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Reverend Logsdon is the current leader of TCM without the title of Pontifex Maximus

After the set-up and imprisonment of Rev Matt Hale the Church was decimated, from the fear of ZOG most members resigned or just disappeared never to be heard from again. Not Rev Logsdon! He has kept the Church together since Rev Hales abduction when most others ran.

Rev Logsdon guards the Honor of the Creativity Religion with the passion of a pit bull and is just as unapologetic. He does not care to spare the feelings or be politically correct to those opposed to his views.


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UPDATE......... The show was great! To hear Rev Logsdon on WHITE PRIDE RADIO check out the archive............. WP RADIO...GUEST REV LOGSDON (OCT 2 2013)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Interview with TCM Croatia


1.) Tell us something about your chapter, for how long have you been active, what are your activities?

Well, TCM Croatia was formed in 2006, although I must say that gained most success in recruitment and activism in last few years. We mostly do propaganda work, from writing articles, publishing our magazine and website, some audio and video propaganda, translating Creator books,... We also have our music band that we are proud of, Invictus, that plays Creativity inspired rock music. Mostly our activism is based upon propaganda work, and I think we have set a ground work for future activities.

2.) Do you work with other organizations in your country?

There are no such orgs here we could work with. In fact I don’t think there is any org here that promotes white racial loyalty. Sad but true.

3.) As a European, how do you implement to your circumstances some precepts that mostly apply to US when Klassen wrote them?
Not quite sure what you mean by that. Creativity is universal White Man’s religion, not a regional religion. It doesn’t apply to US or Europe exclusively, it applies to the whole world. Our ideas are same in US, Europe of Africa. The only difference is strategy. We have different laws here, a minimum or no free speech at all, we have to be very careful what we say in public. Everything is more ‘underground’ here. Also, one difference is that Europe is still filled with nationalists who are against white cooperation. But we don’t care much about them, they are destined to fall in the long run. As I’ve said it, major difference is lack of free speech and we have to work with that burden.
4.) Croatia has a troubled past, you are probably the only country in Europe that went through full scale war to gain freedom from communist regime. You also fought off Serbian aggression. What can you tell us about your relations with Serbia these days?

Not much to say, the war has ended, there will always be some political tensions here and then, but situation is stabilized. We don’t cooperate with Serbs, but we aren’t making propaganda against them either. Whoever tries to harm our people will feel our wrath, not matter who we are talking about. Don’t mess with us, and everything will be fine, lol. We have fought with Turks, the Ottoman empire for 500 years, and they never managed to conquer our country, while many others fell, that speaks for itself. Unfortunately we are weak when it comes to preserve our nation’s interests through peace and politics, like today when our country has been sold cheap to EU.

5.) What do you think of whole European Union concept?

Well, political union of European countries is not a bad thing. Europe has to be united against foreign threats. But this EU has nothing to do with Europe. They promote multiracialism, mass immigration and egalitarianism. It is a completely Jewish creation, the whole purpose of it is to easily control all our countries from one place through unified parliament, constitution and laws. European economy is completely devastated, all of the industry has been sold to the Far East, for interest of a chosen few. Pathetic.
6.) There is still a big influence of Christianity in Europe, many in nationalist circles, and I suppose in your country also. How do you plan to recruit those people to Creativity?

The majority of those people only declare themselves as Christians, but in fact are hypocrites, they know nothing of their religion. Many people say they are Christians just because of tradition, they are not real followers of that philosophy. When you think of it, that is not a problem, because we want people that think for themselves, people that do not compromise and lie to themselves. If I would declare myself a Creator and behave opposite of what Creativity teaches, I would be hypocrite. Same with Christians. Creativity is about revolution of values and changing of our people’s thinking and way of reasoning. Those who manage to do that, they are cadre for us. We don’t need wide public approval, we are not heading for votes, we are not political party, we need only activists that will devote part of their time for spreading of our creed, and thus saving our race. We are ideological and religious movement, we do not compromise, that is where our strength is.

7.) I know you have been rather active in cooperating with other national chapters on international propagation of Creativity. What are your experiences working with other chapters?

Well, experiences are mostly positive, we mainly worked with US and Polish Chapters, and Slovakian one when it was still active. It’s all about individuals, an organization is active as much as their members are. There are always certain individuals that make things go further. We need such people who are organizers and motivators for other members.

8.) What do you think of current downfall of Creativity that lasts for a decade now? When will we fully recuperate?

Creativity really went south back then, but we are still here though. It is however very unclear to me why the huge loss of members and chapters happened. How is possible that whole national chapter, one of the largest in the world, disappears just like that? I am talking about Ruthenia section, for example. I know they were under huge pressure from ZOG, but still, you can lower your activities for a year or two, but no word for the past 8 years? Same with many others, US chapters too. Retreat, recuperate, reorganize and fight back.

Interview by TCM Europe
Originally published in IMPERIUM
The Creativity Movement online Magazine

Racial Loyalists not Nationalists.... Rev Matt Hale

"The term Racial Loyalists is by far the best way to describe all those who are devoted to the cause of preserving our own White Race. Creators especially should quit using the term "White Nationalists" since our Founder teaches that "Nationalism" is bad in Natures Eternal Religion. Racial Loyalty, not Nationalism, is the issue."

Rev Matt Hale
Sep 40AC (2013)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Creativity and Creators... What we are and what we are not

In harmony with Nature, Creativity is basically a sound, healthy approach to living in harmony with the eternal laws of Nature. It is combination of a philosophy, a Weltanschauung, a discipline and a religion. Its basic design is a way of life for the White race and the White race alone. It encompasses every phase and activity of life from the cradle to the grave

It is a four dimensional religion whose fundamental approach is based on the idea of a sound mind in a sound body in a sound society in a sound environment. We endeavor to encompass the total spectrum of living.

 Above all it is concerned with race and is truly the first real racial religion the White race has ever had.

To build a better world.  Unlike a variety of movements and philosophies that have plagued the world, it is a constructive religion. It does not merely criticize or tear down in order to be nihilistic. When we look at communism, the hippie movement. Christianity and a host of other Jew-spawned movements, we find their energy is directed toward tearing down the established order without a single constructive idea as to how to replace it with a better order, or build a better world.

Jewish Communism Nihilistic. Communism has been around for more than sixty years in Russia and its satellites. All it has produced is a hellish concentration camp whose inhabitants are sad, fearful, unable to utilize the vast natural resources of a great country that under White Man and Creativity could and would produce a veritable cornucopia of prosperity and good living.

Degenerative. The Hippies movement, a passing phenomena ( also Jew inspired) too, repudiated all past experience and repudiated the established order, but had no positive program to solve any of the manifold problems inherent in that order. It degraded our young people in filth, aimlessness and despair. The one seemingly redeeming feature it had was that it proclaimed a " Back to Nature" movement, but is not the type that we Creators have in mind. Their ideas about "Back to Nature" degenerated into living like animals, or worse. Like rats they lived in caves, abandoned mines, old shacks or out in the open. Generally these Hippies lived in filth, un-kept, unshaven, unwashed and un-bathed, a way of life we Creators regard with disgust and contempt.

Steeped in Fantasy.  Similarly, Christianity, while decrying the "worldly" order, produced not a single constructive idea or suggestion as to how to build a better world order. It totally avoided the situation by exhorting its followers instead to seek refuge in a dream world, in a world of fantasy and waste their lives preparing for a " hear after", a spook world of apparitions that existed only in the imagination of its Jewish scribblers. Nowhere in the Jewish bible is there a constructive word of advice as to how to build a better society, what kind of government is best, how to earn a living, or how to manage your own business, nor a single constructive idea about any of the myriad of other real problems confronting the average individual. Worst of all, it broke down the idea of Racial values, making the most stupid nigger who had embraced their suicidal philosophy as vastly superior to a Creative White Man such as Darwin or Edison, for example, who did not believe such trash.

All Jewish Philosophies Destructive to the White Race   In short, most, if not all, prevalent Jewish philosophies wield power and influence because they are destructive. They go on the premise that it is a lot easier to burn down and destroy a building than to build it in the first place. They go the proposition that in burning down the building they are wielding influence and attracting attention far beyond the little effort and few measly matches and gasoline it took to burn the building down.

Creative, Dynamic, Constructive.   We of the Church of the Creator are the very antithesis, the very opposite of all these Jewish movements and ideas. We are builders. We are constructive in our approach. We are productive, energetic, imaginative and Creative and embody all the superior traits of the White Race that have been characteristics of our great Race for thousands of years, but unfortunately have been subverted and thwarted by the Jewish pestilence that has plagued us since the dawn of civilization.

Recognize and Destroy our Enemies.    Unfortunately whereas the illustrious White Race has in its tortured past never fully recognized or understood that plague, it is one of the most fortunate and constructive features of Creativity to recognize, understand and promote a dynamic program for the destruction of this sinister plague, root it out once and for all, and rid mankind of it forever.   

Based on Race.   But beyond that we have a viable, dynamic and practical program to build a new world for the White Race in which the key phrase is A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society Sound in a Sound Environment.

In Summary.
We can point with pride and say about Creativity

1. It is a Racial Religion   that embodies the best values of genetics, philosophy, economics, art, literature, the health sciences, government, morality, the environmental sciences and all the other facets of living that the White Race has accumulated through experience over the millenniums.

2. It is a movement for the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race and the White Race alone.

3. Its key criteria is : What is best for the White Race.  What is good for the White Race is the Highest virtue : What is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

4. Instead of perverting the thinking of our supporters to a phantom world of never-never land, Our religion concentrates on life on this earth, the only domain Man has ever, ever been known to live, spiritually or otherwise. We aspire to make life on this earth richer, fuller, grander and more rewarding than any civilization that has ever existed.

5. Whereas we concentrate on the hear and now, we also place great importance on the past and future of our Race. We regard our Race as a long endless golden chain of which we of the present are only a link. We honor our prestigious ancestors and we plan and prepare for our tremendously superior progeny of the future.

6. Creativity is so designed that the White Race can thrive, prosper and advance for the next million years.

7. This we can confidently predict because Creativity is based on the Eternal laws of Nature for its own survival, for the survival of, and perpetuation of its best, rather than the sickly creed of the Jewish religion which promotes the survival and expansion of the worst elements of our race to the detriment of our best elements.

    The Essence of a Creator

A CREATOR puts loyalty towards his own race above every other loyalty.

A CREATOR is responsible, productive, and constructive. 

A CREATOR places a high value on honor and self-respect, and will defend his own honor, the honor of his race and of his family at all costs.

A CREATOR recognizes both love and hate as the two most powerful driving forces in life; that both emotions are healthy and essential to life, and to possess only one and to be deprived of the other is to be as crippled as a bird with only one wing.

A CREATOR realizes that both love and hate, in order to be constructive, must be directed in the proper channels and to do otherwise is destructive and suicidal.

A CREATOR therefore makes a careful distinction between his loved ones and his enemies. He loves, aids, and abets those of his own race and his own kind, and hates his enemies, namely Jews, niggers, and the mud races.

A CREATOR is eager, optimistic, aggressive, energetic, and self-sacrificing for the best interests of his people.

A CREATOR strives to keep physically fit and keep his body in the best of health at all times.

A CREATOR is inquisitive, adventurous, and has a cheerful zest for living.

A CREATOR is tough, tenacious, resolute, persistent, persevering, indefatigable, as were the ancient Romans.

A CREATOR is practical, down-to-earth, and concentrates on those goals and activities that are meaningful and worthwhile.

A CREATOR is brave and courageous and always a proud credit to his people.

A CREATOR places a high value on ATTITUDE, strives continually to maintain a healthy, positive, and dynamic attitude towards life.


A CREATOR is a problem solver

                                                                              What a Creator is not

A CREATOR is not gullible, and does not easily accept any statement. belief, assertion or assumption that to him is lacking in proof and/or is unreasonable in the light of his own experiences.

A CREATOR is not superstitious and distains belief in the supernatural. He will waste no time giving credence to, or playing silly games with imaginary spooks, spirits, gods and demons.

A CREATOR is not interested in the future or welfare of the mud races, and shuns race mixing or any social intercourse whatsoever with the inferior mud races.

A CREATOR shuns sexual deviance

A CREATOR does not whine, complain or indulge in self-pity, but instead faces problems realistically, gets to the root of the problems, and determines to solve them.

Ben Klassen P.M
Founder, Church of the Creator

Taken from
White Mans Bible
Creative Credo No 68

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Creativity is a Religion

 Creativity was recognized as a Religion by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin in Peterson v. Wilmur Communications (205 F.Supp.2d 1014) (2002).

Creativity is a "Religion" under Title VII

" The court has no quarrel with defendant's subjective characterization of the plaintiff's belief system. However, as discussed previously, Title VII protects against discrimination on the basis of religion, regardless of the court's or any one else's opinion of the religion at issue. Plaintiff has shown that Creativity functions as religion in his life; thus, Creativity is for him a religion regardless of whether it espouses goodness or ill."

"To be sure, Creativity shares some of the white supremacist beliefs of the KKK and the National Socialist White People's Party. However, the fact that plaintiff's beliefs can be characterized as political does not mean they are not also religious."

"Rather, the EEOC regulation means that "religion" under Title VII includes belief systems which espouse notions of morality and ethics and supply a means from distinguishing right from wrong. Creativity has these characteristics. Creativity teaches that followers should live their lives according to what will best foster the advancement of white people and the denigration of all others. This precept, although simplistic and repugnant to the notions of equality that undergird the very non-discrimination statute at issue, is a means for determining right from wrong."

"Nonetheless, a test has emerged to determine whether beliefs are a religion for purposes of Title VII. Rather than define religion according to its content, the test requires courts take a functional approach and ask whether a belief "functions as" religion in the life of the individual before the court." and stating that they supply the test for determining what is a "religion" under Title VII) Stated another way, the court should find beliefs to be a religion if they "occupy the same place in the life of the [individual] as an orthodox belief in God holds in the life of one clearly qualified." To satisfy this test, the plaintiff must show that the belief at issue is "`sincerely held'" and "`religious' in [his or her] own scheme of things." In evaluating whether a belief meets this test, courts must give "`great weight'" to the plaintiff's own characterization of his or her beliefs as religious."

"To be a religion under this test, a belief system need not have a concept of a God, supreme being, or afterlife,(finding religious the ethical beliefs of an atheist who did not believe in an afterlife), or derive from any outside source. Purely "moral and ethical beliefs" can be religious "so long as they are held with the strength of religious convictions."

"Courts ... are not free to reject beliefs because they consider them incomprehensible."). So long as the belief is sincerely held and is religious in the plaintiffs scheme of things, the belief is religious regardless of whether it is "acceptable, logical, consistent, or comprehensible to others."

ADELMAN, District Judge.