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U.S Department of Justice / Response to letter writting appeal for Rev Hale

" RE Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Request Number 203-06507
HALE, Matthew, Reg. No. 15177-424

Dear Requestor:

This acknowledges our receipt of your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request wherein you requested to be allowed to write Matthew Hale again. Please be advised, the nature of this inquiry is not properly addressed as an FOI/Privacy Act request. The Acts do not require the agency to create documents or answer questions in response to information requests, only to consider responsive existing documents. You will need to direct your request in writing to the warden at the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum, P. O Box 8500, Florence, Colorado 810226-8500.

If you consider my response to be a denial of this request, you may administratively appeal to the Assistant Attorney General, pursuant to title 28 code of Federal Regulations, Section 16.9 or 16.45, by filing a written appeal. Both the appeal letter and face of the envelope should be marked " Freedom of Information Act Appeal," and should be addressed to the office of Information and Policy, U.S. Department of Justice, 1425 New York Avenue, suite 11050, Washington, D.C. 20530-0001. Your appeal must be received by OIP within 60 days from the date of this letter.


Richard W. Schott
Regional Counsel

Monday, 22 April 2013

Revolutionary Leadership....By Ben Klassen


Leadership, like fame, is an elusive and fleeting quantity. Some people have leadership thrust upon them, others train for it and struggle hard to obtain it, others are born to it. In this discourse we are interested how we, the COTC can obtain more and better leaders in our movement. We need thousands of leaders and millions of followers.

Leaders come in different shapes and categories. Some are financial leaders, some are best fitted to be political leaders, some are inspired to be religious leaders, some for organizational leadership. The categories are endless.

At this stage in our Creativity movement we are interested in every category of leadership, but basically we are interested in real revolutionary leadership, because, at this time in history we are In the middle of a major revolution, a complete and drastic revolution of values, a revolution so far reaching that it is undoubtedly the most significant event in 6000 years of civilized history.

Yes, whether we like it or not, we are today engulfed in a major worldwide revolution that constitutes a major turning point in the history of the human race, and the outcome will either be a catastrophe of gigantic proportions or it will usher in a new age of greatness and well-being for the human race. Not only will the future course of the human race be drastically affected, but the global environment as well. It will depend on which side wins. If the evil forces led by the Jews are victorious, future humanity is doomed to tens of thousands of years of slavery, misery and bestiality, a situation from which there is no reversal and from which it can never recover. If, on the other hand, the White Race wins, led by the program and vision of the COTC, a bright and beautiful new world will emerge. It will be a world of grandeur and beauty, a world of continuing advancement, of cultural, economic and genetic well-being. The outcome, my dear White Racial Comrades, depends completely on how hard you struggle to bring about victory.

James MacGregor Burns has written a book on Leadership, one in which he covers a dozen different types of leadership – political, executive, financial, religious and a variety of others. In Chapter 8, he examines Revolutionary Leadership, the topical subject we are herewith involved, because, believe me, what we are involved in this latter part of the twentieth century is no parlor game. We are not playing musical chairs or ordinary politics. The revolution we have been hurled in to is the most cataclysmic in the history of mankind, and the outcome is so final it can never be reversed. Either our future progeny will be part of a hellish mongrelized mass of enslaved zombies, or they will have the great good fortune to be living in a Whiter and Brighter world that will be a wonder to behold.

Here is how Burns describes a revolution. "In its broadest meaning revolution is a complete and pervasive transformation of an entire social system. It means the birth of a radical new ideology; the rise of a movement bent on transforming society on the basis of that ideology; overthrow of the established government; creation of a new political system; reconstruction of the economy, education, communications, law, medicine, and the confirmation and deification of a new leadership.... Rare is the revolutionary leader who helps initiate a revolution, lasts through the whole revolutionary cycle of struggle, victory, and consolidation of power, and directs the process of social transformation."

If we apply the above definition to the Creativity revolution to which we are committed, it fits our every category. We make no bones about it. We are and we intend to implement a radical new ideology and religion:

We intend to build a bright new world that will be exclusively inhabited by Nature’s Finest – the White Race. We intend to completely destroy and exterminate Jewish dominance of our government, of our finances and of our culture. We intend to wipe out the malignant Jew spawned religion of Christianity that has so plagued the mind and soul of the White Race for nearly two thousand years and replace it with a healthy and progressive racial religion structured for the best interests and needs of the White Race and exclusively for the White Race. We plan the creation of a new political system based on the Leadership Principle, not the present much-touted Jewish "democracy"; the reconstruction of the economy; of our educational system in which race and eugenics are paramount. We intend to revolutionize our system of law, medicine (Salubrious Living), communications and our whole ecological system of keeping this planet a cleaner and greener world, a world our future progeny can live in with the utmost of pride, enjoyment and health.

Burns further states that "Of all the stages in a transforming revolution, the birth of the idea or vision that impels the revolution and its adoption by a decisive number of persons are probably the most crucial steps towards the transformation." This is very true. For any revolution, movement or religion to come into being, it first must have a solid and comprehensive creed and program. This we have in Creativity, and do we ever! It is the most fully-structured, the most comprehensively detailed and clearly articulated creed and program any religion or movement has ever been given. It has been detailed to cover every phase and vital need relevant to the survival and well-being of the White Race. It is spelled out in at least twelve books and no stone has been left unturned to clearly state where we stand on every issue vital to our great race. Furthermore, it is based on two of the strongest emotional and motivational movers in history – it is based on race and religion.

There have been any number of revolutions in history gone by, most of them minor, some of major Impact. Burns reviews four major revolutions, their leaders and their impact. We can learn something from each.

1. Among these certainly Martin Luther (1483-1546) ranks high, although like practically every other revolution the impact of his "Reformation" did not bode well for the White Race per se. Nevertheless, the impact of what he did changed the course of history, although not necessarily for the better.

It is interesting to note that Burns gives us a very low rating of Luther’s leadership abilities. He says, "Few leaders would seem so ill suited for revolutionary leadership as Martin Luther, for he acted without party and organization; his strength lay in the collective strength of a following he hardly knew." He points out that Luther for most of his life (he died at age 63) was a poor monk with no political base and an uncertain ecclesiastical one, had no military protection and was in frequent peril for his life and freedom. He was neither a trained philosopher nor a learned theologian. Yet he created a revolution that echoes into our time. Bums notes, however that he had an absolute fanatical conviction that carried almost everything before it, and he had the good fortune of living in an era ripe for ideological change.

2. The French Revolution. In his treatise "A Real Case Against the Jews," Marcus Eli Ravage, himself a Jew, frankly states (p. 288 W.M.B.) "We (the Jews) have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War, but nearly all your wars, not only the Russian but of nearly every other major revolution in your history." Further on (p. 289) he states clearly that not only did they have a major hand in Luther’s Protestant revolution, but "the three principal revolutions in modern times – the French, the American and the Russian." Ravage was boasting, but he was not lying. The French Revolution was a carefully planned and staged Jewish revolution. It was one of those revolutions that devoured its own instigators and they did not live to see the fruits of their labors. Some of these leaders were Goy, some (most) were Jews. A few of the more prominent leaders who were victims of the revolution they had helped to instigate were Reoeillon, Brissot, Danton, Marat and dozens of others, including thousands of lesser caliber.

The real leaders and instigators of the French revolution were the Jacobins, a Jewish organization which later became the forerunner of the Communist Party in Russia. The real objective of the Jacobins was to behead and destroy the French nobility. "Always kill the best first," is the basic Jewish principle. This they did with a vengeance as they guillotined tens of thousands of those of the best in French leadership. The Napoleonic Wars that followed in the next twenty years killed other hundreds of thousands of the best

France had to offer. The French nation has never recovered from this drastic bloodletting instigated by the Jewish Jacobins, starting with the French Revolution.

3 and 4. The Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution. In his book, Burns treats the leadership and these two revolutions in considerable detail. However, I will not take the space, and rather make short shrift of them. Both were Communist revolutions based on Karl Marx’s deceptive Jewish theories. The Russian revolution was aided and abetted in large part by American Jewish Capitalists such as Jacob Schiff of Kuehn, Loeb and Co. He donated 20 million dollars financing and training 3000 Jewish cutthroats under the tutelage of Leon Trotsky in Eastside New York. The Chinese revolution in large part was also aided and abetted by the American government itself when they sent George Marshall (of the Marshall Plan fame) over to China in 1949 to help Mao Tse-tung "negotiate" Chiang Kai-shek out of power and have Mao and his communist band of criminals take over.

There are two parallel features about the Russian and the Chinese revolutions, besides them being instigated by Jewish communism and the American government. One aspect is that Lenin, a prominent leader of the Russian Revolution, lived long enough to reap the fruits of his labors to rule the take-over for a few years, (until he went insane and died in 1924), and Mao on the other hand ruled China for many years. The other common denominator is that In both revolutions the Jews succeeded beyond their wildest dreams their maxim of "kill the best first." in Russia it is estimated that somewhere between 20 and 30 million White Russians were murdered early in the takeover, the same White Russians who had brought civilization and government to Russia some one thousand years earlier. In China it is estimated that at least 60 million of Mao’s enemies were murdered during his bloody regime.

There is one major revolution of modern times that author Burns fails to list among the four mentioned above, and that is Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist revolution. This is rather strange, since it had an impact (at the time) that was equal to any in history. Perhaps because it was not as bloody as the French, the Russian and the Chinese Revolutions that Burns decided to omit it. Secondly, it was the only revolution that was not Jew led and inspired, and in contrast to the bloody revolutions was an extremely constructive revolution for the German people while it lasted. It was of course, as everyone knows, crushed by the worldwide Jewish powers, for to have left it to flourish it would soon have meant the end of Jewish financial and tyrannical governmental powers throughout the rest of the world. Nevertheless it was a major revolution of the first magnitude and one from which we, the White people can learn much. And we have learned much from this heroic breakthrough against Jewish tyranny and treachery. Here are a few of the lessons we must take to heart.

1. Rather than Nationalism as preached and practiced by the Nazis, we must instead unite all the White peoples of the world under one umbrella, as did Hitler with the Germans.

2. Never again must White Men kill White Men, whether it be under the auspices of Nationalism, religion, language or any other divisive pretext. We must recognize our real enemies – the Jews and the mud races, then make common cause with all the White nations of the world and concentrate our political and military firepower against the real enemy.

3. In order to unite the White peoples of the world we must realize our genetic values and dump overboard the Jewish Christian mind boggler that has plagued the White Race for nearly two thousand years and brought it to the edge of suicide.

4. We must also unite the White people of the world under one language, namely Latin, and eliminate the three greatest divisional tools with which the Jews have manipulated us for too long, namely nationality, religion and language differences.

Creativity has the answer. But time is running out on us. We must realize that the most deadly revolution of all time is now upon us and this time "killing the best" means killing or mongrelizing all of the White peoples on this Planet Earth – a goal the Jews are pursuing with a fanatic vengeance. So the commitment we must make is clear and imperative. We must organize the total White Race. We must train our leaders. We must have a prepared plan of action when the showdown comes - and it is coming in this decade.

The need is overwhelming and the choice is clear. Either through cowardliness and negligence we accept the death of Nature’s Finest, or we fight back and take over and inhabit all of Planet Earth. There is no choice in between. So make up your mind my dear White Racial Comrade, and spring into action. Creativity has the whole program laid out for you. Join with us now and save our future progeny from the fiendish hell the Jews have planned for us



Article taken from ...
                                                RACIAL LOYALTY # 81.... 19AC (1992)



Tuesday, 16 April 2013

OI! FEST After Action Report

OI! FEST After Action Report
Racial regards from deep in illegal mex crossing enemy occupied America! I have a quick summary report of Az. Oi! Fest 2013, forgive me if my writing is ascriptive, short, & factual, it has been awhile since I have written anything excepting para legal stuff; So here goes! The fifth annual Oi! Fest has come & gone another year & another success, a magnificent opportunity of pan Aryan networking & laying the ground work for solidarity amongst out White kinsmen, & Creative proselytes from among are people, to show them the plumb & square way. Another subsequent consequence is just having a good time among our people.

It began Friday afternoon when the first of the regulars & newbie diehards started showing up setting up various camp sites, & playing various games such as horse shoes, wrestling & strength games such as the log tossing competition & tug of war. The games were supposed to continue on Saturday but honestly many were already well into their drinking by noon the official start. The bands begun arriving late Friday night, we sat around a huge bonfire & cracked a keg, some sober, some sipping brewskis, telling war stories & talking politics (all the regulars, bands & event organizers know each other well), Liz picked Reverend Logsdon up at the airport he arrived at the property around twelvish or so & joined us at the fire, we had our first of a couple of good convos about life & Creativity! I went to sleep about 2:30 a.m & was awoken at 6:30 a.m by a skin pounding on the front door wanting to come eat breakfast with them, the first thing I noticed was a camp burned all our sitting logs, but I was determined to have a good day!

We set up the log toss at 10 a.m but no one was interested, so we begun the smash a van event, an old beat up van we stripped down for recycle to help pay for Oi! Fest, we had two 10 pound sledgehammers & an ax maul, we had a contest to see who could chop the top completely off , well let me tell you that lasted all day Saturday & into Sunday & the top is still on, they just don't make 'em like that anymore!

The bands started playing at high noon & the big boy party begun! First up was Youngland with their screaming guitar Oi! & white rock & roll, & the pit started up; Youngland is the best opening band they really start things up & started the energy flowing; White Knuckle Driver followed with hard hitting Nazi punk & solid Hatecore that kicked up the energy factor a couple of notches, that is when the pit begun to fill, with skins bouncing off the hall walls White Knuckle Driver had an exceptional finish; & was followed by Empire Falls an East coast Blood & Honor band that played the shit out of the hall (!) during EF play the was full to capacity old school style with shoulders & elbows in one direction, then opposites on bands call, it got a bit rough & blood was spilled but what was awesome was that whenever a skin ate concrete there was five to pick him up before he was trampled a true spirit of brotherly solidarity ( only if our people could keep it in everyday life!! ) in a pit that at times was wild with drunken abandon. And then came the closer Max Resist with their title song Max Resist, they are the greatest closers I have to this day heard, they pulse with raw energy & great music ability, but they are more than that they are a complete show with audience interaction & jokes. Max Resist played for three hours & didn't miss a beat.
At 3:30 a.m the party broke up into fluid groups as everyone drifted off to their respective tents & R.V's.
Oi! Fest was begun as a pan Aryan people's festival in memoir of Ian Stuart & what he accomplished & fought for in the 1970's..... Attendance was not as great as previous years, yet I will call this one a success!

Yours truly in the fourteen words & RaHoWa
Rev. Pro Tempre B.V. Cook



Sunday, 14 April 2013

White Pride March in London Ont. April 2013


  A White Pride March was held in London, Ontario Canada on April 13th 2013 sponsored by the Southern Ontario Skinheads (SOS)  Despite the poor weather conditions a strong showing of 50 Loyalists from across Southern Ontario turned out for the event. Members from SOS,TCM,CAFE,NA and other independent activists unified to display the pride we all have  for our great race. 

 The red ensign and White Pride World Wide flags flew proudly in the strong wind as the march made its way to City Hall with the chant of WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE that rang threw the  streets of downtown London. Several passing cars honked horns and directed Roman salutes at the marchers. There were of course a few detractors such as the rather dishevelled communist who was shouting obscenities a safe distance from the marchers grasp or the "Native" trying to form a sentence using the last 3 brown teeth in his mouth while ironically clutching what appeared to be a half bottle of mouthwash. Most of the Anti's appear to have mental health issues and an unsettling distain for basic hygiene practices, truly the dregs of society.

The after march get together was great for the Brothers and Sisters in attendance to get to know each other, re-acquaint with old friends and exchange ideas.  TCM Toronto would like to thank The Southern Ontario Skinheads for the invite, warm reception and hospitality.

Brother Smith
April 40AC (2013)


White Pride March London 2013... By Paul Fromm

White Pride March in London "A Major Success,"Says Organizer
LONDON. Today's White Pride march "was a major success," proclaimed Max Hynes the organizer. The march brought together members of many Southern Ontario groups from Windsor, Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines and London to celebrate White Pride.
The 50 participants emphasized a positive pride in European culture. "When I say 'White', you say 'Pride'; White Pride Worldwide," the marchers chanted and their strong voices echoed off the office buildings of downtown London as they made their way to City Hall.
Flying the old Red Ensign, the flag of the real Canada, the marchers braved snow flurries that earlier threatened the march and strong bracing winds that snapped at their flags.

   "Other groups are proud of their heritage. So are we," said organizer Max Hynes. "Europe has a glorious heritage and we are proud," he added.
Groups like the Church of the Creator participated.
The White Pride march was endorsed by the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee (CFIRC). CFIRC Director Paul Fromm explained: "The immigration policies of  Canada and the United States mean the ethnic cleansing and replacement by Third Worlders of the European founding/settler people of this continent. We rightly want to save the whales and the Whooping Crane. Aren't Europeans at least as valuable as a Whooping Crane? Present government policy will see Europeans become a minority in Canada by 2050. We are proud of our heritage and we shall prevail. We see our government letting greedy businesses  keep Canadians unemployed and replace Canadians  with temporary foreign workers and immigrants," he added.
PhotoMany motorists honked appreciatively and some pedestrians smiled and gave the marchers the thumbs up.
There was no organized opposition. Several apparent communists seemed to want to  shout, but the sound died in their throats as  they thought better of it and slunk around a corner. From the safety of the other side of very wide Wellington Street, with heavy traffic, a desiccated character staggered and shrilled: "Fuck you. You deserve to die." So much for reasoned debate about the future makeup of Canada.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ongoing Racial Strife in Texas.... By Brother Kyle

As all of us are aware, the nations of the West are on the verge of a Racial Holy War. Many say this war is already in the process of being waged. If this is true, then it appears our race is seemingly losing this conflict in terms of casualties. Along with these dismal figures which stem from the impulsive acts of violence committed against us by our natural enemies, many of our fellow racial comrades have grown increasingly apprehensive due to the current non-White population explosion that is projected to reach its climax around the year 2050. My home state of Texas is one of five minority-majority states in the U.S.
The quotation below is from the text-linked article published by The Texas Tribune, which states:

"More than half of the 2011 Texas population, 55.2 percent, was of a race other than non-Hispanic white, according to demographic data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. That makes Texas one of five "minority-majority" states in the country. The release of new population estimates reveals that trend will continue to spread nationally, as 50.1 percent of babies younger than one in 2011 were a minority race."

It is no secret that the jews are behind the massive wave of third-world immivasion that undermines American national security and threatens to demolish our already unstable economy. Traitorous politicians such as Arizona Senator John McCain (who is nothing more than a cowardly sell-out, a certified kosher shill, a shabez goy -toy, a dreidel of JOG, a jewish plaything, a…. well you get the picture) continue to betray White Americans by promoting "immigration reform". McCain is actively collaborating with his liberal counterparts (the gang of eight) by promoting a (jewish) objective that demands amnesty for the 12-20 million criminal muds who have already entered the country illegally, and calls for a total overhaul of the American southern border policy. McCain and his wimpy sidekick, Lindsey Graham, will stop at nothing to please their jewish masters. And as if the sinister intentions of the puppet politicians weren’t obvious enough, under the pretentious guise of the "apocalyptic" "sequester", ICE, following the direct orders of the Department of Homeland Security, recently released 2,000 illegal immigrants that were facing deportation after being detained by law enforcement for various criminal offenses and immigration violations. DHS has indicated that it plans to release another 3,000 by the end of March. The federal government continues to exhibit a total lack of concern for the immediate safety of White Americans, along with a habitual disregard for the law and Constitution.

While these troubling observations may leave many within the Movement stricken and paralyzed with fear and pessimistic uncertainty, for me, the population statistics conjure a vision of one great historical incident in particular, in which the legendary participants found themselves in a similar situation that bears striking resemblance to the current scenario we face today. The infamous event I am referring to is of course the Texas Revolution. The White Texans were at what many would consider a severe disadvantage in their war against the mestizos to the South. The White settlers were vastly outnumbered by the Mexican forces as specifically showcased in the Battle of the Alamo. But in spite of these overwhelming odds, our courageous ancestors valiantly fought to the death and although they may have lost that particular battle, the sacrifices they made were not in vain. The scene that unfolded at the Alamo served as a motivational rallying cry for the Texas Army, and as we all know, Santa Anna’s band of brown savages were defeated at the battle of San Jacinto, and the territory of Texas then rightfully belonged to the White Man!

But today we are witnessing another all-out offensive on the behalf of the descendants of the vanquished Latinos, to retake Texas (including the states of California, Arizona, and New Mexico, which also share an unprotected "border" with Mexico) by means of invasion. Along with crime, poverty, and disease these filthy invaders bring with them an undeserved sense of entitlement. Instead of making a honest effort to gradually assimilate to the American culture by learning the national language (English), the border hoppers expect us honkys to provide them special accommodation by offering a "para espanol, marque el numero dos" option for every single encounter of daily life that requires communication through language. They take advantage of the free health care provided to
them by JOG (paid for by White tax $), yet they themselves pay absolutely no taxes. And to top it all off, the mestizo invaders harbor fanatic hatred and resentment for the "gringos" they leech off of.

My point is, today we find ourselves in a familiar situation. Like the heroic Texan soldiers who fought and died obtaining independence from Mexico, we too are vastly outnumbered by our enemies. Regardless of the number of muds we may face, the fact remains that we are inherently superior in all aspects of being. There is simply no comparison. Nature has blessed us as her finest creation. No matter how bleak the future may seem, there is no doubt in my mind that we have the potential to achieve the beautiful White society our great founder, Ben Klassen, envisioned. It is not a matter of if we will attain our Whiter and brighter World, it is a matter of when. The arrogant rat faced Jew has convinced himself that the White Race is on life support, on the brink of extinction, but little does he realize that each hostile act of aggression he afflicts against our people brings us one step closer to that cataclysmic event. The Jew has made a crucial miscalculation in his nefarious plan to exterminate the White Race. He has yet to recognize the resilience of the ancient ancestral spirit that dwells deep within our people.


Total White Victory!

Bro. Kyle

April 40AC (2013) 




Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cannon Fodder for the Fray

I have been in this struggle since I was 16-17 years old, I am 33 now. I have seen many things in these years and one of the most devastating things I have seen, is a selfish act of retaliation. With the recent denial of Rev Hale's appeal, I fear the same will happen and I NOT ONLY I Implore, but DIRECTLY ORDER that any who have this thought to NOT act upon it. Let us look at the past selfish acts of violence, without naming any given situation we can see it only leads people away from our cause. And if anyone is interested in our church because of such acts, BEWARE! I and my family have been victimised by ZOG because of such things.
When the Lefkow killings happened (that we had nothing to do with-PROVEN) the counter-terrorism task force used that as an excuse to raid my fathers home. In a very disgruntled way, they abused their power and violated a mans Constitutional Rights. A man who is a highly decorated Vietnam vet who suffers from multiple diseases and has had over 54 surgeries because a chemical they dumped on him while he was serving for the army! Still these men did what they did. Any situation you can name, an individual goes out and commits a random act of violence targeting random people, what does it lead to? A few deaths of non-whites and the death of a racially awakened white. The outcome? Multiple arrests and harassment of innocent people, future legislation's against our First Amendment.

Now I am a far from a pacifist, but I am a realist. I see a growing rise against the tide, I stand fast, as you should my Brethren. Smile in the face of adversity as you see us growing. Do not turn the other cheek and simply use it for ammunition until the day they fear comes! A man alone is nothing without a purpose and a plan, a plan and purpose is nothing without MEN! We need all to do their part to spread our truth to the people.

I have been a number many years of my life and trust me as much as you claim Honor to it, it is flawed. I spent over 5 years behind maximum security walls, including Statesville (which is 99% black) covered in WP tattoos), I have been stabbed multiple times and fought and succeeded in many endeavours within. I am here to tell you that is for not! No one knows nor understands the trails you may face. It is not the path. The path of a Creator is this- it is simple; to spread Creativity! We must reach as many as we can with our message. Simple! Of course being a realist, I understand not all of our kin will adhere to our faith as some need a false sense of something greater than themselves. However, ALL should be touched by our creed in some way. A brother in Seattle said something to me last night that I have heard before and will use it again. If common sense is common why is it so rare? A funny analogy.

Now, in closing my brothers, going back to the title, we need all of you to reach as many as possible not to be a number, a statistic, or the cause of new laws but a pioneer of truth!

Rev Logsdon MP
April 40AC (2013)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

PME Hale update

 My brothers and sisters, our future has once again been sabotaged by ZOG. PME Hale's latest appeal was denied in a very corrupt way. Although I have told many his appeal was going in a very positive direction, the liberal zionist-butt-kissing Judges, saw fit to ignore his Constitutional Rights.

 The Denver court approved his court dates and it was moving forward in a positive way, only to be decimated by the Chicago court.

Rev. Hale went through the Denver court via a change of venue and it was approved the very first attempt through them.

 Then the Chicago federal court interjected, over-rode the Denver court and tried to deny it. In which Rev Hales attorney had to present an oral argument for his defence.

 On march 7Th., present any arguments in his defence (pretty much a gag order) and was only allowed to answer a few his lawyer appeared before the 7th. circuit court only to find out he wasn’t allowed to questions they posed. One of which was about Ricky Birdsong, that had NOTHING to do with the legal case they were presenting. After deliberation, of course they issued a denial of appeal.

Beside this, 3 weeks before this took place, no one had heard from PME Hale. Around the same time as the trial, everyone started getting their letters back saying they were "not approved". This, coming now with the recent decision, are tied together. They did not want Rev. Hale to be able to write to our people and confess the truths of recent actions committed by ZOG. I am sure the ban will not last long as the media has already spoke about it.

Now, what can we do? Firstly, we need to calm our anger. I know many like me feel deep anger. Lashing out will only do more harm than good. There is no message we can send to make ZOG reverse their decision. However, we must keep what Rev. Hale worked so hard for, alive and prospering. Many of us within the TCM are working hard at other angles we can help Rev Hale with to release him.

 If you are willing to help you may send donations to his brother Mark or contact me at 309-830-9485
Do not get discouraged my Brethren for as long as our creed still exists we have not been defeated and the day will come when our holy flag rises above all of this and may we together win this RACIAL HOLY WAR!

MP Logsdon

Monday, 1 April 2013

The Creativity Movement Newsletter..... April 40AC (2013)

 Read in this months issue................................

PME Hale update
By MP Logsdon

Cannon Fodder for the Fray
By MP Logsdon

OI! FEST After Action Report

 By  Rev. Pro Tempre B.V. Cook

Ongoing Racial Strife in Texas
By Brother Kyle

Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.



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