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Hale offers to take a lie detector test, claims cover-up by the courts

Reverend Matt Hale, former charismatic leader of the World Church of the Creator, the fastest growing racist group in America, now commonly referred to as The Creativity Movement, is requesting the assistance from the news media in his ongoing campaign to demonstrate his innocence to the public of having solicited the murder of a federal judge, Joan Lefkow in 2002.

 Hale has offered to take a lie detector test at the earliest opportunity, with the results published in full for all to see and hear. He is currently serving a vastly disproportionate 40 year sentence in federal prison for crimes he has proven in his pleadings, he did not commit. However, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago just turned down his petition for the rehearing in his case on May 8th and his next stop is the Supreme Court.

  From his prison cell in solitary confinement at the " Alcatraz of the Rockies" prison at Florence, Colorado, the infamous " Supermax," Rev. Hale had this to say today:

     " I am ready to take a lie detector test, successfully brought about by any reputable media organization, at the earliest opportunity. I will field any and all questions. Ask me point blank, did I try to get Tony Evola to murder Judge Lefkow? The test will vividly show that the answer is a resounding, " no." This will be one of the biggest stories coming out of a prison, ever. Not only am I not " disgraced," as the Chicago Tribune once put it, but the disgrace belongs to the hideously corrupt legal system that refuses to release those that it knows to be innocent. The problem is not that the federal government thinks I am guilty but rather that it knows that I am innocent. If it gets out that I am in fact innocent, the government stands to look bad and this is why the courts have refused to acknowledge my innocence, have ignored the facts and the law, and have upheld my convictions that they know are phony. The last thing the federal government wants is for the public to realize that it regularly targets and victimizes innocent people and so it pretends that we are guilty regardless of the truth. Americans now live in a police state far worse than anything out of " Nazi Germany."

 To set up an interview with Rev. Matt Hale, call " Supermax" at (719) 784-9464.

 For further information, contact Evelyn Hutcheson.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

An Honest Assessment of Popular Christian Concepts ......By Brother Kyle


From my perspective, there are two sects of Christians, the mainstream Israel-first Christian Zionist crowd, and the racially-aware CI crowd. While the racially-aware Christians appear to be a step up from the diluted herd of mindless Christian Zionists, the CI ilk still has a skewed pattern of thought. The problem is that they put their Jewish spook higher than racial loyalty on their totem pole of priorities.

 It is beyond me how they could be so gullible as to fall for the mythical fables espoused in their book of fairy tales. Now, I have heard some Christians exclaim that the wild stories recorded in the bible were not originally intended to be taken literally, that they are for philosophical purposes only. Well if that is the case, I suppose I, along with the majority of most individuals, somehow overlooked the forward written by Gawd at the beginning of the Bible affirming such intents. And seeing as his "philosophical" teaching have been drastically taken out of context by a major portion of his followers, maybe Gawd should have put forth a more concerted effort to ensure that there was no room for any accidental misinterpretation of his biblical anecdotes.

 Even if the loony fables were intended only for philosophical implications, what exactly can we take from these teachings? Regardless of the validity of such biblical fairy tales, the fact remains that the Christian philosophy is a suicidal one, one that contradicts all aspects of the eternal laws laid forth by Nature.

On the topic of Christian Identity, I'm about as inclined to believe the boot-lip groids claiming they are the true (black) Hebrew Israelites as I am to believe that Aryans were the true Israelites. Both groups base their claims on their own wishful interpretations of the Jew-manufactured scriptures. I, just as Klassen, cannot understand why anyone would wish ancestral connection to this incestuous tribe of pimps, thieves, and liars to begin with.

 Nevertheless, these same Xstains like to claim the Jews have perverted their religion. If that is true, why the hell would Yahweh allow the Jews to corrupt his word that was originally intended for Whites? Just like the unanswered question concerning the creation of Satan, why the hell would the almighty spook even create the Jews, or any of the mud races to begin with? Why do these "Christian Patriots" even give a damn about the survival and well-being of the White Race when this is obviously a worldly affair, which is brief and insignificant, in comparison to their next guaranteed eternal life in heaven (only granted if they are a good submissive Christian pacifists and abide by the strict, precise demands of their Jewish master)? Truth is, their religion has proven itself a highly instrumental tool that has been utilized by the Jews to instigate and further the destruction of our race.

 How do they respond when confronted with this honest observation? Why, by calling us Christ-bashing atheists, and by proclaiming that the Jewish communists were atheists, so naturally that must accordingly mean that we are Christ-bashing Jewish atheistic commies. Jewsus-Christ-dewitz, give me a break. See, by making this asinine assertion they are attempting to divert the attention and topic of conversation away from the fact that they are unable to conjure an intelligent rebuttal in response to the original questions.

 In regards to the "atheist" misnomer which is maliciously hurled at us by these Christian zealots, I would suggest that they read our founder’s article, "We are not atheists, we are Creators!" published in Racial Loyalty Issue 4 (See Expanding Creativity , a compilation of issues # 1-12.) along with Rev. Hales excellent editorial piece A Short Response to ''A Critique of Creativity''

 I would also highly recommend that our critics also read the entire collection of Church Holy Books (found online here. Also available for purchase here at the Creator Storefront).

 The communist accusations might hold relevant if we were advocating the Judeo-Marxist principles of multiculturalism, egalitarianism, and blatant White hatred, but obviously this is not the case, since we fully reject these hostile ideologies. When it comes down to it, the need to believe in an all-powerful, almighty gawd that dictates and controls every situational aspect of an individual’s life is a sure fire sign of personal weakness on the behalf of said individual. Sure, there have been a few historical events, such as the crusades (a common subject brought up by those who seek to defend x-insanity), may have had some minor religious implications partially related to Christianity, but I can assure you that the victorious outcomes enjoyed by our ancestors in these historical events were the result of their healthy racial instincts and were accomplished in spite of their suicidal religion, not because of it.

 These natural instincts could not be suppressed, but had our White ancestors followed the literal teachings of Christ, and turned the other cheek to the hordes of invading Muslim Orcs, Europe would have today be known as "Euro-Abia". There is no doubt, had our White ancestors possessed the dynamic religious gift of Creativity, the world would be a completely different place, but unfortunately our race can be found in its pitiful current condition largely due to its collective spiritual acceptance of a foreign Semitic religion as its own. This alien religion has been the primary cause behind the disastrous, unnatural phenomenon of White racial altruism. Our people must be cleansed and purified of this cancerous mental disease, and reintroduced to the realm of reality. And Creativity is the religious mediator we must utilize to accomplish this significant feat.

On an off topic side-note, I feel it necessary to reiterate the official policy of The Church which clearly states:

 "THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT is a Professional, Non-Violent, Progressive Pro-White Religion. We promote White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination, and White Liberation via 100% legal activism. We do not promote, tolerate, nor incite illegal activity"

 I, as a law-abiding citizen and member of TCM, adhere to the policy established in the above statement, and take it very seriously. Any previous references to violence made by me in any of my previous articles are merely observational statements, and are not, in any way, an attempt on my behalf to incite or encourage violent, illegal acts or actions. Should I say something to the effect that many White Americans are beginning to awaken from their slumber and have come to the realization that a drastic armed uprising may be necessary in order to protect and retain their constitutional rights and individual liberties from the tyrannical, oppressive Jewish Occupied Government, as reported in the recent article 

"Nearly 30% of Americans advocate for an armed rebellion", this does not mean that I am personally encouraging any TCM members
or anyone for that matter, to go out and commit illegal acts against the U.S. government or any of its citizens. On the contrary, I discourage and condemn any and all forms of illegal activities which, as stated by other Church members on numerous occasions, only prove detrimental to our cause and give the controlled media outlets more ammunition that will be used against us with the underlying intent being to discredit the motives and legal credibility of our Church.

 As I said, I am simply making an observational statement, which is no different than those made and reported by the various news agencies. I apologize if anyone has mistakenly misinterpreted any past article exerts, for deliberate insinuations of illegal activities. I will say it again, one last time, we, myself included, do not advocate, nor condone any illegal activities. Thank you.

Total White Victory!

Brother Kyle




Sunday, 16 June 2013

Interview with Michelle Erstikaitis-Lisson

 Michelle can you give our readers a summary as to why you are infamous?

I am infamous for several different reasons, such as my checkered past, notorious people that I have been associated and affiliated with, as well as my seemingly incongruous work in politics.

 In the past two years I have received press for reasons other than my troubled past, including my work in the last Federal election for the Progressive Conservatives, which was mentioned in Maclean's magazine.

 Most recently I had an interview with Toronto Sun reporter Michele Mandele about my deceased friend Ashley Smith.

 Ashley committed suicide at nineteen years of age in Grand Valley Prison for women while Correctional Officers stood at her door watching and filming her in October 2007. Not only was Ashley Smith my friend, but I was there on the day that she died, in the cell next door to her. I was the last person she ever spoke to.

The Anti-Racist Canada blog recently posted a piece about you, once again bringing up your past, they have not moved on, have you?

Yes I have certainly moved on from my past, as the media writing about my political involvement proves. The ARC tirelessly reference my past as a way to keep from legitimizing me politically, because they know that they have reason to fear me.

The repeated Paul Bernardo mentions are antiquated, because as a Goth teenager in the 90s I was fascinated by horror movies and serial killers and I started writing to Bernardo because I thought it would be cool to write to a serial killer. Then one day my friends and I foolishly thought it would be amusing to place a prank phone call to the mother of one of Bernardo's victims and I was charged. We also pranked Bernardo's mother, but were not charged. The reason the ARC mentions of Bernardo are antiquated is because the 90s were a very long time ago- most people in the WN movement were just small children back then.

 Of course, unfortunately an acquaintance of mine who is also fascinated with serial killer culture was recently charged in the homosexually motivated murder of a Chinese man. Naturally I am referring to Luka Magnotta, and I wish it to be known that I do NOT support Luka at all, I am disgusted by his homosexuality and his crime.

 The ARC had access to my private Facebook profile recently and discovered a link between myself and Luka, which surprised them because they had recently written about Luka because of his StormFront posts. When they wrote about him, they mentioned that he reminded them of me... but what they don't know is that Luka was on StormFront BECAUSE of me, trying to get my attention. He use to pursue me online and ask me out, and I had posted on StormFront a couple of years ago as Snowhitevil .

 Of course he is NOT a White Nationalist, but he knows that I am,so that is how a freak like him came to invade our political world. Because Luka has made the news recently, my connection to him has given the ARC fodder to once again reference my past.

Once again referring to the ARC blog post about you, they imply that you are not a racial loyalist or politically aware or active, care to respond?

 My response is to laugh uproariously, because the notion that I am not politically aware or active is outrageous. My political involvement is well known and documented in the media. There are public photos of me working on the Progressive Conservative Federal election campaign in 2011, and the ARC chooses to ignore this because it clearly makes them nervous that a woman who has been involved in Federal politics actually supports White Nationalism.

 Do you subscribe to any white based religion such as Creativity or Odinism?

Historically I have been heavily into Occultism and Wicca, although my practice has diminished over the last year. However, I do believe in God and I agree with certain tenets of the Baptist faith, particularly their rigid position against homosexuality. I have only just learned recently of Creativity, and so far I certainly find it to be compelling and insightful.

  What role do you see yourself playing in the WN movement?

 I believe that because of my fairly ample experience working in all three levels of government politics (I.E. municipal, provincial and federal as well as the political science degree that I am currently working on at a Toronto University, I will be invaluable in assisting the men in the movement who have political ambitions on a lofty scale. Paul Fromm is planning to run in another election fairly soon and I will be providing assistance to him.

 Another role that I would like to assume is as a friend to any of the distressed youth in the WN movement. I would like it to be known that my phone number is available to anyone who needs to talk, if they just want someone to listen or if they need advice. Nothing shocks me, I have been there and done that.

We have a lot of Goth teenagers in the movement, and it was not so long ago that I was a suicidal Goth myself: I've still got the scars to prove it. As a service to the memory of my deceased friend Ashley Smith, I am available at ALL HOURS to anyone in the movement who needs to talk: to obtain my phone number, please telephone Paul Fromm at 905-566-4455 and ask him for it.
Is there anything else you would like to say? 
Just one more thing. All of the WN drama and infighting needs to stop, NOW. We are all in this movement for a common purpose, and if we do not stand together as brothers and sisters should, we will never become organized. If we do not become organized, we will get nowhere, and we will accomplish nothing.

Those in the movement who are not willing to respect and protect their brothers and sisters should leave the movement right now, because they are not our friends and they are dragging us down. Just remember: he or she who is against her own brother is not to be trusted, and is not a person you should want fighting beside you in battle. Even if you do not personally contribute to infighting, you can help stop it by telling your friends that you don't want to hear the drama, that we are all brothers and sisters.


White Pride World Wide
 Michelle Erstikaitis-Lisson 
 June 2013



Former Paul Bernardo fan charged in US Consulate attack...Toronto Sun

Bernardo fan accused in US Consulate attack holds Quran in Court..Toronto Sun


Friday, 14 June 2013

Rev. James Logsdon Doesn’t Know Art, but He Knows He Likes Racist Art.... By Julian Morgans

If you’re a big racist, this is your kind of art. I found these paintings on the homepage of the Creativity Movement, a self-professed religion promoting “White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination and White Liberation via 100 percent legal activism.” And yes, it’s all wrong, but something about the paintings stuck with me. They’re the kind of awkward renderings Napoleon Dynamite might come up with if he was into military chicks and Nazism, which is a combo you just don’t see enough of. I tried to interview the artist, a guy named Ron McMann, but he wouldn’t speak to me. Luckily, the leader of the Creativity Movement—one Reverend James Logsdon—did agree to talk, so I called him at his home in Bloomington, Illinois. We were meant to discuss art, but we ended up in a conversation about life. From a very, very racist perspective.

VICE: Hi James. So when I write the article I’ll probably refer to you as a racist. Is that OK?

Reverend James Logsdon:
Oh yeah, that’s fine. Racist is not a negative word. Over the last 30-40 years it’s become a bad word but there was a time in America and Australia too, when being racist was normal. It’s just these liberals that say society was horrible back then. Was it? You look at the 1950s, was society really that bad? So now the term, racist, no, I use that word with pride.

OK, let’s talk art. I’ve noticed all this blond hair, clean, Nordic landscapes – it all seems to scream purity. Can you tell me why?

 Well, we’ve adopted the whole Aryan thing from Nazi philosophy. You know the blonde hair and blue eyes are all supposed to be the most pure aspects of the white race but that’s just genetics. People can have blond hair and blue eyes and not be of that purist European genealogy. Likewise, white people can also have brown or red hair so the idea that people have to be blond to be pure, I don’t support that. I would personally rather show pictures of white families as a symbol of pure genealogy. The symbolism of purity in terms of blood line is important to us but not the specifics. I personally don’t support the Nazi stuff at all.

And what’s with all the hot girls?

Women are the future of any race; of any people. Also we’re looking to inspire people and there’s nothing more that inspires a man than a woman. That’s just in general, for any heterosexual man anyway.

What percentage of pro-white movement are women?

 I’d say 10 – 15 percent. Very few women become involved as activists and the problem is that we’ve got a lot of aggressive men who can be intimidating. You know, skinheads and fights – they’re not very appealing images to women.

Are you aggressive?

 Well, five and a half years in a maximum security prison here in Illinois, yeah, I would say I’m an aggressive person. I’m also a former closed fist boxer so I’ve been a fighter all my life. As I’ve become more of a family man though, I’ve began to settle down.

So you’re a family man?

 Yep. Married with four kids. So I’m pretty much what you might say is normal but unfortunately in this movement, and I’ll be blunt honest with you, 80 to 90% of the people involved are social outcasts. They were people who were never accepted and they find the pro-white movement easily accepting. That then encourages the negative stereotype that we have in the movement. That’s a stigma that me and a few others are trying to fix.

Can I ask why you’re so angry?

 Well, I was raised by a Vietnam veteran and he was very disgruntled with Asians. This meant I was raised in an aggressive and, what you might say, racist household. Then I had to go to an all black school and I was the minority so I had to put my back against the wall. Being angry was always just going to happen.

Were you friends with any of the black students at school?

 Oh I wouldn’t say friends but acquaintances, yeah. I wouldn’t use the word “friend” loosely anyway. I think if you have one or two friends, true friends, in your whole life then you’re lucky.

Alright, let’s go back to the art. What’s good art and what’s bad art?

 I think good art is technical ability. I’ve seen a lot of art out there that is just complete garbage. It gets promoted by some of these art enthusiasts because of its message and I’m looking at it and you just see a bunch of paint blobs. Here’s another aspect of art – I’m covered in tattoos and I consider a lot of tattoo artists to be amazing, especially if they can do a free-hand.

Do you look like Edward Norton in American History X?

 No, he’s got more tattoos than me. I’ve only got 19 and a lot of those are actually complete shit. I’ve got this 18 inch Celtic knight blending into a tribal art piece on my stomach and chest and it’s just completely horrible. It’s just a big black blob that’ll cost me $10,000 to remove.

I’ve seen a photo of it. It’s the one with the swastika and it looks pretty permanent. This makes me ask, have you ever wondered if you’re wrong?

 You know, the only time I’ve wondered if I’m wrong, is when I’ve ran for my own people and they’ve given me nothing but negativity. It’s not that I feel then that I’m wrong in my mission, it’s that I’m wasting my time. Every time I’ve gone to a rally over the years, over 95% of the people who’ve showed up to protest are my own people. They just don’t even want to be saved. This makes me think it’s fruitless.

Does this make you feel alone?

 Oh completely. Completely. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it. The important thing is that when I lay my head down at night I know I’m doing the right thing.

So if you’re doing the right things, have your beliefs and actions made your life better?

 Absolutely not. A few years ago I was building houses and I had 19 guys working for me and I was making $70,000 a year. Now, I can’t get a job pumping gas. Now the first thing any employer does is Google my name and believe me, no employer wants to be tied to someone with my history. So actually, it’s completely destroyed my life but in the long run I know it’ll be worth it.

Worth it how?

 Believe me, things are going to get very, very ugly. You just look at the common decline of society; you’d have to be blind to say that doesn’t exist. And whatever the effects in my life, I just have to look beyond that. I have to put myself aside so that we can all have a better future.

By Julian Morgans
Follow Julian on Twitter: @MorgansJulian

James Logsdon · FYI a few clarifications here. The artists name is Ron McVan not McMann. I am not sure if he even did that art work or not. When speaking with Mr. Morgan I sensed a liberal leaning so this article was not a shock. These questions was not poised in this way and I do not recall ever being asked if I "looked like the guy from American history x". Plus I was a former Golden gloves boxer not "closed fist" boxer. For the most part all the rest I stand by. All though others will have their opinions, I find the most ironic thing is those that preach peace, tolerance and "unity" are the ones that are the most intolerant and spiteful towards those that don't believe the way they do. Food for thought!


Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Roles of a Woman in our cause....By Sister Andrea

When deciding on this challenge my first thoughts were "how am I going to do this and not upset anyone?"
I would like to try and break down the "typical" racially aware woman so that people can understand the role of a woman within the movement. Everything that we do and will ever do, if done with pure love and commitment will come full circle in the end.

The first and foremost thing we have to worry about in the movement is that we are indeed racially aware. Women have long been accused of thinking with our hearts and not our heads. She must be well educated and understand the consequences of her actions. She must understand that this is not a game nor is it for the faint of heart. It is not about being "cool" or "fitting in". It is about securing the existence of our race and a future for white children. In that there is no room for those who would be "glamour white nationalists". She needs to go about her business when it comes to knowing her limits and her goals for herself and her family. A woman has many roles that stem from being racially aware. The first 3 being loyalty to her children, her partner, the cause and all that goes with them.

Children after all are what drives us to be better people in the future. Not all of us have children of our own but I think that all of us take pride in our Aryan children, be they our own or not. They are after all why we are joined in the sisterhood of the cause. As women our job is to educate and protect our children. We must educate them so that they will be proud of who they are and know what enemies they will face. They need to be nurtured, loved and have a healthy family life. Whether it is a single parent home or a two parent home, they need to know that they are the most important people in our lives and our fight. Raising children is a great way to be active in the movement. After all without our mothers where would any of us be? Even those of us that were not brought up racially aware we owe our mothers respect and admiration for the hard work they did to raise us. This is only one of the places that a woman has in the movement. This job requires active participation and a total commitment.

Next we look at being a partner. This job is sometimes more trying than raising the children. Having a healthy relationship takes time and effort. We have to support our partner in his decisions. Specifically in public, whether you believe he is right or wrong in his choices. It takes patience and understanding when you know he is wrong but to humiliate him in front of others will only lead to problems at home. You must be respectful when you are in private and that you let him know that you disagree with him. Let him know why you disagree and that you can see his side of the story but to make sure that he can also see yours. It does take a great deal of love and effort to have a lasting relationship. The reward is however that he will be a stronger person knowing that we love, support and respect him. Sometimes it can be very trying to let our feelings and opinions be heard without seeming as though we are "wearing the pants" but also do not allow ourselves to be walked on.

Last but certainly not least we have the cause. A woman’s role in the cause can be one of many different things but eventually it leads to the same thing. As women we need to take an active part in the movement but must also know our limitations of what we can bring the cause and what we cannot and that takes a strong person indeed. While some women may choose to take a less active role, it does not demean them as being part of the cause. Every "job" within the movement has a purpose. Every job is important when we are committed to making our future and that of our race better. There are many strong women who bring new ideas and thoughts with them. There are those who feel that bringing children up with racial values is the part they were given. While others still bring awareness and teach the younger generations of women that they are indeed a necessary part of the movement all on their own. That we need not stand in another’s shadow to be seen or heard but that we are important all on our own. This job requires no less than any other as far as active participation and total commitment does.

So can I completely answer the question of what is a woman’s place in the movement? No, I cannot. You see for a woman to be a part of the movement requires that we not only manage every aspect of our lives separately but that we can manage to pull them all together as one. We have to be a mother, a partner and a warrior all in one! We have to be our own person while catering to those who depend on us for love and support. A woman’s job is never done and rarely earns us a thank you.

It does however earn us complete respect spoken or unspoken. A woman’s place, to be simply put, is to be the foundation and the cornerstone of our families and if we can do that, everything else will fall into place.

Sister Andrea
TCM Australia

Monday, 10 June 2013

The Creativity Movement Newsletter.......... June 40 AC (2013)

Read in this months issue..................................................................

TCM National Gathering after action Report
 By Rev Martin

An Honest Assessment of Popular Christian Concepts
 By Bro Kyle

The Reality in Numbers
 By Rev Skuli Jakobsson

White Pride March London Ont.
 By Brother Smith

The Roles of a Women in our cause
 By Sister Andrea

False Ideas decimated by the Jews Part one
 By Fra Matthew Willson

Honesty without Compromise
 By Rev Logsdon

The Psychology of Mans possible Evolution Part Two



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Interview with TCM Great Britan

For years the BNP was a very influential Nationalist party, and it was also a party, together with the NF that many pro-white, NS people supported. After certain events, the BNP lost a lot of  support among such people. What can you tell us about the current situation with the BNP, and do you support their ideas? 

 I think the BNP is a pale imitation of the radical party it once was under the stalwart leadership of John Tyndall. Many of us [including me] left the BNP in 1993 after the Millwall by-election, as the BNP wanted to make itself look more 'respectable' and wanted to rid itself of its 'Nazi' image in the eyes of the public and so association with C18 was no longer tolerated. In my opinion, you will be labelled as a 'Nazi' for being pro-white in any form, so trying to look more respectable to the public is futile anyway[laughs]. I consider all political ideas to be folly, religion is the way forward. 

 Considering you are far from new to the pro-white scene, could you tell us something about your own experiences and how you witnessed the evolution of white nationalism in Great Britain during past few decades? Can you even compare the late eighties/early nineties scene with today? 

 Yes I'm far from new, in fact I'm damn old (laughs). In the eighties and nineties there was a lot more 'street activity', social events in pubs etc. I personally evolved from Nationalist supporter in the late seventies and early eighties, to National Socialist and then hardline National Socialist in the early nineties. I think there was a lot more secrecy and discipline in the pro-white scene in the nineties, in C18 the discipline was very strict indeed. The National Socialist Alliance was the greatest attempt at white unity ever, but it also proved that unity is not possible in the political arena, as there was so much arguing about ideologies, money and power. Today we have the internet, so the production of literature has become of a higher quality. Also communication via email and text messages makes life easier but of course is subject to much monitoring. Another communication tool although I don't use them are social networking sites, they are very heavily monitored. Secrecy and self-discipline are two things that the nineties scene instilled in me, respect for others is another. 

 I know that you were quite familiar with pro-white music scene in UK back in the days when UK had probably the strongest pro-white music scene in the world. A lot of things have changed, we don't see many new bands coming from there, is there certain stagnation regarding whole music scene, and particularly skinhead movement?

 I have not attended a pro-white gig since 1996,and that one was marred by drunken violence. Then in 1997 came the C18 feud and the music scene came under the control of one faction, obviously the other faction had no dealings with the music scene in any shape or form after that and it had dwindled to this day when only a handful of people attend. Hatred between the factions is still present today, and Great Britain's movement as a whole has been split, probably permanently. I would say the Skinhead movement has given way more to the 'Casual movement', wearing designer clothes that blend in more with the general population, although the police believe there are certain brands of clothing generally associated with 'pro-white groups' and 'football hooligans'. 

 The UK has huge problems with immigrants, especially non-white ones. We see some Islamic clerics even protesting at rallies, demanding sharia laws to be implemented in Britain, something that is still unimaginable to think of in our country. Some people outside of the UK (crazy people that is) think that in a way Brits deserved all these problems since they let all those immigrants come in. How do you respond to such wild claims? I highly doubt British people wanted those bastards to immigrate to your country, but still, what to do say about that? 

 It is well known that I advocate white immigration, except from countries that have Muslim populations I.E Albania. It is true that all the riff-raff of Europe and beyond make a bee-line for these shores to abuse our ridiculous benefits system. We have enough scum of our own as it is, children are bred in order to obtain benefits in many cases over here. I have worked since I left school, that is fairly unusual now.
  As Britain had an Empire, many other countries believe this mass immigration is what we deserve for 'exploiting' other countries. Well, the inhabitants of those countries did not have the intelligence to use the minerals and raw materials that nature gave them, so white man used them for himself. That is the way of nature.

Has it become harder to be active as a pro-white person in UK, since there are many new ''anti-racist'' regulations there in recent years? We all remember the Emma West incident two years ago.

  Pro-white activists have to be very guarded what they post on the internet, we had a person on our forum not long ago that had been imprisoned for posting his sentiments! An element of self-discipline is needed because who wants to be jailed for something so trivial? I thoroughly recommend our people stay off the internet if they have been drinking! We have flat out reached the point over here where it is illegal to discriminate against anything, almost like a police state.

Certain false flag organizations have emerged in the past few years, such as the EDL, an organization that is strongly against Islam and supposedly Nationalist, but at the same time is pro-Zionist and anti-racist. Oddly enough the EDL got a fair amount of support few years ago. How is that possible, are ordinary Nationalist people too blind to see their true agenda?

   I think the EDL is a state set up, designed to attract people that like street confrontations, and any rather politically uneducated Nationalists that would otherwise probably be involved with the BNP. In a way the EDL are an irritation to Muslims over here, but nothing else. I believe that if the EDL get enough of a hostile reaction, it will enable J.O.G to outright ban any and all forms of demonstration or gathering in this country.

 What made you become a Creator? What was so inspiring in our books that you decided to stop searching and dedicate yourself to Creativity?

During my time with the BNP, Ben Klassens books were widely available, and I first read the 'White man's bible'. I found it to be a great book and many elements, especially Salubrious Living stayed with me. I was also impressed with the deliberate use of humour and sense of optimism in the book. There were branches of the Church in England at the time, but they were brought down by an infiltrator by the false name of Tim Hepple so it fizzled out here. About the same time C18 and the National socialist alliance were being formed, and when those fell into problems and the movement split, I decided that political ideas would be abandoned by me, and I studied Creator books for a long while, stopped smoking and drinking, began getting myself in good physical condition, and eventually when I obtained access to the internet, I contacted TCM , and here I stay.

 England is a protestant country, it is not under such influence from Vatican like catholic countries are, but really, do you see any difference, are people less fanatic about Judeo-Christianity?

Most people, the white people anyway are non-religious. People like to use the church for hypocritical purposes, weddings, funerals but never go there otherwise. There is very little Judeo-Christian fanaticism, so there is a religious void that I hope Creativity will fill! There is a great danger of us becoming a Muslim country, with groups like the EDL protesting against mosques, I can imagine that J.O.G. will use this to further protect Muslim interests in this country. The dumb bunnies and moron left wing are helping to make this country into a Muslim state.

What is in your opinion the key to success in attracting new people to Creativity? Especially when we are speaking of western Europe.

I think it is vitally important to show a positive and cheerful outlook, I know I have been moaning this whole interview, but stating the facts has to be done! Most people find it hard to understand that a religion without spooks or spirits could exist, let alone one for white people. A religion that truly is worldwide, with a realistic world view. Anyone that signs up to our forum must surely be impressed by the level of intelligence on there? I know I am. In Europe we must do everything we can to be welcoming and active within the constraints of the law. I would like to thank my Brothers and Sisters for inviting me to do this interview, and for asking such interesting questions.


Brother Andy
June 40 AC (2013) 

Interview by TCM Europe
Originally published in IMPERIUM
The Creativity Movement online Magazine