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Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)..Appellee's Motion to Exceed Word Count and File Consolidated Brief of 19,000 Words or Less


Case No. 18-1141


Appellees move the Court for permission to file a single answer brief of 19,500 words or less. Appellees recognize that "extraordinary and compelling circumstances" are required for a brief to exceed 13,000 words. 10TH CIR. R. 28.3(A).1 Appellees respectfully state that they believe this requirement is met under the unique circumstances present here.

Mr.  Hale is a federal inmate who is incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary—Administrative Maximum, and therefore was not consulted concerning his position on this motion.

Mr.  Hale brought a total of eleven claims against the Federal Bureau of Prisons ("BOP") and twelve BOP employees in their individual capacities. Mr. Hale has appealed the district court’s decisions against him on all claims but one, requiring that Appellees’ answer brief address ten claims for both injunctive relief and money damages.

 Mr. Hale raised claims against all defendants under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act ("RFRA"), and the First and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. Given the number of issues, Appellees considered asking this Court for permission to file two answer briefs, one addressing the injunctive-relief claims brought against the BOP and the other covering the claims for money damages against the individual defendants. However, after evaluating that approach, Appellees believes that a single, if somewhat longer, brief will be more clear and easier to read.

 The total word count of Mr. Hale’s brief, based on a typed version of that document prepared by United States Attorney’s Office personnel, is approximately 14,578. Mr. Hale did not request the Court’s permission to exceed the word limit of 13,000.

Mr. Hale’s numerous claims are evaluated pursuant to different multi-part tests. The answer brief must discuss this Court’s five-factor analysis for evaluating whether beliefs are religious in nature. United States v. Meyers, 75 F.3d 1475, 1482 (10th Cir. 1996). The brief must evaluate arguments pursuant to the four-factor test for determining the reasonableness of prison restrictions in Turner v. Safley, 478 U.S. 78, 89-90 (1986). Mr. Hale has also raised procedural due process and equal protection claims, which are analyzed pursuant to separate legal standards. See Elliott v. Martinez, 675 F.3d 1241, 1244 (10th Cir. 2012); Brown v. Montoya, 662 F.3d 1152, 1172-73 (10th Cir. 2011).

Moreover, every individual defendant has raised the defense of qualified immunity, which must be discussed for each defendant in connection with each claim. And recently, the Supreme Court has emphasized that Bivens is a "disfavored" remedy, indicating that a Bivens remedy is not available in the context here. Ziglar v. Abbasi, 137 S. Ct. 1843, 1857 (2017). Appellees’ answer brief must also address this significant issue.
Finally, the additional words requested here will also allow Appellees to provide a detailed summary of their arguments, as well as appropriate headings and subheadings, that will serve as a roadmap of the numerous issues Mr. Hale has raised on appeal.

Appellees respectfully state that it was not possible for them to file this motion earlier. 10TH CIR. R. 28.3(A). Before making the decision to request additional words, it was necessary for Appellees to thoroughly evaluate the numerous issues raised by Mr. Hale and to decide how most efficiently and effectively to present their response to the Court. In the process of drafting the brief, undersigned counsel attempted to reduce the word count by as much as possible. In addition, the brief was required to be reviewed by Department of Justice personnel in Washington, D.C., which limited counsel’s control over the word count. It was not until a complete draft of a single brief was prepared that Appellees were able to decide how many additional words would be necessary to address all issues Mr. Hale raised in his brief.

For the reasons set forth in this motion, Appellees respectfully request that the Court permit them to file a single answer brief, not to exceed 19,500 words in length.


DATED this 13th day of August, 2018. Respectfully submitted,
United States Attorney
/s/ Susan Prose
Assistant United States Attorney
1801 California Street
Suite 1600
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 454-0100
Attorneys for Defendants-Appellees





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If Not Creativity, What Else is There? If Not Now, When?...By Ben Klassen


First of a Two Part Series

If not Creativity, what else is there? If not now, when?

Dramatic changes in Europe
With the dramatic and far-reaching changes that seem to be sweeping Europe, there seems to be a euphoria of hope that we Americans are winning the battle against communism and that a better and more peaceful world is in our future. Communism is a dead horse, our newsmedia exult, and democracy, American style, is the wave of the future.

One mudhead from the U.S. State Department’s "think-tank" went even so far as to suggest that the world has reached "the end of the history of ideas," because, according to him, from now on "liberal democracy will be the universal, dominant, unchallengeable and irreplaceable ideology all over the world for all eternity..." (Obviously, the think-tank mudhead has not heard yet about Creativity – the new racial ideology-philosophy-religion of the White Race – which completely and categorically rejects all Jewish ideas, including the Jew-concocted "liberal democracy," and thereby challenges "the end of the history of ideas.")

Democracy! Democracy! Every country in the world must have democracy, the Jew-controlled U.S. government shouts, whether it be Europe, or Nicaragua, or Panama, or South Africa, or be it the mud countries of the African continent such as Ethiopia or Swaziland. One man, one vote, that is the solution to the world’s problems – it’s the only way to go – a free society and equality for everyone...

Breakdown of the "Evil Empire"
Recent events would seem to indicate that the breakdown in the former "Evil Empire" of Communism is indeed moving towards democracy, American style. The Communist empire with its headquarters in Moscow is visibly disintegrating before our eyes. East Germany has "voted out" the Communist dictatorship and is rapidly moving towards a reunion with the West German Federal Republic. Hungary has shucked off the Communist monopoly, as has Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia and a host of others. Romania did it the hard way, after thousands were murdered and finally the Communist dictator Ceausescu and his wife were summarily executed by the rebels. The Ukrainians are chafing at the bit and seething for autonomy, as are the Moldavians, Azerbaijanians, Armenians, Tadjiks and a host of other ethnic groups. As a most dramatic development, on March 11, 1990 Lithuania has declared its complete independence from the Soviet Union and is currently engaged in a war of nerves with Moscow. There is no doubt about it, the Soviet Communist empire is falling apart at the seams, and neither Gorbachev nor anybody else is going to be able to hold it together or restore the former status quo.

The Death of Communism
Communism is a dead horse. It is, or was, a form of Jewish tyranny imposed upon Russia in 1917 by a well organized band of Jewish Bolsheviks and aimed to become a vehicle for establishing an ironclad Jewish dictatorship throughout the world. By now its deceit and defects are so obvious that it is dying of its own dead weight. So, good riddance! Democracy is the coming thing and the answer to the world’s ills, we are told. What is our response to this claim?

No doubt, the death of communism is a welcome phenomenon and some of the changes in Europe are for the better and irreversible. The reunification of West and East Germans, ending a diabolical heavy-handed partition imposed upon the Germans by the victorious Jews after World War II, is one of the constructive changes, looking at it from the White Man’s point of view. The breakdown and discrediting of Jewish communism, per se, is another favorable and historic turn of events. Shaking off the tyrannical iron grip from Moscow is also a step in the right direction for many of the ethnic groups of the polyglot Soviet empire.

However, we Creators are not at all convinced that we are moving toward a Whiter and Brighter World. Nor do we buy the garbage that democracy, American style, is the answer to the multiplicity of problems in this world overcrowded with mud people. On the contrary. As the French saying goes, the more things change the more they are the same.
Yes, the system of tyrannical Jewish Marxism, whereby all property is "collectively" owned by the state with the resultant waste, mismanagement and non productivity, has now been conclusively discredited for all time. Marx, son of a rabbi, is finally dead – physically, ideologically and philosophically. But, we must remember that Marx was a nonentity and that the cruel imposition of Marxism was accomplished only by the powerful direction and manipulation of Judaism, and Judaism and the Kehilla are still very much alive and in control of the world today. In fact, it is they that are now promoting democracy with a vengeance, and – I have no doubt – are willfully and deliberately throwing Communism overboard. Evidently, it has served its purpose, and it is now time to scuttle it and change tactics in their unswerving plan and program to enslave all the peoples of the world as set forth in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Analysis from the White Man’s point of view
Now in reaching the conclusions I will be coming to, I want to make It clear that I am using the criteria as set forth in Creative Credo No. 2 of the White Man’s Bible. We Creators look at everything from the White Man’s point of view. Not from "America’s" point of view, not from the Jews’ point of view, nor that of world "humanity," nor are we looking at it from the niggers’ point of view, nor "through the snake’s eyes." The bottom line is – what do all these dramatic changes occurring in today’s world bode for the future of the White Race?

The answer is – more dangers and accelerated race-mixing! We must remember that Democracy, like Christianity and Communism, is a Jewish invention, a tool used to divide and conquer, the main target being the White Race. The very fact that the Jewish press is huckstering "democracy" with a vengeance, should raise a red flag by itself. Also, the fact that Communism seems to be dismantling itself relatively peaceably, without a major cataclysm such as the Bolshevik revolution, or World War I or II, is in itself very strange, especially so when we consider the fact that the world’s No. 1 Communist leader, Mikhail S. Gorbachev, seems to be spearheading and masterminding these great events. He didn’t get into the No. 1 catbird position without the massive help and approval of the Jews themselves, that is certain. The fact that he has been so highly touted, has received such glowing approval from the American Jewish press in every move he takes and every utterance he makes, should further convince us that he is their fair-haired boy.

"Democracy" – another Jewish tool
So, what are the Jews up to, what do they have in mind? Well, I am neither a mind reader, nor do I have a crystal ball. All I can do is to look at the facts and put two and two together, using the principles of logic and common sense.

Let us first look at the Jewish concept of democracy, that great, great sacred word that is always at the forefront of every utterance made by Jimmy Carter, or Ronald Reagan, or George Bush, or any other political prostitute in the service of the Jewish Occupational Government. We have "democracy" in the world’s "greatest" and "most affluent" society today. How is the White Race faring here and who rules the United States, this, supposedly, the world’s greatest "democracy"?

The answer is – the White Race is not faring very well. The Jews own and control their own private Federal Reserve (the world’s largest counterfeiting ring); the Jews own and control most of America’s newsmedia; the Jews own and control most of the nation’s major businesses; the Jews control our cultural and educational facilities and are using them to brain-pollute, race-mix and degenerate our society, especially our youth. Furthermore, the Jews are in complete control of all branches of our government in Washington, and in every state, county and city as well.

So how is the White Race faring under democracy? Not very well! It is targeted for extinction by "our" Jewish government. Practically every major city now has a stupid nigger mayor who is, of course, manipulated by his Jewish masters who put him there in the first place. The White productive worker and his family are having a hard time making ends meet while they are being taxed to death in order that "our" Jewish government can subsidize an ever increasing horde of freeloading niggers and other mud races (Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, etc.). While the White taxpayers work and slave and hold back on raising a family of their own, the niggers and the mud races feed and breed, subsidized by the largesse of the exploited White taxpayers. At the same time "our" Jewish government not only leaves our borders wide open for all the free-loading scum of the world to enter into our domain, but actually encourages these hordes to come here and pollute our once pristine domain. That, my dear White Racial Comrade, is democracy in America, the model for all the world.

Meanwhile, productive White entrepreneurs, like Rev. Rudy Stanko, sit in jail, robbed of their business and reputation, on trumped up charges contrived by a vicious Jewish conspiracy. He is not alone. Thousands of other White loyalists are also behind bars for no other reason than that they are for the White Race and therefore a threat to the Jewish conspiracy. You are, of course, free to enjoy the fruits of the great American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and you can say and think anything you like, except, of course, don’t mention the Jewish behemoth. That, too, is an integral part of "democracy" in America.
How is the White Race faring in once "Great" Britain, that mother of all parliaments, democracy, and all those other shibboleths? Well, the Skinheads, who originated in Britain, pretty much summed it up in a few lines of their brave song: "Once we had an Empire, now we’ve got a slum." Niggers of all stripes from Africa, Pakistanis, Hindus and a plethora of other scum and mud races now infest British cities, and the Jew-controlled British government, as in the U.S.A., coddles sweetly to these parasites, but takes an extremely hard stand against any White Man who dares to take a pro-White position and defend White racial purity of his once great country. That is "democracy" in England.

We now take a look at the German people, the most productive people in the very heart of Europe. Since democracy is supposed to exemplify rule by the majority of the people, undoubtedly, Germany under Hitler from 1933 to 1939 had the finest democracy of all time, since Hitler’s regime enjoyed the popular endorsement of over 90% of its people. But, of course, it wasn’t a Jewish democracy; in fact, it was hostile to these miserable scavengers. Therefore, to hell with the will of the people, it had to be smashed.

Despite draconian partitions and extortions imposed by the Jewish victors on a defeated Germany, the German people by sheer strength of their talent, hard work and perseverance managed to rebuild their smashed and devastated cities, factories, transportation systems and farms. In the Western part of partitioned Germany, they had the American-style democracy imposed on them, whether they liked it or not. They could vote for any scoundrel they chose, but they could not vote for freedom from the tyranny of hostile occupation forces, nor could they vote for the kind of government they had enjoyed (National Socialism), nor could they vote for re-union with "East" Germans, nor their kinsmen in Austria who were part of the German Reich in 1939. So they were free to do anything at all as long as it conformed with the wishes of their Jewish slave-masters. All of which, of course, didn’t leave them much choice or much room to maneuver, but that was what was now called democracy. In the meantime the Jews saw to it that the "democratically" occupied Germany be polluted with Turks and other mud races to make sure their gene pool would be on its way to major pollution.
Now that union of "West" Germany with "East" Germany seem inevitable, all Germans will have a unified "democracy" – to be ruled, exploited and tyrannized by the worldwide Jewish powerhouse. That is what democracy has in store for a unified Germany.
Inter-ethnic conflicts – the Jewish plan to divide and conquer

Meanwhile, in the other countries breaking away from the Soviet communist monolith we already find a passed of major inter-ethnic conflicts. Poland is hostile and apprehensive that a united, strong Germany may try to reclaim its former territory carved out of eastern Germany and forcefully joined Into a Poland that had its own eastern territory "given" to Russia (very democratic, was it not), with the blessings of the Jew-controlled "democratic" United States, Britain and France.
Inter-ethnic conflicts are the curse of Europe. I pick up the morning paper and I read that another incident of ethnic violence is stirred up in Yugoslavia where 417 ethnic Albanians were hospitalized due to poisoning, and about 4000 ethnic Albanians gathered in the streets of Podujevo and beat up some 15 Serbs and Montenegrins, accusing them of deliberately poisoning the Albanian students. Another article on the same page tells about thousands of anti-Hungarian demonstrators rallying for the fourth straight day in protesting the intended take-over of Transylvania by Hungarians. This clash between Romanians and Hungarians left seven dead and 300 wounded. Meanwhile there are deadly ethnic clashes between Turks and Greeks on Cyprus, as well as border disputes between Greeks and Albanians. The list of examples of ethnic strife in Europe and elsewhere is endless.

Is Europe going to enjoy peace and prosperity once communism is dismantled? No, not hardly, if the Jews can help it. Already all the hundred-year-old grudges, feuds, animosities, ethnic hatreds are being fanned and revived in the same old Jewish game of divide and conquer.
The fact is this ethnically splintered and fractured world is never going to enjoy either peace or prosperity as long as the Jews are in control, and at this juncture in history they are fully in control, as they have been to a lesser degree for the last two thousand years.
What is the solution?

Is there a solution to ever bringing peace and prosperity to this polyglot, fractured world? Can even a once White and civilized Europe achieve peace among its various nations? Can they settle all the age-old grudges, rivalries, border problems, former territorial acquisitions, the problems of ethnic groups within other ethnic groups? Can they solve the thousand and one other problems, such as languages, religions, etc., that have been and will be the cause of endless wars even after communism is eradicated?

My answer is no, under the present system of values in the existing religious, economic and social system they will never be peacefully settled. Let us take, for instance, the problems of one single country, namely Germany, as a starter. The boundaries between Germany and Poland will be an eternal ulcer and can easily escalate into a military war again. Germany’s borders with France, especially Alsace-Lorralne, are an ongoing grudge, and will remain so. Its borders with Czechoslovakia will heat up again, as well as the question of unification with Austria.
Other examples: Belgium has problems of religion and language dividing it. Ireland has an ongoing civil war about religion that has been ulcerating for four hundred years. Britain and France fear that a reunited Germany will again become too powerful and will out-compete them in international trade. The laundry list goes on and on.

I repeat, is there no solution to the endless problems of the White Race, even amongst themselves? And again, I come to the same conclusion: not under the present system of values.

Without confronting the enormous problems of an exploding mud population that threatens to overwhelm the White Race, before the White peoples of the world can get their act together, there have to be some major fundamental changes in their thinking and in their attitude about themselves. There are thousands of minor divisive issues that have plagued the White Race over the centuries, but the major dividers have been these: nationality, religion and language. The Jews, who have developed the art of divide and conquer to a fine technique, have skillfully utilized and exacerbated these fundamental divisive factors and managed to keep the White nations of Europe (and the world!) in turmoil, at war, and in ever-increasing debt.

Creativity is the answer
Hasn’t anyone in the highly intelligent White world ever come to a solution to the problems of divided nationality, religion and language? Yes, Creativity has come to a sensible, non-violent and logical solution based on the revolutionary idea of White Racial Loyalty and Solidarity.
We want to educate White people of all nationalities, religions and languages that their first and basic loyalty belongs not to any particular nationality, religion or language, but to the White Race. Based upon the idea of White Racial Loyalty, we want to promote global White Racial Solidarity and Unity as the only way for the White Race to survive in the world which is becoming increasing flooded with the mud races.
One global White racial language
Creativity has the answer to the divisive problem of the different languages. We Creators advocate one common language for all the White people of the world, and we suggest Latin as "lingua franca" of the White Race. Latin – the classical language of the glorious White Roman Empire – is the most beautiful, melodic and logical of all Aryan languages, and in addition it is non-partisan. It has a great historical significance and tradition for the White Race: Latin was the official common language of all educated Europeans until the 16th century, when the Jew-instigated "Reformation" crushed Renaissance (the great European cultural and academic revival) and plunged Europe into fratricidal, religious and ethnic wars. Furthermore, classical Latin – even 2000 years after the Jew-instigated destruction of the White Roman Civilization – is still the best structured, organized and phonetic language in the history of our race. So let us polarize around our one and only great classical, traditional and historic language – Latin, the language of noble and magnificent White Romans. Let us White people of the world unite in the spirit of White Racial Loyalty and Solidarity and finally understand each other by speaking the same language!

One global White racial religion
We next examine that explosive issue of the different religions In which the White peoples of Europe and the world are enmeshed. Without a doubt, Jewish Christianity is the overwhelming prevalent religion with which the White Race has been plagued for nearly two thousand years. But besides it being a deceitful Jewish invention which brought down the once great White Roman Empire, it now has the added disintegrating factor that it is fractured into thousands of major and minor factions all of which are jealous of each other, and overtly and covertly at war with each other.
There are the Catholics and the Protestants, there are the Eastern Orthodox, there are the Mormons, and the Baptists, the Presbyterians, the Unitarians, the Calvinists, the Anglicans, the Mennonites, ad infinitum. Even the Korean-originated Moonies claim they are Christian. The list goes on and on, and even among the main groups there are endless divisions (for instance, even the small sect of Mennonites has 32 different divisions or denominations).

More blood has been spilled over this Judeo-Christian Idiotic spooks-in-the-sky swindle which the Jews have foisted on the White Race, than probably any other issues, of which the devastating Protestant vs. Catholic Thirty Years War (1618-1848) is only one example.

We Creators reject all existing religions which are based on myths and detrimental to the best interests of the White Race. We Creators are determined to convert all White people of the world to the one and only true White Racial Religion – Creativity, which is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, History, Logic, Common Sense, and is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.
One global White racial nation
Ethnic/regional/state nationalism is another strong divisive tool in the Jewish arsenal of weapons for manipulating and destroying the White Race. Who is it but a National government that has the power to declare war, to mobilize armies and to order attacks on another group of White people under the dominion of another national government. Nations go to war and, more often than not, White nations kill the people of other White nations. And in this category no other nations are as devastatingly efficient in raining death and destruction on their fellow kinsmen as the White nations themselves.

We Creators want to unite all White nations of the world into one global White racial nation, and we will move heaven and earth to see to it that never again will White men go to war to kill other White men, women and children. If we are going to go to war and kill, lets make damn sure we kill our racial enemies, who are our real enemies, Jews, niggers and the mud races.
Creativity – the New Renaissance of the White Race
We have addressed the main categories (language, religion, nationality) of divisiveness that over the centuries have prevented the White peoples of the world from ever getting their act together for their own best interests, for their own survival, expansion and advancement.
The main problem has been that, foolishly, they have never really thought of themselves as members of the White Race per se. They have considered themselves in terms of cultural, or religious, or regional bonds, such as French, or British, or German, or American, or Catholic, or Protestant, or Anglo-Saxon, but never considered that most significant of all the bonds we share – the biological bond which by its very crucial nature overrides any and all other bonds. Nor have they realized the overwhelming importance and privilege of being a member of Natures Finest – the White Race.

With the White Racial Religion – Creativity, all that changes.

We Creators consider our biological racial heritage and our White gene pool as the most significant and precious value on the face of the earth. It is this vital biological bond on which we focus our dedication, loyalty and inspiration. It is our centerpiece around which our religion is structured and polarized. We Creators consistently affirm on a daily basis: Our Race is Our Religion!

By converting the White peoples of the world to the one and only White Racial Religion – Creativity, we have the total solution for overcoming, peacefully dissolving and eliminating the most vexing and pernicious problems – namely, differences in language, religion and nationality, – problems which have divided and plagued the White Race since time immemorial.

If we all joined in one global White racial religion and embraced one global White racial loyalty, polarized around our biological bond and stressed our White racial heritage, then all national boundaries would become meaningless, and we could better use our talents and energies providing for a richer, healthier and fuller life – better housing, culture, happy families, healthy children, clean environment, etc., rather than continuing to devastate each other in endless wars of self-destruction.

Also, we would benefit in a multitude of other ways as well. We could easily communicate In any other country of the White world through our universal Latin language. We would reap the benefits of a longer, healthier and happier life through Salubrious Living. Since the White Race by then would have come to its senses and have purged the Jewish-Christian brain-scrambler from out of its system, religious prejudices and hang-ups would no longer exist.

And above all we would get the goddamn Jew off our back, once and for all, never to reappear again. Never again would this parasite invade, infest and destroy our pristine society. In other words, by implementing the Creed and Program of the White Racial Religion – Creativity, the White Race would achieve a New Renaissance of unparalleled prosperity and magnificence.
No alternatives to Creativity
Now whereas we are the only comprehensive, fully structured White Racial Religion in 6000 years of civilized history, we have no rivals, no worthwhile competition in that arena. However, there are a number of other White racist organizations of different stripes and moulds in America and to a lesser extent in other countries who claim to have plans to save the White Race. Let us view and review what the landscape looks like in America.
One of the older ones is the still existing Klan. It had an opportunity to build meaningful political clout and free this country of Jews within the 1920’s and early 1930s. At that time it had as many as four million members that included Supreme Court Justices, many governors, mayors, congressmen and other figures of prominence. What happened to it since then? Well, obviously it botched its job, and is now a small, fractured and fragmented group of confused yokels who don’t know where they are going, nor how to get there. They are now one of the most maligned and ridiculed group of people in the United States, even by the majority of the White people themselves.

Why have they failed? I can think of several basic reasons. In the first place, the "new Klan was organized by a group of Masons in about 1915. Since the Masons themselves are a Jew-spawned organization, designed to do the bidding of the international Kehilla, it makes sense that they were organized in order to attract those Whites with racial instincts, then lead them down a blind alley into oblivion. Secondly, they embrace Jewish Christianity, a creed designed for slaves, and again spawned by the Jews. Thirdly, they have a build-in contradiction that splits the White Race down the middle: whereas they are for Christianity, they are as hostile to Catholics as they are to Jews. Fourthly, parading in their pointed hoods and white robes, burning crosses at their ceremonies, makes them look pretty ridiculous to friend and foe alike.
So what else is there on the landscape? Well, there is the Aryan Nations out of Idaho, led by septuagenarian Richard Butler, who has had triple by-pass heart surgery. It is obvious he won’t last too much longer, and with his insane "true Israel" Identity creed, which says that we, the White Race, are the real Israelites, he will leave absolutely nothing of value behind. He has come up with no basic new ideas, written no meaningful books. His only "accomplishment" is that he has confused a number of already too-confused Christians in wanting to be "real" Jews.
Then there is Tom Metzger’s W.A.R. group. Tom himself has generated a considerable amount of publicity to his credit. He and his son John have appeared on a number of major Jewish talk shows. However, the message that he espouses vacillates from one contradiction to another, and his main theme seems to be to gather as many divergent and fragmented ideas as possible, throw them all into a melting pot and hope to come up with some kind of palatable chop-suey that will sell. He has been a Klansman, a Christian, and anti-Christian, has supported the "true Israel" Identity lunatics, then repudiated them. He was for the White Race retreating to a small segment of the United States and leaving the rest of the country to the niggers. But then recently has repudiated that position and agreed with the C.O.T.C. that "we want it all." Well, RAHOWA! He has even supported Creativity, but then also attacked it when his ego and hubris got the best of him. He has also tried to get together with that voluble nigger, Louis Farrakhan, and even Muamar Khaddafi. What Tom really thinks and believes remains shrouded in mystery, and he, too, has written no books or even spelled out his creed or program, content Instead to ride on the coattails of a multitude of diverse and contradictory assertions spelled out by others.
There are also the Nazis, but they are history. Hitler was a great man, the greatest of all them, but after he lost the war against the Jews, his exclusively pro-German, nationalistic "Deutschland uber Alles!" approach is no longer applicable in a changed world where Whites can no longer afford fratricidal nationalistic rivalries. What the White Race in America and the world needs now is not divisive pro-German Nazi imitators, but inclusive pro-White racial loyalists.

Of course, there are hundreds of other minor groups whose only merchandise is to deplore and lament, bitch and gripe, but they haven’t the slightest idea of what to do about the sorry mess, nor how to come up with a solution.
If not Creativity, what else is there?

So, outside of Creativity, what else is there? The answer is – nothing! If we fall to coalesce, polarize and unite around Creativity, there isn’t a ghost of a chance for the White Race to survive more than another generation. Creativity has all the answers in solving the multitude of idiotic and pervasive problems of nationalism, religion and language, as well as a host of others, including our polluted environment and the polluted mud scourge that now infests Planet Earth. A polyglot, confused and contradictory program of half-truths and mixed goals will no longer suffice. Creativity has the whole bail of wax. It has the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

If not now, when?
We now come to the question of how much time do we have left to save the White Race? The answer is damn little. If we don’t get busy now and make hay while the sun shines, it will soon be too late. I would say we have to make or break it before the end of this century, or it will be the end of Nature’s Finest. So, White Racial Comrade, get with it today! Remember we are at war, and in this life and death struggle time is of the essence! If not now, when? White Man, make up your mind and join the White Racial Religion – Creativity now!

Ben Klassen
Founder.. Church of the Creator

                                    ARTICLE TAKEN FROM RACIAL LOYALTY # 58
                                                                 APRIL 17AC (1990)



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About Nigger Nomenclature...By Ben Klassen

Oooooo!... If you utter that "N-word," you’ve had it!

                                                          Abut Nigger Nomenclature

At the beginning of the year 1990 Mayor Bruce Bannister of East Point, a suburb of Atlanta, was having a private telephone conversation with Councilman Cecil Kennedy. In the conversation, Mr. Kennedy referred to City Manager Joseph Johnson as "that nigger," and the Mayor laughed. Either by accident or by design, the secretary had left the tape recorder on, unbeknownst to the two engaged in conversation, and somehow, soon thereafter, a copy of the tape got Into the hands of the Jew-dominated Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

All hell broke loose. A City councilman had used the word "nigger," and – heavens to Betsy – the mayor compounded the felony by uttering a laugh! This is a major crime of the first magnitude! This calls for immediate impeachment, – the Atlanta Journal-Constitution cried with big front-page headlines, – of both the Councilman who said the unutterable "N-word" and also of the Mayor who had the audacity to utter a laugh!

At the instigation of the flap generated by the Jew-run Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the eight-member City Council immediately called a meeting to consider impeachment proceedings. Two members of that Council are niggers, namely Joseph Heckstall and Ann Douglas. The meeting was attended by 500 residents, most of whom were niggers. About two dozen of the latter repeatedly called for the resignation of the Mayor and Councilman Kennedy. "This is probably one of the most degrading things that could have happened in East Point!" lamented nigger Councilman Heckstall. When it came to a vote and a showdown, it went straight down the racial line. The six White council members voted against, while the two niggers voted for impeachment.

Why is it such a crime?

Let us stop and consider how far the White Man has been pushed down the road of intimidation. Since the founding of this once great Republic, the word "nigger" was an ordinary straight generic term, as was say the word "house," "mouse" or "louse." It stemmed from the Latin word "niger," meaning "black." But now comes the Jew-orchestrated "Civil Rights" revolution of the ‘60’s, and – horrors! – to use that word is the most unspeakable of all crimes, and spells sudden death for any politician that dares to utter it, or even (as the Mayor found out) so much as laugh when hearing it.

Why is it such a crime? I repeat, it was and still is, a basic generic word of the English language, used for centuries to describe a certain type of people, as say the word Frenchman, or German, or Chinese. How does it happen that none of these other ethnic groups feel offended or that a "racial slur" has been cast upon them by using the centuries old nomenclature? Why is it only the nigger that has to change it every so often like a pair of dirty socks? Why is it only the word nigger bears this tremendous stigma?
                                                        Inferior and Repugnant Outcasts
I have already described the reason why in detail in "A Rose by any Other Name," the article I published in one of the previous issues of Racial Loyalty. The reason is the nigger was and remains inferior and repugnant, no matter what nomenclature he goes under, and therefore soon that nomenclature itself becomes repugnant.

They didn’t like the word "nigger," so they shifted to "colored." Soon that too became odious, and soon they insisted on being called "negroes." When that word, too, became smelly (like a typical savage nigger animal always is!), they shifted to the word "black." Soon that, too, was disreputable, and now they have a new designation "African Americans or Afro-Americans." No doubt, very soon that too will become distasteful and Christ only knows what they will come up with next.

The savage, repugnant, stupid, stinking nigger animals want instant "dignity" heaped upon them, which the Jewish media is doing its damnedest to artificially fabricate and lavishly slop all over these stone-age aborigines, stagnated and useless outcasts of evolution. However, it doesn’t work that way. Dignity, like respect, is something you have to earn, and the shiftless niggers are simply unable to cut it: short of earning respect, they are unable to earn a living! They exist as parasites on the backs of the hard-working White taxpayers. Like intelligence, dignity is a commodity on which niggers come up damn short, and for a good reason: they are an inferior species. No amount of artificial "uplifting’ will ever change this basic fact of Nature. As I said in the previous article, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (to quote Shakespeare) and a nigger by any other name would still smell.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

APRIL 17AC (1990)


Friday, 3 August 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)...Amicus Comentary For Motion To Leave (Document 236) To Restrict...By Jon Smetana





C.A NO-14-CV-00245


COMES NOW... Jon Smetana, a seventy one (71) year old man and friend of the plaintiff Matthew Hale as well as a concerned citizen. I have no criminal record, I am not, nor have I ever been a member of Matthew Hales religious group, Creativity. I was born a raised a Roman Catholic but today I practice no organized religion, consider myself- like Thomas Jefferson - a Deist. And like Jefferson and other founding fathers, I'm a strong supporter of  the original concepts of the United States Constitution and especially those God given rights contained in the first amendment of the bill of rights. freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. Time honored jurisprudence proves that this freedom is not limited to the conventional expressions of faith but also extends to belief systems such as that held by Matthew Hale.

In other words, just because Hale's belief system does not fall into such recognized groups such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam, as an American protected by the constitution, he is free to believe, express and practice his belief  as are the followers of the above named more recognized faiths.

I read of Matthew Hale's court case in the Chicago Tribune as well as other sources and I am convinced that Hale neither hurt or threatened to hurt - much less kill! - anyone. In other words by combination of perjured testimony from a bought and paid for FBI "informant" and lack of a decent defense, Matthew Hale was unjustly and illegally imprisoned for a crime he never committed or ever existed. It is my belief he was sent to prison , like Galileo, because he openly expressed  ideas that the present establishment rejects. Those of us who believe that the United States of America is "free" and we are safe from lawless persecution should see in the fate of Matthew Hale a similar happening to the fate of Otto Warmbier, a young American college student arrested in North Korea in January 2016 for attempted theft and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

While incarcerated , he fell into a coma and never regained consciousness, dying in June 2017. After fifteen years of a forty year sentence served in solitary confinement for a ?non crime". I think its time Americans rethought the idea that they are living in a "free country" for Matthew Hale along with his mother, Evelyn ( 79 years old) and his friends are in fact being tortured every day by a system fully as unjust and cruel as that which killed young Otto Warmbier.

Matthew Hale's faith, Creativity, isn't a "terrorist organization" nor is it a "violent gang." If we acknowledge the historical crimes committed in the name of today's recognized religions - the Spanish inquisition, the Salam witch trials and the horrors being perpetrated today in the name of Islam - the idea that Matthew Hale should be imprisoned for forty years  simply because he believes, speaks and acts in a way that frightens some people in the establishment is the epitome of hypocrisy and cruelty and the antithesis of what this country is suppose to be all about.




Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)...Amicus Commentary To Motion For Leave(Document 236) To Restrict...By Valerie Protopapas





C.A NO-14-CV-00245


COMES NOW.. Valerie Protopapas a Seventy Seven (77) year old women and concerned citizen. I have no personal relationship with the plaintiff Matthew Hale, though I know his mother, Evelyn Hutcheson, via email contact. I have read document 236.

Knowing as I do that Matthew Hales conviction was based on the testimony of a paid agent of the government, and given the other circumstances surrounding his case, I am very much concerned that a grave injustice has been done. I am familiar with the Randy Weaver case (Ruby Ridge)  that took place in 1992. Mr. Weaver had some contact with a white supremacy group though he was not a member. The Federal Bureau of Investigation approached Weaver and asked him to "wear a wire"  with the obvious intention of obtaining evidence of wrongdoing against members of the group. Weaver refused and all his problems stemmed from his refusal to be an "informant" for the FBI.

As a result, I have no faith whatsoever in allegations made by such informants or in the charges brought by the government as a consequence of those allegations. Transcriptions of Hale's trial only support my belief that he is not only innocent, but should have won an appeal based simply upon the appalling performance of his so-called defence attorney. When all of this injustice is taken together, the governments claim that a book he is writing incites or promotes violence is nonsense - especially given the fact that actual violence in the society is daily allowed to be incited and promoted without any consequences whatsoever.

Furthermore, the unconscionable severity of his sentence- given the questionable charges - together with the appalling treatment he has received at the hands of prison authorities  are direct violations of article 8 of the United States constitution forbidding "cruel and unusual punishment|"

As a citizen of the United States concerned about the obviously deteriorating standard of justice in this country, I plead with this court to provide the plaintiff, Matthew Hale, all such relief he seeks in this matter and also move forward to free him from durance vile and return him to that liberty to which he is entitled as a citizen of the United States.



Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)...Amicus Curiae Commentary to the Defendant BOP's Request to Restrict Accsess to Docket entry 234 (Doc 236)...By Gregory Morris





Civil Action No. 14-cv-00245-MSK-MUW


COMES NOW, Gregory Morris a forty three (43) year old American Man who is a friend and supporter of the Plaintiff Matthew Hale. For the official record, I am also an adherent to the Plaintiff's Creativity religion. and therefore am proud to have and hold and claim and practise and share a joint in common 14th  amendment of the US Constitution liberty interest- in practising and jointly expressing that protected religious and philosophical - liberty interest in said Creativity religion that is secured and protected in the First Amendment of the Federal Constitution.

That all being stated, it is my understanding, based on information and belief, that the Defendant BOP is attempting to use the judicial branch of the Government as a tool, in an effort to unlawfully restrict, and or censor a specific chapter or section thereof  pertaining to a new book of philosophy that Reverend Matthew Hale is writing within his federal prison cell in Florence, Colorado Super Max Prison. On the alleged grounds that the information is said chapter or section of said book and as such, is somehow denigrating non-Whites persons and adherents of Christianity.
Furthermore, the Defendant's council Susan Prose- goes on to make an outrageous and highly prejudicial mischaracterization of Rev Hale's adherents to the Creativity religion. However, Defendant's council uses the title "followers" in the context and text of document (236) as if our adherents, and supporters of the Creativity religion and it's philosophy are a criminal group or organization. 

I Gregory Morris, strongly object to the misrepresentations and mischaracterizations made against my person as well as the rest of us adherents of the Creativity religion and philosophy. Furthermore, I respectfully move the court to enter my strong objection to the request to restrict access to docket entry 234,  on the basis that by restricting public access to said information, will constitute a clear violation of , certain members of the general publics first amendment freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom of association - with respect to being able to communicate and exchange views , opinions, etc..... with respect to Rev Matthew Hale's new book of philosophy.





Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)...Amicus Commentary To Motion For Leave (Document 236) To Restrict...By Brandon Hall





C.A  NO. 14 - CV 00245


COMES NOW, Brandon Hall, a forty Two (42) year old man, who is a friend and supporter of the Plaintiff Matthew Hale who has read document 236 via the internet.

I have been aware of Matthew Hales situation since 2005, and have been in  contact with Mr. Hale directly for years now. I support him monetarily as I am able to help him in his legal struggles to have his rights to freedom of religion and speech upheld, his named cleared of all charges for which he was convicted and his freedom secured. Like Mr. Hale, I am a believer in the Creativity religion, a religion that teaches the survival, expansion and advancement of the White race, to which I belong.

I have read the entire trial transcripts of Mr. Hale's case and, after reviewing the states evidence and being informed of circumstances of the case, I believe he was wrongly convicted and innocent of all charges. I myself am a generally law abiding, working citizen with only minor traffic violations to my name.

No one know of has demonstrated more clearly the double standard facing White people in our society than Matt Hale The injustices that Mr. Hale has suffered at the hand of our justice system have set a dangerous precedence and are an egregious, clear threat to the liberties of White people of the United States of America of which every White American should be made aware.

Unfortunately, the United States Government and it's agency the Federal Bureau of Prison (BOP) have seemingly made every effort to prevent word of Matthew Hale's situation from reaching the American public through their increasingly heavy handed censorship of Mr. Hale's communications as illustrated by document 236 and their refusal to allow Mr. Hale any interviews with news media reporters.

The injustices suffered by Mr. Hale are multiple and more outrages are inflicted upon him daily, it would seem. Firstly, in spite of clear and convincing evidence of a non-criminal  history, he was denied a law degree for his beliefs simply because some find them objectionable a clear violation of his first amendment rights. Such a blatant injustice was denied a hearing in the courts but was settled behind closed doors through the opinions of anti-white biased committee of judges.

Next, and most damaging to the liberty of Mr. Hale's person, were the outrages and injustices of  Mr. Hale's criminal trial where it was allowed to stand that his defense attorney was allowed to rest his case without presenting any evidence refuting the prosecution's  case. Following that was Mr. Hale's extremely harsh prison sentence for which there is no precedence in American history that I am aware of. Later justices affirmed the "justness" of this atrocity in later appeals, completely ignoring the glaringly  obvious injustices perpetrated against Mr. Hale because of him being denied a competent defense or any defense for that matter.

Since Mr. Hale's imprisonment we are having to witness the increasingly restrictive censorship of Mr. Hale's communications with friends and family in the outside world. When I first started communicating with Mr. Hale the restrictions on his mails were nowhere near as restrictive as they are now. I take these seemingly arbitrary charges in censorship to be merely harassment of Mr. Hale because of his legal fight to have his first amendment rights upheld by the courts. Mr. Hale at no time advocated any criminal activity and the state has not presented any clear evidence that he has done so.

Any of his statements deemed "inflammatory" or "denigrating of non-white persons and adherents of Christianity"  but not specifically advocating any criminal activity, I believe, fall under first amendment protected speech and should not be censored such as document 236 is requesting.

Again, in this case only Mr.  Hale's writings are considered inflammatory while the teaching of Islam and the old testament of the bible, for example, both of which advocate violence, are overlooked. It is easy to demonstrate that the adherents of Christianity and Islam have perpetrated far more crimes of violence that was motivated by the ideologies of their religions than have believers in Creativity committed against others. This double standard against White people in general and adherents of the pro-White Creativity religion in particular must end. Mr. Hale must be allowed his first amendment rights to practise the religion of his choosing and to speak his mind through the mails and other means.




Monday, 16 July 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)....Amicus Commentary To Motion For Leave (Document 236) To Restrict ...By William Gerard


(C.A NO-14 CV-00245)

Rev Matt Hale


Federal Bureau of Prisons


COMES NOW, William Gerard, a fifty five (55) year old man and a concerned citizen as well as a friend of the Plaintiff Matthew Hale, I have read document 236.

I consider myself an ordinary American concerned about the worsening situation in today's society. No one can be unaware of the rampant criminality today. We are treated nightly to the sad statistics of violence and attacks on persons and property. Perhaps the worst thing that in a less "informed"  society we might never have learned about the criminal actions of the very agencies and people responsible for upholding the law. And yet, when lesser criminals are apprehended, tried and, if convicted, imprisoned, these people consider themselves-and indeed very well may be - above the law!  And that is why I feel obligated to defend Matt Hale an innocent man, I believe was framed for a crime that never happened. I believe that Matt Hale has been imprisoned only for his beliefs. This is diametric to the laws and philosophy upon which this nation was founded.

As a means of helping Matt deal with his martyrdom, I have been corresponding with him for about two years. During that time there have been a few long delays, before my mail reached him, ranging from ten days to two weeks, the same situation also exists regarding Matt's replies to me. In one instance, two of my letters never reached him and vise versa, there were also two of my letters returned by the BOP because I addressed him once as "Rev" and once as "Br" Matt Hale.

Apparently it offends the BOP when Matt is given any respectful title  though why that should be considered "gang related" is beyond comprehension of any rational person.

Matt Hale is not the first person to be wrongly incarcerated, but the duration of his sentence - especially served in solitary confinement when he is no threat to anyone - manifests a deeply malignant, even irrational assessment by the Federal Government of a man who has never harmed, or threatened  to harm anyone. As well, when one adds to this situation, the physical and mental harassment to which Matt Hale is, continuously subjected, no rational person should be unconcerned regarding those with the physical power to enforce such restrictions. The last thing that is need in the Matt Hale case is further secrecy on the part of those in whose power he remains.



Sunday, 15 July 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)...Amicus Commentary To Motion For Leave(Document 236) To Restrict...By Mark Quitta





(CA NO. 14-CV-00245)


COMES NOW, Mark Quitta, a thirty three (33) year old man and a friend of the Plaintiff Matthew Hale, who has read document 236 via the internet.

Matthew Hale is not a member, much less the leader of a "gang"!  His belief system "Creativity" has nothing to do with "gangs" The term gang is defined as, 1. A group of trouble making young people. 2. A group of criminals and, in its most benign manifestation, 3. A group of people who enjoy each others company.

None of these definitions in any way addresses Creativity" which is religious in nature. Unless one is willing to consider groups such as the Roman Catholic Church, Judaism and Islam as "gangs" then one cannot view Creativity in that light. Indeed the term "gang" has been used through out this entire matter as a means of creating a situation that is both criminal, and non existent. Sadly those involved have been quite successful in delegitimizing constitutionally guaranteed actions.

With regard to the situation extant, I have had numerous letters returned to me because the BOP deemed them "gang related" owing to the fact that I mentioned Creativity. I personally am not in any gang, neither am I violent, nor do I plot against anyone or anything in the society. Of course neither  is or (does) Matt Hale! 

Further more, I am no mans "follower", but rather I am a supporter of Matthew Hale, a man I believe is being persecuted for his nonconformist viewpoints.

But I must ask the court, what happened to freedom of religion in this country? Why may we worship artificial intelligence and even Satan himself while it is considered not only "wrong" but criminal to respect the survival of ones own race and believe in a future for ones folk?  Using this criteria, great figures from history from Cesar to Lincoln would find themselves incarcerated with Matthew Hale.!

Every day we endure reports of corruption at the highest levels of government and no one goes to jail. Indeed, no one is even charged! Consider this in light of a man whose only crime is that the government does agree with his viewpoint! Just as the word "gang" has a definition so too does the word" justice"  It means (1) Fairness, (2) A system or application of the law. (3) Validity, (4). Good reason and, finally and most important, (5) Judge. It is my hope that in light of the total miscarriage of justice that applies in this matter, this court will live up to the definition by enforcing it without fear or favor.



Thursday, 12 July 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)... Unopposed Second Motion For Extension For The Tenth Circuit / ORDER


Case No. 18-1141


Appellees move for an additional 30 days to file their response brief, which the Court has directed be filed on or before July 18, 2018. Appellees request a new filing date of August 17, 2018.

In support of this motion:

1. This is Appellees’ second request for an extension.

2. Appellant is in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the United States Penitentiary – Administrative Maximum, in Florence, Colorado. However, counsel has conferred with Appellant, who is proceeding pro se, who stated that he does not oppose the motion.

3. Undersigned counsel, who is responsible for writing the response brief, cannot finish the brief by July 18 with the exercise of due diligence: a. Appellant has raised eight issues for this Court’s review. Opening Brief at 19-21. It is necessary for the response brief to undergo several levels of review, including review by Department of Justice officials in Washington, D.C., before filing. It is not possible to complete those reviews by the current filing deadline.

b. Since the filing of the previous request for an extension, counsel has been responsible for preparing and filing continuing briefing on dispositive motions in Prison Legal News v. Federal Bureau of Prisons, No. 15-cv-02184-RM-STV (D. Colo. 2015), and Ajaj v. Federal Bureau of Prisons, No. 15-cv-00992-RBJ-KLM (D. Colo. 2015). Counsel was required to be out of the office for travel out-of-state in the Ajaj case. Counsel is also responsible for preparing for trial in the Ajaj matter, which is scheduled for August 27, 2018, as well as for managing and handling the numerous daily litigation tasks in these and a number of other cases pending in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.

DATED this 11th day of July, 2018. Respectfully submitted,
United States Attorney
/s/ Susan Prose
Assistant United States Attorney
1801 California Street, Suite 1600
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 454-0100
Attorneys for Defendants-Appellees



I certify that on July 11, 2018, I electronically filed the foregoing with the Clerk of the Court for the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, using the appellate CM/ECF system.

I further certify that I directed that personnel in the U.S. Attorney’s office send the foregoing by U.S. mail, postage prepaid, to:

Matthew Hale
Reg. No. 15177-424
ADX – Florence
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226




United States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit
July 11, 2018
Elisabeth A. Shumaker
Clerk of Court

_________________________________ REVEREND MATTHEW HALE, Plaintiff - Appellant, v. FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS, et al., Defendants - Appellees. No. 18-1141

This matter is before the court on Appellees’ Unopposed Second Motion for Extension of Time to File Response Brief. At the direction of the court, the motion is granted. The brief shall be served and filed on or before August 17, 2018. The court will not grant additional extensions absent extraordinary circumstances.

Entered for the Court