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Interview with TCM Great Britan

For years the BNP was a very influential Nationalist party, and it was also a party, together with the NF that many pro-white, NS people supported. After certain events, the BNP lost a lot of  support among such people. What can you tell us about the current situation with the BNP, and do you support their ideas? 

 I think the BNP is a pale imitation of the radical party it once was under the stalwart leadership of John Tyndall. Many of us [including me] left the BNP in 1993 after the Millwall by-election, as the BNP wanted to make itself look more 'respectable' and wanted to rid itself of its 'Nazi' image in the eyes of the public and so association with C18 was no longer tolerated. In my opinion, you will be labelled as a 'Nazi' for being pro-white in any form, so trying to look more respectable to the public is futile anyway[laughs]. I consider all political ideas to be folly, religion is the way forward. 

 Considering you are far from new to the pro-white scene, could you tell us something about your own experiences and how you witnessed the evolution of white nationalism in Great Britain during past few decades? Can you even compare the late eighties/early nineties scene with today? 

 Yes I'm far from new, in fact I'm damn old (laughs). In the eighties and nineties there was a lot more 'street activity', social events in pubs etc. I personally evolved from Nationalist supporter in the late seventies and early eighties, to National Socialist and then hardline National Socialist in the early nineties. I think there was a lot more secrecy and discipline in the pro-white scene in the nineties, in C18 the discipline was very strict indeed. The National Socialist Alliance was the greatest attempt at white unity ever, but it also proved that unity is not possible in the political arena, as there was so much arguing about ideologies, money and power. Today we have the internet, so the production of literature has become of a higher quality. Also communication via email and text messages makes life easier but of course is subject to much monitoring. Another communication tool although I don't use them are social networking sites, they are very heavily monitored. Secrecy and self-discipline are two things that the nineties scene instilled in me, respect for others is another. 

 I know that you were quite familiar with pro-white music scene in UK back in the days when UK had probably the strongest pro-white music scene in the world. A lot of things have changed, we don't see many new bands coming from there, is there certain stagnation regarding whole music scene, and particularly skinhead movement?

 I have not attended a pro-white gig since 1996,and that one was marred by drunken violence. Then in 1997 came the C18 feud and the music scene came under the control of one faction, obviously the other faction had no dealings with the music scene in any shape or form after that and it had dwindled to this day when only a handful of people attend. Hatred between the factions is still present today, and Great Britain's movement as a whole has been split, probably permanently. I would say the Skinhead movement has given way more to the 'Casual movement', wearing designer clothes that blend in more with the general population, although the police believe there are certain brands of clothing generally associated with 'pro-white groups' and 'football hooligans'. 

 The UK has huge problems with immigrants, especially non-white ones. We see some Islamic clerics even protesting at rallies, demanding sharia laws to be implemented in Britain, something that is still unimaginable to think of in our country. Some people outside of the UK (crazy people that is) think that in a way Brits deserved all these problems since they let all those immigrants come in. How do you respond to such wild claims? I highly doubt British people wanted those bastards to immigrate to your country, but still, what to do say about that? 

 It is well known that I advocate white immigration, except from countries that have Muslim populations I.E Albania. It is true that all the riff-raff of Europe and beyond make a bee-line for these shores to abuse our ridiculous benefits system. We have enough scum of our own as it is, children are bred in order to obtain benefits in many cases over here. I have worked since I left school, that is fairly unusual now.
  As Britain had an Empire, many other countries believe this mass immigration is what we deserve for 'exploiting' other countries. Well, the inhabitants of those countries did not have the intelligence to use the minerals and raw materials that nature gave them, so white man used them for himself. That is the way of nature.

Has it become harder to be active as a pro-white person in UK, since there are many new ''anti-racist'' regulations there in recent years? We all remember the Emma West incident two years ago.

  Pro-white activists have to be very guarded what they post on the internet, we had a person on our forum not long ago that had been imprisoned for posting his sentiments! An element of self-discipline is needed because who wants to be jailed for something so trivial? I thoroughly recommend our people stay off the internet if they have been drinking! We have flat out reached the point over here where it is illegal to discriminate against anything, almost like a police state.

Certain false flag organizations have emerged in the past few years, such as the EDL, an organization that is strongly against Islam and supposedly Nationalist, but at the same time is pro-Zionist and anti-racist. Oddly enough the EDL got a fair amount of support few years ago. How is that possible, are ordinary Nationalist people too blind to see their true agenda?

   I think the EDL is a state set up, designed to attract people that like street confrontations, and any rather politically uneducated Nationalists that would otherwise probably be involved with the BNP. In a way the EDL are an irritation to Muslims over here, but nothing else. I believe that if the EDL get enough of a hostile reaction, it will enable J.O.G to outright ban any and all forms of demonstration or gathering in this country.

 What made you become a Creator? What was so inspiring in our books that you decided to stop searching and dedicate yourself to Creativity?

During my time with the BNP, Ben Klassens books were widely available, and I first read the 'White man's bible'. I found it to be a great book and many elements, especially Salubrious Living stayed with me. I was also impressed with the deliberate use of humour and sense of optimism in the book. There were branches of the Church in England at the time, but they were brought down by an infiltrator by the false name of Tim Hepple so it fizzled out here. About the same time C18 and the National socialist alliance were being formed, and when those fell into problems and the movement split, I decided that political ideas would be abandoned by me, and I studied Creator books for a long while, stopped smoking and drinking, began getting myself in good physical condition, and eventually when I obtained access to the internet, I contacted TCM , and here I stay.

 England is a protestant country, it is not under such influence from Vatican like catholic countries are, but really, do you see any difference, are people less fanatic about Judeo-Christianity?

Most people, the white people anyway are non-religious. People like to use the church for hypocritical purposes, weddings, funerals but never go there otherwise. There is very little Judeo-Christian fanaticism, so there is a religious void that I hope Creativity will fill! There is a great danger of us becoming a Muslim country, with groups like the EDL protesting against mosques, I can imagine that J.O.G. will use this to further protect Muslim interests in this country. The dumb bunnies and moron left wing are helping to make this country into a Muslim state.

What is in your opinion the key to success in attracting new people to Creativity? Especially when we are speaking of western Europe.

I think it is vitally important to show a positive and cheerful outlook, I know I have been moaning this whole interview, but stating the facts has to be done! Most people find it hard to understand that a religion without spooks or spirits could exist, let alone one for white people. A religion that truly is worldwide, with a realistic world view. Anyone that signs up to our forum must surely be impressed by the level of intelligence on there? I know I am. In Europe we must do everything we can to be welcoming and active within the constraints of the law. I would like to thank my Brothers and Sisters for inviting me to do this interview, and for asking such interesting questions.


Brother Andy
June 40 AC (2013) 

Interview by TCM Europe
Originally published in IMPERIUM
The Creativity Movement online Magazine

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