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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hale Addresses His Supporters Around the World

Reverend Matt Hale, former leader of the pro-White anti-Jewish Church of the Creator and America's most well-known political prisoner, today addressed his growing mass of supporters around the world. Here is what Reverend Hale had to say from the "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado:


"My Brothers and Sisters! I am unbeaten and unbowed as I continue to fight to return to my rightful place in the free world and as I continue to fight for our great cause for our people itself from within these walls. I will never capitulate just as I expect you to never capitulate in the struggle to preserve our White Race! The tables can and will be turned.
We can and we will regain control over our own destiny as a people. You must never forget though that victory or defeat is entirely within your hands alone, for if you do your duty to win our people to our cause, victory will certainly come whereas if you do not, it will assuredly elude us! Do not think, in other words, that saving our White Race depends on somebody else whether it be the Jews, their lackeys in government, the economy, or on any other persons or circumstances. Rather, victory depends on you and you alone! You must engage with our White masses every chance you get and persuade them that the cause of loyalty to our kind is right! Whether it be face to face, on the phone, through letters to the editors of newspapers or through any other venue, the people must be actively won to our cause because this is the only way that our victory may be obtained. 
On the other hand, merely being on the computer accomplishes very little and it never will! The masses will never come to us through a computer screen. Rather, we must go to them! There is nothing about our great cause that we should be afraid to say straight to their faces for we are the ones in the right! Never in my 43 years of life has things been so ripe for us to win thousands and indeed millions of our people to the cause of Racial Loyalty but if we drop the ball, our race will no doubt continue on its present path towards destruction. It is not enough merely for us to believe in our cause; rather we must win over every White man, woman, and child as well!

Right now, for example, millions of White Americans are fed up with the illegal immigrant invasion problem. These people can easily be made to see that only our Racial Loyalty cause can solve this and every other problem. But what is being done to win the average White man and woman who is fed up about the border situation to our side? Nothing that I know of! I know that I am in prison and cannot see everything that goes on out there but merely far more can be done to rally our people in the public square!
What I do not see is our cause on my television set and that is always a failing on our end because it is absolutely imperative that it be on there and on a regular basis at that. This is because of the fact that for the White masses, if a cause is not on television, it does not exist! Recall that I myself debated our foes on a regular basis on television when I was free, bringing our cause into the living rooms of thousands and millions. I have been sad these years though that no one has apparently taken my place!

Victory, once again, is up to you. Do me proud and make it happen. We can have a new country of our own and save the race that we love!
Rev Matt Hale
Aug 41AC (2014)

In others news, Reverend Hale has appealed the denial of his latest case for freedom to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and expects a decision early next year.

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