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White Racial Teamwork.....By Ben Klassen

Resolving the Conflict between the idea of unbridled Liberty and Freedom on the one hand and Responsibility and Duty on the other.
The Jews sparked the French Revolution with the catchwords Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and threw that great White nation into a turmoil from which it never recovered. During the chaos the Jews themselves had engineered, they were quick to take advantage of the breakdown and massacre the finest of the White French leadership. As the guillotine was busily employed, as heads rolled and women counted stitches in their knitting in a synchronized debacle of horror, the Jews were exercising two of their most potent weapons. These were (a) always kill the best (of the White Race) and (b) divide and conquer.
The Jews themselves say in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" that they have been the first to cry among the masses these same catchwords (or their equivalent) since ancient times, and any number of times since the French Revolution. They have used these ideas as bait repeatedly throughout history to stir the masses, to trap them into turmoil and anarchy and then to destroy, conquer and enslave their gullible victims.

In Protocol No. I they point out with wry sarcasm that these catchwords embodying the ideas of "Liberty", "Equality", "Fraternity", "Freedom" and "Individualism'' have always worked like a charm against those goyim they wish to destroy. They further point out that the goyim, who himself took up the cry, was always too stupid to realize that the ideas were in themselves contradictory and impossible of fulfillment.

We must remember, of course, that the Protocols were not written for the enlightenment of the Goyim (the derogatory Jewish term for Gentiles, meaning stupid cattle) but were written solely for the secret direction of Jewish insiders as a plan and program for the destruction of the Goyim, especially the White Race. They were never meant to become public knowledge to the Goyim and it is an accident of history that we have learned about them at all. Actually, despite the fact that the Protocols have been public knowledge (a copy was placed in the British Museum in1906) since 1905, the Jews have been so successful in suppressing and/or discrediting this veritable powder-keg that very few White people know about them even today, more than three quarters of a century later. (For further information about the Protocols read Chapters 19 and 20 of NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION.)

For centuries millions of White people have been enamored and misled by these Jewish ideas. Not only among the flaming liberals, but especially by staunch "conservatives" have these libertine ideas been enthusiastically embraced and trumpeted. As the Jews point out, the stupid Goyim did not note the contradiction of the meaning of these words, nor did they realize that in nature there is no equality, and that the very idea of "freedom" in a real world is a myth and a hoax.

Let us repeat and emphasize this point. Nature herself has established inequality of minds, of characters and capacities just as immutably as she has established subordination to her laws. Woe to the species that attempts to flout those laws. Nature punishes such misfits with the ultimate penalty — extinction. Unfortunately, the White Race is now suicidially bent on flouting the most basic of all of Nature's Laws, namely, fighting for its own survival, and predictably, it is on its way to extinction.

Since the unflagging goal of the Church of the Creator is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and since it is our Burden to stem the headlong rush to suicide with which the White Race seems to be imbued, we want to examine more closely the meaning of some of these Jewish catchwords.

Among these words that the White Race has put on a sacred and unreal pedestal are the ideas of freedom, liberty, equality, brotherhood, independence, and individualism. To Americans in particular these ideas have been as unassailable and venerated as the Holy Sepulchre to the Christians, and for about as much reason. Strangely, it is especially among the "conservatives" that these ideas are misunderstood most of all. We have already examined the idea of equality as being a major Jewish hoax perpetrated on the White Race in order to destroy us. This we have done in both NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION (Chapters on "Racial Socialism", 'The Leadership Principle", and others) and The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE (Creative Credos Nos. 17, 18, 29, 30,31 and several others). There is therefore no need to cover the same ground again. Instead, let us more closely examine the sacrosanct (in the minds of the naive) ideas of freedom and individualism of which we hear so much. Although they express two separate ideas they are closely related. One thing they have in common is that these ideas have been repeatedly and skillfully used by the Jews in their diabolical technique of divide and conquer.

Let us first examine the idea of freedom. The first thing I want to point out is that like the free lunch, the whole idea is unrealistic and illusory. It docs not exist, neither in Nature nor in society. It never has and never will. It is, in fact, as the Jews point out in the Protocols, a Jewish catchword that along with Fraternity and Equality they have repeatedly utilized to catch the unwary.

The only way a man could be FREE would be to live all by himself on a deserted island, like Robinson Crusoe did before his man Friday came along. However, as soon as even so much as a second person comes into the picture he is immediately restrained by that person's wants, actions, movements and exercise of HIS "freedoms". Their respective "freedoms" to do as they damn well please come into immediate conflict.

Either a battle of extermination is joined, or they learn to negotiate a certain set of rules whereby they can agree to live peacefully in the same territory. They both learn that each has to respect these rules. Immediately their "freedom" is limited by these rules and since "freedom" by definition is unlimited choice of action, it no longer exists. When we multiply this factor by the crowded billions of people that inhabit this planet Earth, we can readily see that our actions must of necessity be governed by a multitude of "rules" or laws and that any other approach is unthinkable.

The unlimited "freedom" of a lone hermit on a deserted island is not really one of unlimited choice, nor is it very desirable. Whereas he could do as he damn well pleases with no one to restrain him or interfere, actually such a hermit's options are very, very limited. He would not have the choice of conversing with his peers; he would have no choice of mating or raising a family, and therefore would have any and all such natural urges suppressed; he would have no books to read, none of the enjoyable accoutrements of civilization; no baseball games, no opera, no concerts, no plays, no cars, no airplanes, no decent clothes, no fine housing, only a meager choice of food, and be excluded from a million other choices
that we as members of a civilized White Race are able to exercise and enjoy.

So what is so great about such isolated freedom? Such a hermit would be free all right — to live a lonely, bleak and primitive life like an animal and die by his lonesome self — "free" as a breeze. This is neither the kind of life that we of The Church of the Creator aspire to, nor for that matter would very many of our civilized White Racial Comrades (A few twisted deviates might.) We Creators accept the fact that we live in a populated world of our peers and it is not our objective to be the last individual on earth, nor to be a lone hermit on a deserted island. It is our objective to not only accept the fact that we are a social animal living in a civilized White society, but to construct and organize that society in such a way that it will serve the best interests of the White Race. This "best interests" clause includes enabling us to live a HAPPY life, a life of QUALITY, one of CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY and one that at the same time has contributed to the ADVANCEMENT of our precious race.

There are a few other drawbacks about the lonely hermit life I might enumerate while we are on the subject. (a) There are not enough "isolated territories" to go around for four billion people to choose from. (b) Such a life would be boring, meager, primitive and bleak, (c) it would, of course, be a one generation gambit, and be self-destructive of our race.
So let us have done with this nonsense about "freedom", which, if it is not unlimited, is not freedom at all. There is one other factor that I want to point out that we as Creators are gravely concerned about at this stage in history. It is this: that we the White Race in the last quarter of the twentieth century are entrapped in a fierce struggle for the survival of the White Race itself. It is a struggle in which the war of ideas is at present the most virulent, but as we repeatedly are assaulted and pushed further to the wall, will become more and more physical and violent, culminating in the physical extermination of the White Race. It is of minor solace to me for us to be known as the most freedom loving people who suffered genocide at the hands of their enemies.

In order to win the deadly war in which we unwittingly find ourselves embroiled, we must organize all our resources, physical, spiritual, mental and economic. In order to have an effective organization (any organization) we must have a chain of command, as does an army, as does General Motors, or as does any other organization. Now let me ask you, do you know of any effective organization in existence which is not based on leadership, discipline and obedience? Would any general before a life and death battle expound and lecture his soldiers on the boundless virtues of freedom, liberty, license, independence of action and that every man may damn well do as he pleases in the pursuit of his own whim? No, I don't think so. No organization of any kind is possible if its members are obsessed with their own libertine independence, jealous of their own pompous individuality and over-preoccupied with the unbounded virtues of freedom. This does not make for organization,
but for a disorderly and unruly mob.

Such mobs, obsessed with the Jew inspired ideals of freedom, soon destroy themselves. If they do not destroy themselves from within they are soon destroyed by the enemy from the outside who has a more realistic view of the world we live in, who does not cater to such idealistic nonsense, and is instead organized to the hilt. Like the irresponsible college students who spout all sorts of beautiful theories and idealistic claptrap, once out of the protective subsidization of their parents, these starry-eyed individuals soon change their tunes when forced to make their own way in the real world. Therefore let us also take a closer look at the virtues and weaknesses of that much admired quality called
"rugged individualism", because it does have both its negative and positive aspects. Let me say at the outset that we Creators admire and promote such qualities as perseverance, initiative, courage in the face of great odds and similar strong traits of character. In fact, we have set forth many of these qualities In The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE In the Creative Credo No. 68, "Creators & Creativity — What we are and what we are not." Certainly the qualities we have just mentioned are in large part those of a rugged individualist. Many of our early settlers, pioneers, trailblazers, farmers and others had these unique qualities, all of which helped "Win the West" and build America. However, as our society becomes more crowded, and at this stage of history, more chaotic, super-individualism has been subverted and utilized by the Jews to turn

White Man against White Man, to fragmentize, to create anarchy, to divide and conquer. The Jews have turned one of the White Man's finest characteristics into a weapon against himself, a weapon for his own destruction. They have turned the White Race into a leaderless mob of sheep, without unity, without direction, without goals, without a racial identity.

Instead of practicing teamwork, we have been tricked into fighting each other, destroying each other, all in the name of "Individualism". Not that most White people today — men or women — can be classified as rugged individualists — far from it. They are much less so than were our rugged forefathers of a century ago, or even 50 years ago. However, the strange thing is that in catering to Jewish fashions, Jewish ideas, or fetishes or trends, the present day White Man acts like a simple sheep. At the same time, in those very areas where cooperation with his own White Racial Comrades would promote the survival and best interests of his own race, there, somehow, he has a thousand dissenting ideas.

Whereas the Jews will fanatically rally to the defense of Israel by the millions, the Cubans will hold vast street parades if even so much as one criminal is threatened with deportation back to Cuba, it is hard to get a meeting of a few dozen White people together and united for the defense of the White Race.

All this must change. The White Race has by far the most to lose. The White Race is Nature's Elite. The White Race is the Creator of all civilization and the Creator of all the great and worthwhile values that have been produced in the last several thousand years. We must save ourselves. No one else will.
What is the answer to this strange dilemma? The answer is simple as hell. We must practice WHITE RACIAL TEAMWORK as set forth both in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. Let us again reiterate a basic Credo we have set forth in Creative Credo No. 2 of the latter: We must look at every issue through the eyes of the White Race, from the White Man's point of view. Not through the Jew's eyes, not from the nigger's point of view, not through the serpent's eyes — but exclusively from the White Man's point of view. The White Race is the one and only yardstick in every major decision that affects us. WHITE RACIAL TEAMWORK is the order of the day.

In order to give this idea muscle we must organize — organize — organize. Organized, aroused, and united we will be ten times more powerful than all the Jews, niggers and mud races combined. In order to become organized we must have leaders and followers, all imbued with the racial idea. In order to be organized we must be united. In order to be united we must forsake such Jewish ideas as Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
for the basic idea of Racial Loyalty, which requires dedication, sacrifice and responsibility. Yes, in order to become part of such an organization we must even give up some of our selfish individualism and funnel our own creative ideas into the goals and purposes that help serve our race as a whole.

I therefore suggest that we channel our natural urges for freedom to help obtain
(a) freedom from the tyranny of our Jewish enemies,
(b) freedom of our minds from much useless and stifling clutter such as the 'spooks in the sky' swindle,
(c) freedom from fear of hell (which is part of this swindle)
(d) freedom from financial slavery of the tyrannical Federal Reserve, which is nothing more than a gigantic counterfeiting ring monopolized by the international Jewish bankers
(e) freedom from confiscatory taxation,
(f) freedom from involuntary servitude of being forced to support and subsidize all the mud races of the world.
(g) freedom from Jewish wars pitting White Man against White Man.
(h) freedom from pointless and undeserved feelings of guilt.
(I) freedom to raise a fine family of our own 
(j) at the same time enjoying freedom from want and poverty.
There are many other freedoms to strive for that I could enumerate. But now let us consider how we can channel our characteristic individualism into positive constructive activism instead of allowing it to be used as a Jewish tool to "divide and conquer" us.

(a) One of the obvious areas we need individualism in is the LEADERSHIP field. Become a leader of your own group of White racist activists. In fact, become an ORDAINED MINISTER of the Church of the Creator and form your own church group,
(b) Use your talents to write copy, advertising, articles, letters to your local editor, etc., promoting the White Race and Creativity,
(c) If you are not of leadership quality, help those that are ORGANIZE and RECRUIT,
(d) Be a PROTESTER against every Jewish manifestation in our society — against school busing, against tyrannical taxation, against Jewish violations of our racial, religious and constitutional rights.

You can make your voice heard by writing letters to the Editor of your local paper, as I have said before. This costs nothing and gives you a large audience. There are any number of further channels we could list into which we can constructively channel our natural urges towards freedom and individualism, but let us now come to the crux of our message. That message is this: Instead of wantonly indulging in Jewish versions about freedom, liberty, fraternity and individualism we must face the realities of life. And some of the most stark realities of this last quarter of the twentieth century are these:

(a) that the White Race is under vicious attack by the whole worldwide Jewish network;
(b) the Jews are winning their war to destroy the White Race.
(c) Few members of the White Race are aware that they are targeted for extermination,
(d) Unless we soon change our stance we will be wiped out.

To counter this we must (a) Organize, (b) Practice White Racial Teamwork, (c) In order to do so we must have a creed and a program to polarize around. The Church of the Creator has now furnished such a creed and program in its three basic books: NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and SALUBRIOUS LIVING. We have thrown overboard once and for all the whole mess of Jewish-Christian gibberish that has confused, misled and paralyzed the White Race for the last 16 centuries. For the first time in its history the White Race now has a genuine racial religion of its own on which it can build and prosper for the next million years. In CREATIVITY, I believe, we have the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED.

We now come to our final point. If we are going to organize and unite, how with 10,000 or more "conservative", racial or religious organizations to confuse us — how can we choose the one and only? This is a difficult question. One of the main obstacles in this we find is that many White leaders suffer from what is called HUBRIS — overweening pride in their own production, even though it may be a miserable failure. Too many of them will not unite for the common good of the White Race even though they don't have the answer. They take the attitude — "If I didn't think of it first, I don't want any part of it." This is, of course, a destructive and divisive attitude, and a luxury we can no longer afford. But to answer the
question — I believe we have already answered it in the proceeding paragraph, namely that the Church of the Creator is far and above anything that has appeared in the White Man's history. It now has the total answer, the whole ball of wax.

Do we fall into this same category of being hubristic? I'm sure some will accuse us of such. So let us make our position clear. For twenty years I, too, wandered in the wasteland. Feeling that something had to be done I joined the Birch Society, I joined the Citizens Councils, I became a member of the Republican Party and ran for office. I organized a speakers group called Fact Finders Forum. I even started to attend (but did not join) a local Baptist church. I was quite willing to be an Indian and let someone else be the Chief. (I would love to do so even today).

However, the more I learned about the comprehensive depth of the conspiracy, the more alarmed I became that there was not a single organization in the whole lot of all those 10,000 or more that was the answer to the Jewish conspiracy that engulfed us. Some were nothing but a cheap money making scheme. Some were so totally inadequate as to be laughable. Some had part of the answer, but were also part of the problem, such as those that preached Christianity and White racism at the same time. Some were against the Jews, but for Christianity. Some of them were against Christianity but for the Jews. Some of them, the majority in fact, I discovered were actually fronts running interference for the Jews (such as the Birch Society ).

It was in 1970 that I came to the agonizing re-appraisal that was a turning point in my life. It slowly began to dawn on me that one of the most powerful roadblocks to the salvation and resurrection of the White Race was Christianity itself. It was a momentous discovery and I believe as such, a turning point in history. I came to the conclusion that what the White Race really needed was a new religion — a religion based on reality — on the Laws of Nature, on the lessons of history, and on common sense. Since no such religion existed, I went to work on it. It was an awesome responsibility.

The rest you know about. We now have three fundamental books - NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and SALUBRIOUS LIVING that lay down the foundations of our religious creed and program. In it, I repeat, we have achieved a fundamental job —a job that had to be done — to reconstruct our loyalties, our beliefs and our attitudes from top to bottom. In CREATIVITY we have the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED.

So now we are ready to launch our second and most difficult phase — to organize the total White Race. We must now unite and organize. To do so we have to make up our minds and we don't have forever to do it. We have to decide on that one creed and program that is capable of doing the job. We can no longer afford the luxury of dawdling off in 10,000 different directions. We are now under heavy siege and have very little time left to unite and organize. We have to polarize around one basic creed and program or else again suffer defeat from the Jewish program of divide and conquer.

As a footnote to underscore the urgency of what is facing us I might cite the Population Reference Bureau (1982) which tells us that whereas the human population has grown slowly throughout its long history, it will leap from two billion to ten billion in one century (1940-2040). What it does not tell us is that this increase is totally due to the explosion of the mud races, subsidized by the White Race, and that the White Race itself is rapidly shrinking into oblivion. We believe that Creativity is the answer, the total answer. It is head and shoulders above any creed and program the White Race has ever been offered before. We urge and implore you to join with us. In order to unite, we have to subordinate our
unbridled ideas of freedom and individualism for the general good of the White Race. We have to utilize the leadership principle — the only principle that has ever built a meaningful and competent organization. Instead of thinking in terms of rights and privileges we have to think in terms of responsibilities, in terms of duty. 
We have to think in terms of Racial Loyalty and contribution to our precious White Race, in short, Racial Teamwork.
Only within this framework can we hope to survive at all, and then march forward towards building a better race, a finer society and a WHITER AND BRIGHTER WORLD.

Want to be the start of something big? Join the Church of the Creator.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator



                     Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 1
                                 June 10AC (1983)

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Knocking the Key Weapon from Out of the Enemy's Hands....By Ben Klassen

Let us realize our Tremendous Potential and Utilize our Weapons to the Utmost.
Throughout history warring factions have sought to gain advantage over their enemies by having superior weapons with which to rout and destroy the enemy. The goal has been to get the "ultimate" weapon first, and then keep it out of the hands of the enemy.

If keeping it out of the enemy's hands is not possible, (and usually it is not) then the idea is to keep the weapon from the enemy at least as long as possible, and in the meantime develop even more deadly weapons of destruction. This, then, has consciously been the strategy of mankind ever since man emerged out of the caves with club in hand. Although the change in weaponry evolved slowly in ancient times, nevertheless, it changed significantly from time to time, from clubs to spears, to bows and arrows, to cavalry, chariots, to gunpowder and artillery, to tanks and aircraft, to rocketry and on up to the deadly hydrogen bomb of today, the latter being considered the "ultimate" weapon.

The premise of having weapons superior to that of the enemy and keeping such superior weapons out of the enemy's hands, is, of course, strategically sound, as history has proved countless times. When the White Man arrived in America with musketry and horses, the inferior Indian with his bows and arrows and on foot was no match for the White Man, and of course, it was not only the difference in weaponry in which the White Man was superior.

When the Hyksos arrived in Egypt with chariots and horses at about the 18th century B.C.E.., they easily conquered the amazed Egyptians. However, the Egyptians soon caught on and soon began to utilize the same weapons, and the wheel had come to Egypt. A few centuries later, they drove the Hyksos out.

When Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm confronted the Austrians at Koeniggratz (the Battle of Sadow) in 1866 with breech loading rifles to the Austrians' muzzle loaders, the engagement became a wholesale slaughter of the Austrians.

When the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, that war was over. (It had really been over six months earlier but the US. ignored and kept secret
the fact that the Japanese tried to surrender and sue for peace. Evidently the Jews wanted to continue the slaughter of American boys as long as possible.)
We can of course cite innumerable other examples of inventions on one side, and cloak and dagger methods with which to either obtain the secrets from the other side, or prevent the enemy from getting their hands on the new technology. All kinds of fascinating spy stories, mysteries and cloak and dagger tales have emerged from even the great war (WWII) about the Norden bomb sight, about radar technology, about V-1 and V-2 rockets and about our continued saturation bombings of the research center where the Germans were trying to develop their first atomic bomb, and our own overwhelming secrecy in the development of that bomb.

In every cage of advancing weaponry and technology, the White Man was by far the leading, the outstanding innovator, if, in fact, not the only contender in the field. Not only was the White Man the leader in the field, but, strangely enough, as recent history has so dramatically demonstrated, the White Race was also the leading victim of his own brilliant technology. The White Man's greatly superior weapons were in each case turned against the White Race itself and only the White Race could, and did, kill millions of other members of Nature's Finest. In short, the White Race engaged In a frantic race to forge superior weapons, the ultimate weapons of destruction. In order that it could kill its own faster, more effectively, and probably even wipe itself off the face of the earth.

What a monstrosity! How did such an idiotic, suicidal, horrible situation come about? Especially, how did Nature's Finest, Nature's most intelligent, the inventor of all this technology and the creator of all civilizations, get boxed into such an unbelievable dilemma?

We Creators have the answer to that question. The Jews accomplished all this through their DIVIDE and CONQUER technique, using nationalism as the main divisive factor, as well as any one of several other issues, such as religion, language, etc. But there is another
overriding factor, there is another ultimate weapon that is as old as history itself that the enemy has relentlessly employed against the While Race, and until now has moved heaven and earth to keep it out of the hands of the White Race itself.

That ultimate weapon is the idea of RACIAL IDEA COMBINED WITH THE B-BOMB. Once the White Race grasps the ultimate weapon into it's own powerful and capable hands, our enemies will be shortly wiped out, and they know it only too well. That is why they have left no stone unturned and unceasingly bombarded us with the B-bomb (brain bomb) to the point of saturation. The idea they have unceasingly and relentlessly inundated us with is that WHITE RACISM is evil, evil, evil. Jewish racism is great, Black racism is wonderful. Hispanics have every right to exercise THEIR civil rights, to band together, violate and flout our immigration laws and flood the White Man's domain with their hungry hordes. The Vietnamese have "rights", the Jamaicans have rights, the Cubans have rights, and the Indians, too, poor things, have their inalienable rights. Ah yes, and when we speak of those decrepit relics of the atone age we must respectfully talk about Indian "braves", the "noble" red man and how the despicable and sneaky White Man lied and cheated him and his "nations" out of his lands. That is what the Jewish press says we must say and the White Man collaborates and babbles such inanities not un-similar to the way a conditioned Pavlovian dog doing his trained act.

But what about the White Man? What about the White Race? Does it have any rights in this greatest land on the face of the earth? A land, a civilization and an empire built by the White Man's own illustrious Ancestors? Do we have any rights to even voice our opinions?

Hell no! Didn't you know that Judaism has decreed that White Racism is the most heinous evil to ever be conceived by the mind of man? It must be purged. It must be attacked, smeared, slandered, disgraced and expunged from the face of the earth! Such a powerful onslaught have the Jews launched over the years against the White Race's ever organizing itself and realizing its own potential that race mixing (although never spelled out into a law)
has now become not only the most fanatically pursued goal of this (and preceding) administrations, but it has now actually become the state religion of the formerly White Man's United States.
Every law, every court decision, every sermon from the pulpit is now directed to promote race mixing. We must race mix! Race mix with all deliberate speed until the White Man is expunged and exterminated.

This, then, has become the unwritten but pervading official religion of this once great America that our own glorious ancestors built!

All right, so there we have it. There lies the dire secret right out there in front of the White Man's eyes, right out there in the open for every man to see. The stupid niggers can see it and understand it, so do the lowly Mexicans and so does every other minority. Only the White Man is blind as a bat, and cannot, or will not, see it. Only the White Race seems conditioned to shun and ignore this powerful combination of the RACIAL IDEA and the B-BOMB.

But now the Church Of The Creator sees it, understands it. and has it. We now have it all put together, comprehensive, complete, consistent, in a fervent racial religion. It is called CREATIVITY. We are now determined to blare it out to the world to promote the hell out of it until every White Man sees it, understands it, grasps it and makes it his very own. Actually we have been preaching it from the very beginning of Creativity. RACIAL LOYALTY, the name of the paper you are now holding in your hands is THE VERY heart of the idea.

The Church Of The Creator is determined to implement the solution totally and with reality and not just wallow in the problem as do most other DEPLORE AND LAMENT discussion societies.

How are we going to implement the racial idea combined with the B-bomb? That, too, is very basic and easy to understand. We are going to promote it in the same way as every other idea and movement has been promoted. The only difference is we will do it with more urgency, more fervor and a great deal more reason than has any cause that has ever been conceived in the history of mankind. Nothing, but nothing, is more vital, more important than the survival of Nature's Finest, the White Race.

This is where you come in. How much do you care? You know what to do (Read again "Spreading the Good Word" in issue No. 16. Read again all of Issue No. 10 about becoming on Ordained Minister of the Church, about how to form your own church group. Read again about "Dispersion and Polarization" in issue No. 14.

So now let's go to work. When you realize what the miserable Jew, a small, despicable minority, has been able to do with these weapons, imagine what the White Race, still 500 million strong, can do with these same weapons. Let us grasp the impact of this ultimate weapon and change the world forever — and make it a beautiful place for the White Race to live, to love and to prosper.

Nature has never read the Declaration of Independence. It continues to make us unequal.
Let us permit Nature to have her way; she understands her business better than we do.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator




                                    Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 17
                                                    Oct 11AC (1984)


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Rev James Mac responds to Kai Murros London Forum speech Oct 2015

I have listened to Kai’s recent speech at the London Forum, and in the first 10 minutes there are already a couple of things that are making me feel uneasy.

Firstly, he puts too much emphasis on ‘love of England,’ which is sounding far too nationalistic for my liking. We should be talking White, White, White. It troubles me that this ‘England, England, England’ talk seems to resonate so much with a supposedly hardline racist audience. Which for me says there is much work to be done, even with ‘our side’. As I have always said.

I will agree with his positive stance, however, emphasising love and not falling into the misanthropic trap of despising our own people because ‘they just don’t get it,’ etc.. This receives a round of applause, yet so many of those attending such meetings as the London Forum are some of the most guilty offenders when it comes to their negative attitude towards their fellow White people.

Secondly, his talk of extreme measures, implying extreme violence on the part of... I’d like to say ‘Racial Loyalists,’ but Kai appears to be appealing more to ‘English nationalists’. It is like he is trying to butter up the audience, and succeeding very well. He says that the English people (whoever they are), knowing that the individual committing the ‘extreme measures’ will be doing it in their name (‘because they know you act out of love’), will eventually support these actions, no matter how monstrous, no matter how horrifying.

Here is a short excerpt from his London speech:

‘Whatever you do, the English people will eventually understand and support you, because they know that you act out of love. Especially when you do the most cruel and horrible things. That true love is eventually measured by your willingness and ability to become a MONSTER in order to protect those you love. You will do the unthinkable, what people so far could not even have imagined, or dare not hope. You will do what cannot be discussed later.’ (11:25 onwards.)

What on earth!? If somebody acted upon this advice, went out and did something really stupid, it would be a Jewish propagandists dream come true. It would give the media an excuse to go into overdrive and demonise pro-White people like never before. A recent example of how this works is Liverpool, where the Liverpool Echo whipped up the public into a frenzy of hatred towards the pro-White ‘White Man March’ (the people ‘acting out of love,’ remember?), based entirely on a very dodgy letter threatening to cause a riot in the more ‘enriched’ areas of the city. This isn’t good.

Kai then indulges in fantasy, how ‘we’ (or ‘English Nationalists,’whoever they are) are going to invade university campuses, have university professors dragged on a podium, in a show-trial situation, confessing to all their evil deeds against ’the English people’. Fantasy land stuff. Yet we have a round of applause from the fantasists at the London Forum (probably the majority of the audience).

Before you get anywhere NEAR to making this fantasy land stuff a reality, you have to GET POWER. Kai jumps from young lads/lasses clad in black and wearing face masks, dressing like anarchists, to tormenting university professors in a show trial situation, just like that. And then the baying mob is going to lynch these traitors? Is this before or after taking power? How are you going to GET POWER, Kai?

I am not happy either with his ‘English workers vs. the bourgeois’ talk, which is needlessly divisive. Yet it gets more applause from this supposedly enlightened audience.
Near the end of his speech, after more of him buttering up the audience with harmful ‘England over all’ talk (‘Englishness should be the highest virtue!’ he proclaims), he makes a bit more sense when he says we need to get power.

He doesn’t appear to have a program in mind. He seems to think that it is enough for us to simply to be obsessed with power. Overall, it appears to me that this Kai fellow is more about appealing to young fantasists than anything else. He is a crafty orator, saying a lot of nice things that appeal to the sensibility of the audience, who are still wallowing in petty nationalism. He knows how to get the audience worked up.

Then he injects his, in my view (judging from this performance at the London Forum), harmful venom. Harmful because it is nationalistic, harmful because it is tinged with divisive class warfare, and finally it is harmful because it appeals to fantasists that may act on his advice and do something extremely stupid.

This is where we Creators need to step in and say a big fat NO to his insidious nationalism, NO to class warfare and other needlessly divisive tripe, and NO to his advocacy of extreme violence, the kind that will ruin the lives of those acting on such advice and have the White people of any country turning strongly against Racial Loyalists and thus their Salvation.

Rev James Mac
Oct  42AC (2015)
Creativity England

Sunday, 4 October 2015

The White Mans Bible.. Creative Credo # 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 ...Read by Rev James Mac

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                                         The White Mans Bible Creative Credo # 01
CREATIVE CREDO No. 1 - The Goals of Creativity: The Four Dimensional Religion   

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The White Mans Bible Creative Credo # 05          
CREATIVE CREDO No. 5 - Salubrious Living: The Creative Way to Super Health                                                                                                                                                               

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Free Matt Hale! Raffle

Racial Greetings to all involved in the Free Matt Hale! Raffle

We have decided to extend the date for concluding the raffle to October 31st. Tickets for the raffle will be $5 a ticket and you will get a number. There will be one grand prize winner announced on October 31st.

Please email  for more information, to purchase tickets or to just donate. Please specify in the email if you are interested in just donating or the raffle to make it easier to get you your numbers.

Nationalists from all over are coming together to raise money for Pontifex Matt Hale of the World Church of the Creator. We are raising money for his commissary due to a special diet that Matt is on. Due to all the legal fights he is having he is low on funding. His mother and a few loyal supporters have been keeping him going up till this point. Never has she asked for donations for Matt until recently. This tells us he is in dire need of our Support.

We are dedicated to our POW's. This is a simple project where we can all come together, in Unity for one of our Brothers who has given all so we can be Free.

Matt Hale has continued his fight for Freedom for 11 years now. We need to help him in his time of need as we would hope others would do for us if needed. Let him know that he is not forgotten.


Brother Ken
Oct 42AC (2015)

Write Rev Hale
Matthew F. Hale
US Penitentiary Max
PO BOX 8500
Florence, CO


Here are the prizes below for those who wish to help support our White Brother.