Tuesday, 2 April 2013

PME Hale update

 My brothers and sisters, our future has once again been sabotaged by ZOG. PME Hale's latest appeal was denied in a very corrupt way. Although I have told many his appeal was going in a very positive direction, the liberal zionist-butt-kissing Judges, saw fit to ignore his Constitutional Rights.

 The Denver court approved his court dates and it was moving forward in a positive way, only to be decimated by the Chicago court.

Rev. Hale went through the Denver court via a change of venue and it was approved the very first attempt through them.

 Then the Chicago federal court interjected, over-rode the Denver court and tried to deny it. In which Rev Hales attorney had to present an oral argument for his defence.

 On march 7Th., present any arguments in his defence (pretty much a gag order) and was only allowed to answer a few his lawyer appeared before the 7th. circuit court only to find out he wasn’t allowed to questions they posed. One of which was about Ricky Birdsong, that had NOTHING to do with the legal case they were presenting. After deliberation, of course they issued a denial of appeal.

Beside this, 3 weeks before this took place, no one had heard from PME Hale. Around the same time as the trial, everyone started getting their letters back saying they were "not approved". This, coming now with the recent decision, are tied together. They did not want Rev. Hale to be able to write to our people and confess the truths of recent actions committed by ZOG. I am sure the ban will not last long as the media has already spoke about it.

Now, what can we do? Firstly, we need to calm our anger. I know many like me feel deep anger. Lashing out will only do more harm than good. There is no message we can send to make ZOG reverse their decision. However, we must keep what Rev. Hale worked so hard for, alive and prospering. Many of us within the TCM are working hard at other angles we can help Rev Hale with to release him.

 If you are willing to help you may send donations to his brother Mark or contact me at 309-830-9485
Do not get discouraged my Brethren for as long as our creed still exists we have not been defeated and the day will come when our holy flag rises above all of this and may we together win this RACIAL HOLY WAR!

MP Logsdon

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