Friday, 26 October 2012

Stay focused, keep it simple by Rev Logsdon Oct 39AC (2012)

Stay focused, keep it simple.

      When one enters the White Racialist cause they seem to take the world on their shoulders. With so much information and so many things gone wrong, we get pulled into so many different directions we never stayed focused on one goal. With so many ideas and programs that we as racialists come up with it is hard to stay grounded with one. But we must. The sole purpose and point of being a Creator is to spread Creativity. To straighten out the white man’s thinking.
We get caught up in theories of “White unity”, programs to try to unite all these different pro white groups and work together for the same goal of fighting for our racial survival. I am here to tell you my brothers and sisters this horse has been beat to death. For over 50 years people have tried this and it has failed! This horse has been beat to the point to where there is nothing left but dust, yet many blindly keep beating their fists into the ground. Trying force relationships where it will never work and focusing too much attention on the unnecessary.
This will bring me to another point, over educating oneself. Yes, I said that and yes that is a real thing. I find many people pump too much information into their system. Over loading themselves and pulling their mind and focus into so many directions it gets frayed. That is why many get burnt out and frustrated. In a time of war it is not the student, nor the philosopher who wins or even fights in the battle. It is the soldier, the person who stays focused on his task at hand who makes accomplishments. Are we going to stay at study while the world crumbles around us?
I could go on and on about this my brethren, making multiple points and pointing out hypocrisies and fallacies within our actions but that would be redundant and pointless as what I am criticizing. But instead I will get straight to the point. Your duty as a Creator is to spread Creativity. Period! To awaken as many NEW people to the truths we have discovered. To bring as many new people into our world. I deal with people every day who come to me with new ideas and as much as I appreciate the innovation don’t try a new idea until the one you started on already failed.
How many times have we seen people join up with TCM and already feel an entitlement of being a commander and talking as we should listen to them when they have never succeeded in the ideas they profess we should implement. When one starts a job he starts at the bottom and works his way up, earning raises and promotions based on their successes as they go. Why is this mentality missing from our people when it comes to the fight for our race? That is a question I have yet discovered the answer for. However to those reading this take that into consideration when entering this field. A true Creator makes his own way, he earns his accolades and honors. Like the soldier I mention before stay focused on your task and your task is to spread Creativity!
Keep it simple. Do not over burden yourself with fancy tricks or schemes to get people to read our literature. Use the most powerful tool you have, pure blunt truth! Let the sheer mass of our creed suffocate and nay Sayers. Map out your areas and strategically hit areas that have potential and avoid those that do not. Keep the message local and with a point that effects people on a personal level. Be available to answer questions if they have them, or if worried about being ostracized in your community. USE ME! That is what the HQ is for. If you have already hit an area once, hit it again with another message. Keep hitting it, changing the message up with something that works until you either hit a nerve or they break down from their fear. And yes that is simple. If you need ideas for different messages ask one of us. TCM staff is more than willing to aid those that are spreading the message.
Stay away from drama. This is very important as this movement is filled with it. It is the job of our enemy and those that seek for us to fail to distract us from our task. I find one of the biggest frustrations that I deal with on a daily basis personally and others do as well is the social dramas and baggage people bring into this cause with them. This has absolutely nothing to do with what true believers are in this for but yet we have all experienced it. This person doesn’t like this person and this person is talking about this person. Let me ask you this: What does that have to do with spreading Creativity? I have been just as guilty in this, letting what people say upset me to the point that I get over emotional and react in times in a detrimental way towards our goal. We must avoid this.
Understand our enemies both internal and external seek to undermine us in every way. By distracting us, turning us against one another and defaming us. This will NEVER stop until we win. It comes with the territory, part of the job unfortunately. All we can do is deal with it as it comes and stay methodically focused on our goals. PME Hale told me he considers no White Racialist his enemy. I wish I could be as noble. But that is why he is the Pontifex and I am the Praetorian. It is my job to remain paranoid and ever watchful for those that seek to under mind us at every pass. I consider all those that seek to under mind us, even at the smallest level my enemy. No matter what “badge” they hide behind a racialist badge, a police badge or a badge of false unity. I put the all in the same category. As is my bane, but I do so, so you my comrades do not. As I have dealt with it for many years, I do not consider myself a martyr for doing it, I just find I can deal with it better than others have.
Anyway that is why I reach out to you my comrades. To tell you to stay focused on the task of spreading Creativity, we always need fresh blood, we always need new people. For without it we remain stale and once again will lose focus. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! This is the Creators never ending task. But a task we have been failing on as of late. Let’s get back to it and together we will win this Racial Holy War.
 Rev James Logsdon MP
 Oct 39AC (2012)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Jew vs Gypsies Ezra Levant investigated by Toronto Police

 Toronto Sun columnist Ezra Levant is reportedly being investigated by Toronto Police.

  Ezra Levant is being investigated because he had an on air "rant that likened Gypsies to swindlers"
This will be a very interesting case to follow. Ezra Levant has been charged by the "Human rights Commission" in the past because he re published the drawing of Muhammad that offended the Muslims to the point of protesting, rioting and even killing around the world. He eventually won the case against him at a cost of around $100,000

   As this is a Police investigation Ezra Lavants Canadian Constitutional rights will have to be respected, at least I hope they will.  I think the Roma group that filed the complaint would have had more luck if they complained to the Human Rights Commission instead of the police as the HRC is not restrained by the Constitution. 

 The reason for my interest in this case is due to the fact that Ezra Levant is Jewish.  Most of the victims of the "Human Rights Commission" are White Racial Loyalists and do not win their cases, they do not get the media coverage or media sympathy that Ezra gets. When Ezra is not charged by the police as I predict, it will be another small victory for free speech.  Will this help the likes of Marc Lemire, Terry Tremaine, Brad Love or the more recent victim of the HRC, Arthur Topham?  They will still not get the media coverage or sympathy, but when more Jews start getting charged with "Hate speech" it probably wont be long until the hate speech laws are abolished. 

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Another Win for Terry Tremaine?

For the second time this year a charge brought against Mr. Tremaine by chronic complainer Richard Warman has been stayed by a Saskatchewan Court. Another win for Mr Tremaine?  Not in my opinion, he lost his job, he lost any hope of earning a living in his line of work due to an unreasonable internet ban, spent years and lots of money fighting these absurd charges. So while yes it is a win so to speak for Mr. Tremaine, considering what he has lost, it would seem to be no more than a halting of the stone throwing. I have spoken to Americans about Mr. Tremaines persecution here in Canada and they are astonished by the lack of free speech rights we have. I have responded that we do in fact have a very similar free speech Constitutional right, at least in writing.          

Fundamental Freedoms        

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
  • (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
  • (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
  • (d) freedom of association.
I tried to explain that we have this " Human Rights Commission" and they can somehow supersede the Constitutional rights of Canadians and impose their own punishment based on their interpretation of what is "hate speech"  I also tried to explain that the truth can not be used as a defence against the Commissions charges of promoting "hate"
 To our American Brothers please note once again that we have almost the same Constitutional rights that you have also once again "at least in writing."  These rights can be taken away from you very quickly if your not vigilante in protecting them, you can use Canada as a prime example of what happens when you let them slip away. 
A win for Mr. Tremaine in my opinion would only come if he were to be awarded a very large sum of money and was issued a public apology by the "Human Rights Commission" and Richard Warman for the severe violations of his Constitutional rights.
For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto
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BREAKING: Charges Stayed against Terry Tremaine for alleged violation of lifetime speech ban issued by "Human Rights" Tribunal

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sermon from Solitary The Quality we need

                                               Sermon from Solitary
                                                The Quality we need

     Fellow Creators and other Racial Loyalists, there seems to be a word missing from our routine vocabulary, a word the we must start hearing, seeing, and living far more often if we are to have a real chance at prevailing in our struggle for the salvation of our people. We hear a lot of talk about “Jews” but that is not the word I am talking about. We hear a lot of talk about “believing” in this or that but I am not talking about that either. Indeed, we could talk about Jews and our beliefs (usually to ourselves, unfortunately) until we are blue in the face but all of the power our foes have arrayed against us would likely continue without much diminishment at all. What word then am I talking about? More importantly, what kind of QUALITY bound up with that word needs to become more prevalent in our great Cause if we are to have a real likelihood of reversing the present state of affairs? The word and quality is EXCELLENCE, my brethren, the idea of not just doing what we do but excelling at it; the idea of not just believing that the genocide of our White Race should be stopped but that we ourselves be EXCELLENT people. Mediocrity will not get us the massive social change that we seek. Merely believing will not get us the massive social change that we seek. Fantasizing will not get us the massive social change that we seek. Rather, we Racial Loyalists must show the white masses whom we seek to win that we are EXCELLENT people, that we are NOT what the controlled media makes us out to be, that we are NOT ignorant, vicious, deranged louts but are instead, cultured, and well-grounded men and women who deserve the respect and indeed admiration of all whom we meet. When the masses see that we are indeed excellent people – and of course see us OFTEN as I have always espoused – doubt will be aroused in them that our Cause could really be as bad as they have been led to believe. And even more importantly, when we strive for excellence in everything we do and as a personal resolve of our character, we will accomplish much more of what we set out to do. Our great Founder Ben Klassen taught that our White Race is the elite of Natures realm, symbolizing that teaching in our crown of our symbol. What I am proposing and espousing here is that we Creators, Racial Loyalists in general, also strive to be the elite WITHIN that elite, that we strive to be EXCELLENT in all things at all time.
Many, or perhaps of all of you, know my own story. Maybe you have seen my speeches on Youtube. Maybe you have read my writings. Maybe you have seen some of my interviews with the news media those years ago before I was physically taken away from you. It is the theme of being committed to excellence that I sought to imbue in everything I said and did. I was not enough for me to just stand in front of people and talk. It was not enough for me just to express my thoughts on a piece of paper. Nor was it enough for me to simply go in front of a camera and a high voltage light. Rather, I was I was devoted to everything I did for our great Cause EXCELLENTLY. If I was going to speak, I was going to MOVE my listeners. If I was going to write, I was going to write WELL and with POWER. And if I was going to spar with our opponents on live television, I was going to DEFEAT them in debate. Not only that but I was going to LOOK excellent. I was, in short, going to be everything that the controlled media said Racial Loyalists were not, that we DO know how to talk, that we DO know how to write, and that we DO know how to get our beliefs across with skill, confidence, articulation, and yes, a little haughtiness to boot! I believe I succeeded in that regard but I was, and am, only one man. How much more successful would we be if all us were committed, and consciously so, to excellence?
There is nothing I did that you could not do too. If I was to show you my first speech on videotape from February 1990, I assure you that you would not be impressed and you would even be less so of my first television debate from that time. No, my brethren, what excellence I possess was not handed to me as a gift; rather, I had to work at it. I had to work, and work hard, over the succeeding weeks, months and years to improve myself. I was just an 18 year old kid nervous beyond belief but I was resolved to break my fear of public speaking and did. And once that fear broke, I could work to be excellent at it. And I STILL work to be excellent elsewhere because we can always improve ourselves and should. Even In this prison cell I try to make myself better. Can you imagine then how much I want you, my Brothers and Sisters, to do the same? It is not enough for us to say that the White Race is superior. We must rather be superior ourselves! It is not enough for us to attack the idea of “equality”. We must rather be QUALITY individuals; living proof “equality” is indeed a myth! Our great Founder told us to “Dare to be great!” and he was not talking about a hope or a wish rather a commitment to excellence as individual members of our race. It is the commitment that should never leave us no matter our age and no matter our circumstances.
Whatever we do we should do to the best of our ability. We should not be satisfied with “just getting by” in anything. When it comes to our Cause specifically, is it not the case that our foes of all of the power? Therefore our only option is to be BETTER than them, to CARE more than them, to strive HARDER than them thus to EXCEL them. Mere belief is not enough; we must, rather, be resolved to win. What I want to see is all Creators, all Racial Loyalists, striving for excellence in everything you do. I want to see an end to mere window dressing and “going thru the motions”. I want to see an end to all mere believing but no acting and acting but little acting well! As you go about your days, be people who are not only worthy of respect but also esteem from everyone, including or foes. Carry yourselves as men and women committed to excellence; let the mere sight of you convey that impression to all.

Rev Matt Hale PME
Sep 39AC (2012)                                                                 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rev Hale needs your support!

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

  After more than five years of pursuing my case for habeas corpus and due to my Father's death, my family has run out of money to pay my Lawyer.  Please send whatever you can spare to the following address :

Mark Hale
po box 2002
east peoria, il

 It is imperative that we make up for the lack of family money with the money of my supporters.  Thank you, my Brethren.

 Your Pontifex, Reverend Matt Hale  The Church