Thursday, 1 October 2015

Free Matt Hale! Raffle

Racial Greetings to all involved in the Free Matt Hale! Raffle

We have decided to extend the date for concluding the raffle to October 31st. Tickets for the raffle will be $5 a ticket and you will get a number. There will be one grand prize winner announced on October 31st.

Please email  for more information, to purchase tickets or to just donate. Please specify in the email if you are interested in just donating or the raffle to make it easier to get you your numbers.

Nationalists from all over are coming together to raise money for Pontifex Matt Hale of the World Church of the Creator. We are raising money for his commissary due to a special diet that Matt is on. Due to all the legal fights he is having he is low on funding. His mother and a few loyal supporters have been keeping him going up till this point. Never has she asked for donations for Matt until recently. This tells us he is in dire need of our Support.

We are dedicated to our POW's. This is a simple project where we can all come together, in Unity for one of our Brothers who has given all so we can be Free.

Matt Hale has continued his fight for Freedom for 11 years now. We need to help him in his time of need as we would hope others would do for us if needed. Let him know that he is not forgotten.


Brother Ken
Oct 42AC (2015)

Write Rev Hale
Matthew F. Hale
US Penitentiary Max
PO BOX 8500
Florence, CO


Here are the prizes below for those who wish to help support our White Brother.








  1. That's a hell of a deal for a $5 Ticket. Free Matt Hale. Support Pontifex.

  2. He will not be Forgetten! #FreeMattHale

  3. This is about helping a loyal brother who is still being active while enduring a cruel persecution. He deserves our support, whether we will the prizes or not. Free Matt Hale!!!!;