us. Why? Because people want order, not chaos. They may be fine with killing non-whites on a far flying battlefields but they sure as hell don’t want it on their own streets and in houses of worship. And don’t forget about the White policeman who was critically wounded just doing his job. Is he not a racial brother too whom we are fighting for, not against? We can never be for any scenario that leads to white people white people either. And to add further insult to injury, I have not seen one Racial Loyalist on teleivision defending our Cause in the wake of the tragedy, not one. Where are you, my brethren? You cannot let the attacks on our character as a movement go unchallenged. Our representatives must instead be on the television circuit thwarting the machinations of those who claim that loving White people is somehow “hate”, that wanting a future for White people is somehow vicious, and that it is somehow “bigotry” to be against the genocide of our own people. We mourn our own dead and let the others mourn for theirs. If you don’t speak up, the slanderous win. Tell the people the truth. Tell them that white people are always the victims, not the perpetrators, of interracial crime as the FBI statistic prove. Tell them that the reason why Brother Page’s crimes made the headlines in the first place is because such is so rare and thankfully so.
As much as we are naturally frustrated by and opposed to the decline of our Race, our actions must always be constructive. Going to a Sikh temple and killing them is not constructive. Such an act is desperation and we should not be desperate. If nothing else, don’t commit murder because it makes it even harder for our Cause to prevail and that’s all there is to it. We must instead win the hearts and minds of our people and that we will never be done by pulling a trigger but rather by educating them and inspiring them to be something better. Public speeches, rallies, and demonstrations. Literature in our peoples hands. Debates with our foes. Self-discipline and the will to improve ourselves in every aspect of our lives. The proper understanding of our Cause rather than the image fostered by the controlled mass media. Confidence in ourselves and that our values are just. Above all, the courage to say, “I’m white, I’m proud of it, and I’m loyal to the best interests of my white race in all things and at all times.” Things can be turned around and they will be turned around if we do all of these things and stay clear of the dark, desperate, and destructive path of murder and mayhem. Millions of our brethren will join our Cause and the days of Racial Loyalists being content with so little in the way of success will be over. This Cause is far from hopeless and you must remember that. In fact, we have hardly yet begun to fight in an effective manner in first place and it is high time we do so.
So, in closing, I tell you to preserve your lives and your freedom so that the White Race may continue to live and regain its freedom one day. Each and every one of you has a part to play in this noble task that would otherwise be thwarted by the path of violence. We are not helpless and there is cause for hope. White Life!

Rev Matt Hale

Aug 39AC (2012)

Link to article on Sikh temple shooting................................

Update (Nov 2012)...................................
MILWAUKEE - The FBI has concluded a white supremacist who killed six people at a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee acted alone.
Teresa Carlson, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Milwaukee office, announced Tuesday the agency has finished its probe into the shooting. The investigation found no evidence shooter Wade Michael Page had help or was carrying out any orders from any white supremacist group.
She says nothing suggests the attack was part of any ongoing threat to the Sikh community.
Page walked into the temple in Oak Creek and shot six people to death before killing himself.