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Rev Matt Hale...Pardon Attorney

Friends and Supporters: I received a call from Matt. He said that he needs all supporters to write to the Pardon Attorney and explain that Matt is an innocent man that has committed no crime. Explain that Creativity is not a "gang", it is a religion. Tell the Pardon  Attorney that Creativity religion does not believe in violence. Stress that Creativity is not a gang. Matt has discovered that someone has sent a letter to that office saying that it is a gang. This is very important!! The president does not like gangs, Matt doesn't either. Matt has filed a notice about the prison sending back your letters unopened and I will be asking you to file a declaration with the court regarding you getting mail returned unopened as soon as it gets on the court docket. The address for the Pardon Attorney follows:

Larry Kupers, Acting Pardon Attorney

Office of the Pardon Attorney
145 N. Street NE
Room 5E-508
Washington, DC 20530 
We are coming down the line on Matts petition to the president asking that he grant Matt a "Commutation of Sentence". 
 Rev Matt Hale Petition for Commutation of Sentence
The more letters that are sent to the Pardon Attorney, the better. I am asking for your help!! Please send a letter twice each month.
Thank you,
Ms. H
Friends, here is a form letter to help you with your letter to the Pardon Attorney.
Ms. H
Larry Kupers, Acting Pardon Attorney
Office of the Pardon Attorney
145 N. Street NE
Room 5E-508
Washington, DC 20530

Attn: William N. Taylor, II, Executive Officer

Re:  A Plea for A Commutation of Sentence on behalf of Matthew Hale #15177-424, 
U.S.P. – Max, P.O. Box 8500, Florence. CO 81226-8500

Dear Sir:

I have been informed that the above matter will not even be considered for another one or two years! This is unacceptable given the circumstances involved. Matthew Hale has been incarcerated not for any proven violation of the law, but by virtue of a combination of lies and illegal actions. Furthermore, your office has suffered from deliberate misinformation in this matter. Matthew’s group, Creativity, has been presented to your office—falsely—as representing a gang! Creativity is a belief system; it is religious in nature, so unless you are willing to consider the Roman Catholic Church or Orthodox Jewry as “gangs,” Creativity should be viewed in that light and not as an illegal and dangerous organization. 

Under the circumstances previously presented to you—including the transcript of Mr. Hale’s “trial” [link:] fully revealing this terrible miscarriage of justice—I would beg you to move quickly in this matter so that justice may finally be done to an innocent man. There is an old but true axiom, justice delayed is justice denied! Surely every effort should be made to bring this matter to a proper and just solution. No one can give back to Matthew Hale the years he has suffered in durance vile, but his suffering should surely not be sustained because of bureaucratic red tape.

Myself and many others are praying that you in your capacity as Executive Officer of the Office of the Pardon Attorney will bring this matter to the attention of President Trump so that Matthew Hale will be made a free man once again.




Supporters: I am sending you something that a supporter sent to me that will help you with your letters to the Pardon Attorney. These letters that we send are very important in helping Matt come home. Thank you for every letter you send. For those of you that haven't sent your letters, please take the time to do this for an innocent man that has suffered in solitary confinement for 14 years for a crime he DID NOT commit.
Thank you, Ms. H
Dos and Don’ts when writing the Pardon Attorney

Before you get started, know that timing is everything. We have received no indication that President Trump is interested in granting clemency at this time. We do not discourage people from filing clemency because one never knows what might happen, but we want people to have a good understanding of the process. First, make sure that if the person filing for clemency was denied in a previous petition that 1 year from the denial has elapsed or it could be kicked back for filing too soon. If this is the first time a prisoner is filing, they should have exhausted all of their appeals before seeking executive clemency.
Also, these are TIPS to help people navigate the process, but there is no absolute RULE so keep that in mind when reading the following:

Write to either the Pardon Attorney, Larry Kupers, the President, or both! Since President Trump has entered office, we have noticed that the White House sends letters and questions about clemency to the Office of the Pardon Attorney, which is a departure from the Obama administration that used to respond to most letters and questions. At this time, we think it is best to direct your correspondence to the Pardon Attorney, Mr. Kupers. But, you can write to either one, and send a copy to the other – please use the “cc” symbol at the very bottom of the letter to alert the president or Pardon Attorney that you have sent a copy of your letter to the other source.

Use the proper letter format. DO NOT DOUBLE SPACE a letter. Double spacing is used in motions, legal briefs, etc. not in letters. We use the format where everything is flush on the left margin. Date goes first, then the name and address of the person you are sending the letter to, such as:
(fill in the date)
Office of the Pardon Attorney Mr. Larry Kupers  145 N Street N.E. Room 5E.508 Washington, D.C. 20530
OR if you write to the President use this address:

President Donald Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20500
RE: Clemency Petition for John/Jane Doe (It is important to identify the applicant your letter refers to either here, and/or in the first sentence of the first paragraph.)

Dear Mr. Kupers,

Use the first paragraph to get directly to the point…
I am writing in support of John/Jane Doe’s clemency petition because I firmly believe a commutation of (First name, as in John’s) sentence would be in the best interest of our society, justice, the taxpayer, and last but not least, the family members, friends and loved ones who continue to suffer each day that John/Jane remains incarcerated. (Establish how much time has already been served.) John has already completed 18 years on a 30 year sentence and paid dearly for his crime. (Make it your own – this is just an example…you can expand or be more specific.)

Waste time on sentences that don’t matter – such as “I know you are busy…” or “I’m sure you get a lot of letters…” that’s their job and there’s no reason in stating the obvious. Just get to the point and make every sentence pertain to John/Jane Doe and why they deserve to be chosen out of tens of thousands of applicants.

Use the second paragraph to establish your connection to the prisoner, if you have one and/or explain why they deserve clemency.
John is my cousin, brother, husband, son… (Or) I have known John since the third grade…we grew up together and played sports/basketball/? or s/he was a very good student, etc. You may know some hardships this person went through, as in domestic violence, or trauma – if so, you can share. 
(Create a positive, healthy image.) I always remember John as being a very compassionate person, that cared deeply about family…etc. (Add more reasons why you think John/Jane deserves clemency) John/Jane has taken advantage of many programs offered by the BOP and has a clear record of conduct. Not only does John deserve clemency, but his children deserve to reunite with their father/mother who were only 3 and 7 when s/he went to prison… (Or) Jane’s mother is in ill health and my concern is that she may pass away before Jane is released, which deprives a mother and daughter of a very important bond in the evolution of their relationship. I can’t imagine the anguish I would feel if I could not be at my mother’s side – the very person who brought me into this world – at the moment when she will depart.

Use the third paragraph to summarize: 
In conclusion, I hope you will give strong consideration to John/Jane’s clemency petition and find them worthy of compassion. I pray you will submit their petition with a favorable recommendation to the President for his approval and that he will have mercy on my friend,
cousin, mother … Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this extremely important matter that has the potential to favorably impact many lives. (Again, expand on this – write from the heart.)
Sincerely yours,
(Hit return 4 times and sign your name in this empty space, above your typed name.)
Amy Ralston Povah

If you intend on sending a copy to the president write the following: cc: President Trump (cc stands for “carbon copy” so add whoever you want to send a copy of this letter to – 

Have someone review the letter before you send it to catch any errors and provide feedback. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but fresh eyes will catch typos. If you don’t have anyone to preview it, go ahead and send.

Provide details of the prisoner’s case. Let them do that in their petition. I had someone write, “Amy was completely innocent…” and I’m sure they think they were helping me. I was NOT completely innocent and I admitted to my role in the conspiracy. According to the conspiracy statute, if someone furthers the conspiracy one step, we are guilty for the entire scope of the conspiracy – it’s not fair, but that’s the law and until we change it, we are guilty. So, please don’t provide details of a prisoner’s case that you may or may not be clear about, as it may contradict what is in their petition. You can refer to it as a case of injustice, but just be careful about trying to make the case FOR the petitioner. That’s why you should personalize this letter as one coming from YOU, and why YOU would like to see justice served by encouraging the Pardon Attorney to submit a favorable recommendation to the President to grant the prisoner’s clemency petition.

End the letter by adding your collective voice as someone who will personally benefit if John/Jane is released and if they will have a positive impact on your life – explain how. If you don’t know John then get creative with how society will benefit. If you are someone who will provide aide to John post-release, state that you would hire John if he needs employment, and/or if you are part of a large support group that will assist Jane in her re-entry process with whatever tools s/he may need to succeed, such as a job, financial aide, computer, etc.

Again, each case is different, some people have large families that will fill that gap – others don’t – so use your judgement and work with others you know are writing letters. Cover all the bases to ease any concern as to how this person will survive, if released. We want to establish the prisoner will have every tool they need to succeed, and be a productive citizen/asset to society if afforded this rare opportunity.

Get on a soapbox about the drug war or a particular type of drug that you believe should not be illegal. If this is a marijuana case, it is ok to point out that marijuana has been legalized several states and public opinion has changed drastically – but be careful. This is not the time to bout public policy or your personal opinion. Just be logical, fair, and respectful.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Rev Matt Hale (Civil Case) Response in Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion to Strike


Civil Action No. 14-cv-00245-MSK-MJW





Mr. Hale’s motion to strike the BOP’s Fact Exhibit (Doc. 199-1) is really a surreply to
the BOP’s motion for summary judgment. The Court should deny the motion and decline to
countenance his improper surreply.
Motion to Strike and Response to So-Called Fact Exhibit ( FREE MATT HALE Site..)

The 68-page “motion to strike” consists of some 62 pages of argument related to the BOP’s motion for summary judgment. Doc. 202 at 6-68. The Court’s Local Rules do not provide for this extra briefing in connection with a summary judgment motion. D.C.COLO.LCivR 7.1(d) (full briefing on a motion consists of the motion, response, and reply);
see also C.J. Krieger Civ. Practice Standard 7.6.2(c) (discussing motion for summary judgment,
response, and reply); Partminer Worldwide Inc. v. Silconexpert Technologies Inc.,
No. 09-cv- 00586-MSK-MJW, 2011 WL 587971, at *6 (D. Colo. Feb. 9, 2011) (recognizing that, “when a party believes that the contentions in the opponent’s reply brief require a response, the proper approach is for the party to seek leave to file a surreply,” and finding that a party’s “objections to misstatements in [a] reply brief . . . were an improper surreply”) (citing Pippin v. Burlington
Resources Oil & Gas Co., 440 F.3d 1186, 1192 (10th Cir. 2006)).

Nor has Mr. Hale shown good cause for the Court to accept his extra brief. See Sterling
Const. Management, LLC v. Steadfast Ins. Co., No. 09-cv-2224-MSK-MJW, 2011 WL 3903074,
at *n.13 (D. Colo. Sept. 6, 2011) (observing that the Court found no good cause to permit a

surreply where the party “does not contend that the arguments it intends to proffer in the
supplement/surreply are based on newly-discovered facts or new law, nor otherwise explain why
[the party] did not raise those arguments in its initial response to the motion”), reconsideration
denied, 280 F.R.D. 576 (D. Colo. Dec. 19, 2011). The motion to strike makes plain that Mr.
Hale’s purpose is to make arguments he could have raised in his response to the motion for
summary judgment, but did not, and to try to counter the points the BOP properly raised in its
reply brief. Neither constitutes good cause for a surreply.

Mr. Hale has also not shown good cause to strike the BOP’s Fact Exhibit, which simply
collects in a single place all facts, responses to facts, and replies to facts. The BOP assembled
the Fact Exhibit because Mr. Hale’s response to the motion for summary judgment created a
confusing situation by not following the Court’s rules. He did not explicitly set forth his position
on the burden of proof and elements or follow that statement with separately numbered
paragraphs describing the factual and legal basis for his challenge to each element. See C.J.

Krieger Civ. Practice Standard 7.6.2(c) (setting forth the requirements for formatting motions for
summary judgment and replies). Instead, he interspersed numerous “sworn statements”
throughout his arguments, forcing the BOP to correlate those statements with the related facts in
the motion for summary judgment.

The end product—the Fact Exhibit—simply set forth the BOP’s facts, the related facts
from Mr. Hale and the BOP’s reply to those facts, as well as the BOP’s response to Mr. Hale’s
new facts. The BOP could have integrated the information in the Fact Exhibit into the reply brief
itself, but because Mr. Hale’s response used a totally new fact numbering system and did not
follow the Court’s format for responses to motions for summary judgment, it made sense to
segregate all facts, responses, and replies and to place them in a separate, easily searchable
document. Cf. Fed. R. Civ. P. 1 (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure “should be construed,
administered, and employed by the court and the parties to secure the just, speedy, and
inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding.”). The Fact Exhibit also explained
why Mr. Hale’s attempted factual disputes are unsuccessful, based on established Supreme Court
and Tenth Circuit precedent. Mr. Hale objects to this approach, see Doc. 202 passim, but using a
reply to point out the legal deficiencies in a response’s attempts to create a factual dispute is part
and parcel of summary judgment briefing. C.J. Krieger Civ. Practice Standard 7.6.2(c) (Sample
Summary Judgment Motion and Sample Summary Judgment Response include references to
relevant legal authority in separately numbered paragraphs discussing factual assertions.); see
also Fed. R. Civ. P. 56(e).

The information contained in the Fact Exhibit is not subject to striking under the
standards set forth in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. See Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(f) (“The court
may strike from a pleading an insufficient defense or any redundant, immaterial, impertinent, or
scandalous matter.”). The information is neither “redundant” nor “immaterial,” but goes to the
very essence of the matter. The Fact Exhibit provides assurance to the Court that the BOP has
addressed each of Mr. Hale’s responses to the BOP’s facts and all new facts contained in his

response brief. And it demonstrates that there is no genuine dispute about any material fact. See
Fed. R. Civ. P. 56(a).

Neither is the information contained in the Fact Exhibit “impertinent” or “scandalous.”
See Rule 12(f). Rather, the Fact Exhibit fully exposes the essence of the ideology of the
Creativity Movement using its core, unabridged texts and its undisputed maxims. If there is
anything impertinent or scandalous in that, the ideology itself is to blame. Similarly, every
single one of the BOP’s other facts is supported by a proper reference to documents, sworn
testimony, or both. There is no good cause for striking this highly relevant information. See,
e.g., Crumpton v. Finnin, No. 05-cv-0065-MSK-PAC, 2007 WL 2697461, at *10 (D. Colo. Sept.
11, 2007) (“No good cause having been shown, this motion to strike is denied.”).

In sum, the Court should deny the motion to strike and decline to accept Mr. Hale’s improper surreply. If the Court chooses to countenance Mr. Hale’s surreply, the BOP respectfully requests an opportunity to submit a separate, full response to the surreply.

Respectfully submitted on December 27, 2017.


United States Attorney
s/ Susan Prose

Susan Prose

Assistant United States Attorney
 Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Prisons

I hereby certify that on December 27, 2017, I served the foregoing document and
unpublished cases cited therein on the following non-CM/ECF participant by United States mail
addressed as follows:

Matthew Hale

Reg. No. 15177-424
ADX – Florence
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226
s/ Susan Prose

Susan Prose
United States Attorney’s Office


Rev Matt Hale (Civil Case)..Motion to Strike and Response to So-Called "Fact Exhibit"

To read this document in it's entirety.... FREE MATT HALE Site link.......
Motion to Strike and Response to So-Called "Fact Exhibit" 

Some quotes from Rev Hale contained in this document.......

" In it's continuing fanatical effort to steamroll over and eliminate my religious rights, the defendant has filed a so-called "fact exhibit" which is a whopping 282 pages in length and which contains numerous instances of Attorney argument and legal conclusions instead of the facts which it purports to collect, and whose existence is nowhere allowed for by court rule. "  

" Remarkably, Attorney Prose is so arrogant , deranged, or both as to think that anything she writes in a motion for summary judgement is a "fact" and if I don't dispute it, it is "admitted" to be true. That, however, is not the law."    

" Her statements about Creativity and me are not "facts" which I must dispute on pain of having my religious rights destroyed."

" As for whether there are Creators who have ever committed crimes, I chose not to dispute the Defendant's alleged "facts" on this score because I deem them irrelevant and immaterial to any of the issues of this case in light of the fact that adherent's of all religions sometimes commit crimes. Religions are not criminal, individuals are." 

" There is no "leadership" of the church on my part unless I'm allowed to be PM Pro Tempore through the successful conclusion of this lawsuit, as I have made it clear. If I want to be leader for a short time, I obviously cannot be leader now. " 

" I don't believe what I was told in 2016 about the supposed "adherent of Creativity" in the first place. I know the man well and he would not commit a crime on my behalf. "  

" I have stated repeatedly that the entire "press release" affair was concocted by the Defendant in an effort to gain advantage in this lawsuit. "

" There is no correctional judgement involved in calling my church an "STG" only unlawful religious discrimination. All of the discussions about "STG's" are inapplicable to my great church and they are null and void accordingly. Hail Ben Klassen. "



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I Never Invented the Wheel..By Ben Klassen / (Wil Williams)

Author’s note: Although this article was written over Will William’s by-line, he did not write it. I had already written it from beginning to end when I hired him In June of 1988, and when I decided to make him the new Hasta Primus I wrote it in the third person form and gave him credit in order to get him off to a good start. B.K.

I Never Invented the Wheel
But I have enough intelligence to utilize the idea for my own benefit.

The wheel! How many times a day do billions of people all over the world utilize and benefit from this ingenious invention! Think of the multitude of vehicles, appliances, ships, motors, clocks and a series of other useful labor saving devices and machines that would be impossible were it not for the invention of the wheel. Yet, in the anthropological history of man, the wheel is a relatively recent invention.

Even the Egyptians, who were highly intelligent, far advanced in their civilization, people who managed to build those huge pyramids, did not think of inventing the wheel. It was not until the Hyksos came along in their horse drawn chariots and defeated the Egyptians in the eighteenth century B.C. that this historic invention was thrust upon them and taught the Egyptians a lesson as to what wheels could do for them or to them. The ignorant American Indians had never thought of the wheel even as recently as 400 years ago, when the White Man brought it to them. Even then, the backward Indians were extremely slow to catch on and for centuries thereafter still used the travois laboriously scraping over the landscape. There are, of course, Indians in South America, niggers in Africa, and primitive tribes in many parts of the world today to whom the wheel is an unknown and unused idea.

The question has often been raised – what is the greatest invention in history, the use of fire or the wheel? Actually, the question is academic, and not even relevant. Man did not invent fire. It was thrust upon him by Nature in thousands of demonstrations. Fires started by lightning burning down trees or forests, or prairie fires, or fires started by hot lava flows, were in evidence even before mankind climbed down from the trees. But not so with the wheel. Nowhere in its structural design of mammals, fishes, birds or insects is the wheel utilized as part of that design. The invention of the wheel is strictly a man-made invention.

Who invented the wheel? I don’t know and neither does anybody else. Nor do I particularly care. Now that I understand the idea, as does most of mankind, I am glad it was invented and I can reap the benefits of that marvelous idea. If we were to reverse history and scrap everything that involved wheels, we would be trashing just about everything we have built and now enjoy. We would be setting technology back approximately four thousand years. I am not so stupid as to say that because I didn’t think of the wheel first I categorically refuse to use it or even recognize that it exists.
There is another idea, of much more recent vintage, that is extremely important for survival of the White Race, the race that has not only developed the wheel to its present state of usefulness, but has been instrumental in most of the world’s great inventions and technologies. That vital idea is the concept of a racial religion for the White Race, an idea that is less than twenty years old. It is called Creativity, and is fully expounded in a series of books written by Ben Klassen, founder of the Church of the Creator. He has written three basic books that lay down the fundamentals. They are Nature’s Eternal Religion, The White Man’s Bible and Salubrious Living. These have been (at this point) further expounded and supplemented by four more books, Expanding Creativity, Building a Whiter and Brighter World, Rahowa!, and The Klassen Letters, the total compilation representing a comprehensive and fully structured creed and program specifically designed for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and the White Race alone.

Now let us get one thing straight – Ben Klassen did not invent the idea of a racial religion, per se. That idea was so obvious the uninventive, parasitical Jews latched on to the racial religion idea even before the Hyksos demonstrated the superiority of the wheel to the Egyptians. The Jews have been monopolizing, nurturing their racial religion, clothing it with ritual and tradition ever since. Today the Jews, a parasitical minority that they represent, nevertheless are the masters of this world, the ruthless slave masters, if you will, but nevertheless fully in control of all the governments, the finances, the propaganda, news media, and even the White Man’s religion. This is an incontrovertible fact, and these parasites owe it all to their religion, Judaism. At the heart of that religion is Racial Loyalty, a fanatic polarization and adherence to the basic tenets of their racial religion. Inherent in that religion are a few basic ground rules: what is good for the Jews is the highest virtue; what is bad for the Jews is the ultimate sin. It all goes back to the one bottom line in their religion fanatic loyalty to their own kind – their own race – in short, Racial Loyalty.

So Ben Klassen does not claim that he invented the idea of a racial religion, far from it. He states again and again that he learned about the power of a racial religion from the Jews. He took a page out of their history and endeavored to utilize the power of that idea for the benefit of his own race – the White Race. Methodically analyzing what were the inherent factors for the astounding success of the Jews in their drive for world conquest, he came to the touchstone of the phenomenon – religion, and as such this sword had two edges: A fanatic racial religion the Jews adopted for themselves to polarize their racial loyalty, and secondly, a wimpish, self-destructive religion for their enemies (basically the White Race) to soften them up and make them easy prey. The former they accomplished with Judaism. The second objective they accomplished by giving the Romans first, and later the White Race as a whole, a submissive slave religion, namely Jewish Christianity.

The events of history and their unraveling are so obvious that you would think the highly intelligent White Race would have quickly seen the total picture and reacted accordingly to thwart the wily Jew.

Why they have not remains a mystery to me, just as does the fact that the intelligent Egyptians had not invented the wheel before the Hyksos brought it to them. But once you see the idea inherent in the wheel, never again can you turn back the clock. Never again can you forget the idea and turn back the pages of history. And so it is with Creativity. Once you grasp the idea of a racial religion to replace insipid Jewish Christianity, the idea is so powerful, so obvious, that never again can we forget it, or ignore it. Why not one individual among all the millions of intelligent White inventors, philosophers, historians, politicians, theologians, has come up with it before is to me one of the most astounding mysteries of civilization. But the fact is that until less than two decades ago no one did.

But now we have it, and none too soon. For the last fifty years at least 20,000 diverse White groups have been floundering around on such random issues as Christianity, Identity, God and Country, the Flag and the Constitution, Democracy, the "Truth," Nationalism, and a host of others, either singularly or in admixture. They have all failed miserably to stop the Jewish juggernaut, and most of them temporarily flare up, put out a little literature, fold up their tents and go out of business. Why? Because they lack substance, because they neither have a creed nor a meaningful program. Their main forte is to endlessly rehash the problem, to rehash past history as to how we got into the mess we are in. Basically they do no more, no less than the 20,000 previous failures had already done before them merely a rerun of the "deplore and lament" formula. They have singularly or jointly all failed to stop the Jewish juggernaut and we are not one inch closer to getting the Jewish parasite off our backs than we were fifty years ago, or a hundred years ago. On the contrary, we, as a racial entity, are now closer to total destruction than we were ever before, probably not more than a few generations away from complete extinction.

If there is one thing history has taught us (or should have taught us) it is this: a polyglot conglomerate of diverse squabbling factions never accomplished anything, except their own self-destruction. History has also taught us
that a powerful, polarized single movement can, and does, move the course of History. One such historic movement is the tenacious Mosaic racial religion of the Jews around the core of which they have rallied for all these thousands of years. Any Jew will admit that without their cohesive racial religion they would be nothing. Another example is the monolithic structure of the Catholic Church, the oldest corporate structure in the White Man’s history. It has had a tremendous influence in directing that history. It has maintained itself for nearly 2000 years.

But the most significant lesson of all for our purpose of how to break the back of the Jewish behemoth was demonstrated by Hitler’s Nazi Party. Soon after Germany’s dismal defeat in 1918 a myriad of "Nationalist" parties sprang up in Germany, many of them half baked and badly disoriented. These groups, some 2000 in number, spent as much time wrangling amongst themselves, confused in purpose and program, as they did in fighting the enemy. It was not until Hitler built a German Racial Party that absorbed the confused, fragmented membership of the myriad of polyglot parties that the German people finally had the clout to take over the real power of government in their country. One other side lesson we should learn from this event is that Hitler never "merged" with the other parties, nor did he compromise his position, nor did he water down his creed or program. He just kept attracting members and built his organization until it encompassed most of the German racial militants and was the sole power in the Reich.

If we are ever to win this battle for the survival of the White Race we must do the same – we must consolidate our forces into one powerful battering ram, instead of the fragmented, polyglot scattering of aimless groups now competing against each other for recognition. In this respect there are two questions I would like to ask every conscientious, responsible White Man and Woman, namely, (a) Of what importance is your hubris if the White Race goes down the drain, as it surely will unless we unite and get our act together? and, (b) Which would you rather do wet nurse your inconsequential little hubris, or fight a successful battle? I know where my loyalty lies. I have made my commitment for victory.

There is one persistent argument I have heard from those who can’t quite commit themselves to building a meaningful powerhouse in opposition to the Jews, and I find that these people completely miss the point. Their argument is that if we are fragmented into thousands of little polyglot groups we are better off because the enemy establishment will not be able to destroy us all at one fell swoop, whereas if we are united into one major powerful movement, they might. This argument is valid only as far as it goes, but it does not go to the ultimate conclusion of really overthrowing the Jewish tyrant and forcefully taking government power into the hands of the White Race. What these cop-out artists are saying is that they would rather prefer to keep on playing meaningless little games, as annoying gnats buzzing at the ears of the enemy, but have no plan or intention of really coming to grips of destroying the enemy in a showdown of power.
The fact is that if we establish and organize thousands of C.O.T.C. centers all over the Unite States, and yes, South Africa, Australia, South America, England and the rest of Europe (we already have a number of groups and ministers in each of these areas) we will have the multiplex dispersion (See "Dispersion and Polarization" p. 22 of Building a Whiter and Brighter World) these polyglots hold so dear. Moreover, we will have a unity of purpose, a common creed and program, a polarized loyalty and a powerful movement that will not quit until we have won the world. Isn’t that what we really want? Yes, it is. The bottom line is that we must build one united, polarized powerhouse on a worldwide basis, as Hitler did with the Nazi party In Germany, in order to oust and destroy the enemy. There is no other way, and there is no better way than to build it around a fanatically militant racial religion as embodied in Creativity.

I did not come up with the idea of a racial religion for the White Race, and incredible as it may seem, neither did anyone else in all our recorded history until the Pontifex compiled a comprehensive omnibus less than twenty years ago. Now the White Race does have its own racial religion – Creativity. Even though I, Will Williams, didn't think of it.

I recognise that it is an idea whose time has come – and none too soon. Our only chance for survival is to consolidate and polarize around this idea and to hell with all the diverse, fragmented side issues. Creativity not only addresses all the crucial issues that are of major importance to the White Race, but goes far beyond, formulating a creed and program that can serve the best interests of the White Race for the next million years. But our first order of business is to get the Jewish parasite off our backs, and only through a militant racial religion can we ever hope to achieve this major breakthrough.

I have now committed myself to promote this one idea with a zeal, more passionately than that of millions of spook-chasing Christian ministers who are promoting their claptrap which, incidentally, none of them had a hand in formulating either. The treacherous Jews devised it, and these "useful idiots" just spread Yahweh’s garbage around for them, much to the yids’ glee and our own detriment. The point I am making is that history has demonstrated time and again the tremendous influence of religion on any people’s destiny, especially in that of our own destruction, and in the success of the Jew’s conquest of the world. A racial religion Is the key to our future existence, and since that is so, let us embrace one that will really "save" us, not one that seeks to equalize us into a tribe of nigrescent octoroons and baboons. If you really believe that our genetic treasure, our precious gene pool, is worth fighting for, then join with us, start a Church of the Creator in your area. It can be done, it must be done.
We will politicize our movement from the pulpits (see C.C. Nos. 64 and 69 in the White Man’s Bible) just as the niggers do from theirs. We will do it just as legitimately, but even more effectively. Come join with us and through our combined forces let us build that mighty battering ram with which to smash the Jewish monster.

So quit spinning your wheels and help distribute ten million White Man’s Bibles. Become a mini-distribution center for W.M.B., as the Pontifex has implored you repeatedly to do. We can "Wheel" our way to victory and smash the Jews and their stranglehold on us to smithereens, once we inform, arouse, and organize the White Race. Once we have control of our own destiny we will make damn sure that neither the Jew, nor the mud races will ever again be a threat to our survival on this planet.

Remember, for inspiration and enlightenment, read your White Man’s Bible everyday.

There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of The Creator

August 15AC (1988)



Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Your Account is Currently Suspended

Twitter has suspended the Toronto Creator Account, caught up in what is being called the Twitter "Nazi Ban" or purge. The account was active since June 2013, only 205 Tweets over that duration. It was just a tool to share links to this blog. Interaction via reply's, likes, re-tweets and such was almost non existent. So, nothing written on Twitter broke any of their rules, one would have to open the links provided to then feel offended/unsafe or whatever other feelings they may have. Furthermore, one would have to wilfully  "Follow" the account to access the links to then receive those unwanted feelings.

Antifa spearheading the Canadian portion of the ban/purge or just gleefully observing?


Could this ban be a good thing? Not that long ago those involved with the White Racial Loyalist movement would post frequently on sites like Stormfront,(being the most popular), but also individual group sites like Volksfront, Blood and Honour, Aryan Nations, KKK, and of course The Creativity Movement. Should we be surprised that we are being censored/banned on Jewish run social mediums? We do not need them! Let the social mediums that censor free speech wither on the vine.

Brother Smith
Dec 44AC ( 2017)


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Mormonism vs Creativity.. A Comparison...By Ben Klassen


A. Basis of Belief.

The Mormons claim they are Christians and believe in the Christian Bible. "Mainstream" Christians deny that Mormons belong to the Christian religion and want no part of their teachings, since Mormons idolize Joseph Smith above Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon above the Jewish-Christian Bible. Mormons ignore this accusation and claim that they believe in the Bible, as far as "the word" has been correctly handed down and translated, inferring that neither has been done. They therefore claim that since the old Bible has gone astray, God chose Joseph Smith as his modern day prophet to bring God's word up to date and set the record straight.

However, any resemblance between the Book of Mormon and the Jewish-Christian Bible is about as coincidental as the similarity between Mother Goose stories and Alice in Wonderland, except that all are purely fictional, and the former two are much more. boring than the latter two.
The story as told in the Book of Mormon is a dull, listless tale about some ancient peoples migrating to the North American Continent in some bygone era. They then split into factions and battled each other into extinction. All of this is completely contrary to any historical evidence, or even a plausible likelihood. What moral principles, if any, that could possibly be derived from such a long-winded, pointless story is hard to fathom.

The creed of its faith is set forth in its Three Basic Books: The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and The Doctrine and Covenants.
CREATIVITY, in contrast, takes a long hard look at the factual events of history as they unraveled in a world of reality, and how it affects the welfare and future of the White Race. It seeks to benefit from the lessons of history; to learn from the Eternal Laws of Nature; to utilize our intelligence and common sense in order to build a better and brighter world for the future generations of our race.

B. Goals and Objectives.

Despite any pious shibboleths the Mormon Church may profess, its actions speak louder than any devious claims they may proffer. What the church obviously is doing is building wealth and power, not in heaven, but here on Earth. It is accumulating billions in wealth - real estate, banks, money, insurance companies, stocks and bonds and building an expanding power structure. They are doing what the Jews, the Catholic Church and numerous other deceitful tyrants have been doing throughout history - grasping for wealth and power, regardless of whom they have to trample on, victimize and/or rip-off.

CREATIVITY'S goals have been spelled out repeatedly, and they are: the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race, with the White Race ultimately inhabiting (solely) this Planet Earth, devoid of mud races. In short, building a Whiter and Brighter World, as summarized in the 20 points of Creativity spelled out in Racial Loyalty No. 31, and also at the end of this book.

C. Racial Attitude.

To the credit of the Mormon Church, the early founders pursued a course of White racial purity and continued to do so until very recently. But in the last few decades, and even more stridently so since 1978 when the late President Spencer W. Kimball had a new "revelation," the Mormon Church has now gone all out for race- mixing, even more virulently so than both the liberal and "fundamentalist" Christian churches. (See Racial Loyalty No. 23, "Aloha to you, too, Kamaaina!")

The heart of the CREATIVITY movement is the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race, and its further genetic upgrading by implementing a sound, no-nonsense Eugenics program.

D. Organization Structure.

The Mormon Church has an extremely well-structured and organized system of not only recruiting new members, but also of constantly keeping on top of its members, keeping them in line and extracting the maximum amount of tithes and services out of them. The governing body consists of a Board of Twelve Elders or Apostles, headed by the President, which today is Ezra Taft Benson. The world headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Church of the Creator has its world headquarters near Otto, North Carolina, and its organization is based on the Leadership Principle, with the Pontifex Maximus at the head. It has ordained ministers who represent the creed and program of the Church in most of the States of this country, and also several foreign countries. Its creed and program are clearly spelled out in its Three Basic Books, and Expanding Creativity, a supplement. Its creed and program are clear, comprehensive, consistent, complete and well-structured, covering the whole spectrum of eugenics, race, religion, morals, politics, economics and culture for the present and future welfare of the White Race.

From an organizational and expansion point of view the Church of the Creator can learn much from the Mormon Church, especially its door-to door canvassing, and sending out its young missionaries to spread the word.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator



Article taken from Racial Loyalty #33
June 13AC (1986)




Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Comparative Religions...Mormonism...By Ben Klassen


A/K/A Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Mark Twain has observed that "truth is stranger than fiction - it is just less popular." The Mormon religion is a case in point, and owes its existence to the coming together of a number of bizarre coincidences that were not likely to happen. Most strange of all, however, is the fact that the basic book of Mormonism was written by a man who had no intention of starting a religion, never heard of Mormonism and died fourteen years before the Mormon Church was founded in 1830.


Solomon Spalding (1761-1816)

The story rightfully begins with a sometime Congregational preacher and part-time novelist named Solomon Spalding, who was born in Ashford, Connecticut on February 20, 1761. Although he was never too successful as a preacher, nor as a writer, nor as a businessman, yet, what he started more or less by accident would have ramifications that would reverberate into the 20th Century and far beyond.
Solomon Spalding was the third of ten children. His father, Josiah, joined the Revolutionary Army, and Solomon followed him on January 8, 1778 as a private. After the War, Spalding studied law in Windham, Connecticut, and later entered the prestigious Dartmouth College in preparation for the ministry, where he graduated with a Master's degree in 1785.
He became associated with the Windham Congregational Association in 1787, which at that time was one of the largest Congregational denominations in the eastern United States. He was ordained and remained an evangelist for about a decade, but finally quit the ministry
because of ill health.

In 1795, he married Matilda Sabine and shortly thereafter moved to Cherry Valley, New York, to join a brother in the mercantile business. After several other not too successful ventures, Solomon and Matilda moved to Salem, Ohio, in 1809 in order to superintend a small property they owned, while also working at an iron forge. As his health further deteriorated he began writing novels in an effort to earn a living.
When the War of 1812 began his business failed and the family moved to Pittsburgh in the hopes of printing and selling his second novel Manuscript Found, in order to help pay off their debts. Spalding and his wife then moved to Amity, near Pittsburgh, where living was less expensive and the climate hopefully more conducive to his now rapidly failing health. However, change of climate not withstanding, six weeks later on October 20, 1816 Solomon Spalding died.

Although desperately in need of money, Spalding never was able to sell Manuscript Found. He left it with a printer in Pittsburgh, who did not see fit to spend his own money printing it, but would print it if Spalding would pay the costs. There it remained at the time of Spalding's death, and for many years thereafter it lay there in Patterson's Print Shop, unwanted and unpublished.

Sidney Rigdon (1793-1876)

The scenario now shifts to another set of characters. Working at this same Patterson's Print Shop in Pittsburgh was a man by the name of Sidney Rigdon, who was also a sometime preacher, and an unstable religious renegade of shifting ideologies. Somehow Spalding's
unpublished manuscript fell into his hands (it is claimed he stole it from the print shop and copied it at home.) Now Sidney Rigdon was a man of vivid imaginations and unstable character. As a boy, he had been thrown from a horse, his foot entangled in a stirrup and he was dragged some distance before he was freed. In the ensuing accident he received severe contusions of the brain that effected his mental stability and character ever after. Although his mental powers were not diminished, it did greatly affect his equilibrium and
he was subject to running into wild visionary views on almost every question, and strangely enough, this focused in particular on religious hallucinations and visions.

Born on February 19, 1793, Rigdon joined the First Baptist Church in 1817 near his hometown of Liberty. He was ordained a year or two later and in 1822 he became minister of the First Baptist Church in Pittsburgh. His ministry, however, was short lived and he was excommunicated on October 11, 1823 for teaching irregular doctrine.

This experience greatly embittered him. It was between 1823 and 1827 that his vivid and unstable imagination conceived the idea of converting Spalding's fictional novel into the "Holy Book" of a new religion and laying the basis of Mormonism.

Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844)

The drama now shifts front stage and center to the "hero" of our story, the alleged founder and prophet of the Mormon religion. Joseph Smith Jr. was born on December 23, 1805, in Vermont, the third son of Joseph and Lucy Smith. When he was eleven his family moved
to Palmyra, New York, where most of his family joined the Presbyterian Church.
The Smith family was a bizarre collection of individuals and was not well received by their neighbors when they moved to Palmyra. Both Joseph, Sr. and Joseph, Jr. had this droll obsession of digging for money and hidden treasure in the nearby hills and Indian mounds in the area. Both were in particular considered entirely destitute of moral character and addicted to vicious habits, according to an 1834 report.
Joseph, Jr. was an uneducated, (he only went to the fourth grade) uncouth character, slovenly in his manner of dress and had all the morals of an alley tomcat, as his later polygamous life-style was to prove. Before his untimely death at 39 he fornicated with at least 50 women that are on record and probably twice that many that are unrecorded.





He had one redeeming quality, however, that fitted him to become a spook peddler extraordinaire. Even in his younger years Joseph Smith, Jr. could lie fluently, skillfully and convincingly, and his imagination seemed to know no bounds. He was also subject to hallucinations and "visions" which he later managed to turn into a very useful tool in launching his new religion.
As a youth he, along with his father, were involved in such occultic pursuits as "glass-looking" and "crystal-gazing" and similar fortune-telling confidence games. In 1826, Joseph, Jr. was arrested, tried and convicted for the crime of defrauding a local victim by means of a "glasslooking" con-game.

From the combination of these three rather odd and bizarre characters was launched the mighty, affluent and powerful Mormon Empire that exists today. With truth still as unpopular as it was in Mark Twain's day, and with superstition and gullibility still as rife and rampant as it was five thousand years ago in the day of the Ancient Egyptians, Mormonism flourishes today as never before. Here is a concise summary of the material wealth that Empire has accumulated today.


On this sleazy and fraudulent foundation was built the ramparts of a huge financial and religious empire that now encircles the world. Considering that all three actors, Spalding, Rigdon and Smith, were financially incompetent and existing on the edge of poverty during most of their lives, truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Let us now briefly recapitulate the formidable financial wealth of the Mormon Empire as it exists today. Here is a thumbnail sketch of some (but not all) of its assets:

A. Media. Bonneville International Corporation has seven FM radio stations, four AM stations, two television stations: Bonneville Productions produce commercials and others; Deseret News Publishing Company, publishes Deseret News and much of the church printing; Deseret Book Company.

B. Finance. Beneficial Life Insurance Company; Utah Home Fire Insurance Company; Continental Western Life Insurance Company of Iowa; Deseret Mutual Benefit Association.

C. Major Real Estate Holdings. Deseret Farms of California, two commercial farms, Yolo County, California, total of 5,500 acres; Deseret Ranches of Florida, consisting of 300 thousand acres near Disney World; Elberta Farm Corporation, 14 thousand acres in southern Utah;
Deseret Farms of Texas; Deseret Trust Company; Zion Securities Corporation, commercial real estate in Salt Lake City and elsewhere, and also 7,000 acres in Hawaiian Village, Oahu; Beneficial Development Company (development and mortgage loans); Utah Motel Company; Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu; a 36 story apartment and office building in New York; several million dollars worth of real estate in Nauvoo, Illinois; sixteen temples around the world; 2,600 acres of land in Nevada purchased from Howard Hughes' Summa Corporation; five acres of prime downtown real estate in Salt Lake City. (There is much more, but we cannot pursue all the detailed real estate.) Investments of 53.7 percent of the stock in Utah-Idaho Sugar Company; second largest stockholder in Utah Power and Light Company; controlling stock in Zion cooperative Mercantile Institutions; $28 million worth of stock in Times Mirror Corporation, publishers of Los Angeles Times.

D. Other Enterprises. Management Systems Corporation, data processing firm; Deseret Industries; Mormon Tabernacle Choir; Beehive Clothing Mills. Investments of 53.7 percent of the stock in Utah-Idaho Sugar Company; second largest stockholder in Utah Power and Light Company; controlling stock in Zion co-operative Mercantile Institutions; $28 million worth of stock in Times Mirror Corporation, publishers of Los Angeles Times.

E. Education. Brigham Young University, Utah; Brigham Young University, Hawaii; Rick's College, Idaho; LDS Business College, Utah;  Elementary, secondary, post-secondary schools in Mexico, Pacific Islands, Central and South America, and many other countries around the world.


Again, when we consider the bizarre and deceitful origins of the whole Mormon "faith" and the circumstances that conspired to foment it, the growth of this cult has been phenomenal, to say the least. Here is an historical chronology of its growth since its beginning from 30 members in 1830.

In 1900 - 268,331

1920 - 526,032

1940 - 862,664

1960 -1,693,180

1981 - 4.800,000

The present (1986) membership is estimated at 5.6 million and expanding rapidly. The projected figure by the Mormon Church for the year 2000 is 8 million, but with the fact that it is now going multiracial with a vengence they will undoubtedly far exceed that figure, and will soon become one of the largest and most powerful religions in the world as it tends to cooperate and meld itself more and more with Judaism, the historical enemy of the White Race.


We have already sketched the origins of the Mormon creed and find it is based on Solomon Spalding's fictional novel Manuscript Found. This was then picked up by Sidney Rigdon in Patterson's Print Shop in Pittsburgh several years after Spalding's death. Evidence points strongly that Rigdon deserves the credit for conceiving the idea of Mormonism and converting Spalding's Manuscript Found into a new religion. He then sold  the idea to Joseph Smith, Jr., whose more vocal and flamboyant talents were utilized to spearhead and promote the new religion.




It was during the years 1827-30 that this ambitious pair got their act together and began to put their conspiracy into operation. Rigdon and Smith did their best to keep their contacts a secret in order to not arouse any suspicions about Spalding's manuscript. (The Mormon Church too, has tried to camouflage this relationship, pretending that Rigdon joined the church in 1830 only after it was organized, and that the pair did not know each other before. Despite all these precautions, and denials, however, the evidence is overwhelming regarding their previous relationship and the fact that Spalding's manuscript was utilized as the basis for the Book: of Mormon.)

Joseph Smith's story claimed he had had several "visions" and was told by the Angel Moroni to dig up a set of "golden plates" buried in a hill nearby. These "plates" were to "reveal" the true story of the peoples on the North American Continent and set the record straight. What Smith actually did was sit behind a curtain and dictate from Spalding's fictional novel to his "scribes," making suitable innovations and changes here and there to give it the flavor of a "new" religion. In tailoring the manuscript to fit the new religion much of the editing and detail work was actually done by Rigdon beforehand, with Smith picking it up from there. But basically the story was, and remained, Spalding's Manuscript Found. The "golden plates" then mysteriously and conveniently disappeared. No one else saw them except three, then eight, of his followers, and then only in "a vision."

(However, no problem. In 1979, I visited the Mormon Museum at Nauvoo, Illinois, where in a beautiful glass case they displayed a "replica" of the visionary golden plates.)
Be that as it may, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was organized on April 6, 1830 and was incorporated later that same year.
Spalding, who was too poor to have his Manuscript Found printed during his lifetime, would have been astonished to see the final outcome. In slightly modified form it was now printed up as the Book of Mormon, and the printing was paid for by Martin Harris, one of the original six founding members.

Mormonism now was off and running. It had a creed, a bible, and an extremely loquacious con-artist as its "prophet." By the end of the first month it had 40 members and soon grew by leaps and bounds. One of the major incentives that initially helped to spread and popularize the movement in the 1830's was the fact that the Mormons advocated and condoned polygamy. It was this practice, however, that also aroused the bitter hatred and violent opposition from other religions who were in fierce competition with Mormonism.

There is one other peculiarity that Mormonism had to offer in the way of promises "in the hereafter" that topped those of its rivals. All spookcraft religions are based on lavish promises of rewards, and dire threats of punishments, in the hereafter (a shoddy practice which needs no collateral to back it up). However, whereas the regular Christian sects promise their subservient followers that they will become "angels," fluttering about in a nebulous heaven after death, the Mormons went them one gambit better. The Mormon Church promises their faithful that they will become not subservient angels, but gods in their own right. Each will rule as a god over the untold trillions of worlds out there in the
endless universe. Now there, as the head of the Maflosa said, is an offer you can't refuse. At least, it is extremely difficult to top. Promises, promises, promises.

In the meantime, the Mormon Church continues to increasingly extract millions and billions, most efficiently and ruthlessly, from its deluded victims. By 1976 it was on record as taking in one million dollars a day. By now that figure has easily doubled and is rapidly ballooning. In return it offers only promises — pie-in-the-sky, and like a true con-man implores its victims: TRUST ME! Without having to deliver two cents worth of any real product in return, it continues to fill and over-fill its bulging coffers with worldly wealth. Not only pecuniary wealth, but also, control, power and domination over the human mind and body.


From these sordid and surreptitious beginnings was spawned a worldwide empire, whose wealth, power and magnitude we have already delineated. Had the church maintained its course of White racial purity with which it began, we could assume that despite its deceptions it was at least more beneficial to the White Race than its rival Jewish-Christian religions. But that is not the case. For the last several decades the Mormons have been moving closer and closer to the Jews, citing their background of persecution as a common bond. But the fact is the Jews were already inside the tent at its very beginnings as we have already shown in the "Aloha" article of Racial Loyalty No. 23. In this, we pointed out that as early as 1841, Orson Hyde, an undercover Jew, became one of the Twelve Apostles, and Joseph Smith himself sent Hyde to Palestine to dedicate that unfortunate Arab state to the future piracy of the Jewish conspiracy.

The Jewish influence and control has now surfaced more virulent than ever in recent years, when the late President Spencer W. Kimball had one of his modern day "visions" and proclaimed on June 7, 1978 that his new "revelation from the Lord" instructed him to now take the mud peoples into the priesthood. (How do you create a "vision"? You just close your eyes and lie like hell.) That Jewish takeover became more openly obvious and the Mormons are now one of the most aggressive proselytizers of race-mixing of any of the modern religions embraced by the White Race.

There is however, one thing, we can learn from the Mormons, and that is from their methods of proselytizing and promotion. We can also take comfort in the thought that if such a flimsy set of fraudulent beliefs can build such a wealthy and powerful world religion, just think what can be done with a religious creed and pro gram that is built on the Eternal Laws of Nature, Historic Fact and on Logic and Common Sense. Give us your loyalty and support and I am sure that the glorious and best interests of the White Race will not only prevail, but encompass all that is worthwhile on this dear old Planet Earth.

Yes, we too, have "visions," but unlike the Mormon hierarchy, we don't close our eyes and then lie like hell, in order to conjure up a vision. We look at the world with open eyes, learn from history and learn from Nature, then use our intelligence, apply logic and common sense to accrue to the best interest of our race, in our unending pursuit of building a Whiter and Brighter World.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. It may also be less popular, as Mark Twain has noted, but it has one redeeming advantage — it is also
more powerful. It has this tenacious habit of persistence. Just as the flat-worlders finally had to yield to the fact the world is round, so the truth keeps coming back again and again to haunt the liars and the deluded and in the end it will prevail.

For more information on Mormonism, we suggest you read:

1. Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon? by Wayne L. Cowdry, Howard A. Davis and Donald R. Scales. Vision House Publishers, Santa Ana, California.

2. The God Makers, by Ed Decker and Dave Hunt. Harvest House Publishers, Eugene Oregon 97402.

3. The Maze of Mormonism, by Dr. Walter Martin. Vision House Publishers, Ventura, California.

"Truth is stranger than fiction — it is just less popular." Mark Twain

Religion has historically been the single most powerful force in shaping the destiny of nations and races. Creativity is the only answer to the massive problems that confront us. It has the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator



Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 33
March 13AC (1986)