Thursday, 27 March 2014

Creativity 41 Years and counting.....By Brother Ivan

Exactly forty-one years has passed since the first print of Nature's Eternal Religion saw the light of day and became the beacon of new dynamic White racial religion known as Creativity. This month we don't just celebrate the Founding Day of our religion, we also celebrate the 96th birthday of our founder Ben Klassen, a man whose words made deep impact on all of us.
Now, at the same time, we acknowledge that Klassen is not someone who invented Creativity as such, everything he wrote about was clear as day thousands of years ago, but unfortunately for some unknown reason, White man never realized it to the full. Until now. What is the real greatness of Ben Klassen? People might say ''well he's not the first who started a religion or belief'', and some will say ''how can you compare Klassen with Jesus, Mohamed or Buddha, they were great thinkers with deep thoughts and messages''. And I say, no, I can't compare him with them, which would be an insult to such a great man. First of all, all those three were muds, I simply can't compare white man with mud people, and second of all, Klassen lived in reality not in fantasy world. I may compare those three with Hans Christian Andersen, La Fontaine, Aesop or Grimm brothers maybe, but I am not going to do that either.

It is fairly easy to compile few fairy tales and suit them to your own ideas and needs and proclaim it as a religion. On the other hand, in Klassen's teachings we see no fantasy, no imagination, only hardcore facts that are the essence of nature and life. So, you can't alter it, you can't suit it to your needs as you will, because you can't change the nature's laws, you can only adapt yourself to them. And that is what Klassen did with his teachings; his writings are adaptations of nature's laws to suit the best interests of our great race. That is the greatness of his teachings. He didn't invent anything; he just molded the existing material and turned it into a monument.

I am not here to praise the man, even because Klassen himself was against personality cult, but I can't overlook the magnitude of his work. The years will still have to pass until majority of white race realizes what has happened on 21st of February 1973. The flame that was lit that day is still burning, but burning quietly, it is up to us to turn that flame into wildfire. It is up to you, my fellow comrades, to lit your own torches with that flame so that our kinsmen that are still not awaken can see the light in this world of darkness.

Brother Ivan
TCM Croatia
Feb 41AC (2014)

             Originally published in IMPERIUM # 10  
           The Creativity Movement online magazine

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Activism.... Skinheads used as a crutch for non-participation

After the recent White Man march an old debate was once again brought to the forefront. Do Skinheads scare away the normal everyday White person who would wish to participate in a White Racial awareness event? The Skinheads are bad for the movement mantra presented by the so called "intellectuals" in the movement is not new, it has been used as an excuse for non participation for a long time.

 During the weeks if not months before the planned world wide event of March 15th,  I listened to and read about several organizations preaching for the non-involvement of signature organizations and of course Skinheads at their events. So as mentioned this world wide event was planned for some time and several of the organizations involved in the planning had let it be known that Skinheads and others they find to be undesirable would not be welcomed at their events. This event would seem to be the perfect time for the anti-Skins to showcase their ability to mobilize the average racially conscious and concerned citizen into Racial activists.

The Skinheads I spoke with were indifferent to being 86'd from the planned events and wished the organizers good luck with their respective marches. So with the Skins out the way how did the march(s) go? I suppose that would depend on ones perspective but what cant be denied was the amount of participation in the event. What happened to all those that have been demanding the removal of Skinheads from such events? They got their wish with this years White Man march and with many other events over the past year, yet still decided to hide at home behind their computer screens. So, the Skinheads stayed away from the events where they were informed that they would not be welcomed yet still after the event I have heard and read that the turn out was somehow the fault of Skinheads!

The Southern Ontario Skinheads also did something on March 15th. It was a private, invite only event that I would argue rivaled anything else done on that day around the world by the Anti-Skinhead factions in the Racialist movement.

Any activism that helps in some way to awaken the White man in my opinion is good, it could be on a mountain top with a White pride flag or in front of a forest, but in saying that, there are different levels of activism. At the SOS event Skinheads walked up and down the main street of the city handing out literature and talking to people, you can bet many conversations were started by all those in the shops and restaurants as we walked by. Was everyone happy to see us? No they were not, but they were all exposed to our message that night.

The "intellectuals" have to stop thinking at some point and actually do something, I would also like to see thousands of  average White citizens participate in marches and protests in support of our great Race. Stop using Skinheads as a crutch for YOUR lack of activism.

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith

Monday, 17 March 2014

Southern Ontario Skinheads Kingston Ont. March 15th 2014

As I walked into the brisk Kingston air to participate in an awareness event pertaining to the survival of the White European race, I gazed past the monument to which we congregated and noticed an icy lake with a distant sun rise. I don't see myself as an overly metaphoric man, but in retrospect I couldn't help but see the significance.

Our race is in a state of peril and engulfed in a seemingly endless maze of hardship and struggle. As a Creator I see many parallels between Nature and the everyday bustle we call society; though we try so hard to pervert her values, none being more grave than the destruction of natures greatest feat, the White race and the creativity, culture, science technology and art that derived from it.


But today wasn't just about stone structures, no it was about the literature being handed out by a dozen dedicated White Nationalists predominately comprised of Southern Ontario Skinhead (SOS) members. Though not TCM members its impossible to ignore the heart in many of these men, many under 30. The street hardened patriots marched through the entire down town core handing out literature and voicing support for the White race as only a Skinhead can so unpromisingly do.


This event was sponsored by SOS Kingston division, its newest branch, me and fellow Creators felt nothing but brotherhood and comradery from our comrades in the SOS (even after the local police dept disrupted our path but were unsuccessful in stamping on our spirits). As the beer flowed and our experiences shared in discussion one must see the glimpse of light and hope for our races eternal survival just like the light that beamed down on that celtic cross monument.


Monday, 10 March 2014

Hale Misconduct Complaint Denied/ Send a Kangaroo to Court!



Hale Misconduct Complaint Against Corrupt Federal Judges Denied, Announces "Send a Kangaroo to the Court!" Campaign in Protest

Reverend Matt Hale, political prisoner and former leader of the pro-White and anti-Semitic Church of the Creator, announced today that the Judicial Council of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed, without comment, his complaint alleging misconduct against Judges Frank Easterbrook, Richard Posner, and John Tinder, the judges who denied his appeal for freedom last year by blatantly lying about the facts of his case. The case numbers of the complaint are 07-13-90093 to 07-13-90095. Reverend Hale had asked for a new appeal free from such misconduct and thus the dismissal of his complaint constitutes yet another rejection of his bid for his rightful freedom.

Reverend Hale, a 1998 graduate of Southern Illinois School of Law, was convicted in 2004 on phony charges of having solicited the murder of Chicago federal judge Joan Lefkow even though there is no evidence that any such solicitation occurred. He has offered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence and seeks media assistance to bring this about.


The first reporter to succeed in this regard will get the scoop on the results. Reporters and supporters should call Assistant U.S. Attorney David Bindi at (312) 886-7643 or email him at and ask him why the federal government, for its part, continues to refuse to administer a lie detector test to him if it really believes that he is guilty. What is the federal government afraid of?

From his prison cell in solitary confinement at the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, Reverend Hale had this to say about the dismissal of his misconduct against the three judges:

"It is really not surprising when you consider the fact that the judges of the Seventh Circuit are criminals and that it is in the nature of criminals to protect their fellow criminals. My misconduct complaint showed quite plainly that Eastercrook, Poseur, and Cinder, as I call them, outright lied about the facts of my case in order to turn down my release that was required by the law and if that is not misconduct by a judge then I don't know what is.
 So, I am asking all of my supporters to protest this latest monstrosity by finding photos of kangaroos on the internet or in magazines and sending them to the "court." I am asking them to write in their letters, "in protest of your misconduct regarding Matt Hale, here is a kangaroo to go along with your court" and to tape the kangaroo on the piece of paper, nothing else. The letters should be addressed to Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, care of Judge Frank Eastercrook, 219 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, IL. 60604."

"In this mocking, humorous way, I think we can best express our feelings towards these scoundrels and needless to say, this expression of our disgust is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. I am hoping that so many kangaroos will be sent that they can cover their entire courtroom with them! I am also hoping that this kind of humorous protest will capture the public's attention to the fact that we have a federal judiciary today that is corrupt and unworthy of our respect. We must arouse the conscience of the people, and maybe that of some of the judges as well, as to the hideous wrongs that have been done to me by a legal system that is supposed to dispense justice. Liars should not be judges and judges should not be liars"


Rev Matt Hale
March 41AC (2014)


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Petition to allow Rev Matt Hale to take polygraph test

Friends and supporters of Matt Hale!

 I would like you to sign a petition for Matt to have a polygraph(lie detector) test He has asked to be given one since his arrest and was denied.

 This is important because it will prove him innocent of any crime. The following link will get to there.

Thank you for your support!!
Matt's mother
Evelyn Hutcheson

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Religious Alternative........ By Rev Kyle Marquardt

When we attempt to convert our racial kindred to our religious creed, we often target a White audience which is splintered into a diverse range of ideological and economic classes, all of whom we seek to persuade and recruit to our cause. We often face various forms of ideological adversaries, for lack of a better term, as well. In terms of ideological rivals, we have the racially-conscious Christian, or CI adherent, who subscribes to a belief system based entirely upon a skewed, wishful interpretation of the Jewish bible and a desire to retain the concept of Christianity as a White Western religion.

Concerning the aspect of potential recruits, regardless of geographic location, religious affiliation, or lack thereof, political identity (liberal vs. conservative, left vs. right), or economic income level, our target audience is typically comprised of the White whose pattern of thought has been befuddled by Jewish propaganda and brain pollution, and whose entire argument and belief system is based on the proclamations of Jewish liars, and the unsuspecting masses who echo their false claims.

Ideological Opposition:

Some within the White movement make the claim that Christianity has played a crucial part in our history as a people. They argue that the many magnificent historic classical European artwork and cathedrals were direct products that resulted from a Christian culture. Although the brilliant Renaissance artists and architects may have been inspired by x-insanity, the truth of the matter is that these marvelous innovations of aesthetic beauty can be attributed to White genetics, not some foreign, alien theology based entirely upon Semitic mythology. It is important to understand
that White culture is the exclusive product of common concrete genetics, not some suicidal theology comprised of metaphysical, supernatural nonsense.

 These same Christian advocates often bring up past racial battles and conflicts, in which they assert that Christianity served as a focal motivational rallying point. For instance, they will commonly refer to the role Christianity played in the Crusades against the invading hordes of non-White Muslims, along with the social function served by many Southern Christian churches, which initially came out united in defiance against Jewish integration until they eventually reversed their policies and became fanatic promoters of racial

Again, the reality of the situation is that any past instances in which Whites have bonded together as a positive force against the common enemy of the mud races, can rightfully be accredited to a healthy instinctive ability to self-identify from a natural racial perspective. This was done in spite of Christianity, not because of it. In fact, had Whites followed the actual teachings espoused by their Jewish messiah, Jewsus, the natural defense-mechanisms of racial identity and hate, necessary for sufficient resistance, would have been suppressed.

The obvious question still remains; why would any Christian care to fight for their race and a future for their people, when according to their biblical texts such a cause would be considered nothing more than an insignificant worldly affair? Wouldn’t their concentrated collective time and efforts be better spent in preparation for the next, non-existent afterlife?
As Rev. Logsdon has said, spiritual awareness and respect of our ancestral lineage and heritage, is a significant component to who we are as a people. But Christians need to understand that no good will come by looking to some imaginary bearded Jewish spook for answers.

The Average White:

Obviously some White people are more racially-aware than others, making them more open-minded and susceptible to what we have to say. For example, I know I would personally feel more confident in my likelihood of successfully getting thru to a White “Tea Party” member, than I would approaching a registered White democrat, or radical leftist. But a major hang-up with many Whites who self-identify as “conservative” is their religious devotion to the Zionist state of Israel, as well as many of their liberal (whether they know by definition such views are actually liberal or not) views on the issue of race.

Many of the so-called “right wing values” have been brought about by Jewish psychological conditioning. With that said, many White Christian Conservatives can be just as hard to crack as their leftist counterparts. In regards to Christians and their Jewish theology, although Christianity remains the dominant religion of the Western world, secularism is on the rise. Thanks to recent developments and advances in modern science, large numbers of people are beginning to accept that Christianity is nothing more than looney anti-reality, religious fallacy and fairy tales.

Unfortunately many Whites that have ultimately come to reject x-insanity, have replaced one poisonous psychological myth with another by embracing a negative form of atheism which entails a variety of dangerous, unnatural social theories such as nihilism, feminism, liberalism, egalitarianism, materialism, selfish individualism, and the same old altruistic tenants found within the suicidal teachings of Judeo-Christianity. Jewish Cultural Marxism accompanied with a steady dose of “Holocaustianity”, has emerged as the new dogmatic religion of modern society.

Young, vulnerable White children are indoctrinated at an early age to despise anything and everything associated with Whiteness. They are told that they should feel ashamed of the evil deeds committed by their oppressive White ancestors. These psychologically abused youngsters eventually develop into self-loathing adults. Out of sheer guilt and ignorance, they actually become active, willing participants in the demise of their own culture and the extermination of the White Race.

We will continue to witness the daily crimes and outrages that have become a common occurrence in today’s sick, degenerate society. But these incidents ultimately contribute to the steady deterioration of the corrupt Jewish establishment. We must channel our natural feelings of intense hatred, anger, and frustration into positive forms of productive activism. Our people are not blind. They are rapidly beginning to realize that this Marxist multicultural state is not sustainable. And as more and more Whites come to this realization, they will be searching for an alternative. 
The Alternative:

Thankfully there is a sound alternative to the malignant spiritual sickness that has infected our people, and that is the militant, revolutionary, White-racial religion of Creativity. Since discovering the dynamic creed of Creativity, I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I am completely confident, beyond a shadow of a doubt or uncertainty, that my religious convictions are based upon reality and truth, and the assurance and satisfaction I feel is a wonderful, unrivaled feeling. 

To those of you reading this now, if you haven’t already done so, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to read our Holy Books (available for online reading as well as PDF download),
 and I invite you to accept the light of truth and unite with us as one, under the sacred banner of Creativity.

Pick up your sword and fight for the preservation of your White DNA, the precious sanctity of our blood. While Creativity may lack the literary romanticism of classical texts and font, devoid of any cliché biblical terminology, pronouns like thou, thy, and thee, and all the fancy imagery associated with Jewish Christ-insanity, it is the only religion that is based on the eternal laws of Nature, history, logic and common sense. Anyone so easily impressed or persuaded by the shallow pretexts previously mentioned, to the point that they would dismiss the factual content and offered solution contained within our creed, should likely be considered utterly useless anyways. I for one personally appreciate the direct, straightforward bluntness conveyed by Klassen in our religious texts.

In summary, our argument is firmly rooted in REALITY, and as Creators, we will continue to confidently spread a truthful message of hope as the only viable, effective solution to combat the onslaught of problems we are currently facing as a race, and as an established blueprint to navigate future generations of our White offspring toward the glorious future originally envisioned by our dedicated founder, a vision of a Whiter and Brighter World.

Total White Victory!
Rev. Kyle Marquardt
Feb 41AC (2014)

         Article originally published in IMPERIUM #10     
            The Creativity Movement online Magazine


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Terry Tremaine "Mathdoktor99" Toronto Feb 27 2014

On Feb 27th in Toronto, the Alternative Forum presented Terry Tremaine aka "Mathdoktor99" (Stormfront) as it's guest speaker. Mr. Tremaine  spoke about the past 10 years of activism and the crazy, unimaginable intrusion into his life by the Canadian Human Rights Commission(CHRC). The adjectives used above to describe what Terry has been put through by the CHRC do not do it justice, Alice in Wonderland was mentioned in his talk, especially when it came to rulings being handed down, referencing the Red Queen proclaiming a guilty verdict before the trial had begun and then continuing the "Legal" process backwards.

 So perhaps I will describe Mr. Tremaines continuing experience with the CHRC as "Wonderlandish"  Those familiar with Terry's case and others like Marc Lemire, Brad Love and Arthur Topham have learned some Wonderlandish lessons over the years, the first being that the truth is not a defence! I know that's crazy right? but unfortunately true. I wrote something in a previous article about the CHRC and used the term Kangaroo Court when describing what these Men have been facing, Mr. Tremaine said "that would be an insult to Kangaroo's"

This talk by Mr. Tremaine happened to come at the same time that the Government had decided that it was in the Canadian publics best interest to let Greyhound Bus Killer Vince Li have unsupervised day passes after 6 years in a mental institution. "Vince" stabbed, be-headed and then ate some of the flesh of his innocent sleeping victim Tim Mclean (22).

Terry Tremaine simply wrote about proven historical facts on a pro White web site(Stormfront) that "offended" a "minority" group. One would sure have to go out of his/her way to be offended as to go onto a well known White pride web site! I am offended by many things myself but I do not seek these things out instead I avoid them. Mr. Tremaine has been tormented and gagged by the Government for 10 years now because of his political/racial views, why?  It would seem to reason that they do not want you to hear what Terry has to say.

 For some comical relief, they are allowing the head chopping cannibal out on a day pass as he only presents a direct physical danger to the public while Terry Tremaine presents a much a greater danger to the public, the truth! The Government would rather have your head chopped off and eaten than be exposed to what Terry has to tell you! 

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto