Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Rev James Mac responds to Kai Murros London Forum speech Oct 2015

I have listened to Kai’s recent speech at the London Forum, and in the first 10 minutes there are already a couple of things that are making me feel uneasy.

Firstly, he puts too much emphasis on ‘love of England,’ which is sounding far too nationalistic for my liking. We should be talking White, White, White. It troubles me that this ‘England, England, England’ talk seems to resonate so much with a supposedly hardline racist audience. Which for me says there is much work to be done, even with ‘our side’. As I have always said.

I will agree with his positive stance, however, emphasising love and not falling into the misanthropic trap of despising our own people because ‘they just don’t get it,’ etc.. This receives a round of applause, yet so many of those attending such meetings as the London Forum are some of the most guilty offenders when it comes to their negative attitude towards their fellow White people.

Secondly, his talk of extreme measures, implying extreme violence on the part of... I’d like to say ‘Racial Loyalists,’ but Kai appears to be appealing more to ‘English nationalists’. It is like he is trying to butter up the audience, and succeeding very well. He says that the English people (whoever they are), knowing that the individual committing the ‘extreme measures’ will be doing it in their name (‘because they know you act out of love’), will eventually support these actions, no matter how monstrous, no matter how horrifying.

Here is a short excerpt from his London speech:

‘Whatever you do, the English people will eventually understand and support you, because they know that you act out of love. Especially when you do the most cruel and horrible things. That true love is eventually measured by your willingness and ability to become a MONSTER in order to protect those you love. You will do the unthinkable, what people so far could not even have imagined, or dare not hope. You will do what cannot be discussed later.’ (11:25 onwards.)

What on earth!? If somebody acted upon this advice, went out and did something really stupid, it would be a Jewish propagandists dream come true. It would give the media an excuse to go into overdrive and demonise pro-White people like never before. A recent example of how this works is Liverpool, where the Liverpool Echo whipped up the public into a frenzy of hatred towards the pro-White ‘White Man March’ (the people ‘acting out of love,’ remember?), based entirely on a very dodgy letter threatening to cause a riot in the more ‘enriched’ areas of the city. This isn’t good.

Kai then indulges in fantasy, how ‘we’ (or ‘English Nationalists,’whoever they are) are going to invade university campuses, have university professors dragged on a podium, in a show-trial situation, confessing to all their evil deeds against ’the English people’. Fantasy land stuff. Yet we have a round of applause from the fantasists at the London Forum (probably the majority of the audience).

Before you get anywhere NEAR to making this fantasy land stuff a reality, you have to GET POWER. Kai jumps from young lads/lasses clad in black and wearing face masks, dressing like anarchists, to tormenting university professors in a show trial situation, just like that. And then the baying mob is going to lynch these traitors? Is this before or after taking power? How are you going to GET POWER, Kai?

I am not happy either with his ‘English workers vs. the bourgeois’ talk, which is needlessly divisive. Yet it gets more applause from this supposedly enlightened audience.
Near the end of his speech, after more of him buttering up the audience with harmful ‘England over all’ talk (‘Englishness should be the highest virtue!’ he proclaims), he makes a bit more sense when he says we need to get power.

He doesn’t appear to have a program in mind. He seems to think that it is enough for us to simply to be obsessed with power. Overall, it appears to me that this Kai fellow is more about appealing to young fantasists than anything else. He is a crafty orator, saying a lot of nice things that appeal to the sensibility of the audience, who are still wallowing in petty nationalism. He knows how to get the audience worked up.

Then he injects his, in my view (judging from this performance at the London Forum), harmful venom. Harmful because it is nationalistic, harmful because it is tinged with divisive class warfare, and finally it is harmful because it appeals to fantasists that may act on his advice and do something extremely stupid.

This is where we Creators need to step in and say a big fat NO to his insidious nationalism, NO to class warfare and other needlessly divisive tripe, and NO to his advocacy of extreme violence, the kind that will ruin the lives of those acting on such advice and have the White people of any country turning strongly against Racial Loyalists and thus their Salvation.

Rev James Mac
Oct  42AC (2015)
Creativity England


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